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Justice Deferred (12/?)

by: Alex


Slowly Cheryl felt a familiar tingle run down her spine, instinctively she was aware that Cam was watching her. An impishly sexy smirk came to her lips, and on a sudden impulse, the incredibly sensual blonde went into a series of showy, and very impressive moves, that not only required staff work but also some kicks, jumps, and somersaults, that brought her audience to a cacophony of shouts whistles and applause.

She hadn't realized how many people were watching, and gradually turned a particularly vivid shade of red. As always, Cam couldn't help but think how unbelevibly cute, the now embarrassed blonde was when she turned that particular shade of crimson. Trying to recover whatever dignity she still possessed, Cheryl turned, and bowed to the crowd who as a group broke out laughing at her antics. Sensing the show was over, the crowd dispersed, leaving only Cam still staring at the compact and perfectly proportioned woman, she admitted to herself that this younger woman had a very real power over her, that made Cam want to do a million things she'd never done before.

"Well now care to tell me where you learned to handle a "bo" so well?" Cam asked with mock severity. "You do know it is bad manners not to inform your teacher that you possess such skill."

"Well...I...uh...my...OH SHOOT!" Cheryl was getting annoyed with herself, she couldn't figure out why, every time she tried to talk to Cam about herself, the words just wouldn't come out right. "My ah foster mothers decided since I was so small and so hard headed, with a big mouth, that I should find some way to defend myself, so the bigger kids wouldn't always be beating me up."

Cam chuckled at the young woman's frustration at being unable to express herself as well as she wished. Then a thought came to her.

"Excuse me but did you say foster mothers?" Cam asked curious about this part of Cheryl's life, Cam had never had any dealings with the infamous, MO. Division of Family Services, thanks to the care and resourcefulness of her family, Cam had never been forced into the system.

"Mothers as in plural" Cam clarified "How did that happen?"

"Ok now if I can talk without making a complete ass of myself, I'll try to explain." Cheryl said, her frustration at herself clearly showing in her voice " I know I told you my parents died when I was nine, right?"

She waited for her friend's nod before she continued.

"While I was going through all that the pain of the operations, the physical therapy, and everything, I began having nightmares where I was forced, to sit and listen to my parents death screams again and again, it got to the point where I couldn't sleep or eat, I guess I was sort of wasting away right in front of them, so in keeping with the DFS answer to everything, they set me up with a psychiatrist."

Cheryl stopped for a moment to get the events organized in her head, and to take a drink from the bottle of water Cam offered her. By this time they had reached a shaded area that had several picnic tables, Cam sat on one of the tables, and Cheryl sat on the bench, between Cams long legs leaning back into the powerfully built woman. Cheryl loved the safe and secure feeling she got whenever she was able to sit with her Camilla like this.

"Anyway," the orphan continued as she leaned back into the well muscled body "the foster family I had then was an older couple, it worked out pretty well for all of us, they were retired with pretty much nothing to do all day and no kids. The reason it worked was I had to be at the hospital every day, between doctors, therapists, and that damn shrink by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sleep, and with the nightmares sleeping wasn't all that appealing either. Since I had no energy, they would sit up with me all night, playing board games and cards, but it was starting to bother them after a while. Actually to give credit where it's due this covers time until I was close to thirteen, then came the day when I was talking to that idiot shrink, who unknown to me was telling my foster family everything I said in our sessions, the bastard was betraying my trust and I had no idea. I just thought the Williams were really intuitive whenever they were able to do just the right thing all the time."

Taking a deep breath Cheryl tried to calm herself and not get upset over ancient history that she'd already blown up over years ago.

"Those bastards," Cam blurted out in outrage at the callous way the three adults had betrayed the young hurt vulnerable girl that had trusted them. "How could they do that to you? I mean forget the law, it's just simple human compassion and decency that should tell a person that it isn't right."

Cheryl could read her friend well enough by now to be able to know she was getting angry over the shoddy way she had been treated.

