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Justice Deferred (21/?)

by: Alex


Using her credentials Cheryl was able to gain entrance, and when, in her best attorney voice, she insisted on seeing Camilla Brusard. Not knowing for sure how to handle this unusual problem the guard on the desk had the petit blonde escorted to one of the lawyer/client interview rooms and asked her to wait there. Agreeing to the guard's request Cheryl entered the sparsely furnished room. All there was in the olive drap walled room was a grey steel table that was bolted to the floor and three of those uncomfortable molded plastic chairs. Left with little choice, the young attorney sat down in one of the flimsy chairs and marveled at just how hideous the color orange could be.

Answering the desperate summons from the front desk, Captain Paula Carson hurried from the prisoner processing area where she was seeing to the release of another prisoner that had made parole. She was irritated at being interrupted knowing that after she finished with this last release she was free to go home. She was not a happy camper and after arranging for a substitute escort, she rushed to the front desk swearing that if this trip wasn't necessary someone was going to be pulling extra shifts for a month.

Arriving at the front entryway she was met by the Sargent on desk duty, and after learning the reason for the call she wasn't upset at the Sergeant any longer, but she was worried that one of Brusard's high powered attorneys had shown up after they had put the controversial prisoner out early, trying to avoid a media circus that was bound to happen if they'd released at the usual 1pm release time, Brusard had been released nearly four hours ago, at nine am, and Paula had heard her welcoming party pull out just a little while before the call had come in.

Now she had to worry about the repercussions if this lawyer hadn't been informed by the warden's office and was there to pick Brusard up. It appeared that someone at Brusard's lawyer's office hadn't gotten the message that Paula had left two nights ago. Now thanks to the lawyer's poor communication, and the warden's cowardice, she had an extra mess to clean up.

As she neared the door to the conference room Paula looked into the observation window to see what kind of suit she would be facing. One of her least favorite duties as Captain of the Guard was dealing with irate lawyers and family members that, for one reason or another, had a complaint about the facility. She stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw the person sitting nervously gnawing on her thumb nail with her knee bouncing rapidly. She recognized the small blonde almost instantly. It was hard to forget one of the only two women that Paula had ever known that was actually innocent and especially someone as legendary as the woman that had broken through that hardcase Cam Brusard's tough tough exterior and had worked her way into the dark mysterious woman's heart.

She was impressed when she realized the small shy blonde had really become a full fledged attorney, but she was even more surprised that she was using it to reach Cam when she was already released. If the woman really worked for the firm that represented Brusard why hadn't she known of the early release after all the attorney of record was always notified in these situations. Deep down Paula was sure the little blonde was an attorney but she knew that she wasn't Brusard's lawyer and deep down the guard knew exactly why she was here, and she wasn't looking forward to be the one to tell her that Brusard was already gone.

Taking a deep breath Paula opened the door and entered the room, as soon as she entered Cheryl stood, like a prisoner is supposed to do when a guard enters the room. Then she smiled shyly embarrassed by her reaction to the woman.







"It's good to see you're doing well Killian," Paula said quietly allowing the woman time to regain her composure. "What can I do for you today?"

"Well Captain Carson," Cheryl began not sure how to proceed with this woman that had once held her's and Cam's lives in the palm of her hand. "I suppose there's no other way to put it, I'm here to see Camilla Brusard. I am a member of the law firm that represents her and I am well within my rights to see her privately."

"Yes you would be Ms. Killian," Paula answered not really knowing any other way to break it to the woman that she was too late "however since Camilla Brusard is no longer a resident of this facility I see no way for us to grant your request."

Paula thought the young woman was going to pass out, as all the blood drained from her face as she collapsed into the chair behind her. The long time guard saw the tears forming i n the distraught woman's still arresting emerald eyes, she looked into those shining orbs and saw the lost little girl just below the surface and it touched the gruff woman in a place she thought had died years ago and knew she had no choice.

Taking pity on the poor girl Paula looked to be sure they were alone, then she knelt down in front of the young woman and took her hand to gain her attention.

