by Alex Tryst

Disclaimers/Warnings: These characters are all mine. This is a story about women trying to find their places in the world and does include sexual scenarios between consenting adult women. Some violence is involved, including one (although not graphic) sexual assault. Additionally there is some derogatory, homophobic language used. If this kind of stuff offends you or is illegal where you live, it's best to turn around now. I feel compelled to mention here that the name of one of the main characters was borrowed from the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. For those of you who have read this classic novel, I think you will find my young maiden aptly named. If you'd like to drop me a line concerning the story, you can e-mail me at Please know that I am a sensitive soul and harsh criticism will immediately be deleted. However constructive comments are welcome.

Dedication: To my wife, you are my fondest wish.

Now on with the show.......


Part 4 (Conclusion)

Chapter Eleven

The last few weeks of summer flew by, and then Lola began her last year of school. Lola and Drew had yet to have their discussion due to their conflicting schedules, and Kate had continued living with Drew. Over dinner one night, the two were discussing their love lives when Kate asked, "So, what's going on with you and Lola?"

Drew shrugged. "We are supposed to talk about things, but we haven't done so yet. I don't really know what to do here."

Kate placed her hand over Drew's. "Drew, you should just tell her the truth. You know you love her. You know she's the one you want to be with. You need to say that."

"But what of it's too soon?"

"Drew, if you deny your feelings to her, it's over. I think it's best just to be forthright about the way you feel."

"Perhaps you're right. I'm just afraid."

"Then you tell her that too. Put everything out there on the table, Drew. Trust me on this one. I know you two. It'll be for the best."

"I'll think about it. What about Jim? Things seem to be going well."

"They really are."

"You know, sometimes I feel bad, because you two don't have privacy here."

"Actually, I like it that way. Since I still don't know him that well, I like having my best friend, Sheriff Bailey, close by."

"As long as you're okay with it. I just wanted to check."

As Drew settled down to bed that night, she decided to call Lola, knowing they had to talk about things. When Lola answered she greeted her warmly. After the greeting, Drew said, "Listen, Lola. We still haven't had that conversation. I was wondering if we could do that this week. I really want to get things out in the open."

"Yeah. I think we should. I've been preoccupied with it, so it's probably best if we do that." Lola replied neutrally.

"How about I come into the city one evening? I'll take you to dinner. What day works best for you?"

"Tomorrow if you can pick me up at school."

"Yeah. I can do that. Just tell me where and when."

The next evening Drew was wandering Lola's campus looking for the science building when she saw Lola in the distance with some friends. As she got closer, she noticed there was one boy in the group of five that was draped over her girlfriend's shoulders, but Lola didn't seem to notice or care. When Drew was within a few feet, Lola saw her.

"Hey, Drew. Where have you been?" she asked moving toward her.

"Sorry I'm late. I got a little lost." she answered making no move to touch Lola in front of her friends.

Lola however took her hand and led her over to the group. "Everyone, this is Drew."

"Oh? So, you're Drew? Lola's told us all about you." one of the girls mentioned.

"I hope most of it was good." Drew stated uneasily.

"Oh, it was good all right." the girl teased coyly. Drew felt her face warming at the comment.

"Well, we should be going." abruptly Lola interrupted. After both of them bid Lola's friends good bye, they walked away.

Drew cast a glance over her shoulder to see them all watching their departure. "Was she flirting with me?"

Lola nodded. "Certainly seemed that way."

"Well, as I walked up I saw that guy hanging all over you."

"Yeah. He has a bad habit of doing that."

"Does he know you're not his type?"

"I've told him."

"Well, can't blame the guy for trying. You certainly are a magnificent woman." Drew mentioned.

Lola blushed. "That's sweet. Thank you for thinking so."

"So, where are we going?"

"Oh, there's this Thai place a few blocks from here. I thought we'd go there if that was all right with you."

"That's fine. Wherever you want to go."

One they got to the restaurant and had ordered, Lola asked, "Do you want to have this talk now?"

"I'd rather wait until after dinner if that's okay with you."

"Okay. Sure. So, tell me what's been going on." Lola said changing the subject.

Dinner passed pleasantly before Drew suggested they go for coffee. Sitting outside at the cafˇ nursing their drinks, Drew took the initiative. Taking a deep breath she inquired, "Would you like to start, or shall I?"

"Actually I would like to make sure you really know what this conversation is supposed to be about. In my mind it's about the things you said to me when you were intoxicated."

"Yes, I agree that's what this is about."

"Do I need to tell you what was said since you don't remember saying it yourself?"

"No. I think Natalie probably gave me an accurate description. She said I propositioned you for sex and basically told you that I loved you, wanted to marry you, and have children with you. Is that what happened?"

Lola nodded slowly with tearful eyes. "Drew, I asked you to think about those things for our talk. Did you?" Drew nodded. "Well, are they true, or were they just lines to get me into bed?"

Drew stared directly into Lola's hazel eyes. She knew this moment would forever change her life. Drew sighed. "Lola, this is a complicated issue, but in all honesty I have to say..." Her sentence faded as she just looked at Lola a moment longer. Her heart was pounding painfully in her chest, and she could feel sweat beginning to run down her back. Her head dropped forward as she looked at the trembling hands in her lap. Knowing she had to face her feelings, Drew made eye contact again. "They're all true." she stated in a quiet calmness. Lola gasped in surprise as she took in the simple confession, but before she could even respond, Drew continued, "However I also have to say that I'm scared of putting my heart in your hands again. You shattered it last time. I don't have the trust for you that I used to in this area."

Lola nodded her head guiltily. "I know I hurt you, Drew. I wish I could change the past."

"Well, we can't. What's done is done."

"What happens now?" she inquired.

"First of all, I'd like to know how you feel."

Lola smiled. "I love you, Drew. I always have. It's my greatest wish to someday be your wife and mother to our children."

Drew nodded. "You know, Lola, when I was your age, I had a great wish too. It was for your mother to decide she'd rather be with me than your father. I honestly believed that's what I wanted. Twenty-five years later I got my chance, and then I realized it wouldn't work. How can you be sure at your age that you want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Drew, I don't know if I can answer that except to simply say that I know deep down in the depths of my soul that I belong with you. I know I can make you feel things no other woman has."

"That's certainly true. No one had ever made me feel higher or lower than you. It's those lows that scare me, Lola."

"They scare me too, Drew. You've contributed to some lows for me as well. You hurt me too, but I'm willing to try again if you are."

Drew took a moment to answer the implied question. Nodding slowly she said, "I'm willing too."

Lola gave her a soft smile as she tentatively reached for Drew's hand across the table. Drew responded putting her hand in the young blonde's. They walked back to Drew's jeep in companionable silence still holding hands. When they got to the car, Lola stood at her car door waiting for Drew to unlock and open it for her. Drew dug into her pocket for her keys as she cast a glance at Lola. She could feel all her pent up sexual frustration for this woman begin to unleash itself and settle between her thighs as she allowed her mind to remember the wonder of Lola's body. Drew noticed Lola look over her shoulder when Drew hadn't opened the door after unlocking it, but then she slowly turned to face her. To Drew's surprise, Lola gave her a coy smile as if she could read the older woman's thoughts. Playfully she ran her fingers up Drew's bare forearm, along the short sleeved knit polo, and over her shoulder. Her fingers skimmed up Drew's neck before her thumb brushed over Drew's open lips.

