The Adventures of Super Dyke I: If You Like Piña Coladas...

by Alex Tryst

Copyright May 2006


Disclaimer: Escape (The Piña Colada Song) doesn't belong to me. I borrowed it, and no infringement was intended. Just thought it fit this story and my characters well. I hope to make this into an ongoing series, so if you enjoy this, drop me a note and let me know at As usual, this is not strictly a PWP, but sex is the main theme. After all, it's all the real Super Dyke (me) ever thinks about! Or so my wife thinks...


Dedication: To all the women who are in love with real super dykes. You know who you are. We all need super heroes!


If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain

If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain

If you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape

I'm the lady you've looked for, write to me and escape.

The chorus wouldn't leave Emily's mind as she sat at a booth in the bar waiting. In fact, the blonde hummed the lyrics under her breath as she took a sip of her frozen white beverage named in the song. She was anxious yet excited about this moment. The last several weeks had led her up to this point in time, and her stomach churned in anticipation.

This native New Yorker had been out with friends not too long before, lamenting over dinner one night how she could not find a suitable woman to fit her lifestyle. She was a cute girl, blonde with blue eyes and a personality that drew people in when she spoke, but her job kept her busy with travel and long office hours, and she hardly had time for a serious girlfriend. Nevertheless, she longed for a special woman with whom to spend time, which is what prompted her friends to dare her to submit the personal ad in the first place.

After much consideration, she felt the poetic lines of Rupert Holmes summed up her interests rather succinctly, and her friends approved of the choice. Armed with what she thought was a clever ad, she allowed her friends to place it in the New York Blade for her. The response was almost instantaneous. She was flooded with replies from women all over the state of New York seeking a date. However, there was only one that truly piqued her interest in return.

Emily remembered logging into the email account she had been provided to pick up her personal messages and seeing the reply. It intrigued her immensely as the email contained several lines of the same song, changed only slightly to fit the moment, and it was signed not by a woman's name but the moniker Texas Tornado.

Yes, I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

I'm not much into health food. I am into champagne.

I've got to meet you, not tomorrow but soon and cut through all this red tape

At a bar of your choosing where we'll plan our escape.


If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain

If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain

If you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape

You're the lady that I've looked for, come with me and escape.

The short, poignant message made Emily's heart titter. She's witty enough to rewrite some of the verses but confident enough to let the song speak for itself , she mused. This was the woman she wanted to meet. The simple reply made her believe that this woman had enough humor to carry them through at least one meal together, so she replied to Texas Tornado's email. And so it began. The women began to converse via email daily trying to find out a little more about each other. Texas Tornado's real name was Erin, and she lived in Texas but traveled to New York City on business often. She had been reading the preeminent gay paper while she had been in town and seen the ad, and she was interested in meeting Emily the next time she came to the city. The blonde was somewhat disappointed that the woman who she took interest in was not from New York , but she figured she wasn't having success with the women of the Big Apple and that maybe Erin was just what she needed.

Over the next several weeks, the two corresponded, their exchanges moving from friendly to flirtatious the closer Erin's next date to New York approached. However, Emily constantly reminded herself that she had never met this woman and had no idea what awaited. To have any expectations would probably only leave her disappointed. Besides, emailing this Erin only reminded her of another Texas Erin, Erin Mahoney, a woman she had worked with many times over the last few years. Their personalities seemed similar in email form, only reminding her more of the gorgeous brunette. Her company handled the financial affairs of the bar Erin owned down outside of Dallas , as well as the Mahoney family's personal finances. Their accounts had been at the firm for generations, and from the moment Emily had met her, she had been in lust. She secretly fantasized about Erin Mahoney all the time, especially after having gone down to Texas herself for a meeting and seeing the dark-haired goddess in her natural habitat.

Emily sighed as she came back to the moment. She had to force Erin Mahoney from her mind if she was ever going to have a chance with this new Erin that should have been arriving at any moment. The blonde checked her watch. It was five minutes after their agreed meeting time. Nervously Emily twirled the tiger lily she had brought in with her. That was how they had agreed to meet each other, with each of them giving the other their favorite flower. Erin 's was tiger lilies and Emily's pink roses.

Trying not to let it get to her that her date was late, her mind drifted to her work schedule the following day. A smile came to her lips as she recalled Erin Mahoney's name appearing on her calendar. The former Miss Texas was supposed to come to her office the next afternoon for business. It always amused Emily that Erin at one time held that title. It didn't suit the Erin she knew at all. Erin Mahoney had gone from beauty pageant winner to butch cowboy in only a decade of years, and the blonde had always been bewildered by that transformation and the gossip of how she was dethroned by scandal. She remembered seeing a photograph of Erin in her crown, and she hardly recognized her in the dress and tiara. She was still every bit as sexy, but Emily hadn't found the beauty queen nearly as attractive as she did the charming cowboy who wore faded Levi's jeans, boots, and Texas A&M t-shirts to work in her corporate office.

Emily checked her watch again. Now her date was ten minutes late. I'm being stood up , she thought to herself. She could feel the disappointment creeping into her heart. However, she didn't want to give up just yet. After all, Erin had said she was flying in that afternoon, and maybe her flight was delayed. Pulling her Blackberry from her purse, she noted that she didn't have any emails. Nevertheless, she refused to give up on her date so soon and continued to wait. Deciding not to sit idle, though, she pulled work from her briefcase and quickly lost herself in it.

She didn't even bother to look at her watch again or look up until a Piña Colada was placed on the table next to her. “Um, I didn't order this,” she mentioned, looking up at the server who had brought it to her. However, her heart hammered at the sight of the 1,000 watt smile and dark eyes that greeted her. Confused though, she said, “ Erin , what a surprise. What are you doing here?” Her eyes drifted to Erin 's hands and saw the pink rose she held. “You? You're Texas Tornado?”

The tall brunette nodded her head. “Sorry I'm late. We ran into some bad weather on the flight up,” she mentioned.

“It's you?” Emily questioned again, not actually believing fate would do this to her. The Erin she had been conversing with online and the Erin of her fantasies were the same? It was almost impossible to imagine. Could that smile be any brighter? Man, does she look hot.

“You don't sound pleased. I'm equally surprised that I'm standing here looking at you, Em. I had no idea. What are the chances of this happening? Of all the women in New York , I get stuck on a blind date with one I work with? One that I consider a friend. That's not quite what I had in mind.”

Emily nodded her head in agreement and sighed, her heart shattered at the prospect standing in front of her. Even though Erin Mahoney was the sexiest woman she had ever known, she knew the woman's reputation. Relationships were not part of Erin 's dating life. She had surmised that much from the gossip mills in New York and Dallas . Why does she have to be so beautiful and a complete bitch to women she dates? “Well, sorry to disappoint you. You might as well sit down. We can at least talk business.”

Erin took a seat in the booth across from Emily. Extending the rose across the table, she said, “Don't get me wrong, Emily. If we didn't have a professional relationship, I would have been happy at this turn of events. You are, after all, quite attractive. I've always thought so. I just try to stay away from women that work for me. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn't.” She gave a smile at her own joke.

Figures but maybe I have an out here. “Well, technically we don't work together. I am the executive on your account at our firm, but you don't pay my salary or anything.”

“That's true, but I think you know me well enough to know what a dog I really am when it comes to women.”

Before Emily could comment, their server came up to them and asked if what Erin wanted to drink. The Texan ordered a scotch on the rocks before turning back to the pretty blonde in front of her. “What? No Piña Colada for you?”

“No. I hate those,” she answered with a snarl of disgust. “Just because you have bad taste in beverages doesn't mean I have to,” she said with a chuckle.

“Your reply to my ad said you liked them. You lied?”

“Yes. I hate coconuts. They are only good for one thing.”

“And what might that be?”

Erin shot her a lopsided grin. “Coconuts should only be worn as a bra to hold a set bodacious tatas. I bet you'd look great in one.”

Emily felt her face grow hot at the comment. “Erin Mahoney!” she chastised. My God, is she flirting with me? Did she just say what I think she did? Did she just compliment my breasts?

“What? What did I say?” innocently the brunette questioned as the server put down her drink and left them alone. The glare she received from her date made it obvious. “Oh, I see. You are pretending to be offended, even though I just complimented your rack. I suppose you don't like the word tatas. Is that it?”

There was a pause. Emily didn't answer. Can she read me that easily? Does she really know I'm not offended? Most women would be.

“Let me try to guess the word you might think is more appropriate to describe them,” Erin proposed, finishing a cube of ice from her drink. She sucked on it for a moment, running the tip of her tongue over the edges. “Tits? No, you're not a tits girl. Hooters? That doesn't fit, even though I'd love to see what you looked like in that uniform. I know tatas is out. Rack? You could be a rack girl, but somehow that doesn't suit you. You're more sophisticated than that. Boobs is too plain. Bosoms? I hate that word, too Victorian sounding. What about breasts, sensual yet classic. That sounds more like you. So which is it?”

“Huh?” Emily managed to ask. Her gaze had been so focused on Erin 's mouth sucking her ice cube that she had lost track of the conversation. Oh, the things she can do with her tongue. Take me now, please. Erin just smiled at her company. You arrogant bitch. You know, don't you? You know exactly what you are doing to me. But, God, I want you anyway.

“How do I best compliment your assets, Em? Maybe the best way is not to say anything at all and just buy you a coconut shell bra for Christmas this year instead of whatever my admin normally buys you.”

Emily laughed as she found her bearings again. “Oh, I don't know. Last year you gave me great seats to a Broadway show. It might be hard to beat that. I'm not sure a coconut shell bra is going to do it.”

“Then maybe I should throw in a lei too?” she questioned, her voice dropping to an even sexier timbre.

Oh God. The double entendre made the blood in her body shoot in a decidedly southern direction. Knowing she wasn't going to make it through drinks if they continued down their path of conversation out of fear of implosion, the blonde tried to redirect them. “So tell me? Was there anything in your first response to my ad that was true? The Piña Colada weren't. What else were you lying about?”

“Well, you know I don't like health food. I'm a red meat girl, so that's obviously true. I do like champagne sometimes. Hard liquor is better, though.”

“Is that all?”

Erin shook her head. “There is one more thing.” Raising an eyebrow and shooting a brilliant smile she confessed, “I do like making love at midnight and would do it outside if there was a cape around here.”

“I bet you would,” Emily responded as their server came back and asked if they needed anything else.

Erin declined for them and asked for their tab. Once paying it, she led them out to catch a taxi to take them to dinner. After giving the address of the restaurant, she said, “By the way, I'm a bad date. I forgot to compliment your outfit. You do look fantastic.”

“Thanks. You look good too.” Emily had come straight from work that evening and was still in a navy business suit and heels. The skirt was conservatively cut to knee-length, but when she noticed Erin 's eyes linger on her legs longer than what would have been a glance, she maneuvered herself so that her skirt rode high enough to expose some thigh. Contrary to the blonde's professional attire, Erin was dressed in tight-fitting jeans and a pressed white shirt. She wore a long, black leather coat that only accentuated her tall height and kept her warm in the autumn air.

Once they were at their restaurant and had ordered, Emily picked up the dialogue from the bar again. “May I ask you why you decided to answer my ad?”

“Does it really matter? I didn't know it was you.”

“I was just curious.”

Erin shrugged her shoulders. “I shouldn't tell you. I don't want to offend you since you are my date for the evening. I would hate to come across as too presumptuous.”

“You presumptuous?” the short blonde teased. “Never. Come on. Tell me.”

“All right. Don't say I didn't warn you, though. I answered the ad, because I wanted to get laid next time I was up here.”

You really are a dog. “And just what made you think you could get laid by answering a personal ad?”

“Simple. Your ad was quite clear. You were looking for a good time without serious commitment. Hell, half of New York should have been on that one. As for me, I thought my answer was just as clear. I wanted to have a good time without strings.”

“And that means sex how?” Erin just stared at her for a moment as if the answer was obvious. Right. Of course. How stupid of me. What woman wouldn't want to be fucked by her? And she knows that's why. Arrogant ass... beautiful arrogant ass. “But you had no idea what I even looked like. What if you had thought I was ugly?”

“I don't.”

“But what if you had?”

“Do you not think less attractive women should get laid? They all look the same in the dark,” she said.

It took Emily a moment to realize Erin was kidding. She played along. “Oh, I see. You're an equal opportunity fucker. Who knew Miss Texas was so gracious?”

“Graciousness has nothing to do with it. It's called drunk. I was going to get laid no matter who that woman was that greeted me, and I didn't care if I had to drink a whole bottle of scotch first. However, in a sardonic twist of fate, I get to have a date with the most attractive blonde that I know in New York without a snowball's chance in hell of fucking her.”

If you only knew. A momentary lull in conversation happened as their first course was brought to the table. However, Emily decided to ask something she had always wanted to know about more. “Could I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course. What do you want to know?”

“I've always been curious how the woman in front of me was Miss Texas at one time. You don't dress the part, and you don't act like one. How did the transformation happen?”

Erin gave a smile. “Well, it's simple really. Back then I was living the life my mama thought I should lead. She was a Miss Texas herself at one time before she met my daddy. She used to drag me to competitions all the time when I was little, and I won them. I thought that's what I was supposed to be doing. I didn't really know any differently until I became a teenager, and that's when it happened. The onslaught of puberty blind-sided me, and I realized I wasn't like the other girls in the competitions. I was much like the womanizer I am today. I wanted to fuck everything in a skirt, and I did. My mama was less than pleased, but daddy didn't care. I continued to live the pageant life, because it was the only life I had known, but then when I was 21 and a senior at A&M, life started to spin out of control. I won the Miss Texas pageant only to have my crown and title stripped two months later because of a scandal involving Miss San Antonio and me. It should have been the most embarrassing moment of my life, but it wasn't. It was really a blessing. I stopped living for other people and start living for myself. Now ten years later what you see is what you get.”

“Why did they take your title or is that too personal to discuss?”

“No, it's not too personal. They took my title because I was caught having sex with Miss San Antonio. During the competition we had become friends and on the night I won, we ended up drunk with some of the other contestants. We started making out at the party and snuck off to have a little privacy. We were so wrapped up in each other that we didn't hear Miss El Paso stumble upon us until she started to freak out. There was a huge investigation and everything, but I was caught red-handed, and they don't like lesbians in their association, so they dethroned me. Miss Austin took my place at the Miss America pageant as Miss Texas , and I haven't looked back. Truly it was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

“So, do you ever think you'll settle down, or are you going to be a confirmed bachelor forever?”

“I'm pretty happy with my life as it is. I mean, I'm thirty-one years old. I work hard and play hard. I'm not sure being in a committed relationship would be in my best interest. They take time, and I don't have a lot of time. I travel a lot for work all over the South, and I come up here to New York once every few months. When I am at home, I'm usually working long hours. I take a hands-on approach to my company. I don't ask my employees to do something I'm not willing to do myself. I'll be out on the oil rigs in the Gulf or the field right along with them most of the time.”

“How long has your family been in the oil industry?”

“Practically forever. My great, great granddaddy started when they came over from Ireland in the late 1880s. Now it's the empire you know today, but it took work. The company has been passed from father to son for generations and will continue to do so long into the future, even though it's one of the largest domestic oil companies in the country. My brother will be CEO some day when my father retires, even though I think he'd rather have me sit in that seat.”

“If he wants you there, why doesn't he just give you the job?”

“Because it's my brother's birthright, even though he's crazier than I am.”

“Is that why you started your own company?”

“Pretty much. It was sort of my way of telling them all the screw themselves. However, now I have contracts with some of the largest suppliers in the U.S. , one of which is my family's company. I also have expanded into natural gas instead of just oil. I still have my job with my family's company, as you know, as Vice President of Operations, and I'll probably keep it indefinitely or until the Board of Directors decides I'm ready to sit with them. My daddy wants me on the Board when my brother takes over, at least that's what he says. We'll see.” Erin paused to take a sip of her wine. “Enough about me, though. Let's talk about you for awhile.”

“What do you want to know?”

“How did you come to join Johnston Brown?”

“Well, there's nothing special to that story. I graduated law school and needed a job. I've always lived in New York City and wanted to return after graduation, so my parents let me have their apartment they have been subletting for the last several decades free of charge, and I started looking for work. There are a ton of law firms here, so I thought it wouldn't be difficult. However, a recruiter called me from Johnston Brown. At first I wasn't really interested, because it was an accounting and investment firm. I agreed to interview, though, because I just wanted to see what was out there, and I fell in love with it. It feels like a family to me. The people are great, and they really know what they are doing. Chuck Johnston and Peter Brown are great people. I'm perfectly content there. I'm not sure I'd ever want to leave.”

“Chuck is a great guy. I'm sure he treats his employees well. I don't know Peter as well, but he seems fair and competent.”

“They both are wonderful. Chuck treats me like a granddaughter. He's even joked he'd like to see me married off to one of his granddaughter's, because he has several my age. He just wants to see me happy and successful.”

“How long have you been there?”

“It's been five years now. I started as just a tax attorney and have made my way to Associate General Counsel. I don't deal directly with clients much anymore and focus on more complex issues of the firm.”

“But you still make time for me? Don't I feel special?” Erin said with a grin.

If you only knew why I asked Chuck to let me keep your account , Emily thought. “The Mahoney accounts are important to Chuck. He and your grandfather are great friends from what I hear.”

“That's true. They are, but our relationship with the Johnstons goes back a generation more than that. I remember when Johnston Brown was still a family-owned business itself.”

“It still is to some extent. Chuck likes to make it feel that way. Granted there are several hundred employees now, but it still feels close-knit.”

“As long as you like it, that's what matters. I've been pleased with all that you have done for my family and me personally over the years. I'm glad to know they are treating you well.”

As the main course of dinner arrived, they down-graded into some small talk. “Could I ask you how you came about the nickname Texas Tornado?”

“Oh, I earned that one. The girls back home call me that, because I can shake a woman up so badly she doesn't know whether she's coming or going with me. I leave a whirlwind of destruction wherever I go.”

“You make it sound like that's a bad thing. Some women like that.”

“I know. They gave it to me with affection. It's still true nevertheless.”

The blonde shook her head. “Well, I'll have you know that's not what the women up here call you.”

Erin quirked her brow in interest. “Really? And tell me, just what do you, Yankees, call me?”

“Something much more amusing.”

“Which is?” Erin pressed.

Emily grinned at her company. “Super Dyke.” Erin gave a hearty laugh. God, what a beautiful laugh.

“Super Dyke? And who exactly gave me that name?”

“I don't know really. I've just heard it when I've been out. You are the rage among professional lesbians between 25 and 45, that's for sure. At least that's they way I hear it from some of my friends you've actually bedded. They all think you're so charming, not to mention gorgeous. You're this larger-than-life novelty. Personally I think the name suits you.”

“Makes me sound like a super hero. You and I both know super villain is more accurate.”

“I disagree. You just try to be bad. It's part of your appeal. You are a cowboy at heart, which means you break hearts wherever you go, but women can't help but still fall for you. Every woman wants a chance at domesticating the seemingly untamable Super Dyke. Being a notch on your bedpost is seen as a badge of courage to even take the chance. Of course women around here really get up in arms if you sleep with the same person more than once. They seem to take it as some sort of prize that they have interested you in coming back for more. Oh, the false hope you give them in their useless pursuit.”

“I have always tried to make my intentions clear. I don't lead women on. I tell them up front that it isn't going to happen. I always try to explain that there will never been anything more between us other than a romp in the sheets, but they never say no.”

Why would they? Emily nodded her head. “I've never heard anyone complain that you deceived them. It is as much of a game to them as it is to you.”

Erin gave a nod herself. “Well, as long as you know the truth. I wouldn't want you to think I screw with women's heads, because I don't.”

“I know.”

“What about you, Em?”

“What about me?”

“Do you make the rounds in the lesbian pool here?”

The blonde shrugged. “I have been known to get around, but I seriously doubt we've ever been with the same people if that's what you're wondering. I've seen some of the women you've been with, and they are not my type.”

“Why not? They are all attractive and successful.”

“I know that, but I don't date women who are that much like me. I won't date a woman who wears a skirt. That's too femme for me.”

“Oh, I see. I guess it's a good thing I stopped wearing dresses then, huh?” The brunette asked with a chuckle.

You better believe it. “I prefer you in jeans. It fits your personality better than formal gowns.”

Erin nodded in agreement. “So, are you content with being single, or do you want to settle down?”

“I find myself in a similar boat to you. I work a lot. I travel on the company's behalf. For the most part, I just want to go out and have fun. If I were to meet someone who understood my situation and could work with it, I wouldn't mind being in a committed relationship, but for now the casual dating scene is just fine for me.”

“Well, you certainly are beautiful enough to have whoever you want. You shouldn't have problems getting dates,” Erin complimented.

Except with you. What does it take to get in your bed? Having the decency to blush, Emily decided to push the issue with her date. She was usually bold when it came to women, but Erin Mahoney always left her unable to use her usually clever repartee. “Are you flirting with me again, Super Dyke?”

Erin laughed. “Maybe I am. After all, who could resist such a wonderful woman? You are enchanting and stunning. I'd be a fool to pass up an opportunity to bed you. Too bad for me that we have a professional relationship.”

Emily choked on the wine she had in her mouth at the comment. She hadn't expected the oil heiress to be so audacious. You beautiful bitch. You're playing with me. Very well. Two can play this game. What do I have to lose? “You would be a fool,” she simply answered. “You are not the only one with the talented tongue, Ms. Mahoney.” Emily was met with silence at her declaration, but she saw the thoughts play across Erin 's face.

Finally the tall brunette said, “Ms. Parker, I'm not sure we should be playing this game. I wouldn't want there to be any misconceptions between us.” Blue eyes just stared at Erin with an unreadable expression.

However, then Emily responded, “Don't flatter yourself, Erin. What makes you think I'd fall prey to the allure of trying to subdue the rowdiest woman in Texas ? I know when to leave well enough alone. You're more alluring with the appearance of freedom. It wouldn't be quite the same if you were so stable. Who wants that? Not me. I just want to have fun, just like you. We're the same, Erin. Don't you get that?” The expression she received to her proclamation made it clear Erin did in fact understand. Gotcha. You're just like the rest. You didn't want me when you thought there would be baggage. Can I really do this? I don't want just a one-night stand, but I'd rather have that than nothing.

The rest of the meal passed with an obvious sexual tension, but Emily felt more in control as she stared at her date. She had found Erin 's weakness. She didn't know what to do with women who gave as good as she did. Most women wanted to claim her, which often sent her running, but Emily tried to present herself as blithe in love as Erin, which she could tell truly intrigued the beauty queen.

When the bill arrived from their dinner, Emily offered to pay, but Erin declined. She checked her watch after handing her credit card to their server as said, “It's still fairly early. I know you have to work tomorrow, but I'm not ready to call it a night if you aren't.”

“Not at all. What did you have in mind?”

“I want to take you somewhere, but you would need to change clothes first.”

“Okay. My place isn't too far from here. I'm up for whatever.”

“Great. You'll love this.”

After leaving the restaurant, they took a cab to Emily's apartment. Erin stayed in the living room while the blonde rushed upstairs to change clothes. She returned not too long after dressed in a similar outfit as Erin's, jeans, stylish boots, and casual blue blouse with a silk scarf around her neck. “So, where are we going?”

“A little place I own. You'll see.”

Twenty minutes later they found themselves in front of a nondescript three-story building with the exception of a neon sign that pronounced they were at Venus. Emily could hear music pouring into the street when the door opened, so Erin grabbed her hand and escorted her inside. The place was packed with so many people they could barely move through the crowd. It was obvious all the employees knew Erin as they shouted over the music and waved at her. The brunette did the same but kept working her way through the sea of people.

Emily took in the decor. Large rainbow flags hung from the ceiling and photographs of famous lesbians hung behind the bar, even one of her hostess in her tiara. Women and a few men were assembled on the first-floor dance floor, gyrating to the retro music the DJ was spinning. Looking upward again, the blonde noticed the second floor had couples dancing at the overlook of the dance floor while other people played pool, but the third floor balcony was empty.

Erin took them up to the third floor and into an office. “Sorry. I just have to look at something quickly.”

“You own this place?' Emily asked as Erin took a seat at the desk.

“Yeah. You like it?”

“It's fantastic. How come you never mentioned it before?”

“I just opened it a few weeks ago. This was actually I was going to discuss with you tomorrow at your office in addition to our usual stuff. For now though, I just want you to enjoy it. Our launch party was a success, and business has been great since. I think it has to do with the fact that I play retro on Friday nights. People seem to really get into it. All right. I'm finished here. You want to dance?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Great. Let's go,” she said, taking Emily by the hand.

Together the duo made their way back down to the large dance floor. Finding a spot for the two of them, Erin pulled Emily to her. The blonde went along willingly and soon found herself body to body with her fantasy.

Jesus, she feels good. How am I going to make it through this without just jumping her? This only makes me want you more, Erin . If you can do this with your hips while dancing, what can you do in the sack? Emily felt Erin 's hands roaming her back as they ground into each other. They started out at a leisurely pace but began to move with increasing speed, slipping lower and lower until the blonde felt them in the back pockets of her jeans. Feeling the brunette's breath against her temple as they danced, Emily knew she couldn't stand it any longer. She had to have this woman. Gathering her courage to take things further, she encircled Erin 's neck with her arms. You can do this, Emily. All you have to do is make the first move. God, what if she rebuffs me? She wouldn't. She's intrigued, isn't she? Doesn't she want this, too? What if she doesn't? Oh God. Her hands feel so good , Emily thought as she felt fingers digging into her flesh through her jeans. No, she wants this. All I have to do is open the door, and she'll walk through it. The short woman took a deep breath before slipping her hands into dark hair and pulling Erin 's head down toward hers. The moment demanded she kiss her date with urgency, so she hungrily captured Erin 's lips with her own. She felt the growl reverberate in the Texan's chest against her own as their tongues met in a hot exchange. Large hands cupped her fair head, fingers threading through the long blonde hair. My God. I'm going to faint. Emily felt her knees starting to loose their ability to hold her weight, but she was held tightly against a strong body. Erin finally broke their heated kiss. Dark eyes flashed wantonly, and the cocky smile made Emily's desire grow. You know you have me, don't you? Damn, I don't even care anymore. Just take me home.

“You want a drink?” Erin asked.


They moved to the bar and were immediately seen to by the bartender. Then Erin excused herself, saying she wanted to talk to the DJ for a moment. Emily watched her go. As promised Erin didn't stay away long. When she came back to the bar, she slid onto a stool and just smiled as she gulped her scotch on the rocks without even flinching. Both women watched the floor for a few minutes before the music slowed into a song that made Emily smile. “Come on. They're playing our song,” Erin said, taking her date by the hand and moving back to the floor as the song about straying spouses rekindling their love at a bar over piña coladas rang out over the speakers. Their eyes stayed locked through the entire song as they moved to the song.

Come on, Emily. When this song is over, ask her to take you home. You know you want this. Why delay it? But how? You have to say something witty. But what? Damn, the things this woman does to me. I'm getting wet just thinking about her touching me. All too soon the song faded into a faster beat, and the moment was over. Not giving herself a chance to think too much, Emily made a move to kiss Erin once again. It left them both breathless. Nipping the brunette's ear, Emily demanded, “Take me home and fuck me, Super Dyke.”

Unable to contrive any comeback, Erin simply nodded her head and answered, “Yes, ma'am.”

This time it was Emily that led them through the crowd back out onto the street. She hailed a cab and shoved her date into the back of it. Rattling her address to the driver, she turned focused blue eyes on Erin . The brunette was breathing erratically as their mouths came together again. Emily could feel herself losing her control of the situation as hands found their way into her blouse. She whimpered as a dark head dipped into the crook of her neck. She clung tighter to Erin 's back as she was pressed against the corner of back seat and door. Her eyes noticed the driver staring at them through his rearview mirror. The blonde growled at him as her boot-clad heel slammed up against the fiberglass that divided them. “Turn around and drive,” she barked.

She felt Erin laugh against her neck. “What a forceful bitch you are,” she joked. Turning her head over her shoulder, she commented to the driver, “Best do as the lady says, so I don't have to open a can of whoop ass on you.”

Neither woman really registered any other part of the ride until the driver declared their arrival. Erin fumbled through her wallet for money as Emily exited the vehicle. The blonde didn't even bother to button her blouse, creating an erotic image, standing on the busy street seemingly oblivious to the fact that men and women were staring at her exposed black bra and abundant endowment. Erin could feel her pulse race even harder as she stepped out of the cab into her date's space once again. She had always secretly wanted Emily Parker, but she felt it best never to try for the sake of their professional relationship. However, just then the resplendent blonde looked like a fantasy. Even though her blouse was still tucked into her jeans, the buttons were open all the way to her waist, but it was her confidence to carry off the look that aroused Erin the most. Emily didn't look like she had a care in the world. She seemed proud of her disheveled appearance, knowing it only made her more alluring. Blue eyes beckoned Erin, who slammed the taxi door. Immediately arms found her neck again and pulled Erin in for another scorching kiss.

The Texan clutched at Emily's body, lifting her legs and wrapping them around her waist. Their lips didn't break contact as she moved them toward the door of Emily's building. The doorman opened the door for them, but neither even acknowledged it. Moving through the lobby, they ignored their audience of the concierge and neighbors. In the elevator, Erin had to break their lip contact to press the right button to Emily's floor, but the attorney took the opportunity to attach her mouth to Erin 's neck.

“Jesus, Em,” the tall woman moaned. She was completely unprepared for how out of control she felt with Emily Parker. It unnerved her that she didn't feel as in command of her desires as she usually did, but the smaller woman felt incredible, just as she imagined she would. Hands groped her body through her pressed shirt, yanking it from her jeans. Nails scraped up her back as hips rocked into her stomach. Erin knew she had to regain the upper hand before Emily took them too far off her course. Pulling the blonde head away from her neck, Erin looked into blue eyes. Pink lips were parted, and Emily looked utterly wild. “God, you're beautiful,” unexpectedly Erin whispered.

What? What is that look? Emily was taken completely aback at the statement, but her confusion was lost as Erin took action again, attacking her cleavage with her mouth. Erin, God, you feel good. When the elevator chimed alerting them to their destination, Erin walked them down to Emily's door.

“Keys,” she requested.

Emily tried to focus as she dug into her purse for her house keys as Erin continued to kiss her. Pulling them out with shaky hands, she placed them in the expectant hand. With strength and finesse, the strong brunette managed to unlock the door while balancing Emily against the wall. Walking them inside, she repeated the process as she relocked it.

“Where's your bedroom?” Erin inquired, already starting to release her date from her clothing. She took the purse from Emily's shoulder and dropped it on the floor before her right hand went to the belt the blonde was wearing.

“Upstairs.” Emily's hands began to free Erin from the confines of her clothes as the tall woman carried them up the circular staircase to the second floor. By the time they reached the bedroom, both of them were without their shirts with jeans hanging open.

Erin laid Emily against the king-sized bed and then took a moment to look into her face. She had never seen a woman so enticing. Starting at the woman's neck, she kissed over her shoulder and then down the center of her chest, kissing and licking a path down to her navel as hands worked jeans from her hips. “You smell so good,” the heiress growled as her lips trailed over the top of Emily right thigh. She pulled the boots and jeans from the blonde's body. Her mouth lingered at Emily's feet, tenderly kissing the top of each before moving back up her legs. Erin 's eyes took in the creation under her in the dark. Emily was lying in only her black lace lingerie set. She was erotic and beautiful. Meeting her lips again in another brutal kiss, Erin lowered her weight to take in the feel of the body under her own. When they broke for air, she murmured, “What do you want? I'll fulfill any fantasy.”

“I want you naked,” Emily growled as her hand shoved the jeans down off Erin 's hips to make her point. The tall woman obliged. She climbed off the bed and clicked on the bedside light before standing at the foot of it to undress herself slowly. Blue eyes were enthralled at the display. Jesus, she's hot. So strong, so beautiful. I want you so badly, Erin .

When Erin finished disrobing, she climbed back onto the bed on top of her prize. The lace of Emily's bra scraped against the tips of her own breasts, sending a tremble through her. She was finding it more difficult than usual to concentrate on her typical game of divide and conquer. Emily was just so beautiful, it was completely disarming, but she managed to find some semblance of control. “Tell me what I can do to please you. I'll do anything, Emily. Just tell me what you want.”

Oh, God. Please fuck me. Please, Erin . Emily was desperate but didn't want to appear so just then, so she found her voice. “Touch me, Erin.”

“How?” she prompted as her hands managed to opened Emily's bra and discarded it. She immediately filled her large hands with warm flesh.

Emily arched into the caress as a mouth joined the exploration. “ Erin ,” she whimpered.

“What, baby?” she whispered, her tongue flicking over the tip of her lover's breasts. She was rewarded with a cry. Erin was hungry for more. She latched onto the breast with fervor as her left hand worked on its twin. She could feel hands clutching her head tighter and legs wrapping themselves around her hips. The brunette moaned at the wetness against her stomach, even through the lace that separated them from what she desperately wanted. Erin was in ecstasy at the feeling of Emily. She was as she had imagined many times over their acquaintance . Feeling hands pushing her shoulders lower, Erin took the unspoken direction and headed south. Her fingers eased the last piece of clothing the blonde was wearing down over her hips as her mouth took in the landscape of toned stomach. When her lips met fine blonde curly hair, she groaned in torment. Emily smelled incredible, making Erin want to taste her firsthand. She never had unprotected sex, but Emily was too inviting. If she could have her without prophylactics, she wanted her. Pausing for a moment, she looked up into blue eyes. “You smell so good, and I bet you taste even better. I want you so much, Em, but if you're not clean, we can't. I won't,” she said, holding her resolve but barely.

“It's fine. It's safe. I promise,” she avowed breathlessly. I don't know if I can wait another second.

“Are you absolutely sure?”

“I'm sure, Erin . I would never lie to you, especially not about that. Please, don't make me wait any longer,” she begged.

Overcome with her own needs, the brunette lowered her mouth to the wetness that awaited her. She moaned at the taste. Starting slowly she leisurely traced the curves of her lover's treasure, taking in every part. She loved the way Emily's hips rocked harder as she teasingly circled her entrance. She could feel the blonde's stomach clench as her body rocked with heightened need. Risking a glance up toward Emily's face, she was unprepared for the sight before her. Blue eyes were tightly shut and mouth open gasping for breath. Her back was arced, and Erin could see the fair skin of Emily's breasts take on a more flushed hue as their tips changed from almost translucent to dark pink. She was beautiful, but Erin refrained from saying so as a hand found perch in her hair, directing her back to task. She knew she had a reputation to uphold and was not about to allow herself to get carried away by emotions, so she focused on Emily's enjoyment.

The room felt as if it was spinning to Emily, even though she hadn't had that much to drink. She felt glad she was already lying down, because she doubted she would have had the strength to stand as the lightheaded feeling consumed her. Waves of pleasure rushed through her, starting from Erin 's mouth and spreading warmth through her frame. No thoughts were even possible, just feelings. She had no idea that she was even calling her lover's name repeatedly as she neared peak or that she shoved Erin 's head deeper into her when she felt that skilled tongue inside of her. Knowing she was about to climax, she begged for release, which came swiftly as Erin doubled her efforts. As her body convulsed, her first thought was, My God. She's good at that. Erin just paused, allowing Emily to revel in her orgasm, but as she sensed the blonde coming down off her peak, she slipped two fingers into her wetness as her mouth went back to work once again. Emily shivered and cried out at the invasion but was quickly lost once again to the delight of Erin 's sexual prowess. However, as the brunette was working her steadily with her mouth and hand, Emily felt the tip of Erin 's smallest finger rimming her other orifice. Before she could even question it, she felt her lover push into her until Emily felt the signet ring Erin always wore on her right hand nestled against the opening. “Jesus, Erin ,” she cried at the triple assault on her senses.

“God, you feel so fucking good from the inside,” the brunette rumbled, gasping for breath before diving in again.

“Please, baby, please, please,” Emily panted as she felt another peak about to crash upon her.

“I've got you, Em. Come for me, baby.”

The blonde climaxed a second time before Erin pulled her body up onto Emily's once again and placed a head against her shoulder. Both of them just tried to reclaim normal breathing for a few minutes, but when Emily had recovered enough, her hands trailed lightly over her lover's back before lifting Erin 's head to kiss her. She could taste herself in her lover's mouth, and it only served to renew her desires again. She had Erin Mahoney in her bed for probably the only time ever, and she had to make the most of it. Wanting to please her lover, her right hand drifted between their bodies to one of Erin 's breasts, but before she could do anything, she felt her lover's hand on her own, maneuvering it away from her mission. Instead Erin took her by both wrists and pinned them above her head “Let me go, Erin . I want to please you.”

The brunette shook her head as dipped her lips into Emily's neck. “I'm not finished with you yet. Now be a good girl and promise not to touch until I've had my fill, and I'll let you go. It's either that or I tie you up. Your choice.”

Intrigued at the thought, she weighed her options a moment, deciding she wanted to at least be able to feel the strong muscles of her lover's back under her hands while Erin pleasured her further, so she whispered, “I promise to be a good girl.”

Instantly Erin let her wrists go. Smiling at her bedmate, she asked, “Do you have any sex toys?”

“Yeah. Why?”


“In the bottom of the night stand.” Emily watched as Erin opened the bottom drawer and rummage through them before coming up with a strap on.

“I knew it,” she declared with a smile.

“You knew what?”

“That you were the kind of girl that liked cock every once in awhile as a change of pace.”

“I've actually never tried that. I haven't met anyone I wanted to do it with yet.”

“You have now,” Erin answered, already opening the straps.

Emily just watched with nervousness as Erin slipped it on at first, but it quickly faded. Who am I kidding? I'd let her do anything to me. It was only a few moments before Erin had it on and was once again lying between her accommodating thighs. God, you are so sexy , Emily thought looking up at the brunette hovering over her.

Erin kissed her lover with tenderness before slowly escalating their passion again. She could feel Emily's body wrought with tension. Her hands caressed her gently as they kissed, tongues curling around each others as if slowly dancing. Feeling Erin 's fingers probe into her, Emily broke their kiss to moan. Erin took in her neck. “I would never hurt you, Emily. If you don't like this, all you have to do is tell me, and I'll stop,” she promised before replacing her fingers with the phallus. She pushed in slowly, feeling the muscles stretching to adapt to the size of the toy.

Emily instinctively arched up into Erin 's body, causing the phallus to drive deeper. She grunted as it probed farther into her than any lover had ever gone. She clutched Erin 's back closely with arms and legs, opening herself to whatever her lover wanted to do to her. Erin didn't disappoint as she pumped in and out with practiced ease as if the toy was a natural extension of her own body. The blonde completely lost all sense of time as her lover took her over the edge slowly several more times through a combination of her many talents. Finally when it was clear Emily couldn't go on any longer, Erin withdrew and dropped the toy onto the floor and spooned the exhausted woman. Emily could feel a hand gently rubbing her arm soothingly as Erin 's lips dusted her wet neck with sweet kisses. Her last thought as she looked at the clock that read 3:00 AM was I never got a chance to please her. Something to look forward to tomorrow, I suppose.

The next time Emily opened her eyes, it was noon. She never slept that late, even when she had been out drinking heavily, but her body still felt exhausted from all the activity. She stretched and turned to look at Erin only to find herself alone. Sitting up she looked to the floor where Erin had dropped her clothes the night before, but they were gone. Shit. She walked out. Flopping back onto the bed, Emily wondered what that could have possibly meant. It was not what she had wanted to find upon waking. Damn it. Who was I kidding? I was just a fuck to her. Her heart ached at the thought. She had lied to Erin the night before when she said they were the same. It wasn't even close to being true, but she had done it to bed the enigmatic woman. Now she was left with the emptiness brought on by a one-night stand. Get a grip, Emily. It's over. She fucked you, and she's done. You have to see her this afternoon. God, what if I can't face her ? Knowing she didn't have a choice but to put on her professional face for her meeting, Emily crawled out of bed to get to work. She only had a couple of hours before their scheduled meeting, and she had wanted to prepare that morning.

It was two hours later when the blonde got to her building. Her first stop after her office was to check in with her boss. However, she was completely unprepared to see Erin already sitting in Chuck Johnston's large office. The brunette looked as she always did as she gave Emily a smile and pleasant greeting. “Ms. Parker, good to see you.”

“Emily, we were just talking about you. Come on in,” Chuck mentioned. “Grab a seat.” He gestured to the one next to Erin across from his desk.

The attorney did as she was told. She couldn't help but cast a small glance in Erin 's direction. It was not returned. Stop it, Emily. It meant nothing to her. Don't make a fool out of yourself. Trying to find her professional demeanor, she asked, “Just what were the two of you discussing?”

“ Erin was telling me about the new bar she opened in town. She said she had the pleasure of showing it to you last night. I didn't know you were in the habit of taking work home with you, Emily. Erin tells me that you've been working incredibly hard to keep her our most satisfied client, even catering to her hectic schedule and arduous demands.”

You asshole , Emily thought. Making me feel like a cheap slut in front of my own boss. “I do the best I can, Chuck. I know the Mahoneys have a long history with the company,” she said as evenly as possible, even though she really felt like throttling the woman next to her.

He nodded his head before looking at Erin . “Are we finished here? I know you said you had a plane to catch.”

“Yes. We've covered everything. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.”

“We aren't having our meeting?” the blonde questioned in confusion.

“No. I have to get back to Texas . Sorry I dragged you here on a Saturday. Chuck was kind enough to see me in your absence. He can fill you in on everything.” She stood, signaling she was finished, so Chuck and Emily did the same. Erin shook Chuck's hand firmly. “Chuck, it was good to see you.” She turned to the blonde and extended her hand. “Emily, thank you for understanding my need to change the schedule on you and for the pleasure of your company last night. I'm glad I was able to show you the club.”

Emily shook Erin 's hand, not knowing what else to do. “I'll see you out,” she offered.

“That's not necessary but thank you.”

“I insist.”

“Actually, I need to speak with you, Emily. Erin can see herself out this once,” Chuck stated.

Blue eyes tried desperately to hide their disappointment. “Very well. It was good to see you, Erin.”

“You too. Good bye.”

When the two attorneys were left alone, Chuck turned to his employee and smiled. “If I were not a gay man and more than twice your age, I would kiss you right now, Emily Parker. You have made me a very happy man today.”

“Why's that?”

“ Erin has asked us to take care of all the finances for her new club, and she made it clear to me that she wants you to stay on as the executive on her account, even though you aren't really doing much account management these days. Not only that, she is investing an additional ten million with us.”

“Where did she get another ten million? I thought we had all her investments already.”

“No. This is some old inheritance money that had a stipulation on it that it had to stay at another firm until she was thirty. Apparently she was withholding it from us for the last year to test you, but she says she's been pleased with your abilities. Now that's she's free to move it, she's asked us to take it over for her. She wants you to personally handle the taxes for all her business now as well as all over her personal finances. She was the last one of the Mahoneys holding out on us. We now have all their money, and she made it clear it was all thanks to you and your excellent customer service. She wouldn't stop going on about how wonderful you were,” he said with a proud smile.

Emily flushed in front of her boss. She knew he would pass it off as praise for a job well done, but she knew the real reason. She was embarrassed by what might have been revealed to her supervisor. “Thank you, Chuck. I'm glad you're happy.”

“She asked me to give you this,” he said, picking up a wrapped large box off his desk. “A gift for terrific work. She already cleared it with me, and you have my permission to go any time you want. Just let me know when you'll be taking your vacation.”


“It's in the box,” he explained. He paused for a moment before saying, “You know I feel strongly for you, Emily. You're like another granddaughter to me, and I want you to be happy. I have never seen Erin Mahoney the way she was today, and I can't help but wonder if that is your influence.”

“What do you mean?”

He shrugged. “I think you know. Are you two involved in more than a professional relationship?”

“No, not at all,” firmly Emily stated. Damn you, Erin. How could you put that idea into his head? What did you say?

“It would be okay with me if you were. I've always thought the two of you would make a great match, but neither of you ever gave any sort of inclination toward the other. Now I'm not so sure if she's not smitten with you, Emily.”

“I assure you, Chuck. Erin Mahoney and I will never be more than just professional acquaintances. She's not my type.” Liar. Then how come you wanted her to jump you as soon as you saw her?

He nodded his head. “It must have been an old man's imagination. I just want to see you happy. Sorry I misinterpreted things. I won't bring it up again. Go on now. It's a Saturday. Why don't you go enjoy it?”

Thanking him Emily made her way back to her office and closed the door. Curious as to what was in the box she held, she ripped off the paper and then set it on the desk. Pulling off the lid, she found a handwritten note, which she set aside at the moment to see the other contents. A set of tickets to Kona , Hawaii and hotel accommodations were in a folded envelope. Then a coconut shell bra sat below that along with a grass skirt and faux lei. Inquisitively she flipped open the note that was folded in two.

“One good lei deserves another. Aloha, Super Dyke,” was in Erin 's script.

Instantly Emily felt the tears come to her eyes. You insolent shit! I hate you, Erin Mahoney. Not only did I let you fuck me, I let you treat me like a common whore. Is that all I was to you? A good lay? Dammit! Why did I do this? It was just fun to you but not to me. Super Dyke? Super fuck who screws with women's feelings is more like it. I hate you, Erin. God, I want to hate you, but it's my fault. I let you hurt me, because I let you in. Why couldn't I resist you? Even now I can't. You're my super woman, my super lover, my Super Dyke.


The Adventures of Super Dyke II: Emotional Entanglement

by Alex Tryst

Copyright March 2006


Disclaimer: This is part of an ongoing series and best enjoyed by reading them in the proper order. Feel free to drop me a note at Enjoy!




Emily Parker drove her sports car down the rural road heading toward Erin Mahoney's ranch. She couldn't believe she was in Texas and about to see the woman of her persistent fantasies once again. It had been eight months since they had seen each other, and each day was only a reminder to Emily that there would never be anything between them. Face it, Em. You got the fuck you wanted, but she never made you promises. She made it clear she would never be anyone's committed lover, and you are no exception. Still the blonde couldn't help but desire more from the attractive cowboy. Erin Mahoney was her perfect woman in many ways. Even though she was rough around the edges and sometimes spoke in vulgarities, there was still something so sensual about her. She was confident in her own skin, and she exuded sexiness. Not only that, their romp proved what Emily had always thought to be true. Erin Mahoney was a talented lover, in fact the best she had ever experienced.

Too bad she is also arrogant and self-centered. God, I can't believe it still hurts to think about. I thought I had gotten over that pain , Emily reflected. Erin had made her feel sleazy the night after they had tumbled in the sheets. The oil heiress had presented her with a gift that seemed more like payment for sexual favors rendered. On top of that, Erin had gone on and on to Emily's boss about her wonderful service. In the end, Emily walked away feeling like a prostitute for their crossover from professional to intimate. Feeling the pain emanating from her heart at the thought, she sighed. I have to get over this. I'm going to be at her house in just a few minutes, and I can't barge in their like a spurned girlfriend. I have to be professional.