"Cheryl listen to me," Paula said softly, trying to reach the young woman before she lost control and embarrassed herself. "Listen to me girl. Your lady was released this morning, but there was a big group of friends and I suppose family waiting to meet her. They stayed long enough to have a little get together over in the park, they left less than half an hour ago. My advice to you is to get off your butt and get going if you really want to catch up with your woman. So quit all this feeling sorry for yourself and move it child!"

Cheryl looked up into the older woman's smiling face as the words she was saying pierced the veil of disappointment that had enveloped her with the news that she had missed her soulmates release. She jumped out of her chair, turned towards the door and froze; she turned a lost and confused face back toward Paula.

"How can I find her Cap.?" she asked her voice tightening with her building panic. "Where would they go with her?"

"Well hun," Paula began trying to head off another outburst from the frightened woman. "If it was me I imagine I would start by looking for her on the road between here and her home town. It was down south somewhere I think it was called...ah..."

"Forsythe" Cheryl whispered almost like a prayer.

"That's it!" Paula said looking at Cheryl watching the ex-prisoner's eyes light up. "It's a small place and even if you missed her on the road I doubt your lady would be hard to find there. Besides there were about a hundred motorcycles with her when they took off, I'd imagine that would be hard to miss, and it looked to me like they were headed towards 65 South."

Cheryl looked up at the normally gruff woman and smiled brightly. On an impulse the small blonde jumped and hugged the guard fiercely then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She released the guard and without another word ran out of the room leaving behind a very stunned Guard Captain, who was staring after the golden haired whirlwind, rubbing the cheek where the pretty young blonde had kissed her.

"Damn Carson." Paula muttered to herself ""Who would have thought an ex prisoner would be kissing my ugly mug. Ah well all in all not a bad days work."

She sauntered out of the room and down the hallway whistling a little tune she'd heard somewhere a long time ago. For the first time in a long long time she had the feeling that maybe there was something good out there after all.

Cheryl burst through the large double doors of the main entrance flinging the doors wide and sprinted across the parking lot as she fumbled for her keys. Finding them she pressed the little button the deactivated the alarms and unlocked the doors. The excited blonde leapt into the big luxury SUV and fired up the turbo-charged motor. She stopped just long enough to put the information she had into the on board computer and as the piece of technology printed out a map highlighting the best and fastest route for her, she sped across the parking lot, disregarding the speed bumps. She also thought of what she had on, and wondered if it would be wise to meet a hundred bikers wearing shorts. She decided to throw caution to the wind, and stop as soon as she saw a place so she could get out of the slacks and shirt she'd worn ito the prison and leave them in her overnight bag. She wanted her friend to be sure to notice her and the cut offs and tight tank top would certainly take care of that.

Then with an ear splitting squeal of tires searching for traction and a cloud of white smoke she shot off east on third street for highway 65 following the route her lover had spoken of many times, as they sat in her cell and dreamed of better times. Now she was hoping Cam and her family would follow that very route, straight to the rest of her life, and the other half of her soul. ==================== Flying down the highway, the wind in her face, feeling the vibration of the big customized motor through her entire body, Cam was truly happy for the first time in three years. For the first time since she watched the small golden haired woman walk out of the cellblock and onto the rest of her life, Camilla Theresa Brusard was relaxed and happy. The miles flew by under the wheels of her beloved bike, the further away it carried her from Chillicothe the more the stress, pain and worry that had built over the last six years fell away. She was feeling free at last and it was a feeling she never wanted to end. Her thoughts were interrupted by the unique sound of Cutter's horn and she glanced over at the big man on the big, heavily customized "chopper".

She couldn't help but smile at the sight of the man that had been a father to her for most of her life, and had taught her the meaning of things like family, hope, truth, loyalty and friendship. He and his two friends had taken in a beaten and abused street urchin making her a part of their lives without a second thought, and when they were faced with the very thing that had turned her biological family against her, leading them to drive a 13 year old child into the streets without a dime to her name, these rough hardened men had shown her nothing but love, acceptance, and support. These men that society called outlaws and trash, and that wore those names as badges of pride and brotherhood, had taught an abandoned childthe real meaning of familial love and trust. Now, after six years of being deprived of her family she was again surrounded by them and she basked in the feeling of genuine security and love they gave her so freely and abundantly. The sight of Cutter in his leathers, wearing his WW II SS infantry helmet and goggles gave Cam a feeling of safety and the calming feeling of everything being as it should be again. She only needed one thing to make it perfect but it didn't look like she was going to get her wish.

