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============ Warning: This chapter has extreme violence that resulting in death. If you don't like it, please, for both our sakes, don't read it.

++++++++++++ Justice Deferred 17 by: Alex++++++++++++

After the death of Val, things settled back to the usual routine, one day following another, into a blur of tedium and redundancy, until even the guards become lax, and forget to keep a vigilant watch on some of the most dangerous, and unpredictable of their charges. Even Cam had let the memory of Val, and her closest friend, the Spook, slip into the farthest reaches of her consciousness. This was what the Spook had spent nearly a year waiting for; her sharp eye, and severely demented brain, didn't miss the signs of her prey becoming complacent.


The extremely intelligent and devious woman had sat back, and acted as if she didn't care, that her most useful tool had been taken away. They all knew that the Spook only cared for herself, and they underestimated her capacity for unreasonable hate, and the ever constant gnawing need for revenge, that lived in the insane woman's belly, growing stronger every day, it began demanding the death of the woman that spurned her love, interfered in her hunting for new victims, and as a final violation, had denied her the finest piece of equipment she'd ever had, Val.


The big sociopath had made it possible for the Spook to indulge in her less than popular sexual needs, without fear of repercussions, but when Cam had killed Val, it left the Spook open to scrutiny, and also open to attack by some of the past recipients of her sexual "pleasures". Without the big vicious, sadistic, chicken-hawk to protect her, no one feared the nearly anorexic brunette. Lately she had become the target of several attacks, and her painfully thin body was covered with bumps, cuts, and bruises, from several beatings at the hands of former involuntary lovers. However the yellow-eyed psychotic never complained, or went to anyone for protection. She was determined to make herself invisible, helping everybody to forget, that the Spook could possibly be planning to kill the tall black haired, blue eyed woman, that the Spook felt was the cause of all her troubles.


For all her insanity, the woman's mental clarity was sharp, and as usual her plan worked perfectly, and it was less than a year, before Cam, and her friends, had forgotten the Spook, as a potential threat to Cam, or anyone else for that matter. =============== It was the policy of CCC, that on certain evenings, prisoners that had stayed out of trouble, were allowed to go to the mess hall, and see a movie. They weren't exactly first run academy award wining films, but it was a welcome break in the overwhelming monotony of prison life, and it gave the prisoners an incentive to stay out of trouble. On this particular night, the prison officials had actually allowed a PG-13 movie with some really popular actors in it, so there was a much larger than normal audience for the movie, even Cam and her friends were going, most of them usually stayed in the block, playing cards, or reading, or whatever, like Cam, they avoided the movies because of their aversion to crowds.


Cam was going to stay in her cell that night, but Malinda showed up, sent by Maria knowing when she turned on the sad eyes, even Cam wasn't immune to the giant woman, and always gave in. Cam knew she was had, but in a show of good sportsmanship, she not only agreed to go with her friends, but to spring for the popcorn and sodas, offered there by the prison commissary. All in all it promised to be a pretty good evening, they were all so intent on having an enjoyable time, that none of them noticed the thin figure of the Spook, slipping into the room, carefully weaving through the crowd, trying to get close to the six foot tall woman, that even in this crowd stood out.


Cam's mind was ringing in alarm, and she was beginning to look around herself and her friends, wondering what was setting off her senses, but she failed to notice the much shorter and thin woman, getting closer to her with every heart beat. Careful not to be seen too soon, Spook followed the group into the mess hall, and when Cam found them a place they could all sit together, Spook took a seat one row behind her target. No one noticed when the Spook reached her hand under her baggy blue denim work shirt, and pulled out a knife made from a piece of broken glass with tape, liberated from the body shop, wrapped around one end to make a handle.


She sat there through the movie, unable to move because of the crowd, staring at her enemy's broad muscular back. It was a tempting target, but Spook was insane, not stupid, she knew her glass blade, while razor sharp, was far too fragile to penetrate all that well developed muscle far enough to do any fatal damage before it broke off. No, Spook knew she needed a shot at some relatively soft area, like the throat or the abdomen, in order to inflict a fatal wound, and she wanted Cam dead. The psychotic sat calmly watching her prey, waiting patiently for her victim to make just the right move, that would expose the vital area to her waiting talon. Spook was about to call it a lost cause, when she heard her prey tell her friend that she was going to the bathroom, and would be right back. The tall woman stood up, and began to make her way through the crowd, to the aisle.