Pulling through the gates of the ranch, the blonde drove up the long drive to the large house. She could see a plethora of cars in the circular drive, making her assume Erin had company. Parking her car behind a mammoth white truck, Emily chuckled wryly as she saw the license plate Super D. Apparently Erin had taken her Yankee nickname to heart. Grabbing her overnight bag and briefcase out of the trunk, Emily tried to put on her professional face. She had agreed to stay at the ranch at Erin 's invitation, but at that moment, she doubted her decision to do just that. She wasn't sure she could handle being that close to her former lover and secret flame without doing something stupid. However, she knew she had to act as if nothing was wrong.

When Emily rang the doorbell, a woman she could only assume was Erin 's housekeeper answered the door. She greeted the blonde pleasantly and took her bags before saying that Erin was out by the pool. Thanking her, the attorney made her way out the glass door in which she was directed. There were many people hanging around outside in what was obviously a party. Men and women were in their swim wear making Emily feel slightly awkward in her black slacks and cream silk blouse. People were looking at her, but she ignored them as her eyes scanned for Erin . She felt jealousy rise as she saw the brunette across the pool in a lounger entangled with a beautiful scantily-attired redhead. It was evident the two had blocked out everyone else. Emily could see Erin 's hand disappear into the redhead's suit bottom, and it was clear where it went as the redhead's eyes closed and her mouth dropped open. Emily knew she shouldn't watch, after all, no one else seemed to notice or if they did, they didn't care that their hostess was actively engaged in sexual activity in the open. However, she couldn't help herself.

In fact she was so mesmerized that her focus was only broken when a voice close to her ear whispered, “I know that look. I've seen it a million times.”

She yelped in surprise and turned to see the infamous Mahoney smile greeting her. “Jared, hi. I didn't even see you there,” she said to Erin 's brother.

“A little distracted, were you? I didn't realize you played on my sister's team. No wonder.”

“No wonder what?”

“No wonder all my attempts at trying to tempt you have failed,” he joked.

Emily laughed as her eyes trailed over him. Jared Mahoney was the epitome of a man's man, a sexy body consisting of perfect muscular physique and the same Mahoney confidence. Emily knew from her straight co-workers that Jared was also rumored to know how to please the ladies and never failed to have women in waiting for him. “Don't tell me you've been holding out for little old me. I know you have your way with the ladies, Jared.”

“I do all right,” he replied, flashing that grin again. “Don't worry about Erin . This won't take long. Patricia is a quick comer.”

“And you would know, wouldn't you?”

“Hey. She's a gold digger. She just can't decide whether she wants Erin or me. Patricia is straight, but Erin has more money. I guess she can jump the fence for more green or gold or whatever it is Erin 's pays her ladies with. At least she gives them some token of appreciation, whereas I just leave them high and dry.” He laughed at himself for a moment before asking, “So, what did she give you?”

Emily looked at him in surprise at the question. “You think I slept with your sister?”

“Of course you did. Why else would you be looking like you are about to rip Patricia limb from limb?” He pointed at them. “Watch this. She's about to come.” Emily turned toward their topic of conversation. Sure enough Erin 's female friend looked as if she was about to climax. Once she had, Erin helped her friend put her suit back in place, kissed her forehead, and then got up from the chair. Emily's gaze and thoughts were interrupted again when she heard Jared add, “Besides Erin told me all about your romp up in New York . A fantastic fuck is what she called you.”

Emily couldn't even offer any sort of reply as she felt her anger rise. It was one thing to be a one-night stand, but it was quite another to be the source of conversation among the siblings. Seeing Erin coming up to them, flashing that smile, the attorney didn't even think of her actions. She was just too furious. As soon as the brunette came into her personal space, her hand flew, the palm of it hitting the side of Erin's face so hard there was an audible smack that garnered everyone's attention as Erin's sunglasses flew off her face and hit the concrete. The blonde was seething.

Erin said nothing at first as she bent down to retrieve her sunglasses. By the time she stood to her full height once again, her ever present cocky smile was back in place as if the side of her face was not smarting, even though Emily's hand print could clearly be seen. “I missed you too, Emily,” she said casually. “Perhaps we should go in the house. We have business to discuss.” Emily said nothing, instead following the brunette inside. They went into a comfortable office. As the blonde stood in the middle of it, Erin closed the door behind them. However, when Erin turned the smile was gone, replaced by a scowl. The taller woman stepped into Emily's personal space once again. “Would you care to explain why you just hit me?” growled the cowboy.

“You treated me like a prostitute, Erin! Then you blabbed the whole thing to your brother! It's one thing to fuck me and sneak out in the middle of the night, but it's quite another to try to pay me for it! I'm not a hooker! I'm not a gold digger! And I don't appreciate being treated like some call girl! I hate you!”

“What are you talking about? I didn't try to pay you for that night.”

“‘One good lei deserves another?' That's what your note said! Was I so good you decided to give me a trip to Hawaii ?”

“Emily, that was a joke. I didn't mean it that way at all. I'm sorry if you thought anything else. I just wanted to give you that gift for working so hard for me professionally. Chuck said it was okay. Then after our conversation the previous night about the coconuts, I was just joking around. Please. You have to believe me. I didn't mean to make you feel like a prostitute. That is not what I think about you at all,” she apologized.

Seeing the dark eyes boring into hers with could only be described as a pleading look, she could feel ire beginning to wane. However she asked, “And what of Jared?”

“He asked me how my mystery date was, and I told him it was you. I told him what happened.”

“Did you really call me a fantastic fuck?” she asked.

Erin smiled. “Well, you are,” she offered.

Emily only glowered. “How could you say that to him? He's one of my clients, Erin.”

“He's my brother. We share that kind of stuff. It's not that big of a deal.”

“It is to me! He just told me that I was a quote ‘fantastic fuck!' How do you expect me to remain professional with him when he says something like that? Have you told anyone else in your family? Did you tell Chuck?”

“No. I didn't tell Chuck anything except how wonderful you were to work with, and I mean that. No one in my family knows other than Jared. Emily, I am really sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to do that.”

“You know, I can accept the fact that I was just another woman to you, Erin, but I will not tolerate you talking about me behind my back. Don't ever do it again.”

“You have my word. I won't. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It was insensitive.”

Emily looked deeply into dark eyes. She wanted to believe Erin . What kind of hold do you have on me, Erin Mahoney? Any other woman I would just tell to go to hell but not you. Never you. God, even now I can't help but wonder how it would feel for you to reach out and touch me. Begrudgingly the blonde nodded her head. “Apology accepted.”

“Thank you,” Erin whispered, brining her into a hug. It didn't last long. “Why don't you change into your swim suit and join the party? We don't have to do work until tomorrow.”

“I didn't bring my suit.”

“That's a damn shame,” the brunette said with a grin. “I was looking forward to see your bodacious tatas again,” she joked.

Emily smacked her in the strong arm. “I just bet you were. Too bad. They have to remain a memory now.”

“Let me show you to your room, and you can at least go put on some shorts. This party isn't going to wind down for a little while. Then I promised Jared that I'd make the three of us some steaks on the grill before I took you out for a little fun, Texas style.”

“All right.”

“Great. This way,” Erin said, reaching down and taking Emily by the hand. They walked through the house and up the stairs. Taking the blonde to her room, Erin paused at the doorway. “Make yourself at home and come back outside when you're ready.”

Once Emily was alone, she closed the door to her room and looked around. The first thing she noticed was a vase of pink roses sitting by her bed. You certainly do think of everything, don't you, Erin ? I wonder what this means? I can't read too much into it. She went to the floral arrangement and smelled the roses for a moment before picking up the card that was attached. “Glad you're here, Super Dyke.” It made Emily smile. You certainly have a way, Erin . So easily I can forget being mad at you after harboring it for months. If only my heart could get over you. Moving to her bags, Emily decided to check her work email before joining the others outside.

Meanwhile Erin went back to the pool. Passing her brother, she grumbled, “Thanks a lot, asshole.”

“What did I do?”

“You know. You told Emily what I said about her. I'm lucky the only thing I got was a slap in the face. I had to do some serious groveling. Don't say another word to her about what I told you.”

Jared laughed at his sister. “All right. I'll be good. But why do you even care? It isn't like you to let women get to you.”

“Because we both have to work with this one. I'm not about to give up a great tax attorney, because I slept with her. She's good at what she does. She deserves respect, and I'm asking you to give it to her.”

“Fine. I won't say another word. Still I think you're acting strangely with her. I've never heard of you apologizing to a woman.”

“She deserved an apology, and I gave her one. I'm not a total asshole like you,” she griped before heading back to her other guests.

Hours later as the sun began to set Emily made her appearance pool side. All the guests were gone, and siblings were sitting by the grill drinking beer and just talking. Erin smiled as the blonde came toward them. “We were beginning to wonder where you were,” Jared mentioned as both Mahoneys stood to offer their seats. Jared gave his sister a look over his sunglasses when Emily took Erin 's chair.

“I had some work to do. That's a long flight, and since I'm going to be out of the office the next few days, I thought I would try to get some things done.”

“Would you like something to drink? I can whip up a Piña Colada for you,” Erin volunteered.

“Actually a beer would be great since that seems to be what you two are drinking.”

“Coming right up. Be right back.”

When Erin disappeared inside, Jared smiled at Emily. “It's good to have you down in Texas , Emily. It gets old traveling to Yankeeland to see you all.”

“It is a nice change of pace. Although I didn't realize how incredibly hot it could be here. I should have packed a little better.” She pulled at the hem of her shorts uncomfortably as she noticed the man's eyes drifting to her legs.

“You look great. I'm sure Erin would agree with me.”

She said nothing at first. She wasn't sure how to react to such a comment. Usually when Jared flirted with her, she shrugged it off with a smile, but now that she knew he knew about what had happened with Erin , she felt exposed and awkward. Thankfully her hostess returned after just a moment with three long neck bottles of beer for them. Not really knowing what to do, Emily just watched the Mahoney siblings together over by the grill.

Jared and Erin seemed more like twins even though he was four years older. They were almost the same height, just at six feet, and had the same dark hair and dark eyes. Their builds were also similar, Jared having slightly more definition in his muscles. Of course Erin was graced with an impeccable set of breasts. However, at that moment, looking at them a few feet from her with only their backs on display, they could have passed as brothers. Each was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and long swimming trunks that flawlessly displayed the same athletic posterior that was dotingly referred to around her office by the women, gay and straight, as the hot Mahoney ass.

Emily couldn't help herself. Erin looked good. Even after all that's happened, I still want her. I want to feel her body against mine. She sighed with the realization. Forget it, Em. It's never going to happen. She made that perfectly clear. Still... what if it could? Throughout their meal, those thoughts didn't stray far from Emily's mind as she listened to Erin and Jared carry the conversation. Finally though, Jared said his good night, reminding Emily that he would see her the day after tomorrow at his office in Dallas before taking his leave.

Erin and Emily were then alone for the first time that day. “You seem quiet tonight. Tired from the flight?”

“A little. I've just never seen you and Jared together. Our meetings are always separate. It's interesting to watch your family dynamic.”

“I'm sure you've learned a lot about the two of us today.”

The blonde nodded her head as she finished off her beer. “It has been educational to say the least.”

“Well, I had planned to take you out tonight, but if you're too tired, we can stay in instead.”

“No. Let's go out. You're the only appointment I have tomorrow before I drive back to Dallas .”

“I thought you didn't have to be in Dallas until Tuesday morning.”

“My first meeting is on Tuesday morning. I have a hotel reservation tomorrow night, so I didn't have to fight with driving all the way in Tuesday morning. I wanted to be fresh for my meetings.”

“Oh. I just kind of assumed you would want to stay at the ranch,” Erin stated.

Is that disappointment in her voice? It couldn't be. “No. I don't want to overstay my welcome. I appreciate the offer nonetheless.”

The brunette nodded. “All right. If you change your mind, though, you are more than welcome to stay.”

“Thank you but I need to stick to my itinerary. Now tell me. You promised me fun. Where are we going?”

“I'm going to take you to this little well-kept secret. Only the rural dykes and some of the urban cowboys from Dallas know about it. It's called the Texas Tornado.”

“Named after you?”

“Of course. I own it after all. It's a country western bar for lesbians and gay men. You'd be surprised how many gay cowboys and cowgirls there are in these parts,” she teased. “I hope you brought your jeans and boots, because I'm going to take you two-stepping.”

“I came prepared this time just in case. I should change.”

“Well, I need to shower first before we can go. Give me about half an hour?”


“Great. Be back soon,” she said with a flash of a smile before taking the dishes into the house.

Both women changed for their outing before meeting again outside by the pool. Emily was just sitting there when her fantasy woman made her reappearance. Erin was dressed in a pair of tight faded jeans. In fact, they were so tight, they clung to the woman's thighs and ass, but they were less fitting in the front, making the blonde realize her hostess had on a pair of men's button fly jeans. On top she wore a form-fitting green knit Polo. Those items alone could have made Emily hunger for the slightly older woman, but it was the ones that gave away her heritage that made the attorney's libido spring to life. Erin 's feet were adorned with a pair of brown leather boots that appeared to have seen years of use, a brown leather belt with a huge silver buckle with the letter M on it, and a well-worn straw cowboy hat. Emily thought she made a stunning imagine of rugged sexiness. Standing on shaky legs, the blonde smiled at her companion. My God. Will this obsession ever end? She could jump me now, and I wouldn't complain.

“You look beautiful,” Erin complimented the shorter woman, stepping into her space. Emily was dressed in a more tailored fashion even though she was also in jeans. Her white cotton blouse was casual but still pressed and neatly tucked into her snug jeans. She wore a pair of chic boots and, as was typical of her style, a silk scarf around her neck.

“Thank you. So do you,” Emily managed to respond with an adorable flush to her face.

“Come on. My truck's out front,” Erin said, reaching for Emily's hand. She led her around the house to the driveway and opened the door of her truck for her guest.

They made the half hour drive toward Dallas in relative quiet, but Emily's thoughts were active. What is going on with you, Erin Mahoney? You keep looking at me like you're interested in what you see, and you reached for my hand. We never touched before that night that we had sex. Is this what it's going to always be like with you now? Are we always going to have this unspoken tension? Do you want more of me? Part of me thinks so but the other isn't so sure. Could I even do this a second time knowing how it was between us? You're such an attentive lover in bed, but you don't want me anywhere else. Sure. You apologized, but can I really trust you? You've already hurt my heart once, but just looking at you, I know I could fall prey again to your charms.

When the women reached the bar, the first thing Erin did was order each of them beers. They then stood on the sidelines and watched the other patrons on the dance floor. The live country band was playing cover songs of more popular artists, and the blonde quickly found her foot tapping to the lively beat.

Erin smiled at her. When she had finished off her long neck bottle, she set it on the bar. “You think you're ready to try the two-step?” she asked.

“Yeah. Sure. Lead on, cowboy,” Emily responded, taking the last sip of her beer and then putting her hand in the one extended toward her.

The brunette took them to the floor and encircled her friend's waist. “Just try to follow my lead. It's not hard once you get the hang of it.”

Emily nodded her head in agreement before they began. Erin was right. The dance wasn't complicated but fun all the same. In no time they were the most proficient couple on the floor, adding flourishing moves to the traditional steps. Smiling at her companion, she held her closer as time passed. Damn, Erin . You make it impossible not to want you.

After awhile the taller woman leaned down to her friend's ear. She breathed heavily against it as she asked, “You want to take a break?”

Feeling the hot breath against her neck, Emily shivered slightly. For just a moment it took her back to their first time together. She managed to find her voice, though. “Sure.”

Taking them to the bar, Erin ordered another round for them. Since it was crowded, there was only one stool vacant, and she sat Emily on it. However, she managed to wedge herself between the blonde's thighs. Neither said anything, but words weren't needed. Erin could tell she had Emily's interest again, which is what she wanted from the moment the blonde had slapped her that afternoon.

Emily watched the dance floor as she drank her beer. She was acutely aware of her client's hand brushing against the top of her left thigh. She could tell where Erin 's thoughts were. So, you do want me. Why? What is going on in that head of yours, Erin? You want to fuck me again. I thought you didn't normally do that kind of thing. Double dipping usually isn't your style. Not only that you had sex with another woman just hours ago. I wonder if you see me as a conquest again. Can I do this? It was so good last time, but I want more than what you are willing to give. The blonde finished her beer as she thought about the potentials of the night. Erin 's behavior was fairly clear. The interest was there, but she wasn't going to ask for anything. It was up to Emily to initiate something. Do I dare try? Maybe she'll let me touch her this time if I do. Feeling her desires gain some momentum at that thought, she decided to see what might happen if she started to act interested.

Reaching to her hostess, she placed a hand on her stomach. She felt the muscles clench slightly at the touch. Spurred on by the reaction, her hand started to make a slow trek up the front of Erin 's torso, between her breasts and then back down once again. However, she didn't stop at the brunette's waist. Instead her hand traveled over the big silver buckle to the fly of her jeans. She felt the body against her hand rock forward slightly. She repeated the path a second time. Feeling bolder as the moments passed and she wasn't asked to stop, she paused at the fly on the third pass. Her fingers eased between the folds, knowing there was no zipper to stop her. She heard the hushed gasp, even over all the other noise in the bar, but she wasn't sure who it belonged to as her questing fingers met with heated flesh instead of clothing. The thought of Erin naked under her jeans made her desperate in want.

Erin leaned in further to the caress. It was so unlike her to allow a woman to touch her in the manner Emily was. It felt good, but she felt out of control, so she reached down and retracted the hand from her pants. Kissing the blonde head, she confessed, “You're driving me crazy.”

“That's supposed to be a good thing.”

“Suddenly I don't feel much like dancing anymore. I feel like going home instead.”

“We can do that if you want.”

“What do you want, Emily?” she whispered, kissing the attorney's ear lightly.

“To go home... to go to bed... with you,” she seductively replied, turning her head so their lips could meet.

The kiss was lustful and promising. When it broke, Erin took her hand and said, “Let's go home.”

The couple returned to the truck to go back to the ranch. Emily, feeling as if she had a bit of the upper hand, decided to continue to stoke the fire she had started. Her hands and mouth were busy caressing the brunette as she drove them back. It was clear Erin wanted her then and for more than what they had experienced previously. Her body responded to the touching, and she was actually making strangled whimpers of need. As much as Emily wanted to dive into Erin's jeans again, she didn't for fear her cowboy wouldn't be able to drive if she did, but she let her hand wander between Erin's thighs and teasingly caress her on the outside of the denim. During the whole ride, Erin said nothing even though Emily murmured naughty suggestions into her ear.

Upon arriving at the house, Erin and Emily slid out of truck and went inside. However, as soon as they entered, Erin took off toward the backyard, stripping off her clothes as she went. Emily followed, curious as to what her lover was doing. She was shocked when she followed her to the pool and watched as Erin ripped her boots and jeans from her body. Leaving all her clothes pool side, she dove into the deep end and started to swim laps. Emily was confused at the bazaar behavior, figuring they would be furiously ripping each other's clothes off in sexual frenzy by then. However, she watched on as the brunette rigorously swam laps in her pool. What the hell just happened? I could have sworn we were coming home to have sex. Maybe I did something wrong. She seemed to like that I was doing in the truck. My God, Erin, what is it with you? Not knowing what to do, Emily just stood there for a moment watching her lover in the pool. Well, I guess I'll just have to try again. Slowly taking off her own clothes, Emily eased into the pool in the shallow end and moved into deeper water. When Erin passed her in the water, she reached out and placed her hand on the brunette's shoulder, stopping her movements.

Erin stood up in the pool and looked at the blonde. She had never felt so out of sorts in her life. No woman had ever touched her the way Emily had in the truck, and it perplexed her. It made her feel something, something she couldn't even define. All she knew was she didn't like it.

Blue eyes looked concerned. “Are you all right?” Emily asked softly.

“I'm fine,” she answered. “It was getting so hot in the truck, I needed to cool off a little.” She flashed her signature smile, but for the first time, it lacked some of its typical sparkle. “I'm going to grab a beer. Do you want one?” she asked getting out of the pool.

“Sure.” Emily watched Erin go into the house. What did I do? I've never seen her like that. She almost looked panicked. Erin , talk to me. What's the matter?

Inside the brunette grabbed two beers from the fridge. “Get a grip, Erin . You've got the most beautiful woman in the world out there naked in your pool. She wants you to have sex with her. Don't dwell on this confusion. Just do what you do best,” she said to herself, fortifying her own resolution. She didn't know what was going on with her just then, but she didn't want to let this opportunity to be with Emily again slip by her. There would be time to assess her feelings later. Right then it was her duty to show the blonde a good time, a task she relished.

Feeling calmer, she headed back outside. Getting into the water again, she knew what she had to do, push emotions aside and be the woman Emily expected of her. Quietly she swam up to the blonde whose back was to her as she leaned against the edge of the pool, looking out into the darkness over the fenced plains. Erin wrapped an arm around her waist as she pressed her body into the blonde's back. She put the two beers on the concrete next to them.

Emily sighed as she felt Erin 's body against her. It appeared whatever had happened had passed as a hand lightly began to trace over her frame and a mouth seductively kissed along her neck and shoulder. She indulged in the feeling Erin kindled every time they touched. She became faintly aware as a second hand moved to her breasts and the first headed between her thighs. Her only thought was how she had wanted to touch Erin first, but it didn't last long as she felt strong fingers penetrate deeply inside of her body. She shuddered as she cried out and instinctively clung to the body behind hers. The pace Erin set was slow and torturous, bringing Emily to the edge of fulfillment several times and then backing off before she would reach climax.

“ Erin , please, baby,” she begged.

“All in good time. Paybacks can be a bitch,” the brunette growled, pummeling into her lover with calculated strokes.

Emily cried out in pleasure and torment, knowing this could go on for some time. Trying to take some control, she broke away enough to turn herself around, so they were facing each other. She kissed her lover brutally as she wrapped her legs around Erin 's waist. “Fuck me, Erin. Please, fuck me, baby.”

Erin followed instructions well. She drove powerfully and deeply into her lover's body, savoring the sounds of the blonde's enjoyment. Adding her mouth to the game, she latched onto one of the creamy breasts. She felt her head be rammed into Emily's chest tighter. She worked the blonde roughly until she felt Emily's orgasm begin in her legs.

Emily trembled as she clung tightly to her lover. Her voice screamed out Erin 's name as she panted loudly before there was only erratic breathing. The blonde's body felt like mush, all her muscle control gone. She hadn't been prepared for the ferocity of her climax. It was even more intense than the first time they had been together. It took her several minutes before she calmed. Wrapping her arms more securely around her lover's neck, she leaned to kiss her ear sweetly. As her senses returned to her, she knew they had other unfinished business. Moaning enticingly into Erin 's ear, Emily whispered, “You are so good at that.”

Erin chuckled. “Glad to be of service to you.”

“Now it's my turn to be of service to you. Tell me what you want. I'll do anything you ask of me. Just tell me what I can do to please you.”

Erin pulled her head back to look into blue eyes. It wasn't often women asked her that question, but in the two times they had been intimate, Emily had wanted to reciprocate. “You'd really do anything?” she questioned.

The blonde nodded affirmatively. “Without question.”

“That's awfully brave of you. In that case, I want you to let me take you inside to my bed and let me have my way with you for the rest of the night.”


“You said without question,” Erin whispered.

“I know. I just meant that I wanted to please you the way you have me.”

“Touching you is what brings me the most pleasure, Emily. I feel insatiable for you tonight. Please. I won't be satisfied until I have all of you. Come to bed with me.”

Emily nodded her head in acceptance. “Anything you want, Erin .”

True to her word, the Texan worshiped Emily's body through the rest of the night without stop. Erin was voracious when it came to her lover. Just when Emily thought she couldn't go on, Erin found ways to bring her to peak again and again until she literally passed out in exhaustion after the sun announced a new day.

When she came to again, she found herself alone in Erin 's bed. The clock read noon. Her body felt devoid of strength. She was drained of every ounce of energy. Trying to turn over, she groaned at the soreness in her hips and between her thighs. Erin had worked her harder and longer than she had ever been, and even though she had loved every moment of it, her body ached all over. Seeing a slip of paper and a pink rose on the pillow where the brunette's head should have been, Emily grabbed the note.

“Emily, Couldn't bear to wake you. You looked so beautiful asleep. Had to go into work early. I'll see you this afternoon. We'll do lunch. Directions are on your email. Erin .”

Putting the note aside, Emily picked up the flower and smelled it. My, my, my. Aren't you just full of surprises, Erin ? Who would have ever thought you would lay a rose at any woman's head? Still, reading into something like this could only hurt me, and I refuse to let you hurt me again. However, it does make a nice fantasy to think you are a romantic.

Knowing she had to get up, even though she didn't want to, Emily eased herself out of the comfortable bed and headed back to her room. Going into the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. She giggled at the fact that she looked positively rakish. Her long blonde hair was a complete mess and fair skin marred with hickeys and red splotches, evidencing Erin 's ravenous sexual appetite the night before.

However, even as good as the encounter was, she was plagued by one thing. Why won't you let me touch you? Why won't you let me please you? I don't understand it, Erin . You give so much, but you won't allow me to reciprocate. Something is going on there, and I want to know what. You can't hide from me forever.

Erin was sitting with her executive staff in her office as was her usual Monday midday practice when the receptionist buzzed her. “Ms. Parker is here to see you, Erin.”

“Great. I'll be right there. I'm just finishing a meeting.” She turned back to her employees. “If there isn't anything else pressing at the moment, I guess that's it for now.”

Once everyone was gone, the brunette took a moment to look at herself in the small mirror she kept in a drawer of her desk. Her stomach had been in knots since she had left the house that day, but she didn't have time to dwell on it. Work called. However, now as the chance to see Emily was upon her, the fluttering had continued, making her feel nauseated . Satisfied that she looked all right, she walked to the lobby of her office. Her heart sped up at the sight that greeted her. Emily was dressed in a navy pants suit with heels and her usual accent scarf. Erin knew that today the scarf served more purpose than fashion, though, as she thought of the marks left in the wake of their night. She could feel a fire instantly ignite inside of her at the thought of Emily in her bed. Nevertheless, she knew she had to act professional, so she did her best to give a neutral smile.

“Emily, good to see you. Thanks for coming,” she said. “Let's go into my office.” The two women walked side by side in silence down to Erin 's office. The CEO gestured for Emily to go inside first, and then she followed, closing the door behind her to give them privacy. When they were alone, the brunette stepped closely to her guest, but she didn't say anything at first. She didn't know how to behave just then. Her first instinct was to kiss the blonde madly . It seemed like forever since she had seen her, but she refrained. Finally she said, “You look lovely today.”

“Thank you. I am worn out. I'd love a nap right about now.”

“That does sound nice. I'm a bit tired myself. Are you hungry?”


“Well, let me take you out to lunch before we get to work.”

“If it's all the same to you, could we just order in? I'd really like to get to work, so I can get to Dallas early this afternoon.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure. I have some menus,” mumbled Erin , turning for her desk.

Now there was definitely disappointment in that response , Emily thought. She didn't address it, though, as she took the menus Erin extended toward her. Within a few minutes she had decided, and Erin had asked her assistant to call in the order for them. For the next couple of hours, both women were strictly business, but it was obvious to Emily that Erin was not herself. She did look tired, but her intuitions told her that wasn't the reason for the brunette's mood. No, she felt as if it was more personal. In fact, when their meeting came to a close, Erin walked her to the lobby but no further, which surprised Emily greatly. She thought for sure the older woman would have escorted her to her car, but she realized in doing that, she was starting to set up expectations for Erin that would never be fulfilled, and in doing so, she would only cause herself pain. Instead she forced herself to be professional. “Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me, Erin.”

“Well, thank you for taking the time to fly all the way down here. I always appreciate the efforts Johnston Brown makes on my and my family's behalf.”

The blonde nodded. “I guess I will see you the next time you are in New York then. You know where to find me should you need me before then.”

“Yes and thank you again. Have a safe flight back. I'll talk to you soon.”

Emily nodded again. Even though it felt incredibly awkward just then, she extended her hand for Erin to shake. It seemed so unnatural in light of the previous night, but it was protocol. Erin shook her hand, but for a split second caressed the back of her hand with her thumb before letting go. It was enough of a gesture of Emily to know she was not being dismissed as she had been last time. Erin watched as Emily walked out the door and disappeared out of sight before going back to her office. Immediately picking up the phone, she dialed the familiar number and waited.

“Jared Mahoney's office. How may I help you?”

“Hey, Karen. It's Erin . Is my brother around?”

“Hi, Erin . Sure. Just one moment.”

When her brother came on the phone, she said, “Listen, I need to come to the office in Dallas tomorrow morning. Would you mind if I crashed at your place tonight?”

“Not at all. Come on over, but why are you coming to the office? You hardly ever come up here anymore.”

“There's just something I have to do. I'll see you tonight.”

“All right. You have your key. Just let yourself in if I'm not there.”

For the rest of the day and into the night, Emily thought about Erin . Something had changed between them, but she didn't know what. Furthermore, she didn't know if she could handle it if the brunette wasn't going to communicate with her about it. It didn't stop her, though, of reliving the night in Erin 's bed in her head. She had never been physically loved in such a fashion. To begin with, she had never had an insatiable lover, and having sex for more than a couple of hours stringed together was not common practice for her. Their romp had lasted the better part of an entire night and with no signs of stopping from Erin . It was only Emily's pleading for rest after dawn that caused the cease in their activities. She wondered how much longer her lover could have gone, because her favorite cowboy's stamina had clearly not been expended. Emily felt a giggle bubble up inside of her at the thought of her sexy, strong lover being able to outlast any other woman she had ever known intimately. For just a moment she questioned if she would be able to live to tell the tale if she allowed Erin to go until she absolutely couldn't any longer.

Shifting her thoughts, she wondered what might happen between them. She wasn't sure she could go on this way. She knew her feelings, which had started as a lustful crush, were changing, even as much as she tried not to let them. Even as much as Erin had hurt her in the past, she could feel a new sensation in her heart whenever Erin came to mind, something she had never felt before, but she assumed it was love. It disconcerted her, because she knew there was no room for that in their relationship. Their relationship was foremost a professional one and an uncertain friendship after that. Knowing that answers wouldn't come in one evening, she tried to block it all out as her focus diverted to work.

The next morning Emily was at Jared's office at her appointed time. The receptionist on the executive floor greeted her warmly and placed her in a conference room that had a nice view of downtown Dallas . Uncomfortably she played with the cuffs of her suit jacket. She wasn't sure what to expect from Erin 's brother, hoping nothing of their night had made it back to the older sibling. When Jared arrived and gave her the Mahoney smile, her stomach quivered. He looked so much like his sister. However, he said nothing except hello and gestured to the conference table for Emily to sit. Unbeknownst to Emily, an admirer was lurking in the hallway watching her every move as she began her meeting with Jared.

Erin stood in the hall, out of view of the conference room. Even though she could not be seen, her position gave her a perfect vantage point to watch the blonde through the glass partition. She couldn't hear a word, but she was riveted as she saw Emily talking. Her eyes took in the attorney's attire. The short woman had taken off her suit jacket, leaving her in a long-sleeved blue silk blouse. It fit her well, and when Emily gestured, she watched how the material stretched across her breasts in an alluring way. She could see Emily's legs under the table. She had on a respectable knee-length skirt and hosiery covered her calves, but in her mind she could still feel them bare wrapped around her waist. The multi-colored scarf around the blonde's neck looked perfect with her suit, but Erin imagined what kind of marks still might reside on that elegant neck from her greedy oral assault. Long blonde hair was slightly curled and rested mostly over her left shoulder. Emily Parker was beautiful, a perfect vision of everything feminine that Erin utterly adored in women. Suddenly her musings were broken, and she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“ Erin , what a surprise. What are you doing here?” her father asked, unaware of the panic he had caused his daughter.

“I just had to come into town and thought I would check up on things here.”

“You're in a suit. You never wear suits,” he commented.

She shrugged. “Well, I thought I might try looking the part of an executive of this firm since I technically am. I mean, I noticed that my office is still there, so I guess I'm still employed here,” she joked.

He nodded his head. Erin saw his eyes leave hers and move toward the conference room. He smiled at her. “Your presence here wouldn't have anything to do with a certain tax attorney paying us a visit today, would it?”

Erin brushed off the question with a wave of her hand. “Please, Daddy. Don't even go there. That's not going to happen.”

“And why not? She's a perfect woman for you, Erin. She's smart, bold, full of life, and that's not even mentioning that she's pretty as hell. From what Chuck has told me, she's on your team. If she wasn't, I'd be saying this to Jared. You don't get much better than a woman like Emily Parker. You can't be a bachelor forever. You need a woman to look after you and keep you in line.”

“And you think Emily Parker is that woman? Daddy, you are sadly mistaken if you think that woman has the inclination to look after me and keep me in line.”

“I just want to see you happy and settled. You're thirty-one. It's time to be an adult and stop messing around with all these women.”

“I like my life as it is.”

He shook his head. “A father can try. Are you going to be here the rest of the day?”

“I asked for a meeting with Emily this afternoon and was going to head home afterwards. Why?”

“Emily invited Jared and me to dinner tonight. He can't come. Now I wouldn't mind taking her out all by myself and letting all of Dallas think I've still got what it takes to please the ladies, but I'd rather you go with us. I won't take no for an answer. Besides you'll skip commuter traffic this way.”

Knowing it was a chance to be with Emily again, even if it was in her father's presence, she accepted. “All right. I'll ask Emily about it this afternoon.”

“Good. Now stay out of trouble. We have an executive staff meeting later today. Perhaps you could grace us with your presence.”

Erin spent the rest of the day awaiting her chance to see Emily. She felt restless, a feeling she didn't have often, but she passed it off as being cooped up in the office she disdained so much. Finally when the receptionist buzzed her to let her know Emily was available, the brunette practically jumped out of her chair. However, she calmly responded for the attorney to be sent to her office instead of meeting in the conference room.

Taking a few deep breaths, she moved to the door and opened it, taking a step into the hall to wait for her visitor. She watched in rapture as Emily walked slowly down the long corridor toward her. It gave her a chance to observe the slight sway of her hips. It was mesmerizing. However, she noticed there was something missing from Emily's face, and that was her smile. Instead there was a neutral look of professionalism. When the blonde reached her, Erin stepped into her office first but then turned quickly as Emily followed. The tall woman closed the door while at the same time placing a hand on Emily's hip to stop her from going any further. Erin then guided the blonde back up against the door and stepped to her, lightly pressing their bodies together. She heard Emily give a muffled exhale at the touch, confirming what she had hoped to be true. The blonde still wanted her.

Blue eyes looked into dark ones that were showing hunger, but she ignored it. Instead Emily said, “You asked to see me.”

Erin nodded. Her right hand traveled from her lover's hip up to just the edge of her left breast on the outside of her silk blouse. She leaned down and nuzzled Emily's neck, murmuring, “You smell incredible.”

Emily instinctively threaded her fingers through dark hair and pulled her lover closer. It only a matter of moments they were kissing greedily. Emily didn't even think, just felt the strong body grinding against her, pushing harder against the door. Just then it seemed like she hadn't seen Erin in forever, when in reality it had only been a day, and she felt just as needy as Erin seemed for a physical connection. Feeling her skirt and silk slip being raised and a thigh wedged between her own, Emily whimpered. Her eyes met Erin 's once again as she ripped her lover's suit jacket from her body. “You look so sexy in this suit,” she complimented. “You'll look even better without it, though.” Her hands then went to the zipper of Erin 's slacks. “Packing heat today I see,” she teased, her hands fondling the phallus through her pants. “Have you been wearing that all day?”

“I just put it on for you. I saw you earlier today, and you looked so tempting. I just knew I had to have you,” she growled. Her hands trailed over the tops of the thigh-high hosiery Emily wore and stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs. “You sexy little minx. Thigh-highs and a thong,” she whispered, working the thong down off hips until it pooled at Emily's high-heeled feet. “Damn, I want you so much.” Undoing her own pants, she freed the phallus. She felt her lover slip off her own shoes and kick her undergarment aside. With brute strength, Erin lifted Emily by the back of the thighs until their hips were parallel and then sunk herself into the blonde's warm, inviting wetness.

“God, you're so strong,” Emily moaned as much in surprise as pleasure at the invasion as she locked her legs around Erin 's hips. She had no idea what she was in for when she had come into Erin 's office, this being the last thing on her mind. However, now that it was happening, she realized she craved it as much as the brunette obviously did.

Erin growled wantonly as she pumped at a vigorous pace. Hearing Emily's body slam against the door and rattle the lock with each thrust, though, she decided to move them across the room to the couch that resided in her office. Walking them there without breaking their connection, she settled herself supine with the blonde straddled across her hips. They exchanged frantic kisses as their hips ground together, seeking relief. It didn't take long before Emily quaked in climax and flopped down on her lover's body. Erin held her closely in silence, stroking blonde hair gently.

For a few minutes neither woman said anything, but then Emily raised her head and smiled. “You know, we probably should continue this in a more private place. Why don't you come back to my hotel with me? I'll make all your fantasies come true.”

“I'd love to, Em, but I can't. I have a meeting with Daddy and some other executives. It's going to last until dinner time. He invited me to come with you all. I hope that's all right.”

She nodded. “Of course.”

“Maybe after that?” Erin proposed.

“We'll see.” They laid there a moment longer before the blonde finally raised herself off her lover's body. She looked down at the phallus that still stood at attention between them. She wasn't surprised to see the prophylactic after their romp the night before last. Erin had made it clear she believed in safe sexual activities, and with all the women she had used her toys with, she wanted to make sure Emily was completely protected. It was a sweet gesture, one that the blonde appreciated. Giving Erin a mischievous smile, she pulled the condom off the phallus and dropped it on the floor before grabbing the silicone shaft in her right hand. Experimentally she pumped it, trying to see if she could get a reaction. She wasn't disappointed when she felt hips rise slightly. “You like this.” It wasn't a question. “What if I did this?” she asked, leaning down and kissing the tip of it. Erin said nothing, but she could tell the brunette liked it anyway. Emily moaned lightly as she smelled her lover's essence. She wanted to taste her so badly, but she knew she had to move slowly. Running her left hand up under Erin 's shirt to her stomach, she caressed the toned muscles as her right continued to work the phallus. Her mouth joined the game, kissing Erin 's stomach and slowly going lower. She felt hands in her hair, pressing her deeper. Moving her mouth to the shaft, she sucked it for a moment as her hands started to unbuckle the straps holding it in place. When she removed it, she was left with just Erin , but she felt her lover stiffen.

“Wait,” Erin desperately pleaded breathlessly. “Stop.”

“But you smell so good. I want to taste you, Erin. I want to please you,” Emily whined. “I can make you feel good, baby. I swear.”

“I don't want you to.”

“Yes, you do,” challenged the blonde, not understanding why Erin wouldn't let her go further.

“I said no.” The tone was firm leaving no room for discussion on the matter.

Emily had never been rebuffed in such a way. It took her completely aback, and she looked up into dark eyes in bewilderment. However, she saw it clearly in Erin 's eyes. She meant what she was saying. Immediately moving her mouth and hands away from the enticing body under her, she sat back on her knees. “Why?” she inquired in her confusion.

“Because I said so,” gruffly the brunette replied. Erin was already zipping her pants.

“ Erin ?” Emily questioned, reaching out for her as the Texan rose from the sofa.

“What?” Erin gave the agitated reply.

“What just happened here?”

“We just finished.”

“I wasn't finished,” she pointed out.

“Well, unless you feel like coming again, we're finished,” Erin supplied. “You didn't seem interested in that.”

“Because I wanted to give back to you. Why won't you let me? What's the problem?”

“I don't have a problem.”

“Oh no? Then why are acting like this? You're all flustered. I'm just trying to love you.”

“Maybe I don't want your love, Em! I thought I made it clear I wasn't into that! I just wanted to have sex with you! That's it!” she snapped.

“Yeah, you've made that clear! Silly me for thinking it could ever be a two-way street! This friends with benefits thing only works if both people get something out of it!”

“Oh, I'd say you get plenty out of it, Emily!”

“But not all I want, Erin! You're getting all you want, but I'm not! That's not fair!”

“Well, why don't you just cry me a river,” she sarcastically remarked. “Poor baby.”

Emily huffed in frustration as she moved to where she had abandoned her thong and heels and slipped on her shoes. “You know what? Fuck it! I don't need this shit! I want to be your friend, Erin, but if you're going to get all weird about us having sex, then screw it! I don't want to have sex with you! Here! You can keep these! They're the closest thing to me you're ever going to get again!” she yelled throwing her thong at the brunette. It hit her in the chest before Erin caught it. With that, Emily stormed out of the room.

Stuffing the undergarment in her pocket, Erin quickly went after her, closing the door, so no one would venture into the office. “Emily!” she called out, seeing the blonde rushing down the hall. “Emily, wait!” Her words weren't headed, so she kept in pursuit until they ended up in the conference room. Knowing they were in public view, Erin put on a stoic face as she said, “I don't do that with women. That's never part of the arrangement.”

“Well, those terms are unacceptable to me, Erin. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone down this path. We have to be equals, or I'm not doing it. You think about it and let me know if you change your mind,” she said picking up her briefcase. “I'll see you and your father at dinner.”

Walking out Emily resisted her urges to look back at the brunette. Damn, what is it with you, Erin? Why are you acting like this? And why do I even care? I know why , she admitted to herself. Because I'm falling in love with the one woman who will never love me in return. Get a grip, Emily. She isn't interested and sleeping with her isn't going to change her mind. Best to call the whole thing off now before it's too late. Face it. You can't be friends with Erin and sleep with her anymore. Your job could be at stake if this goes wrong. It's for the best to stay out of her bed. But the things she can do... no other woman has ever made me feel this way. The blonde sighed in discontentment. Life seemed so much simpler before she and Erin had ventured into the place in which they now found themselves. As soon as you get back to New York , you have to find yourself someone else. That's the only way to move beyond this. There has to be another woman out there for you, Emily. Erin Mahoney is not the end all and be all of women. Knowing that had to be the case, she resolved to put her growing feelings for Erin out of her thoughts and heart. All she had to do was get home, and things would start to be normal again. She wouldn't see Erin for months, plenty of time in which to find someone else. I just have to make it through the evening.

That night when Emily arrived at the restaurant Erin and her father were already there. It was obvious they had arrived early enough to already be seated and seemed still engaged in work conversation. Nevertheless, that ceased immediately when they saw the blonde. Both of the Mahoneys stood as Emily came to the table. “Mr. Mahoney, Erin , how are the two of you?”

“Wonderful now that you're here,” he replied for them with a smile, the same smile his two children possessed. “Please sit.” He gestured to the chair between him and his daughter.

Erin pulled it out for her, for which Emily thanked her before they were all seated. Their server quickly came around to see if they needed anything, and then they were left in peace.

The conversation that evening didn't stray too far from idle chatter as they ate, but Erin could see her father's contemplative look he was sending her direction through most of the meal. She knew what he was thinking, and when he made an excuse to leave the meal before either woman seemed ready to call it an evening, Erin wanted to kill him.

“Emily, it was such a pleasure to see you again. Thank you very much dinner this evening. I'm terribly sorry it couldn't be longer,” he said, taking her right hand in his.

“I understand. You're a busy man, and I appreciate the time you take out of your schedule to see me.”

He turned to his youngest child. “ Erin , I hold you fully responsible for seeing this young lady back to her hotel safely.”

“I will, Daddy. You don't have to worry.”

With a smile for each of them, he bid them goodnight. The two women sat back down at the table once he was gone. There was an obvious awkwardness between them for the first time, neither knowing quite what to say. Finally an excuse to leave arose as their server brought the bill with Emily's credit card back to them. She quickly signed it before looking at her dinner companion.

“I guess I should be getting back to the hotel. I have an early flight home tomorrow.”

Erin nodded. “Where's the hotel where you are staying?”

“Just about a five minute walk from here.”

“Well, let me give you a ride.”

“It's not necessary.”

“I insist. I told Daddy I would make sure you got home all right. Come on. Let me take you to the hotel.”

Emily nodded her head in agreement. That wasn't part of her plan, but she hoped she could handle being alone with Erin long enough to get back to the hotel. Heading outside, she didn't see the white truck she was expecting. Instead Erin directed her toward a more sophisticated vehicle, a black luxury sports car that didn't quite fit the brunette's personality in her opinion, but she said nothing, only thanked her driver when her door was opened for her. The drive was quiet, highly usual for both of them.

Driving up to the hotel, Erin put the car in park but didn't turn it off. She looked at the blonde. “Should I see you upstairs to make sure you really made it all the way safely?” she asked uneasily.

Emily chuckled at the other woman's anxiety. She had never seen Erin act that way in the years she'd known her. “Is that the best line you can come up with right now?” she teased, trying to lighten the discomfort that had encompassed them. However, the response she received made her realize, her joking didn't go over well.

“If you don't me to, you can just say so. It was just an offer,” Erin grumbled.

Emily looked out the passenger side window to the valets who were trying to figure out whether or not to approach the car or give the couple their privacy. She knew what she wanted, but she didn't know if it was for the best. “I'd like the company,” she accepted.

Erin just gave a nod in reply as she opened the driver's door. Instantly the valets were there to take the car from them as they made their way into the luxurious hotel. Neither said anything as they walked to the elevator, Erin just half a step behind Emily, her hand resting against the small of the blonde's back. It felt good to touch her after their fight. It was comforting to know the attorney still would allow it. She felt as if she hadn't done permanent damage to their relationship.

Once in the hotel room, Emily flipped on the lights, showcasing the space. It was elegantly decorated with the bedroom segregated in a separate room for the sitting area. She gestured to the small couch. “Would you like to sit down? Want something to drink from the bar?”

“If you're having something.”

Emily nodded before getting herself a bottle of water. “Water or something stronger?” she asked.

“Water's fine. I have to drive home at some point.”

Taking a seat on the sofa next to Erin , Emily handed her a bottle of water before flipping on the TV. She needed distraction just then from the woman next to her. She knew if they were idle too long, they would end up doing exactly what she had said she wouldn't that afternoon. As much as part of her wanted just that, she knew it wasn't a good idea. For the next two hours they ended up watching TV, but as time had passed they had started snuggling without even being aware of it. It just felt natural to touch each other. Looking into dark eyes, Emily couldn't resist when Erin leaned to kiss her. Then all thoughts ceased as their instincts took over, and it wasn't until the blonde realized her guest's hand had found its way under her skirt that she even noticed how far they were going in a direction she said she wouldn't.

It took everything in her to put her hand on top of Erin and whisper, “Wait. We need to stop.”

“Why? You know how good it will be,” Erin said, kissing Emily's ear sweetly.

“Because I said I wasn't going to do this. Remember?”

“I thought for sure you were just upset in the moment.”

Emily shook her head as she retracted her lover's hand from under her clothes. “ Erin , I was upset, but I also did mean it.” She looked into brown eyes. It was obvious Erin wasn't used to rejection by the shocked look she was sporting. Emily reached up and caressed the brunette's cheek. “I don't want to be with you that way anymore if you don't want to be equals. I just want a chance to bring you as much pleasure as you bring me. That's all, Erin. I'm not trying to own you. I'm just trying to give you affection the same way you give it to me. But it has to stop if you won't let me do that.”

