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Justice Deferred 25

by: Alex P.


The tall biker lay in the king sized bed, her much smaller blonde

lover lay beside her, molded to her body. The green-eyed center of

the biker's world was practically purring, as Cam stroked her soft

shining golden hair. Cam knew that her entire future rested in the heart, mind, and soul of the beautiful

emerald-eyed attorney that was

laying as much on her as next to her.

She knew she and this incredible woman,

that had waited faithfully,

for three years, for her tall dark biker to be finally released, completely

free and clear, from the state penitentiary where they had met, both victims of a serious miscarriages of justice, and apparently were tied together by destiny. No matter where Cheryl went, Cam knew she would gladly follow,

knowing from deep in her own heart and soul, that wherever Cheryl was, would be her home.

She was now aware that her home would never again be a place, but it would, from this time forward, be a person, this person. A dark wave of panic set in when Cam's dark side began talking to her, asking all those hard questions, that normally she'd never consider, but after Debra Kreel, her mind would never allow her to blindly, set herself up for that kind of pain again.

<>What if she really doesn't want me but she was afraid or worse just felt obligated to be here?<> Cam's dark side asked <>What if she just came here to dump me and last night was just pity sex? How will I live without her? Where will I go? If she leaves I'm doomed to live forever alone.

I don't want to make her think I don't trust her, but I have to know where I stand<>

Cheryl knew something was bothering Cam, she could feel the biker's incredibly hard sculpted muscles tighten and the change in her breathing. She looked up and saw the far away look in those amazingly alluring blue eyes.

<>What is she thinking?<> Cheryl wondered <> Why isn't she looking at me? Oh Goddess, please don't let her be tired of me already. I know I'm not near good enough for her, but I was really hoping we had a chance. Oh well what can I do? If she doesn't want me I guess I'll just go away and live my life lonely and alone till I die. NO, Goddess don't let this happen, give me the strength to fight for her.

We belong together, we are both so much better together than we are alone.

She's meant to be mine and

I'll not give her up without a fight.<>

They lay there deep in their own thoughts until Cam finally worked up enough courage to speak what was haunting her mind.

"Baby?" the black haired biker asked quietly.

"Huh?" Cheryl answered worried about what was coming but feeling confident enough to face it head on. "What is it sweetheart?"

"We really need to talk." Cam said sadly, absent-mindedly stroking the attorney's soft golden hair, a part of her subconscious reveling in the sensations. "I know I just got out, and you've had three years where you've grown, and progressed and changed. Where as I have spent those years suspended in time.

I am almost exactly the same woman I was when you walked out of that cell block three years ago."

"I know sweetheart, I haven't gone a day without worrying about you, stuck in that Hellhole. Wondering if you were alright, or if you were hurt or sick." Cheryl whispered her voice choked by emotions, her emerald eyes shining with three years of unshed tears. "I had to work so hard, just to keep myself from going insane with fear for you, but it was the nights that were the worst. Laying there in my bed alone, with only my memories of your touch for companionship. I can finally admit it now, it was a hell on earth existence. I missed you so badly, it hurt deep down inside,

I didn't think I could survive it alone."

<>Here it comes, stupid.<> the voice of Cam's dark side told her <>this is where she tells you that she loves you, but she's found someone else to spend her future with. Someone that was there for her, when she needed them, someone who's reliable, someone that hasn't spent the last six year in a kill or be killed environment, and isn't an ex-con.

I knew she was too good for me, and now she's figured it out too. Get ready you worthless old whore, this is

where she dumps me for someone that truly deserves a perfect angel. Someone that has never killed anyone, that won't taint her beautiful unspoiled soul with the blood and darkness that is plainly there on mine.<>

As she was speaking Cheryl looked up when she became aware that her saddly insecure lover had gone completely silent. The loving gentle hand continued stroking her hair, but the powerful arm around her waist tightened.

Those amazingly beautiful blue eyes had taken on a far away look. Cheryl then saw that tears were falling silently from her lover's beautiful blue eyes.

<>Oh no, I bet she thinks I'm going to leave her.<> Cheryl thought as she remembered just how insecure her lover was since the incident with Deb Kreel, and how damaged Cam's self esteem was as well <>I've got to do something so she'll know I'll never leave her, that I'd rather die, than betray her in any way.

Oh my Goddess, she probably thinks last night was pity sex<>

Cheryl reached up and cupped Cam's chin in her hand and got the frightened biker to focus her attention on the compelling emerald eyes of the woman that loved her, without reservation.

