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Justice Deferred (19/?)

by: Alex


Held fast in the grip of the muscular arms Cam quit struggling the moment she heard a laughing voice say:

"Hey pretty lady...wanna get laid by a real man?"

The second she heard that low gravelly voice Cam began laughing as well.

"I might, do you know any?" she answered, "Cause with you it would be incest, you old goat."

She laughed harder when her vision was filled by the sight of her Uncle Cobra as he grabbed her face gently and kissed his beloved niece. The arms holding her released her, only to have Cam spin around and wrap her arms around her Uncle Mountain's thick neck. Just like when she was a teenager, Cam jumped into his arms knowing he would catch her, he always did.

"Ah WC we've missed our little girl." the huge man said his regular voice thick with unrevealed emotions at seeing his niece again, "I'm so sorry baby, we tried, but they had us hog tied."

She buried her face in his massive chest, crying with the confusing jumble of emotions swirling through her mind like a tornado. Cam sobbed even harder when she realized that these men had spent these last six years in a hell of their own, consumed with guilt at not being able to save her from being put in prison, then failing again at getting her out. It was almost more than they could take, and Cam knew how they probably sat alone, never telling each other why they were feeling so bad, much less confiding their pain and anguish at having failed the little girl they love beyond anything known to mankind, it just wasn't their way.

"Oh Gods no!" she sobbed "No Mountain please don't do this to yourselves, for Goddess sake no. It wasn't any of you, she fooled us all, if anyone is to blame here it's me, I should have known better, but I was stupid and fell for a pretty face, I let everybody down."

"No WC it was just so frustrating is all. "Mountain explained "It's just, well, we tried everything we knew, but they had Cutter locked up, and they tried you, and put you in prison, before we found out they had you. Then well when we couldn't get you out, we all felt like we failed to protect our little girl, like we swore to you we always would."

"Alright but the blame has got to stop," Cam sniffed into his chest, "for me please. K?"

Mountain chuckled at his niece, he was sure if he didn't agree she'd give him the puppy eyes, and they both knew the big man always caved, when she gave him the sad puppy eyes. So he did the only thing a big bad biker could do, he surrendered.

"Oh alright WC, we will stop if you will." Mountain agreed as he felt Cobra slapping him hard on the shoulder. "Come on now WC, dry your tears, and let's go before Cobra has kittens."

She laughed at his statement, according to Mountain everybody that rushed him was going to have kittens, that and the flustered look on Cobra's face just before he stuck his tongue out at the big man. A kind of sadness washed over her as she realized how much she had missed the way these two were always bickering in their friendly good natured way.

Without setting her down Mountain turned and followed his towering albino friend toward a small park across the highway from the prison. Keeping his "little girl" cradled safely in his powerful arms. Cam had no idea where they were taking her, but she didn't care as long as she was once more safe and warm in the comforting arms of her Uncle. For a moment she was back in a dark alley in Houston, she wept happily as she thought about being carried in the arms of the man that was always seemed to be carrying her away from the bad things, and into a brighter and safer future.

After a short while she noticed that they had stopped moving and she could hear hushed voices like in a crowded movie theater. Reluctantly, she pulled her face out of her favorite hiding place, and after taking a deep breath through her nose savoring the comforting smells of leather, oil, and gasoline, with a touch of Old Spice and sweat that was the scent of her big powerful good-natured uncle. She turned from the comforting place and was shocked by what she saw.

The entire parking lot and most of the surrounding park was filled with bikes, vans, and people. Mountain set her on her feet. She took a couple of tentative steps and fell to her knees weeping uncontrollably at the display of love and loyalty from her friends. For the last six years, on her own orders, no one had been allowed to visit, call, or write her. It was easier that way for Cam to convince herself that nobody cared about her, which made it easier for her to put them out of her mind and concentrate on surviving her prison sentence without going insane. Now they were finally allowed to show their feelings for the popular young biker and they went all out.

Everyone that had known Cam and was called friend (or Bro) by her had gotten together to come all the way up here to bring their lost friend home, where she belonged, was loved, and wanted. Several of the women (most of whom she had dated at one time or another) began to come up to try to comfort the weeping woman, but they were headed off by her two large uncles in full protect mode.