The tall woman was silent but then nodded her head. “I understand. Perhaps I better go then.”

“I wish you wouldn't.”

“You just said we couldn't have sex. Why else would you want me to stay?”

“You could stay simply because I asked you to. We don't have to do anything, but you could still spend the night if you wanted.”

“Spend the night?”

“If you want to,” Emily stressed, her heart hoping the answer would be yes, even though she knew she shouldn't expect anything.

“I don't know. I don't have anything to wear to bed.”

“It isn't like I haven't seen it all before. It's just getting a little late to drive back to the ranch.”

It wasn't really, but Erin wasn't going to argue the point. She didn't really want to leave the blonde just then, and the thought of sleeping with her, even if they couldn't have sex was tempting. Shrugging she said, “If you're sure you want me to stay.”

The shorter woman nodded. “Come on. I have an early flight, so we should probably go to bed.” She reached to take Erin 's hand in her own and escorted her to the bedroom. “You can use the bathroom first if you want.”

Erin did so, leaving Emily alone with her thoughts. What are you doing? This is so not a good idea, Em. You know you can't have her. Why are you still pretending you can? She doesn't want a relationship. Nevertheless, she couldn't bear the thought of being alone just then, not when Erin was so close.

When it was her turn in the bathroom, she did her nightly routine before going to the bed. Her lamp was still on, and Erin was already in the bed. She could see the dark-haired woman's bare shoulders and the slopes of her breasts peeking out from under the comforter, but she forced herself not to react. Trying to act nonchalant, she took off her robe, revealing she was wearing nothing to bed either before slipping under the covers and extinguishing the light. Neither said anything at first as they both lay naked in the king-sized bed, but after a little bit of time, Emily felt a hand brush against hers.

“Did you want to... cuddle or anything?” Erin whispered, truly unsure of what she was supposed to be doing, if anything. She still wasn't sure why she had agreed to stay.

The blonde's heart thudded. “Cuddling would be good,” she answered quietly. Both women tentatively moved toward the center of the bed. When their naked forms touched, Emily had to control herself from moaning. It felt so right, even though she knew it truly wasn't for the best. All continued to be silent between them until she heard Erin 's breathing change, signaling she had fallen asleep. However, Emily was too aware of her lover's presence to fall into dreams. She fought it, trying to take in the feeling of Erin 's body in all its wonder against her own. She knew it had to be the last time they were together like this, and she didn't want to ever forget the way it felt to be held by the woman of her best fantasies.

The next morning when she awoke, she looked up to find herself alone in bed. Erin 's clothes were gone. Emily sighed sadly. What did you expect? For her to still be here? Why? There is nothing here for her. You made that perfectly clear last night. But then why did she stay? Part of me wishes it's because she feels the way I do, but that's impossible. Erin Mahoney doesn't do relationships. You had your perfect night. She did everything you asked of her and withheld her affections. But what you really wanted was for her to give into your desires, and she didn't. She wouldn't. That's proof enough that it's over between you. You made demands, and she didn't follow through, as expected. So why does it still hurt? Emily knew the answer to her own question. It was because she was in love, plain and simple. She was in love with a woman incapable of returning that feeling. Sliding from bed, she sighed again. All that was left to be done was go home and forget, but it would be easier said than done. Well, at least you can say you had all your fantasies come true with your Super Dyke, Em. Too bad it's over, but at least you got to see more of Erin that you ever thought you would , she consoled herself. That will have to do. That will just have to do.


The Adventures of Super Dyke III: Sometimes Rescues Go Wrong

by Alex Tryst

Copyright April 2006


Disclaimer: Only one thing here. You all know I strike political chords on occasion. I have added another main character that is a Muslim. No offense is meant by anything written about her, and all Islamic jokes are just that. No one send me hate mail for making light of a controversial religion, please. I know not all Muslims are religious zealots and so should you. I just wanted to add some more spice to this already hot series.


Dedication: To Mel C. (who counts my sex scenes and gains tips on loving women), thanks for the longest “fan” mail. Sometimes less is more, as long as it's quality.


Hope you enjoy this installment.



The retro music blared over the sea of people at Venus that Friday night. Erin was in her office when her phone buzzed. She grabbed it. “Yeah?”

“Have you heard from Princess tonight? She was supposed to be here an hour ago. It isn't like her to ever be late or absent,” her manager Kevin inquired.

“No, we didn't have any voicemails. That does seem strange. How is the bar coverage with her out?”

“Well, we're down a bartender on a Friday night. It's a big crowd. I've called everyone looking for someone to fill in. I didn't have any takers. I'm about to hop behind the bar to give them an extra set of hands.”

“All right. I'll be down in a few minutes. I can lend a hand as well. Let me just call Princess's place and see if she's there.” Hanging up Erin called her absent bartender. She only got the answering machine. Leaving a message, she decided she didn't have time to think about it any longer, even though she was concerned. Her help was needed downstairs.

Not knowing how much time passed as she and her bartenders tended to the thick crowd, she was surprised when one of her bouncers pulled her out from behind the bar. “You have a phone call up front.”

“Who is it? I'm kind of busy here.”

“It's Princess. She sounds pretty shaken.”

The Texan nodded her head and headed to the front of the club and into the booth where one of her employees was checking identification and taking the cover charges for the night. “Princess, hey,” she greeted calmly, even though she was agitated that she was short an employee on such a busy night. “Where are you? You were supposed to be here a long time ago.”

“I know, Erin , and I'm sorry,” the younger woman replied in a shaky voice.

Immediately the brunette's tone changed at the sound of her friend. “Are you all right?”

“No. Jas and I got into another fight. I'm actually at the hospital. That's why I'm not at work.”

“Did she hurt you?” accused the club owner. She had seen some signs that her favorite bartender was being abused at home, but Princess never wanted to discuss it. The woman on the other end of the line only cried in response. “What hospital are you in?” Princess told her. “You stay right there. I'm coming to get you.”

“That's not necessary, Erin . I just wanted you to know why I'm not at work.”

“I insist. Stay put. I'm on my way.”

“Thank you. I didn't really want to be by myself.”

“You won't be. I'll be there in half an hour.”

As promised Erin entered the emergency room in just under thirty minutes. When she asked for her friend, she was escorted to her room. One look at her friend and she felt anger well up inside of her. “Sahar, what the hell?” she asked. The petite Arabic woman, who was a main attraction at Venus for her exotic beauty and flirty personality, was lying on top of a bed with abrasions across her face and left forearm in a cast. “Did Jas do this to you?” She still did not receive an answer. The small woman only dropped their gaze and began crying again. Coming to the bed, Erin took a seat next to her friend and wrapped her in her arms. “It's going to be okay. I'm going to take care of you.”

“I never thought she could do this.”

“Jas did this?” Erin asked again. Sahar nodded. “Damn, New York attorneys. They're all fucking assholes,” she grumbled. That earned a small snicker from her charge. “What happened?”

“She came home drunk and late from work again. I smelled another woman's perfume on her clothes. I got upset and accused her of cheating. After all, once a cheater, always a cheater. That's how we hooked up. I've suspected it before, but she's never been so blatant about it. We started yelling.”

“And you're a spitfire,” Erin added. She could just imagine the short woman getting up in her girlfriend's face even though Jas towered over Sahar and outweighed her considerably.

“I started punching her, because I had just had it. She grabbed me by the arm and twisted it. It just snapped under the pressure.”

“And your face?”

“I had turned away when she hurt my arm, and she shoved me to the floor. I cut my face on the stone of the fireplace.”

“How many times has this happened before?”

Sahar shrugged. “She didn't used to be this way. When we first met, she was so sexy and charming.”

“When was the first time she ever hit you?”

“About a year ago. I thought she was having an affair then, too. We argued and the next thing I knew she hit me so hard I fell to the kitchen floor. She apologized profusely of course. The next day she bought me a new diamond necklace as an apology. She seemed so sorry.”

Erin nodded. It was a common cycle for battered women. “Did she continue to hit you?”

“It's only now and again whenever she's drunk and we argue.”

“Why do you stay?”

“I love her,” she cried.

“She's going to kill you one of these days, Princess. You don't deserve to be beaten or cheated on. You deserve a woman who will treat you right, treat you with respect.”

“She does... or at least she did, but it's over now. I told her I never wanted to see her again.”

“I know that must be hard, but it's for the best.”

“It just hurts. Why does she do this?”

“I don't know.”

A little while later the doctors released Sahar. The Arabic woman grabbed her purse and allowed Erin to escort her from the building. As they stood on the corner waiting for a cab, the short woman said, “I'm really dreading going home tonight.”

“Is she going to be there?”

“I don't know. Last I saw her she was heading out the door after our fight.”

“It's probably best if you don't go home just in case she's there. I want you to stay with me.”

“No, I couldn't.”

“I want you to. I have plenty of space at the hotel. Besides then I know you're safe. We can make a game plan of what you're going to do tomorrow,” she said as a cab pulled up to them.

“If you're sure.”

“I am. Come on. A safe, comfortable bed awaits you.”

Together they were taken to The W Hotel where Erin had a room. She escorted her friend upstairs with a protective arm around her shoulders. When they arrived, the tall Texan asked, “Would you like to take a bath or have something to eat? I can order something. Whatever you want.”

Sahar shook her head as she moved into Erin 's space. “Thank you for everything,” she whispered, snuggling into her friend's frame. “I always feel so safe with you.”

“You know I'm always here,” Erin whispered, kissing the top of the dark brown head resting against her chest.

“I wish that were really true. I wish you lived here in New York . I miss you when you're away,” Sahar confessed, looking up into Erin 's eyes.

Erin just smiled. “I miss you, too. I miss the fun we used to have.”

“Me too. Daddy did always like you. Good thing he didn't know the truth about us then. He probably would have killed you.”

The tall woman nodded in agreement. “Yeah. It was tough enough being a white woman in the UAE. People didn't like me much there, because I was so outspoken. I probably would have been shot had he known I was sleeping with his little girl. You, religious nut jobs, are like that,” she said with a laugh.

“Who are you calling a religious nut job? We might have radical Muslims in our country, but you have right wing religious conservatives. They bomb innocent people, too. They're just as monstrous as the rest of the radicals in the world. Muslims just get all the negative press. We're not all bad.”

“I know. I was just kidding. You know I don't have anything against Muslims. I wouldn't do business with your father if I thought he was evil, but you have to admit if he knew about us, he probably would have gone completely jihad on my ass and killed me in the name of Allah for tarnishing his precious little Princess,” she teased.

“Yes, if he knew that a certain American woman had stolen my virginity at the young age of 19, he would have probably done just that, but luckily he thinks we're just good friends, and you got a good deal out of him. He doesn't do business with Americans usually. In fact, these days, he won't at all, except for you. The anti-Arabic sentiment here is tough to deal with sometimes.”

“I'm sure it is. However, you're one hot chick. That's bound to help. Not only that Daddy's got more money than Allah.”

Sahar chuckled. “You'd be amazed how much it helps. That's the American way. Loyalty to the green above all else.” She smiled at her friend. “You know, instead of sitting here in the hotel room feeling sorry for myself, I want to go downstairs to the bar.”

“Sure. Anything you want.”

“Great. Just give me a minute to freshen up a little. I'll be right back.” With a quick lean in up on her tiptoes, she kissed Erin 's on the lips before departing for the bathroom.

When she returned, Erin took her by the right hand and led them down to the bar. Seeing that it was busy, they found a cozy couch in the corner and settled into it. Sahar immediately wrapped herself in Erin 's arms as a server came to get their drink orders.

Across the bar blue eyes studied their entrance, surprised at the sight of Erin Mahoney in New York . Oh God. What is she doing here? Erin looked completely like herself, which bothered the blue-eyed blonde. She had hoped Erin would have called her in the couple of months apart, but that was not the case. In fact, Erin didn't even try to communicate with her. So this is what you have been doing? I should've known you would just forget the whole thing happened between us. Her focus was broken when a voice asked, “Emily, are you still with me?”

The blonde attorney shook herself out of her fog and turned to her date. “I'm sorry, Gillian. I just saw someone I knew come into the bar. What were you saying?”

Her date looked over her shoulder. “Who came in?” she inquired in interest.

“It's no one, just a client of mine. Back to what you were saying.”

“No. I want to know.” She winked at the blonde as she said, “Let me guess.” After a moment, she asked, “The tall brunette in the corner with the Middle Eastern woman?”

“What makes you guess her?” Am I that easy to read?

“I'm a shrink. I get paid to notice subtleties. An ex of yours?”

“No. She's a client of my firm.”

Gillian studied Emily with studious eyes. “A woman you had or still have feelings for,” she assessed.

Emily laughed off her unease. “I assure you the answer is no. If I had feelings for another woman, I wouldn't be here on a date with you.”

“Valid point. So introduce me.”

“I don't think that's a good idea.”

“Oh, come on. It'll be fun.”

“Maybe later,” Emily conceded. Putting a hand on top of her date's she suggested, “Let's get back to us.”

Emily did her best not to let her eyes stray from her date as they sat at the bar. It had taken her a few weeks when she had returned from Texas to feel normal again. Erin Mahoney had put her in a confused tizzy last time she had seen her, a feeling that had lingered once she had returned home. However, she resolved that she wouldn't allow Erin to have a place in her heart any more. She had started dating local women, and Dr. Gillian White had intrigued her from the moment they had met at a coffee shop about two months ago. They had seen each other casually, often going out with friends but had moved on to dating, this being their third official date.

After half an hour, Gillian smiled at Emily. “You know, if you want to leave, we can.”

“Why would I want to leave?” Shit. Is it that obvious I'm staring?

The doctor just gave another smile as she leaned closer to the blonde. Pressing her lips against Emily's ear, she whispered, “You keep looking over there. Either let's go talk to her, so you can get over her, or let's go somewhere that she won't be a distraction.”

Emily felt the hot breath against her neck as her date nuzzled into her hair. She gave a shaky exhale. She hadn't been with anyone intimately since she had left Texas , holding out on the doctor for their first two dates. However, Gillian's breath and her hand that was lightly stroking her forearm were starting to awaken primal feelings in her body. Threading a hand through auburn hair, she pulled Gillian's head away from her neck enough to meet her mouth in a voracious kiss.

“Make out session two o'clock,” Sahar grumbled through her drink.

Erin, who hadn't bothered to even look around the bar when they entered, being too into her friend at the time, looked in that direction. “Man, there's some serious tonsil hockey going on there,” she joked, seeing a dark-haired woman kissing an eager blonde. However, when they broke for air, she felt like she had been hit in the stomach. “Emily,” she murmured under her breath.

Sahar heard her anyway. “You know one of them?”

“The blonde.”

“One of your conquests?”

“A friend.”

“Uh huh. Did you sleep with her?” Sahar questioned.

“What do you think?” Erin said, flashing a crooked grin.

“I'd put money on it. She's hot enough to catch your eyes. How was she?”

“Fucking fantastic,” she admitted.

“Really?” the younger woman asked in interest. Her eyes turned toward Emily and her companion. There was a brief meeting of the eyes between Emily and Sahar. Smiling at Erin , the young woman kissed her jaw. “Did you let her go down on you? Did you let her fuck you until you came?”

Feeling a hand running up between her jean-clad thighs, Erin squirmed a bit. “Princess, what are you doing?”

“Don't tell me you don't know. You know I'm always good to go. Let's give your little blonde a show, shall we?”

The tall woman didn't protest as her mouth was sealed with her friend's. When they came up for air, Sahar slid into her lap. “Careful. I wouldn't want to hurt your arm.”

“Don't you worry about that, sexy. My arm is just fine. I'll prove it to you.” With that her friend pulled out the hem of Erin 's shirt from the front of her pants with her casted forearm and then disappeared under the material. Erin felt skilled fingers caressing over her stomach. She took a restrained breath. “Still unable to relinquish control, I see,” Sahar whispered, kissing Erin on the ear. “Is she watching us?”


“What's her face say? Is she pissed off?”

“I don't think so. She's all over her date now.”

Both women on the couch looked over to where Emily and Gillian were. It was obvious the blonde attorney was leading their intimacy even though she had a willing participant. “Damn. She doesn't stop, does she?”

“No. She's the fuck that keeps going,” grumbled Erin .

“Are you jealous, Erin Mahoney?”

“Of course not. After all, I've got all I need right here.” Her arms slid more securely around Sahar's hips as they resumed their own kissing.

When they broke for air once again, Emily glanced across the bar. Erin was still kissing the Arabic woman. Damn you, Erin. You are such a bitch. I can't believe I ever thought I could love you. Looking at Gillian, she alluringly caressed the doctor's cheek. “I have an idea,” she said, her body leaning even closer.

“I'm all ears,” Gillian anxiously replied, breathing slightly erratic.

Sexily she whispered, “Let's get a room.”

“You want to get a room here? Now?”

“That's right.”

“I can take you home or my place is close.”

“No. I want a room. I want to take you upstairs and rip your clothes off. I want to fuck you, Gillian, and I want you to fuck me like you never have fucked any other woman.”

Instantly Gillian was on her feet, taking Emily by the hand. “Let's go.”

The blonde took one last look at Erin and her company. She was mad, but she wasn't about to let that show. After all, Erin obviously had moved on, and it was time she did, too. Gillian had been wonderful over the last two months, and she desperately wanted to be desired just then. She hoped the doctor would be a good lover, and figured their heavy groping on their previous date as well as their impromptu make out session was a good indication of pleasurable things to come.

At the receptionist's desk, they received a knowingly yet disapproving look when they asked for a room for a night and had no luggage, but the blonde didn't care. All that was on her mind was erasing the feeling brought on by seeing Erin in the arms of another woman. Quietly they rode the elevator up to their floor. The attorney spent the entire time giving herself a mental pep talk. She needed to do this. It was the only way to get Erin out of her system for good.

Back downstairs Sahar and Erin broke away long enough for them to realize they no longer had their audience. The small woman chuckled. “I guess she and her guest went elsewhere. Why don't we do the same thing? Didn't you promise me a comfortable bed earlier tonight?”

“Yes but that was before you decided I was going to be Jasmine's replacement, at least for the night. Are you sure you want to do this, Princess? I don't mind being the one to heal your broken heart, but I don't want you to regret this tomorrow. You said you loved Jas.”

“I do love Jas, but she's an abusive drunk. It's over. What I really need right now is the touch of a tender lover. I remember a time when you were just that. You always make me feel safe and loved whenever you're near, Erin . I want to know that tonight more than ever.”

“Then I'd be happy to oblige you. Come on.”

Going back upstairs Erin fulfilled her friend's request. She gave her the gentle loving she was desperately seeking for the rest of the night. Sahar was an eager recipient and an equal match for her older lover's appetite. The years between them didn't show in the least in bed, and the younger woman understood the defined roles Erin had always instituted between them. In the morning after little sleep, the two showered and dressed for the day.

“Why don't we get some breakfast and then discuss how we are going to handle Jas?” Erin suggested once they were prepared for the new day.

“Sounds good. I'm hungry after the workout you gave me,” Sahar teased, snuggling into her friend's body as they moved toward the elevator. Pressing the down button, they waited on an elevator arrive as they continued to cuddle. A moment later a chime altered them as the doors to one opened.

Oh shit. There's no way around this, Em , the blonde thought when the opening doors revealed Erin and her date from the previous night. Outwardly she tried to put on a nonchalant face as she stepped closer to Gillian. “ Erin , hi. What a surprise,” she greeted.

“Emily, hi,” she replied as she and Sahar got on the elevator. Seeing where blue eyes were suddenly, she continued, “Emily this is a friend of mine, Sahar Freyha. Sahar, this is one of my attorneys, Emily Parker.”

The short Arabic woman smiled charmingly as she extended her hand. “Hi. Nice to meet you.”

“You too. This is Gillian White. Gillian, Erin Mahoney and Sahar Freyha.”

“Pleasure,” the doctor said shaking both their hands. “How do you and Emily know each other?”

“I'm a client where Emily works. They do tax work for my company,” Erin explained. “Emily's one of the brightest tax attorneys I've ever met.”

“Didn't you just say last night that all attorneys were assholes?” Sahar joked.

The Texan laughed lightly, her gaze connecting with blue eyes. “I did, however, Emily might just be the exception.”

“How do you two know each other?” Emily questioned of Erin and Sahar.

“Oh, we've been friends for six years. We met when Erin came to my country to do business with my father. Now that I live here part of the year, she looks out for me. Just last night she saved from my good for nothing ex.”

“Super Dyke to the rescue. How fitting,” the blonde commented.

“Super Dyke? You're Super Dyke?” Gillian inquired. “Oh my gosh. Emily's friends have told me stories about you.”

“They call you Super Dyke?” Sahar asked with a giggle. “Oh, I can't wait to tell everyone at the club.”

Erin shrugged. “Yes, someone gave me the nickname, but you don't have to tell the bar about it. I'm sure Emily and her friends have told you stories, some of which are probably overinflated,” she said, addressing both of them.

“According to these girls, your skills are legendary,” Gillian said with a grin. The elevator doors opened on the ground floor. All four women stepped out into the lobby. “Listen, we were about to go out for some breakfast. Do you two want to join us?”

“Sure. That would be great,” Sahar answered.

Emily and Erin just exchanged a silent look, their respective lovers doing the talking between them. Finally though, the blonde said, “Perhaps Erin has other plans.”

“No, we don't. We were just going to breakfast ourselves,” Sahar said once again.

“Great. Then it's settled. We just need to check out.”

“We'll wait for you outside,” the Arabic woman replied, taking Erin by the hand and leading them out the front doors.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Erin asked when they were alone.

“Come on. This will be fun. I want to watch those blue eyes seethe looking across the table at us.”

Inside Emily gave her lover a glower as they went to the front desk to check out. “You should have asked me before inviting them to breakfast.”

“Oh, this will be interesting. You didn't tell me she was the one your friends all rave about. I want to see for myself what all the gossip is about. Surely she can't live up to the expectations.”

Emily said nothing. If you make a big deal out of this, she's going to know you have feelings for Erin . Just be calm. You can do this. It's only one breakfast. You've been in awkward situations with Erin before and survived. But you never were with another woman at the time. And you never had obviously had sex with someone else the night before. They all know what you've done, just like you know what Erin has done.

When Gillian and Emily came outside the four of them quickly decided on a place just down the block for the sake of convenience. They were led to a booth. Taking seats they were left situated with Erin across from Gillian and Emily across from Sahar. The table was quiet for a few minutes as they all read their menus, but once they had all ordered, Gillian opened the conversation.

For the next hour the four women ate and talked. Erin noticed that Emily was not being as talkative as normal, but she passed it off as the awkwardness of the situation. She did her best not to act affected by the fact the blonde had slept with the woman sitting across from her. Although her stomach was nauseated at the thought of anyone touching Emily.

Thankfully the meal finally ended, and Gillian and Erin paid their respective parts of the check. Then with a farewell out on the street, the couples went their separate ways. Gillian took Emily's hand as they walked uptown toward the blonde's place. “Well, that was an enlightening breakfast.”

“Was the infamous Erin Mahoney all you thought she would be?”

“And then some,” Gillian answered.

“How so?”

The doctor didn't answer at first. Instead she gestured to a coffee shop up ahead. “Let's stop for a minute. I want to talk to you about something.”

Even though it sounded like a suggestion, Emily sensed it truly wasn't. Together they went into the shop and ordered beverages. Taking a table near the window, she looked at her date. “So? What's so important?”

Gillian smiled at Emily as she took her hand across the table. “I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time last night. I enjoy being with you a great deal, Emily. You're incredibly sexy and intelligent. Every time I'm with you I find myself developing feelings I didn't think I could for someone I've know for such a short amount of time. Two months isn't that long to know someone, and we haven't had a lot of time alone together, but when we are, you make me feel like no else matters. At least you did until I saw Erin .” She paused.

“It isn't what you think,” Emily said.

The psychiatrist gave another reassuring smile. “Give me more credit than that. After all, I make a living at reading people. I'm not upset, Emily. I just think it's best if we talk about this honestly. You have slept with her, haven't you?”

Dropping their gaze, the blonde nodded her head. “Yes, a few times.”

“How long ago was this?”

“The last time was toward the beginning of last summer.”

“I will assume you thought she was as good as the rest of your friends.”

“Not how you think. We actually fought about that.”

“You fought about the sex? She wasn't what you wanted?”

“No. She was withholding, and that became a problem. We did fight about that, and that was the last I had seen or heard of her until last night.”

“So, you didn't know she was in New York ?”


Gillian paused. “I have to ask you something, Emily, even though I think I already know the answer. I just need to hear you say it. Are you in love with her?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I'm sure. I'll admit I have feelings, but nothing will ever be between Erin and me. She made that clear. I'm moving on.”

“But are you ready to move on?”

“I have to. I don't want to waste my time on someone who doesn't love or appreciate me.” Emily gave a smile at Gillian as she stroked her forearm on the table. “I like being with you, Gillian. You go out of your way to make me feel special. I like every moment we're together, and last night was great.”

“I'm glad you think so, too. I know that feelings are a part of life, and you might need some time to put Erin completely behind you. We'll just take it slowly and be casual for now. I want this to work, and I'm willing to wait for it if necessary. I apologize for making the situation worse this morning. I hadn't realized the extent of your relationship. I just wanted to make sure that we both knew what we wanted here.”

“We both want the same thing, Gillian,” Emily reassured. “ Erin will not get in the way.”

“All right. I believe you. If you think she is, I want you to talk to me about it. I think we have great potential here, but the lines of communication have to stay open.”

“They will.”

Picking Emily's hand up, Gillian brought it to her mouth and kissed the back of it lightly. Changing the subject, she inquired, “So, right about now, I'm wondering something.”

“What's that?”

“What my chances might be of a repeat performance of last night once we get back to your place,” she whispered, leaning in and kissing the blonde on the cheek softly.

Emily chuckled and grinned. “There's only one way to know for sure.”

“How's that?”

“Take me home now.”

Across town Erin and Sahar got back to the bartender's place. “You've been quiet since we left the restaurant. That's highly unlike you. Are you all right?” Sahar inquired.

“I'm fine. I was just thinking.”


Erin looked at her friend. “When we have sex, does it bother you that I won't let you touch me?”

The Arabic woman looked completely shocked at the question. “That's quite the question, Erin . What on earth brought that on?”

The former beauty queen shrugged. “When Emily and I slept together the last time, she said she had a problem with it. I was just wondering if you did. I was wondering if a lot of women thought that but just never said so or if it was just her.”

“Well, I don't know about other women, but I can honestly say that when we first started a sexual relationship, it did bother me a bit. I wanted so much to touch you, but after awhile, I got used to it. I know you, and I know what you like in bed. You get more pleasure out of giving than receiving. It's not entirely uncommon for lesbians necessarily. It's who you are, and I've accepted that.”

“So, the other women you've been with have let you touch them more than what I do?”

She nodded. “Since you asked the question, may I ask why you don't let women touch you? Do you truly not like it?”

“It's not that.”

“Is it the control? You don't like being out of control?”

“I don't really know. I guess it's a lack of trust. It makes me uncomfortable to be in a more passive position. My whole life I've struggled to be my own person, and now that I am, it makes me nervous to feel as if someone else owns a part of me. Does that make sense?”

“In a way. I guess being a beauty queen for the first two decades of your life has a way of warping your reality. You were seen as a girly girl who was used as a lure for men's attention. You were forced to be something you weren't. However, now that you've found yourself, I do think you've taken it too far the other way. Allowing another woman to touch you doesn't make you weak by any means. You can still be Super Dyke and get off,” she teased lightly, wrapping her arms around Erin 's waist. “I think you should be brave enough to try.”

“I'm just afraid that if I let a woman touch me I won't be able to stop my emotions from getting in the way. When I was in my early twenties, I made that mistake on a few occasions. I mistook sex for love, and I got hurt. I was used for my money and my looks, and it was hard to get over. I don't want to make that mistake again, and part of me thinks I will end up giving more than just my body to a woman.”

“I understand the fear of being used, but I think it's worth the risk if you really want to be with someone. There's nothing wrong with being emotionally involved with your lover, Erin. Why try to maintain distance? Don't you want to find a special woman to spend the rest of your life with? Don't you want to settle down?”

“Sometimes but other times I don't.”

Sahar looked at her friend seriously. “You know, today I saw a side of you I never thought I would. I saw you looking at Emily across the table. You have feelings for her, don't you?”

“I haven't had feelings for a woman in a long time.”

“But you do her?”

“Maybe,” Erin conceded. “However, it doesn't matter now. She's obviously quite taken with Gillian White.”

The short woman nodded her head in agreement. “Well, give it time. You just never know what the future might hold.”

“In the meantime I was wondering if you would do something for me.”

“What's that?”

The Texan took a deep breath. She was clearly nervous. “I trust you, Princess, more than I trust almost everyone else. I know you understand me, so if I asked you to stop, you would. Do you think we could try this?”

“You want me to touch you?”

“I want to touch you and try to let you reciprocate,” she explained.

Sahar smiled up at her friend. “It would be a great honor to service the one and only Super Dyke,” she teased. “This is like a dream come true. I'll do anything you say, and if you don't want to keep going, you just tell me.” Erin nodded her head and extended her hand in invitation. Sahar took it and led the way to her bedroom. The couple came to a stop at the end of the bed. The normally controlled woman seemed anxious, but Sahar gave her a reassuring smile. “It's all right, Erin . We'll go slowly.”

The tall brunette just stood there a moment trying to fortify her own courage. She knew she had to do this. If she could allow herself to feel vulnerable, she might be a better woman for it, a woman Emily wanted, but she knew she couldn't let the blonde close to her until she had gotten used to the idea. Sahar was the best substitute she could find for her little experiment, because her friend knew her better than anyone else. Trying to block out her concerns, she took the lead between them as usual.

The two women kissed slowly, unrushed in their moment. Erin concentrated on the way Sahar felt in her arms and the feeling of small hands caressing her back. They felt good as they wandered under her shirt to her bare skin. Both of them worked at a methodical pace undressing each other, but once they were naked, it was Sahar that pushed Erin down onto the bed and covered her with her smaller body. Even though Erin usually liked being on top most of the time, she allowed it. Sahar's hands drifted along her torso, taking in the feel of it but never really stopping on any particular place as Erin 's hands and mouth started their own explorations. Erin did what felt natural to her, starting to arouse her partner with kisses and caresses to all Sahar's most sensitive spots, and it wasn't long until she felt her lover ready for a more intimate connection. Leaving the little woman on top of her, Erin found her lover's entrance and filled her with one deep stroke.

“That feels so good, baby,” Sahar moaned into Erin 's ear.

“Glad you like it.”

A hand traveled down the tall woman's stomach until it rested between her thighs. Erin tensed, but her lover whispered, “You're not even wet yet, baby.” The older woman didn't respond to the observation. “It's all right. I'm going to make you feel so good, Erin . I promise. You just have to relax and let go.”

“Sahar,” she whispered anxiously.

“Don't make me stop just yet, baby.”

“I can't do this.”

“Yes, you can.”

“No, I can't.”

“I'll tell you what, Erin. Why don't we do it this way? You touch me first, and then I'll touch you. Touching each other at the same time might be too much for you right now. Okay? Can we try that?”

“Okay. I'll try,” Erin answered, feeling more comfortable. It was what she was used to doing. Forgetting all about her part to come, she focused on Sahar's pleasure until her lover was sated.

Then the two women rested for a few minutes. The Arabic woman casually caressed her lover as they two of them caught their breath. Her hands kept a light, quick pace over the hard body under hers. “Tell me something, Erin . What do you like best about sex with me?”

“Being inside of you,” she answered with an anxious exhale as two hands perched on her breasts.

“What about it excites you?” Sahar questioned as her lips found her lover's neck.

“The way you feel. You're hot and wet and tight.”

“Uh huh. What else? Tell me how it feels to be inside of me. Tell me how you like to fuck me.” Her mouth joined her hands on her lover's breasts.

“You feel so good. I love the way you clench your muscles and hold me inside of you. It's so hot,” Erin heaved as her back arched toward the head at her chest. Her body was starting to simmer from the inside out, and she felt her head starting to spin. She was unused to it, and furthermore it made her uncomfortable, but before she could ask to stop, Sahar spoke again.

“What else do you like to do to me? Do you like going down on me?” The small woman kissed down Erin 's body to her stomach.

Clutching to the dark head, Erin whined. She wanted to stop, but at the same time her body was starting to ache as Sahar's mouth moved lower. “Princess,” she groaned, half in angst and half in delight.

“Focus, baby. Answer the question. I know you like going down on me. What do you like about it?”

“You taste so good. You feel good against my tongue. You're all slick and hot, and you quiver when I touch you like that.” She cried out as Sahar's mouth reached her heat.

“You like using your tongue like this?” she asked before demonstrating.

Erin moaned as her hips rose toward the sensation. “Yeah, like that.”

“You know, I like it when you put your tongue inside like this.”

The tall woman grunted as her lover exhibited her claim. “Oh God,” she groaned. “Sahar.” She was feeling fragile just then, because she hadn't allowed any woman this close to her in years.

“It's okay, baby. You're safe. I'm with you, Erin,” she assured. “You know what else I like? I like it when your tongue circles my clit while you pump your fingers slowly in and out.” With that she slipped inside of Erin .

“Sahar,” she gasped. “Wait, wait, stop,” she cried.

Immediately her lover withdrew and crawled up to gaze into Erin 's eyes. “It's okay, Erin .”

The Texan shook her head in disagreement. “I'm sorry. I just can't.”

“We don't have to go any further. You did well. I'm actually surprised you let me go as far as you did. It might take time.”

“I'm sorry. I really thought I could do this.”

“Baby, it's fine. We'll just rest for awhile,” Sahar comforted her. “We can try again some other time. Just put your arms around me and close your eyes.”

Erin did as she was told. Taking deep breaths, she started to calm herself. She kissed her lover's forehead. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For trying, for stopping, for understanding, for everything, I guess.”

“I love you, Erin. You're one of my best friends in the entire world. I just want you to be happy. This could take some time, and I will be here for you if it's what you really want to do. You did well. I didn't expect you to get there on the first try. You should be proud that you got this far. I am.”

Erin didn't respond. She was feeling too vulnerable just then to say more on the subject. Instead she suggested, “Let's just take a little nap. Maybe we can try later.” Sahar agreed with a kiss to her lover's lips. Then all was quiet. Neither woman said anything further as they drifted to sleep.

When the women awoke later that afternoon, the Texan had found her usual confidence once again. “We didn't really get a chance to talk about Jas this morning like we planned.”

“I know, but I think I know what I want to do.”

“What's that?”

“I can just get the locks changed. This is my house after all. Daddy owns it. We can change the locks, and I'll box up all her stuff and send it to her at work.”

“That sounds reasonable. I can change the locks for you. We just need to go pick up some new ones.”

“A locksmith can do it.”

“No, I think the sooner it gets done the better. Come on. There's a place not to far from here. It won't take that long, and then I'll feel better.”

“All right.” She smiled at her friend. “You really are a Super Dyke, aren't you? What don't you do?”

Erin smiled. “I think you're about the only woman that truly knows all my faults, Princess.”

“And I still love you anyway. That has to say something.”

“Sure does. Let's go.”

Erin and Sahar went out to get new locks for the house and for something to eat. However, when they returned to Sahar's home, they found the door open. Since they had been sure to lock it when they had left, they were concerned. “It's probably Jas. She is the only other person with a key,” Sahar explained.

“All right. Call the police. I'm going to go in and find out if she's here. Don't come in,” instructed her.

Going inside Erin wandered through the main areas before hearing noise in the bedroom. Quietly walking back there, she saw Sahar's ex-girlfriend rummaging through drawers and muttering to herself. Erin knocked on the open bedroom door. “Jas, what's up?” she asked casually.

Jasmine turned to look at the sound of the voice. “You! I knew it had to be you! You damn womanizer!” she screamed standing to her full height, almost the same height as Erin .

Erin could tell Jasmine was drunk by the way she staggered on her feet. However, seeing the gun in her ex-friend's hand, she got nervous. “Jas, what are you talking about?”

“You fucked my girlfriend! I can smell the sex in the air in here! How dare you do that to me?”

“Sahar broke up with you last night. She told you she never wanted to see you again. Why have you broken into her house?”

“She didn't mean it! That whore is mine! And you fucked her! No one touches my property and gets away with it! I'm going to kill you, and then I'm going to kill that cheating bitch!” she yelled closing the distance between them as she waved the gun in Erin 's general direction.

The Texan slowly moved out the bedroom door. “Jas, I know you might be upset, but don't anything rash. Shooting us isn't going to help.”

“Where is she? Where is Sahar?” Erin didn't answer. Suddenly the sound of a firing gun filled the air as Erin felt a hole rip through her midsection. The heat seared through her as she gasped for air. Looking down she saw blood already oozing through her shirt. She clutched at herself. She was shocked at the fact her ex-friend had just shot her. Wincing in pain she keeled over, dropping to her knees. Blood was starting to run down her jeans. “The next one hits you in the head! Where the fuck is she?”

She didn't have to answer as she heard Sahar's voice from the other room. “ Erin ? Are you all right? I heard what sounded like a gun.” When the little woman turned the corner, she screamed at the sight before her. Her ex-lover stood over Erin with a gun suddenly pointed in her direction. “Jasmine, what have you done?”

“Shut up, bitch! You're next!” she exclaimed but before she could fire her weapon, Erin used the strength she had left to throw her whole body into Jasmine's, knocking her to the floor. The gun fired as it went skittering across the hard wood. Both taller women struggled with each other to get the gun.

“Princess, help me!” yelled Erin , knowing she wouldn't be able to hold Jasmine long in her condition.

Sahar sprung into action, rushing to the gun and picking it up. She pointed it at her ex-girlfriend with a shaky hand. The attorney just kicked Erin off her and struggled to her feet. “Go on then! I dare you! You don't have the guts! You won't shoot me! You love me!”

“I do love you, Jas, but you just shot my best friend! Why shouldn't I do it?”

“Shoot her!” Erin screamed as the room started to go fuzzy. “She's trying to kill you, Princess!”

“You heard your fuck! Shoot me!” Jasmine taunted.

The last thing Erin heard was the sound of the gun as it fired and thinking that she would never see Emily again before her world went black.

Across town Emily Parker's eyes shot open from her afternoon nap. Swiftly sitting up in her bed, she scanned the room trying to see what had awakened her. Panic was instilled in her heart, but she didn't know why. Figuring it had to be a nightmare of some sort, she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. A hand crept onto her side. “Sweetie, are you all right?” the woman next to her questioned.

“I'm not sure. I guess so. It must have just been a bad dream.”

“Come here. Let me hold you,” Gillian requesting, sitting up enough to wrap both arms around the blonde. “It's okay. I'm here.” Together they lay back down under the covers. The doctor cuddled Emily protectively. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“It's just a horrible feeling that something is terribly wrong. I don't know if I can explain it any more than that.”

“You ever get the feeling before?”


“Was it a part of a dream?”

“I guess. I don't know. It feels so real. I just don't get it.”

“Would it help if I took your mind off of it?” she whispered, kissing the blonde lightly on the ear.

“That helps,” she giggled as the mouth drifted down to her neck.

“Do you want more?” Gillian inquired as her hands wandered lower.

“Oh yeah,” the blonde answered in need.

The next time the lovers stopped it was for dinner. Gillian had graciously offered to make something for both of them to eat in Emily's kitchen, so as the doctor worked on that, the blonde set the table and then did the little bit of work she had brought home with her. Just as they sat down to their meal, Emily's cell phone rang. Seeing Chuck's familiar number though, she decided to ignore it. It was the weekend after all, and she deserved some time to herself. Soon enough the phone stopped ringing and the signal for a voicemail alerted her, which she ignored. However, then her home phone started to ring. Again it was Chuck's number that showed.

Turning to her date, she said, “I'm sorry. That's my boss. This must be important for him to call me at home. Excuse me for just a moment.”

“Of course. Take all the time you need.”

Answering the phone, Emily pretended not to be perturbed at the interruption. “Hello,” she greeted neutrally.

“Emily, I'm so glad I found you. I'm sorry to be calling you at home. This is urgent.”

“It's all right, Chuck. What's up?”

“I just got a call from Liam Mahoney. He just told me the local hospital here contacted him, saying Erin has been shot. He's terribly upset.”

“What? What do you mean Erin 's been shot?” she yelled in panic.

“That was my reaction. Do you know anything about this? I know you hang out together when she's here in New York .”

“No, I haven't seen her since this morning. What happened, Chuck? Is she okay?”

“The doctors didn't tell Liam anything. They just told him what had happened. He's flying up here as we speak. Emily, I know you always deny this when I ask, but I know you care about Erin . That's why I'm telling you. She needs you right now. I'm on my way to the hospital now to see if I can do anything until Liam gets here.”

“I'll meet you at the hospital, or do you think I should get Mr. Mahoney at the airport?”

“No, he said he will have a driver bring him to the hospital. I just don't want her there alone.”

“I agree. I'm on my way. Thanks for calling.” Hanging up the phone, she looked at Gillian.

“I heard. It's okay. You need to be at the hospital. Do you want me to come with you?”

“This is business. I appreciate the offer, Gillian, but my boss and some of my clients will be there. I'm going for work.”

The doctor nodded her head. “It's okay to go for just Erin , you know. It doesn't mean you care about me any less, because you care about her as well.”

The blonde nodded. “Thanks for understanding that.”

“Of course. Go on now. I'll clean up this dinner for you and then see myself out.”

“Thank you. You really are the best.” She came and kissed her quickly on the lips. “I'll make this up to you.”

“Just go see to your friend and call me if you need to talk.”

At the hospital Emily came in to see Sahar and Chuck sitting together. “How is she?” she inquired, not even bothering with a greeting.

“We don't know anything yet,” Chuck replied.

“Sahar, what happened?”

“It was horrible. We were coming back to my place, and my ex Jas had broken into my house. Erin went in to investigate while I called the police. Jas shot her during an argument and threatened to shoot me, but Erin somehow managed to knock the gun away from her. I picked it up and shot Jasmine. It all just happened so fast,” she sobbed.

Emily's heart went out to the upset woman. She couldn't imagine hurting a woman she cared about, but from the little she had heard that morning and the evidence that Sahar had been beaten up by that same woman, she knew the Arabic woman probably had no choice. Sinking into a chair next to Sahar, she quietly asked, “Where's Jasmine now?”

“She's dead. I killed the woman I loved,” she wept, curling up into a tighter ball as her hands covered her face.

Emily couldn't help herself. Her arms went around Sahar, who seemed grateful for the comfort. “I'm sorry.”

“I didn't have a choice. She was going to kill us.”

“That doesn't make it any easier, though. What did the police say?”

“It was justifiable homicide. They aren't pressing charges.”

“That's good. How was Erin when you last saw her?”

“Not good. The last time I saw her she was being loaded into an ambulance. She kept mumbling your name,” she confessed, looking into blue eyes.

“When did this happen?”

“Late this afternoon.”

“Can I get you anything? Coffee or something to eat?”

“I'm too upset for that. Thank you, though,” Sahar answered.

Emily, Chuck, and Sahar all stayed at the hospital for hours. When Liam arrived, he spoke with the doctors about his daughter before coming over to them. “She's in stable condition. They removed the bullet and expect her to make it.”

“Are we allowed to see her?” Emily questioned.

“I've given all of you permission to see her for just a little bit. She's unconscious right now and is expected to remain that way for several more hours. However, I know you will all sleep a little better seeing her for yourselves.”

Sahar and Emily looked at each other. “You go first,” Sahar offered.

“No, you go ahead. You've been waiting here longer.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.”

When it was Liam, Chuck, and Emily, Liam inquired, “How are you doing, Emily?”

“I'm better now that I know Erin 's going to be all right.”

“And just how do Sahar and Erin know each other?”

“They're friends, have been for years from what they say.”

“And you're okay with that?”

“Why wouldn't I be?”

Liam shrugged. “I just thought you and Erin had something more than friendship between you.”

“No, Mr. Mahoney, we don't.”

“Do Erin and Sahar?”

“They say they're just friends, but I know Erin . She and Sahar are more than friends.”

He nodded his head. “Well, that would explain it.”

“Explain what?”

“The looks between the two of you just now. You didn't want to let her go first.”

“I felt it best under the circumstances, though. After all, she was there when Erin was shot.”

“Then she knows what happened to my daughter?”

Emily nodded. “She's shaken up at the moment, though. I don't think she would really want to talk about it just now.”

Half an hour later Sahar returned to the waiting room. She told Erin's father that Erin had a room at The W Hotel and asked if he minded if she stayed there since her home had turned into a crime scene temporarily. Of course he obliged her, saying she could stay there as long as she liked. With that she bid everyone a good night with a promise to come by in the morning.

“Go on now. Chuck and I will wait here,” Liam said, giving Emily a nudge toward Erin 's room. That was all the encouragement she needed. Walking down the corridor, she found the room she was looking for and took a deep breath, trying to prepare herself for the unknown.

Pushing open the door, she slipped inside. Erin looked pale lying in the bed, but she breathed the cadence of sleep. Coming to the side of the bed, the blonde took a tentative seat next to her friend. Immediately she started to cry. She had been so close to losing the woman in front of her.

Erin , I couldn't take it if I lost you. You mean everything to me. Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't we just talk about things instead of running to other people? It almost got you killed. You are such a caring woman, trying to stand up for your friends, such a Super Dyke to take a bullet for a woman you love. What does she have that I don't? What does she do for you that I can't? Do you let her touch you? Do you let her hold you? That's all I ever wanted. I just wanted to love you, Erin. I love you, Erin.



The Adventures of Super Dyke IV: Hearts Divided

by Alex Tryst

Copyright May 2006


Dedication: To Valerie (My fellow Pink fan, don't you just love women who kick ass?) Thanks for all the emails. It's been a pleasure to converse from across the pond.




Erin stood at the window looking out at the rain. It was a stormy night in New York , the rain covering the streets and cabs in a never-ending stream. Erin could hear the water splash under the cars as she watched the street below. Her mind was too active to sleep that night. Suddenly hands encircled her torso, running under the hem of her white t-shirt and resting on her taut bare stomach.

“It's late, Erin . Why don't you come back to bed?”

She shook her head. “I can't sleep.”

“Maybe I can think of a way to put you to sleep.” A mouth kissed Erin 's back through her t-shirt as hands drifted under the waistband of the blue boxers she was wearing. A hand cupped the junction of her thighs. The Texan sighed, pulling the hands out of her shorts and up to her lips. She kissed them softly before turning from the window. She looked down at Sahar standing there in the maroon chemise she had worn to bed that night. The Arabic woman's dark hair hung freely around her shoulders, and her gold and diamond pendant necklace sat in the valley of her breasts. Dark eyes sparkled even in the dim room. Erin thought she looked exotically beautiful.

“You know how to tempt a woman, don't you, Princess?” Erin rhetorically inquired, curving her arms around the petite woman in front of her. She leaned down and covered Sahar's lips with her own.