"Honey, please let me finish before you make your judgment about us will you." Cheryl asked simply and softly putting her faith in the tall dark woman's sense of fairness, and honor.

"I'm sorry Cheryl, it's just that you're so young and beautiful." Camilla whispered, her sweet, velvet smooth voice so low Cheryl could barely hear her, the pain and fear nearly screamed to Cheryl, begging for the blonde's reassurances. "You've become so much more than the frightened little bunny I found that day in the showers, surrounded by jackals.

Me, well, I'm still the same old feeble hardcase, attempting to be a poor woman's Batgirl, running around saving damsels in distress. Hades, I'm not even that any more. How could someone as wonderful as you want anything to do with a burnt out lowlife that like me? Not to menti..."

Cam was stopped by the gentle touch of two soft fingers on her lips. Her shining tear filled light blue eyes looking deeply into bright emerald eyes, searching for some sign of deceit or a note of deception, any sign of potential betrayal. All she found was compassion, acceptance, need, desire and most

importantly deep all consuming, unconditional, love. Cam also saw silent tears of worry and concern for her, in the emerald eyes that were the windows to her future.

"I know I've changed my love," Cheryl began trying to put her deepest most intimate feelings into words that would calm her lover's fears. "I've been outside those drab walls, out here where time passes. When I was put in that place I had given up, all my hopes and dreams were over, that day in the showers I was sure I was going to die.


Cheryl was stopped for a moment by great heart wrenching sobs that wracked her body, like grand mal seizures. After several deep calming breaths, the young attorney regained enough control to enable her to continue.

"I just knew that I would die a slow painful death at Val's hands, I could read it in her eyes. Then a miracle happened." Cheryl continued her voice still hoarse from her sobbing and her eyes shining in the light of her returned dreams and renewed hope. "Just when I thought I'd lost everything, a dark beautiful avenging Goddess appeared in that cold tiled room. With just her words she dismissed the cruel and evil woman, and her followers as if they of no consequence what-so-ever.

I think I fell in love when you handed me a towel, and made that joke about not everybody that was in prison was nice."

Both women chuckled nervously at the memory, when Cam recalled making the joke in an attempt to keep the new little fish from losing control. Then there were a few heartbeats of silence before Cheryl once more picked the thread of her history.

"You know Camilla, I loved you even before I met you." Cheryl said, hoping that what she was about to tell her beloved Camilla wouldn't make her think she was completely crazy or scare her off, but either way,

Cam might leave her.

She knew that she had to tell Cam the truth, no matter what happened, so she

could see what the little blonde already believed, that she and Cam were destined to be together forever.

"Ever since I was a small child

I've had a dream, every time something bad or scary happens, or when ever my life was turned up side down, which seems to happen a lot."  Knowing the chance she was taking Cheryl was still determined to continue. "It always starts out that I'm in some kind of terrible danger."

Cheryl's alluring emerald eyes, went out of focus, and her mind traveled to ancient lands and primal haunts, where the small blonde's fears lived, just waiting for the opportunity to attack and defile her fragile psyche.

"There's someone chasing me, I've never been able to see the faces of my demon attackers, but I know if they catch me, I will be brutally, slowly, and very painfully murdered," the blondes voice reflects the shear terror she'd experienced and her eyes grew wide, as she recalled the recurring visions that had beleaguered her dreams since she was a child.

"I scream and scream for someone to save me, until I lose my voice, but no

one answers my pleas. The demons keep after me relentlessly, hunting me, determined to have me.

I don't know what or who the demons are, but eventually they corner me. I try to fight them off with all my strength, but the demons are too strong for me.

The demons take great pleasure in disarming me easily, while all the time they are taunting me, telling me what they are going to do to me. Things so horrifying and terrible that my mind can never recall the specific details of their threats.

Then just as they closing in to claim me as their prey, and I am sure all is

lost, a warrior attacks my enemies, placing herself between the demons and me, so they have to go through her to have me. She is amazing, she uses two swords, and moves faster than the eye can follow, only the gleam of the sun off the highly polished steel of her blades, allows me to follow her actions. Cuts and slashes appear on the demons as if by magic. With a berserkers strength, she vanquishes the demons, destroying them all, leaving no survivors. She has saved me, and when she comes to me, she pulls me into her powerful arms holding my trembling body tightly against her, and calming my fears. I feel safe and warm in those arms, my heart soars at her touch.