The only two allowed to get through were the two women that had been friends ever since Cam had moved in with her uncles, using Pam like a snow plow Bobbie made her way to her friend and immediately knelt down and taking Cam into her arms, the small woman began, rocking her gently and whispering reassurances into her ear. Seeing that her small partner had everything in hand, and not being that good at emotions, Pam joined Mountain and Cobra and the big powerfully built Iron worker, along with the two men were enough to make even this crowd stand back and allow Cam the time and space to get herself together so she could enjoy the reunion.

Suddenly everyone was quiet, it was like the proverbial "so quiet you could hear a pin drop". The sudden silence drew Cam's attention and as she looked the crowd parted like the Red Sea before Moses. Revealing a shorter powerful looking man with long hair and full beard, it was obvious that the hair and beard had once been dark brown but now was mostly silver. He was sitting casually on a tricked out 1947 HD (Harley Davidson) Knucklehead, it had a black with purple trim custom paint job, that had been waxed and polished to a high gloss, it had lots of gleaming chrome. Next to him was a lovingly restored and maintained 1955 HD FLHTCI fully dressed with a purple with black trim paint job that was nearly the negative of the one he was sitting on, it too was waxed and polished to a high gloss, its chrome gleaming brightly in the bright sunlight.

The man spoke softly but everyone could clearly hear every word.

"I'm sorry WC," he said picking up a package from the seat behind him as he got off the beautiful "chopper" and walked toward her, "I should have known all this would be too much for you, but we've all missed you so much I just couldn't say no to them."

Cam looked up at him her sky blue eyes shining with tears of joy, her face a portrait of absolute love and trust. He held out his hand in a silent offer of assistance, and while she would have refused any other, she accepted his by reaching out and taking his offered hand.

"Daddy?" Cam asked her voice tiny like the little girl he had found being beaten in a dark alley in Houston. "Can I come home now? I've missed y'all so much."

"Of course you can sweetheart," he answered as he pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly holding on as if his life depended on it. "You can always come home as long as any of us draw breath. I...we love you child and always will."

Tears fell down his scared and weathered face unchecked in a rare display of emotion. Only Mountain and Cobra had ever seen the former government assassin cry, and then never in public, he wasn't big on public displays of emotion. In fact they had only seen their friend cry twice, the first was when the only woman he had ever loved died. The second was the day the lawyers told him there was no way to get Cam out free and clear without her serving her sentence.

Once they regained control of themselves and had pushed their emotions down he held her out at arms length, and carefully looked her over, noticing every scar and healed wound. He was also aware of all the added muscles, and gave her a smirk.

"Prison has been good to you little girl." Cutter teased, his face clearly showing his pride in his surrogate daughter. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you, WC, when they locked you up it broke my heart, but when I found out how you were betrayed it cut me to my soul."

He let his tears of regret and guilt flow unashamedly as his intense hazel eyes bared his soul to her. She was saddened and shocked by the sorrow and grief she saw there for her and everything that had happened to her over the last six years.

"No Daddy no." Cam said so quietly that only her uncles and Cutter heard as she pulled the shorter man into a fierce hug, "It was that Kreel bitch that did all this to us, and you made her go away. Just like you always have for me, that's why I'm never scared cause I know my Daddy will make all the bad go away."

"Ya' got that right, little girl." Mountain said cheerfully as he engulfed the pair in a bear hug that soon made oxygen an issue. "Ol' Cutter here went to work as soon as he beat those bogus charges. You should have seen it, it was a work of art. By the time he was done with that bitch she'll be lucky to see daylight in a hundred years."

The quiet biker just smiled a little remembering how he had pulled some very highly connected strings and arranged it so that he could pay the woman responsible for all his family's troubles and betrayed his beloved "daughter" a short, but informative visit. ******************** Lights out had been called quite a while ago, when the guard escorted his long time friend allowing the former intelligence operative access to the cell of the woman he had stripped of everything she had, including her freedom. An evil chuckle escaped his throat when he saw the fear in the woman's eyes, and smelled the tang of fear in the air radiating from her, it was like a powerful perfume to him as he savored it as the guard opened the cell door and let Cutter, her worst nightmare, into her cell, then locked it leaving her alone with the man that brought ruin down on her, on a scale she'd never before believed possible.