She saw her "Daddy" give her the signal to turn into a big parking lot on the left between a motel and a huge warehouse-like building. She twisted the throttle, pushed in the clutch, and down shifted, powering her big bike into the parking lot followed by the entire caravan of motorcycles and other vehicles. As she idled up to the big building she saw a large flashing neon sign that read "Iron Horse Inn". As she got closer to the building Cam noticed that the area closest to the building was marked off with yellow lines and signs that said "motorcycle parking only", and seeing a bike already parked there Cam pulled hers in close to it and shut it down, letting it rest on its kickstand.

As she waited for the others to get their vehicles parked Cam pulled off her helmet and shook out her hair. Cutter and her uncles pulled in next to her and pulled off their headgear. Looking over at the door Cam saw something that brought a big smile to her face. Taped to the big steel door was large a homemade sign written on it in big block letters was: ============= Bar Closed...Private Party

Welcome Home WC We All Missed You!!!!!!!!!

Creeper and TAG ============= She looked over at her uncles and gave them a patented highly arched eyebrow.

"Creeper and TAG opened this place two years ago," Cutter explained to his adopted daughter, "She runs the bar and Creeper takes care of security. When they heard you were getting out today, they both insisted we make our first stop here. You know I could never deny TAG anything."

Cam chuckled and nodded, TAG was a short woman with jet-black hair, and big doe like brown eyes that flashed when she was excited or angry. She and Cutter had a some time thing going back as far as everyone could remember, and although it was pretty much cooled down now, to just a really good friendship. Cutter still had a soft spot in his heart for the fiery little woman. Anytime she was in need he was always here for her.

Cam took Cutter's offered arm and together they went through the heavy steel door into the dimly lit interior of the bar itself. The newly freed woman looked around the cavernous room, noticing several long tables heavily laden with food. Then her eyes fell on a long table set away from the other tables in the bar, and sat next to the stage. After the usual hugs and kisses of friends that had been apart far too long, they were informed that all keys were being collected and exchanged for a key to a room in the motel across the parking lot, that was also owned by the unlikely pair.

"We've already lost way too many friends WC." TAG explained "the rooms are free and nobody dies."

Cam nodded to the woman, agreeing that it was a good idea. TAG was a legendary bartender and together with her friend Creeper they had worked some of the toughest biker bars in the country. They always had only two rules and those they strictly enforced.

The first was if you get in a fight, you were barred for the remainder of that night, but if your fight drew the police to the bar, you were out for a month, at least. The second rule was whatever TAG says goes, period. If for example she said you'd had enough, you quit drinking, no arguments. If you argued with TAG, you were escorted out of the bar, and not too gently either.

TAG's temper was also legendary, Cam had once seen the diminutive woman clear out a bar full of hardcore bikers all by herself, and another time, Cam had seen her drop a trouble maker from 40 feet away, with a shot glass. It was quite a sight to see some big tough shaggy biker cowed by the five foot two inch, volatile woman. Both were well respected by all that knew them and even the most hardcase members of the group would willingly turn their weapons over to either of them, knowing they were safe in their bar.

Three years ago the pair had finally saved up enough to realize their dream to buy a bar of their own, and with the help of Cutter and his lawyers, they had easily obtained their licenses and permits to open "The Iron Horse". It had taken them a year to get everything just the way they wanted it inside and out, before they finally opened, but the outcome was well worth the time and effort, looking around Cam agreed wholeheartedly. The bar was a huge success, and with the urging of Cutter and with his financial support they got a loan and had bought the motel next door to them. Everything was looking up for the two, and Cam couldn't think of two people that deserved it more.

As the rest of the party goers began wandering in, the two owners led Cam and her uncles to the table that was set apart from the rest, and had her sit down while the waitress brought a bottle of her favorite drink, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, and seven shot glasses. As the waitress returned to the bar to get their first pitcher of beer and seven mugs TAG skillfully poured the shots of the potent Irish whiskey. She handed each of her friends a glass then one to herself and Creeper, setting the last one aside at a place at their table. It was a long time tradition with the group that at every party there was a place at one of the tables where no one could sit and a shot and a beer was left there along with a plate of food, it was for their friends that had gone on before them. TAG lifted her glass and turned to the empty place and said...

