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Justice Deferred 8

by: Alex


For the rest of the holiday, Kelly continued to try to persuade Cheryl to try and build a relationship with her. The small blonde steadfastly refused, not even considering the posibility. It wasn't long before Cheryl became concerned

about the dark eyed woman's obsessive behavior, something about the way the beautiful dark eyed woman watched her every move was truly getting on the normally patient blonde's last nerve. The more Cheryl turned her down, the harder Kelly pushed her to be her girlfriend, and Cheryl was beginning to get the creepy feeling that someone, probably the obsesive woman, was coming into her room at night, while she was asleep. Cheryl had no idea why someone would do such a thing, but it made her blood run cold, imagining the possibilities. To her dismay, on the night after New Years, Cheryl woke from a restless sleep in the middle of the night, and found out her most frightening suspicions were true. In the deathly still of the blonde's most private sanctuary, was Kelly sitting in a chair next to her bed, not moving or speaking, just sitting there, watching her like some predator stalking it's prey.

When Cheryl angerily demanded that the uninvited woman leave, Kelly just stared at her like she'd

grown another head. She even defended her abnormal actions, by insisting that was only watching over the woman she loved, and that she was perfectly within her rights as Cheryl's future life-pardner.

The small blonde was outraged at the obviously demented woman's claim, and refused to acknowledge the unbelieveablely rediculous statement by responding to it. She was however not naive enough to disregard her apparently psychotic room mate's delusions, Cheryl prudently and quietly packed up her rooms. The next day, before the obsessed Kelly woke up, Cheryl moved all her belongings into the small apartment in the basement. She figured she would be safe in the separate apartment, it had it's own bathroom, and galley style kitchen. More improtantly it had its own outside entrance, with a solid oak door, with a heavy deadbolt lock, plus the apartment could be closed off

from the rest of the house, using the steel fire door, that not only had the same type deadbolt as the front door, but it had a drop bar as well, and the windows were all small and were barred. Cheryl hated to have to live this way, but now nobody could accuse her of giving Kelly mixed signals. The woman now had no chance to come into her rooms, without breaking in, and leaving evidence of her crime.

When the two younger room mates returned at the end of Winter break, they were curious about the new living arrangements, and tried to talk to Cheryl about it, but they were blocked by Kelly, and told, that their other, normally outgoing and friendly roommate, wanted the extra privacy, because of the extra work she was going to have to do for her last semester of law school. She explained the locked inner door the same way. Kelly assured them

that there was nothing unusual going on, and it wasn't their business anyway. Things returned to their usual ways, as Kelly once again, began using them as her servants just as she had before. Kelly changed tactics, but still kept trying to pressure the pretty blonde into being her lover. While Cheryl continued to steadfastly refuse to even consider it. Kelly's new plan was simple, everywhere Cheryl went, sooner or later,

Kelly would show up. If Cheryl happened to be sitting with friends, or Goddess forbid, talking to another woman, Kelly would create a loud

embarrassing scene. She would stand in the middle of the bar, or restaurant, calling the beleaguered young woman, a cheap slut, and a philandering whore, along with any other nasty names that came to mind. All accompanied by alligator tears, making the dark eyed stalker look like a jilted, yet forgiving, and long suffering lover.

Finally, Cheryl quit going out socially all together, hoping that would put an end to the Greek woman stalking her. She was wrong. The black haired,

psychotic, beauty began showing up at Cheryl's job, her classes, even at her table in the law library.

Cheryl was a nervous wreck, never knowing where her stalker would show up next, or what kind of humiliating lies she would scream out at full volume, telling all that would listen, all the terrible things Cheryl had put her through. It finally got so bad, the poor defenceless blonde, couldn't sleep or eat and her nerves were so fraied, she jumped out of her skin, every time someone said her name above a whisper. To her credit though, Cheryl still

stood her ground, refusing to give in to Kelly's constant harassment.

Finally, in an effort to help the frightened Kelly away, some of her friends got together, and confronted the fiery tempered, frustrated clearly disturbed woman, and told her, in no uncertain terms, that if she didn't stop

harassing their friend, they would be forced to take steps to stop her.