She backed into a corner holding her thin wool blanket around herself, her eyes wild with fear as she watched this apparition walk casually across her small cell to the steel stool that was attached to the concrete floor and sat down with a sigh. She trembled in terror as she watched his deceptively relaxed posture, which was belied by the deadly predatory gleam in his fiery hazel eyes. Having been a predator herself she instantly recognized him for what he truly was, a deadly, vicious and merciless killer both figuratively and literally. One look into his eyes and she knew she had been way out of her league when she had taken this man and his family on.

She realized something else, despite what she'd thought before, she was not the top of the food chain; the man with the cold hazel eyes, sitting so close to her was. Deb started to speak but before she could make a sound she felt something strike her in the throat that rendered her mute.

"Two choices bitch." Cutter purred quietly, death oozing from each word. "You can shut up and live to enjoy your future incarceration, or you can run you lying big fucking mouth and be found dead at morning head count."

Looking into his hard cold eyes she saw no choice and nodded in agreement shivering in the fear that this unfeeling man would just as soon kill her as not. Again something struck her and she could breath again. Both the times he had struck her, Deb never even saw him move.

"Good girl," he said condescendingly and patted her on the head like an obedient dog.

Cutter then went on to explain exactly who he was and how he'd made sure she was here, she already knew why. He also made sure Deb would ever see the outside world ever again. Making very sure she understood that if somehow she finagled a parole he had made arrangements so that she'd be dead before the next wake up call. The supremely vindictive man also made sure she understood why he had gone to such unusual lengths to destroy her life. Not because Deb had tried to steal from him, and not because she'd had him falsely imprisoned, not even because she was responsible for hurting his two friends and business partners.

No, that he would have considered business, nasty, dirty business, but only that, win or lose made no difference, there would have been no hard feelings. No, the real reason he had hounded her until he had taken her business, her money, her personal possessions, and finally her freedom, then finally now, her dignity, and had seen to it that she was in the worst most dangerous prison in the system, for whatever was left of her miserable life, was all very simple.

He and his partners had focused all their combined power, considerable wealth, and influence, on destroying her simply because she had toyed with, and broke the heart, of the woman he thought of as his daughter. Then to make matters worse, Deb had her falsely accused and thrown her into prison for using drugs no less; something his whole family was against. That alone could very well have ruined any chance the abused young woman might have had for a little happiness in her life, because of what people thought about bikers.

However Cutter told her her greatest sin, and the main reason he had gone after her so hard, was killing whatever small bit of trust his beloved daughter may have had. He also told her that the only reason she was now alive and not some gruesome find in a deserted field somewhere was that she had made Cam happy for a short while.

The woman once called D.C. Kreel AKA Deb, was weeping silently as she listened to the man with the deadly eyes explain how he'd systematically destroyed her life. It was even scarier because he spoke of it as if it meant no more to him than swatting some bothersome insect. All the blood drained from her face as he made sure she knew that if she'd only been honest, and had made Cam happy, she would have gotten the company she wanted so desperately. That he and his partners would have handed the whole thing to her and Cam as partners, with no expense and in the process she would have gained the most beautiful loving and loyal life partner anyone, man or woman, could ever hope for.

Cutter rose from the stool and strolled toward the door, leaving the once mighty D.C. Kreel a broken woman weeping on her bunk. After the cell door shut Cutter turned and regarded the woman that might very well have destroyed his daughter's chances at a happy and bright future with mate and possibly children and gave her an evil smile.

"By the way Deb darlin' be sure to think of Cam kindly, I plan to make sure she forgets you entirely," Cutter growled knowing she was listening by her increased trembling and shallower breaths, "Oh yeah, and be sure to say hi to Maxie for me, will ya'."

"W-who's M-Maxie," she stammered fearfully.

"Oh she's a old friend of the family, she's like an auntie to Cam." he said savoring the woman's stark terror, maybe a little too much, "She's doing Life without parole, and you lucky little girl you, she's going to be your cellmate. When she gets out of solitary tonight. Oh, and she's also the woman I'm paying a thousand dollars a week to make sure you don't get bored during your stay."