After a few seconds Spook followed her prospective target. She followed Cam at a safe distance, and when the tall woman went into the bathroom, the thin dark woman slipped into the shadows beside the door. Cam finished her business in the rest room, and after stopping to wash her hands, she stepped out of the door without a care in the world. Out of the corner of her eye, Cam caught a quick movement, then she felt a deep burning sensation in her stomach, in an automatic move, Cam hit the figure that had moved, knocking the attacker away from her. Malinda had decided to answer the call of nature herself shortly after Cam had left. After she slowly shuffled her way through the crowd, the giant of a woman was just rounding the corner towards the rest room door, when Spook came flying through the air, straight into her arms.


Spook twisted in the large womans grasp, and raked her across the face with the jagged edge of the broken off glass, that was left in her hand, the rest of the blade was broken off and in Cam's abdomen. In a flash of blinding pain, Malinda simply reacted, and slammed her assailant into the cinder block wall next to her. The last thing that Spook ever felt in this life, was the exquisite agony of her skull being crushed against the solid concrete wall, the raging psycho was dead before she hit the floor.


Holding her slashed face, Malinda looked up, and saw Cam standing there with a strange look on her face, both hands were covering her abdomen, and blood was pouring through her fingers and around her hands. The two friends eyes locked, and the dark woman smiled sadly at her even bigger friend.


"I think she's done me in this time, babe." that said the woman collapsed to the floor unconscious.


Malinda hurried to her friend, and knelt down, she could feel her own blood flowing freely down her face. Realizing they were both in serious trouble, Malinda tore off her shirt, and tried to stem the copious flow of blood, that was pouring out of Cam's stomach.


"We need some help here!" the big woman roared, "We need a doctor!"


"Oh my God, GUARDS!" someone shouted


Another woman screamed at the site of the two women bleeding on the floor in front of the rest room. Desperate to help her friend, Malinda picked up the limp body of the quiet dark woman, and began walking out into the mess hall, knowing there would be plenty of help there. When the guards saw the two blood soaked women step into the room, they immediately surrounded them, and sent for two gurneys and the doctor, who happened to still be there filing is end of the month paper work. When Maria heard the commotion at the back of the mess hall, and saw the movie being stopped and the lights coming on, she knew something big was going on.


The prison staff tried to decrease the risk that a riot might start, the movie was stopped, and everyone was ordered back to their cells, with the promise of seeing the rest of the movie the next evening. Seeing she was alone, Maria began frantically looking for her lover and her dark friend, when she heard someone say that Cam and the Giant had been hurt, the small Mexican woman began fighting her way against the flow of the crowd, determined to reach her lover's side, so she could care for her and her friend, Camilla.


Fortunately one of the guards recognized Maria, and remembered she was also the night nurse, so he helped her make her way through the crowd of inmates, that were being herded in the opposite direction. Maria arrived at the scene at the same time as the doctor. The first thing she noticed, was that her lover was sitting next to Cam's unconscious form, without a shirt, wearing only her sports bra, and jeans, covered with blood. A quick look told the RN that Malinda's facial wounds, while bleeding heavily, were not life threatening, when the doctor popped open the big emergency equipment box, Maria reached in and grabbed two large compression bandages.


She quickly applied the thick bandages to her lover's face, and told her to keep pressure on the bandages to control the bleeding of the deep cuts, they knew for sure Malinda was going to need stitches, but it could wait until after they got her to the infirmary, to get the deep wounds cleaned up and disinfected. Once she was sure her lover was all right for now, Maria turned her attention to helping the doctor with Cam. The first thing they found, was the answer to where her lover's shirt had gone. The doctor threw the blood soaked cloth away from them, Maria heard it hit the floor with a wet splat. Then both of them went to work, with gauze, sponges, and clamps, trying to temporarily stem the steady flow of Cam's life's blood, from her abdomen.


Once they got the external bleeding down to a reasonable trickle, Maria took the time to take her patients vital signs, Cam's were far from good, her breathing was rapid and shallow, her pulse was weak and thready, and her blood pressure was almost non-existent. Although the doctor really didn't want to move Cam with a piece of glass of an unknown size still in her abdomen, knowing it could cause all kinds of damage to her intestines and organs, if the patient was moved wrong, but it was also clear, that she couldn't be left on the floor of the mess hall.