Softly Lola whispered, "I love it when you look at me like that."

"Like what?" needlessly Drew inquired wrapping one arm around Lola's waist.

Lola leaned in, letting her breasts rub up against Drew's lightly. Drew could feel Lola's breath against her ear and then teeth nibble at the lobe as Lola replied, "Like you want to ravage me like a wild animal. It makes me so hot for you, Drew. I want you to desperately. I've been waiting for you."

Drew groaned in delirium. "God, it's always so hard to resist you, Lola."

"Don't, Drew. You don't have to." Drew met Lola's eyes. Lola gave another smile before pulling Drew's head down into a fervent kiss. After a moment Lola broke away slightly and pulled open the back door of the jeep and gave Drew a questioning brow. Drew climbed into the backseat, and Lola followed, locking them into the car. Neither realized how long had passed as they made out like teenagers until there was a sharp knock and light shined into the window.

"Campus security." the male voice announced loudly. "You need to be moving along." Drew groaned, and Lola giggled into her shoulder. Whey they didn't move, the voice yelled, "I know someone's in there. There's enough fog on these windows to be San Francisco." Reluctantly they both sat up and straightened their clothes. They knew by the light that the guy was still standing there. Lola opened the door and slid out with Drew right behind her. Obviously the young man was surprised but seemed to know Lola. "Lola." he mumbled in shock, looking at Drew. "I... I... I thought you had a boyfriend."

"No. No boyfriend but I do have a girlfriend. This is Drew."

"You're Drew?" he croaked as he turned red in embarrassment. "I feel so dense. I had no idea. Man, do I feel stupid."

"It's okay."

"I guess, but I'm still embarrassed. I mean, you could've told me. I wouldn't have kept asking you out. I feel so dumb."

"Honestly it's fine. It was flattering, but now you see why I'm not interested." He nodded looking at Drew again. "Well, are we free to go?" Lola inquired.

"Oh, yeah. Get out of here." Drew opened Lola's door for her before turning to go to her own side, but he stopped her. "You truly are the luckiest woman on this earth." he stated looking at Lola.

"I'm beginning to realize that now. Good night." As they drove off, Drew mentioned, "You must be the most popular woman on campus. Guys love you."

Smiling playfully Lola answered, "What can I say? I'm irresistible."

"You got that right." Drew growled, glancing at her hungrily.

When they returned to Lola's apartment, they continued from where they had left off in the jeep as Lola tried to unlock the door. By the time she got it open, they practically fell through it in their rush. Deciding to help the process, Drew picked Lola up. Lola immediately locked her legs around Drew's waist as Drew propped her against the wall. Lola cried out softly as Drew attacked her neck just under her ear.

"God, I love it when you make that sound." Drew groaned.

"I love you, Drew."

"I love you too, Lola, so much."

Lola moaned as Drew's assault continued on her clothed breasts. "God, Drew, please. Take me to bed."

"Anything for you, baby." Drew answered beginning to move them toward the bedroom. However as soon as they stepped into the living room, they were greeted by a huge surprise. Sitting on the couch were Kate and Jim with Natalie in a nearby chair. Drew almost dropped Lola when she met Kate's eyes. "Oh, God." she stated in complete embarrassment. "What are you all doing here?" she inquired, setting Lola onto her feet.

"Jim and I just went out to dinner, and I asked dif we could stop by here for a moment. Sorry to have messed up your date." Kate stated.

"It's okay." Drew mumbled in an obvious lie. Lola excused herself for a moment, so Drew took a seat. They all talked for a few moments when Jim mentioned they should go, because of the long drive. "Well, I could take Kate back with me." Drew offered.

"Are you sure, Drew? I didn't want to assume you were heading home anytime soon." hesitantly Jim said.

"I have to work early, so I should go soon. It's doesn't make sense to make you drive all the way out there when I'm going to the same place."

"Drew's right, Jim. I'll ride with her. I know you have an early meeting."

"If both of you are okay with it." he clarified.

"It's fine." Kate insisted.

"All right. Will you at least walk me out?"

Once Kate and Jim were gone, Drew went back to Lola's room. "Are they gone?" Lola asked when Drew closed the door behind her.

"Actually, no. Your mom just walked Jim out. I'm going to drive her home since it's so far for him."

Lola made a pouting face whining, "You're kidding, right? You can't leave now."

"I need to, honey. I have to work early. Besides I think we were starting to get carried away. We really should work on us first. The next time I make love to you I want it to be with full knowledge that we're in this together forever. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Lola nodded. "Maybe we should just wait until we're married." Lola mentioned. "After all we'd have the rest of our lives together. I just want so much to be with you, Drew. I'd marry you tomorrow if you asked me to."

"You have to finish school first." Drew said temporarily overcome by the emotions she was feeling.

The ride home was quiet between Kate and Drew. Drew was deep in thought over the evening's events until Kate inquired, "So you want to talk about it?"

"About what?"

"Whatever has you so quiet."

"Oh, I was just thinking about my night. It took an interesting turn."

"I'll say. I didn't think I'd see you two like you were."

"Actually, that wasn't exactly what I was thinking about. Just before leaving Lola told me that she thought we should wait until we were married to have sex. Then she said she was ready and willing to become Mrs. Bailey."

"That's not much of a surprise on the second part, Drew, but, what did you say to the part about sex?"

"Well, I said we should wait awhile. I didn't mean until we were married, but I guess if she's set on the idea, I'll manage."

"And what did you say about the marriage?"

"I said we had to wait until she finished school. Part of me feels like she cornered me into saying that, but at the same time that's the way I really feel anyway."

Kate smiled. "I'm happy for you, Drew. Truly it's what you both deserve. I'm glad you took the chance. She belongs with you. She'll give you everything you ever wanted, and she'll make you happy."

"I guess that means we would have your blessing then."

"Yes. Seeing you two together tonight was a reminder to me of what a perfect match you really are in every way. Lola can give you things no other woman can. I want you both to be happy, and you will be happiest together. As her mother and your best friend, I give you my support."

"Thanks, Katherine. That means a lot to us both."


A few months passed with Lola and Drew seeing each other twice a week. Over the course of time, Lola began spending her weekends at Drew's. The first time it seemed awkward sleeping next to Lola when Kate was just across the hall, but without discussion Kate began to sleep at her own house during those visits. During the holidays the family took note that Drew and Lola were once again a couple, but no one said anything at first about it until Christmas Eve. After church everyone was settled in Drew's living room around the Christmas tree watching the fire and talking when Paul's mother looked over at Lola curled up in Drew's lap, idling playing with Drew's shirt collar as Drew held her tightly, looking at the younger woman as if she were the only other person in the room. "Drew." Nana said getting Drew's attention away from her granddaughter.

"Yes, Mrs. Emerson?"

"So, tell me. When do you intend on marrying my granddaughter and making an honest woman out of her? I could really use some great-grandchildren."

"Uh..." Drew stuttered in embarrassment as all eyes focused on her in interest, including Lola's. Drew could see the playful twinkle in her girlfriend's gaze assuring her. "Well, Mrs. Emerson, I have to make sure she'll have me first. She hasn't give me any indication so far." she joked.