A huge redhead was coming down the hall, escorted by Cutter's guard friend, as he straightened up. She came up next to him and the two of them exchanged the customary greetings. While the guard opened the door to Deb Kreel's cell they renewed their old friendship for the frightened woman laying on her bunk.

"How's my darlin' girl, Maxie?" he asked as he gave the gigantic woman a hug, he stepped back and felt her arm, "Damn Maxie are you working out again?"

"Yeah, thanks for noticin' Cutter." the huge redhead said shyly blushing at her friend's attention. "I've run outta weights here, all I can do now is keep what I got, just barely. We need more free weights."

It was a less than subtle request, but he didn't mind a bit, he would do it for her because he liked her, and she was a long time friend that had been at his side for a long long time, she had helped his little girl through some very tough times when she first moved in and Cam had cried like a baby when her Auntie Maxie was sentenced to life in prison. Also because no friend that was locked down did without if Cutter and his Bros had anything to say about it, and Maxie certainly fit that description.

Even when things were bad he knew he could always count on Maxie. In fact he was trying to get her out of prison, she had killed a man in self-defense and was in prison basically because she too was a biker. Cutter looked over at the guard who gave him a slight nod, so he returned his attention to Maxi.

"That's not a problem Maxie, you'll have them by the end of the week." He said brightly as he secretly watched his victim as she listened to them than said for her benefit. "I gotta go now but you take REAL good care of our little Deb, for WC, ok babe?"

"No problem Cutter, I'm looking forward to it." she answered, the menace dripping from every word, "Thanks for the commissary and the special congecal visitation privileges for me and Julie, but for my little WC," she added with an evil look at her new cellmate, "I'd entertain her for free."

He chuckled at her sense of humor, then after trading the ritualistic handshake he turned and left the same way he had come in. Deb was trembling in terror as the cell door opened letting her futures worst nightmare walk through and then slam shut. The last she would ever hear of the terrifying man was a fading whistle as he strolled down the dark corridors and out of her life.

A smug assured smirk crossed Cutter's lips as he went to the parking lot to the waiting black sedan with government plates. For the first time in his life he didn't regret his time in the service of his country and considered the dark stain it had put on his soul more than worth the satisfaction he felt at that moment, knowing his little girl would have some measure of true justice, and that D.C. Kreel would spend the rest of her life living like the conniving whore she truly was. He just hoped she didn't learn to enjoy it, but he knew he could count on Maxie to take care of that as well. He climbed into the right rear door and slammed it shut and the sedan pulled out of the prison parking lot and almost silently disappeared into the night. ***************************** Once Cutter was sure that his daughter was recovered enough he, and the others, walked her over to her waiting motorcycle. She looked down at the highly polished Milwaukee steel. Cam could feel more tears stinging her eyes as she let her hands reverently glide over the shinning surfaces. Absorbing the smooth cool feel of something that was all hers and hers alone. Something she owned that no one could take from her, unless she gave it to them.

After six years of having nothing that couldn't be taken from her on a whim, having that bike was quite possibly the single best feeling she experienced yet, with the exception of seeing Cutter and her uncles again. Of course nothing came close to the feeling she had when her Cutter had told her she was welcome to come home now. Having been in the same circumstances before the three men knew to give Cam a little space to adjust to the surge of emotions that threatened to overwhelm her.

Cam's mind was spinning from all the emotions and feelings that she hadn't experienced for a long time. She felt herself getting light headed and there were sparks flashing at the edges of her vision. Just as she was about to pass out a pair of strong arms embraced her from behind and she heard a gruff voice speaking to her and making her feel safe.

"It's ok WC," the voice said "try to relax honey. I know it's hard but no one will ever be able to hurt you like that again I promise. K?"

It was more the tone of Mountain's voice than what he said that calmed her. Once she began to adjust to the return of all her emotions and feelings, Cam began to look around at all the familiar faces that had come to welcome her back to the real world. They were all the same sights from her former life, a little older, a few more lines and wrinkles, some more weight, some with more grey hair some just with less hair.