He needed to get her to the operating theatre in the infirmary, so that he could open up her abdomen, and find out what kind of damage was done to his patient's internal organs. With the help of the guards, they very carefully lifted Cam's unconscious body onto a gurney, and two of the guards rolled her out of the mess hall. Before he could leave, one of the guards asked the doctor to do a quick examination of the other woman's body over by the wall. As soon as he saw the woman's body leaning against the wall with the dark red blood smear trailing down the wall behind her, the doctor knew she was quite dead.


For appearances he went over, and checked her out. He could find no pulse, she wasn't breathing, and neither of her pupils reacted to light. Then when he put his hand on the back of her head there was no further doubt that Kathleen Spears, known by almost everyone as the Spook, was far beyond the reach of mortal man. The entire back of her skull was soft and caved in, he told the guard the woman was already dead. The guard thanked him, and asked when he would be allowed to question the other two women. That was when the doctor informed him that he still wasn't sure if Cam would live to be interrogated, and if she lived, she may never regain consciousness. ============================= On a rainy day, with gun metal grey sky, the body of Kathleen Spears, known to most as the Spook, was laid to rest, in the prison grave yard.


At her family's request, there was no service or ceremony for the small thin woman, whose demons had won at last. Ironically and through no overt plan, she was laid in an unmarked grave right next to her one time lover and friend, Val. It was a cold and lonely place to spend eternity, but the Spook would have liked it that way. =============================== The Doctor recruited Maria to assist him in the emergency surgery, and after several hours of searching out severed veins and arteries, and repairing damaged organs, along with several pints of blood, he was able to confidently say, that Cam just might live, if she was lucky. He underestimated the woman's determination to be rejoined with the other half of her soul, and a little thing like a near fatal stabbing, wasn't going to keep her that long.


She spent almost a week in a coma, once she was awake, she, as always, healed inhumanly quickly, within a month Cam was out of the hospital, and with the exception of a large angry red scar across her abdomen, Cam was none the worse for wear.


Malinda's face was horribly scared, and she was painfully shy about letting anyone see her before, she was afraid that she would be an embarrassment to Maria, if she was seen in Malinda's company. The big woman had always been self-conscious about her looks, she never understood how anyone as beautiful as Maria, would actually want to be seen with her, let alone have others know they were together. The gorgeous Mexican woman had always been upset by her lover's feelings of inadequacy, feeling that Malinda must believe her so vain and shallow, that she would give up a wonderful gentle caring and loving person, like Malinda, simply because she would never be a cover model.


There had been many heated exchanges over the years, then just when the big woman was beginning to get comfortable about her looks, and the fact that Maria loved her unconditionally, a crazy woman carves up her face. Now Malinda was even worse, she even refused to leave her cell, without a bandana over her face. This not only hurt Maria's feelings, it broke Cam's heart, knowing that her friend had received the disfiguring wounds, saving her life. One night, Cam showed up in the infirmary, and had a long talk with Maria. The next morning found Cam on the phone again, and Maria giving her lover quick sideways glances, with a mischievous loving smile on her face.


At the end of the week, Malinda was called into the infirmary, where a strange doctor asked for her permission to examine her facial scars. With Maria's encouragement, the shy giant of a woman allowed the doctor to closely inspect her face. When he was done, Malinda was sent to the warden's office. The warden asked the big disfigured woman if she was willing to participate in some experimental reconstructive surgery. The warden told her, it would help lots of people, and it would give her the chance to have the horrendous scars removed from her face, at no charge. The big woman readily agreed with amazing enthusiasm.


The surgery was a complete success, in more ways than one, while she was going through the series of operations, Malinda was finally convinced that Maria loved her, no matter what she looked like, even when she was a mass of bandage-covered raw flesh, even then Malinda's beautiful latina lover was there at her side, and when it was all over, Malinda never again questioned Maria's deep an unconditional love for her Amada.


The thing that was known only to Cam, Maria, the warden, the doctors, and Paula Carson, was that there was no experimental surgery. Cam and Maria had gotten together, and using Cam's outside contacts they had located the best plastic surgeon that could be found, and was willing to work within a prison, and using her nearly unlimited bank account, Cam convinced the compassionate man to repair her friends face. When the doctor learned the woman he was asked to help, had received her wounds saving a life, he refunded a large portion of Cam's retainer.


He saw the big trucker as a hero, and he felt it was his duty to use his Goddess given skills, to see to it the brave and loyal woman would never again be afraid to go out in public, and fear that she would be an embarrassment to her lover.


+++++++++ END 17 TBC in 18 +++++++++

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