Lola pretended to be offended. "That's so not true, Nana. Drew deserves to be given a hard time for stringing me along the last four years." she teased.

"I think so too." Drew's father piped in.

"Dad! You're supposed to be on my side here." Drew protested light-heartedly.

"Well, we'd all like to know what your intentions are." he mentioned.

Drew could feel all the eyes begin to grow serious as the moments passed. Drew looked at Lola in a silent plea for help. "You know, we should lay off, Drew. I'm sure Drew's intentions are good, and I don't need a ring to know that." She looked at Drew who smiled appreciatively. Snuggling into Drew's shoulder, she whispered so only Drew could hear, "Too bad there isn't any sex until then, though." Drew jerked back in surprise meeting Lola's gaze. The blonde just smiled innocently.

As Lola and Drew prepared for bed that night, Drew contemplated the night's events. Drew was in bed when Lola came out of the bathroom wearing long flannel pajamas. Sliding into bed Lola turned off the light. Drew curled up behind her, curving her arm over Lola's waist. "Honey, I wanted to ask you something. Did you really mean what you said about not having sex until we were married?" Drew inquired hesitantly.

"At first I wasn't, but I've given it some thought, Drew. We haven't had sex in almost three years. When we do, I want it to be like the first time. I think it would be better to wait."

Drew sighed but answered, "Okay. If that's what you want." Drew rolled away onto her back, trying to end the discussion.

Lola turned to face her. "You disagree." she said needlessly.

"I just never thought you were serious. I guess it'll take some time to get used to the idea. Good night, Lola." Drew flatly stated.

Morning found them with an undercurrent of tension from the previous night. Drew knew she was being foolish, but she was put off by the fact that Lola had just decided what was best for them without consulting her. Drew was cleaning up after breakfast and was off in her own thoughts when she heard Mrs. Emerson's voice ask, "Do you need any help?" Drew shook her head. "Drew, I sense some unhappiness in you this morning. I hope that my teasing last night didn't cause you stress. I know that you love Lola and have only honorable intentions toward her. I was only joking."

"I know, Mrs. Emerson. You've been good to Lola and me over the years. It wasn't you. Lola and I just had a disagreement after everyone left."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I shouldn't have asked."

"It's all right. It's good to know someone cares enough to at least ask."

"Well, I'm sure you'll work it out. Relationships are full of compromise. It's best to learn that early." Drew shrugged turning back to her duties. "Tell me in all honesty, Drew. Do you really see this relationship going to the next level? Do you think you and Lola will have a ceremony of some sort?"


Mrs. Emerson patted Drew on the arm. "Then I'm sure whatever is troubling you will pass."

The next few nights passed with similar tension between them, but once the family was gone, they were left alone in their discontent. That first night over dinner Lola mentioned, "I can't believe you're still pouting over the no sex thing. I didn't realize you were so focused on it."

"I'm not pouting, Lola, and I'm not focused on sex."

"Then what's wrong?"

"I'm just upset that I wasn't involved in the decision or even the discussion. I respect the decision you've made, but in the future if I'm involved in the decision, I'd like to be consulted. If we're going to be married, we have to be a team."

"Drew, it's my body and my choice." she defended.

Drew rolled her eyes. "I don't take issue with that, Lola. My point is that you could've at least told me of your intentions. I would've accepted it."

"Why do I have to tell you everything?" she snipped. "I'm not a child. You're not my mother."

Drew sighed. "Lola, I don't know what's going on with you. I simply wanted to talk about this. I'm not trying to change your mind. I just want to know of decisions that affect me. Is that unreasonable?" Lola didn't respond at first. "Lola, with the way you're acting, I'm having doubts about us being ready for the next step. If you're not ready for marriage, you can tell me. I'm not going to make you do something you don't want or aren't ready for. I just see you exerting your independence here possibly as an act of trying to free yourself and remain in control. I'm not trying to take that independence, Lola, and I don't want to take control of our relationship completely. You can do whatever you want if it makes you happy. We're in this as a team."

Lola's eyes began to water. "Oh, Drew. I'm sorry. I don't know what my problem is. Lately I've just been overwhelmed with things. You know, my friends at school are starting to make their post-graduation plans, planning their careers, their futures. I just feel lost. I want to be

with you, but I'm just not sure of the role you expect me to play. I guess I was just getting scared that I'd lose myself."

"Oh no. I would never do that. I want you to do whatever makes you happy, Lola. If you want to work that's fine, and if you don't, that's fine too. Financially speaking I could support us and our children if we decide to have any. I want you to pursue your dream just as I have pursued mine. You are your own woman, Lola, and I want to be your equal partner, nothing more, nothing less. I will never expect you to follow me. I want us to walk through life together side by side."

"Oh, Drew." Lola whispered coming to sit in Drew's lap.

"As far as the sex thing is concerned, I accept your reasoning and decision. I guess I just need to propose to you, so we an start on wedding plans."

"You had a beautiful start just now. Why not finish? Just ask me."

Drew smiled. "I want to do it right, darling, ring in hand, down on my knee. You deserve that, but I'll tell you what. Why don't we start looking for rings? After all you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. You should have a say. We'll go tomorrow."

"Really?" Lola asked with a beaming smile. Drew nodded. "I love you, Drew."

"I love you too, Lola."

Drew and Lola spent the next few days of vacation looking for rings. Lola and Drew finally decided on a set they both liked, but Drew didn't buy them that day, saying she wanted to surprise Lola. Little did Lola know that Drew ordered them over the phone the next morning while she was still asleep.

Lola's second and final semester began with Lola and Drew perfectly content. During the last week of January, Drew took Kate out to dinner. Over the meal she kept thinking about what she wanted to say until Kate broke her thoughts. "I know something is on your mind. What's up, Drew?"

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something important. I know you've supported Lola and me in the past, and you knew this day would someday come. As Lola's mother, I just wanted to officially ask for your daughter's hand. I intend to propose to her next week if I have your approval." she said with a nervous smile.

Kate gave her a warm smile in return. "Of course you have my approval and blessing. Did you get her a ring yet?"

"Yeah. Actually I brought it with me. Figured you want to see it." she mentioned pulling the box from her pocket and putting it on the table.

Kate cautiously opened it. "Oh, wow. This is beautiful. I love the setting. That's a lot of diamonds. How many karats?"

"About three and a half."

"Three and a half in a platinum setting? That must have cost a small fortune, Drew."

Drew shrugged. "So what? I don't plan on buying another one ever again. She's worth it."

"Does she have any idea?" Kate asked in excitement.

"She's the one that picked this design. The diamonds are larger than the one she tried on. I think that one was two karats."

"It really is lovely. Have you decided on how you're going to ask her?"

"Not really. I want it to be a private moment, not a restaurant or anything. Have any ideas?"

"Well, let's think. What about places of significance in your relationship? First kiss?"

"Your house."

"First date?"

"A restaurant in Du Pont Circle."

"What about the first time you told her you loved her?"

"The hospital after I was shot."

Kate sighed. "You don't have much to work with here. Not that I need to know this, but what about place where you first... well, you know?"

"My living room. I have no idea what to do here."