“Come back to bed and love us both to sleep.”

Erin nodded in agreement, allowing herself to be led over to the king-sized bed they had already shared several times that night. Covering Sahar's body with her own, Erin cradled the smaller woman into her arms. Hands quickly removed her shirt and boxers, but they left the younger woman's lingerie in place as they kissed slowly at first. It seemed like that was what Sahar wanted, so Erin took her time. Working methodically down the little woman's neck, she showered it with delicate attention as her left hand gently caressed her breast through the satin. Erin could feel hands along her back, gripping gently, pulling her closer. The petite woman's breathing started to come in shorter breaths as Erin moved south, adoring Sahar's chest through her sleep attire. Her right hand eased under the edge of the material and rested against the toned thigh for a moment.

“ Erin ,” her bedmate whispered.

“What, baby?”


“Just relax and enjoy it. You know I'll get you there, Princess,” the tall woman murmured, coming back up to kiss her mouth. Their tongues danced slowly. Hips rose slowly upward into Erin 's stomach, trying to bring them closer. Using both hands, Erin eased up the satin passed Sahar's waist, so their naked skin could touch. “Better?”

The Arabic woman nodded as her thighs tightened around Erin 's hips. “I love the way you feel against me. You're so strong. You make me feel so safe, Erin .”

“You are safe, baby. You know that.” The leisurely pace continued. Their kissing was unrushed as Erin allowed Sahar to do most of the work, grinding at her own tempo against the Texan's body until hips started to reach an erratic pace. The mewling sound that came from her lover's throat alerted Erin to the fact that Sahar was more than ready to proceed. Her right hand that had been caressing her lover's thigh slowly drifted between her legs to her wetness and just cupped it for a moment.

“ Erin , please, baby. I want you inside of me,” Sahar beseeched quietly.

“And I really want to be there. You are so beautiful, Sahar, my beautiful little princess.” Moving slowly Erin filled her lover. “Lock your legs around me, sweetheart,” she instructed. “You know how much I like to when you do that.”

Sahar complied, locking her ankles around Erin 's hips. “You feel so good, baby. Oh, Erin .”

Moving unhurriedly together, the couple ascended toward the summit. Erin didn't want the moment to get there so soon though and backed off a little when she could feel her lover start to teeter on the edge of fulfillment. Sahar whimpered in protest. Erin moaned into her lover's ear. “I love the way you feel against me, Princess. I love the way you feel from the inside.”

“Allah, Erin, please. It feels so good.”

“I'm glad.”

“Please, baby. Make me come, Erin .”

“Oh, I will. Don't you worry your pretty head about that. Just have patience. It'll come. I wouldn't ever leave you unfulfilled. You know that.” After a few more minutes, Erin whispered, “Would you do something for me?”


“Roll over and get on your hands and knees.”

Their eyes met in the dark, but Sahar did what was asked of her without comment. Erin also got to her knees, moving in behind her lover. Her hands rubbed Sahar's satin-clad hips for a moment before pulling the material up once again to reveal her treasures. Large strong hands massaged the beautiful skin as Erin kissed Sahar on the small of the back. Her mouth trailed up her spine as her hands continued to massage the firm cheeks in her hands.

“You are so damn beautiful.”

Sahar moaned as fingers dipped into her wetness for a brief moment before withdrawing again. Those same fingers painted her wetness on her lower back leading down toward the top of the crevice of her ass. Sahar moaned again as a tongue repeated the trail. “Baby, please.”

“You taste so good, Princess.” Erin continued to run her tongue along Sahar's back as her fingers went back to a methodical stroking inside her lover's tight heat. Taking the smaller woman by the shoulder, Erin pulled her back against her tighter as she sat back on her calves, so Sahar was sitting in her lap. Pushing the long dark hair aside, she kissed Sahar along the nape of her neck. “Help me, baby. Let me feel you work for it,” she whispered, encouraging her lover to ride her fingers. The younger woman immediately began to raise and lower her own body at a pace to her liking against Erin 's hand. Using her free left hand, the tall brunette teased the crest of her lover's breasts on the outside of her chemise. “You are so sexy, Sahar,” she whispered, nipping the side of her neck. She could feel hands in her hair, pulling her closer as the petite woman continued to ride her with a quickened pace. Erin let Sahar dictate the speed from there on out as she added a third finger. She could feel the climax begin in her lover's thighs as they quivered against her own. Sahar's breathing grew shallow and was accompanied by moans of pleasure as her walls began to clamp down against Erin , holding her a willing prisoner inside of her. Sahar's tiny body spasmed as Erin held her tightly and whispered words of adoration to her.

Finally there was a long sigh. “Oh, Allah, baby,” Sahar mumbled, dropping her head back against her lover's shoulder. “You really are the best lover ever.”

“And I'm not even finished.” Nudging Sahar off her lap and onto her hands and knees again, she pinched the firm right cheek under her hand playfully. “Now be a good girl and grip the headboard. No matter what happens, I don't want you to let go.”

“What are you going to do?” the petite woman questioned, looking over her shoulder at her lover.

Erin grinned and kissed her on the left cheek under her hand. “Whatever I want,” she growled. Sahar shivered at the response but did as she was asked. She took a hold of the headboard and hung on. Erin took her time, kissing along her lover's legs. She took in her feet, calves, and thighs before moving up her ass to her back. Covering every inch with her mouth, her hands gently caressed all the available soft skin. Finally Erin worked her body between Sahar's legs, so she was flat on her back against the bed, looking up at her creation. Flashing her infamous grin, she instructed, “Hold on tight.” With that she pulled Sahar's hips down, lowering her wetness toward her hungry mouth.

Sahar cried out at the feeling of Erin 's tongue buried inside of her. “ Erin , oh, Allah.”

Erin growled in response. Sahar was so tight inside. “You feel so good, baby.” Reveling in her task, the tall Texan took her time, using her tongue to tease and taste all the delights Sahar's body had to offer her until the Arabic woman shook once again with climax.

Dropping onto her lover's body, Sahar took deep breaths. Minutes passed as Erin held her, rubbing her back comfortingly. Finally Sahar sighed deeply. “Damn, Erin . The way you make me feel. Let me try to please you. I want you to feel as good as I do.”

They had been working on Erin 's ability to open up sexually for the past six

months, and she was getting better at allowing Sahar to pleasure her, but they were not as far as either of them really wanted to be in that area. Erin knew she was holding back intentionally, because she could feel herself becoming emotionally attached to Sahar in a way that went beyond friendship. It was what she had feared the most, falling in love. She knew she and Sahar couldn't have a long-term relationship, because of her business relationship with her lover's father. If he ever found out about them, she would lose his business, but even more, she feared he would force Sahar into a traditional life back at home in a loveless marriage to a man. Sahar's religion condemned their relationship, and even though the young woman seemed unconcerned with reconciling her religious beliefs with her behavior, Erin knew Sahar's father would feel differently if he knew about them. She didn't want Sahar or herself to suffer for their sexual relationship. Her lover deserved better. She deserved to live the life she wanted, but Erin was afraid that meant it would be without her, and therefore, she felt she had to protect her own heart from that inevitability.

“Where are you right now?” Sahar quietly asked, running her left hand along Erin 's chest.

“What do you mean? I'm right here with you.”

“No you weren't. You were thinking about something, something upsetting.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Your whole body just tensed.”

“I'm just worried about you going to France tomorrow.”

“It's just for the wedding. I'll be back in a few weeks.”

“I can't help but worry about the possibility of your father forcing you to go home, especially after what happened. He wasn't thrilled when he found out an intruder had broken into your home and shot me, you know. He doesn't think you're safe here. If he only knew the truth, he would have had you on the first flight home.”

“But you're here with me and I've moved to a secured building. That makes all the difference in the world. Ever since I told him you were moving in, he's been better. He doesn't worry so much with you here to protect me.”

“Even though he knows I'm only here about a week a month?”

“Still it's better than nothing. Besides I told him I was spending time with you down in Texas , too. He thinks you're around more than you really are. It was the only way to get him to calm down.”

“You told your father you were in Texas with me? It would have been nice to know you had told him that. What if he had asked me? Princess, your father and I are in business together. I can't lie to him. You can't expect me to lie to him for you. If he found out, I'd lose his business, not to mention his trust.”

“I don't expect you to lie. You just don't have to tell him everything. You wouldn't think of telling him about us, would you?”

“Of course not. He'd kill me. I just worry that he might get ideas of marrying you off because of Mercedes.”

“Mercedes is in love with this guy, and she wanted to get married. My father has no say. Trust me. If he did, it would be to someone he thinks more worthy of my sister. He's not thrilled that Mercedes fell in love with a French diplomat. You know he hates non-Arabs, and he hates politicians. Brian Prudhomme is both. He was mad about it, but he's come to accept it. Mercedes is just like me. If she wants something, she'll get it regardless of the cost. He knows he'll lose her if he doesn't allow her to do this.”

“Isn't disowning part of your culture, though, if you don't do what your father wants?”

“It can be, but you know him. He has a soft spot for Mercedes and me. We're his girls. He's much harder on my brothers. He'll give us anything we want. Trust me on this, Erin . He'll let me come back, because I'll throw a fit if he doesn't. He always gives in.”

“Princess, I know your father differently than you do. I know how hard he is on your brothers. I've heard him talk about Mercedes and you, what he wants for the two of you as far as spouses are concerned. Mercedes has broken his heart by choosing to marry someone outside your faith and ethnicity. I don't want him to take that pain out on you, because you're a convenient target. He's already told me that he plans not to let the same thing happen to you. He wants to pick your husband, a nice traditional Muslim. He told me so.”

“He doesn't mean it. He's just mad at Mercedes.”

“I know. That's what worries me. I don't want you to pay for her mistake.”

“I won't. I'm coming back to the United States after this wedding. He can't force me to get on his plane and go home with him.”

“He could cut you off financially.”

“Even if he does, I still have some trust fund money. He can't take everything. I was worried about that, so I called Emily and asked her for advice.”

“What do you mean you called Emily? My attorney Emily? Emily Parker?”

“Yeah. You said you trusted her, so I called her, and she referred me to someone who could help me with my trust fund. I transferred it all to Johnston Brown, and he can't touch it.”

“Well, good for you. I'm glad you had some foresight to plan ahead.”

“I'm thinking about telling my parents about me, Erin, but I wanted to make sure I was protected first.”

“You're going to tell them that you're a lesbian?”

“I was thinking about it. I'm scared, though.”

“With reason. It goes against everything in your religion, Princess. Are you prepared for the worst to happen? He's going to lose it.”

“I know, but what worries me is you. If I tell him, he's bound to ask you if you knew. I don't want him to be mad at you for keeping it from him.”

Erin nodded her head as she combed her fingers through Sahar's thick dark hair. “Yeah, but if you really want to tell them, I'll support you. He might be upset with me.”

“I don't want you to lose his business.”

“I want you to be happy. If your father chooses not to do business with me because of that, that's his choice. There's nothing I can do about it.”

“It is a lot of money, though?”

“Yes, his contract is a lot of money, Sahar. I'm not going to lie to you about that. However, I'm in my early 30s, and I have enough money that I could retire now and live comfortably for the rest of my life. Losing his business isn't the end of the world. If you want to do this, I'll support you.”

“Well, I think he's going to go ballistic and disown me in all honesty, which is why I had to look into the trust first. At least with Mercedes she's still marrying a man.”

“Do you have enough money to survive without working full-time somewhere?”

“I think so. It's about fifteen million. I still want to work at the club, because it's fun. New York is expensive, but the people over at Johnston Brown assure me that if I am careful, that's all the money I'll ever need.”

“They're right. That's plenty as long as you don't go wild. No jet-setting to Paris for shopping sprees with Mercedes every time there is a change of season.”

“Speaking of my sister, I wanted to tell them while we were in Paris , so they can't force me to stay with them. At home they could, but in France , they can't. That was Mercedes's idea.”

“You told your sister?”

“Yeah. I told her a few weeks ago.”

“How did she take it?”

“She was upset at first, but I got her to at least understand, even if she didn't agree with me. She came up with the idea of telling our parents in France instead of at home. Just in case they can't handle it, she and Brian have agreed to help me get back to the States.”

“That means a lot, considering how much Mercedes is risking by trying to help you.”

“She said that's what big sisters were for. We have to be there for each other, because we're both outcasts in our own family. With her though, she can at least go home. I won't be able to. I'll no longer exist in my father's eyes if he responds how we think he will.”

“Are you prepared for that? Being without your family is going to be tough.”

“I've been living in the States since college. I hardly ever see them. This is my life, and I'm tired of being scared. I want to live my life, not the one they want for me.”

Erin kissed Sahar on top of her head. “You know I'll be here for you. If you need me to come to France to rescue you, I will. All you have to do is call.”

“Are you sure you won't change your mind and come? Mercedes was hoping you would.”

“Well, I already declined the invitation. It would be rude to go now. Besides it might be worse for me to be there if you are going to tell your parents. Unless you want me to go for the support.”

“I think it's better if you don't as much as I would like you there. When I told Mercedes, she asked if you and I had hooked up. Isn't that funny?”

“How did she even know I was into women?”

“I don't know.”

“What did you tell her?”

“The truth. I told her yes. It was only then when she said she understood the allure. Guess you have that affect on lots of women.”

“Well, you Freyha girls are something else. Both of you are beautiful and charming. Brian's lucky to have her, and I'm lucky to have you,” she said, lifting Sahar's head, so they could kiss.

“I'm lucky, too. Let me show you how lucky I feel to have you,” she murmured, kissing Erin 's neck as her left hand trailed over her stomach.

Erin sighed deeply, trying to relax at the touch along her form. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feeling of Sahar's body, the satin of her lingerie, the warm hands, and the moist mouth. Sahar kissed her neck thoroughly, knowing it was the best way to get her to respond as her left hand tickled the skin along her hips and thighs teasingly. Erin could feel her heart began to beat faster and her breathing come in heavier pants. “Princess,” she whispered.

“That's it, baby. Let me hear you, Erin. I've got you.” Sahar moved slowly, deliberately down her lover's body. Her mouth took in all the landscape methodically.

The whole time Erin just clutched the dark head, feeling herself starting to open as her lover showered her with attention. It was starting to feel good to her, more so than it ever had. She felt herself moan as a hand came to rest between her thighs. “Sahar.”

“What is it, baby?” she whispered.

Just then Erin did something she hadn't done in over a decade. She succumbed with one word. “Please.”

Sahar kissed her lover's face sweetly. “Open your eyes, Erin .” Erin did so. Her lover smiled at her. “I would do anything for you. Anything at all.”

Erin smiled back at Sahar as she brought her arms around her and brought her down into a kiss. It didn't last long as the older woman groaned at the feeling of her lover entering her. Her eyes rolled closed. She concentrated on the feelings enveloping her body. Heat encompassed her as their bodies rubbed together. She could feel herself straining for that fulfillment, the culmination her body desperately craved suddenly, the height of pleasure that could only be found with a lover, the peak she had denied herself for so long. “Sahar,” she cried. “Oh, God.”

“That's it, Erin . Let it go.”

With a little coaxing from her lover, Erin knew she couldn't be able to withhold any longer. She gave herself over to the pleasure, not worrying any longer about the exposure she felt. Crying out and gripping Sahar tightly, she climaxed with an intensity that surprised the both of them. She shook uncontrollably as she felt her eyes become watery behind her closed lids. She felt her lover holding her tightly and whispering comforting words to her. Finally after a long time, her breathing returned to normal, and Sahar withdrew. The couple cuddled together in silence for a moment. However, as Erin settled, the vulnerability she had shown began to nag at her. She felt too stripped and tried to withdraw from her lover's embrace.

Sahar wouldn't let her go, though. Looking into Erin's dark eyes, she whispered, “It's okay, Erin . Just relax. I've got you. You're safe here with me.”

“I...,” she said, not able to go on. She didn't know what to say just then. She tried to withdraw a second time, but she was restrained in Sahar's arm.

“ Erin , please. This is one of the best parts, just lying here together. I like holding each other after we make love. It makes me feel closer to you. Let me hold you. I love you. I would never hurt you.”

“You love me?” she questioned in surprise.

Sahar looked deeply into her eyes. “Yes, Erin , I do. I love you, and I know you feel the same even if you've never said it.”

“I do love you, Sahar. You have to believe that, but...”

The younger woman sighed. “I already know, Erin . You pine away for Emily Parker. She's your dream girl.”

“How did you know that?”

“Because when you were lying on my floor dying after Jas shot you, you kept calling for her.”

“She'll never have me, though. She has Gillian. I don't want to feel this way about her.”

Sahar nodded. “I understand. Heartbreak can be a tough thing, but I'm here for you.”

“I just want to be fair to you, Princess. You deserve a lover who loves you completely. My heart is divided.”

“I know, but it doesn't keep me from loving you. That just means Super Dyke has a flaw after all,” she teased. “What do you want to do? I have feelings for you that are deeper than I've had before, and I know you do, too. I still mourn over Jas. She still owns a piece of me. I loved her, and yet I'm the one that ended her life. I killed the woman I loved.”

“In self-defense,” Erin quickly added.

“Yes but I shot her just the same. I thought I was going to spend my life with her, and I killed her before she could kill you and me. It was self-preservation, but it doesn't change the fact that she'd dead because of me. My heart is also divided, but I'm just trying to move on from that. I love you, and I'm willing to risk our friendship for more if you are. If in the end it doesn't work, I know we could still be friends. We've been friends and lovers this long. I don't see why it wouldn't work should either of us find someone else.”

“That's true. We've never let relationships come between us before. I just don't want to be setting either of us up for pain in the future. You could have anyone you wanted, and I want you to have it all.”

“I want the same for you. Maybe we can have it together. Maybe we can't, but we won't know unless we try. In the past six months, I haven't been with anyone else, and I've enjoy the monogamy. I don't want to be with anyone else right now. I just want to be with you.”

“I haven't been with anyone else either,” admitted Erin . “It's been kind of nice actually not to worry about protection and all that. It's nice to not hunt so much. This is the closest thing I've had to a real relationship in my life. It's a bit scary how much I like it. I never thought I could do a relationship.”

“I guess it's settled then. We're both enjoying this. Let's just stay together, stay monogamous, and see how it goes?”

Erin nodded in agreement. “Okay. I can do that.”

“Good. Now we really should get some sleep. It's late, and I have a long flight tomorrow.”

Erin kissed her girlfriend on top of her head as they both settled down together in each other's arms. “I love you, Princess.”

“I love you too, Erin .”

A little further uptown a pair of blue eyes was wide open, staring into the dark as the blonde listened to the sound of the rain. Her mind was active, thinking about her schedule for the day. She had meeting with Erin Mahoney. They hadn't seen each other since Erin had been released from the hospital six months ago. During that time Emily and Gillian's relationship had flourished, and the couple was almost inseparable. Gillian was practically living in Emily's place being that it was closer to her job than her own. At that very moment the doctor was there, left arm clutching to Emily's bare stomach in her sleep. Emily looked at her girlfriend in the dark. Gillian looked so peaceful at rest, her short auburn hair splayed across the pillow, brown eyes closed, lips parted slightly. The light snore her lover had was so rhythmic it had a way of putting Emily to sleep. In many ways Gillian White was perfect for her, and she knew she was lucky to have met such a caring, understanding woman. There was only one problem. Part of her heart was still with Erin Mahoney.

Sighing Emily turned onto her side away from her lover and gazed out the window. She watched as the rain hit the glass with force. She couldn't help but wonder where Erin was spending her night. She had heard rumors floating through the affluent lesbian society of New York that Super Dyke was keeping company solely with Sahar Freyha those days. Speculation flew over whether the city's most notorious player had actually fallen prey to a woman's allure. No one seemed to know if in fact Erin Mahoney had been domesticated, but every indication was that she had. It broke Emily's heart.

Oh, Erin . Why couldn't it have been me? I could have given you everything you ever wanted, but you never gave me a chance. I just wanted to love you. What is it that you see in her that you never saw in me? What does she do that I don't? What does she give you that I couldn't? Do you let her close to you? Do you let her touch you, hold you, love you? I just wanted a chance to make you happy. Now I'll never get that chance. You're gone for good. I pushed too hard and drove you away.

Suddenly a voice behind her broke her musings. “You're not sleeping. Why aren't you sleeping?” sleepily Gillian asked, curving her left arm around her girlfriend's waist tighter and bringing their bodies together.

“The rain woke me.”

“Bad storm tonight. Could I help get you back to sleep somehow?” she asked, kissing her lover on the side of her neck. Her left hand came up to Emily's bare breasts and teased the tip of the right one as her mouth sucked her earlobe gently.

Emily moaned. “Didn't you get enough earlier tonight?”

“I could never get enough of you, Em. One touch makes me want you so much more. We don't have to if you don't want to, but you always want to. I bet if I were to touch you down there right now, you'd be wet, wouldn't you?” Emily chuckled as Gillian's hand drifted down her body, but she teasingly clamped her legs shut, so the older woman couldn't get to her destination. “Come on. Open up for the doctor, Em.”

“You're a shrink,” she laughed, keeping her legs closed tightly.

“And I feel like taking advantage of my favorite patient. Now be a good girl and spread them.”

“No,” she countered.

“Spread them. Don't make me spank you.”

“Oh, I love it when you threaten pain,” she joked, turning in her lover's arms, so they were facing each other. “You wouldn't dare strike me.” She knew Gillian would in fact smack her playfully. However, she was surprised at the strength and speed her girlfriend used to flip her over onto her stomach. She felt a light sting against the bare right cheek of her bottom as Gillian's left hand connected.

“You are such a bad little girl. How dare you talk back to your elders like that,” Gillian stated with authority. Her hand came down a second time a little harder, this time on the left side. Emily gasped at the smart. Immediately a hand caressed her where she had just been hit. “Are you okay? Was that too hard?” Emily didn't answer, only moaned as she felt a tongue outlining the spot in question. “You have such a hot ass. I hate having to mar it in any way. It hurts me as much as it does you to do that,” Gillian whispered, slipping back into their game, sensing that her girlfriend was not really hurt. “Now be a good girl and let me in.” This time Emily complied, allowing her lover the access she wanted. “God, Em, you feel so good. Was this just a ploy to get me to take you from behind?”

Emily laughed, brushing her ass into the body pressed on top of her. “You'll never know.”

“You want another spanking?” threatened Gillian.


“Answer my question, or I'll tie you up and spank you so hard your ass will be red for a week.”

“Promises, promises,” Emily whispered.

“All right. That's it. You asked for it.” Keeping Emily's body under her own, Gillian reached into the nightstand and grabbed a set of handcuffs she had bought for them, after learning how wild her girlfriend truly could be. Quickly she cuffed Emily's wrists to the headboard. Getting up on her knees, Gillian made good on her own threat, alternating her spanking with thrusts into her lover's heat. It didn't take long for Emily to start writhing and trying to push herself up into her lover's body. Gillian wouldn't allow the contact, though. “You are so sexy, Em. I love how naughty like to be,” the doctor whispered. “You even like ass play, and most women don't,” she said, her right hand circling her girlfriend's back entrance.

“Gillian, please,” Emily pleaded. Her lover was driving her crazy just then with all the teasing touches.

“No. I want to think of more ways to torture you first,” she answered. She looked into the nightstand again. “Maybe I should use this strap on.”

“No, please don't,” the blonde said. “I don't like it.”

“Why not? We've never even used it.”

“I just don't like it,” she said. It was a lie, but she wasn't about to tell her girlfriend anything about the history of the toy she held. She had only ever let Erin use a strap on with her, and she had loved it when the wild Texan pummeled her with it. It was a memory she didn't want tarnished by another woman.

“All right. If you really don't want me to, I won't. You know I would never do something you didn't like. How about this one? It's your favorite,” she suggested, bringing out another toy they had used previously. She waited until Emily nodded in agreement. Going back to the task at hand, Gillian brought her lover to fulfillment in excruciating slowness with her favorite toy. She then let Emily out of the cuffs, so she could turn over onto her back. Gillian smiled down at her. “Now for the best part,” she whispered, moving down her girlfriend's frame.

Emily moaned as Gillian found her way between her thighs. She cried out, gripping her lover's head to her as the doctor pleasured her further with her mouth. Finally after several more orgasms courtesy of Gillian's tongue, Emily begged her to stop. Gillian curled her arms protectively around Emily's body. There was silence as both of them caught their breath.

“You think you can sleep now?” the older woman asked, jokingly.

“Oh yeah. I'm about to pass out.”

“Good. Sweet dreams, Em. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Gillian,” she answered, brushing her girlfriend's hair sweetly as they cuddled together. It was true. She did love the woman with whom she shared her bed. I just love Erin , too. Why does this have to be so difficult?

At work hours later, Emily was busy trying to prepare for her meeting with Erin . She had offered to take her client to lunch, and Erin had accepted the invitation. They were supposed to be friends, after all, even if Emily felt some awkwardness about spending time with her after the numerous things that had happened. When the receptionist buzzed her to let her know Erin had arrived, she took a deep breath. This moment made her nervous, but she knew she had to be professional. Erin was a client of the firm first and foremost. Going out to the lobby, Emily felt her breath leave her at the sight before her.

Erin was standing there, casually leaning against the front desk. She was dressed in jeans and boots with a pressed black shirt. She was engrossed in conversation with the young receptionist, a girl who was new and obviously charmed by the Mahoney persona. When Erin caught Emily's eyes, she stood to her full height and smiled brightly. “Hey, Ms. Parker. How's life treating you?” she asked.

“Life's good, Erin . How are you?”

“Great. Jill was just explaining to me that you all had some new people working here. Business must be good.”

“I'm sure she was,” wryly Emily responded. “Come on, cowboy. Let's go back to my office.”

Erin threw a wink at the young receptionist. “Thanks for the company.”


With that Erin walked down the corridor to Emily's office. The attorney glared at the new receptionist, who had leaned over her desk to watch Erin 's departure. Their eyes met. The young girl just blushed and shrugged. Emily then turned to follow her client. She couldn't help herself. She looked at Erin 's tight jeans as she walked just slightly ahead of her as well. Her heart pounded at the sexiness that was Erin Mahoney. Oh, Erin , the things you make me feel just by being near. Does Sahar get to touch that ass?

Once in her office, Emily did her best to focus strictly on business. It was easy enough, because she and Erin always had a lot to talk about regarding work. Erin was challenging at times, but the blonde had always thought she was worth it. The rewards for good service to Erin Mahoney were well-known. She was tough to please, but if you did, she reciprocated tenfold. Emily had always been able to satisfy Erin as a client, which is why their professional relationship worked wonderfully.

After business was covered, Emily consulted her watch. “Are we still on for lunch today?”

“If you don't have anything else pressing to do. I know this took longer than expected.”

“Well, I have to eat. My next meeting isn't for an hour. We could do something fairly quick. There is a bar down in the lobby that serves good lunch fare.”

“Sounds good. I'm getting hungry, too. I don't want to fly back to Texas with an empty stomach, and airport food is the worst.”

“I couldn't have that. Come on. Let's go downstairs.”

Both women rode the elevator quietly down to the lobby. They were seated in a small booth near the window. Silence still prevailed as they studied their menus, but once their orders were taken, Emily knew they had to talk to each other, or else it was going to be a long, awkward lunch.

“So how have you been? Have you fully recovered?”

“Yeah. I'm fine. Sahar's been taking good care of me.”

“I'm glad someone is. How is she? I haven't seen her since that night. She was so upset.”

“She's doing better. Some days are easier than others. Confronting your own mortality isn't always easy. She's haunted by the fact that she took someone else's life, the life of the woman she loved. Truth be told, I think I would be devastated if that had happened to me, but she's strong. She knows she had no choice. It was us or Jasmine. It was life or death, and she chose life. It's just too bad it was at the expense of someone else's.”

“Well, I'm sure it helps to have you.”

“I do the best I can for her. She deserves to be happy.”

“Yes, she does.”

“Speaking of being happy, she told me that you gave her some valuable counsel regarding her trust fund. I just wanted to thank you for that.”

“I just gave her a referral.”

“Well Johnston Brown has another happy client because of you. I fully intend to tell Chuck that you continue to amaze me with your skills.”

Emily couldn't help but blush at the compliment. “It was nothing. I'm just glad I could help her. She told me she wanted to tell her family about her, and she wanted to make sure she wouldn't lose everything first.”

Erin nodded. “She's on her way to Paris today for her sister's wedding. She intends to tell them while she's there. She knows she'll probably be disowned, but she's a strong girl. She knows what she wants and is tired of living for them. She wants her own life.”

“Well, she has you. She won't be alone.”

“I'm not a substitute for parents by any means, but she does have me. She always will. I fully intend to take care of her to the best of my ability. We've been friends for a long time, and I love her dearly.”

Emily could feel her heart sink at that admission. She loves her. I can't believe I just heard Erin say she loved someone. “Sounds like the two of you might be closer than friends. Remember I saw you that night at the hotel the night before you were shot.”

Erin shrugged. “We were lovers when we first met.”

“And are you still?”

Erin looked into those blue eyes she loved so much. She knew she couldn't lie to Emily. “Yes. We are.”

“So the rumors are true then?”

“What rumors?”

“Super Dyke has been tamed. Women have been speculating, because you haven't been out and about lately except with Sahar. The ladies all think you've been broken by a most unlikely woman.”

Erin chuckled a little. “You make me sound like a wild horse.”

“You are. Everybody has always thought of you as the unruly stallion, too wild to tame, too wild to even ride for any length of time.”

“Oh, on the contrary, I think you have ridden me just fine. Don't you?” the brunette asked seductively.

Blue eyes met brown. You still have it, don't you, and you know it. “You know what I mean. You're not relationship-oriented. You prowl. You like the hunt, and lately from what I've heard, you haven't been hunting. You've been domesticated.”

Erin shrugged. “I don't think of it like that. I like to think of it as growing up, maturing. Almost dying changed me, Em. It put a perspective in my life that has never been there before. I feel like I have a second chance at my life, and I want to live it differently. Sahar has been there for me through it all, and she has seen me at my worst as well as my best. She loves me for who I am, not what I am or how much I make. These New York women just want to use me, and I wanted to use them. It's the same in Texas . They don't care about me as much as they do losing their favorite toy. The game is over. It was over the moment I took that bullet for Sahar.”

“Wow. She's really changed you.”

Erin shook her head. “Life has changed me, not Sahar. Taking that shot was the moment in which I realized the real woman I wanted to be, not the one I had been pretending to be. Had I truly been as removed from her as I had been all the other women in my life, I would have just given her up, but I didn't. I couldn't, because I loved her, even if it was just as a friend then. She meant something to me. She means more to me than any other woman I've ever known.”

Emily just nodded her head. She was mute momentarily. Why couldn't you be like this with me? Why did it have to take almost dying to know your true self? We could have been happy together, Erin . I just know it. “You deserve to be happy, Erin . I'm glad you seem to have found that with Sahar.”

“How's Gillian?” the brunette asked. She didn't really want to know, but she knew she had to ask to seem polite. Just the thought of that woman touching Emily made her sick to her stomach.

“She's fine. We've been seeing each other for eight months now, and I guess I didn't know that relationships could be this rewarding. I suppose I'm a bit like you. The game was starting to get old.”

“Does she treat you right?”

“Yeah, of course. She's one of the most attentive women I've ever been with. She goes out of her way for me.”

“That's good. How old is she? She seems much older than you.”

“She's forty.”

“A lot older than you. Does ten years make a lot of difference?”

“I don't think so. How old is Sahar?”


“Does six years make a difference between you?”

“Not often. Although I have to admit, I never thought at age 32 I'd be with someone that young. She's mature for her age, though. She's been through a lot.”

“That she has. Gillian might be forty, but she doesn't act it. She has no problem keeping up with me.”

“And you're tough to tucker out,” Erin mentioned. She couldn't help herself. She hated the fact that Gillian was a good lover to Emily. She had hoped she would be terrible and make the blonde wish for her again, but that didn't seem to be the case. Emily seemed happy with her new girlfriend.

Why do you keep bringing us up, Erin ? What aren't you saying? It's uncomfortable enough to sit here and talk about your girlfriend. Why do you have to ask about mine? Changing the subject onto less personal matters, the attorney said, “I got the invitation for your parents' 40 th wedding anniversary. I think it's wonderful that you and Jared are throwing them a party.”

“Yeah, we wanted to do something special for them. I hope you can come.”

The blonde nodded. “I already replied.”

“I'd like it if you stayed at the ranch with me. Most of the relatives are staying at Jared's or my parents' since mine is out of the way. Most of the friends are staying at the hotel. If you want to stay with me, you can. I'd like the company.”

“Well, thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I already booked a room at the hotel.”

“Oh, well, if you change your mind, just let me know.”

“I think Sahar might have a problem with that, don't you think?”

“Why would she? She wouldn't care. Besides, she's still going to be in Paris . She won't be there anyway.”

“How long is she staying in Paris ?”

“Six weeks. She wants to spend time with her sister before the wedding.”

“Are you going to the wedding?”

“No. I declined the invitation. Besides, she doesn't think it will help to have me there. She thinks her dad is going to throw a major fit.”

“I have no doubt. It is against Islam for two women to be together. Do you think she'll be all right there alone?”

“I told her if she needed me all she had to do was call. She wants to do this on her own. She's worried that her father might try to yank his contract with me when he finds out. She doesn't want that to happen, but I know it's bound to anyway. He's a smart man. He'll put two and two together.”

“That hurts your business dramatically. He's your biggest international contract.”

“She doesn't know that, and it shouldn't affect her life. I don't want her to hide from him for my sake if she really wants to tell him. Money means nothing. I have plenty of money. What I don't have is a happy Sahar. Her freedom is worth any price. It's getting too difficult to do business with him anyway. With the way things here are in the States, any ties to the Arabic community are scrutinized heavily, even legit ones. I need to start looking elsewhere for business. South America has a lot of potential, and it isn't frowned upon as much by the government.”

“I was wondering if you were going to ever get to that point. The government has been putting the squeeze on you. They have been inspecting your business ventures abroad heavily because of your ties to the Middle East . Chuck and I have been fighting with them a great deal about keeping your privacy. They want all the records we have on you. You know they consider you a person of interest because of your relationships abroad.”

“I know. But you know as well as I do, I don't support terrorism. All my contracts are for real. They'll look all they want but find nothing. I have nothing to hide.”

“They don't see it that way. They think some of the people you do business with finance terrorists, and they find it all too convenient that you own a bunch of night clubs, which are notorious for money laundering.”

“So they think I'm a money launderer? They think I'm a terrorist? They're paranoid. I'm an Irish girl from Texas . They just can't stand the fact that I've made myself a success by courting the oil heirs of the UAE. I've been the diplomat and gained the business they wanted.”

“I know that and so does Chuck. My point is it might just be for the best that you lose this contract. Even if it hits your wallet, the government will get off your back a bit.”

“Then you all are going to get your wish. I have no doubt that I'm going to lose this contract because of Sahar, and to be honest, that's just fine with me. I don't want to have to live a lie. Even if I do keep the contract, he's going to ask me about Sahar, and I'm not going to lie to him. As soon as I tell him about our relationship, he's going to dump me, and all his friends will, too. I will not be allowed back into that country without fear of losing my life.”

“You honestly think it's going to be that bad? You think you're going to lose all your contracts in the Middle East ?”

“Yes, I do. They might be businessmen, but they are still Muslims. They are all extremely traditional. I somehow managed to get in with them being a non-Muslim and a woman. That was nearly impossible. It was Sahar's father that gave me that break. The rest followed suit begrudgingly at his urging. If he goes, they'll all go. I have no doubt.”

“That's almost half your revenue. She's going to ruin your business, Erin .”

“No, she won't. It'll only be a temporary glitch. I'll find contracts in South America . I'm sure of it. Besides, even if I don't, I've made peace with the fact that it couldn't last forever. Something was going to drive a wedge between my Middle Eastern customers and me. I just thought it would be the government with their asinine reasons.”

“Still that has to be a tough reality.”

Erin shrugged. “Well, if all else fails, I could just sell my business. I'd get a generous price for it. My family's company has offered to buy me out several times. I could focus more on natural gas development or even start a natural gas development arm in the family business. They are missing an opportunity there. I'm not worried about it all that much. The right thing will happen. I'm more worried about Sahar.”

“Well, you know to come to Chuck and me should you think about accepting any offers. We can refer you to some great M and A attorneys.”

“Don't worry. You'll be the first one I call.”

When lunch was over, Erin rode the elevator back to Emily's floor. They stood in the lobby for a few moments chatting. “I guess I'll see you in about a month then,” Emily said.

“I look forward to it. If you change your mind about the hotel, I'd be happy to have you at the ranch.”

“Thanks. I'll see how my schedule works out.”

“All right. Thanks for lunch and the advice.”

“My pleasure as always. Have a safe flight home.”

“I will. I'll see you soon.” Erin stood there for another moment before reaching out to Emily. She pulled her into a brief hug and dropped a light kiss on her cheek before getting into the elevator.

Emily sighed deeply. How one little kiss sets me on fire. I can't believe it. You've grown up, Erin . And I thought I loved you before. This Erin is so much more than I ever thought you could be. Moving over to the windows in the lobby, the blonde looked out onto the street. She saw her friend walk out the doors and hail a cab. What's to become of me if I can't let you go? I guess only time will tell.


The Adventures of Super Dyke V: Moments of Truth

by Alex Tryst

Copyright May 2006


Dedication: To BladeWalker (for having patience)




Emily huffed around her apartment as she packed her bags for her trip to Texas . She was mad. In fact, she had never been mad at Gillian until that night. It had started out innocently. They talked about Emily's upcoming trip to Dallas for the Mahoney's anniversary party over their dinner. Emily had just mentioned Erin 's offer to have her stay at the ranch when the doctor frowned, and the disagreement began. She asked that Emily stay at the hotel with the rest of the guests instead of at Erin 's house. Even though it was what the blonde had intended, the fact that her girlfriend asked it of her made her feel as if Gillian didn't trust her. They argued about it, their voices escalating so much so that they started to gain attention at the restaurant where they had gone for a supposedly intimate meal before Emily left town. The attorney had left her girlfriend sitting there at the table and stormed out of the place. That had been a little over two hours ago.


Now Emily was packing and questioning if she could get over the hurt her lover had caused her. She wondered where Gillian was, because she hadn't come after her. Finishing with her bags, she flopped down onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. She felt bad even though she was still upset. If the roles had been reversed she thought she may have acted the same. Erin Mahoney was a magnet of sexual attraction, and not many were known to resist her. Single, married, gay, straight, it didn't seem to matter. People fell to her charms. Still Gillian had seemed more secure about Emily and Erin 's relationship, past and present. It had never come between them before, so she wondered why this was different. She heard the front door to her apartment open downstairs. She sighed, knowing that it was Gillian. Getting off her bed, she started downstairs to find her girlfriend coming up. They met half way.

Gillian held a bouquet of flowers out to the blonde. “I'm sorry about earlier, Emily. I really do trust you. I never meant for it to sound otherwise. You can stay at Erin 's house if you want. I trust your judgment implicitly.”

“Thank you for saying that,” she said taking her flowers. “It really hurt to think you didn't.”

“I just want you to do what makes you comfortable. I don't want you to strain your friendship with Erin on my behalf. I know you have a unique situation because of your professional relationship. I want you to do what you think is best. If that's staying with her, then that's what I want you to do.”

The blonde nodded, wrapping her arms around her lover's shoulders. She leaned in and kissed her gently. “Thank you for understanding. It means a lot to me, but I'm going to stay at the hotel.”

The older woman gave a gentle smile. “Not because of me are you?”

“No. It's for the best.”

“I'm glad you think so, too.”

“You know, it's been almost a year since things ended with Erin , and I'm the one who ended them.”

“I know.”

“I don't want her to come between us like this again.”

“Neither do I. It was wrong of me to make you feel like I didn't trust you. I do. You have my heart, Em, so I have to trust you.” They kissed again. “I brought your dinner home with me. Do you want me to heat it up for you?”

“No. I'm not hungry for that.”

“Then what do you want?”

“You. Come upstairs and make love to me.”

“With pleasure,” Gillian replied, taking Emily by the hand. Together they made their way upstairs to the bedroom. Taking the lead between them, Gillian eased Emily's clothes from her body, all the while whispering how much she loved her. The blonde reciprocated in kind, helping her lover with her clothes until they stood naked at the foot of the bed. Gently edging the attorney down against the mattress, Gillian covered her frame with her own. They kissed slowly, just enjoying their closeness. “You are so lovely, Emily, so beautiful. I love you so much,” the doctor murmured, taking in the blonde's neck with her lips as her hands caressed her sides before finding her breasts.

Emily moaned, gripping her lover's shoulders as she allowed the feelings to consume her. Gillian was always so good to her, always touching her the way she wanted. “Gillian,” she whispered. Brown eyes met blue. The doctor gave a little smile before kissing her girlfriend's lips once again. Minutes passed with them just exchanging methodical kisses before the auburn-haired woman resumed her mission.

Traveling the length of Emily's body, she took in all the wonderment. No curve was left unexplored as Gillian's mouth and hands took in their fill. “You mean so much to me, Em. I don't ever want to fight with you again,” she said, gently sliding into Emily's wetness.

Emily shook her head as she moaned. “Never again,” she answered, clutching Gillian closer.

The couple made love for hours before drifting to sleep in each other's arms. The following day, the doctor took her girlfriend to the airport and sent her off with a loving kiss, reminding her of all she had waiting on her at home.

Emily thought about Gillian all the way to Texas . They had made up so tenderly. The attorney knew she had someone special in Gillian White. She felt incredibly loved and cared about. Idly she pondered their future together. They were nine-months old, and it had all been wonderful. She was exactly what Emily thought she wanted. Gillian made an effort to show she cared, and she loved her without reservation. There was no pretense between them. With Gillian what you saw was what you got. She was honest and real. She was unafraid of being vulnerable and sharing herself. In so many ways, she was perfect. There was only one problem. Erin , why do you vex me so? Why can't I get over you? I have the perfect girlfriend, but I can't help myself. I still want you, even as flawed as you are. It hurts so much to think of you with someone else. I can't stand that you're happy with Sahar. I wanted to be the one to make you happy.

The blonde knew it was too late. Erin was gone, lost to another. Whenever she thought about it, she couldn't help the pain that radiated from her chest. Tears flowed from her eyes at the idea of it. The anguish was still fresh, like it had happened yesterday. Her life had forever changed that night in the bar of The W Hotel, and seven months later it was still unbearable.

Upon her arrival at DFW airport, Emily went down to the baggage claim to retrieve her belongings. However, she was greeted by a surprise as she neared the baggage carousel. There was Erin holding a single pink rose and talking to some other people. She looked as she always did, the essence of casual sexiness. Her legs were encased in a pair of tight dark jeans that clung to every contour in the best way possible. She had on what appeared to be a new pair of brown boots. However, that day she wore a red knit short-sleeved shirt instead of a t-shirt as was her Texas attire. Her cowboy hat was missing, replaced with a Texas Rangers baseball cap, and the smile she wore as she spoke to those around her melted Emily's heart. Damn, you are impossible. Why do you have such a hold on me?

Just then dark eyes met Emily's and the smile grew wider as Erin came toward her. “Emily, hey. I'm so glad you made it,” she greeted, bringing her into a hug. She pressed the rose into her hand without a word before looping her arm through the attorney's. “I want you to meet some people.”

“I didn't expect to see you here,” Emily voiced her surprise.

“Well, I was out here picking up some other people for the party close to the time you came in. I figured I have to take them to the hotel, so I might as well give you a lift, too. Unless you've made other arrangements.”

“No. I was just going to get a cab.”

“Then I'd be honored to drive you. Come on. Let me introduce you to these people, and then I'll get your bags.”

Erin led her over to the small group and gave introductions before retrieving the blonde's belongings. Heading out to the parking lot, she put everyone's bags into her SUV while her passenger's settled themselves. Getting into the driver's seat, she was somewhat surprised to find Emily in the back seat sitting in the middle. However, secretly she was pleased, because it allowed her to steal looks at her through her rearview mirror as they drove the forty minutes to the hotel. Upon arrival, Erin proceeded to help everyone with their bags before turning her attentions to Emily once again.

“Listen, I don't know if you have plans tonight, but if you're free I'd like to invite you to a baseball game. The Rangers are playing, and the whole family is going. You're sort of the only one here without a date or family, and since Chuck and his partner aren't coming in until the morning, I thought you might be interested if you don't have other plans.”

“That's a nice offer, but I don't want to intrude on the whole family thing.”

“You won't. Daddy wants you to come. He asked me to make sure I invited you. Jared and I are both going to be there. You know several of us already. Tomorrow night you're seated with some of my cousins at the dinner. I just thought it might be nice to meet them tonight.”

“If you're sure it's okay.”

“Yeah, more than sure. We want you to come.”

“Well, all right. What time?”

“Actually, soon. As soon as you check in, I need to take you over to my parents' house. We're all caravanning from there.”

“All right. Let me check in. I'm not sure I have anything suitable for a baseball game. It's awfully hot. I didn't think I'd be outside that much.”

“I'm going like this. We have a box that's air conditioned, so it's not going to be that hot. You look great just as you are,” she complimented.

Both of them walked up to the front desk with Emily's luggage. The blonde checked herself into her room, and then Erin took her bags upstairs. She lingered in the doorway of the suite after she had put the bags on the bed. Emily took a few minutes to freshen up and change into more comfortable attire in her bathroom.

As Emily stood in the bathroom primping in the mirror, she sighed. What have I gotten myself into? I'm not even here two hours, and I'm already being swept up in her charms . So much for that quiet night alone relaxing in my robe and watching movies. Her eyes drifted to the pink rose she had placed on the granite counter top. All it takes is something so small for me to get lost in you. I can't do this. I can't let myself be moved this way. What about Gillian? You love her, and she loves you. Erin doesn't love you. She loves Sahar. Don't be foolish, Em. Don't read anything into this. You'll only get hurt. She brought the rose to her nose to smell its scent. The softness of the petals brushed over her lips. Still I can't help but wonder what you're thinking at times, Erin . What do you mean by this gesture? I wish you would just tell me. I wish I knew how to read you.

When she had finished changing, she made her way back out into her sitting area where Erin was. The brunette smiled. “You look nice.”

“Thank you.” Nervously she ran her hands over the khaki pants she had on. It was all she had that seemed suitable for outside activities. “Are you sure I'm not going to be hot?”

“You'll be fine. I like those sandals,” she mentioned. “You have exceptionally pretty feet. I used to hate girls like you at the pageants,” she joked.

Emily felt a blush rise to her cheeks as she looked at her own sandal-clad feet. Her toenails had been polished in a stylish French pedicure, and her spray-on tanner gave her skin a healthy glow. “Thanks.”

“You know if I had feet like that, I'd wear sandals all the time. Mine are so huge. I'm embarrassed to have them seen in anything but boots. When I had to wear high heels, I felt like they were just mammoth.”