When Kelly tried to call their bluff, they threatened to call the authorities, while in truth it was a hollow threat, none of them had actually seen, the belligerent Greek woman bothering Cheryl, except for once or twice at the bar, and that really wasn't enough for the authorities to act on, but they knew Cheryl, and they believed

what she told them and saw how she looked. Fortunately Kelly hadn't paid enough attention in the few classes she did attend, to know they were bluffing, and not wanting her father to learn of her actions, the borderline sane woman was forced to leave her victim alone, for now.

What no one counted on was how the vindictive woman would respond to their threats.

Kelly was livid, not only had that peasant bitch refused her, but Kelly was

convinced, Cheryl had sent her barbaric friends to threaten, and insult her. Kelly could now see how unworthy of her attentions, the ungrateful peasant was, so she quit trying to get the beautiful little blonde to be her lover. That didn't mean she was finshed with her lowly room mate, not by a long shot.

After a couple of weeks passed without any contact from Kelly, Cheryl breathed a sigh of relief,

thinking the incident over, and surely her life could now continue as before.


Kelly however, was seething in fury at being spurned, by the little green eyed

blonde, and while it was true that she no longer wanted the woman as her lover, her Greek blood was boiling

for revenge, to get even with the young woman for the wrongs she

perceived Cheryl to be guilty of.

Never before had anyone, ever refused to give Kelly what she wanted, and she

was not about to let some American

peasant be the first.

On top that, the blonde was responsible

for Kelly being threatened, and

insulted by even more of these barbaric Americans. It was more than the proud spoiled Geek heiress was willing to tolerate, so Kelly stopped pursuing the blonde, instead she turned

all her energy, and considerable wealth, to see that the young American peasant, was properly punished for her transgressions, against such an

obvious superior, such as herself.

Sometimes, Kelly forgot that her own great grandfather was once a peasant

olive grower himself.

The next couple of months were a time of quiet for Cheryl. She was actually

beginning to once again spend time

doing things other than study,

work, and sleep. She began to going out

with her friends again, and

even dated a few times, nothing serious, just having

dinner, and a little fun with someone.

Since little Cheryl was not

only a sweet, and friendly young woman,

with a brilliant, outgoing

personality, and incredible good looks, although she would deny it. She was also an excellent dancer. A credit to her foster mothers many hours of teaching their shy young

foster child to dance.

It wasn't long before word got around

the Rose that the pretty little blonde

was available, and soon the one time

wallflower, was again receiving more date requests, not to mention eager, perspective

dance partners, than

she knew what to do with. She was finally letting herself have a good

time, and was meeting some very nice and interesting women. She even surprised herself

by having fun with these friendly and attentive women, it was a revelation that Cheryl found that people actually liked her for no other reason then she was fun to be with.

One night, a few weeks after the final

confrontation with Kelly, as Cheryl was

escorting a new friend out to her car, when they were attacked by four young men wearing ski masks. Both women were severely beaten. The woman friend was battered and bruised,

requiring several

stitches to close some deep cuts, but none were too serious, so she was released,

and allowed to go

home, that night. After giving a statement to police.

Cheryl on the other hand, had put herself between her new friend, and their

attackers, causing her to receive the brunt of the assault. Besides a multitude, of bone deep bruises, and cuts, some of which required extensive stitches, unlike her unfortunate friend, the little blonde also suffered three broken ribs, her right arm broken in two places, her jaw was dislocated, she had a hairline fracture in her skull, along with a severe


Her injuries kept Cheryl in the hospital for nearly a week. The police

took her statement, as well as one from

a witness, that had been passing by,

and seeing the assault in progress

he tried to help.

The young man had scared off the attackers, and had called the police.

He was the one, that had heard the attackers yelling dyke, whore, fag, and several other

hateful slurs, that had police writing the attack off as another of many gay bashings. While they said they would investigate,

they actually wrote it off, as a hazard "those people" faced for flaunting

their lifestyle in public, and never really followed through.

If the police had investigated they might have been surprised to find, the actual person behind the attack itself, as well as the real reasons, that were behind the beating outside the Rose. It was a hate crime alright, but this was no ordinary run of the mill "gay bashing".