"Here's to our brothers and sisters that are no longer with us." then turning to Cam to continue her salute but was interrupted by Cutter,

"and here's to the return of my...our little girl, welcome home darlin' you have been gone from us for too long, we missed you and thank the Gods that you are once again home with us safe and sound."

"Thank you Daddy," then she looked at her friends and said "Here's to my family, no child ever had better."

With that all six drank their shots, by that time the waitress had returned with their beer and TAG once again took the honors of pouring everyone their first beer. Mountain looked around at the small group and decided it had been serious long enough. Without warning the huge man reached down, wrapped his arms around TAG and lifted her till she was eye to eye with him.

"You know TAG if you wasn't so short I could really go for ya'." the man said and laid a big wet sloppy kiss on the little woman's cheek. "How bout you and me get this shindig rollin'."

The entire group was silent waiting to see what was going to happen as no one was ever allowed to treat TAG in such a manner. Even Creeper took a step back when he saw those brown eyes flashing daggers at the giant of a man.

"Put me down you big ape or I'm going to leave you childless." TAG said quietly her voice deceptively calm. "Or better yet I'll tell all these women what you're really like in the sack."

With that said she leaned in and licked Mountain's face. Surprised by her actions he released her and began wiping his face. Then everyone heard a low quiet growl emanating from the little woman.

"You big dumb excuse for a mammal." she snarled, "I'm gonna kick your ass clean up to your demented brain."

For a few moments the two just looked at each other, and only their friends could tell by the mischievous sparkle in their eyes, that the two were playing a game that had started a long time ago when TAG had gotten pictures of Mountain in bed with one of the ugliest women the Gods ever put on this Earth. Then the ornrey little woman had them blown up to half of life size and hung them over the bar they all hung out in.

"You can't kick my ass LITTLE lady," Mountain growled back "not unless you get a ladder so's you can reach it. Besides your tiny little legs is too short so you ain't never gonna catch me."

With that they were off. This huge powerful man, running for his life from a little short woman armed only with a bar towel. Every once in a while she would flick him on the behind with it wringing a yelp of pain from the big man. The entire bar was in an uproar of laughter at the two friend's antics along with various hoots and catcalls. Cam fell into her chair the tears flowing from her eyes as she laughed harder than she could remember.

The chase ended as it accomplished its goal of getting everyone out of a somber mood and into the party. The party was well under way, Cam swore she'd danced with every woman in the place more than once including a couple of awkward turns around the dance floor with a very pregnant Kat. Cam had a nice comfortable buzz on, and was truly enjoying watching all her friends having a good time.

Every so often Cam would look over the crowd and let out a wistful sigh. Cutter was watching his daughter and he knew exactly what she was missing and he knew it was time for a little straight talk father daughter style.

"You really miss her, don't ya little girl?" Cutter said into her ear so she would hear over the rather loud music.

Cam snapped her head around so fast Cutter thought she might break her neck, her expressive blue eyes wide with surprise at what he had just said.

"What you didn't think I'd know about something like that when it's so important to my little girl?" He asked somewhat surprised by her reaction. "Please WC you really should know me better by now."

"You're right as usual Daddy," the tall sad woman answered so softly he almost missed it. "I should know better than to underestimate you guys. Y'all are always lookin' out for me, aren't ya'."

The two shared a sorely missed laugh together then Cam's eyes returned to that far away look, as her attention turned back to the partying crowd, until she heard the man tell her:

"Don't count that little wildcat out yet, darlin'," he drawled, his southern roots showing. "I've watched her since she got out and that little one of yours has done nothin' but bust her tail to build a life the two of you could share when you got out. You know they don't usually release prisoners out until in the afternoon, not in the mid-morning."

She looked at her Dad wondering what his cryptic statement meant, she was about to look away when she realized what he was telling her. Her cerulean eyes grew wide with the realization that the person she had been looking for wouldn't have known of her early release.