“Your feet aren't that big. They're proportional to your height,” she said as they left the room. Erin shrugged. They made their way to the car in silence. The Texan opened the door for her passenger. “Thanks,” the blonde said as she got up into the front seat.

“Anything for you,” Erin commented with a smile as she shut the door. Moving to her side, she asked, “Have you ever been to my parents' house?”

“I can't say that I have. Why?”

“Just wondering. They make my place look like a doll house. It's the most ostentatious thing I've ever seen. Borders on tacky, but my mother things it's elegant. I have half a mind to take all those pictures of the two of us off the walls. No one wants to see a bunch of has-been beauty queens.”

“Oh, this should be fun. I haven't seen many photos of you in drag,” Emily teased.

Erin laughed. “You'll see plenty over the next few days. Jared had a professional photographer make a video of stills from my parents' marriage. There are plenty of embarrassing ones of me in dresses.”

“Speaking of dresses, what are you wearing tomorrow night to the party? Are you going to wear a dress?”

Erin scoffed at the idea. “You will never see me in a dress. If I never wore one again, it would be too soon. No, I had Jared and Daddy's tailor make me a tux. It's not like people don't already know about my transformation from queen to butch. It was Daddy's idea actually. I was worried about the best thing to wear, and he said he wanted me to wear a tux, because he knew I'd feel most comfortable in that. Mama's not thrilled, but I stopped listening to her a long time ago.”

“I bet you're going to look so sexy. Is the rest of your family as accepting as your father and brother?” Emily questioned. They had never spoken about each other's family in much detail, so she was curious.

“Yeah. Most of our closest relatives are from California , L.A. , San Fran. They are much more open-minded. We're actually the only Mahoneys left in Texas , and we're only there because of the business. If we weren't into oil, I'm sure we'd all live on the West Coast. It's much more our style. Besides, I have a bunch of flaming queens for cousins, well, at least one of them. And then of course, there's my cousin Seamus, the transvestite. I'm tame compared to those guys. Talk about drag. They look better dressed as women than they do men. Don't be surprised if they show up tomorrow in make-up.” There was a pause. “What about your family? I assume they know about you.”

“Oh, yeah. They've always been supportive. My father was a bit upset at first, because he thought I would never get married or have children. It took awhile to convince him I could still have all those things if I wanted them. He's just old-fashioned about some things. He didn't want me to suffer the way he and Bob did. I think he thought he was going to miss his chance to plan my wedding,” she joked lightly.

Erin turned quizzical eyes to her. “Who's Bob?”

“My father's partner. They've been together for twenty-five years.”

“What? Wait a minute. You're telling me your father is gay? Where is your mom in this picture?”

The blonde shrugged. “I have no idea. I haven't seen her since I was little. I lived with her when I was young, but she gave me to Dad and Bob when I was seven, and I never saw her again.”

“So your father and Bob raised you?”


“Was that tough, having gay parents?”

“Sometimes but I always knew they loved me. Looking back, I was much better off with Dad and Bob than my mother. She was in an unhealthy relationship with this guy. Even as a kid, he creeped me out. He was mean, violent temper. He didn't like me at all.”

“Did he ever hurt you?”

Emily shook her head. “He beat up my mom a few times, though. When I saw Sahar that night at The W, I knew just by looking at her that she had been in an abusive relationship. It's good she got out. Sometimes I wonder if my mom ever did.”

“Do you even know where she is? Have you ever tried to contact her?”

“No. She gave up her parental rights, so I've always just assumed she didn't want anything to do with me. When I was little, she always treated me like an inconvenience. She used to tell me that I ruined her life.”

“That's an awful thing to say to a child,” Erin said, sliding her hand over Emily's to lend support.

“Well, thankfully for me, Dad and Bob went out of their way to make me feel loved. It was hard to watch people discriminate against them. Even though we lived in New York City , I could still see it at times. I just couldn't understand it as a kid how people could hate someone they didn't even know simply because of who they loved. I used to think it was so stupid. It was so obvious to me that they loved each other. I never doubted that or their love for me. I grew up always hoping that I might someday have a relationship like theirs.”

“When did you tell them about you?”

“I was in college. I had known a long time before then, but I was scared.”


“Because I didn't want to disappoint them. I didn't want them to think they had failed me in some way. All my gay friends would tell me their coming out stories, and all their parents always thought they had screwed up their kids somehow. I didn't want them to think that about me. If anything I wanted them to know what a stable influence they were. They were the perfect example of what a loving relationship should be. I still remember that night. The three of us were having dinner at home, and I just sort of blurted it out over dessert. The first thing Bob asked was if it was because of them. It took a lot of talks for them to realize, it had nothing to do with them. It was about me. It was my life, and I was happy. They accept that.”

“That's good. Have they met Gillian?”

“We've had dinner a few times together.”

“And what is their opinion of her?”

“They like her just fine.” Emily didn't really want to comment further even though she knew there was more to be said on that subject. “Tell me about how you came out to your family.”

“Oh, well, I sort of did that in stages. Jared caught me with a girl when I was in high school. I made him swear not to tell our parents, but he let me know he was okay with whatever made me happy. My daddy was next. Again I was caught. That time it was freshman year of college. He's a cool guy, though. He sat me down, and we talked about it. He assured me he loved me all the same. My mama was the last to know, but that was only because we all knew she was going to have a problem with it, and she did. To this day, she still does in some respects, but she knows she's outnumbered. Personally I think she dreads the day I settle down. I think secretly she still hopes I'll find my way back to the straight and narrow, but she's never voiced that. She won't ever say anything against me, because the one time she tried it, Daddy put her in her place so fast. He made it clear I was to be accepted as I was. She had put me through enough with all that beauty pageant shit. She's been forced to accept the fact that this is the real me, but there are definitely times when I think she still hasn't. I think she leaves all those pictures of me at the house as a way of holding on to a dream that will never truly be. Whenever someone new comes over, she always likes to point them out and go on an on about how pretty I used to be. Don't be surprised if she drags you into it.”

“You were pretty, Erin, but I happen to like you better this way,” the blonde said, squeezing the hand that was still on top of her own.

Erin smiled. The two kept holding hands through the rest of their drive. When they arrived, Erin led her into the chaos of the house. Instantly Liam Mahoney spotted them and came over. “Emily, it's wonderful to see you, dear,” he greeted with a hug and kiss to her cheek.

“Thank you for having me, Mr. Mahoney.”

He smiled at his daughter before turning his dark eyes to Emily's blue ones. “Are you ever going to start calling me Liam? You're family to us, you know. It's about time you started to act like it.”

“Thank you, Liam. That's nice of you to say.”

He curved his arm around her shoulders. Looking at Erin he asked, “You don't mind if I steal her from you for a bit, do you? I want to show her around and introduce her to the rest of the Mahoney clan.”

“Not at all, Daddy. Go ahead.”

Emily cast a look at Erin as she was led into a crowd of people. She was slightly overwhelmed by the rowdiness of the fairly young crowd. It was like walking into a room of nothing but Jareds and Erins . All of the Mahoneys possessed the same quintessence of sexual allure in looks and personalities. They all had the same dark or auburn hair and sparkling brown eyes. Their smiles were the same, and they all greeted Emily with the warmness she had known with Erin, Jared, and Liam.

Erin followed behind her father and the blonde. She couldn't help the feeling she had seeing Emily with the rest of her family. All her relatives were gracious, greeting her like a member of the family already. She knew why, though. She had never brought anyone to any family function, and her family was assuming she and Emily were a serious couple. Even more, her father had made his wishful thinking known on that subject in front of all their relatives the night before at dinner, causing her entire family to wonder about the blonde attorney. It wasn't an unpleasant thought by any means. After all, she had thought about it a great deal over the last several months, but she knew the blonde could never truly be hers. She had found love in her doctor. It was tough for Erin to accept, but she knew she had to. Erin never wanted to get in the way of Emily's true happiness, and it meant she couldn't have her, even as much as she wished in her thoughts for it.

A little later that evening once they were at the ball game, Emily was just standing at the windows of the box watching the game in progress when she felt a presence next to her. She looked up and smiled. “Seamus, isn't it?” she questioned.

He nodded. “Are you into baseball?” he asked, lifting his sunglasses off his face and placing them on top of his highlighted hair, so he could look her directly in the eyes.

“Not really. I was just thinking.”

“About Erin ?”

“Actually I was.”

“How long have you two been together?”

The blonde shook her head. “Oh, we're not together. We're just friends.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, right.”

“No, really.”

He looked at his cousin and then back at her. “Then why on earth aren't you a couple? It's obvious to everyone here that there is something between you. I can see it in the way you look at each other when you think the other isn't looking.”

The blonde shook her head. She didn't like being read that easily. “She already has a girlfriend.”

“Well, I don't see her here. I see you here. That says it all to me.”

“Sahar isn't here, because she's in Paris . I'm sure if she were in town, Erin would have invited her.”

Seamus paused. “What does this girl have that you don't?”

“I have no idea,” Emily sighed, looking out the window again.

“You can win her, you know. All you have to do is try.”

Emily smiled to force her uneasiness away. “Why am I even listening to you? Aren't you the huge queen? What do you know about women?”

“Actually, Sean's the queen. I'm the transvestite. Trust me. I know plenty about women. I do like them after all.”

Interested at the comment the attorney asked, “Could I ask you something personal?”

“Sure. What?”

“I've never met a transvestite before, so you'll have to forgive me if I sound naive. Why do you wear make-up and women's clothes? Are the women you date comfortable with that?”

He looked out over the field for a moment before asking, “Have you ever looked at what Erin wears? She wears men's jeans, men's shirts, even men's boots.”

“Yeah, I've noticed. She looks good, though.”

“She dresses that way, because it makes her comfortable in her own skin. It's who she is. It's the same for me. Putting on women's clothes and make-up is like putting on my own skin. It's just who I am. The women I date understand that. It takes a special woman to be with me.”

Emily smiled at him. “That makes sense, and Erin 's right. You do look hot,” she complimented.

He grinned the infamous Mahoney smile. “Well, thank you. You're a sexy little thing yourself. In fact, if Erin wasn't so obviously interested, I'd make a play for you. I'd give you the ride of a lifetime,” he whispered, stepping closer.

The blonde chuckled. “Jared already offered.”

“Of course he did. That man can't keep his pants on. Humping and pumping is Jared's talent in life. Erin 's too from what I hear.” Emily could feel the blush creep into her face at that comment. Seamus laughed. “So you agree?” he teased. She said nothing. “You've taken a ride on the Erin Express, haven't you?” he pushed playfully. “How was it?”

The woman just shook her head. Trying to change the subject, she asked, “How do you get your eye make-up to stay on in this heat? I feel like mine is all over the place.”

“Avoiding question, are we?”

“No, I'm serious. Your eye make-up is perfect. How do you do that?”

Erin looked up from the conversation she was in with some of her family to search for Emily in the gathering. She smiled when she saw her with Seamus. He was by far her favorite cousin. She watched them for a few minutes. It was obvious by their hand gestures they were talking about make-up. The brunette continued to observe them as Emily dug into her purse and pulled out a tube of mascara before handing it to Seamus. The tall man stepped closer to the blonde and raised the sunglasses off her face before intently began to work on her lashes.

Deciding to break in, she walked over to them. “You know, Em, you're going to turn him on if you let him to do that to you,” she joked, taking a swig of her beer.

“Get lost, Erin . Don't infringe of my seduction,” Seamus answered, throwing a wink at the attorney. He pulled lip liner from her purse and proceeded to apply it to Emily's lips. Erin watched as he painted the slightly puckered pale full lips with the liner and then pink lipstick. Not even turning to his cousin, he stated, “It looks like I'm not the only one getting turned on.”

Emily looked between the two of them. She could tell she was having an affect on Seamus, but Erin looked stoic as usual. When her stylist was finished, she dug out her mirror and looked at herself. “Wow. You do a fantastic job. Do you think you could do my make-up for the party tomorrow night?”

“I'd be delighted to... for a small price of course.” He grinned wickedly.

“I'm afraid to ask what that might be.”

He paused. “Save a few dances for me at the party tomorrow. I want to be seen with the most beautiful woman there.”

She blushed. “Deal.” Leaning up, she brushed her body into his as she kissed his cheek. “You're the best, Seamus. Excuse me while I go get a drink.”

Erin and Seamus both watched her walk across the room to the bar. “Damn, she has soft lips. I bet they'd feel so good on my...”

“Don't even think it. Keep it in your capris, Seamus,” Erin growled, cutting him off. She knew what he was about to say. “Men. That's all you ever think about. She's not going to blow you, and she's certainly not going to fuck you.”

“A man can dream, can't he?” he asked with a laugh. “Don't tell me you don't fantasize about that piece of ass. I know you, Erin. You look at her like you want to rip her clothes off and ravage her.”

“I do not.”

“Yes, you do. Is she really that good?”

“I wouldn't know.”

“Liar. Don't hold out on your favorite cousin now. Give me the dirt.” Erin sighed and turned away from their topic of conversation. Seamus grew more serious as he put a hand on her shoulder. “ Erin , I was just kidding with you.”

“I know. It's just difficult to think about is all.”


“She has a serious girlfriend. It doesn't matter how I feel. She's not interested.”

“Oh, I don't know about that. I've seen her looking at you tonight. She likes what she sees, you know. You could put the moves on her. She'd come willingly, I think.”

“I can't. I have to respect that she has someone else. Besides, I also have a girlfriend these days. I can't be sleeping around. I promised Sahar I would try to be monogamous.”

“Sahar? What kind of a name is that? What's she like?”

“It's Arabic. She's a beautiful young woman. I care about her deeply.”

“But you love Emily. That's obvious to me. I think it's obvious to everyone.”

“Except her,” she grumbled.

Seamus put his arms around her. “It'll be all right. You'll see. The right thing will happen. You have to believe that.”

“Who even knows what the right thing is?” she questioned taking another sip of her drink.

That night after the game was over Erin took Emily back to the hotel before returning her rambunctious relatives to Jared's. In her hotel room, Emily laid in bed thinking about the night as she idly flipped through TV channels. Why did that feel like I was the girlfriend being introduced to the family for the first time? Did you even know that was going to happen, Erin ? And if you did, why didn't you say anything to me about it? Well, today I think I understand you better than I ever have. You're family is so wild. They make you look tame. Your family is so great. I can see how loving and accepting all of you are of each other. It must be nice to have that much support. Even as an outsider, I could feel it. They treated me as one of you. It was nice. Emily sighed. It was more than nice.

Truth be told, she felt incredible being with Erin 's family. They were wonderful people, much better than Gillian's. Her girlfriend's parents were so studious and quiet that Emily wasn't quite sure what they thought of her, even though Gillian had assured her they thought highly of her. She couldn't feel that warmth from them that she instantly felt with the Mahoney clan. Gillian's siblings were much the same. With Gillian being the youngest of her five siblings, the age difference between Emily and the rest of them showed greatly, Gillian's eldest brother being more than twenty years her senior. She had felt like such a child at the White family gathering, because some of Gillian's nieces and nephews were in their mid-twenties, only a handful of years younger than her. With the Mahoneys, Jared and Erin were the oldest, and Emily felt one of the most mature of the bunch.

Her thoughts turned toward her fathers. I wonder what you two would think of Erin if I ever brought her home. I think she is more what you thought I would end up with than Gillian. Sure, you like Gillian well enough, but I could see the look in your eyes the first time you met her. You were surprised that I was with someone that much older, someone who wasn't very spontaneous. Your eyes told the concern you would never say, but I saw it anyway. You were nice to her, but I could tell Bob had reservations. All you kept saying when I asked you what you thought was that you were happy for me if I was happy. Not a stellar response. I wonder what it is about her you two don't like. I wish you would tell me.

The following day the blonde slept in and then worked out at the hotel. She had a few hours to kill before the party, so she opted to read a book she had been working on. Grabbing her bikini from her bag, she changed into it and headed for the pool. Settling down in a lounger out in the sun, she put on her sunglasses and lost herself in her book.

Erin, Jared, and some of her cousins were at the hotel early that day to help prepare for the party. She had put Seamus in charge of finalizing the seating groups and putting out place cards while she and Jared spoke to the florists about the arrangements as they came in. Erin was so busy with preparation that she missed Seamus calling her name. However, after a few minutes she realized the room had grown quiet around her. Looking up, she saw her brother, Seamus, and all her male cousins standing at the window that overlooked the pool. Curious as to what drew their interest, she joined them. She felt her heart start to hammer wildly at the sight before her. She had never seen Emily in the daylight in so little. She wore a blue bikini that, even though was considered decent, bared so many features of Erin 's imagination. She was struck completely mute as she leaned with a hand on the glass.

“Go on. Go talk to her,” Seamus encouraged. “You know you want to.” Erin stood still another moment just looking before shaking her head. “Go or else I'm going,” he threatened.

Knowing she didn't want to watch her cousin brazenly flirt with the blonde, she nodded. She knew they were all watching as she moved to the glass door and made her way outside. She took a deep breath, trying to control the racing of her heart. It was so difficult to see Emily that way. Closing the distance to her, she wondered what she was going to say, but just as she reached the attorney's chair, Emily looked up and noticed her.

“ Erin , hey. What are you doing here?”

“We were just setting up for the party. I hope you put on some sunscreen. The sun is deceiving out here. You can get burned easily.”

Emily nodded. “I put some on. I couldn't get my back well, though, so I can't turn over. The last thing I need is a burned back.”

“Well, I'll put it on you if you want,” she offered casually, much more than she felt.

“That would be great. Thanks.”

As the blonde turned onto her stomach, Erin risked a glance back at the windows where she knew her family was watching. They were all cheering her on behind the glass. Kneeling onto one knee, she took the bottle of sunscreen on the ground and poured some into her hands. She looked at the blonde's fair back. Instantly her mind thought about kissing the skin lightly. She wanted to so much, but she knew she had to refrain. Instead she just put her hands on the shoulders and gently massaged them, rubbing in the white lotion. She repeated the process several times to cover the back.

Emily did everything she could to control herself from moaning at the contact. Jesus, this feels good, Erin. I love the way it feels when you touch me. Even just the faintest, most innocent caresses can set me on fire. I don't want to feel this way, but by God, I do. I want you so badly, even though I know I can't have you. We both belong to other people, but none of that matters when you touch me. I want so much for you to love me. Why can't you love me? Why don't you? What do I lack? All too soon the rubbing stopped. Emily was disappointed, but she didn't say so as she looked at the brunette kneeling beside her. She wanted to keep Erin there beside her, but she didn't know how. Saying the first thing that came to her mind, she asked, “What time is it?”

“It's four o'clock.”

“I have to get going soon. Seamus is coming over at six to do my hair and make-up.”

“I know. He's already mentioned it about a million times today. You be careful with him. I think he has a crush on you,” she teased.

“He's a great guy.”

“Yeah, he is. Of all my cousins, he's my favorite. We're a lot alike actually.”

“I can see that. He cares a great deal about you.”

“And I care about him.” Erin glanced over her shoulder. She saw the Mahoney men still at the window.

So did Emily. “Why are they are standing there staring at us?”

Erin grinned as she turned her eyes back to blue. “They're a bunch of pervs. They were enjoying the show you were unknowingly giving them. I did always say that you had a set of bodacious tatas. They all seem to agree with me. Now you're giving them the hot ass show. I'm never going to get them out of here. Look at them. They're practically foaming at the mouth, not that I blame them.” Emily's heart thudded. She flushed lightly but said nothing. “I have to go. I'll see you in a few hours.”

“All right.”

Moving back inside, Erin shook her head at her relatives. “Shameless. You're all shameless. Come on. Back to work. We need to get going soon.”

At seven that evening, people began to arrive for the party. Being that Jared and Erin were the hosts for the evening, they stood close to the door welcoming their guests. Erin felt good seeing her parents happy as they entered the ballroom. Her father smiled at his children and brought both of them into a hug for a moment before continuing inside. As the rest of the party-goers trickled in, Erin began to wonder where Seamus and Emily were. They had yet to appear. Even though she knew it was a ridiculous notion, she briefly wondered if he had in fact managed to lure her to him. She knew he wouldn't do that, even as much as he may have wanted to, but he would certainly flirt with her endlessly, and the idea of Emily enjoying anyone else's attention still didn't settle well with her. Stepping out into the hallway that led to the ballroom, her eyes became glued to the end of the corridor.

Suddenly she heard her brother step up next to her. “Breathe, Erin ,” he whispered.

She couldn't. It was impossible. There was Seamus escorting Emily. Erin didn't even notice how handsome her cousin looked in his dark suit. She only had eyes for the woman on his arm. The blonde was more elegant that she had ever seen her in a black sequined dress that nearly brushed the floor and was seductively cut to expose the cleavage Erin had come to secretly long for so many nights. The long blonde hair was loosely curled and hung freely around her mostly bare shoulders, and her blue eyes shimmered with brilliance. For a brief moment Erin thought whatever Seamus had done to the blonde had worked wonders, because she had never seen her so beautiful.

“Now there's a woman in love,” Seamus mumbled to his charge as they neared Erin and Jared. “Look at how she looks at you. She's utterly mesmerized, Emily.”

Emily didn't comment. She couldn't even formulate words as she looked at Erin . The tall dark-haired woman looked so sexy in her tuxedo. The black pants and jacket fit her perfectly, and the black vest looked wonderful against the stark white shirt with the pearl buttons. However, the thing that did it for the blonde was the bowtie. She had always thought Erin was one of the most attractive women she had ever known, but just then she knew she was the sexiest women to ever walk the earth in her eyes. She felt her legs go weak as she was blinded by the mega-watt Mahoney smiles that Erin and Jared gave her. Oh, dear God. How badly I long for you to just reach out and touch me, Erin. You look incredible, so sexy, so captivating, so sophisticated. I want so much to feel you against me, to feel you inside of me. How am I going to make it through this night? Okay. Breathe, Emily. Just breathe.

“Emily, you look beautiful tonight,” Jared complimented. “You look good too, Seamus.”

“Thank you,” she answered, still only looking at Erin, who said absolutely nothing, only stared. She just smiled at Erin before Seamus led her into the ballroom.

Erin exhaled deeply as she saw the back of the dress, or lack thereof. Emily's entire back was on graceful display. “Lord, help me,” she muttered.

Her brother laughed, obviously having heard her plea. “She looks amazing. You can't let this one get away, sis. If you do Seamus is going to sweep in and carry her off for good.”

Erin said nothing to the comment. She was still trying to recover from her momentary haze. Trying to refocus on the task at hand, she finished greeting all the guests before she and her brother went inside to join the party. Knowing she had to play the part of hostess, she mingled with all the guests, chatting and laughing with everyone, but every few minutes she sought out the blonde with her eyes. Emily appeared to be having a good time with the Mahoney family.

For the meal Erin hadn't placed Emily at her table, but she had a perfect view of her sitting there with Seamus. She could see the blonde laughing and enjoying herself. Turning to the guest next to her, Chuck Johnston, she said, “Thanks for coming all the way down here, Chuck. You have always been a great friend of my daddy's.”

“It was a pleasure. Emily and I both glad to be here. She has put so much effort into the Mahoney accounts over the years. I'm appreciative that you all treat her as one of your own.”

“Daddy thinks of her as family. She's definitely paid her dues. You have someone special there. Johnston Brown is better for having her.”

He nodded. Both of them looked at the topic of their discussion. “She looks beautiful tonight, don't you think?” he asked. “She's such an angel.” Erin nodded in agreement, even though she thought it odd that Chuck, being Emily's boss, would make such a comment. “You know I feel strongly for her, Erin. She's almost like another granddaughter to me. I want to see her happy and settled. She deserves it.”

“Yes, she does. She seems pretty happy to me these days, though. Must be Gillian's influence,” she mumbled into her bourbon on the rocks.

“Gillian White,” he sighed.

“What's the sigh for? Have you met her?”

He nodded. “Emily brought her to a company party.”

“Were you not impressed?”

He shrugged. “Don't get me wrong. Gillian seems nice. She seems to care about Emily. She seems successful.”

“I hear a but coming.”

“She's all wrong for Emily. She's too old, too stable. Emily likes taking risks. She likes adventure. Gillian doesn't strike me as the type that does.”

“Sometimes opposites attract.”

“I know, but it isn't often they stay attracted. Without things in common, a relationship can't sustain itself. Sex can only get you so far. No, Emily needs someone more like her.”

“And I suppose you know who that might be?”

“I'm looking right at her,” he stated, holding her eyes.

Erin shook her head. “You think I'm the perfect woman for Emily? I don't think so. She's not interested.”

“I beg to differ. She's definitely interested.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Do you know the only accounts Emily is responsible for these days are yours? She doesn't even have your father's or Jared's. We had to pass them off to another associate, because she just couldn't handle the workload any more. You are the only one, Erin . She specifically asked me to keep yours. I think she uses it as an excuse to be closer to you. If she didn't have your accounts, she'd have no reason to even talk to you, except under special situations. Now I've obliged her, because I can see how much she wants to be with you and vice versa, even though I think we all know you'd be better off with another associate at this point. Her schedule is too demanding to give you the service you truly deserve. I just don't understand why the two of you play this game. One of you should just be woman enough to say what's in your heart. The other feels the same. I'm sure of it.”

Erin shook her head again. “I don't know, Chuck. If there ever was a chance for the two of us, it's already passed. She loves Gillian.”

“Do you love her, Erin ?” he asked pointedly. Erin looked at Emily for a moment before turning back to the blonde's boss. “Do you?” he repeated with a softer tone. She stared at her plate. “If you can't say it to me, how do you ever expect to be able to say it to her?”

Erin didn't respond to the question. Instead her eyes simply found Emily again. Once the formal dinner was finished, the dance floor opened with music from a small orchestra. Erin stayed at her table just chatting for a little while, but she noticed the blonde in her cousin's arms on the floor. Seamus was up to his usual tricks. It was obvious his intentions were on Emily, even though most assumed she was with Erin . The attorney was passed through the Mahoney men dance after dance. She appeared to be having a grand time. Wanting to get in on the action the rest of her family seemed to be enjoying, Erin got up and made her way to the floor.

Jared was leading Emily as she approached. Tapping her brother on the shoulder, she smiled at him. “May I cut in?” He smiled and nodded his head, placing Emily's hand in his sister's. The two women looked at each other. Erin easily began to lead them through the waltz that was playing. “Are you having fun?” Erin asked politely.

“This is a great party. You and Jared out did yourselves. Your parents look so happy.”

“I hope so. This was all for them. All the Mahoney men have taken to you as well as I expected they would. You're a hot commodity on the dance floor tonight. Must be those feet of yours,” she teased, bringing back the joke from the previous day.

“You have some nice footwork yourself. I didn't know you knew how to waltz. You put your cousins to shame.”

“Jared and I both took lessons just for this occasion. I had hoped for a chance to dance with the prettiest girl here, but my family has been monopolizing you.”

“Well, I'm all yours now,” Emily said with a smile. Oh, how I wish that were true in every sense. There isn't anything about you I dislike these days, Erin Mahoney. You've changed for the better in the last few months.

“I'm honored, Emily, truly,” Erin whispered in reply.

For the rest of the evening, neither woman left each other. They danced and talked. When they tired, they moved to the open bar, where Emily consumed champagne and Erin bourbon. Afterwards, it was back to the dance floor again. No one dared cut in to dance with the blonde once she was coupled with Erin . The Texan figured that was just part of her family's meddling with the two of them without trying to seem obvious. For the rest of the night, the two women were inseparable, dancing, drinking, and laughing together.

Finally when it was late, the blonde mentioned, “I should probably be retiring. I have to fly back to New York tomorrow, and I think I've had a bit too much champagne.”

“Let me walk you to your room. I couldn't have you getting lost in your state. Seamus would never forgive me,” Erin joked.

The attorney laughed. “We couldn't have that.”

Taking Emily by the hand, Erin looked around the ball room to find that almost all of the guests were gone, leaving just a few straggling family members, so she felt safe in leaving. She let Emily take the lead between them toward the elevators. The couple still held hands as they quietly rode to Emily's floor. No words were spoken as they walked down the corridor and paused at the blonde's room. Blue eyes stared into dark ones quietly for a few moments.

“Well, here we are,” the brunette whispered, propping one hand up on the wall next to the door as she leaned in toward her guest slightly.


“Thank you for coming, Emily. I'm so glad you were here and that you had a good time. I'm also thrilled I could introduce Seamus to his future wife,” Erin said with a smile.

The shorter woman laughed at the joke. However, it faded when she saw brown eyes turn a wanton gaze on her. It made her breath leave her. Dear God. What you can do to me with just a look.

With a voice Erin didn't even recognize as her own, she whispered, “You have such a beautiful laugh. I've missed it.” Her left hand reached towards Emily's cheek, caressing it gently before tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. She stepped even closer. In reaction, Emily's hands came up to the lapels on Erin 's jacket. The oil heiress murmured, “I've missed you, Emily.”

“ Erin ,” breathed the blonde.

A moment passed with them standing there closely, gazes transfixed on each other. Finally Erin offered, “I should go.” Emily nodded in agreement. Neither woman moved. Erin eased her left hand to the back of the blonde head and leaned down to plant a sweet kiss on Emily's forehead. They just stood there together for a moment, Erin brushing the blonde's forehead with slow faint kisses. However a noise broke them apart. “That sounds like one of my cousins,” she said at the loud voice getting off the elevator. “If they find me up here, I'll never hear the end of it. Hide me.” The attorney nodded, quickly opening her door and pulling Erin into the room. Neither bothered with the lights as the door closed on its own with a loud click. Erin peered out the peephole to see if one of her cousins passed by the door, however, the thought was instantly gone when she felt hands pull her by the jacket. Erin 's body met Emily's again, squeezing the attorney between her own frame and the wall next to the door.

“Anybody out there?” Emily whispered into her ear.

“No one. Sounded like one of them, though. Although I have had a lot to drink. Their voices start to sound the same,” she admitted.

“I've had way too much champagne,” Emily whispered, wrapping her arms tighter around Erin 's back.

There was a pause in conversation before Erin whispered again, “I really should go.” Emily said nothing. “Good night, Emily,” she said, leaning down and kissing the blonde's left cheek. She kissed it a second time, but on the third attempt, she found the blonde's mouth.

Emily moaned deeply at the feeling of Erin kissing her. It's even better than I remember. Jesus, Erin. Please. I want so much more. “ Erin ,” she exhaled when they broke.

The taller woman said nothing, instead meeting her lips again. The kisses were soft and temperate at first, but they soon became deeper with each exchange. There was no urgency, simply the connection of two people. “Oh, Emily,” Erin whispered, kissing her ear. “I've missed you so much. I've missed everything about you. Your eyes…your laugh… your smile… your temper… your wit. You are as smart as you are beautiful, and I could just get lost in you.”

“ Erin ,” Emily mumbled. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. I can't believe after all this time you are saying all the things I ever wanted from you. You make it impossible for me not to love you, not to want you.

Erin brushed her neck with light kisses. “I never knew how much you meant to me until you were gone. I love you, Emily, and I want to make slow sweet love to you desperately. I want to touch you… and kiss you… and hold you. I want to bring you so much pleasure if you'll have me. I just want to love you. Please. Will you let me love you?”

The blonde's brain completely shut down at hearing those sentiments. Erin had just said in a few words all Emily ever wanted to hear. Feeling the slender shoulder straps of her dress being lowered, she responded in kind. Her hands worked off the suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor as their mouths connected once again. Next she gently worked open the knot of Erin 's bowtie, letting it dangle from the shirt collar as she started to ease open the pearl buttons. All the while Erin kissed her and caressed her, whispering words better than anything she had imagined in any fantasy. Just as she felt her dress slither to the floor a loud bang on her door disturbed them. Erin pulled back a little. “Ignore it,” Emily pleaded. Erin did as directed, but it continued followed by a voice.

“Erin, Erin , I know you're in there. Open the door. Please. It's important,” Seamus stated loudly.

“Don't,” Emily pressed. Erin complied.

The banging continued. “ Erin , please. Open the door. Sean's been hurt. I need your help.”

The heiress couldn't ignore it then, even as much as she wanted to. Cracking the door just enough to peek through it, she growled, “What do you mean Sean's been hurt?”

“In the bar. Some rednecks picked a fight with him. Then all the cousins jumped in and beat this guy senseless. There was a brawl. The bar's a mess. The cops are here, and management is pissed. Now please. Sean's hurt, and the hotel wants to talk to you and Jared.”

She nodded her head, knowing there was no way she could avoid going. Closing the door, she turned to the blonde in the dark. “I'm so sorry. I have to go.”

“I understand.”

“Can we hold this thought until I get back?”


“I promise to come back as soon as I can.”

“I'll be here.”

“And I'll be dreaming of you,” Erin whispered, kissing her one last time before grabbing her jacket from the floor and exiting the room. Buttoning her shirt as they rushed toward the elevator, she hoped her cousin wasn't too badly hurt.

“I'm so sorry I had to get you. I had hoped you'd be in Emily's room getting what both of you so obviously wanted.”

“I know it was unavoidable. How's Sean look?”

“I think his nose might be broken, but other than that, he seems all right. Those guys were picking on him because of his make-up. The cousins all jumped these cowboys. They didn't stand a chance, but stuff is broken all over that bar.”

“Great,” she grumbled.

When they got downstairs, Erin immediately went to her cousin to ensure he was all right. Her brother Jared and the rest of her male cousins were talking to the police as the other patrons in question were on the other side of the bar doing the same thing. Erin spotted the manager of the hotel in the middle talking to his employees. When he spotted Erin , he marched toward her.

“Ms. Mahoney, your family has destroyed hotel property,” he stated firmly.

“I can see that. My apologies. If you send me a bill for the damage, my brother and I will pay for it. I am more concerned about my cousins at this point. One of them was assaulted in the bar.”

“I am sorry that happened. My employees told me that the other patrons started it, but it was your family that created this mess. Those men have been permanently banned for their behavior. Seeing that your family is a generous benefactor of this establishment, I can look over a small infraction such as this as long as we have an understanding that it is not to happen again.”

“You have my assurance. Just send me the bill. Now if you will excuse me, I want to see to my family.” Erin joined her family as they spoke to the police.

Back upstairs in the attorney's room, Emily hung up her dress as she thought about what had just happened. I never imagined she would say all those wonderful things. Oh, Erin , how I've wanted just that. She sighed. There's just one problem. I'm already with someone else. How soon I could forget that looking into your eyes. Gillian is going to kill me. I can't believe I did this. This was exactly why she was afraid, even though she never said it. Could she tell the feelings were still there? What do I do? What do I tell her? We just kissed. That's all, but she's supposed to be coming back for so much more. If I stop now, it won't be so bad. I can just say it was a mistake, that I had too much to drink. Or I could just not say anything at all. Nothing serious happened yet. But if she comes back, something will happen. I want it so much, but it would be so wrong. I can't do this to Gillian. She loves me, and I love her, but I also love Erin . Now I know she feels the same, too. Oh, God. What do I do? Plopping down on her bed in her robe, she fought with her emotions. She was torn between Gillian and Erin. Gillian was the perfect girlfriend, responsible, caring, and attentive. Erin , on the other hand, was wild, passionate, and freeing. She loved so much about each of them. But whenever I daydream about a lover it's Erin that comes to mind. She's my fantasy, and she said all the right things this time. Although the question still remains between us whether or not she can allow me to reciprocate. Even if she loves me, if she can't let me touch her, I can't be with her. I want all of her, not just what she chooses to share. And Gillian always gives me all of her. She's always open and vulnerable. That's part of what makes her so wonderful. She sighed once again. I can't do this. I can break Gillian's trust this way. No, when Erin comes back, I just have to tell her that I can't do this while I'm with Gillian. If she's serious, we can wait for a better time. I want a relationship, not another one-night stand. I so don't want to do that, but it's the right thing to do. Knowing that was the only choice she could make in which she could live with herself, she fortified her courage to do the right thing when her biggest weakness returned.

It took awhile for the mess at the bar to be settled, but it appeared that neither side was interested in pressing charges, so after all the statements were taken, everyone was allowed to leave quietly. The ambulance that had arrived with the police had deemed Sean's nose not broken, which was good news to all. Since Erin 's family was still interested in partying, she got them a room and made sure they were all in it before continuing with their drinking fest. Once they were settled, she consulted her watch. It had been three hours since she had left Emily.

“You know you want to go back,” Seamus mentioned to her.

She nodded. “I shouldn't.”

“Are you going to let that stop you?”

She shook her head, knowing her family was expecting her to go after what she wanted. After all, that's what the old Erin would have done, but she had changed. She wasn't that woman anymore. Nevertheless, instead of trying to explain that to her family, she just said, “Wish me luck.”

“Not that you're going to need it.”

Leaving the room, she quietly made her way to the elevator to go to Emily's floor. The whole way there she thought about what she was doing. She had promised Sahar that she would be monogamous, and she was about to break that vow. Emily was her dream woman, and she wanted her so badly. In the past, it wouldn't have mattered, but just then she felt some moral obligation to her relationship with Sahar, even though it wasn't serious. A few moments later she arrived at Emily's door. She stood there just staring at it. She knew if she knocked, she would be received willingly and openly. However, she had doubts about being able to be so assailable to the blonde. She had been working on it with Sahar for months, but her girlfriend was someone she truly trusted never to hurt her. With Emily there were no guarantees. She did have a girlfriend after all. No matter what happened that night, she would go home to Gillian White the next day. Erin knew she didn't want that nor did she want Emily to regret anything that happened between them. Staring at the number on the door, she thought about how good it would feel to be in the attorney's embrace. It was what she had wanted for almost a year, and if she knocked, it could be reality. Raising her hand to knock, she paused once again. A thought occurred to her. In the heat of the moment, in her alcohol-induced haze, she had confessed her truest feelings. “I told her I loved her,” she mumbled to herself. “And she never said anything.” She dropped her hand instantly. Her heart felt broken. She had made herself as vulnerable as she had ever been emotionally, and she didn't get the response she was hoping for. She had wanted Emily to respond with her own declaration, and she hadn't. It left her confused. The blonde had admitted to being drunk, and there was her relationship with Gillian to consider. Never in her life had she considered herself on the other side of a one-night stand. She wondered if she had done this to women. She questioned if they had felt something more for her, but she only filled them with false hopes. She wanted Emily more than she wanted anyone else in life, but she refused to give into her feelings if they weren't returned. Both of them would regret it, and they could possibly destroy their relationships with the respective girlfriends with the behavior. She knew at this point all she had to confess to Sahar was a drunken make-out session. It would be painful, but it would be better than admitting she had sex with Emily. With a final sigh, Erin made her decision, the hardest one she had ever made. She walked away.

The following morning Emily didn't wake until after ten. Her head hurt as she sat up, but she noticed she was still in her robe from the night before. She never came back. Why didn't you come back, Erin ? I hope everything was all right. Rising off the bed, the blonde slowly went about getting dressed. After all, she was catching a plane back to New York that afternoon and needed to get ready. The clock next to the bed alerted her that she had only four hours before her flight. Fighting the pain in her head, she made it to the bathroom to shower and dress. Then she packed her bags. Expecting her bill for the hotel to be under the door, she went to retrieve it to add it to her bag, but there was another piece of paper with it. Curiously she opened it. The handwriting was Erin 's.

“Dear Emily, it was late by the time I settled everything down at the bar, and I didn't want to risk waking you. I know you have a flight in the afternoon and needed to rest. I wanted to thank you once again for coming to my parents' anniversary party. You are a special person to my daddy, and it pleased him greatly you were able to attend. I feel I must apologize to you for my behavior when we got back to your room. It was wrong of me to think that you might be interested in continuing our night much in the same fashion we used to years ago. The fact is, even as much as I want to be with you intimately, we are both different people now. You are with Gillian, and I am with Sahar. I know you love her, Emily, and I love Sahar. Because of that, it would have been wrong to be together. It was best that we were interrupted before either of us did something we would regret later. It's easier for me to go back to Sahar with this than to admit to more. I hope I have not done permanent damage to your relationship with Gillian. It was not my intention. I only want your happiness, and you seem to have found it with her. I apologize for not being a stronger person last night. For just a few moments it felt like it used to, but it's time we both let the past go and embrace the new lives with have created for ourselves. You need to be free to live your life and so do I. I hope you have a safe flight back to New York . I'm not sure when I will be up there again, however, whenever I do get around to coming up, I hope that you and might be able to see each other as the friends I know we can be. Until such time, take care of yourself. You are a precious gem, and Gillian is a lucky woman to have you. Fondly, Erin .”

Well, I guess that says it all, doesn't it? Last night was just a fluke brought on by alcohol. You're right, Erin . It's for the best. I do love Gillian, and I just don't know if you're capable of being everything I need, even with as strongly as I feel for you. I just wish this didn't hurt so much. Why does it always hurt so much with you? Doing her best to hold back her tears, Emily stuffed her bill and the note into her bag and then called the front desk for a ride to the airport. For the rest of the afternoon, she thought about what had taken place between the wild Texan and herself. She knew she had to let Erin go for good, but the pain of it was so great. Staring out the window of the plane, she cried all the way home.

Upon her arrival she found Gillian waiting there for her. Her girlfriend smiled pleasantly as she embraced her in a hug and kissed her cheek. “It's so good to have you back. I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” she responded, clutching Gillian tighter.

“Are you all right?”

“I'm fine. It was just a long few days. I'm ready to be at home in my own bed.”

The doctor nodded. “Well, in that case, let's get going. I'll take you home and fix you a nice dinner. Then you can go to bed a little bit early tonight.” Emily nodded in agreement, and the couple went home and did just that. After dinner the blonde went straight to bed in hopes of getting the sleep she had lost the previous night. Gillian claimed she wasn't tired yet but encouraged her lover to take care of herself. Tucking her into bed, she gave her a soft kiss good night before leaving the room. In exhaustion Emily fell straight to sleep.

The next day when she awoke at the sound of her alarm she sat up to find herself alone. The other side of the bed had never even been touched, which was odd, considering the fact that Gillian almost always stayed the night. Hearing noise downstairs, she rose to investigate. Her girlfriend was in the kitchen, fully dressed for the day, and making a cup of coffee.

“You're up early,” Emily mentioned. Gillian nodded, not meeting the blonde's eyes. “Are you okay? I noticed you didn't come to bed last night.”

“I couldn't. I was too upset,” Gillian grumbled.

“Upset? What has you upset?”

The doctor looked at her. “I'm upset with you, Emily.”

“Me? What did I do?”

Turning back to the counter, the doctor picked up a piece of paper Emily hadn't noticed until just then. Gillian thrust it at her. The attorney's heart sank when she saw what it was, Erin 's note from her bag. “You tell me,” Gillian demanded.

“How did you get this? Were you looking through my stuff?” Emily yelled. She wasn't prepared to talk to her girlfriend about this. She had made up her mind not to say anything, because she knew it would only hurt her, and it was never going to happen again.

“No, I wasn't. You were tired, and I thought I would do something nice for you and unpack your stuff. I wasn't snooping, and I certainly wasn't expecting to find anything.”

The blonde dropped her head. The tears started to flow. This was the worst thing that could have happened. “You have to believe me, Gillian. I never meant for anything to happen between Erin and me. We both were drunk, and she walked me back to my room. She kissed me.”

“And you let her?”

“I wasn't thinking. It was wrong. I know, and I'm terribly sorry. I hate the fact that I've done something that could hurt you. It was stupid. Had I not had that much to drink, I would have had the foresight to stop her. Gillian, I feel terrible about it. I'm so sorry.”

“Do you still have feelings for her?”

“I love you, Gillian. I want to be with you.”

“That doesn't answer my question.”

Emily dropped her head. “I'm not dead. I do have feelings for other women. Isn't that natural?”

“Of course but when you're in a relationship, you don't act on them! That's what commitment is about, Emily! You've broken my trust, and you've hurt me beyond what I thought possible.”

“I know, and I'll do anything to make it right. Please, Gillian. I'm begging you. I want things to be right between us again.”

The doctor shook her head. “I just don't know if I can trust you again, Em. I know it was just a momentary lapse in judgment, but it hurts me more than I can even explain. I love you. This doesn't stop me from loving you, but right now I hurt. I need some time to deal with that,” she said. Going to the living room, she picked up her bag. Turning back to her girlfriend, she sighed. “I love you, Emily. I do. I just need some time to work through this.”

The blonde nodded. She knew there was really nothing she could say at the moment to help the situation. “All right. I understand. Take all the time you need.”

“Thank you.”

“Just remember that I love you, though, Gillian. I want to be with you. I know what I did was wrong, but if I didn't care about you, I'd probably still be in Texas right now with her. I made my choice. My choice is you. You are the one I love and want. She could never be what I needed. You are everything I need. I don't want this to be over. I want us to be together.”

The auburn-haired woman nodded her head. “I love you, too, Emily. I have to go. There is a lot to think about.”

Emily watched her girlfriend leave her apartment. She knew there was nothing she could do just then to make it right with Gillian. The blonde knew it would hurt her if she found out, which is why she wanted to just put it behind her. You were right, Erin . This has to end. We're different people now. Going back upstairs she decided to get dressed and go to work. She hadn't planned to go in that day, but in light of what had happened with Gillian, she needed some distraction.

When she arrived at her job, people greeted her as they always did, asking if she had a pleasant trip. She said she did but didn't elaborate. Instead she headed into her office and closed the door. Booting up the computer, she opened her emails, surprised when she saw one from Chuck asking to see her when she arrived back in the office. She buzzed him. He asked to see her right away, so she went down to his office.

Knocking on his open door, she stuck her head into the room. “You wanted to see me, Chuck?” she questioned. She had never been called into his office before without knowing why, so she was confused as to what was going on.

“Yes, Emily. Come in and shut the door, please.” She did as instructed. “Have a seat,” he said, gesturing to the one across from his desk. When she was seated, he moved to the vacant chair next to her.

“Is something the matter?” she asked in panic. She had never seen such a look on his face.

He sighed. “Emily, from the moment you came to Johnston Brown you have been an asset to this company. Clients loved you for your professionalism and enthusiasm. You had the admiration of the rest of the staff for your knowledge and attitude. You were our go-to girl. We knew we could always count on you. No one ever made a complaint about you, and I knew I could trust you with any account, especially sensitive ones.”

“Chuck, what's going on? Am I getting fired or something? Has someone complained? Am I not performing up to standard?”

“No, you're not getting fired.”

“Then what is it?”

He sighed again. “Yesterday I had breakfast with Erin Mahoney. She has requested that her accounts be reassigned to someone else.”


“She said she wanted to get more attention. She said she understood how busy you were and that you didn't really deal with accounts anymore. She feels she is not being treated with the attention she deserves.”

“But, Chuck, you know I do everything I can for her.”

“I know you do, but I happen to agree with her. I'm sorry, Emily. I agreed to move her accounts. Effectively immediately Erin Mahoney's accounts are not yours.”

“Chuck, I've worked incredibly hard on those accounts. I've forfeited parts of my life for her. You can't do this to me.”

“I'm sorry, Emily. Erin is the client. She wants new representation. Now if you feel that strongly I will allow you to consult with the new person assigned to them, but they are to have the contact with Erin .”