"What about taking her away for a weekend? Take her to a cabin in the mountains or something."

"That's a thought. That might take some planning though, and I wanted to do it soon."

"Well, how about for a night on the town and staying at a nice hotel in the city?"

Drew nodded. "That's probably better for our schedules. Thanks for the idea."

The following weekend Drew made plans for them on Saturday night. She arrived at the hotel early to set up for the evening before getting dressed. She had hired a limo for the evening, so once she was satisfied with her appearance, she had the driver take her to Lola and Natalie's apartment. Lola answered the door wearing a long, black dress. "You look beautiful." Drew stated smiling appreciatively at her.

"You look nice too."

"Are you ready to go?" Drew asked taking the overnight bag from Lola's hand. She extended her other arm to Lola.

Lola let Drew lead her out to the limo where the driver was standing by the back door. He open it for them and then took the bag Drew was carrying. Drew intentionally hadn't told Lola of their plans, so she was surprised when they arrived at the river. Silently Drew escorted her to a small yacht where they were greeted by a woman. "Good evening, Sheriff Bailey, Miss Emerson. I'm Captain Smith. Welcome aboard. If you would go into the lounge, one of the staff will get you cocktails. We should be underway shortly."

Drew and Lola stepped aboard and headed into the cabin. A man in a white tuxedo was standing behind the bar and politely asked what they wanted to drink. "Champagne?" Drew asked Lola, who nodded in approval as her eyes scanned the room. There didn't seem to be anyone else on board except for them and the crew.

"Are we alone?" Lola inquired when Drew handed her the champagne.

"Except for the staff, yes. Come over to the window. We'll get to see a lot of the monuments." she said taking Lola's hand. They sat drinking their beverages and watched the scenery in comfortable silence until dinner was announced. They were then led into an adjoining room where a romantic candle light dinner was waiting. Drew held out Lola's chair.

"What is going on with you? You are too much tonight." Lola mentioned as Drew sat.

"I just wanted you to have a pleasant night out."

Over their meal they mainly talked about Lola's last semester of school. Dinner was leisurely as they shared laugher and food. Once it was finished, they moved back into the parlor for more champagne. As they sat cuddled on the couch, Drew said, "Lola, if you haven't figured it out yet, I kind of wanted this to be a special night for us."

"It's been wonderful, Drew."

Drew smiled at her. "Well, there's something I wanted to say to you tonight." she began as she untangled herself from Lola's embrace. Lola smiled reassuringly as Drew knelt at her feet. Drew took her hands and squeezed them gently. "Lola, my entire life I've longed for that perfect companion. It's taken me twenty-two years to realize the perfect woman was already a part of my life. I've never loved anyone the way I love you, and everyday that love grows stronger. You are the one I've been wanting and needing my whole life. It would be the greatest honor to have you as my friend, my lover, and my wife if you'll have me. Please, Lola. Make me the happiest, luckiest woman in the world. Will you marry me?" she softly inquired pulling the ring from its box and slipping it onto Lola's finger. Lola stared down at she diamond ring now adorning her hand. The diamonds were sparkling in the low light.

"Oh, Drew. It's even more beautiful than I remember it. I love you so much." she confessed bringing Drew's head up to meet her lips in a tender kiss. They kissed slowly for a few moments before breaking for air.

"Was that a yes?" Drew teased when she realized she hadn't gotten an answer to her question.

"Yes, oh yes." Lola whispered breathlessly as she pulled Drew up onto the couch to feast indulgently on her fiancee's mouth. The rest of their cruise passed without notice as they methodically explored each other. Finally the stopping of the yacht brought them out of their haze. Reluctantly they withdrew from each other's embrace to make themselves presentable again. The captain came to retrieve them after a few minutes.

Walking them to the end of the dock, she smiled at them. "Well, good night, Sheriff and Mrs. Bailey."

Lola beamed. "Good night, Captain Smith." she replied for them.

The driver then took them to the hotel. Lola cast a questioning look at Drew when they were on the elevator but said nothing. When they entered their room, a dozen red roses were awaiting Lola along with more champagne. Smiling at Drew, Lola inquired, "Would you mind if I changed into something more comfortable while you pour the champagne?"

"Not at all. Please do."

Lola leaned up and kissed Drew's lips lightly. "I'll be back in a minute."

Drew moved to the window after pouring two glasses and leaving them on the table. She was just looking out over the city when she heard the bathroom door open. She turned and felt her breath leave her for a moment. Lola was standing there in the red, silk chemise and robe she'd given her the first Christmas they had been together. Slowly but directly Lola moved toward her, her perfume proceeding her, assaulting Drew's senses. Lola took hold of the lapels of Drew's jacket and leaned up to kiss her gently. Drew moaned. Pulling back ever so slightly, Lola allowed her breath to brush over Drew's lips as she whispered, "Would you forgive me if I was too weak to resist you this once before the wedding? I really need you to make love to me to make this night complete."

Drew leaned in to capture Lola's lips, softly mumbling though the kiss, "It would be my pleasure, Mrs. Bailey."

Neither rushed the moment surrounding them as they reacquainted themselves with each other intimately. Everything seemed like the first time, including the tears they shared, as Drew brought their bodies together as one physically and emotionally. The early morning hours found Drew awake, lying on her back with one hand behind her head as the other softly caressed Lola's downy, golden tresses as her young fiancee used her as a full body pillow. Drew could feel the warmth of Lola's body radiating through her as she thought about her future with the now sleeping beauty. Drew softly chuckled to herself as she thought of the look on her mother's face when she told her of the official engagement. She knew her mother would make sure Drew knew that she had been right all along.

Lola stirred and looked up at her with sleepy eyes. "What's so funny?" she inquired with a yawn.

"Oh, sorry I woke you. I was just thinking about my mother. When we tell her we're getting married, she's going to tell me she knew all along." Lola moaned as she kissed along Drew's chest, clearly ignoring Drew's answer. "What are you doing?" Drew playfully asked.

"Trying to give you something else to think about other than your mother. Surely we can find more constructive things to do with our time." Lola replied rubbing the palm of her hand along the curvature of Drew's breast.

"Oh, no you don't. We had a deal. Remember? No more sex until the wedding."

Lola moaned in frustration. "Well, we better be doing it soon, because I'm not sure if I can wait any longer."

"We can get married any time you want. My only restriction is that it has to be after you graduate. I think that's important, but other than that, I'll go along with anything you have in mind."

"Soon. Let's make it the end of May. The sooner the better for me."

"That's fine with me. I'm sure our moms will be willing to help us out since we're both under tight schedules."

"Um hum." Lola mumbled, already focusing on Drew's naked frame again. Drew moaned as Lola attacked her neck with kisses, but she was aware enough to catch Lola by the wrist when her hand trailed between Drew's thighs.

"No, no, no." Drew teased. "We only agreed to one night of sin before the big day."

Lola looked at her with a pout, trying to reason. "Well, the night's technically not over until we get out of bed."

Drew laughed at her lover's antics. "Oh, all right." she conceded rolling Lola onto her back as she kissed the younger woman deeply. Pulling back momentarily Drew whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too, Drew."

"Good. Then you'll forgive me for this." Drew stated quickly pulling away and getting out of bed. "Night's over. I'm out of bed." she said with a smile.