Kelly was pleased with herself, she felt she had truly gotten her moneys worth, the young thugs she had paid to give Cheryl, and whoever she was with

a serious, but not fatal, beating, and she was happy at how well they had done their job.

Now Kelly could use her blonde victims hospital stay, to set the next phase of her plan

into motion.

Kelly had decided, that

for Cheryl's unforgivable crimes against her, the young emerald eyed woman was not only to be

punished, she was to be destroyed,

everything that the orphan had

worked and sacrificed to gain over those long painful years, the vindictive Greek woman was going to be sure to have it all taken from her, including her dreams of a future, and finally, her freedom.

Cheryl had been home from the hospital

for two days, the tired, and very sore young woman, was getting ready for bed. She had just managed to

work her way into her over-sizedT-shirt

and boxers, and was about to lay her poundng head on the pillow, when her outside door burst open, her little

apartment was suddenly full of men

holding guns, and yelling at her to

lay down on the floor.

When she moved too slowly because of her injuries, one of the men grabbed the small blonde's uninjured arm, and threw her to the floor. She cried out as white hot knives of pain shot through

her body, radiating from her broken ribs that were jarred, as she slammed down

on the carpet covered concrete floor.

The rest of the night was a blur, she barely remembered a man's voice reading her rights, and asking if she understood, the confused blonde nodded numbly, as she watched

the men tearing up her rooms,

searching for some unknown, but apparently valued, prize. The next thing she knew, someone she didn't know, was leading her out of the house, and roughly,

loaded her into a van, then she was taken downtown, to the central police station,

where Cheryl was finger printed, her

picture taken, and without another word, she was left sitting in a cold room with grungy grey walls, that held a table and two other ugly molded plastic chairs.

She noticed a mirror on one wall,

not realizing it's purpose, Cheryl used it as she brushed her fingers through her hair, unconsciously, trying to get it into some semblance of order. After at least three hours, two big men, wearing heavily wrinkled,

sweat stained shirts, and slacks that looked as if they'd slept in them, entered the room.

Cheryl sat there, cold, tired, in intense pain, confused and extremely frightened, the two men began yelling, and brow beating, her, asking strange questions about drugs,

dealers, suppliers, money laundering, connections, and dozens of other things Cheryl knew nothing about.


Frightened out of her wits, and crying

hysterically, Cheryl was at a loss what to do, as the men continued to systematicly

badger her for answers to questions that made no absolutly sense to the naive young blonde. Suddenly, from somewhere inside her exhausted mind, all the knowledge she had picked up during her

time in law school, kicked in, using it, Cheryl realized these men were trying to trick her, trying to get her to say something incriminating about herself, in some kind

of effort to charge her with something

to do with drugs.

She sat up ramrod straight, wiped the tears from her eyes, and demanded to

know what charges

had been brought against her.

When one of her interrogators told her

the charges were yet to be

determined, Cheryl demanded to see a

lawyer, and refusing to cooperate

further, until she was adequately

represented by an attorney.

Eventually, due to her financial status, the innocent young law student was assigned an overworked, underpaid, public defender, and once he arrived the

charges against her were finally revealed. Cheryl found herself charged with two counts, of possession of

controlled substances, a pound of marijuana, and an "eightball" or one-

eighth ounce of cocaine, also one count of possession with intent to distribute, because of the amout of drugs the police had discovered, alledgedly, in her apartment, and several misdemeanor charges, all connected to the felonies

she was being charged with.

Cheryl was beside herself, she told

her lawyer the truth, and naively

refused to accept any plea bargain offered, on the grounds that she was innocent,

and in her innocence, she was sure,

there was no way a jury could possibably find an obviously innocent woman, like herself, guilty of such ludicrous charges.

She had no idea how that kind of thing

got into her house, let alone

into her rooms. Cheryl's mind refused to conceive, of someone, especially someone she knew, planting the evidence, in an attempt to frame her.

Cheryl had yet to learn just how far,

a certain young and vindictive Greek heiress, would go to get back at someone that spurned her romantic advances.