“Who's the new person?”

“I don't know yet. For the time being, I've agreed to take her accounts until I can find someone suitable.”

“Chuck, you know outside of you, I'm the most suitable to service Erin 's accounts.”

“I know that, but you have other duties, and she wishes to be reassigned. This is not open for discussion. You're off the accounts,” he stated, leaving no room for more deliberation.

The blonde dropped her head. She couldn't believe this day. First, she was at risk of losing Gillian, and now Erin was being taken from her. Emily closed her eyes and took deep breaths, desperately trying to keep all her emotions inside of herself. “Is there anything I can say to change your mind?” she whispered, not looking up to his eyes. The words were difficult to get out of her throat.

“I'm sorry,” he simply replied. The blonde didn't respond. Instead she covered her face with her hands as the tears began to cascade down her cheeks, even as much as she tried to stop them. It was just impossible. Feeling a hand on her back, she whimpered. “Emily, do you want to tell me what's going on with you and Erin? I sensed this was personal on her part. I saw the way you two were with each other at the party. Everyone saw it. You can't deny what was so obvious. The two of you have feelings for each other.”

“It wasn't supposed to be this way, Chuck,” she mumbled, leaning toward him.

He wrapped her in his arms. “You know I care about you, Emily. I want you to be happy. Did Erin hurt you?” She shook her head. “Then what happened?”

She looked at him with watery eyes. Chuck was more than just her boss. He was her friend, a father figure. He was a man she dearly trusted. “I lost Erin , and I might lose Gillian, too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Erin and I... we've been together off and on for a couple of years. Then Gillian came along, and I thought I was over her. I really did.”

“But you found out in Texas that you weren't?” he supplied.

She nodded. “We didn't do anything horrible, but we did kiss, and Gillian found out about it. She's hurt, and I feel terrible. I know I can never have Erin , but I can't let her go,” she sobbed.

“Why do you think you can never have her?”

“She won't let me in. She's refuses to let anyone in except for her girlfriend.”

“So she's with someone else, too?”

“Yeah, someone she says she loves. I have to get over her. Gillian means everything to me. I love her. I just can't...” Her tears stopped her from going further.

Chuck held her closely, rubbing her back soothingly as he rocked her slightly. “It's going to be all right.”

Will it? Erin , how could you leave me like this? You tell me you love me and then run away scared. This just proves that you will never be what I need. You can't deal with your feelings. You can't embrace them. But, God, I don't want to lose Gillian, too. She's everything you're not. She's stable and strong. She loves me. I know she does, and I love her. Why can't I get you out of my heart for good before you destroy everything? It's over. My head knows that, but my heart just refuses to accept it. Get out of my heart, Super Dyke. You have to or else I'll surely perish . I have to make amends with Gillian. It's the only way. I have to focus on my love for her. It just has to work. I have to make it work with her. She's my life now, not you, Erin, not you.


The Adventures of Super Dyke VI: Turning Point

by Alex Tryst

Copyright May 2006




Erin sighed deeply as she sat at the kitchen table. “I can't believe I let you talk me into this,” she grumbled.

Arms curved around her shoulders from behind. “I know you, Erin. You want to see her. You're in love with her, and she is with you, too. Why won't you let yourself be happy?” Sahar questioned.

“Because I told you what happened when I told her I loved her. Nothing. She didn't say a damn thing. She doesn't love me. She loves Gillian.”

“I don't believe that. I've seen how she looks at you. She's in love with you. I know it.”

Erin shook her head. “Maybe there was a time when that was true, but it's certainly not true now. She had her chance six months ago when we were in Texas . I told her I loved her, and she didn't return it. It's over. I'm over it. The only thing that night accomplished was to ruin my first real relationship of my life.”

Sahar took the chair next to her friend. “You know I've forgiven you for what happened. I knew it was going to happen sometime. I know you love me, and I will always love you, but we weren't meant to be in a permanent relationship. We both know that. I didn't break up with you because of Emily. It was never going to work, but we're still friends. That's what matters most to me.”

“Yeah, we're still friends. I'm glad for that. Still, what was I thinking when I agreed to do this?” she asked, waving the invitation in her hand. It was for a housewarming party hosted by Emily and Gillian. They were announcing their move in together and wanted to celebrate with friends. Both Erin and Sahar were surprised when the invitation came to their New York address, addressed to the two of them as if they were still together. Even though they had in fact broken up, it wasn't common knowledge. They simply carried on much in the same way as usual minus the sexual aspect of their relationship. They still lived together when Erin came to town, and their friendship hadn't suffered for Erin 's inability to be monogamous.

“I think you were drunk,” Sahar teased, caressing her on the forearm.

“Yeah, well, I've been drinking a lot lately,” she admitted slowly.

“I know. Look, Erin, I already responded that we would come. I'll be with you the whole time. I thought you said you wanted to be friends with her. This is what friends do. They go to each other's places. They have fun. If you really are over her, this shouldn't be a problem for you.”

Erin sighed but said nothing. She knew Sahar had a point. If she was in fact emotionally over her feelings for Emily, she should be able to attend the party. She nodded. “You're right, Princess, and I am happy she's found someone that fulfills her completely. She deserves that.”

The Arabic woman nodded her head. “That's the spirit. Rehearse those lines a few more times, and I might almost be convinced of your sincerity.”

“No, I mean it. She's a good woman. She deserves the best.” She paused. “So, what did we get them as a housewarming gift?”

“We? What's this we business?” the younger woman joked.

“Well, it came addressed to us like we were a couple. I figured I could just leach off of you. I'll show up but don't expect me to come bearing gifts.”

Sahar smiled. “Well, it just so happens that we got them a few bottles of nice wine and a plant.”

“That's it?”

“I was busy, and I didn't hear you offering to help. Besides, between the two of them, they were bound to have what they needed already.”

“True. So, when do we have to leave for this thing?”

“Not until six tonight. We just stay for a few hours, and then we go to the club. I work the bar. You host the drag show, and the day is done. Now what do you say to taking me to breakfast? It's the least you could do for having me buy the gifts.”

Erin smiled. “Deal. Now go jump in the shower,” she instructed.

Sahar stood from her seat. Leaning to Erin 's ear, she whispered, “Feeling like coming with me? It'll be faster that way.”

“Somehow I doubt that. Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Hum, let me think . . . yes or else I wouldn't have asked.”

“But we haven't had sex since we broke up,” the Texan mentioned.

“I say we rectify the problem then. Come on. It'll relax you for the day. I'll do anything you want. You know it'll be fun. It's bad enough that we sleep in the same bed when you come here. Can't you fuck me once in a while in lieu of that rent you're paying?” she teased. “After all, if you can't fuck your friends, who can you?”

The tall woman didn't have a comeback. She merely took Sahar's hand and allowed herself to be led into the bathroom. Both women shed their pajamas and stepped into the shower. Erin didn't make any moves, simply started to wash her hair, but Sahar had other ideas. The small woman lathered soap in her hands before moving toward the Texan's body. Beginning at her shoulders, she massaged the muscles, cleaning them with her soapy hands as she kissed her friend's neck softly. Erin closed her eyes and sighed. The familiar touch felt good. She had missed it some since their breakup. Sahar was the only one she trusted this close, and in the past six months no woman had touched her, even though she had reverted back to her old ways and bedded many in an effort to rid Emily from her heart.

The slow seduction continued. The shorter woman's hands covered her friend's entire torso, kissing and licking a path further down her body until she was on her knees. Hands washed the powerful legs, taking extra time between her thighs, teasing and caressing. Since Erin was standing under the spray, all Sahar's efforts with the soap were washed away almost immediately, leaving only a clean amorous woman in her wake. The older woman took hold of Sahar by the back of the head, fingers clutching to her beautiful wet dark hair, and led her to where she wanted her most just then. Her lover gave no resistance, instead eagerly accepted the unspoken proposition. Erin moaned loudly when she felt Sahar's mouth against her. Instinctively she leaned backwards against the tile wall, bracing herself against the hot water handle of the shower while her left hand kept Sahar's head in place. She was determined to enjoy it to its fullest, so she relaxed and just went with the feelings.

Her mind started to wander as Sahar pleasured her, allowing the blonde of their earlier conversation to come to mind. She couldn't believe Emily and Gillian were still together. Not only that, they had moved in together into Emily's place. It was official now. Emily Parker was off the market permanently, but Erin couldn't help her wondering about the blonde attorney. She had thought of her a great deal in the past six months. They hadn't spoken at all, no emails, no letters, absolutely no communication, but she still hadn't managed to move beyond that night at the party. In fact, just then it was Emily kneeling between her thighs giving her pleasure. As soon as the thought occurred to her, Erin 's eyes jerked open. She pulled Sahar to her feet, wrapping her in strong arms.

“What's the matter? You weren't finished.”

“It's okay. Right now I really just want to love you,” she whispered, kissing her lover gently on the mouth. Erin softly showered kisses over Sahar's face and neck as they held each other closely. Her hands soothingly caressed Sahar's back before drifting lower to her hips and thighs. Her lover whimpered at the tenderness.

“ Erin ,” she whispered. “Please.”

The tall woman responded to the request. She slipped into her lover slowly before withdrawing at an even more leisurely pace. In and out she went at the same methodical tempo as her lips brushed all the skin she could reach. It was the slowest Erin had ever gone with any woman, but just then it felt perfect. Just then it was more than sex to her. She needed to be grounded to something, anything to take her mind off Emily.

When the couple finished their shower and dressed, they headed out for the much-needed breakfast after their workout. Erin was quieter than usual, but Sahar didn't say anything. She carried on as normal, for which the Texan was thankful.

That evening as they got ready for the party, Erin tried to mentally prepare herself for what they were about to do. She was about to walk into Emily and Gillian's home and pretend to be happy for the couple. She knew she had to do it. It would be the only way to put finality on the relationship she once shared with Emily. Their time had passed. It was time to face it and move on. She had to show just to prove she was over the blonde. When she finished with her clothes, she waited in the den on Sahar to be ready. The young woman appeared a few minutes later.

“Ready?” Sahar asked.

Erin stood from her chair as she admired her date's outfit. “You look hot,” she complimented. “I'm going to have the prettiest girl there.”

“Thank you. You look pretty good yourself, cowboy. Come on. Grab the gifts.”

Dutifully Erin grabbed the wine and plant. Sahar took her arm, and together they left. The cab ride was quiet, but finally the driver announced their arrival. Erin paid their fare before they stepped from the cab. The older woman just stood there a moment on the street looking at the front of the building. She briefly recalled her first night with Emily, the unrestrained foreplay in the cab and then the wild sex in her apartment. She would never know those things again with the blonde.

“It's going to be okay, Erin . I'm right here with you the whole time. I won't leave your side,” Sahar whispered in promise.

Erin just nodded, thankful her friend could read her well enough that she didn't have to explain her hesitation. “Come on. Let's get this over with. We both have to work tonight.”

Going into the building, they took the elevator to the correct floor before Erin led the way to the door. Sahar knocked for them. After just a moment the door opened revealing Emily. What in the world are you doing here? I don't remember you being on the guest list. “Erin, Sahar, hi. So glad you could make it,” she greeted. “Come on in.”

The two women stepped into the house that already had several visitors. “These are for you and Gillian,” Erin offered, extending the gifts. “Sahar figured you two already had everything you really needed.”

“Thank you. That's sweet of the two of you. We do have all the housewares we need. This is perfect.” The blonde took the wine and then leaned to hug Sahar. She did the same with Erin . “ Erin , would you mind putting that in the kitchen for me?”

“Sure. No problem.” Doing as she was asked, Erin went to the kitchen where she ran into Gillian talking to some friends, most of the women Erin already knew.

“Hey, Erin . Long time no see,” Gillian greeted casually, extending her hand. “Thanks for coming.”

Erin shook the offered hand before setting the plant on the counter. “Ladies, how is everyone?”

“We've been missing you, Erin,” one of them teased behind her wineglass. “Rumor has it you're off the market.”

“Do you believe everything you hear?”

“And just how is Sahar these days?” Gillian questioned.

Erin didn't have to answer as she heard her friend's voice. “I'm fine. Thanks for asking.” Sahar stepped up to Erin and placed a hand on her back. Erin responded in kind, slipping an arm around her waist as she felt Sahar's hand consolingly rubbing the tense muscles under her shirt.

“Looks like this rumor happens to be true,” one of the women stated.

Erin didn't respond to the comment. Instead she introduced Sahar to all the women she knew in attendance and got introductions to the few she didn't. A few minutes later the group dispersed, wading back into the living room where there were other guests. Erin did her best to mingle. After all she did know most of the attendees. However, there were some people that were obviously not a part of the lesbian pool of New York . In fact, she guessed that these people, men and women older than the group, were Gillian's family, and the two men conversing with them were Emily's fathers. One of the men held a strong resemblance to the blonde attorney.

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by Emily's voice at her side. “ Erin , I'd like to introduce you to my parents.”

“Yeah, sure. That would be great. I'd like to meet them,” she answered, walking just a step behind her hostess toward the men she had just been eying.

“Dad, Bob, I want you to meet someone. This is Erin Mahoney, a great friend of mine. Erin , these are my fathers, Steve Parker and Bob Harrison.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you both. Emily has only the best things to say about her family,” she said as they shook hands.

Bob smiled at her. “So, you're the Erin Mahoney?”

“It always makes me nervous when someone asks me that,” she joked. “Makes me think you've been told something really good or really terrible. It's the latter I fear.”

“No need for that. Emily cherishes your friendship. She practically dotes on you,” Steve explained, causing his daughter to blush.

“I think I'll let my dads say embarrassing things with me gone,” the blonde said, taking leave of the three of them.

They did the typical small talk for a few moments until things began to get personal. “So, Erin , what's your take on Gillian?” Bob asked.

The tall woman turned her head in the direction of the conversation. Looking back at the attorney's parents she said, “Emily loves her, and she deserves to be happy. It doesn't matter what I think.”

“That doesn't sound like an endorsement,” Bob mentioned.

“Emily deserves the best. She's a special woman. I just want to see her happy, and if that's with Gillian, then that's what matters.”

Just then they were interrupted by Sahar. “Every time I turn around you have snuck away. Should I think you're avoiding me? I just can't keep tabs on you.”

Grateful for her friend's presence, she said, “Princess, you know I would never avoid my best girl. These are Emily's fathers, Steve Parker and Bob Harrison. Steve, Bob, this is Sahar Freyha.”

They all shook hands. “It's nice to meet you both. You have a wonderful daughter. She and Erin are good friends.”

Bob nodded behind his drink. “We were just discussing that.”

The conversation between the four of them veered away from the awkwardness after a few moments as they found more neutral subjects to discuss. They were having such a good time that they didn't even realize how much time had passed, but just as Sahar mentioned to Erin that they had to think about going soon, there was a clinking of a glass. Curiously everyone turned toward the sound.

Gillian and Emily were standing there together, holding hands. “Emily and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for coming here this evening. This is a great beginning to a new chapter in our lives together, so we thank you for sharing it with us,” the doctor said. “And to celebrate this event, I have a special gift I want to give Emily.” She discarded her wineglass on the bar and then turned to face her girlfriend completely. Taking her hands she smiled. “Emily, you have given me the best year of my life. I don't even know how I managed so long without you. I love you, and I love the fact that we have made the decision to live together. I look forward to many years of waking up next to you, loving you, taking care of you. Thank you for giving me the wonderful gift of your love. As an expression of the love I feel for you, I'd like to give you this,” she said, pulling a small box from her pocket.

Erin knew instantly what it was. She hadn't been prepared for something like that. Unable to help herself, she clutched Sahar to her tightly. She could tell her friend thought the same thing and consolingly began to rub her arms as they grasped her waist. Erin 's heart started to pound, and she found it difficult to breathe. She couldn't believe she was witnessing this moment.

Emily looked nervously at her girlfriend as the box came into view. When Gillian opened the top and presented what was inside, she thought she was going to faint. A large three-stone diamond ring in a platinum setting sat on brilliant display. Oh, God. She's isn't going to do what I think she is, is she? Gillian dropped to one knee in front of the attorney. Oh, God. She is.

“Emily, life could never be the same without you in it. You have come to mean so much. Words can't even begin to describe how I feel for you. I am hoping that we can make this new living situation more permanent. It would be a great honor if you would agree to become my wife. Will you marry me, Emily?” she asked, pulling the ring from the box and slipping it on her girlfriend's left hand.

Oh my God. I never saw this coming. Emily's eyes flitted from her girlfriend's face to the ring as she tried to breathe. She looked at her fathers before her eyes found Erin just next to them. The Texan was holding Sahar closely and wearing her usual stoic face. She then noticed Erin drop her head onto Sahar's shoulder and nuzzle into her hair, breaking their gaze. She really does love Sahar. Dammit, what is wrong with me? Here Gillian is on her knee proposing, and all I can think about is Erin . It's over. You promised Gillian it was. Gillian loves you. She wants to make you happy. You want to be happy, don't you?

“Em, are you all right, honey? You look like you're in shock,” Gillian whispered after a few moments of completely silent anticipation.

She looked back at Gillian and smiled. “I am but not in a bad way. In fact, it's a very good way,” she said, touching her lover on the face lightly. She looked Erin 's way once more for the briefest of moments before replying, “I love you, Gillian. Of course I want to marry you. Yes. My answer is yes.”

With that Gillian rose from her knee and embraced her in strong arms and loving kiss. “I love you. Thank you for making me so happy.”

“I love you, too.” Emily's eyes drifted over her fiancée's shoulder at Erin . The oil heiress wasn't even looking at her, being too busy playing with Sahar's hair. It's over. She doesn't love me anymore. I did what I had to do. Gillian's good to me. She can make me happy. This is what I want. I am ready to settle down . I just thought it would be with another woman, but Gillian is perfect. She even forgave me for what happened in Texas . She's the best one for me. This will work. We'll be happy.

When the two women finally broke their embrace, they were immediately rushed with well wishes. Erin and Sahar stood at the fringe watching. “Come on, baby. Let's go. We're finished here,” the small woman suggested.

“Not yet. We need to congratulate the happy couple,” Erin grumbled. They waited a few more minutes until Emily and Gillian's attentions were divided by those around them. Making her move, Erin took Sahar by the hand and headed toward Gillian. Stepping through the crowd, she gave the best smile she could. “We have to go, but we just wanted to congratulate you. Emily's a fine woman. I know you'll be happy together,” she said, extending her hand toward the doctor.

Gillian smiled and shook the hand firmly. “I know she is, Erin . Thanks.”

Their gazes stayed locked for another second as did their hands. Erin saw the challenging stare she was being given and suddenly realized she had been set up. She had briefly wondered why the invitation that had come to her was not in Emily's handwriting, but now it was clear. Gillian was the one who had invited her for this purpose. The doctor wanted her to know who the better woman really was and that Emily would never be hers. She hated being played, but there was nothing she could do. Emily had made her choice, and she couldn't interfere with the blonde's happiness.

Finally Erin broke their handshake. “We just want to wish Emily well too, and then we have to get to work. Congratulations.” Moving over to the blonde, who was busy showing off her ring, Sahar moved in first to hug her and wish her the best. Emily smiled at her but then turned eyes to Erin . It seemed like an eternity before either said anything, although it was just a few fleeting seconds. Pulling Erin into a hug, Emily held her closely for several moments. Erin allowed the touch. “Congratulations, Mrs. White. You deserve the best out of life always, Emily. I hope you have found the happiness you've been seeking,” she whispered quietly into the blonde's ear, so no one could hear them. Unable to stop herself, she kissed her ear gently before pulling away. Emily said absolutely nothing as their eyes met once again. “Good bye, Emily.”

Not even waiting for an answer, Erin took Sahar by the hand and led her out the door of the apartment. Neither said anything as they made their way to the street to hail a cab. Erin sat silently staring out the window. Thankfully Sahar just sat next to her, stroking her thigh through her jeans. The silence still prevailed once they arrived home.

Finally after Sahar had changed into her work clothes she laid down on the bed next to Erin, who was just staring at the ceiling. “Do you want to talk about this?” she asked.

“There's nothing to say,” Erin grumbled.

“Oh, I think there is.”

“It doesn't matter. She's gone. It never would have worked between us anyway. I don't do relationships.”

Sahar curved her arms around her friend. “Don't think that. You're a good woman, Erin. You can do relationships if you want. I know you'll find the right woman someday, and she'll make you happier than you've ever been.”

“I don't want the right woman. I want the right now woman. That's what I am, a bachelor at heart, and that's never going to change. I don't want it to change. It's what I do best,” she said, rising from the bed to end the discussion.

Heading to the shower, she stripped off all her clothes and stepped under the spray. With eyes closed she focused on washing herself, but when that was finished, she continued to just stand there trying to take normal breaths. However, the pain in her chest was too great as she stood there clutching her right hand to her left breast. Leaning her forehead against the tile, she wondered if she was having a heart attack, because she had never felt something like that before, but just then she realized she didn't even care. Nothing mattered without Emily. Knowing she had to pull herself together for work, she turned off the water and went to get dressed. She had to push all that she was feeling aside for the sake of her business. Focusing on that, she picked out her outfit for the night, a tight pair of jeans and the Super Dyke t-shirt Sahar had custom made for her friend. Over that she pulled on a blue jean shirt and her jacket.

Together the couple rode silently to the club. Once at Venus though, it seemed as all had been forgotten as Erin took on her usual persona, and Sahar took her place behind the bar. That night Venus was hosting what Erin hoped to be a new attraction to her club, its first ever drag show. Promptly at ten that night, she took the stage she had placed there for that specific purpose as the music faded into silence. The curious crowd waited on her to speak.

“Greetings, y'all. My name is Super Dyke, and I am your host for this evening's festivities. I'd like to welcome all of you to Venus for its first ever drag show. Tonight we have some talented drag kings to entertain you, but before we bring them out, I want to find out a little more about our crowd,” she said, looking over her audience. She shed her blue jean shirt, feeling the warmth of the lights on her, leaving her in just her muscle t-shirt with a pink triangle across the chest with the letters SD in it. The group of mostly women roared at the display. Erin cracked her notorious grin. “You, ladies, like that?” she asked into the microphone. The screaming continued as they began to chant for her to remove more clothing. Laughing at the crowd she asked, “You want me to take my shirt off, huh?” Teasingly she raised the hem before dropping it again. The chanting grew in intensity. “All right. How about I get some volunteers?” she suggested. Her eyes scanned the crowd. There were two young women, younger than Sahar near the front. It was obvious they knew each other, but were not a couple, by the way they were standing closely together. Erin knelt down on the stage in front of the brunette. “What's your name, gorgeous?”


“And what about you, beautiful? What's your name?” she asked, turning to Emma's blonde friend.


“Emily?” she stuttered but quickly recovered herself. “Emma and Emily. The Em and Em girls. That's my favorite candy you know. Except you'd melt in my mouth and in my hands.” The audience bellowed at the raunchy joke. It drove Erin further, especially since her two participants seemed game. Turning to the girls, she asked, “You two want to see me take my shirt off?” They nodded in affirmation. “I have an idea. Let's have a kissing contest and the winner of the two of you gets to take my shirt off me. What do you say?” They agreed, so Erin assisted them both up onto the stage in front of everyone. “All right. Each of you gets ten seconds. The DJ will time us. We'll flip a coin to see who goes first,” she said digging into her pocket. She flipped it and smiled. “It seems Miss Emma is first. I'm ready when you are, sexy.”

The young brunette approached Erin and wrapped her arms around the cowboy's neck. She pulled her down into a scorching kiss that caused the crowd to go crazy. Erin moaned at the feeling. This woman made her feel wanted right then in a wild carnality she hadn't felt in some time. When the ten seconds was over, the Texan had to take a deep breath to recover.

“Hot damn!” Erin exclaimed as the audience cheered loudly at the display. Turning to Emily. Cracking a grin she asked, “Are you ready, honey?”

The blonde nodded that she was. Stepping to Erin her hands ran gently up her torso and into her dark hair. The little blonde leaned up on her tip toes at the same time pulling Erin 's head down for a kiss that was just as ardent but in a slow sexy pace. Erin 's mind drifted to another Emily that she had been desperate to feel that way. A growl reverberated from her chest at the feeling. Again when the ten seconds was over, Erin had to take a moment to breathe.

“Sweet Jesus,” she mumbled in the microphone. “You, ladies, trying to make me cream in my jeans or what?” The crowd loved the comment. “That was a close call, so close I'm going to have to call it a tie. Both of you get the honor and please feel free to cop any feels you want along the way,” she joked. They took her up on the offer, making a show of ridding her of her t-shirt while groping her wantonly in the process. The women of the audience screamed with growing excitement was Erin 's frame came into view. When she was standing there in only her boots, jeans, belt with the huge buckle, and a sports bra, she smiled at her companions. “Fantastic job, Em and Em. Audience, give a hand to my lovely assistants.” The crowd did as the older woman helped them from the stage. Winking at the two of them she said, “You, ladies, come find me after the show. I think we have unfinished business.” Turning to the audience, she said, “Now you all put your hands together for our first performer this evening. She hails from the Deep South in one of my neighboring states. Give it up for this New Orleans legend, King Rex.”

For the rest of the show Erin remained partially undressed as she introduced all the performers. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, and furthermore, she liked the attention. It was just what she needed right then. However, when the show was over, she pulled her t-shirt back on and headed to the bar. Sahar was there shaking her head. “Don't give me that,” Erin mumbled.

“How about a double whiskey instead?” the Arabic woman asked, placing the drink on the bar. “You have company heading your way.”

Erin turned to see her assistants from earlier in the night. They were headed straight for her. She could tell they were on a mission, and she could only imagine what they wanted. Smiling in their direction, she slouched back against the bar with her legs open wide. “Ladies, enjoy the show?” They said they did. “What can I get the two of you from the bar?” Sahar took their orders. Looking between the two of them as they leaned into her on either side, Erin asked, “So, are you, girls, hooked up with each other or what?”

“We're just friends,” Emma answered. “Close friends.”

“How close? With benefits?”

“Is there any other kind of friend to have?” Emily questioned.

Erin shook her head. “That's the best kind. Perhaps we could all be friends.”

“We think that's a good idea,” Emily said as her hand roamed over Erin 's leg.

“A very good idea,” Emma added as she too fondled Erin 's other leg through her jeans.

The older woman waited until they had their drinks before she said, “Well, I know a little place we can go to talk about this further. You game?”

“Lead on, cowboy.”

She smiled at the two of them. This was something new to her. She usually preferred one on one action but figured she could handle the twosome just fine. With drinks in hand, she led them up to her office where she locked them all inside. The loud music could still be heard through the walls. Erin took a seat on her couch with the girls on either side of her. “So, what are you, ladies, into?”

“Fucking,” Emily whispered into Erin 's neck.

Erin chuckled. “I gathered that. Tell me what you want. You want me to fuck both of you, I hope.”

“And then we want to fuck you,”

“That ain't going to happen. I don't play that way. Best you know that now. Super Dyke is never submissive to any woman. If you think for a second you're going to break me, you better get up on out of here now.”

The girls looked at each other. “Fine. That's cool. We can live with that.”


“Why don't you tell us what you want?” Emma suggested. Her hand moved to Erin 's belt buckle. She tugged on it trying to get it open.

Erin looked between them and then reached down to assist with the buckle. Only Texas girls seemed to know the trick to unlatching the western belt buckle. “I think I want to watch the two of you fuck each other first for awhile, sort of set the tone. I'll jump in when I'm ready. Here. I'll even fold out the couch for you.” Getting the two of them off the sofa, she unfolded the futon and then took a seat at her desk chair with her whiskey to watch. The girls got right into it, pretty much forgetting that she was there as they started to grope and kiss each other. Clothes were quickly shed, and soon they were heavily engaged.

Erin continued to observe them from her chair. These girls were younger than she first estimated. They lacked experience. That was obvious but certainly tried to make up for it in vigor. Knowing she could teach them both a few tricks, she put her drink down and started to undress herself, removing everything she wore expect her jeans. Reaching into her desk, she found the box of protection she had placed there months ago for this exact kind of opportunity. Stuffing some of them in her back pocket, she made her way over to the futon and crawled up behind Emily, who was hovered over Emma.

Touching the little blonde's naked hips, she asked, “Are you, girls, ready for me?” Both of them managed to moan affirmatively. “All right. Come here, baby,” she instructed, sitting back on her knees and tugging Emily back against her lap. “Emma, this is a team sport here. Help me out.” The brunette responded, rising to her knees as well. She kissed her friend and continued to fondle her on the front of her torso as Erin took the back. Together the two women put Emily into a frenzy until she started to beg for release. Erin was more than happy to oblige her. Finding her entrance she slid in forcefully, pumping and grinding against her with voracity. Emma helped until the blonde screamed loudly and went limp in their arms.

“Stop, enough,” she whispered. “I can't go anymore.”

Erin chuckled as she kissed Emily's wet temple. “Here. Lie down and rest a bit,” she whispered, gently placing her against the mattress. “I have some unfinished business with Emma.” Turning dark eyes on the brunette, Erin smiled. “You tired?”

“Not at all.”

“Me neither. You still want to ride me after what I did to Emily?”

“Oh, yeah,” she growled, jumping onto the older woman and knocking her on her back.

Erin laughed. “My, you're anxious. Just let me do a little wardrobe change here,” she mentioned, dropping her used protection onto the floor. She pulled a new one from her back pocket.

“You don't have to use that, you know. Wouldn't you rather feel me without it?” she asked, kissing the Texan's neck.

“It's the only way I play. I don't know what adventures you all have gotten yourselves into, and you certainly don't know where I've been. It's for the best. Don't you worry. I can still make you scream your head off. You just tell me how you want it.”

“Slower than what you did to Emily.”

Erin nodded. “I can do that.” Bringing Emma's head down to her own, she kissed her softly.

“Damn, you're good at that.”

“I do my best.” Erin took her time with this one. They were much more leisurely in pace as she let Emma ride her at her own speed. Finally though, Emily had managed a recovery and rejoined them. After a little while, when it was clear Emma was enjoying herself but not close to orgasm, Erin asked, “Emma, you're an ass girl, aren't you?” She shrugged. “Have you ever had it up the ass?” She hesitantly shook her head. “But you want to, don't you?” She nodded. “You want me or Emily to fuck you up the ass?”

“You,” she panted.

“All right. That's all you had to say. Turn around and face Emily.”

The brunette did so. The friends started to kiss once they were facing each other. Erin sat up. She couldn't really move with both girls trapping her legs between their wide spread ones, so she made the most of it. Clutching an arm around Emma's waist for balance, she found her mark and gently slipped into her lover once again. Emma cried out, “Oh, God.”

“It's okay. I've got you. I'll go slowly so you can get used to it,” Erin promised. “Emily, lend me a hand. You know what she likes. Give her what she wants.”

Both women focused their attentions on Emma. It wasn't long until she was incapacitated as her friend had been. Both the young girls seemed tired after that, so Erin laid on the futon between the two of them, cuddling each of them to her with an arm. Two heads lay against her shoulders.

“So, what's your real name, Super Dyke?” Emily asked.

“It's Erin . May I ask how old you, girls, are?”

“Twenty-one,” Emma replied.

Erin shook her head. “I don't believe that. How old are you really, not what your fake IDs say?”

“You think we're younger than that?”

“Yeah. I just want to know how much younger. Please tell me you're at least 18.”

The girls looked at each other Emma confessed, “Nineteen.”

“Eighteen,” Emily admitted. “How old are you?”

“I'm 32.”

“Damn, you're old,” the blonde stated.

Erin laughed in spite of the cut on her age. “Yeah, I'm old. I'm almost twice your age, girls.”

“But you're so hot,” Emma whispered, hand running down her naked torso to her stomach. There was a pause in the chat. “How did you get this?” she asked, circling the part of Erin 's abdomen that carried a small scar.

“I was shot.”

“No way! Who shot you?” Emily curiously asked.

“A jealous ex-girlfriend. Well, she wasn't my ex. She was the ex of the woman I was sleeping with. She didn't like the fact that I had her ex-girlfriend too much and shot me.”

“Wow. I hope she got what she deserved.”

“And then some.” There was another pause. “You know, ladies, this establishment is for 21 and over. You got in here on fake IDs, didn't you?”


“Well, now that I know the truth, I'm going to have to ask you not to drink while you're here.”

“Come on, man,” Emily complained.

“You know, you aren't supposed to be in here at all, but I'm not going to kick you out. It's the least you could do for me,” Erin stated.

Emily stood from the futon in a huff. “Well, that just sucks,” she grumbled. Hurriedly she began to put on her clothes.

“Emily, it's not that big of a deal,” Emma said, trying to calm her friend.

“I came out tonight to drink and fuck. If I can't do that here, I'm going to find a place where I can. Are you coming with me or not?”

Emma stared at her friend before turning to Erin . “No, I think I'm going to stay here awhile longer.”

“Fine! Stay with the old dyke! I don't care! I'm out of here!” With that she opened the office door and then slammed it behind her.

Erin got up and locked it once again before lying back down on the futon. “I didn't mean to cause problems with your friend. She wasn't too happy with me.”

“She shouldn't have been. You probably gave her one of the best fucks of her life. You certainly did me,” she whispered, curving her arm around Erin 's body as they lay together.

The older woman checked her watch. They had been upstairs quite awhile. “It's starting to get late. You want to go downstairs and dance?”

“No. I want you to take me home and spend the night,” Emma replied.

“Baby, you're 19.”

“That didn't stop you the first time.”

“I didn't know the first time.”

“Would it really have mattered? I just want to have sex with you for the rest of the night. Is that such a bad thing? I know we can't have anything other than that. You're too old. My parents wouldn't approve,” she joked.

“And just how old are your parents?”

“My mom's 44, and my dad's 45.”

“Damn. I am old,” she remarked with a laugh.

“Come on. Take me home just this once. I'll do anything you want.”

Going against her better judgment, Erin nodded her head. “Okay. Let's get dressed and get out of here.”

Across town blue eyes stared up at her ceiling as she thought of how she had gotten into the situation she found herself in at that moment, reliving them in her mind, as her sleeping partner held her closely. The rest of the night had been a success. They had received well wishes from all their friends and family for their engagement. Emily had been happy, standing there under the attention of those around her. Everyone was thrilled for the catch she had made in Gillian, with two notable exceptions. Her fathers congratulated her warmly, but she could see in their eyes their uncertainty in the match, even though they said nothing to that effect. It gnawed at her through the rest of the night after it was just she and her fiancée alone together.

The couple cleaned up the mess once they were alone until late into the night, because neither of them had wanted to deal with it the next day. The blonde watched Gillian as she worked on her task of the dishes. The auburn-haired woman was so focused she wasn't even aware of her audience. What is it about you that they see and I don't? You are so kind and caring. You go out of your way for me always. Is it the age difference? Is it your stability? Don't they think you'll make me happy? I just wish I knew why they feel the way they do. And what about your family, Gillian? Are they really happy for us? I always feel like a complete outsider around them. I can't read them. Sometimes I think they see me as a child, but I guess being almost the same age as your nieces and nephews doesn't help. Still wouldn't you think they could put that aside if it meant that much to you? Am I always going to be an outsider? The thoughts ran rampant through her mind. The blonde had her doubts about their relationship, but she knew they could make it work if they tried hard enough.

After the apartment was clean, Gillian embraced her closely as they stood in the kitchen. Emily stood there in that hug for a long time just taking in the feel of the woman against her. A warm mouth touched the skin of her neck. Just by the pace of her lover's breathing against her, Emily could tell she was amorous, even though Gillian didn't say anything, just kissed her for a few moments. Hands roamed over her slowly at first but then with growing need as their mouths met. Gillian's behaviors had an edge to them, a sure sign that she wanted something a little wild that night. Her lover was up for it. “You want to go to bed?” Emily whispered.

“I want to play a game. You feel up for a game?” she asked.

“Sure. What kind of game?”

Gillian stared into blue eyes. “I want you in a way I've never had you before. You made a promise months ago, and I want to call it in now.”

Emily knew exactly what she was asking for even though she didn't say it. As part of their reconciliation after the blonde had cheated with Erin , they began to discuss a lot of things each was holding back. Gillian made it clear her interest in that strap-on Emily had in the nightstand and had questioned why they weren't allowed to use it. Emily knew she should have confessed her hesitancy in using it, but she didn't. Gillian pleaded with her to allow her the chance to fulfill her fantasy with it sometime, to which she agreed. Emily promised Gillian an opportunity to use it on her to try to take away her negativity regarding it. The couple hadn't talked about it again, so Emily thought it had been forgotten, but it was obviously not the case. Knowing she had to do it for her relationship, the attorney nodded in consent. “Then why don't we go upstairs?”

Gillian led them while Emily just tried to put what she was about to do out of her mind. You're doing it for Gillian. She deserves this much after all you've put her through, Emily. It's just one fantasy, and if you don't like it, you can just tell her. You'll never have to do it again if you don't want after this time. Just put Erin out of your mind. Gillian won't hurt you. It could be fun if you just let yourself go.

Going into the bedroom, the doctor turned on the bedside lamp and pulled back the cover and top sheet on the bed before turning her attentions to her fiancée. She took her time undressing her and then laid her out on the bed. Their eyes met. Gillian kissed her gently. “You know I wouldn't hurt you. If you don't like it, all you have to do is say your safe word, and I'll stop,” she assured.

“I know.” Even though Emily had been against the safe word idea at first when their relationship was newer, she understood its use with some of the activities into which they had ventured. Gillian pushed the boundaries of their sex life sometimes, and Emily had realized a whole new world she had never discovered, some of which she liked, some of which she didn't. With Gillian she had learned no never actually meant no in a sex game, which is why she finally agreed to the safe word idea, to keep the communication clear. In fact, looking up into her lover's eyes just then, she sensed that saying no would only encourage Gillian at the moment.

“Now I'm going to tie you up. Be a good girl for once, will you?” the doctor suggested, slipping into game mode.

When the doctor reached for Emily's left wrist, the blonde tugged her way free of the grasp, knowing this was what was expected of her. “No, you aren't,” defiantly she challenged.

Gillian grinned ferally. “So, you are going to be a hellcat tonight. Oh, that just makes it so much more fun to break you,” she growled, pinning Emily to the bed with her own body. Clothes brushed against naked skin in a mock struggle. Emily knew she had to at least try to wrestle her lover into submission, even though she knew this was about Gillian's need to completely dominate her. “Is that the best you have?” Gillian taunted a little as they fought. She quickly got one of the blonde's wrists handcuffed to the headboard. Emily swatted her with her free hand. It stung the side of Gillian's face in a move that momentarily stunned both of them.

Blue eyes looked surprised, because she hadn't meant to connect that hard. “Gillian, I'm so sorry,” she whispered, raising her free hand to her lover's face. “I didn't mean to do that so hard.”

Gillian didn't answer just grabbed her wrist. The game wasn't over yet, even at the surprise move. “You're going to pay for that,” she rumbled. The scuffle continued. “Do you know how much it turns me on to see you fight like this?” the older woman asked as she handcuffed Emily's other wrist. Both of them were heaving for breath as they looked at each other. Emily had never seen the look in her lover's eyes before. They held a coldness that sent a shiver through her. It was still a game, but it was starting to go in a direction Emily never intended. The blonde hoped her girlfriend would redirect it. Thankfully she did, easing off just a little. “Don't fight me, baby. I hate fighting with you. Just be a good girl,” Gillian whispered, kissing her lightly over the face. Emily relaxed a little into the caresses. “Now let's just get these ankles, and we'll be set. If you even think about kicking me, you'll be sorry.” Emily posed no resistance to her legs being tied to the footboard. When she was completely restrained, she tested the bonds that held her. She wasn't going anywhere. “You comfortable?” her lover asked.

She was fine but answered, “Not really.”

“Good.” Gillian started to remove her own clothes as she hovered over Emily's frame. They kissed through the entire process until she was naked. “I can't wait to feel you from the inside. You're going to feel so good. I just know it,” she whispered as her hands roamed over the restrained form.

Emily's body arched toward the touches, even though she wasn't feeling as turned on as her lover was at the moment, the pretend attack, having caused her arousal to disappear. It hadn't seemed to deter Gillian, though, so she hoped she could get back into it with a little encouragement. She watched as her fiancée took the strap-on out of the drawer and put it on herself. Then Gillian moved her body across Emily's again. They kissed gently at first but then with increasing intensity.

“I've been waiting for this moment forever,” the doctor whispered. “My good girl. You're such a good patient. You're my favorite, Emily. I've wanted you since our first session.”

Knowing the bad psychiatrist adaptation as one of her lover's favorites, Emily played along. It was a safer place than where they had just been, and she was glad for the small reprieve. “You're my favorite, Dr. White. Just don't hurt me.”

“No, never. I wouldn't hurt you. I just want to love you. Don't you want me to love you?”

At this point in the role play, Emily always said yes. Tonight she chose a different response. “No, Dr. White.”

“Why not, Emily? Don't you want me to make you feel good? I can make you feel things you've never felt before.” Gillian's head dipped to the blonde's breasts, slowly circling the tip of the left one.

“It'll hurt,” the younger woman mumbled, knowing her fiancée liked the young virginal types. She had stumbled on that information accidentally one night and pulled it out for special occasions.

“Have you never been with someone before?”

“You know I haven't. You asked me that in our first session.”

“Well, I didn't know if that was still true now, did I? Do you love me, Emily?”

“Yes, Dr. White.”

“If you really love me, then you'll let me make you the woman you want to be.”

Emily gave a reluctant nod of her head. She was more than ready to get this over with. The game was starting to get old just then. Gillian leaned down to her neck and kissed it as she pushed the phallus inside of her lover. The blonde gasped at the size. She had forgotten how big it was, and having not used it in a long time, it was larger than expected. “Stop. It hurts,” she said.

“I don't care. Sometimes becoming a woman takes pain. You're mine now, Emily, no one else's,” she growled. “I own you for the rest of your life.”

The blonde groaned painfully as her lover pushed in a second time. It hurt, but they were still involved in their game. The only way out of it would be to use her safe word. I have to do this for Gillian. I promised her I would try. Just give it a little bit. It'll just take some getting used to. It didn't hurt this much when Erin used it. Oh, Erin , how could this happen to us? Six months ago you said you loved me, and now I'm engaged to Gillian. Why weren't we able to work things out? You were the one I was supposed to be with. You were the one I always thought I'd be with at the end. And why did you come here tonight? I didn't invite you, because I knew it was going to be too painful. How did you even know? Unless Gillian invited you without my knowledge. Why would she do that? The answer was clear to her. You wanted Erin here to see you propose to me. You wanted her to see me say yes and choose you over her. Closing her eyes, Emily tried to hold back the tears she felt threatening at that thought as well as the pain of being pounded with the strap-on. Gillian really isn't as good at this as you were, Erin. God is what straight sex feels like? No wonder I'm a lesbian. Who wants a man lying on top of them rutting like a dog in heat? This so isn't working. Her tears started to leak from the corner of her eyes. This was not going to end as either of them had hoped. She was not going to get passed her feelings on this matter, even though she had tried. Knowing there was only one thing she could do to stop this, she said loudly, “Texas A&M.”

Immediately Gillian pulled out and looked at her girlfriend's face. She had never heard her use her safe word before, and it took her by surprise. Seeing the tears she whispered, “Em, what's the matter? Oh, baby, come here.” She let her fiancée out of her restraints to consolingly cuddle her. “It's all right. You're all right. You're safe, Em. You're safe.”

The blonde said nothing, just cried for several minutes. Finally she hiccupped, “I tried. I really did.”

“I know you did.”

“I just can't use that thing. I don't ever want to see it again.”

Gillian nodded her head. Rising from the bed, she took it off and threw it into the trash can next to the nightstand. “There. It's gone. I'll take the trash out tomorrow. You'll never have to see it again. I love you, Emily. I would never want to hurt you. Can you talk to me about why you're crying?”

“That was too real. You were so- you scared me.”

“Yeah. Well, I scared myself a little too, which is why I had to change the game. It was getting a little too rough.”

“And that thing is just too big. It hurts too much.”

“I'm so sorry. It's gone now. You'll never see it again. Why don't you let me kiss it and make it better? It'll be just the two of us. No games. Just the two of us making love. Would that make you feel better?”

Emily shook her head as she looked into her lover's eyes. Gillian always did try to accommodate her needs, but tonight she just couldn't participate. “I'm sorry. I just want to go to sleep. It hurts too much.”

“All right. I understand. Come here. Let me hold you at least.”

Emily allowed herself to be embraced. Gillian was asleep almost immediately, leaving her with her thoughts.

You're not over what happened with Erin . Why couldn't I see that? Although you certainly made your stand tonight. You let her know who I belonged to, didn't you? But she let you. She didn't even try. It's really over between us now. You made sure of that. I suppose I can't blame you, though. If the positions were reversed, I might have done the same thing. I know you love me, Gillian. I hope we can make this work, but you have to be able to trust me. You want to make me happy, and I know we could be with each other. I just wish I never had seen Erin again. It would have made things so much easier. But you had to bring her here to make it clear I was yours. Well, at least that's the last time. She's going to be out of my life for good. We simply can't be friends if I'm going to make this marriage work. Gillian has to be my life now, and that's the end of it.



The Adventures of Super Dyke VII: New Beginnings

by Alex Tryst

Copyright June 2008




It was just another day at Johnston Brown. Emily was busy as usual trying to fulfill her position to the best of her abilities. Work was her life more than ever those days. Finishing a report for Chuck Johnston, she printed it off and headed out of her office to his assistant's. The blonde preferred email, but Chuck was old-fashioned. He favored paper for everything, so she obliged him when she could. Dropping the report on his assistant's desk for him, she headed for their mail room to check her box. Her own assistant was on vacation, so she was fending for herself. She still found it a little strange to have an assistant. Sometimes he seemed a little too eager to please, something she passed off as crush he would get over, but he was good at his work, and she had come to depend on him more and more during the year he had been there.

Digging her mail out of her box, she scanned through it, sorting it in the order of importance. Junk mail was immediately discarded in the trash. More important mail was arranged carefully and the opened piece by piece. The blonde usually had her assistant look at all the mail, and most of it never actually made it to her desk. Having him away gave her a better sense of the inconsequential nonsense he took off her hands for her. Sorting it a second time, she made two piles, one for him on his return and then her own. She was just about to leave the mail room when she heard a deep rich laugh coming from the direction of the lobby. It couldn't be. I know that laugh. She heard it again. That's Erin Mahoney.

Curious to know if she was right, Emily made her away around the corner and into the reception area where she was greeted with a surprise. It was not Erin . “Seamus?” she questioned in confusion at his presence. He was standing there talking to Chuck.

His smile brightened the moment he saw her. “Emily Parker? Is that really you?” he questioned as they closed their distance. They hugged. “It's been forever since I've seen you! You look great!”

“You too, Seamus. It's so good to see you. What are you doing in New York ?”

“I was just here on some business. Erin and I were having lunch with Chuck.”

Erin 's here? “Oh, I see. I didn't think you were a New York type.”