Lola moaned in frustration. "You sneak!"

"Seriously, honey. We do need to get up. We're supposed to be at our house for a special engagement brunch. The family is waiting to see us. I didn't realize we'd be getting so little sleep, but you threw a wrench into the plans. Come on now."

Lola smiled. "Our house. I like the sound of that. Okay. I didn't know the family was in town."

"Good. I'll go ahead and shower first." Drew let the warm water run over her for a moment. She hadn't gotten a moment of sleep, but she felt completely rested. She began her bath ritual as she thought of all the things she and Lola needed to discuss as she lathered herself with soap. However just as she was rinsing herself off, she felt a pair of hands on her wet, muscular back. "You really are insatiable." Drew groaned as Lola hands trailed down taking hold of her backside. Squeezing gently Lola gently kissed Drew between the shoulder blades. "Is this what I have to look forward to? A permanent shower mate?" Drew joked turning around.

Lola smiled. "Not if you keep getting up so early." she teased.

When Lola and Drew returned to the farm, everyone in both families was awaiting them. Everybody was smiling as Drew led Lola through the kitchen into the den stating that they had an important announcement to make. Standing in front of their families, Drew cast a smile as Lola, who blushed and returned the grin whole-heartedly.

"Well, it's official." Drew began. "I finally have found the one woman who can tame my wild heart, and fortunately for me, Lola has graciously agreed to watch out over me for the rest of our lives and become my wife."

Even though it was expected, everyone stilled screamed in excitement at the official word as they hovered around the couple. Drew stepped toward her father and Lola's grandfathers as the women looked at Lola's ring. "Congratulations, Drew. I'm so happy for you, tiger." her father said giving her a tight hug.

"Thanks, Dad."

"You know, you may be the strong arm of the law around these parts, but you're still my baby girl, and I'm so glad you found the right person. You and Lola will be so happy together." he mentioned.

Her mother grabbed her into a strong embrace. "You see, I told you this would be the right thing."

Drew laughed at the statement as she squeezed her mother tighter. "Thanks for believing, Mom."

After several minutes Kate announced, "Well, we have a great brunch that was put together by the grandmothers. Why don't we go enjoy it?"

As they settled down to their meal, they were bombarded with questions about the wedding. "Where do you think you'll want to have it?" Drew's mother asked.

Lola looked at Drew. "Well, we hadn't discussed it, but I've always thought it would be wonderful to have it here. Maybe with the service in the front and the reception out back. As a little girl, I always thought it would be so romantic."

"We can do it here if you'd like. That could be fun." Drew agreed.

"And I want it to be kind of small, just family and close friends." Lola continued.

"I would want that too." Drew said.

Lola paused a moment before saying, "I think the bigger issue is what to wear. We don't have a lot of time until the end of May."

"And we have to figure out what to put Drew in. We know she'll never wear a dress." Drew's mother said with a teasing smile in her daughter's direction.

"That's okay. I don't want her to wear a dress anyway."

"What do you think I should wear exactly?" Drew inquired curiously.

Lola shrugged. "I'm not sure. You'd look silly in a dress."

"What about my uniform?" she asked helpfully.

Lola made a face. "No. I hate that thing. You should wear a suit, because I know you'll be most comfortable in that, but I don't think it should be a tux. After all it's black so it'll be hot, and I do want to know that you are the woman I love when I'm walking down the aisle."

"What if you both wear white? It is Drew's first wedding too." Kate mentioned.

"That could be cute. Would you feel comfortable in a while suit, honey?"

"Sure. I'll wear anything you want me to, Lola. This is your big day, and I only want to compliment what you're going to wear, not overshadow it."

"You're so sweet, but it's our day. I think having both of us in white would be fun."

A few weeks passed as Drew and Lola began trying to figure out what they wanted for their day, but with all the extra ideas from their mothers and grandmothers, they were no further along. One night over dinner with Kate, Drew announced that she and Lola had decided it would be better to hire a professional wedding coordinator to take care of things.

"But, Drew, that's going to be expensive. If you're that bogged down, give each of us something to do. We're just trying to help."

"Look, Kate. Lola and I appreciate all the things that you all are doing. As the mother of the bride, you're going to have plenty to do. We just think it would be less stressful for Lola and myself. They already have all the contacts. Lola and I just think it's for the best, but since we want you and my mom to be involved, we've decided to let you find the wedding planner. You call around and find us the right one. If you have rapport with them, and they can do it in the time frame we want, schedule a time for all of us to meet at the house."

Kate gave a nod. "Okay. I can do that. Do I still get to help with your clothes?"

"Of course. We're counting on you."

The following Friday Drew and Kate were standing on the front porch waiting on the prospective wedding planner. As the unfamiliar car pulled into the driveway, Drew checked her watch. "She's early. That's a good sign."

The car came to a stop behind Kate's before the driver emerged. Drew eyes opened a little wider at the tall, slender, well-dressed auburn haired woman. She was wearing sunglasses, so Drew couldn't get a look at her eyes. She grabbed a clipboard and them slipped on a jacket before walking toward them. When she was close enough, she smiled and slid her sunglasses up to her forehead to hold back her shoulder length hair, reveal sparkling green eyes. Drew felt the woman's eyes run over her from head to toe before she turned to Kate. "Kate or Lola?" she asked cheerfully.

"I'm Kate Emerson. Unfortunately Lola's running late."

"Nice to meet you, Kate. I'm Megan O' Malley." she said shaking hands with her. Turning to Drew she stated, "And you must be Drew."

"Yes, Drew Bailey. Pleasure to meet you, Megan."

"Well, why we wait on the other bride, why don't you tell me how far you've gotten?" she asked in interest.

"Actually, Megan, before we start I want to make one thing absolutely clear. There is only one real bride here, and it's Lola. I expect her to be treated like the queen of the world, and I'll except nothing less." Drew said gruffly crossing her arms over her chest.

Megan shifted nervously. "Yes, of course, Drew. I understand. I'll be honest with you. I've never done this kind of wedding, so I'm not sure what to call you. I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't want to assume I should call you the groom. I'll call you whatever you would like me to." Megan apologized.

"Drew is good enough. Now why don't we go inside where it's a little warmer? I want to wait on Lola before we begin."

For the next several hours Lola and Drew shared ideas with Megan on what they wanted. During that time Megan vigorously took notes on everything, and at the end of the conversation, she folded a piece of paper in half asking, "Which of you would like the estimate?" She looked to Drew and Kate expectantly.

Drew held out her hand. "I'll take it." She flipped it open and looked at the final price. Emotionlessly she folded it again and stuck it in her pocket. She then looked at Megan in silence.

"Well, I guess you want time to think about it." Megan stated somewhat nervously, looking to Kate for assistance.

"Thank you, Megan. I'll get your coat and walk you out." Drew said seriously.

"Is the anything I can do to help you with your decision? You don't really have time to waste if you want this done in May."

"I know that, but Lola and I have some things to discuss first. We'll let you know in a few days."

"Did you have any questions about the estimate?"

"No. It seems pretty self-explanatory. We just need to talk about some details fist. Thanks for coming out here. We'll call you soon." Drew stated politely but firmly.