Using the argument that, since Cheryl was an orphan, she had no permanent ties to the community, and the prosecutor was able to convince the judge of the possiblity,

that the pretty young blonde

was, in truth, a notorious drug dealer,

who more than likely, had unimaginable

amounts of

ready cash, hidden away somewhere in an

illegal account. The judge agreed that

Cheryl was a flight

risk, and ordered her held without bond. Leaving her to sit in the

county jail until her trial date.

During that time, the papers used the forgotten, and embittered orphan, turned vicious,

amoraldrug dealer angle, telling the public how Cheryl had conned the system so she

could use taxpayers, to finance her

way onto college campuses, so she

could sell drugs to innocent young students.

They ran front-page stories nearly every day on how she was getting secretly rich

poisoning the bright young minds of

the local students. It wasn't

long before the press stopped

differentiating, between college students, and high school, and junior high students, implying that Cheryl sold drugs to them all.

As the story of the vicious "orphan drug lord" began losing the public's interest, all the local reporters began finding new stories covering the uncontroled plague of drugs, that was

running rampant through the state, and mysteriously, in every story, there

was some reason to mention of Cheryl.

Behind the sudden attention of the press, and the constant mention of

Cheryl in the papers, came a wave of

large jumps in the bank accounts of

certain reporters. Kelly also made large donations to the judge and

the prosecutor's re-election commitees,

being sure they understood there would

be further donations, if they proved themselves to be hard on drug dealers, going so far to "accidentally" mention the State of Missouri vs Cheryl Killian.

She was heard to mention several times, to members of the press, how horrible it was

that herformer roommate was such a hardened drug dealer, how she was such a blot

on the state because of her orphan status. Kelly was also sure the officers of the court, knew how stupid Cheryl had made them

all look, because she fooled them all,

by using her status to

get away with everything.

The reporters of course, ate it up,

and it all

found its way onto front-page stories.

By the time Cheryl's case

came to trial she had already been convicted in the papers, and in the minds of the public.

Kelly had generously spread her money around, so that by the time the

trial began, all she had to do was sit back in the gallery and enjoy her enemies' humiliation as she was

subjected to a very public and

closely detailed trial.


Cheryl couldn't believe it, after all the friends she thought she'd

made in her years in Columbia,

not a single one of them testified

on her behalf.

Some even got on the witness stand,

and outright lied about her, including her two undergrad roommates. People she had

never seen before, got up and

lied about buying drugs from her.

All of them cheerfully paid for,

courtesy of Kelly Antropos.

The only two people that Cheryl was sure would support her, her two

foster mothers, were kept out of

the courtroom, because the

prosecution had been sure to subpoena them, forcing the worried women to

stay outside the court room, helpless to give support to the girl they'd raised,

and were sure was completely innocent.

By the time the jury had returned with the verdict, Cheryl knew she was convicted,

and as the verdict was being read, she simply stood there, looking at her shoes,

weeping silently, confused and hurt, not understanding why this was happening to her.

After the verdict came the sentencing,

and Cheryl learned, that her foster mothers were being threatened by the authorities. The prosecuter said he would have their credentials to be foster parents pulled,

if they testified on Cheryl's behalf.

Being the person she was, the young blonde refused to let them testify, not wanting them

to lose the chance to help some other gay child trapped in the uncaring, and often brutal DFS system. Without them, Cheryl had no one so this part of the trial went quickly, and Cheryl was already resigned to her fate, when she heard the judge sentencing her to ten to twenty-five years, at a maximum security facility.

As the broken young woman was being led, handcuffed and shackled like an animal,

from the courtroom,

she heard someone calling her name.

When she looked in the direction

of the voice, Cheryl saw Kelly watching her, a self-satisfied

smirk on her face, and when she was sure that she had the dejected

young blonde's attention, the arrogant woman made a statement that would haunt Cheryl

for a long time afterwards.

Kelly's dark eyes took on an evil gleam, as the vindictive Greek woman gave

the dejected, and lost young woman

a pleased satisfied smirk, and said

just loud enough for her victim to hear:

"The next time, you'll know to respect

the wishes of your superiors."



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