Just then Chuck broke into the conversation. Sticking out his hand to Seamus, he said, “I'll let you catch up with Emily. It was good to see you again. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Likewise, Chuck. Thanks.” Once they were alone, he smiled down at her again. “I can't believe it. Here you are after all this time. How long has it been? Erin 's parents' anniversary party?”

The blonde nodded. “Almost three years. You look terrific. Still have the best eye make-up of anyone I know.”

The man laughed. Sticking his sunglasses up into his neatly quaffed highlighted hair, he stared deeply into her eyes. “You've improved your technique. Love what you're doing with the eye shadow. It's a good color on you.”

“Thanks.” Just then Emily felt a presence slowly come up behind her. By the way Seamus looked over her shoulder, she knew who it was without even turning. It's her.

Erin Mahoney stepped toward her cousin as she looked at the blonde. “Emily, hi,” she greeted as neutrally as she could.

“Hi, Erin . How are you?”

“I'm good. How are you?”

“Fine. I was surprised to see Seamus here. I was just catching up with him. What are you two doing in New York ?”

“I sold part of Venus to Seamus. It was getting to be too much for me, and since he's moving here, he agreed to go in with me,” the Texan answered.

“You're moving here? That's great. Why are you leaving California ?”

“Because he thought it was a good idea to run off and fall in love with a Yankee. She's from New York and wants them to live here after they get married,” Erin joked.

“You're getting married? That's wonderful. Congratulations,” the attorney said, moving to hug him again.

He grinned. “I couldn't wait for you forever,” he flirted.

She laughed. “It's all right. I understand.”

To make polite conversation, Erin asked, “How's married life treating you, Emily?”

“I wouldn't know. I'm not married.”

“What do you mean? You and Gillian aren't married?”


Inquisitively Erin asked, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“It just is. Seamus, tell me all about your special lady. What's her name?”

“Her name is Natalie Stevens, and she's thirty. She's a native New Yorker, grew up on the Upper West Side . She's in the fashion industry, teaches at Parsons School of Design. She's an absolute angel,” he said with a dreamy smile.

“Sounds like a perfect match for you.”

“I'm blessed.”

“Yes, he is,” Erin agreed. “She's fantastic. The family just loves her, even if she is a Yankee.”

Seamus looked at his watch. “Emily, we have to get going. We promised Natalie we'd stop by. I'm only in town until tomorrow, but I would love to catch up with you more. Are you by any chance free for dinner tonight? I would love to introduce you to Natalie.”

“That would be great. I'd love that.”

“Wonderful. Here. Let me write down her address. How's seven for you?” he asked, looking around for a piece of paper.

Emily gestured to the receptionist for some paper for him. “Sounds good.”

“Great. I know the two of you will just hit it off.”

“Should I bring anything?”

“No, come as you are. Oh, I'm so happy I ran into you. We'll see you tonight.”

“All right.” The two hugged again. She turned to Erin . “Bye, Erin .”

“Bye,” she answered with a smile.

The two Mahoney cousins went to the elevators. Seamus looked at her with a grin. “Well, Emily certainly looks good.”

“Yeah, she does.”

“I still don't know why you let that one go, Erin . She was a keeper.”

“Yes, she was,” the woman conceded.

Back in the office, Emily walked back to her desk as she looked at the directions. She was familiar with the location, so it wasn't going to be difficult to find. They both looked good. Suits definitely serve them both well. Seamus looked so happy. I'm so glad he found the right woman. Erin looked content, too. I wonder if there is someone special behind that . Sahar perhaps? I wonder if they're still together after all this time. She seemed to be the only one that could tame Erin . None of my friends talk about her anymore. She and Sahar must have settled down. If she hadn't, word would have gotten back to me through my single friends that she was still prowling. Knowing answers wouldn't come just then, Emily went back to work.

That evening the blonde pulled up to the address right at seven. She had come straight from work that evening, so she didn't have time to change out of her black pants suit and heels, but she did remove her jacket on the way into the building in hopes of achieving a more casual look. Riding the elevator, she checked herself out in the mirrored wall, fluffing her hair and straightening her signature scarf. She was so glad to have run into Seamus that day. He was one of her favorite Mahoneys, and she was thrilled that he seemed to have found his perfect match.

Going to Natalie's apartment, she knocked and excitedly awaited the woman who had won her friend's heart. However, it was not the woman she expected that answered the door. “ Erin , hi,” she greeted, trying not to act surprised.

“Hey. Come on in. We're just finishing dinner. Could I take your briefcase and coat?”

“Thanks,” she said, handing over the items. She watched Erin place the briefcase at the base of the coat rack and then hang her suit jacket.

“This way.” The attorney followed Erin through the living room to an open dining room and kitchen where she saw Seamus sweetly kissing a petite brunette. Emily couldn't help but smile at how happy he looked. “Either get a room or stop sucking face. Our company is here,” Erin joked.

Seamus grinned as he turned to Emily. He took his fiancée by the hand. “Thanks for coming, Emily. I'd like you to meet Natalie Stevens. Honey, this is Emily Parker. She's an old friend of Erin's and mine.”

“It's so nice to meet you, Emily. Seamus just thinks the world of you,” the brunette said, extending her hand.

Emily shook it. “I feel the same for him, and I was so thrilled to know he found a special woman. He's one of the most wonderful men I've ever known.”

“I am that,” he teased, earning him a slap in the stomach from his fiancée.

“Would you like a drink? Some wine or something? Dinner's not quite ready,” Natalie stated. “I knew it was a mistake to allow Erin and Seamus to cook.”

Both Mahoneys pretended to look offended, making the two women laugh. “Wine would be great. Thanks.” The four chatted amiably through their meal as Emily and Natalie got to know one another better. As Seamus had predicted, the two women hit it off instantly. Finally though as their meal came to a close, the talk shifted to the wedding. “What does your dress look like?” Emily questioned innocently.

“She won't tell me,” Seamus playfully grumbled.

“No, I won't, but I'll show you if you'd like to see it, Emily.”

“I'd love to.”

“Okay. It's in the bedroom.” The two women left the cousins in the dining area and headed back to the spare bedroom. Natalie pulled a dress from the closet. “This is actually one of the bridesmaid's dresses.”

“It's beautiful. Who designed it?”

“I did. I designed and made it myself.”

“Wow. You're really talented.”

“Thanks. I love designing clothes.”

“Seamus said you worked at Parsons. Must be the perfect job for you then.”

She nodded. “I wouldn't want to do anything else. Here's part of my gown. It's not complete yet, but I can show you some sketches of it,” she mentioned, pulling some papers down off the shelf in the closet.

Emily took a seat on the bed and looked at them. “If I ever get married I'd love to have you design my dress. You're amazing.”

“ Erin said you were engaged. You must be planning a wedding.”

“Actually, I was engaged, but I'm not anymore.”

“May I ask what happened?”

Emily shrugged. “That's a story for another time. Let's talk about something happier like your wedding.”

“Oh, it's still in the planning stages. We're getting married in six months, so there's time. The one thing we have agreed on is that it's going to be an Irish wedding. Seamus and all the groomsmen are going to wear kilts. Even Erin has agreed to wear one. She's agreed to be his best man or woman in this case.”

“ Erin in a skirt. That would be a sight to see.”

“She's say it's not a skirt. It's a kilt. They're completely different,” Natalie said with a laugh as she too sat on the bed.

The blonde laughed also. “That sounds like her.”

“She's being a good sport about it. She adores Seamus and will do whatever he asks. They care about each a lot.”

“I know. Tell me how you and Seamus met. That must be an interesting story.”

“I was out in California visiting a friend about two years ago. We went to this party at the beach, a friend of my friend's place. I was standing by the bar on the back porch talking to some girls when I saw this man at the balcony. He was talking to another guy. I remember thinking to myself what a hot ass he had,” she said with a chuckle.

“The hot Mahoney ass. They all have it.”

“So I've noticed. Anyway, I was intrigued and bewildered, because he's muscular but at the same time was wearing what were obviously women's clothes. He had on this pink cotton blouse and a pair of capris with flip flops. Then he turned around and smiled at me. I wanted to faint. I didn't even notice he had on makeup at first because of that smile. He had the shirt completely unbuttoned, and he has quite the body. I thought he was the sexiest man I had ever seen, but he was off limits, because he was so obviously gay. I mean the man had a manicure and pedicure. Well, he came over and started talking to me, but I didn't know what to make of him. He was so cute and flirty. We just chatted for awhile, and then he invited me to go for a walk on the beach. Still confused but definitely curious, I went with him. We were just walking and talking, and the next thing I know I felt his hand reaching for mine. Of course being under the impression that he wasn't straight, I questioned what he was doing. I asked him directly if he was gay, but he said he wasn't. Then he said he liked me and leaned down to give me a little kiss on the cheek. I still didn't know what to make of him, but his lips felt so sweet on my face. I decided to hell with it. We were both a little drunk after all. Even if he was gay, he was turning me on, and he said he was available. We kept walking, holding hands for a little longer, before we found a quiet spot to sit and talk more, and the next thing I know, we're making out. Come to find out, the man really wasn't gay, which was a relief. Although it posed another problem.”

“Which was?”

Natalie blushed. “He'd kill me if I told you.”

“Come on. I won't say anything.”

The brunette nodded. Breaking their gaze she giggled, “He has the biggest... thing I'd ever seen. I thought to myself that I didn't want to sleep with something that could kill me.”

Both women laughed. Letting her new friend off the hook, she asked, “So that's how you met. I assume you started dating after that. How did you know he was the one?”

“That's sort of sweet actually. We had been doing the long distance thing for about six months. We talked on the phone and emailed all the time, and he would come to New York once a month to see me but always stayed at the hotel just a few blocks from here. That time though I invited him to stay with me instead of the hotel. We hadn't had sex or anything, just made out, and I wasn't even sure we were going to then, but I was tired of him leaving every night when he was here. I wanted to spend more time with him. That first night he was here I was lying in bed waiting for him to come out of the bathroom, and I started to panic. I had sort of gotten passed the women's clothes and the makeup, but I had never seen him in pajamas before. I started to worry that he might come to bed in women's lingerie or something, and I wasn't sure how I was going to respond to that. I guess I wasn't as ready as I thought. When he came out of the bathroom, he was out of his makeup and wearing a pair of men's pajama pants. He looked so uncomfortable and nervous. He clearly wasn't himself, so I invited him to get in bed with me. We cuddled for a bit, but I could tell he was scared. Thinking that it might have been the fact he was out of makeup and wearing men's clothes, I asked him if that's what he usually wore to bed. He said no. Of course I had to know what he did wear, if it was women's pajamas, and he said no, that he usually didn't wear anything to bed. He had borrowed those pajamas from his brother. I was a bit relieved by that statement, because I didn't know what I was going to do if it had been a different answer just then. Trying to make him comfortable I told him he could sleep naked if he wanted. Off those pajamas came as fast as he could get them. It was kind of funny actually. We started to cuddle again, but the innocent curiosity was getting to me. We had never had a serious conversation about him being a transvestite, and I wanted to know about it. I had already fallen for the guy, but I still wasn't sure about all that. We talked about it openly. He said he likes wearing makeup and women's casual wear, but he doesn't like dresses, skirts, or lingerie. Women's stuff was more fashionable to him, and he felt comfortable in it. I figured I could live with that. I leaned up to kiss him and told him I loved him no matter what as long as it made him happy. You should have seen the look in his eyes. It was like he had waited his whole life to hear someone say that. We started kissing, and you know, one thing led to another. Then the moment came. He did the sweetest thing. As I said, he's a big man, and it was as uncomfortable as I thought it was going to be at first. He just let me set the pace, though. He just held me in his arms and stared intently into my eyes, and then he said the words that made me know he was the one. He told me he loved me and that he would be there to hold me and protect me for as long as I wanted him around. I knew right then I wanted that to be forever. He was the man I wanted for my husband. He was the one I wanted as the father of my children. No one has ever made me feel so loved, so cared for, so safe in my entire life. I honestly don't care about anything else but that.” She sighed with contentment. Turning to Emily again, she smiled. “Seamus was right about you. You are easy to talk to. Here, we hardly even know each other, and I've told you about my sex life,” she teased.

Emily smiled and gave her friend a squeeze. “I'm honored you both think of me that way. If I wasn't a lesbian, I would have fought you for him. He's the best guy in the world.”

“He said that you and Erin...that you two had a history,” hesitantly she stated.

The blonde nodded. Feeling as if she should disclose something in light of what she had been told, she gave an honest reply. “Yes, we do. We sort of had a relationship but then met other people. We still loved each other while we were with those other people, but it just wasn't meant to be. It was never the right time, and by the time it was, the feelings were no longer there.”

“That's too bad. She's a sweetheart of a woman. She's as kind as Seamus is. I wish I could see her settled and happy like Seamus and I are. Both of us hope for that.”

Emily nodded her head absently. Turning the subject off her again, she asked, “What does your family think of Seamus?”

The brunette's eyes dimmed as she shook her head. “They don't like what they don't understand. They don't understand the makeup and women's clothes. They think he's gay like the rest of the world. Although, it's nice not to have any competition from other girls, because they think he's gay,” she joked. The blonde chuckled. “Seriously though, they don't understand that he is straight and that he loves me. He's a typical man in a lot of ways. You know, he likes to watch sports on the weekends and sit around drinking beer with his buddies. He could live on junk food. He sometimes forgets to put the seat down in the bathroom when he's finished going. He leaves his clothes on the floor in a crumpled pile. His gym bag smells like something died in it. He can get aroused by a strong gust of wind, and at the end of the day, he has the ordinary six o'clock shadow that feels like sandpaper when you kiss him. He is different, because he's a transvestite, and I know that, but that doesn't mean he isn't perfect, too. I hope they come to realize that he's so much more than what is on the outside.”

The two women hugged. “I'm sure in time they'll see how happy you are, and if nothing else, maybe they can accept him as the one who makes you so happy. He'll win them over in time. No one can resist the Mahoney charm. You'll see.”

Back in the dining room the Mahoney cousins were just sitting around the table drinking wine. Seamus looked over at Erin . “Wonder what their doing right now.”

“Talking about girl stuff I bet, wedding and all that.”

“You think they're on the bed?” he speculated.

Erin shrugged. “I don't know. Maybe. Why?”

He grinned. “You think their touching?”

“Seamus, get your mind out of the gutter! She's your fiancée.”

“So? Come on. It would be hot, right? Emily and Natalie together. I could just picture it.” So could Erin but she wasn't going to say that. “I bet you $100 they're in there touching somehow,” he challenged, pushing the issue.

Erin grinned as the image persisted in her head as well. “Deal,” she answered. Neither moved for a moment. “So, which of us is going to go look?” she asked. Neither answered but then simultaneously jumped up from their chairs and dashed down the hall, laughing and pushing each other along the way to be the first one to reach the women. They both broke the threshold at the same time.

Emily and Natalie both looked startled as they jumped to conceal the secret wedding gown sketches. “What are you, boys, doing?” Natalie chastised playfully.

Seamus didn't answer her. Instead he turned to his cousin and demanded, “Fork it over. One hundred big ones.” Erin rolled her eyes but pulled out her wallet and handed him a hundred dollar bill.

“What's this about?” Natalie questioned.

Erin laughed. “Yeah, Seamus, why don't you tell her?” He said nothing.

“Why don't you tell me, Erin ?”

“Your fiancé was just having a lesbian fantasy in his head about the two of you,” she teased. Seamus blushed, and Emily and Natalie chuckled.

“Of course he was.” Natalie smiled at her lover. “You know, honey, as much as I like Emily, she isn't my type. If I were going to go lesbian on you, it would be with your sexy cousin.”

“Ew,” he grumbled, looking at Erin as if she had just contracted the plague.

“Hey. I don't say that about you,” Erin stated, pretending to be offending. Turning to Natalie she grinned. “Really?” Natalie just gave a wiggle of her brows, earning more laughs. “Come on, ladies. Come back out here and entertain us before you put Seamus on erotic lesbian fantasy overload.”

Both women nodded. “We'll be right out.” When they were alone again, Natalie smiled at Emily. “You know, Emily, Seamus told me that you were Erin 's first love. He thinks the two of you could be great together again. I could see why he thinks that. Do you think there's a chance the two of you could work it out?”

“I don't know about that. It's been a long time.”

“Maybe you could think about it?”

“Maybe,” the blonde conceded. “Come on. We should get back out there before they find more trouble.”

The foursome talked late into the night before Emily decided she needed to get home. She thanked Natalie and Seamus for dinner before Erin offered to walk her out. The two women rode the elevator in silence before going out to the street. As Erin tried to hail a cab for the blonde, Emily said, “It was good to see you, Erin.”

“You too, Em. It's been a long time.”

“When are you going back to Texas ?”

“Tomorrow evening.”

“Do you have any plans for lunch? Perhaps we could get together if you're free,” she proposed.

Looking down at the blonde's face, Erin contemplated the offer for a moment. A cab pulled to the curb. “Sure. That would be nice,” she answered, opening the door for Emily.

“Great. You want to meet at my place at noon?”

“That would be fine.”

“You still remember how to get there?”

“Of course. I'll see you at noon,” she said. Emily took a seat in the cab. “Have a good rest of the night.”

“You too.”

Erin stood at the curb watching as the cab pulled out into traffic. She didn't know why she had just agreed to lunch with the attorney. She thought she was over her, but looking in those blue eyes just then, she wondered if she truly had moved beyond her in the passed three years. Heading back upstairs she was greeted by two sly smiles. She knew what they were thinking. “Don't even start,” she warned.

“She's such a doll, Erin ,” Natalie said. “Seamus is right. Emily's perfect for you.”

She shook her head. “She's with somebody.”

“No, she's not,” Seamus said.

“Yes, she is. She's with Gillian White.”

Natalie shook her head. “She said she wasn't engaged anymore. You don't break off an engagement and stay with that person. She wasn't wearing a ring either. I think it's safe to say Emily Parker is still on the market.”

“Yeah, I agree. You screwed this up once already, Erin . Don't do it a second time,” Seamus advised.

Brushing them off, she said, “I'm going to bed. You two keep the noise down tonight when you have sex. Last night you kept me awake,” she joked, earning two blushes from her cousin and his fiancée. “Good night.”

“Good night, Erin ,” they said in unison.

Going to the guestroom, Erin changed clothes and settled into bed. She stared up at the ceiling in the dark as she thought about the night. She had noticed Emily wasn't wearing her engagement ring but had felt it insensitive to ask about it. However, Natalie had saved her the trouble. The Texan wondered if it was true, if Emily and Gillian were in fact no longer together. Her thoughts drifted to the last time she had seen the blonde until they ran into her that day. It was the day Gillian had made her proposal. It had hurt so much to watch the woman she loved accepting the proposal of another. When Erin had left that day, she wasn't sure if she would ever get over that sense of loss she felt walking away from Emily Parker that last time. She was sure she would never see her again. However, there she was suddenly back in her life unexpectedly. The time apart had changed her only slightly, but the years had been kind. She was still beautiful but seemed older. It was almost as if the wildness that once lay just beneath the surface of the attorney's presence was gone.

Erin understood that, having become more subdued in the three years since their last meeting. When she had walked out of Emily's life, she allowed her unruly behavior to culminate that very night by having a threesome with two teenage girls in an effort to negate her pain. She still remembered waking up the next day a shattered woman. The infamous rowdy Texan had finally been broken, sundered by the agony of losing Emily Parker forever, and she hadn't been sure she would ever be whole again.

Erin sighed. She wondered if she was going to be able to make it through their lunch the next day. She had felt a little something toward the blonde as she sat across the table from her that evening, which surprised her, because she thought as if she had finally reached her closure after all that time apart. However, it was obvious her heart might not have given up on the idea, especially with the knowledge that she was once again available.

Noon the following day arrived with some nervousness on Emily's part. The previous day had been unexpected. She was thrilled that Seamus seemed so happy. Natalie seemed a wonderful woman who loved her friend, and she was glad he had found her. Erin looked good, too. With all of Natalie's talk, I wonder if Erin is still single. It seems impossible, but she spoke about it as if it was true. Hearing the knock on her apartment door, she went to answer it. She smiled at the sight of Erin . The years hadn't changed her friend's style much. She was in her Levi's and boots with a blue shirt. “Hey.”

“Hey. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah. Have any idea what you want to eat?” she asked as they headed toward the elevator.

“I'm easy. Whatever you want.” They rode the elevator quietly.

Emily wondered what the brunette might have been thinking just then. Four years ago they had practically had sex in the same elevator. Now each woman was lost in their own thoughts. The attorney had never imagined they would be the places they were in life. Once outside she suggested, “There's a French restaurant not too far from here that I've never tried. How about that?”

“Sure. That sounds good. Lead the way.”

Their walk was quiet as they dodged the busy foot traffic for a few blocks until they were at the restaurant Emily had chosen. Once they were seated and had ordered, they looked at each other contemplatively. “So, how's Texas ?”

Erin shrugged. “Fine. Hot. I'm doing some remodeling around the ranch, adding a playroom.”

“A playroom? You mean a game room for adults?”

“No. For kids, actually. Jared and his fiancée had a little girl about two years ago. She's just the cutest thing.”

“Jared has a kid?” she asked in surprise. “What's her name?”

“Erin Blaine Weiss Mahoney. She goes by Blaine .”

“That's so cute. Does she look like Jared?”

“Almost exactly. We have strong genes as you could have guessed. She has her mother's sweet personality, though, thank goodness.”

“Someone actually hooked Jared, huh?”

“Yup. She's quite a woman. Her name is Margaret Weiss. She's the Dean of Students at SMU, has her PhD in history. I love her. She doesn't put up with any of Jared's bullshit. She's got him so whipped. It's funny.”

“That's hard to imagine. She older or younger than him?”

“She's forty-two. He's thirty-nine. It was bound to happen sometime. No one can go on that way forever. It gets tiring.”

“Are you saying you're tired of it?”

Erin nodded. “Super Dyke hung up her cape a long time ago. I've put myself out to pasture before someone did it for me. Dating is like bull riding. It gets your heart racing and your blood pumping. It's an incredible ride until you get thrown off. I was thrown off one too many times, and it hurt too much. I'm too old for that these days. I need to take Margaret's advice. I should find a nice girl and just tie the knot. The thing is all the best girls have already been taken. There's not much out there now that I'm 35. I wasn't into good girls when I was younger. I have no idea how to even find one, much less how to court her. The only life I've ever known is with the fast crowd, and they weren't the marrying kind. I think my last chance walked out the door when Sahar and I went out separate ways.”

“You broke up with Sahar?”

“A long time ago, three years or so. We were still bed buddies, but then she moved to Paris to be closer to her sister Mercedes.”

The blonde nodded. Three years ago? How is that possible? You would have to have been broken up since around the time of my engagement party. You certainly still looked like a couple then. “I remember she had told her family about her. Her father disowned her?”

“Yeah. No one in her family speaks to her but Mercedes. That's tough, but she made that sacrifice for the life she wanted to live. She's still happier, and she loves being in Paris . It was the right move for her, but she was kind of the last reason for me to be in New York . After she left it just became a chore to come here. Venus is a great club, but I wasn't into it. Thankfully Seamus was interested in taking majority ownership of it, so I can focus on the important things at home.”

“And what might that be?”

“Spending time with Blaine .”

“How's business?”

“I sold my business to my family's company last year. The Mahoneys are taking more interest in natural gas these days, so my former employees are solely working in that division with my former vice-president heading up the business line. They still work out of our office, and no one lost their job, so I was happy for that. All in all it was a good move for everyone. These days Daddy's retired, so Jared's heading up the family firm, and I'm on the Board of Directors, making his life hell when I can,” she joked.

“So, are you really working then?”

“No. I still have my office at headquarters, but I never go there. For all purposes, I'm retired. I attend board meetings via teleconference most of the time. They put up with me, because I know more than Jared, and they need me, but I just don't have the drive I used to. The only business ventures left that I own are Venus and Texas Tornado. I spend some of time tending bar at Texas Tornado, and I've started breeding thoroughbreds at the ranch to help keep me occupied. Enough about me, though. Let's talk about you. How's work going for you? You're still at Johnston Brown after all this time.”

“Yes. They made me Senior Vice-President as well as Associate General Counsel. Most of the legal staff reports up through me these days.”

“Congratulations. You're big time now.”

She nodded. “Well, I've gotten about as far as I'm going to with them unless Chuck decides to retire. I get offers all the time from other law firms, but I've decided I really want to stay. They pay me more than enough, and I enjoy it immensely.”

“Do you think Chuck is ever going to retire?”

“Chuck, Peter, and I have talked about it. He's ready to vacate his position as General Counsel. He will remain CEO of Johnston Brown Accounting and Executive Vice-President of Johnston Brown Investments, at least for awhile longer. However, he's told me he's tired of being General Counsel. He's in his early eighties. It's too much for him these days.”

“Do you think they have their eyes on you?”

Emily nodded. “They told me they did. I fully expect to be made Executive Vice-President and General Counsel of both firms by the end of this year. The transition is already underway.”

“What about any further succession plans? Both Chuck and Peter are getting up there in age. Chuck's in his eighties. Peter's probably in his seventies, right?”

“Late sixties actually.”

“All right. Surely they are thinking ahead. It's a family business after all. Do they have children to come take over for them?”

“Chuck has one daughter who is busy being a woman of leisure. He has three granddaughters about my age. They have no interest in the company.”

“What about Peter's family?”

“His sons are heavily involved on the investment side, as you are probably aware, but they don't know anything about tax law.”

“Sounds like you hold all the cards. Do they see it that way?” The attorney nodded. “So, what's their plan?”

Emily looked at Erin seriously. “I really shouldn't be discussing it with you since you are a client of the firm.”

“I've already asked Chuck about this. He's already told me that he wants you to run the accounting firm. Is he going to sell out to you? Is Peter going to buy him out? My money's not going anywhere. I just want to know if they are doing right by you.”

The blonde paused for another moment. “All right. I happen to know he's already spoken to your father about this, so I guess I can tell you. Chuck is looking for a buyer for his portion of the partnership in the firm. He's asked me if I was interested.”

“Wow, that's incredible. They want to make you a partner?”

She nodded. “The problem is that I can't afford the price at the moment. We've decided to do a phased buy-out over the course of the next five years. When I become EVP and General Counsel at the end of the year for both firms, I will be buying twenty percent of Chuck's ownership in the two firms. The plan, when it is all said and done, is to own 75% of the accounting firm and 25% of the investment firm just as Chuck does now, and then he's out completely. When the time comes Peter's two sons will inherit Peter's 75% ownership of the investment firm and 25% of the accounting firm. The three of us will carry on Johnston Brown.”

“So, let me see if I have this right. By the time you're 38, you're going to be CEO of Johnston Brown Accounting and Executive Vice-President of Johnston Brown Investments. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” she answered nonchalantly.

“Damn, Emily. I'm amazed. I always knew you were the best. You couldn't have asked for something better than this. I'm so happy for you. You deserve this. You've worked incredibly hard for it.”

“Thanks. I'm excited about it.”

“You should be.”

“There is only one thing I miss, though. I miss working on accounts sometimes. Yours were always especially challenging and gratifying.”

“Well, they wouldn't be these days. Venus is going into Seamus's accounts. All I have now officially on the books are Texas Tornado and personal accounts.”

“I could do that with my eyes closed,” the blonde joked.

Erin laughed. “I'm sure you could, and you'd probably still do it better than anyone else.”

Emily looked at her friend across the table. “You know, if you really feel that way, maybe I could take them over for you again. As you said, there's not much to them. I've had them for years, so I know them inside and out. It could be fun for both of us to work together again.”

“Oh, I don't know. You sound awfully busy these days. I wouldn't want to get in the way.”

“You wouldn't. If I thought I couldn't give you the best service, I would reassign them. If Chuck could do it, I can do it.”

“I'll think about it. How's that for an answer?”

“Fair enough.”

There was a pause in conversation. Even though Erin really didn't want to bring up Gillian, she noticed Emily wasn't wearing her engagement ring. She was curious about what happened to that relationship, so she gently asked, “Could I ask you something?”

“Of course. What?”

“Yesterday you said you weren't married, and then last night Natalie told me that you said you weren't engaged anymore. Did you and Gillian break up?”

Emily nodded slowly. “Yeah, we did, about two years ago.”

“What happened? You seemed so happy,” she admitted.

You happened, Erin . “It just wasn't meant to be. We had issues we just couldn't overcome.”

“Could I ask what?”

You. I never stopped loving you, and she knew it. She never trusted me again completely after that trip to Texas . She said she had forgiven me, but she really hadn't. It was always an issue between us, whether or not I could be faithful, after that. I still loved you, and it infuriated her to no end. “Our families. Her family didn't really care for me, I guess, because I was so much younger than the rest of them. We didn't really have that much in common. She was the youngest of her family. She had siblings in their 50s when we met, and some of her nieces and nephews were close to me in age. I just felt like they treated me like a kid. Then my fathers, for whatever reason, didn't care for her much. They never said that, but I could tell. To this day, I still don't know what they saw in her that they didn't like.”

“But if you loved each, couldn't you have overcome that?”

“Well, there were other things, too.” Like the night I called your name out in bed instead of hers. I knew that was the end. The look on her face when I did that said it all. I had destroyed her. We fought so bitterly, and it all came out, the distrust she had for me, the animosity she held for you. She asked me if I was still in love with you, and I was tired of living the lie. I said yes. “You know, I did love her, but I think I was settling. She was great, had so many wonderful qualities about her, but when I accepted her proposal, I hadn't really thought about what it meant. She was asking me to be with her for the rest of my life. I couldn't see that happening. I couldn't see her as the last woman I was ever going to be with for as long as I lived.” I had wanted that to be you.

“Well, I suppose it was for the best then. You deserve everything you want, Emily. You shouldn't have to settle for anyone or anything.”

“I know that now.”

“So, are you seeing anyone then?”

“No. Work has become my life. I guess I'm in the same boat as you. It would be nice to find someone to be with, but all the marrying kind of women are already taken. They have wives and families. Sometimes I think I've missed my chance.”

“You're only 33. You have lots of time.”

“One would think, but my life is only going to get busier. When I become a partner at Johnston Brown, I'm not going to have time for a social life. What woman is going to want to be with me? The types of women who I've always been attracted to are the ones who want to take care of me. I need a woman who is going to understand that I am my job right now, but most of them have egos that won't allow me to be more successful than they are. It began to eat at Gillian, even though she never said it. I could tell it bothered her that I made a considerable amount more money than she did. The women I'm attracted to are successful in their own right, and they just don't like it that I am, too.”

Erin nodded her head. She knew the kind of woman about which Emily was speaking. At one time, she wondered if that was a path she was traveling. It had appeared that way, but it had all changed once she had sold her business. She was surprised how much she enjoyed filling her time those days with what she would have once considered inconsequential obligations, but her perspective had completely changed. “I guess I can understand where you're coming from. I've always liked the idea of taking care of a woman, so she didn't have to work. I wanted to give her the best, because I loved her. But I've come to realize, taking care of a woman has nothing to do with money. Sahar taught me that. She had more than enough to buy herself whatever she wanted, so buying her things didn't hold the same meaning. I had to come up with other ways to show her how I was feeling. It was hard, but I learned a great deal about what women really want out of life. It isn't necessarily money. It's security, emotional security. They want to know they're loved, respected, and beautiful.”

“I would say that was true. That's all I really want.”

“Well, then I would say you still want to be taken care of in a way, just not the way most people think of it.”

“I suppose.”

“I know that your career is time-consuming, but I think love is worth any time you can give it. I would hate to see you just give up. I'm trying not to. I still try to believe there's someone out there, even if it is difficult at times. Now that I've sold my business and am spending life at a slower pace, I've realized how much I really do want to have that relationship with someone. I see Seamus and Natalie and Jared and Margaret, and they're happy in a way that I have never been. They have love and soon marriages, and Jared even has a child. I've come to realize I want that. I want to be married. I want to have kids. Blaine brings me such joy, and I'm only her aunt. I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to have a baby with a woman that I truly loved. It would be amazing.”

“Yeah, it would. Even if I haven't found the right woman, I know I would still love to have kids. I just don't know how to do it all. It would be nearly impossible to be single and have kids with my job, but if I haven't found her in the next few years, I think I might just go that route. We'll see.” The rest of the lunch passed with light conversation between them. They parted ways on the street with a promise from Erin to consider Emily's proposal of taking over her accounts once again before she hailed a cab to take her back to Natalie's to gather her belongings. The next day Emily was at work early when she received a call from Erin . The Texan wanted to discuss the proposition further, so the blonde offered to fly to Texas to review the accounts before they would make a final decision, to which Erin agreed.

A week later the attorney landed at DFW airport for her business trip down to Texas . She went to the baggage claim to gather her belongings and meet Erin . When she came to the carousel, the tall brunette was already there, standing in patient wait. They greeted each other warmly, exchanging a hug, their first hug in the years they had been apart.

“Thanks for coming down, Emily. I hope I didn't cut into your busy schedule too much.”

“Not at all. I haven't been on a trip in quite a while, so this is nice to be out of the office. It's nice to have a little time away, even if it is work-related still.”

“Well, I promise not to do too much work with you here. If you want we can talk business over dinner and then have the whole day tomorrow just to hang around.”

“We'll see. The flight down here always takes a lot out of me. I'm kind of tired.”

“Then let me get you back to the ranch, and you can take a nap. I can't have you tired now. I wouldn't be a very good hostess.”

“Oh, I'm used to being exhausted all the time. It goes with the territory of work.”

“Well, that's not the way it is here. You are going to relax if it kills you,” Erin said. Collecting her friend's bags, she led the way outside to her truck. She opened the door for the blonde politely, and then she stowed the luggage in the back of the cab.

“Man, it's hot. Why am I always surprised by the summer heat here?”

“You're just not used to it.”

The ride down to the ranch was quiet as Emily looked at the passing scenery and fought to stay awake. She was tired, more so than usual, and was looking forward to a little rest once they reached their destination. Upon arrival Erin took the bags and showed her guest into the house.

“Here you are. Your usual room,” she said, opening the door and placing the bags on the bed. She turned to the attorney and frowned. “You don't look so good, Em. Your face is flushed,” she mentioned, instinctively reaching for her cheek. “Feels like you have a fever.”

Emily's hand covered the one against her face. Sometimes you can have the softest touch, Erin . “I'm sure it's just the heat. I'll feel better after a nap.”

“All right. Well, make yourself at home. I want you to relax. Take a nap, swim, whatever you want. I'm going to be downstairs in my office if you need me.”

“Okay. Thanks.” With that Emily was left alone. She looked around the room she had stayed in previously. On the nightstand she was surprised but secretly pleased to see a dozen pink roses in a glass vase by her bedside. You still remember. Slowly she pulled off her clothes and put on just a long t-shirt and then climbed into the bed. It felt good to be resting. Her blue eyes studied the flowers just a few feet from her on the table. She smiled to herself. After all this time I still wonder what might have happened if things had been different between us. We had so much potential, but I suppose it was for the best. You weren't ready, and neither was I. Now though you seem so different, so mature, but I wonder how much you have really changed. Are you more open than you used to be? You said you learned a great deal about your feelings with Sahar. Was that one of them?

Erin stayed away from Emily's room the rest of the afternoon. She figured her friend was sick and probably needed the sleep she wouldn't afford herself if she was at home, and she wanted her to get her rest. Around dinner time though, when Emily had not reappeared, Erin decided to go in search of her. Knocking quietly on the bedroom door, she waited for an answer. It took several knocks before a disoriented call from the other side beckoned her into the room. Opening the door, she walked into the waning light of the room to find the attorney sitting up in bed, obviously trying to shake herself from sleep. Her blonde hair was in slight disarray as she rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands.

Erin took a seat on the edge of the bed and just watched her for a moment, taking in the adorable childlike behavior. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” she mumbled.

Erin raised her hand to the blonde's face and felt her forehead with the back of her hand. “You still feel feverish. I better get you the thermometer.”

“No, don't worry about it. I'm fine really.”

The Texan shook her head. “Do you feel like eating at all?”

“I'm not really hungry but thanks anyway.”

“You need to try to eat something. I'll tell you what. I'll make you some soup. I'll be back in a little bit. You stay put.”

“It's not really necessary, Erin . I'm fine.”

“I mean it. Just stay in bed and rest. I'll be right back.”

With a nod Emily conceded defeat. She watched as her hostess left the room. She did feel terrible. In fact, she hadn't felt that bad in some time, but she didn't want to impose on Erin . Secretly grateful for the small reprieve, she snuggled back down into the bedding and closed her eyes once again.

As promised Erin returned shortly with a tray in tow. Placing it down on the bed, she picked up the thermometer and held it out to her friend, but Emily declined it. “You're going to take this and put it in your mouth or else I'm going to flip you over and do it for you the way we have to do Blaine . You don't want that now, do you?” she jokingly threatened. Shaking her head Emily took it and placed it in her mouth. “Good. I'm glad you see it my way,” Erin mentioned. When it beeped, the brunette took it out of Emily's mouth and read aloud, “You have a 100.2°. That's not good, Em. Here. Try to eat something and take some ibuprofen.”

Emily nodded her head before picking up her spoon. They didn't speak as Erin watched her patient eat a little soup and a few crackers. Then she dutifully took her medication with the ginger ale she had been provided. “Thank you,” she quietly said.

“You're welcome. You just rest now.” Standing to pick up the tray, she smiled down at the attorney.

“You're not leaving, are you?”

“Yeah. You need to sleep.”

“No. I just had a nap. Stay here and keep me company.”

“Let me just take this to the kitchen first, and then I'll come back.”

Emily nodded in agreement. Once Erin was gone, she slid from the bed and went over to her bags. She dug out her toiletries and headed to her bathroom. She removed her contacts and then washed her face and brushed her teeth before heading back to the bedroom. Grabbing her glasses, she put them on and pulled out a book she had been reading on the plane before heading back to the bed.

When Erin returned from the kitchen she was surprised to find her guest sitting on top of the bed. Emily's bare legs were on display under her long shirt. The Texan could feel her libido respond in a way it hadn't in a long time at the sight of those pale trim legs, but she forced the prurient feelings away. Instead she gave a small smile as she took a seat on the bed. “I didn't know you wore glasses,” she mentioned.

Emily nodded. “Contacts really but they were starting to bother me. That's what happens when you start to get old,” she joked.

“I know the feeling. I had to get a pair of glasses myself recently. I'm still not used to them.” Her eyes moved to those legs again. She saw them rub against each other for a moment before looking into her friend's face. Blue eyes were focused on her, and she knew she had been caught. Nevertheless, she said, “You should be under the covers.”

Emily grinned. Interesting. You were looking at my legs in a more than friendly way. Looking at Erin 's jean-clad legs, she said, “And you shouldn't be wearing jeans to bed. Take them off. Make yourself comfortable.”

The Texan gave a lopsided grin in return. “I'll go change.”

“Just take them off.”

“But I don't have anything on under them,” she mentioned. “I would hate to scandalize you. Let me just slip on something more comfortable. I'll be back in a minute.” Emily watched Erin get off the bed and cross the room to the door. You still have it, don't you Erin ? Even at thirty-five, you still have that hot ass.

By the time the brunette returned to the guest room, she heard Emily in the bathroom getting sick. Rushing to her, she saw the attorney on her knees in front of the commode retching. Erin knelt beside her and gathered the long blonde hair, some of which had gotten in the way and held remnants of her small dinner fare. She held it back with one hand and rubbed Emily's back consoling with the other until the worst was over, and the shorter woman was just kneeling there crying lightly. “Shh. It's all right. You're okay. I'm going to take care of you, Em,” Erin whispered lightly, bestowing a gentle kiss to her wet temple. “Come on. Let me help you up.” Gripping her by the waist, she helped her to her feet. That's when she noticed Emily had managed to get it on her night shirt and bare legs as well. “You're a mess, beautiful. We need to get this off you,” she said, taking the long t-shirt by the hem and raising it over Emily's head before the attorney could even protest. Erin felt her heart jumpstart as a scantily-clad form came into view, but she forced it away. Emily was sick and needed her help. “Did you bring anything else to sleep in?” Emily shook her head pitifully. “All right. You can wear something of mine. Can you stand here by yourself long enough for me to go get it?” She nodded. “All right. Here. Why don't you brush your teeth?” Erin put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and handed it to her. “I'll be right back.”

A few minutes later she returned with a t-shirt just as Emily was finished rinsing her mouth. “You have remnants of dinner all over you,” Erin said. “Why don't we get you in the shower?” When Emily nodded, Erin edged her toward the shower and helped her out of her undergarments before turning on the water. “Do you need some help?” she asked when she noticed Emily just stood under the spray propped up against the wall doing nothing. The younger woman gave a faint nod. With only a moment's hesitation, Erin slipped out of her own clothes and into the shower with her friend. Instantly Emily leaned into her, holding her by the shoulders as her head propped on Erin 's chest. The Texan did her best to force all her sexual thoughts away and focused on washing the attorney clean. Neither spoke during the process as Erin washed and then dried Emily before putting a new t-shirt on her. “Let's get you back in bed now,” Erin said, scooping her up in her arms and taking her back to the bedroom to gently place her in bed. Tucking her in, she gave a consoling smile. “You just need to rest now. Don't fight it, Em. Just sleep.”

“Don't leave,” Emily whispered. “Stay with me, Erin.”

“All right. I'll stay here if that's what you want. You just go to sleep.”

When Erin was satisfied that Emily was asleep once again, she returned to the bathroom to clean up the mess that had been made. The attorney had managed to make a mess on the floor around the commode and on the rug. Getting onto her knees, the brunette scrubbed the bathroom clean once again and took the rug to the laundry room to wash before returning to Emily's bedside. For the rest of the evening Erin stayed with her friend watching over her as she slept before falling asleep herself late into the night. The following morning when she awoke she noticed the two of them had curled up together sometime during the night, and Emily's head was resting in the crook of her neck. Erin sighed. She had thought of this moment many times but given up on that dream a long time ago. Forcing the thoughts out of her heart once again, she eased from the bed to make her patient breakfast.

The next two days followed in similar fashion with Emily remaining in bed sleeping on and off. The two women just stayed quietly in each other's company, watching movies and reading, when the blonde was awake. Erin made all her meals and made sure she was taking her medication on schedule. Neither spoke of work until three days later.

“I really have to get back to New York ,” Emily mentioned as she finished off the soup Erin had made for her lunch that day. “Chuck's probably wondering where I went.”

“No, he's not. I called him a couple of days ago and told him what happened.”

“You called Chuck and told him I was sick?”

“Yeah. He said just to focus on getting better, that you had been working yourself too hard.”

“Still, I'm feeling well enough to go home. I don't want to be in your way. You've been great this whole time, but I'm sure I've taken you away from important things.”

Erin shook her head. “Not really. It's always a pleasure to have you here, Emily. It's nice having you around again.”

The attorney smiled. “I like being here. It's so relaxing.”

“Then you should stay until you're completely better.”

“I can't. I really have to get back. I'll make arrangements to fly home tomorrow.”

“Only if you're sure. You can stay here as long as you would like. My home is your home,” Erin said, picking up Emily's tray. A hand on her wrist stopped her as the two women looked at each other for a moment.

I feel like I'm home whenever I'm with you. “Thank you for everything.”

“You're welcome.”

The next day Erin took Emily to the airport. After getting the blonde checked in, Erin carried her one carry-on piece toward security. They paused just before Emily went through the check point. The shorter woman embraced Erin in a hug. “Thank you again for all you've done. I'm sorry I was in such bad shape.”

Erin smiled gently as she cupped Emily's face in her hand. “That is what family is for, to see you at your worst and still love you anyway. Daddy has always thought of you as a Mahoney, Em, and that is what you will always be to all of us. No matter what happens you have a home in Texas with people who love and care about you. That'll never change.”

“Thanks,” she whispered, unable to offer any other reply at the brief statement. Damn, I thought this was in the past. And now here you are again right in front of me. “See you in a few months when you come up for the wedding?”

“Yeah. I'm sure you're going to be invited, so I'll see you then.”

“Great. Thank again for everything.”

“You're welcome. Have a safe flight. I'll talk to you soon.”

They hugged one more time before Erin relinquished the bag to Emily. With a friendly wave, the younger woman headed through security to catch her flight. You are so sweet these days, Erin . It's like you are a different person but one I definitely like. It felt so nice when you held me, and you took care of me when I was at my worst. Being around you again is like a dream. Emily looked over her shoulder just before she turned the corner to see if the tall Texan was still there watching her departure. She was. Emily waved once again. A smile played at the corner of her lips as she headed down the terminal. Oh, this could be trouble but in the best possible way.


The Adventures of Super Dyke VIII: Don't

by Alex Tryst

Copyright September 2006


Dedication: This chapter is titled “Don't” in admiration of a brilliant song by Jewel of the same name from her “Pieces of You” album. For those of you who have never heard this song, I have supplied the lyrics at the end of this chapter, but I highly recommend you try to listen to it for yourself to really understand its intensity. For those of you who have heard the song, I am sure you would agree that it is not just the words but the powerful emotions of her voice that make it what it is, and I think of these two woman, Erin and Emily, when I hear it.


As Erin stepped out of the airport, it was snowing. She had hoped the weather would hold out for her cousin's wedding, but it wasn't cooperating. In fact, it was suppose to snow for the next week. Nevertheless, she knew Seamus and Natalie wouldn't let something like the weather mess up their plans. Catching a cab she headed downtown to the hotel where she and the rest of her family were staying for the next several days. Playing the part of her cousin's best man, she had been in New York just the week before to throw him a huge bachelor party, which had gone over with great success.

She had spoken to Emily briefly on the phone while she had been there and realized there had been a small change in the wedding ceremony. Apparently one of Natalie's friends, who was supposed to be in the service doing a reading, had to cancel due to an emergency in her own family. Of course Natalie had understood and encouraged her friend to do what she thought was best. Erin was surprised to learn from Emily that Natalie and Seamus had approached the attorney about filling that vacancy in the service. The blonde had said she felt honored that they had asked and of course would be pleased to do so, which Erin found interesting. Emily and Natalie had only met six months ago, but according to Seamus, the attorney was a prominent fixture in their lives since that first meeting. She and Natalie had become close, which pleased Seamus, who already adored Emily. It seemed that Emily's place as an honorary member of the Mahoney clan was securely intact, even after her three year absence from their lives.

Arriving at the hotel, she checked in and then called Seamus to see if there was anything she could do for them before the rehearsal at the church that afternoon. They were grateful for the extra set of hands and proceeded to load her up with errands. Erin was happy to do it for them and headed off to the places Natalie had specified.

That afternoon when Erin arrived at Natalie's family's church several members of her own family were already there along with Natalie's milling around. She greeted everyone happily as her eyes scanned the crowd for who she was really looking for just then. Her smiled widened when her eyes found her near the altar speaking with Natalie and what she assumed were bridesmaids. Sneaking up behind the bride, Erin slipped two arms around her from behind.

“Seamus,” Natalie stated.

“Nope. It's your other lover,” Erin said with a laugh.