She searched out and found the three men that were her family and smiled as she saw for the first time how the last six years had treated them. Mountain had lost a lot more hair, what had been a small bald spot now covered most of the top of his head, and his face while never pretty, had several more lines and creases giving it a certain rugged character. One of the advantages of Cobra being an albino was that the tall wiry man never seemed to age that much.

The biggest change to Cobra she had seen a couple of times hanging on his arm. When Cam had seen the little redheaded ex-dancer, Kat, on her uncle's arm, she had to smile at the pure adoration she saw clearly written on the woman's face when she looked up at him, and then there was the little fiery dancer's swollen belly, that testified to their married status of less than a year. When the couple had tried to apologize for not waiting, Cam was adamant that she was just glad that her uncle had finally wised up and grabbed on to the best thing that had ever come into his life. Her answer had little Kat beaming even brighter for the rest of the day.

As for Cam she refused to move far from Cutter's side, touching him every so often as if to be sure he was really there with her, and that all this wasn't just another jailhouse dream. The group milled around in the parking lot for another hour. Then Cutter handed Cam the package he had been holding for her. She opened it and gasped. Laying there wrapped in the paper and plastic was her well-worn black leather jacket and chaps. Tears formed once again as she touched the soft oiled and well maintained leather. Her hands were shaking too badly to get them on and she had to have help from Bobbie, to get the chaps on. Then Cutter held up her jacket so that she could see the back.

There in hand stitched embroidery was a purple diamond, with an initial on each side and in the center in old English letters was a large WC.

"Little Kat did the needle work." Cutter told her as she admired the intricate design. "Mountain's been teaching her how. She did it for all of us. Now that she's family, we've been waiting for you to have the meeting."

Cam knew that Cutter was referring to the family meeting to decide whether or not to offer Kat the honor of wearing the "Black Rose". If she was given that, her name would be added to Cobra's branch of the diamond, and she would be given a voice on the board of the family business. Cam nodded understanding, the entire family had to agree to make the offer, and turned to Kat, the poor pregnant girl looked at Cam like a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming semi. With a friendly chuckle Cam pulled the frightened redhead into her arms and hugged her tightly to her chest.

"Thank you for the needle work little Kitty-Kat it's beautiful, and welcome to the family."

Kat pushed back and looked into Cam's cerulean blue eyes. She felt the sting of tears in her light green eyes as she searched her old friend for any sign of the old Cam's dry and often cruel and even sadistic wit. Kat loved Cam, but she had never liked the way the tall woman's heart was blacker than her hair, sometimes. At these times it seemed she was only happy when she was hurting someone. Kat prayed silently, that this wasn't one of Cam's cruel jokes. What she saw in those eyes was something she had never seen before, there was a new compassion and kindness in them. Even more evident to the ex-stripper was a sad far away look of someone that had learned the pain of selfless sacrifice, born of true love. Kat felt a slight twinge of jealousy that she had never been the one to put that look in the tall beautiful woman's eyes, but she was also overjoyed for Cam because it was the same way she felt for her "Coby". She hoped it would work out for her old friend.

"You fell in love." Kat whispered, it was a statement not a question, then she went on so no one else would notice. "Do you really mean it Camy?"

"Yeah darlin' every word." Cam told her with a nod to answer her other question then smiled over the small woman at her Uncle Cobra and added "and knock off the Camy stuff, my family calls me WC."

The little redhead burst into tears and ran to her proud husband, latching tightly to him, her arms around his waist. Cobra wasn't sure who he was prouder of, the woman he had in his heart and loved more than life, and the one he had married or the other woman in his heart, a woman he loved more than life that had come to him broken and abused all those years ago and had grown into everything he ever hoped for in a niece or a daughter for that matter. Now she had shown that she'd learned compassion and charity in a place that gave neither, where it was easier to become hard and bitter.

Cobra looked around and noticed the rest of the family were all looking at Cam too the pride and parental love clearly written on their faces.

"Thanks WC." Her mute uncle signed, "this means the world to us."

When he stopped signing he draped a long arm around his wife's shoulders and used the free hand to caress her swollen abdomen. Cam saw the way her tall mute uncle looked at Kat and she knew they were meant to be together.

<>Soulmates<> suddenly flashed through her mind.

Cam winked at her beaming uncle and put on her jacket as she walked toward her waiting motorcycle.


END 19



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