"It's alright honey," Cheryl told her companion as she patted her defender's thigh trying to reassure her, "they paid for their transgressions, the shrink lost his license over it. Anyway to get back to my story. I'm not real sure how the subject came up, but it came down to it and he asked me if I had a boy friend, and I laughed in his face. I went off on a tangent all about how I thought all the boys I ever met were inconsiderate pigs, and that after seeing the sex Ed tapes and seeing what was involved (at which I had to leave the room and throw up), I wasn't interested in any boy. Then he got me started talking about the girls I knew at school, a couple in particular. One was my age, her name was Missy Madeux, she was so pretty, and always nice to me, even when the others made fun of her for spending so much time with me. I didn't know it then, but I had a terrible crush on her, of course I didn't realize it then, but I guess you could say she was my first love. The other was, oh Goddess!!!, This is so embarrassing and so over done, the other was Miss Jackson, my… oh god alright I'll just say it, but don't you dare laugh, she was my gym teacher."

Cam tried, she really did, but it was just too much, she almost choked to death fighting the laughter. She finally let it escape which earned her a hard slap across the abdomen, which led to the beatiful blue eyed woman to attempt to pout, while laughing hystericly. Soon both women were unable to stop laughing until they were gasping for air before they fially settled down enough for Cheryl to continue her story.

"Alright now that you've had your fun at my expense, may I continue."

Cam was still chuckling as she nodded Cheryl to go ahead with her story.

"Anyway I had an epiphany right there in his office. We must have talked for hours, me being finally sure of what had been wrong with every boy who asked me out, they were boys, and that idiot narrow-minded shrink, trying to tell me how I was wrong, that I shouldn't make such a hasty choice. I finally told him there was no choice to it. I left his office that day knowing I would never return to see that idiot. I guess he was on the phone, as soon as I walked out of his office, cause when I got home, I found all my things packed, and sitting by the front door. I was broken hearted, I asked them why and they said the doctor told them I was gay, and they couldn't live in the same house as someone that was an abomination in the eyes of God."

"They had already called my case worker and to their credit, they didn't tell her I was gay," Cheryl continued, her friend's undivided attention to her story fuelled, Cheryl's thoughts "All they said was that I had too many problems for them to handle, and they were just overwhelmed."

"What did you do?" Cam asked her mind trying to comprehend how hard it must have been for a teenager to go through that kind of rejection in her already sensitive state of mind. "Did you tell the case worker about it, and how your shrink violated the doctor/patient confidentiality?"

Cheryl smiled at the obviously concerned woman, and again she was amazed how she lived without this amazingly caring and supportive woman in her life. Silently vowing to never live without this devotion in her life again.

"I didn't have to." the little blonde told her friend, a smirk crossing her lips making Cam even more curious. "That idiot shrink had already called to tell her of my crippling mental problem. She had already contacted a lawyer on my behalf and all she needed was my ok to begin not only a law suit against him, but also to contact the state medical review board to start proceedings to have his license revoked. I followed her advice, and gave her permission to go ahead. And man did she go ahead. By the time that little woman was done the guy was broke and out of a job."

Cam laughed her sense of justice satisfied, if there was one thing Cam disliked as much as a rapist, it was someone that violated a trust, and to her mind the doctor had gotten the bare minimum of what he deserved.

"I love hearing about your past, love," Cam said after she stopped laughing "but how does this explain your mothers?"

"I'm getting to it, just be patient my anxious little girl." Cheryl said as she patted her tall lover's thigh "I enjoy telling you stories, you are such a wonderful audience."

She leaned back more into her friend and sighed content, she often wondered why she was more comfortable with supposedly the deadliest prisoner in the prison, than she ever had on the outside with any of the "normal" women she'd dated.

