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Justice Deferred (2b/26)

by: Alex


Looking for the cause of the sudden rise in tension, Cam's light blue eyes wondered to a gorgeous platinum blonde that was standing near the bar and obviously unattached.

Bingo, the cause.

The second thing Cam noticed was that the blonde Goddess was obviously and openly flirting with a cute little rider named Bobbie and little Bobbie was not only enjoying the attention, she was flirting back outrageously, which normally wouldn't matter, but tonight wasn't normal. Tonight Bobbie wasn't alone and the woman she was with was a stocky full time ironworker named Pam.

Now Pam worked twelve-hour days day in and day out in a foundry, feeding a blast furnace. Bobbie always said the only thing hotter than that furnace was Pam, in a loving mood.

Cam knew there was one

more thing hotter than either of those, Pam after a few drinks and pissed off.

Cam had seen her go off one night, before she met Bobbie, it wasn't pretty, and although Cam knew they could take her down if a fight broke out, she also knew they couldn't do it without putting Pam in the hospital for a long time, and Cam really didn't want to do that. Pam and Bobbie had an on again off again thing for quite a while now, and Cam knew also that Pam was hoping to finally work up enough courage to ask Bobbie the "C" question tonight.

The last thing Cam wanted to see was some stranger ruining her friend's shot at something nice in her life. With a signal to her uncles and Bounce, Cam moved in to see if she could defuse this thing before it destroyed more than blood, bone, and bar fixtures. Moving quickly Cam wove her way through the crowd easily, as Bounce had taught her long ago, she stopped just before she stepped into the situation, to let her back-up get into place. When everything was ready the deceptively small biker signaled that they were ready for her to make her move.

"PAM! BOBBIE!" Cam yelled boisterously acting much drunker than she was, "How the hell are ya'?"

Cam threw her long arms around the two women she'd known and liked since she had first come to town, and gave them a bone-crushing hug.

"Pam, when ya' gonna break down and buy that pretty Panhead, Uncle Mountain's still holdin' for ya' and put something classy between your legs for a change."

Cam bellowed diverting the powerful iron worker's attention away from the blonde bimbo flirting with her date.

"Hey!" Bobbie yelled slapping Cam across her rock hard abdomen. "I'm here, and I'm classier than any old bike, even that gorgeous Electra Glide you ride, Stretch"

"Don't get carried away there half-pint." Cam snarled reminding them of an angry panther "Remember who you asked to pleeeeeease have that belt drive on in time for the annual Lake Perry run."

While Cam was playfully scolding Bobbie, the little biker slid over, and wiggled herself on to Pam's lap, putting a huge smile on Pam's face. Cam was amazed how that smile turned the normally plain looking woman into one of the prettiest woman Cam had seen that night. Then Bobbie spoke up and put the final ending on any trouble.

"Alright, but I do too got class." Bobbie pouted and snuggled deeper into Pam's chest, "And 'sides I like it between her legs."

The whole table cracked up laughing at their friend's blatant proposition. That's what Cam had been waiting for, when Pam heard what her date said all thoughts of flirty blondes were gone and the anticipation of future passions took their place, the jealous iron worker's smile was so big Cam was afraid the top of Pam's head was going to fall off.

Cam signaled Bounce who immediately brought a pitcher of beer and a round of Irish Whiskey for Cam and the table. She raised her glass and waited for the rest at the table to join her. Cam's light blue eyes looked around the table and noticed they were all couples. Then with an impish gleam in her eyes, Cam gave the toast.

"Here's to gettin' somethin' classy between your legs." Cam shouted then slammed the potent liquid down her throat.

The others at the table howled in laughter at the normally serious woman's sudden unexpected show of humor then follow Cam's lead. Good-natured bantering quickly took the place of the tension. Having calmed the table Cam turned her attention to the cause of the problem.

Turning her full attention for the first time to the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. Cam let her eyes boldly examine the woman's perfectly proportioned body. A slow sexy smile worked its way across Cam's full sensuous lips as she focused her lustful gaze on the blonde's big liquid chocolate brown eyes.

She watched as the newcomer did some examining and appraising of her own. Judging by the way the tip of her delicate pink tongue flicked over her slightly parted lips, the blonde liked what she saw too.

"Hey ladies" Cam said with a slow sexy drawl directed to the table of friends "Why don't one of you show some manners and introduce me to your friend?"

"We don't know her," Pam said gruffly as she held her lover a little tighter, not being one to forget an affront easily "She just came over and butted in. She'll have to intro herself."

"Oooo, baby you're just so butch." Bobbie giggled as she caressed the hard look from her lover's face.

Cam stepped away from the reconciled lovers and approached the unknown woman, while wondering if the woman had any idea how close she had come to being seriously hurt.

"Well if I must do so myself then, dear lady may I introduce myself." Cam asked and bowed turning on her well-known Cajun charm, she continued when the fascinated blonde nodded, "My name is Camilla Theresa Brusard, but please call me Cam."

Taking the offered hand, Cam bent and lightly kissed the blonde's palm, smiling to herself when the woman didn't resist or pull away. Instead the tall blonde smiled coyly and looked deep into the azure pools of Cam's eyes.