Megan took her coat from Drew and put it on. Drew then led her out to her vehicle. "Before I go, Drew, I would like to remind you that the price takes into account the short time frame. Given more time, the price would be a little lower."

Drew nodded. "Okay. Thanks for letting me know. You'll here from us soon."

When Drew returned to the house, she sat in the chair Megan had been in and turned to Lola. "So, what did you think?"

"I liked her a lot. What about you? It seemed like you didn't like her."

"I liked her just fine. Do you want her to be our coordinator?"

"Yes but only if you do as well."

Drew pulled the estimate out of her pocket and studied it a moment. "Is it the price, Drew?" Kate asked.

"No. I'm prepared to pay the price listed. However she just told me that it's more than she normally charges due to the time frame. Are you set on the end of May? We could wait until the fall."

"Drew, if the money is an issue, we can wait, but I really did want to do it at the end of May."

Drew nodded. "All right then. The end of May it is. Megan can be our planner. We'll have to call her on Monday."

A little later that afternoon Lola was in the office working on a paper while Kate and Drew started on dinner. "Drew, I was wondering if I could see the estimate for the wedding."


"Well, Paul and I set up wedding accounts for both the girls, and as the bride's mother, I'm supposed to be paying for it."

"I'm not going to let you pay, Katherine. My parents wanted to pay too, but I said no. We've agreed to split it in half."

"Then let's do it into thirds. Paul would want that and so do I." Drew sighed and handed the estimate over to Kate. "Split three ways this is almost reasonable. Please let me help."

"All right. If you insist you can pay a third, but I don't want Lola to know how much this is costing. Money is no object to me for this day if it makes her happy."

Kate nodded in agreement. "Shall I call Megan for you on Monday?"

"That would be great. Thanks, Kate."

"No problem. Did you really like her? You seemed irritated by her more than anything."

"I was just trying to intimidate her to see if she'd come down on her price at all. It's still a considerable amount of money, but she wouldn't budge."

The following Friday was a snowy February day. Kate had gone into town to stay with weekend with Lola and Natalie to help them find their outfits for the wedding. When Drew returned from work, she changed out of her uniform and immediately began on her dinner after starting a fire in the fireplace. She was in the middle of dinner preparations when there was a knock at the door. Confused at who could be visiting her on such a potentially hazardous evening weather wise, she rushed to the door. Opening it she saw Megan standing there.

"Megan, hi. What are you doing here?" she asked allowing the woman to enter.

"Actually, I called Kate this morning, because I couldn't get in touch with you or Lola. I told her I wanted to come out here this evening to look at the location again. She said no one would be home, but I was more than welcome to drive out here. I just saw your lights on, so I thought I'd knock first."

"Oh, well, of course you're welcome out here anytime. It's just not a very good day for driving. Come on in. Can I get you something to drink? Tea, coffee, anything?"

"Actually, I'd really like to go ahead and look around outside before taking you up on that offer if that's okay. I want to try to figure out what kind of set up would work best with your terrain. It won't take too long hopefully."

"Okay. Well, why don't I join you?" Drew mentioned grabbing her coat from the closet.

Together they walked the property as Drew relayed Lola's thoughts to Megan on where they thought the ceremony and reception should be held. After half an hour they retreated back into the house. Drew hung up both their coats before leading the way into the kitchen.

Seeing the food sitting on the counter, Megan said, "I didn't realize I had interrupted your dinner, Drew. I'm terribly sorry."

"Don't worry about it. I'm alone tonight, so it doesn't matter when I eat. How about that hot drink now? Looks like you could use it."

"That would be great."

They both sipped their drinks as they began to thaw from the bitter cold weather. As Drew began to work on her meal again, she casually inquired, "Have you eaten? I've got lots of food here and no one to share it with. How about it? I'm a pretty good cook, so I promise not to kill your taste buds."

Megan smiled but declined. "I shouldn't."

"Why not? I'm alone, and I've come to hate being by myself. You can even charge me by the hour. I don't care."

Megan blushed slightly as she mumbled, "If I charge you by the hour, you would deserve more than just my idle chat."

Drew chuckled at Megan's slightly flirtatious response. "Well, we could always barter for the services you'd be willing to provide in exchange for billing by the hour." she mentioned.

Megan face turned a deeper shade of red. "I think there's some sort of policy against having candle light dinners with the groom." she bantered.

Drew laughed loudly. "Lucky for you I was going to skip the candles." she joked. "Seriously, I have food here, and we can talk about some of the wedding ideas. This might be one of your few chances to get me to sit down with you for any length of time."

"That much is true. It's definitely been difficult to contact you and Lola during the day. All right. If you're sure that I won't be in the way." Drew served up two plates and brought them to the table before pouring two glasses of white wine for them. Megan raised her glass saying, "Here's to you and Lola." Once the meal began, Megan said, "So, tell me your story, Drew. How long have you and Lola known each other? Where did you meet?"

"That's kind of a funny thing actually. I've known her mother, Kate, and Kate's family for many, many years. Kate and I were best friends in high school, although at the time I wanted much more than that."

"Really?" Megan inquired in interest. "Did she know that?"

"I never told her, but she says she knew anyway. At that time I think Kate was just scared. Had she not meet Lola's father, I feel fairly sure that she and I would've eventually found each other, but that was not in our cards. Kate met and married Paul Emerson, and they had two little girls, Natalie and Lola. I've been a part of their whole lives. I'll admit that I first resented Paul, but over the years, he and I became good friends. Natalie is my goddaughter, so there is a long history with Lola's family."

"How did you and Lola become a couple then? Wasn't it weird?"

"To say the least but Lola is a persistent young woman, just like her mother. She said she wanted a relationship with me. She wouldn't take no for an answer, and believe me when I tell you that I told that girl no several times, but she continued to proposition me. The day of her eighteenth birthday she finally broke through that barrier. Then all hell broke loose. Kate found out about it and forbid me from ever seeing Lola again and told me that she did not want us to be friends either. I really was heartbroken about losing Kate's friendship, but then the tables turned again when I got shot by one of my former farm hands. That's how it all started really. He had tried to sexually assault Lola, but I had been able to stop him, and that's how I found out that Lola had been having feelings for me. Lola didn't even know I was a lesbian until her senior year of high school, so it was of great surprise to me when she finally told me she had been having thoughts about me since she was young. After I was shot, Kate apologized and begged me to be her friend again, because she had already lost Paul that year, and of course I said I would. She told me that she would allow Lola and me to date at that point. We dated her senior year of high school, but then she went to college, and we broke up. The summer before her senior year of college we began dating again, and now here we are."

"What do you mean when you said Kate lost Paul that year?" Megan inquired.

"Oh, Paul was killed in a car accident right before Lola started her senior year of high school."

"I see. I was wondering why there had been no mention of the father of the bride. I thought there might be an issue there that I was unaware of."

"Well, that would be it. Enough about me for now. Tell me about yourself. How did you become a wedding planner?" Drew asked refilling both their wine glasses.

"Actually, I began working at a catering company while I was in college, and we often did wedding events. I met different wedding planners that way, and I got interested in that side of the business. Half way into my senior year one of the wedding planners I had met told me about an opening at their company, knowing that I might be interested. I got the job and have been with them ever since. I started coordinating events on my own last year, but for the past four years I've been gaining valuable experience as a junior associate, and now it's finally paid off. When I got the call about your event, I was anxious to take it to my boss, because we'd never done one like this before, but she gave me the green light. I think it might become an advertising piece in the future and a real notch in my belt. I hope this brings in new clientele."