"Besides you're such a marvelous easy chair." she commented shyly smiling up at Cam who took the opportunity to stroke the woman's silky soft golden hair "Ummmm...that feels good. So back to the story of how I got two moms. There I was nearly thirteen, deep in a clinical depression, just thrown out of the only home I'd had since I got out of the hospital, and outed by the one person that I was supposed to be able to talk to openly, and trust to keep my confidences. That's when that marvelous woman that was my case worker really came through for me, and proved to me that some people in the system are really there for the kids, and not just to draw a state paycheck. Knowing that there were a lot of gay kids out there, and if they were outed for whatever reason, they might have problems relating with the typical set of foster parents. So she was talking about the problem with a gay couple that she and her husband bowled with, and after some discussion and some serious soul searching, the couple had volunteered to become foster parents, but only for kids that were going through the problems they had discussed. She had personally pushed their application to become foster parents through the treacherous waters that is the Division of Family Services bureaucracy and helped cut through a mountain of red tape and they finally received their credentials to be foster parents. It had been almost three years, and I was the second one to need their understanding and support. She had already called them and when they heard my background, they were happy to have me and actually anxious to meet me. I'll tell you what the first time I met Karen and Tina I was so scared I forgot I was a troubled teen."

Once Cheryl's sneaky sense of humor had Cam laughing so hard her sides hurt.

"Really Tina was this short sweet woman, the moment you met her, and looked into her big light brown eyes you just knew she was your friend for life, someone you could tell anything, without worrying that she would ever be judgmental or betray your trust." Cheryl couldn't help but smile, as she recalled the two women that had been there for her through everything from the day they met, "yeah Tina's the best with the sensitive chats over tea at the kitchen table. I spent many nights there pouring out my problems to the tiny woman, and listening to her sage advice. She helped me a lot, but it was Karen that really pulled me through the hardest part of my life. She was like you, big quiet, but very protective of those she loved. She knew all about my parents, but I was too afraid of her to say anything when she was around. She was just so big, it was intimidating just standing by her. I'm not kidding, Tina and I got out the tape measure, and a stepladder and checked one day, and the woman was almost six feet five, and weighed around three hundred pounds and not an ounce of excess fat on her. She found out about the family trailer being repossessed, and searched until she found out who had it and that the company had stored all my family's personal belongings. I don't know how she did it, but she was able to get the stuff released, to surprise me one afternoon, by loading Tina and I into her big old four wheel drive pickup truck, and drove three hundred miles, to where the stuff was warehoused. Then while she made us watch, as she loaded all of it into her truck and wouldn't let either of us help. She brought it home, and Karen even gave up her precious workshop for the boxes of stuff, so I could go through it when I felt like it. It was like she gave me back my parents. I've always believed that Karen was the reason I was able to come out of the depression, cause within six months of her helping me get back my parents' things, I was off the damn mood elevators, and all the rest of the drugs, back in school making As and Bs again. I always swore I wasn't going to get into a serious relationship, until I found someone that could make me light up, the way Tina does, every time Karen walks into a room. They have always been my example of what a loving, committed couple should be. They still act like teenagers in love and they can't keep their hands off each other, and it gets better with every minute of every day. I don't want to settle for any thing less than that."

"I know what you mean," Cam said thoughtfully, "I've seen so many of my friends go through one relationship after another becoming more and more cynical with every failure. I've promised myself and my family, that I wouldn't do that. I thought I'd found the one this last time, only to find out she wasn't exactly who or what she said she was, she played me for a fool. That's not going to happen again. I'm going to wait this time around, I want to sure, and not give myself to anyone, until I feel the way you were just talking about. My uncle Mountain says that it's finding your soul mate. That if you get lucky enough to find them you'll know from the get go, and that you'll know as soon as the first meeting ends. He said he thought he'd found it once, but it turned out it wasn't the real thing. Daddy had it, but she died, Mountain said he'll never be able give his heart away again, because he buried it with her. I'm not settling until I find the one woman that was made for me."

The two women sat there in silence letting the warm comfortable feelings of the moment soak into their tired and abused souls reveling in the feeling of warmth and both thinking that quite probably they had found their long awaited life mate in this most unlikely place.


END 12



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