"My such Southern charm and grace in such an unlikely place." the blonde said softly yet Cam heard every word clearly as the woman smiled sweetly obviously taken with Cam. "I am Debra Charlton Stringer, but I would be flattered if you would call me Deb, my chivalrous stranger and these are my friends Gerry and Steph."

"Ladies, I am most honored to make your acquaintance." Cam continued with a slightly triumphant smile, knowing that she had defused the situation and was getting to know a fascinating woman in the bargain. "Please do me the honor of joining me at my table, I'm sure my uncles would have no problem making room for such charming company."

Offering her arm to Deb, who happily took it, Cam led the small party to her table where Bounce had seen to it that drinks for Cam and her guests were waiting for them.

The night progressed nicely, but not long after Deb's two companions plead fatigue and excused themselves. The intriguing blonde started to rise and join them, but Cam persuaded her to stay, promising to personally see Deb safely home. They said their good-byes and left the bar.

It wasn't long after that Cobra was leaving with the little red haired dancer, Kat, draped all over him. Judging from the look on his face and the way she was attacking his neck, their destination wasn't hard for Cam to guess.

As he was saying goodbye, Cam let him know she would be staying in town. They maintained a small apartment above the bar, so that if they over indulged or were just tired they didn't have to drive anywhere. She also gave the message to Mountain when he took off with some of his friends, headed for his shop, Cam noticed that Pam and Bobbie went with him.

Cam chuckled knowing that the iron worker was going to spend some time drooling over the fully restored to stock Panhead, that Mountain was holding for her, and Bobbie was wanting to visit her bike that was at the shop so Cam and Mountain could change it over to belt drive.

Cam wasn't sure exactly when or how it happened but somehow, she was in the small living room of the apartment, in the throes of a long intense sex act, that began as they were climbing the stairs on the way up, and ended up covering almost every room in the apartment. Other than that it was an extremely pleasant blur until she woke up at noon, the bright midday sun blasting into the room, she tried covering her eyes but her head was still pounding.

The up side was there was something soft, warm, very comfortable and very nice curled up against her side. Also there was a head covered with medium length platinum blonde silky soft hair laying on her abdomen. All in all not a bad way to wake up Cam decided as she began gently stroking Deb's hair.

Cam looked down and looked into a pair of beautiful brown eyes that were looking sleepily back up at her.

"Hey babe, how ya' feel?" Cam asked quietly

"I feel great, I'd be perfect if not for this head ache." Deb quipped and flinched at the volume of her own voice "Does the damn sun have to be so bright?"

"That I can fix." Cam informed her suffering friend as she got out of bed and went around closing all the blinds and curtains. ====================

The pair spent the next four days there getting out of bed to order in food, take nature breaks and to make some private phone calls so that no one would send out search parties to disturb them. Deb also made calls to her office to make sure her business was running smoothly.

When Cam tried to ask Deb what she did for a living, the blonde would become evasive and divert the tall brunettes' attention, which wasn't really all that hard.

Cam on the other hand was easily persuaded to talk about almost everything in her life, for some reason she couldn't resist this woman who was fast becoming a part of her life. The only thing she steadfastly refused to discuss was family and their business. No matter how infatuated, the young woman never forgot the first rule of her family, never discuss their business with anyone outside the family. It was during this time that Kreelcorp made their first run at the family's companies.

On the morning of the fifth day, Cam was awakened by the ringing of the apartment's private phone. She leapt from the bed trying to answer the phone before it's loud ringing woke her companion. Her valiant attempt was thwarted when Deb's cell phone began ringing too. Deb came awake instantly and answered it, as she began talking to her caller Deb walked out of the room after giving Cam a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders. Cam turned her attentions back to her own call. It was her Uncle Mountain, he told her that she was urgently needed back at the farm.

He said that there was an emergency involving the business and her input was absolutely needed. Not being one to ignore her family's call for help, Cam agreed to be there as soon as she could and hung up. Now all she had to do was figure out a way to leave without hurting her new lover's feelings, or make her feel that Cam was giving her a brush off.

Her answer became easy when Deb returned to the room talking angrily on the phone. She finished her conversation by slamming the phone shut and throwing the offending object against the wall shattering the delicate device.

"Damn, I can't believe those incompetent idiots!" the blonde snarled viciously "They can't get anything right."

"Problems babe?" Cam asked the agitated blonde "Can I help?"

Deb looked over at her and blushed hotly embarrassed knowing that Cam had witnessed her sudden loss of control.

"No hun, nothing too bad, I can fix it." she began she looked over at her lover regret clouding her eyes, "but it means I have to go into the office, so I guess I have to leave our little paradise. I don't know when I'll be able to see you again and I really want to see you again. I don't want to loose what we started here."

Cam pulled the now weeping woman into her arms and held her close, trying to comfort her, with tender caresses.

"Look I have the same problem." Cam explained softly "That was my office on the phone, and they need me. I'm not sure what the trouble is or how long it will take me to fix it. I tell you what, I'll give you my card with my private numbers and if I don't hear from you, than I'll meet you down stairs tonight around nine. How's that? I don't want to loose you either."

The statuesque blonde agreed happily and after sharing another hug the two women began searching for the clothing they hadn't seen in four days.

They parted company at the bottom of the stairs with one last bone crushing hug.

Both insufferably happy, knowing that they would see each other again that night. For two very different reasons however.


END 2b



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