"I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job, and it will improve your business. If you started out of school, I take it your about twenty-seven or so?"


"You have a boyfriend?"

"No but I'd like one. Know of anyone to set me up with?" she joked.

"Well, outside of the strapping young deputies under my supervision, no. Besides they might be a little too back woods for you. You seem be the type of woman who needs a sophisticated man."

"Actually, I really have a thing for older men. Somehow men in their late thirties or early forties are just the ones I'm attracted to." Drew nodded. "May I ask how old you are, Drew?"

"I'm forty-one."

Megan shook her head. "See, if you were a man, I'd be totally attracted to you in every way. You would be like the ideal for me. You're nice, smart, funny, well-off, and you've got that ruggedness that I've always found sexy."

Drew smiled behind her glass. "Isn't there some sort of rule about flirting with the groom?" she teased. "Lucky for you and Lola that I am a woman then, huh?"

Megan flushed. "I didn't mean to infer..." she stuttered.

"What? That I'm sexy?" she asked giving a dashing smile.

Megan shook her head. "I can see why Lola finds you attractive, Drew. You are quite the charmer. I guess I am lucky that you are indeed a woman, or else I'd be in trouble."

"Well, to be completely honest, if you weren't straight, I'd think you were pretty attractive yourself." Drew mentioned, a feral grin transforming her face.

They sat a moment staring at each other. Drew was enjoying making the young woman shift in her seat. She sensed that Megan was not as straight as she portrayed, so she was giving her something to think about in the future. Finally Megan broke the gaze. "Well, I should probably get going. It's getting late, and I'm sure the weather is only going to get worse." she mentioned.

Drew nodded, knowing that she had succeeded in making Megan consider other options by the way she fidgeted. "All right. I think that's a good idea. Wouldn't want you to get stuck out here, having to spend the night." Drew said, again trying to get one last rise out of her dinner companion.

Megan jumped from her seat. "I hadn't that about that, but you're right. I wouldn't want to impose that way. I already stayed too long."

Drew escorted Megan to the door and helped her into her coat. "Well," Drew said opening the door and propping up against the frame. She looked intently at Megan to see what Megan would say.

"Thank you for dinner, Drew. That was an unexpected treat."

"You're very welcome. Be careful getting out of here."

"I will." she said, looking up at Drew for a moment. Drew just stared back, knowing that the woman in front of her was thinking thoughts about her that she didn't need to know. She just smiled cordially. "Well, good night, Drew." Megan brought herself to say.

"Good night, Miss O' Malley. Thank you for the lovely dinner company."

Once Megan was gone, Drew laughed to herself in amusement at the turn of events as she cleaned up the kitchen.

The following week Drew and Kate met Lola one day in the city, so they could look for Drew's outfit options and attend a meeting with Megan. When they arrived at Megan's office, they had to wait for a few minutes before Megan appeared. She was busy talking to someone else as she came into the waiting area.

Looking up her eyes immediately connected with Drew's. "Drew!" she exclaimed with a smile as a light blush rose in her face.

"Megan." Drew said.

Megan just stared at her a second before Lola stood up next to Drew. "Lola, hi." Megan recovered stepping closer to take Lola's hand. "Hello, Kate." Curving her arm around Lola's shoulder, Megan began to move them toward her office as she inquired, "So, Lola, tell me what kind of dress you decided on."

Drew and Kate were a few paces behind them as they all walked to the office. Seeing Megan take a quick glance at Drew over her shoulder, Kate turned a questioning gaze to Drew. "What's up with her?" she inquired.

Drew grinned. "I'll tell you later when we're at home. Not now."

As they went into Megan's office, she stated, "I didn't expect to see you, Drew, so I'll have to get another chair. I'll be right back. Just a moment. Can I get any of you something to drink?"

When she left the three of them in her office, Lola looked at Drew. "Is there any woman safe from your charms?" she teased.

Drew laughed. "It's nothing, honey. She just has a little crush. Don't worry about it."

"Oh, I'm not worried about it. I know I'm the only woman that could ever put up with you, so I know my claim on you is safe."

"Very true, my dear."

"When did this happen?" Kate inquired.

"The day you sent her out to the house. I was actually home when she arrived."

"I should've known." Kate mumbled.

"Don't worry about it. Megan is a typical two beer lesbian, nothing more."

"Two beer lesbian?" Kate questioned.

"Yeah. Give her two beers over her limit, and you can get her in bed." Lola explained. "So, Drew, what is her limit?" Lola joked, making Drew laugh.

Before Drew could say anything, Megan returned, so they were all business the rest of the time they were there.


Time passed quickly and before they knew it, Lola's Spring Break was upon them. Since they were busy with wedding plans, she didn't go anywhere, but Drew came to the city almost everyday. One day when they had returned to Lola and Natalie's apartment after a meeting with infatuated Megan, they decided to eat in instead of going to dinner. Drew excused herself to the bathroom while Lola began to prepare food for them. When Drew went into the bathroom, she saw something on the counter that she didn't recognize. She picked it up and took a closer look. It was an electronic device that Drew had never seen before, so after she finished what she needed to do, she brought it out to Lola.

"Honey, what is this?"

Lola face colored. "Oh, I didn't know I left that out."

"What is it?"

"It's a machine that tracks my cycle."

Drew furrowed her brow in confusion. "Why do you have it?"

"Well, it lets me know what time I'm most likely to get pregnant."

"That still doesn't tell me why you have it. I don't think I've grown any extra anatomy that will make it necessary to know your cycle to the days."

"Drew, sit down. I wanted to talk to you about this, but I didn't know when would be a good time." Drew took a seat at the small kitchen table, and Lola came to sit across from her. Taking Drew's hand, Lola smiled at her. "Drew, I want to have a baby."

"I know. I want us too as well."

"Well, I was thinking about this. With you being the age you are, I thought it might be best to start right away."

"Are you saying I'm getting old?"

"Drew, you're forty-one. If we had a child today, you'd be sixty-three when they graduated college. What about when they get married and have kids? I want you to be around to share in all of that. I know it's hard for me to think about life without you, but I certainly don't want our children to know what it's like to lose you at an early age. Please just try to understand that I'm just thinking about what would be best for them."

"I guess I never thought about it that way. I've only been thinking about us. I wanted to wait until you were ready."

"I am ready. I was thinking we could pick a donor. I've already done a great deal of research on this, finding the right place and potential donors. Do you want to see?"

"Yeah. Sure. Why not?" They went back into Lola's bedroom and turned on her computer. Lola guided her through several websites that included lists of possible donors that matched Drew's characteristics. "Wow. You really have done research on this." Drew mentioned when Lola was finished with her presentation. "I think it's sweet that you want the donors to look like me."

"Then you approve?"

"Yeah. I approve of your choices and method. It'll definitely give us something to work with when we decide to start."

"I was thinking that maybe we could try it ourselves just once to see what it's like before going to a doctor. I think it would be really special if we could conceive without medical assistance."