In that moment, I know in my soul, that even though she is a fearsome and ruthless warrior, merciless in her anger, and deadly in her attack, I know that she will never harm me.

That all she wants is to keep me safe and secure, from all that would do me harm.

I know in my heart I am home in this woman's powerful arms. Wherever she goes, I will follow,

because it is my destiny.

I look up, but for some reason

I can never see her face, but I can see her eyes, and when I look into them I fall into their sky blue depths that wash away all my fears and discontents.

That's when I know for sure,

I have found my other, that my soul has found it's mate. My heart is full, for she is

my one true love. I had always thought this perfect vision of love lived only

in dreams, only there, would I ever find the love I have craved."

"Then suddenly my most horrifying dreams came to life, I was trapped with no way out, and just when I was sure that the demons had won, and I was going to

die, this dark avenging Goddess appears, she saves me from the evil that was about to destroy me." Cheryl looked up into those amazingly blue eyes, her own emerald greens projecting the love, devotion and unending admiration. "Then I looked into your eyes, and I knew it was you all along.

You are the warrior of my dreams,

my long promised love.

My one true destiny."

Cheryl stopped and looked up into the questioning cerulean eyes of her destined lover, and gave her a nearly blinding smile, showing her Camilla, all the love and commitment she felt for the dark brooding woman.

Cam knew that the tiny woman in her arms had just admitted her undying and never-ending love. That she was placing her very existence, into the Creole woman's mercy.

Cam looked at the small blonde beauty in her arms, studying her as if they'd never met before. She had never seen anyone so totally open, so completely vulnerable to the whims of another, as Cheryl was at that moment.

Not only had she professed her love for Cam, she had also just given the tall stoic biker the freedom to walk away if she wished, to be free of any ties or commitments she may have given Cheryl.

"Oh baby that was the most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever heard," Cam began once she found a way to speak around the giant lump in her throat. "I have little doubt of your dreams, they are similar to visions

I've had since my

youth. I have always seen a breathtakingly beautiful woman, with hair the color of summer wheat and emerald green eyes that shined, many times brighter then the stars, with more love and courage than any other human could possess.

She would stand at my side throughout our lives, through all the good times, and especially in the worst of times. Always steadfast in her love for

me, giving me the strength to fight on.

I was shown that our love was

so great that even after we died,

we would still be joined.

I knew the day I saw you get off that bus, you were the one I had searched for my whole life.

When I looked into your eyes I knew

I would love you, even after I've drawn

my final breath.

Our love goes far deeper than our weak flesh; it goes all the way to the soul,

my beloved.

I believe we have loved before, in other lives, and that we will again over and over, through all our life times, until eternity has ended.

I will stay with you as long

as you allow it,

I know it won't always be

easy, but if we stand together,

there is no storm we can't weather."

Unable to say any more the women kissed, gently at first, then building into a burning all consuming, mind numbing kiss that left them both breathless and oxygen deprived. Smiling at each other they settled comfortably back into the bed, silently enjoying the warm safe feeling of having each other, until Cheryl broke the silence.

"You know Camilla, I saw a huge Jacuzzi in the bathroom," the small mischievous blonde said as she slipped out of bed. "My muscles are awfully sore after last night's aerobics, and well...I've never made love in a Jacuzzi before."

She blushed brightly at her own boldness, then the wonderfully naked blonde stood and stretched, giving her lover one of the most spectacular views Cam had ever been privileged to see.

"Holy Goddess!!! Cam muttered as she watched the naked woman of her dreams stroll slowly and sensuously across the room. "What ever I did it must have been simply amazing."

Cheryl stopped at the bathroom door and looked back over her shoulder at her blue eyed lover, her own emerald eyes smoldering with a desire that promised to become a raging inferno at her lover's first touch.

"Don't make me wait too long lover," the gorgeous blonde purred to her beloved biker "I need my Camilla, reeeeeeaaaaal bad."

The woman's sultry smile froze Cam in place for a heart beat, her mouth suddenly too dry to allow her to speak.

<>Like I said, I don't know what I did,<> Cam thought as she fought through the covers <>or what I had to suffer to deserve her, but by all the Gods, I swear it was worth it<>

The tall woman launched herself from the bed and bolted to the bathroom and disappeared through the door from where squeals of surprise and delight soon turned to splashing waters accompanied by the moans and gasps of desire and pleasure, that eventually gave way to cries and screams of ecstasy.


END 25

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