"That's right WC." he continued, "They wanted you out of there before the press got there, you know you made quite a splash when you were proven innocent but still couldn't be released and then when you turned down your paroles every time they went nuts. I guess we're the only ones smart enough to know what you were doing. If that guard captain hadn't called the Sargent-major, we wouldn't have known either. That son of a bitch warden planed to just dump you out into the streets hoping you would just kind of wander away before any reporters could show up."

"But what about...?" Cam began but her building panic was stopped short when Cutter raised a massive hand and placed it gently on her shoulder and gave her a tender squeeze to remind her he was there for her and to let him finish what he had to say before she flew off half cocked. It was something that had worked for them ever since Cam had come to live with them.

"The sergeant-major tried to call her but she'd already left her office and she wasn't answering her phone." Cutter informed her, "You know she works for the sergeant-major, WC. That little thing's a hell of a lawyer. Got a good heart too, helps a lot of poor folks, doing their legal work for free."

Cam looked at him even more surprised but there was a lot of pride in there too. The sergeant-major was a friend of Cutter's from back in his old "No Such Agency" days. The man was now a well known and powerful attorney and was one of the founders of one of the most influential law firms in the country. The family and their business was the main reason their head office was in Missouri and not in New York or LA.

She also knew there was no way Cheryl would have been hired if she wasn't a great lawyer. Like Cutter, the sergeant-major had the same rules, sure family got first shot at a job if they wanted it, but if they couldn't do the job right then they were gone just as fast as anyone else. Family and friends were one thing but business was another, Cutter and her uncles had taught her that from the very beginning. Cam could feel that sense of pride swelling in her as she thought of the accomplishments the little green-eyed blonde had made since her release. That brought back the memories and pictures that had haunted her thoughts and dreams for the last three years.

Every time Cam closed her eyes she saw the look on the woman's face as she was being led from the cellblock to return to the real world a fully vindicated and free woman. Cheryl had finished law school during her stay in prison at Cam's urging, the devoted woman had vowed she would do her best to help her beloved little blonde to study or whatever it took so that her dreams of being a lawyer would come true. Cam had always believed that Cheryl was totally innocent of the crimes they said she'd committed and she was also sure that her lawyers would prove it, and they did.

Apparently Cheryl had gone ahead and taken, and passed, the bar exams after her release and judging by what her adopted father had just said had become a fantastic lawyer just like Cam always knew she would be.

The only thing Cam was worried about now was now that Cheryl had all the wonderful things she had always dreamed of, along with all the great opportunities she now had, and a fabulous new life, Cheryl wouldn't want Cam around anymore. Cam couldn't think of a single reason why someone as wonderful and beautiful and talented, not to mention Cheryl's amazing inner beauty, would have to wait around for her release.

There was absolutely no reason that Cam could figure why she would want a tired, foul tempered, brooding, worthless, ex-convict, with murder on her soul, hanging around and possibly messing up the nearly perfect life Cheryl had made for herself. The only thing Cam was hoping was that if Cheryl really didn't want to be with her, that she wouldn't show up to throw her a large humiliating dose of pity. Then get rid of her by telling the tall quiet biker, that it just 'wasn't going to work out for them' and since she already had someone else in her life, the last thing she needed was an embarrassment like Cam hanging around.

<>After all it's like I've always said<> the voice of Cam's dark inner demons whispered to her <>There's no way that someone that beautiful is alone for long. There's no way she's going to want used and damaged goods like me. Why would she want someone with a stained, warped, and bloody soul like mine, when she can easily find someone far more worthy of her else where.<>

Cam sighed resigned that she was destined to be alone for the rest of her life.

But the gods work in their own ways and their answer to Cam's troubled thoughts was at this moment speeding down highway 65 South determined to find the one true love of her life. Cheryl knew in her heart she was ready to sacrifice everything she had gained since leaving prison, for just one chance of having the tall black haired blue eyed incredibly gorgeous but totally insecure woman in her life.

She had already decided to take any kind of relationship Cam was willing to give her as long as they would be together for the rest of their lives and beyond.

The only problem with her plan was that she needed to see her beloved Camilla in order to get things right between them and right now Cheryl had no idea where her beloved dark angel was.


END 21



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