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Justice Deferred (4/?)

by: Alex


Weary from the constant fighting to save what was theirs, from the people that would steal it, and gravely disheartened by her surrogate father's arrest and incarceration, Cam let Deb talk her into taking a four day weekend to get away from everything, and recharge herself. She finally broke down, and with the strenuous blessings of Cam's family, the two women packed up the camping gear in Cam's '49 Ford Apache pickup, and took off for a secluded spot that Deb knew of where no one could find them. Her uncles had not only agreed with Deb that Cam needed a break, they took it a step further and forced Cam to leave both her cell phone, and her pager, so she would have an uninterrupted time with just her, her gorgeous caring girlfriend and whatever nature supplied.

The happy couple waved to Cam's two uncles and Kat as they took off down the road. Due to a late start and heavier than normal traffic, it was too late to go on to the camp site and set up. Instead they opted to find a room in the nearby town for the night, thinking to go on to the camp grounds in the morning.

Cam was never able to figure out what exactly happened next, or how it was accomplished, but three days later Cam was sitting in the Benton County Jail, facing charges of assault, possession of a controlled substance (crystal meth) and resisting arrest. Somehow Cam had ended up in a seedy little "No Tell Motel" with no idea how she got there, nor why the Benton County Sheriffs Department had sent ten deputies after her, but she was pretty sure she'd be able to beat these charges. Sure that once she was able to fire the scrawny little rat faced Public Defender, and brought in her own attorneys everything would be straightened out. She was amazed that anyone as incompetent as her P.D. would be able to pass the bar exams.

She was feeling fairly confident as she entered the courtroom, as soon as the judge was seated and her case was called. It was then she began to get a very bad feeling about the entire process. First, the judge made a snide comment about the way she was dressed, then when he was told that she was caught in a motel room with another woman, the elderly judge began a heart felt lecture on the invasion of perversion that was running rampant throughout his beloved county.

She knew she was in deep trouble when after she entered her plea of not guilty she heard the judge snort derisively and mumble "yeah right, sure you are pervert" under his breath but loud enough for her and several others to hear it. Cam was even more worried at the hearty chuckles that answered his remark.

When Cam asked to fire the P.D. and bring in her own lawyers, the judge disallowed it, saying they didn't need outsiders sticking their noses into Benton County business. The judge also ruled that Cam be held without bail, until she stood trail in two or three weeks, he wasn't sure when he'd be free, but he wanted to try this case personally.

As she was taken away, even the deputies were amazed how the judge had just ridden rough shod over her rights, One of them whispered that to her, and let her know that they had been notified to not allow her to use the phones. She looked at him, her face pale, as she reviewed the forces arrayed against her.







"I am SO screwed." was all she could say. She was silent and stared straight ahead in shock, her mind drawing a blank for a reason why these people hated her so much. Her answer came from a very unusual source.


Cut off from her family and without her usual support system Cam went into a tail spin falling, uncontrollably into the deepest darkest depths of depression. For the first time in over eleven years Cam was completely alone and lost, again.

All she could do was sit on the bunk in her cell and stare off into space, not even acknowledging any ones existence. It was obvious to the jailers and officials that if something wasn't done soon the tall, dark, gorgeous, prisoner would be either very sick or more likely dead, and they just couldn't have that. The young woman's heavily scared Id had apparently received one more injury than it could take and was shutting her down, she simply no longer cared. After three days in this condition when her visitor came with something for her to care about.

The guards came for her and escorted the zombie like inmate to the visitor's room. They sat her down at a table, then left her there alone. The door at the other side of the room opened and Deb walked into the room. As soon as her eyes found Cam the tall thin blonde burst into tears and ran to her still seated lover and wrapped her arms around the unmoving woman, pulling her close.

The stimulus of the woman she loved crying hysterically, and calling her name, somehow reached Cam in that far away dark place where her mind had gone to hide. Cam slowly became aware of her surroundings and immediately took her crying lover into her arms trying to calm her so Deb could tell her why she was crying. It took a few minutes for Deb to regain enough of her composure to tell Cam what was going on while she was sitting in jail unable to protect her lover. Guilt spread through Cam while she listened to what the officials were doing to her lover.

According to Deb the authorities were scaring her by refusing to let her leave town plus, making her pay for the room they wouldn't let her leave. Every time she asked why or what she had done, all they would tell her was the charges against her were pending. One of the Sheriff's Deputies finally told her that if she wanted to know why they were keeping her in town, she should go ask that dyke slut she was apprehended with.

After telling Deb to calm herself and promising her that she would take care of everything, Cam called for the guards to come and let Deb leave. The guard complied easily knowing that the prisoner would now be ready to cooperate with his superiors. Cam was soon led back to her cell. Depressed and feeling protective, Cam decided to give the prosecutor what ever plea bargain he wanted. It was in this mood when to her surprise the D.A. himself strolled into her cell.

At first she put up a defiant front, but the greasy overweight lawyer could read her like a book, and to wax metaphorically, he played her like a well-tuned fiddle. The first thing he did, was assure Cam that the arraignment was just a preview of the real trial, she would face the same judge and she'd already seen the jury pool. In other words she would be convicted and get the maximum sentence. He was so cocky, that he as much as admitted that some major money had changed hands, just to be sure that she was put away for a long time.

Still showing the brave front Cam asked if he was there for a reason or just to gloat. That was when the greasy official revealed the real reason he'd come to her cell. It appeared that whoever was paying for her bogus incarceration wanted to hurry up, and get it over with, so he came to offer her a deal, and get himself a substantial bonus.

She started to tell the evil fat SOB to go take a flying fuck, when she saw him smiling at her like she was a pork chop. It was then that the D.A. played his trump card. The way that Cam was set up, she was as good as convicted, and was on her way to a long prison stay, but if she would agree to a plea bargain, then they could deal on certain terms.

If she refused not only would she receive the maximum sentence in a max-security prison, but he would also go after her girlfriend, using the same methods, and he would see to it they went to separate facilities so that they would never see each other again. Under those conditions Cam had no choice but to give in to his demands. After some heated discussions, Cam and the corrupt official finally worked out a plea that they could both accept. According to their agreement, in return for a guilty plea on the possession charge, and agreeing to wave her appeal rights, the prosecutor agreed not to even charge Deb with a crime, allowing her to leave town.

Cam would be sentenced to three to six years, and he would not oppose her parole. Once it was all written down legally on paper, signed, and notarized, it was only three days before Cam was being processed into Chillicothe Correction Center, or CCC, by the guards, a lot of worse names by the "residents", where the tall, raven haired, blue eyed, uncommonly beautiful, frightened young woman expected to spend the next several years of her life, alone.





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