"Okay. That could be fun. I suppose you have a date in mind of when you want to try this."

"Actually, if this machine is accurate, my most fertile time should fall either on the wedding day or the day after. Of course that's if my body decides to stay on track. Stress could throw it off."

"Well, if you really want to do this, I say we try it. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work. We'll call the institute and start narrowing down the choices."

"Great. Thank you, Drew. I knew you'd understand. I want this to stay between us, though. Don't tell Mom. Okay?"

"Okay. I can't believe we only have seven weeks before the big day. I never thought I'd do this, especially with you. You've made me so happy, Lola."

"You're making all my dreams come true, Drew. I love you so much."

The day of Lola's graduation marked two weeks before the wedding. However as Lola made her way across the stage in cap and gown, Drew kept thinking about how lucky she truly was but wondered what Lola's intentions would be career-wise once they were married. They had never talked about what Lola wanted to do as a career having been far too busy with the wedding and secret baby plans. Drew decided she needed to bring it up with her fiancee the following day since it was supposed to be a celebration.

When that time came the next morning, Drew took Lola into her arms as they sat on the back porch. "Honey, I wanted to ask you about something serious. You hadn't made mention to me about what you would like to do now."

"I don't know, Drew. I'm confused about it. I have these grand plans of becoming your wife in two weeks and hopefully have children soon after that. I don't know it I have it in me to be a mother and have a career. Besides that I'm not sure what I want to do."

"Why not do what you love? Why not work with horses?"

"I have no experience, Drew."

"No experience? Lola you've been riding since you were six. You have sixteen years of experience. We own a stable. My father and I have always wanted to expand the program and get into breeding and training. With you here it would work out well, but it's only if you want to."

"Drew, you own the stable. You need someone with real experience to handle that."

"I'm convinced you can do it if you wanted, Lola. I'll even sell you half, so we can officially be partners."

"Like I could afford to buy half."

"Do you have any money in your pocket?" Drew asked. Lola pulled out a quarter. Drew took it from her. "There. You just bought half the ranch."


"Seriously, Lola. I'm having papers drawn up as we speak by my attorney. When we get married, you'll own half of my life, and I'll own half of yours."

"But I have nothing to give you."

"On the contrary. You're giving me the most valuable possession you have, your love and devotion. That's worth much more than all the money in the world."

Lola leaned to kiss her softly. "I love you, Drew. You are so good to me."

"I love you too, Lola.


Finally the day of the wedding arrived. Since Drew and Lola had agreed that they wouldn't see each other before the ceremony, Drew was forced to wait in the office while the other women got ready upstairs. She was off in her own thoughts when Megan entered. She came to where Drew was standing and smiled at her.

"You look nice, Drew." she mentioned, dusting the top of Drew's shoulders at imaginary lent.

"Thank you."

"You know, Drew, often as a wedding coordinator, I have to deal with the groom being attracted to me. I think it's because they sense they're going to be locked up in chains when they go down the aisle." she teased. Drew chuckled. "I have to admit this it the first time I've been slightly attracted to the groom myself."

Drew smiled at her. "Well, then, Megan. That slight attraction would be mutual."

Megan nodded. "That's what I thought, but I have to say you've handled yourself perfectly. I hope someday I will find someone who treats me like a queen the way you treat Lola. She truly is a lucky woman. The love you show for her is so amazing, and it's obvious she returns those feelings completely. You really are a perfect match in every way."

"Thank you for thinking so, Megan. Coming from you that means a lot. After all you see people get married everyday."

She nodded. "Yes, some of which don't have the spark you and Lola do. I can tell when it's real an when it'll last. You and Lola have what it takes to make it. Your love will last beyond the time you take your last breath. You two are the perfect example of what love should be." Megan looked at her watch. "It's time. Let's get you lined up with your parents."

Drew was standing at the end of the aisle anxiously awaiting Lola. As soon as she saw her being escorted by her mother, Drew could feel her eyes swell up. Kate looked beautiful, and Lola was a vision in white. Drew hadn't been allowed to see the dress or hear about how Lola was going to do her hair, so Drew was completely surprised and overwhelmed by her bride's appearance. Drew was openly crying by the time Kate and Lola reached where she was standing, but she wore a huge smile. Kate moved to embrace Drew in a tight hug before kissing her cheek affectionately.

"I love you, Drew. You make my little girl so happy."

"I love you too, Katherine." Without further words Kate put Lola's hand in Drew's. Drew smiled at the young blonde. "I love you, Lola." she whispered.

"I love you too, Drew."

The ceremony and reception passed smoothly, and before they even realized it, they were headed off to the city where they would be spending the night before embarking on their honeymoon. Once they were alone in the room, Drew smiled at Lola as she pulled her into an embrace. "Well, Mrs. Emerson-Bailey, I can't believe it."

"Me neither. This whole day has been a dream come true for me, Drew. You are all I ever wanted."

"And I am all yours, Lola, heart, mind, body, and soul."

Lola gave a sexy smile. "It's the body I'm most interested in right now. It's been a long four months."

"Yes, it certainly has, and we have a lot of time to make up."

Chapter Twelve

Two months later it was in the middle of a sweltering summer. Drew had been devoting a lot of time between her job and the new construction down at the barn. That particular day she had been assisting the contractors with the extension for breeding and training until she saw Lola up the hill standing on the back porch. As she began the long walk up the hill, she saw Lola drinking a tall glass of lemonade and fanning herself with a magazine. Drew's smile widened as she came up the stairs.

"Hi." she greeted Lola.

"Hi yourself." she answered as Drew took a sip of her drink.

"It's so hot out today." Drew mentioned running the cold beverage along her forehead. Lola nodded, still smiling brightly at Drew. "What's with you today? You look like a cat who ate a canary."

Lola laughed as she brought Drew into a hug. Her hands slipped under Drew's sweat-drenched t-shirt to her bare stomach. She smiled up at the older woman. "Drew." she stated dreamily.

"Yes?" curiously Drew inquired, looking at her wife in amusement.

"Guess where I was today?"

"On a hot rendevous with your mistress?" Drew joked.

Lola slapped her lightly in the stomach with the back of her hand. "No. Guess again."

"On a mad shopping spree with your sister?"

"I wish." Lola teased. "No. I was at the doctor's office."

"Oh really? And what did the doctor have to say to you?"

Lola blushed as she brought their bodies closer, so they were touching everywhere as her hands roamed over Drew's wet back under her shirt. "I'm pregnant, Drew." she whispered gently.

"What? Are you sure?" Drew inquired with obvious surprise and excitement. Lola nodded. "I can't believe it. We only did it twice by ourselves. You mean to tell me that really worked?"

Lola gave a giddy laugh as she nodded. She stroked Drew's chest as she playfully said, "You got me pregnant, Drew."

Drew laughed lightly. "Oh my God. I really did it?"

"Yes, you did, tiger." Lola growled seductively. "You knocked me right up, my stud of a wife."

"Oh, Lola!" Drew exclaimed whirling the younger woman around in her arms gently, as reality settled in her mind. "You've made me so happy. I love you more than I could ever express."

"I love you too, Drew. Thank you for making my life complete."

Leaning in to each other, they shared a kiss of love and hope for the long future of their marriage and family.

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