The younger woman turned in the embrace and smiled. “So it is,” she teased. “I'm so glad you're here, Erin . Let me introduce you to my friends.” Erin nodded. She smiled and casually greeted Emily before getting introductions to the rest of the group. When those were finished, Natalie said, “I think you and Emily have some catching up to do.”

“Do we? Or is that just a ploy to get me to leave you alone?” Erin joked.

“I think you know the answer to that. Go on now. I've bored Emily long enough,” she said, nudging Erin in the arm.

The tall woman chuckled and looked at the blonde. “I think we're being dismissed.”

Emily nodded in agreement. “Come on. Let her have her fun.”

The two of them walked away before Erin asked, “So how are you since we last spoke?”

“Good. Everything's fine. How are you?”

“Fine. Not much going on with me.” Just then the brunette was startled by something attaching to her leg. Looking down she smiled. “Well, hello there, Blaine . How's my girl?” she asked, leaning over to pick up her niece. The little girl squeezed her aunt's neck tightly before turning pretty brown eyes curiously on the blonde. “ Blaine , this is my friend Emily. Emily, this is Blaine .”

“Hi, Blaine . How are you?” The two-year-old said nothing but reached out her hands toward Emily. Immediately Emily took her. Blaine gave a smile and began to fiddle with Emily's long blonde hair. “You are such a cutie,” she said. You look just like your aunt. Emily's heart suddenly thudded as she stood there looking at Blaine . The idea that she and Erin quite possibly could have had a child together if life had been different made her stomach quiver. Her blue eyes looked at her friend, who was just looking at them. There was a softness in Erin 's gaze she had never seen before.

“I've never seen her do that,” Erin mentioned. “She usually won't go to other people when I'm around other than her mother or Jared. You have the maternal touch.”

“She is so pretty. A future Miss Texas perhaps?” she joked lightly.

“If my mother has a say in it, I'm sure that will come to pass. Although Jared, Margaret, and I will probably do all that we can to stop that from happening. This girl has a more important birthright than that to uphold. The future of our family's company rests on her shoulders, and she doesn't even know it. It's hers as long as she wants it. I just hope she's as smart as Margaret is,” Erin teased. “That's the only way she's going to survive.”

The blonde looked at the toddler in her arms again. Blaine had settled herself against Emily's shoulder and was contentedly sucking on the corner of her silk scarf. Instead of being upset about it though, Emily could only think of how adorable she was.

Their quiet moment was broken after a few moments by Jared coming up to them. “Well, a Mahoney has finally swept you off your feet, I see,” he said with a grin.

“She's beautiful, Jared,” Emily replied. The two hugged. “She looks just like you.”

“But she has my fiancée's disposition, which is what really matters. I'd love to introduce you to her,” he said, gesturing in her direction.

“I'd love to meet her.” Looking at Erin she excused herself and then followed Jared to the beautiful woman talking to Liam.

Liam smiled as the blonde approached. “Now this looks like the most natural thing in the world,” he said with an affectionate smile.

Emily smiled as they hugged. “Hi, Liam.”

“Emily, this is my fiancée, Dr. Margaret Weiss. Margaret, this is the infamous Emily Parker.”

“Infamous? That's such a scary thing to say about me, Jared,” she commented, looking at the older dark-haired woman. “It's nice to meet you finally, Margaret. Erin has told me some nice things about you.”

“Likewise. Erin and the rest of the clan have told me so much about you. Liam couldn't be prouder if you were his own,” she said with a bright smile as they exchanged a handshake. “And I see our Blaine had made friends all ready.”

“She is beautiful, Margaret. I am so happy someone finally tamed this guy. I always knew Jared was a diamond waiting to be discovered.”

The dean chuckled. “Well, I would like to think under my tutelage he has turned out to be just that. Everyone said he wasn't trainable, but I found a way,” she said, linking her arm through Jared's.

“And he's the luckier for it.”

After a few minutes of small talk, Liam and Jared left the two women to themselves. Margaret stepped closer to the blonde and looked at her intently. “Tell me. Is what the family saying true? Were you really the only woman that came close to taming Erin ?”

“Oh, I don't think so. I would say Sahar did that, not me.”

“You mean her friend Sahar? I didn't know they had a relationship. From what Liam and Jared say you have always been the only one to ever touch Erin 's heart. They say you were her first love. . . her only love,” she quietly stated. “They thought for sure that the two of you were going to end up together.”

“It was a long time ago,” Emily stated.

“There is big speculation in the family about the two of you, you know. Seems like none of the Mahoneys ever gave up hope that you and Erin might some day find your way. I saw the way you were looking at Erin while you were holding Blaine . Seems to me that you were thinking the same thing,” pointedly she said.

“Wow, well, Erin definitely was right about you. You certainly are forthright.”

“I meant no offense, Emily. Truly I apologize if it's perceived that way. Erin is fond of you, far more so than any other person she has ever mentioned. I was just thinking maybe it is still possible.” Both women gazed to where Erin was standing around with her cousins. The tall woman's eyes were on them, intently studying their conversation. However, when they met eyes, she just gave a nod of her head and then turned away.

“Not after all that's happened,” Emily said dismissively. “It's been such a long time, and we've both changed so much,” the blonde mentioned. Her thoughts were broken by squirming in her arms. She smiled at Blaine who was trying to get down. The blonde released her and then started with Margaret toward the front of the church to start the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went without problems much to everyone's delight, allowing them extra time to get back to the hotel for the rehearsal dinner before the weather turned worse. In the private ballroom they had reserved, the gathering had cocktails before their meal was served. Emily got a chance to meet and visit with some of Natalie's family. The blonde had heard from her friend on several occasions that her parents were not fond of Seamus, because he was a transvestite, but it seemed they were wisely holding their opinions to themselves.

When dinner was announced, Emily made her way toward the tables to look for her assigned seat. She cracked a smile when she noticed she had been placed next to Erin . Dinner was a celebration of Seamus and Natalie as it should have been, and by the end of it, Erin had lightened up Natalie's family a bit. As the meal came to its conclusion, the people started to dissipate in anticipation of the wedding the next day. However, Erin approached Emily as she was saying her good byes to the bride and groom.

“You're not leaving now, are you?”

“Well, yes, actually, I was.”

“No, you can't. You have to come upstairs. My cousins and I are going to have a little get together in Sean's room. You must come, even if only for a little while.”

The blonde nodded. “All right. I'm not in a hurry to go home.”

“Great. Come on,” she said. “Natalie, good night. We'll see you tomorrow for the big day.”

“I'll be upstairs in a bit. I just have to say good night to the other guests,” Seamus said. “You two go have fun.”

Moving out of the ballroom, the women headed toward the elevators. “How's work these days?” Erin asked.

“Incredibly busy. The first part of the transition is underway. The announcement has been made that I am the heir-apparent.”

“Has there been any backlash from that?”

“Not too much. It's going rather smoothly so far. I hope that continues.”

“I'm sure it will. You have the respect of the staff, and you know what you're doing. People should feel like they are in good hands, that you will keep the company profitable.”

“I think they do, which is important to me. Just because Chuck is phasing out doesn't mean his values are. I still believe in Chuck's vision, and I hope to carry it on for a long time to come.”

“That's good to know as a client,” the Texan joked. “Seriously there is no better person in that company than you for this position. It's an obvious choice. Have you said anything to the clients yet?”

“Not yet. The Mahoneys are always the first to know everything. A letter is going out at the beginning of next year after the holidays. This is sort of my last little bit of time to enjoy myself. Life will be different starting next quarter.”

“It'll be fine. I know you can handle it.”

“How's the ranch?”

“Oh, it's good. Quiet but good. I'm spending a lot of time in Dallas . I started to go crazy being in the house alone all day, and Margaret and Jared suggested I might like to watch Blaine during the days since they are both working. It's actually worked out well for everyone. I love being with her, and not that money matters, but Jared and Margaret are saving money on a nanny. Blaine 's with me, so they know she's always safe. It's been a nice change.”

“Are you driving from the ranch to Dallas every day?”

“No. I bought a little house not too far from where they live, and I stay there during the week. I go down to the ranch on the weekends and do some bartending at the Texas Tornado. Being with Blaine is the highlight of my week, though. It's made me realize that if I am ever lucky enough to find the right woman and settle down with some kids I could enjoy being at home with the them while my wife worked if she wanted.”

“You a stay-at-home mother? I wouldn't have believed it a few years ago,” the blonde mentioned with a smile as they got on the elevator.

“I know. It sounds crazy, but having Blaine in my life has changed me. She's not even mine, and I feel like this. I can only imagine what it would be like to have children of my own.”

“You deserve that, Erin .”

“So do you, Emily.”

“Maybe one day. We'll see.”

When they reached Sean's room, the two women immediately were separated by the brunette's cousins who wanted to catch up with Emily. Erin just allowed her family to have their fun, knowing they all cared for the attorney as much as she did. Getting herself a drink, she took a seat on the couch and just soaked up the atmosphere. When Seamus came up to the room, he joined his cousin on the sofa.

“So, what's going on in that head of yours?” he questioned.

“Not much. Just relaxing. It's been a long day.”

“Certainly has. I can't believe tomorrow is the big day already. I thought it would never come.”

Erin smiled. “I'm really happy for you, Seamus. Natalie is a dream come true, and I know the two of you are going to be so happy together.”

“Yeah. I know. I can't believe I found someone so wonderful. I wish you could find the same happiness, Erin . You deserve it.”

She shrugged. “I played around far too long. I did stupid things. The best girls are gone. And the ones that are left are the ones I swore I'd never marry.”

“They're not all gone. You just have to be open to it. There's one right in front of you, you know.”

Erin knew her cousin meant Emily. She shook her head. “That's not meant to be, Seamus, and we both know it. Emily and I live in different worlds, always have.”

“I don't think you are giving yourself enough of a chance.”

“Forget it. I feel lucky that we can be friends after all that's happened. I don't want to ruin that.”

Seamus sighed. “Well, I don't want to see you alone, Erin . You've been alone for far too long.”

“That was my choice, and I have to live with it now. You never know. Maybe I can get in with one of Natalie's bride's maids,” she joked.

Seamus laughed. Giving his cousin a one-armed squeeze, he said, “I love you. I just want you to be happy.”

“I know, and I want the same for you.”

A few hours later Erin was still on the couch when Emily came to her. “I have to get going. Tomorrow's going to be a big day, and I have a lot of errands.”

Erin nodded. “Let me walk you out,” she suggested. The two women headed out of the room to the elevator. As they were waiting for it, Erin said, “You know, Emily, I don't think I've ever thanked you for being such a good friend Seamus. On the outside he looks tough, but underneath it all, he's a sensitive guy, and he hasn't always had an easy time with people. Most don't understand and accept him, because they can't see beyond the way he dresses, but you did. You took the time to get to know him, and he really adores you. I think if you hadn't been a lesbian, he would have made a serious play for you,” she joked. “Lucky for him he got your equivalent in Natalie.”

The elevator doors opened, and both women stepped into it. The blonde pressed the appropriate floor before turning to her friend. “I love Seamus. He's one of the greatest men I've ever known. I love your whole family, Erin. All of them treat me as one of their own, and it's a wonderful feeling. You know, growing up it was just Dad, Bob, and me, and I didn't really have family outside of them. I missed out, but the Mahoneys make me feel like I belong to a family.”

“It just proves that family doesn't have to be what you are born into. Sometimes it's something you make, and I know we're all glad to have you a part of our lives,” she mentioned, reaching for the blonde's hand. She squeezed it.

And I'm glad to be apart of yours, Erin. Holding hands for the rest of the elevator ride and through the lobby, they just stood on the street while the doorman hailed a cab. When one pulled to the curb, Emily smiled up at Erin . “Well, I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I'll be down front in the skirt,” Erin teased.

“It's a kilt,” Emily corrected with a smile.

“See you then, Em.”

“Good night, Erin .”

The following day Erin and the rest of the groom's party got ready at the hotel early in the afternoon. Erin was happy to be standing next to her cousin as her best man that day. The two of them shared a unique bond, so she was honored to be at his side for this special occasion. Standing in her cousin's room waiting on the rest of the party to arrive, she looked at herself in the mirror. The tuxedo shirt, tie, and jacket fitted her perfectly, but she still felt a little self-conscious about the kilt. She hadn't worn a dress in years, but she knew it was for Seamus and gladly swallowed her discomfort if it pleased him. She took small consolation in the knee-high socks they had to wear to cover most of her bare legs.

Once everyone was assembled, they took a limo to the church. They crowded into a small room at the back of the sanctuary until it was time to go. Finally when it was time, Erin gave her cousin one last hug and then headed out the door with the other groomsmen to start the service. Being that she was the one standing next to Seamus, Erin was paired with Natalie's maid of honor for the walk down the aisle, a striking tall brunette with a brilliant smile.

Emily was just sitting in the sanctuary with all the other guests as the service began. Since she was doing a reading, she had been placed in the second row just behind Seamus's parents along with the other Mahoneys. Sitting next to her was the newest Mahoney to capture her heart, little Blaine , with Margaret and Jared just on the other side of that. She watched the procession as it began. Everyone looked beautiful, but as soon as she saw Erin walking down the aisle with the maid of honor, her heart began to beat a little faster. Oh my God. You look so sexy, Erin . That's a perfect outfit on you. Her eyes went to the maid of honor, who was smiling brightly, obviously pleased to be on Erin 's arm. What a sight you two make. A blindingly beautiful couple. Emily felt her stomach churn a little in envy. She knew what it was like to be on that arm. Women envied you on that arm. She wished for a moment she still had a place there. Too bad I screwed it up all those years ago. I asked her to be something she wasn't instead of accepting her as she was.

When all of the wedding attendants had processed, it was time for the groom. Emily watched as her friend came slowly down the aisle. She had never seen Seamus looking so happy in the years she had known him. His smile was wide as he made his way down to the front of the sanctuary in anticipation of Natalie. Finally the bride's music began and with it everyone stood. Emily smiled as she saw her friend coming down the aisle alone. It was something the three of them had discussed in detail, and the blonde was pleased Natalie had taken her advice. The two women met eyes momentarily and exchanged a smile before Natalie reached where her groom was waiting.

The service began with opening remarks from the priest before moving on Seamus and Natalie's declaration of intentions. Turning to the congregation, the priest asked for the support of the gathering in helping Seamus and Natalie achieve their goals in marriage. After which time Emily knew it was her moment to speak.

Moving to the pulpit slowly, she took a moment to look at the assembly of people before turning her eyes to the open Bible. She had been practicing, so she would sound articulate and perfect for her friends. Finally with a smile toward the couple she began from memorization. “And now a reading from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. ‘Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its on way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.'” When she finished, smiled at them again in response to their glowing faces. Her eyes flitted over the Erin for a brief moment. Love never ends, she thought looking at the tall brunette before stepping down and returning to her seat. I wonder if either of us will ever find that kind of love, Erin . Sometimes I think we still could find it together even after all that has happened if we just tried.

Emily spent the rest of the service trying to focus on her friends. However, thoughts of she and Erin were never far from her mind. As she looked at Seamus and Natalie, she knew for certain she wanted the same for herself. She wanted to find that special person in life that brought out the best in her and for whom she would do the same. The attorney had always felt complete in her life the way it was until she saw her friends making their vows to each other. Those were vows she wanted to make, and the most obvious person to make them to happened to be standing next to Seamus. She wondered if she should take another chance with Erin .

Once the wedding was over, there was an intimate reception that followed back at the hotel where all the guests were staying. Emily noted with some interest that Erin had been placed next to her for dinner. She pondered if her friends were trying to push she and Erin towards each other, but she didn't have any time to inquire. The party was well underway, orchestrated by the wild Mahoneys, and she fell right into the spirit with the rest of them. She proceeded to dance with all the Mahoneys, men and women alike except for Erin, who was busy charming Natalie's family again. Finally though after dinner Erin asked her.

“Would you like to dance?” the Texan asked casually, finishing off her glass of water.

“Sure. That would be nice.”

Both women rose from their chairs and headed toward the floor, but as soon as they arrived, the music began to slow. Erin smiled at her companion. “I guess this is going to be a slow one,” she mentioned.

“It's all right. If I remember correctly, you are quite the dancer. I'm sure you can handle it,” she teased.

Erin slid one arm around Emily's waist and brought her closer as their hands clasped. Looking into blue eyes, she said, “You look beautiful in this dress, Em. Navy is a good color on you.”

Unable to stop the slight blush that rose to her cheeks, Emily just tried to downplay it. “Thanks.”

“I wish you could lose this jacket, though. It's a party. You shouldn't be wearing your suit jacket.”

“It's too cold without it. This dress is sleeveless. You look surprisingly good today. I know I once said I didn't like you in dresses or skirts, but this kilt might just be the exception. I love the tuxedo top with it. It definitely suits you.”

Erin grinned. “I feel pretty awkward actually. I haven't had my legs exposed this much since the Miss Texas pageant. I don't really like it, but it was for Seamus and Natalie, and I would do anything to make them happy.”

“Me too,” Emily agreed.

“You gave a perfect reading today. I liked that you took the time to memorize it, so you could look at them while you recited it. It felt so much more genuine that way.”

“Well, that's what I was hoping for, so I'm glad to know that it worked.”

Changing the subject a bit, Erin inquired, “How are your fathers?”

“They're good.”

“Any big plans for the holidays this year?”

“I am spending Christmas with my dads, and I've had a few invitations for New Year's Eve, but I'm undecided on whether or not I want to go out. New York City at New Years can be a bit hectic. I might opt to just stay in and relax. We'll see. What about you?”

“Well, after the wedding, I have to stay in New York for a few days to check in on a project at Venus while Seamus is away. Margaret, Blaine, and I will be staying at Seamus and Natalie's place. Margaret wanted to drop in on some old college friends while she was up here. Then we'll all go back to Texas and have Christmas at my parents' house. It's been much more fun with Blaine around. I actually find myself excited on Christmas morning again. Just seeing her face light up at her toys is joy to me. For New Years I'm probably just going to stay in. Maybe I'll offer to watch Blaine , so Jared and Margaret can go out for once. You want to come down to the ranch and hang out with me? It'll be quiet. You're going to want to gather your strength for your new position. We could sit in front of the fireplace and watch the ball drop in Times Square . Have you ever seen it on TV?”

“Not since I was a teenager. I was too young to go out but too old to go to bed early.”

“If the weather is good enough maybe we can even go horse back riding. I don't know if I told you about my horse acquisition.”

“Not in any details. I've always wanted to learn to ride. It looks like so much fun.”

“Then it's settled. You must come down.”

Emily smiled at her dance partner. “I'll think about it. I am taking off the week between Christmas and New Years, and I want to relax as much as possible.”

The couple danced for several more songs before returning to their table. Both women spent time socializing with other guests, but before long the blonde approached Erin about another dance. The Texan gladly obliged, leading the attorney back to the floor where they remained most of the rest of the evening. As the reception was winding down for the night, Erin escorted Emily outside to the curb. While the doorman hailed a cab, the two women stood closely together in the cold night air.

“Well, I guess I'll see you in the morning then for the family brunch,” Erin mentioned.

Emily nodded. “I'll be here.”

“Good.” As a cab pulled up, they hugged for a brief moment. “Be safe getting home.”

“I will. Don't let your cousins keep you up all night drinking.”

“I'll try not to, but you know them. Any excuse for a party. Sleep well.”

“You too, Erin .”

Emily got into the cab and then glanced out the window as it began to pull away. Erin was standing there in all her Irish glory just watching. You certainly look so enticing that way. Sighing she wondered what tomorrow might hold for them. The Mahoneys were having a breakfast for all the family members, and she was invited. As much as she loved Erin 's rowdy relatives, she hoped there might be time for the two of them to just be alone together. She didn't think she was ever going to get an idea of what might possibly be between them if they didn't have some time to themselves.

That night as the blonde went to bed Erin wouldn't leave her thoughts. She could envision the tall brunette standing there in the tuxedo top and kilt just smiling at her the way she had several times that night. Erin was so sexy. She still hasn't lost it after all these years. I wonder if she is the same kind of lover. Her thoughts began to drift the times they had been together. It had always been raw and wild between them. Erin was like an unruly animal. It was all you could do to hold on for the torrid ride you were sure to get. Emily had always been addicted to knowing just how long she could hold on to such a passionate creature. Not long enough , she sighed. Although something tells me you've changed as much in the bed as out of it. You're a completely different woman these days, but I can't help liking you just the same. Figuring there was really only one way to find out, Emily decided she needed a plan to get them alone.

The next day Emily arrived at the hotel just as brunch was beginning. She was surprised to find that Erin was not there yet, though. Figuring she would be down any minutes, she made herself comfortable at the table with Jared, Margaret, and Blaine. Immediately the little girl reached for her when she took a seat. Willingly the blonde accepted her with open arms.

A few minutes later the brunette wandered into the private dining room. She was tired from the partying the night before, but she knew a big day awaited her. She had errands to run after checking out of the hotel, and she didn't want to let Seamus down while they were away. Scanning the room for her favorite toddler, Erin felt her breath catch a little. Her niece was seated comfortably in Emily's lap, looking quite content as she sipped her juice. It was a perfect sight. Making her way over to the table, she slipped into Blaine 's vacated seat next to Emily.

“Good morning. How is my favorite girl?” she asked, smiling at her niece. She received a smile in return, but to everyone's surprise, the little girl didn't reach for her.

“I think you've been ousted from your position,” Jared joked. “Looks like Blaine has a new favorite aunt.”

Erin chuckled. “Who can blame her? Blaine knows a gem when she sees one.”

Blue eyes met brown for a moment. The unexpected comment made Emily's heart skip a beat. “You look tired this morning, Erin . Did you ignore my advice last night?”

“Indeed I did. Sean has a way of dragging us all into partying. I'm getting too old for it though. I don't bounce back the way I used to any more.”

“Me neither.”

“Why don't I take Blaine off your hands, so the two of you can get something to eat?” Margaret suggested.

Handing over the little girl to her mother, Emily stood as did Erin . Together they went over to the buffet table where there were a variety of items laid out to eat. As they grazed through the line looking at their choices, Emily asked, “Do you have any big plans for tomorrow?”

“Not really. I have to go to Venus tomorrow afternoon, but that's it. Margaret is having lunch with some friends. Why?”

“Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to have lunch together.”

“I don't want to get in the way of your busy schedule.”

“You aren't. I'm free for lunch. It would be nice to sit down with you without all your family around. As much as I love them, it hasn't given us much of a chance to catch up.”

“That sounds like fun, as long as you're sure.”

“Of course I am. I wouldn't have asked otherwise.”

“All right. I look forward to it then.”

“Great. Say noon then? Come meet me at the office?”

“Noon it is.”

For the rest of the brunch the two women visited with the rest of the group, not really talking directly to each other again. However, Emily was satisfied given that she was going to have Erin all to herself at lunch the next day.

That evening Erin, Margaret, and Blaine had dinner at Seamus and Natalie's apartment before the little girl went to bed. The two women just sat on the couch watching TV and talking quietly late into the night. “So, tell me. What's going on in your head when it comes to Emily?” Margaret asked.

Erin shrugged at her future sister-in-law. “I don't really know. She's such a wonderful woman. It's nice to be friends again after all our history.”

The older woman nodded her head. “Do you think there could be more to your friendship?”

Erin sat in contemplative silence for a moment. “You know, Margaret, Emily Parker is one of the most attractive women I have ever known. She's so beautiful on the outside, but on the inside is where the real treasure lies. I admitted to myself a long time ago that she probably was the one, but I blew it. I wasn't enough of a woman for her. I couldn't let her in emotionally, and she left me. I had my chance. I'm not going to get a second one. I've accepted that, and I've moved on. I wish the rest of my family would, too.”

“Everyone wants you to be happy is all.”

“I am happy. I'm incredibly happy in my life. I don't need a woman to make me happy, Margaret.”

“But you'd like to have a companion, wouldn't you?”

“Of course I would. But Emily isn't her. Emily and I are in different places in life. I'm retired essentially. I'm taking life at a much slower pace now, and I like it this way. Emily, on the other hand, has just become a partner at her firm, and she's in line to be the CEO in a few years. She's all about work now. That comes first in her life.”

Margaret stared at Erin intently for a moment. “ Erin , you know I love you. You've always told me the absolute truth about everything, but right now I think you're giving me the biggest bunch of lies I've ever heard. You're just scared. Admit it.”

“You don't know the pain I have suffered at the hands of Emily Parker, Margaret. Nothing else in the world compares to the damage she inflicted on my heart. When she left me, I had hoped that we would one day get another chance. I kept that place in my heart just for her, but she ran off with that shrink. That bitch abused and manipulated her. Did you know that ex of hers invited me to a party they were having just so I could see her propose to Emily? I had to stand there and watch as the woman I loved promised herself to someone else. There was nothing I could do, and when I walked away that night after that had happened, I was broken. It took me a long time to get over her, Margaret. I can't fall in love with Emily again. I don't think I could bear it if something were to go wrong.”

Putting an arm around Erin , Margaret brought her into a hug. “I'm sorry. I never knew any of that.”

“No one does. You're the first one I've ever told. Sahar always knew, but we never discussed it. I couldn't express my feelings back then.”

“I understand your reluctance now. I think I'd be scared, too, but we don't choose who we fall in love with, you know. It just happens sometimes. I've seen the way you've looked at her over the last several days. I've never seen you look at anyone else that way.”

“I don't want to fall in love with her again,” Erin whispered.

A consoling had ran through dark hair. Margaret leaned in and kissed her sweetly on the temple. “You already are,” she said.

“Do you think she knows?”

“No. Right now she's wondering how it could possibly be that she is in love with you after so long. She hasn't noticed yet. She's still focused on herself.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Well, Seamus and Natalie said they thought she was in love with you, and now that I've seen her, I think so, too. Don't be too hard on yourself or give up so quickly. Just take it slowly with each other. There's no need to rush. Maybe it's for real this time. Maybe it isn't, but I think both of you are too scared to jump into anything just yet.”

“We're having lunch together tomorrow.”

“That's a good start. Nothing overly committed. It's just a safe lunch. What time?”


“I have lunch with some friends as well. Blaine and I will be out of here around 11:30.”

“Are you sure you want to take Blaine with you? I can take her if you want.”

“She's my daughter, and I can deal with having her at lunch, even if it isn't exactly proper for the place we're going. It'll be fine.”

“No, I'm serious. I can take her with me to see Emily.”

“I don't want to ruin your date.”

“It's not a date, and it'll even feel like less of one if Blaine is there. Please. Let me take her. I want to take her. She'll be nice buffer between the two of us. You'll be doing me a favor, Margaret.”

“Are you positive?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Margaret hesitated. “Well, all right. I guess it will give me a little extra time with my friends. They wanted to do some shopping after lunch. It'll give me a chance to buy Jared some Christmas presents, but I want you to promise to call me at the first sign of trouble. I don't want your day ruined if she gets in a mood or something.”

“That could never happen. Blaine is the light of my life.”

The following day Erin took Blaine with her to see Emily for lunch. When they walked into the lobby of the blonde's office, they were greeted pleasantly by the receptionist. “ Erin , I had no idea you had a little girl of your own. Why haven't you brought her around before?”

“Oh, this isn't my daughter. It's my niece.”

“She's adorable. She looks just like you.”

Erin smiled in pride at the comment. She had secretly always thought so but had never said. “Could you let Emily know we're here?” she requested.

“Certainly. Just have a seat.”

Erin allowed Blaine to wander the lobby as they waited. The girl went to the large window and stared outside. Following her, Erin stood behind her just taking in the scene of the busy street below.

When Emily heard that Erin had arrived, her heart began to pound a little faster. Giving herself a quick once over in the mirror she had in her top drawer, she decided she looked suitable enough to greet her guest. Taking her heavy winter overcoat on her way out the door, she walked to the lobby. However, just as she entered it she saw the tall Texan at the window with her niece. Erin was slightly bent down to one side, so they could hold hands in silence. The biological clock Emily tried to ignore most of the time came screaming to life at the sight. She wanted a baby, and furthermore, she wanted one with the woman standing just a few feet from her. Forcing the thought from her heart for the time being, she greeted, “Hi, Erin . Hi, Blaine .”

Both brunettes turned at the sound of their names. The girl scampered across the marbled lobby floor toward the blonde. Emily smiled and leaned down with open arms to capture Blaine as she reached for her. “How are you today, Em?” Erin asked, casually stepping toward her.

“I'm good. This is an unexpected treat to see Blaine .”

“Well, I couldn't keep you away from your favorite Mahoney,” she teased.

The attorney smiled. “Were would the two of you like to go for lunch?”

“Any place relatively close. It's snowing outside again.”

“There's a place on the next block that serves American cuisine. How about that?”

“Sounds good. Lead the way.” Not bothering to try to remove her niece from Emily's embrace, Erin simply hit the button for the elevator. The three women walked the one block to the restaurant of Emily's choosing. They were taken to their booth without much of a wait. Getting to their table, Erin suggested, “It's probably better if Blaine sits over here with me. I don't want her to ruin your suit when you still have half a day of work left. I'm sure it wouldn't look good to have stains all over your clothes.”

“You're probably right,” Emily agreed, handing over the child.

Erin placed her on the inside of the booth before sitting as well. She then asked their server for a child's seat for her niece before they were left alone. “Well, what do you recommend here?”

“Everything is good. I don't know if they have a child's menu, though.”

“Don't worry about that. Blaine will eat anything,” Erin answered, digging into the bag she had been carrying. She pulled out some paper and crayons for Blaine, who immediately began to draw. A few minutes later the server returned with the seat for Blaine, who seemed eager to sit in it and have a better view of the table. Once they ordered, the women were left to themselves again.

“It seems strange that Seamus and Natalie are actually married. It felt like it happened so quickly,” Emily mentioned.

“It did seem fast, but at the same time not fast enough. I've never seen two people more meant for each other. I'm glad Seamus found her. It was going to take a special woman, and Natalie definitely was it. I know it was easier on him to move here, knowing you were here. He adores you.”

The blonde nodded. “Well, I adore both of them. They are such lovely friends. You know my social schedule has started to diminish with this new work load, but I always did my best to find reasons to free myself up for time with them. They quickly have become my new best friends in New York , which I suppose is a good thing. My old friends for the most part are still doing the same old things, and I've moved beyond that.”

“I know what you mean.”

With a nod Emily said, “I know you do. You of all people have changed the most in my opinion, but it's been for the better. I'm blown away by the way you are with Blaine . You're a natural. Someday you're going to make an excellent mother.”

“Well, I hope so, but I have to have that wife first. I can't exactly do it the way Jared did. He got lucky with an accident. I'm not that lucky,” she joked. “Just from what I've seen between you and Blaine, I would say that you will also be quite the mother. Any child would be blessed to belong to you.”

Emily felt her face flush slightly at the comment. “Thank you for saying that. It means a lot coming from you.”

“Well, I mean it. You are a magnificent woman with a great many talents. Perhaps you'll get lucky and have children around the same time as Seamus and Natalie. Then they could grow up together.”

“That would be nice.” Taking a sip of her water, the attorney changed the subject. “Do you know when you're leaving town?”

“We'll probably leave on Thursday. I like being in New York this time of year, though. It puts me in the holiday spirit with the snow and all the decorations.”

“It is a fun city this time of year. Do you have any plans to take Blaine to see some sights?”

“Not yet. I'm not sure what Margaret has on her schedule.”

“I think she'd love Rockefeller Center with the big tree and ice skating. Maybe we could take her tomorrow evening.”

“I'd love to, Em. You can count me in for sure, but I need to ask Margaret first if that's okay for Blaine .”

“Margaret can come, too. It'll be fun.”

“I'll ask her this evening and let you know. If nothing else, maybe the two of us can go. What do you say?”

“Sounds good.”

The rest of lunch passed amiably with light conversation and a lot of attention being paid to Blaine . When the meal came to a close, Erin paid the bill and then bundled her niece up once again for the inclement weather. Together they walked back to Emily's building and rode the elevator to her floor. Standing in the lobby, they said their good bye.

“So, will you call me this evening and let me know if it'll be just the two of us or the four of us for tomorrow?” Emily asked.

“Sure. Now we should let you get back to work.”

The attorney smiled at the girl in Erin 's arms. Reaching out she hugged her. “I'll see you later, Blaine. Bye, Erin .”

“Bye. See you tomorrow.”

The next evening Margaret, Blaine, and Erin decided to meet Emily at Rockefeller Center for ice skating after dinner. The three of them had just gotten there and were watching the other skaters when the blonde appeared, wearing a much more casual outfit than was called for at work. Emily's long blonde hair was loose around her shoulders, and she wore a pair of jeans and a bulky jacket and scarf. Nevertheless Erin thought she looked cute as they got in line for the skate rentals. Any tension that could have possibly been present was nonexistent as the three adult women fawned over Blaine . She was an easy medium upon which to carry conversation and disperse any anxieties. However, after about two hours, Margaret announced that she had to get Blaine home and ready for bed. The blonde wasn't quite ready to call it a night yet and asked if Erin wanted to stay out later, to which Margaret answered affirmatively for her.

When they were alone, Erin smiled at the smaller woman. “I think my feet have had enough of the skating. Why don't we go get a drink somewhere to warm up?” she suggested.

“Okay. I know just the place.”

Turning in their skates and putting on their shoes once again, Emily led the way to the bar she had in mind. Erin smiled when she saw where she was being led. It was the bar where they had met for their blind date that set them on the path of their tumultuous relationship.

“Are you getting sentimental on me?” the brunette questioned with a smile.

Emily shook her head. “I just know we can get drinks here without a lot of noise. That why I suggested it all those years ago.”

Going inside they grabbed an empty booth. Both women discarded their heavy jackets as they sat. Erin smiled at her company. Emily had on a Texas A&M sweatshirt. “Where did you get that sweatshirt?”

“I bought it online several years ago.”

“I went to Texas A & M.”

“I know,” Emily said.

“I didn't know you had become a fan.”

“Gig ‘em Aggies,” Emily stated the school slogan with a smile. “Did you see the game a few weeks ago? They whooped up on the Longhorns.”

Erin laughed. “I never pictured you as a football fan. Jared, Margaret, Blaine, and I went down for the game. You know there is a protocol for Aggies games if you bring a date. Every time the Aggies score a touchdown you have to kiss your date. It seemed like every time I turned around Jared and Margaret were making out. I kept teasing them that if they weren't careful they'd have number two before they went down the aisle with behavior like that.”

Emily laughed. “Did you bring anyone to the game?”

“No. It was the first time in a long time we'd been down there, and the first time I ever went to a game stag. It was all right, though. Blaine kept me company while her parents played tonsil hockey.”

“When are they getting married?”

“Fall of next year.”

“Are you in the wedding?”

Erin nodded. “Jared has asked me to be his best man, so of course I accepted. At least he's not going to put me in a kilt. I get to wear a suit like everyone else.”

“I think it's sweet that everyone wants you to be in their weddings. It just shows how strong a bond you have with your family.”

“We go out of our way for each other. Family is important, and we want to accept everyone in our family. No Mahoney is an outsider. We will feel strongly about that. If I'm lucky enough to find the right woman, she would have to understand that.”

“I think it's wonderful. I feel special every time I'm around all of you.”

“That's because you're one of us already the same way Margaret is.”

“Yes but Margaret is actually marrying in. I just hang around.”

Shaking her head, Erin said, “Family is what you make it, Emily. Nothing can change that.”

“It means a great deal to me.” Moving on to a new topic, she asked, “Are you still leaving on Thursday?”

“Yeah. Thursday morning.”

“Do you have any plans for tomorrow?”

“Not really. I'm babysitting Blaine tomorrow night, so Margaret can have dinner with a friend. Do you have plans?”

“No. Just work.”

“Well, would you like to come over to Seamus and Natalie's and baby sit Blaine with me? I know it's not glamorous, but it's fun.”

“I'd like that.”

“Great. I know she'll be thrilled to hear it.” After about an hour had passed, the two decided to call it a night since Emily had an early meeting. Walking out to the street, Erin hailed a cab for the blonde. She opened the door when it pulled to the curb. “I guess you'll just come by after work when you're ready?” she asked.

Emily nodded. “I look forward to it.” Trying to get a little closer, she leaned in to hug the brunette and raised up to kiss her on the cheek. “Thanks for the fun evening.”

Erin nodded as her arms held Emily closely. “I had fun, too. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Upon her arrival back to Seamus and Natalie's, Erin saw that Margaret was still awake. “So, how did things go after we left?”

“Fine. She's coming over tomorrow after work to help me watch Blaine .”

“That will be fun. You two will get to spend some time together alone after she goes to bed. Should I plan to stay out late to give you time to make a move?” she teased.

Erin shook her head. “I won't be making any moves, but you can come home whenever you feel like it. I'll be here all night.”

Margaret nodded. “You know, I think you should just be open to the possibilities. You never know what might happen given a little time alone. Things seem to be going well. Just promise me that you'll remain open.”

“I'll remain open,” Erin acquiesced. “But nothing is going to happen.”

Margaret smiled at her future sister-in-law. “If you say so. Well, I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning.”

“Good night. Sleep well.”

“You too.”

The next day Erin, Margaret, and Blaine spent most of the day together shopping. Erin wasn't a big shopper by nature, but she did enjoy spending time with her brother's fiancée and her niece, so she tagged along for some family bonding time. However, that night when Margaret left for her dinner, the brunette was left alone with her Blaine .

Emily was scheduled to come over after work but called and said she would be late. Knowing that was part of the blonde's busy life, Erin just went about her business, playing with Blaine and then giving her a bath. The two had just settled down the sofa with one of Blaine 's favorite movies to lull her to sleep when there was a knock on the door. Leaving the girl on the couch, Erin went to answer it.

The blonde was standing there still dressed in her business clothes and looking somewhat agitated. “Sorry I'm late. This day just didn't go like it was supposed to.”

“It's all right. Come on in. I was just settling Blaine a little before bed. We're watching a movie.” The two women went back to the living room where the little girl was sitting there, eyes glued to the TV. Both of them took a seat on either side of her. The attorney greeted the little girl, who smiled at her, but then Blaine proceeded to cuddle against her aunt. No one spoke as they watched the children's film.

Emily watched the two Mahoneys out of the corner of her eye. They are so cute together. Blaine could belong to her. Seeing them like this just makes me want children all the more. About half an hour later, she noticed that their charge was asleep. She motioned that fact to Erin, who checked. With a nod of her head, she gently picked up her niece and took her back to one of the guest bedrooms.

Returning a few moments later, she said, “We don't have to keep watching this. There are better choices. Seamus and Natalie have quite a good movie collection. Why don't you choose something?”

“All right,” Emily answered, going over to the bookshelf where they were kept.

“Do you want something from the kitchen? Have you eaten dinner?”

“I'm not really hungry.”

“What about a drink? Margaret and I opened a bottle of white wine the other night, and it's going to go bad if we don't drink it. Would you like some?”

“Sure. That sounds good.”

Erin went to the kitchen while Emily picked out a movie for them. Both of them returned to the small sofa a few minutes later. Erin turned off the light beside her, so they were sitting only in the illumination of the TV as the movie began. Neither said anything to each other at first. Both women just relaxed, propping their feet up on the coffee table, and making themselves comfortable. Being that the couch was so small, though, every once in awhile their bodies would brush as they shifted to reposition themselves.

Emily contemplated how to get even closer to Erin . She didn't really know how to court this new Erin , because she wasn't getting any indication that interest was there. The old Erin was much easier to read, but she knew she had to go for it, so when she felt the older woman slip her arm up onto the back of the sofa, she decided to take a chance. She leaned into the taller woman's frame, placing her head against her shoulder and waited for any sort of reaction. An arm curved around her shoulder was the only response, but it made her feel like she should continue onward. Gently placing her left hand on Erin 's left thigh, she paused. There was no reaction at first, so she slightly began to caress the toned thigh through the denim fabric. Still Erin said nothing, but Emily felt the muscle under her hand tighten in response. The cadence of Erin 's breathing started to increase as the fondling continued at a slow pace. Finally after several minutes the blonde raised her head.

Dark eyes stared intently into blue ones. Feeling herself being drawn in by her emotions, Emily leaned toward the brunette slowly waiting for any adverse reaction. None came. Encouraged by that she lightly pressed her lips to Erin 's. Immediately the tall woman responded, pressing back with equal intensity, allowing the gentleness to dominate the exchange. Breaking for air, Emily went back a second time, this time pressing slightly harder. A moan ensued, but she wasn't sure if it came from her or Erin. Feeling arms wrap themselves around her back, she embraced the Texan closely and continued the tender oral assault. It wasn't long until Emily found herself sitting in Erin 's lap as they kissed deeply. I was so right. This is completely different, and yet it's so much better than I remember , Emily thought to herself as she felt a large hand gently caressing her cheek. However, she felt Erin back away slowly and opened her eyes.

The older woman gazed at her in silence for a moment. Finally she whispered, “This is a bit of a surprise.”

Oh no. This doesn't sound good. “Why would you be surprised?” Emily quietly questioned, not sure how to read Erin just then.

“You're a beautiful woman, Emily, and I feel special that you find me attractive enough to kiss me, but I didn't invite you over for this.”

“Do you not want to do this?” she asked as evenly as possible. Oh God. I don't think I could handle rejection from her.

“Don't get me wrong. This is nice. I haven't really been this close to a woman in quite some time, and you are one of the most attractive I've ever known. I just don't do the casual thing any more.”

“I know. Neither do I. I kissed you because I have feelings for you, Erin.” I love you, Erin, always have. “I just want to be closer to you.”

The brunette nodded. “I'm flattered by that. Truly I am but I'm not sure that's a good idea.”

“Why not?” She's turning me down. I can't believe after all this she's turning me down.

“We're in two different places in life. We live in two different cities more than half way across the country from each other. You are just starting to reach the pinnacle of a brilliant career, and I'm retired. My life has slowed down considerably, and you're just moving at a fast pace all the time. This wouldn't work.”

Emily was quiet for a moment as she broke their gaze. Her heart felt like it was breaking as tears began to collect in her eyes. Something's not right about this. You're not getting the whole story. You might as well ask her for the truth, so you truly know why you can't be together. Trying to act braver than she really felt, she forced herself to meet dark eyes once again. “ Erin , if you don't want to do this, then that's fine, but at least give me the truth. I know distance and careers aren't the real issues. They never have been. What is it about me that you find so unappealing?”

Erin sighed as her hand went to Emily's face and wiped at the tears. “Please don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry, Em.”

“Then tell me the truth.”

There was silence for several moments Finally Erin nodded. “Fine. You want the truth? I'll tell you.” She took a deep breath and held it for a moment. “I'm scared of you,” she whispered.

“Scared of me?” Emily inquired in such complete shock that her own pain was temporarily abated. “Why?”

“Because you hurt me so badly the first time. You broke my heart, Emily.”

“What?” Emily found herself dumbfounded at the confession.

“You broke my heart,” Erin repeated, meeting blue eyes.

Emily just sat there for a moment trying to absorb the information. “I'm sorry. I'm just having a hard time with this news. I never would have intentionally done that, Erin . I loved you. You're the one who broke my heart when you ran off with Sahar. When did I break yours?”

“When you accepted Gillian's proposal. You seemed so happy that I didn't feel like I could say anything to stop you. It hurt me so much. It took a long time to get over it. It took me a long time to get over you.”

The blonde was quiet for another moment just taking it all in. Touching Erin sweetly on the face, she said, “Well, that was then. We've both made mistakes. Can't we move on from that? We both want the same things, Erin . We want the marriage and the family. We have the same real ideals and goals. We're not really in different places in life. Why can't we try again?”

“Because I don't want to fall in love with you again and end up hurt. This isn't a game to me anymore. It's for keeps this time, Emily.”

“I know,” Emily replied, looking deeply into brown eyes. “I wouldn't have it any other way, Erin . This isn't a game to me either, not this time. Why don't we just take it slowly? Let's not rush into anything. Let's just spend time together and see what happens?” she suggested.

Erin looked at the blonde in silent contemplation a moment. Her head and her heart were debating the right course of action. In the end she compromised. “Okay. Let's spend time together as friends. We've never really been friends. Let's try that and see how it goes?”

“Friends?” Emily questioned. It was not quite what she had in mind. However, she realized if she and Erin were going to have a chance, she would have to agree. “All right. We'll be friends for now.” She started to move away to a more respectable position when arms tightened around her.

“You don't have to go. We can still cuddle if you want,” Erin softly said. “I like holding you,” she admitted.

Emily smiled. “And I like being held,” she replied, snuggling in closely once again. With that they turned their attentions back to the movie. When all was quiet again, Emily just thought about their situation. Well, I suppose this is better than nothing. We at least get to be close. Problem now is that I'm not sure where the line of friendship really is. That evening Emily stayed until Margaret returned to the apartment. The dean smiled at them cuddled together on the sofa as she passed through the living room but merely said good night instead of staying to talk. Checking her watch, the blonde realized it was late. “You have to fly early tomorrow, and I have a morning meeting. I should get going.”

Erin nodded in agreement. “I'll walk you out.” Together they went to the front door and donned their coats. Heading down the corridor to the elevator, the tall woman reached for the attorney's hand. Emily was more than pleased to take Erin 's. Neither said anything as they rode to the ground floor and made their way out into the cold night. Hugging on to each other, Erin hailed a cab for her friend. When it pulled to the curb, she opened the back door. Smiling down at the shorter woman, she said, “It's been good to see you. I hope we can see each other again soon.”

“Is the invitation to come down for New Year's still open?”

“Of course. I'd like to have you stay at the ranch for awhile. It'll be fun.”

“Then I'll see if I can make it. It will be good to get away.”

Erin nodded. Leaning down, she gave Emily a kiss on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, Em. I hope to see you in a few weeks.”

Hugging Erin once again, she whispered, “Merry Christmas, Erin.” Climbing into the cab, she waved at Erin through the window as the car began to pull away. Her mind was already turning with ideas for her trip to get even closer to her favorite woman. Maybe this will be a Happy New Year after all.


“Don't” By Jewel


Don't walk too close,

Don't breathe so soft,

Don't talk so sweet,

And don't sing.

Don't lay, oh, so near.

Please, don't let me fall in love with you again.


Please let me forget all those sweet smiles,

All of the passion, all of the heat,

The peace, the pain,

All those blue skies, where your words were my freedom.

Please, don't let me fall in love with you again.


Too many times I've cared too much.

I stood on the edge.

And saw that you held my hand,

And knowing too well

I couldn't hide from those eyes.

Please, don't let me fall, please

Don't let me fall in love with you again.


The Adventures of Super Dyke IX: Resolutions

by Alex Tryst

Copyright November 2006




Emily had gotten up early that day to fly down to Texas . It was two days before New Years Eve, and she had thought about the brunette constantly since the last time they had been together. They had talked several times a week and exchanged emails during their time apart. On Christmas Day, Erin had even gone so far as to track the blonde down at her fathers' place just to wish her and her family a Merry Christmas. It made Emily happy to know Erin was thinking about her on a special family day.

As the blonde got off the plane that afternoon and headed down to baggage, she wondered what this trip might hold. They had been getting along so well, but Erin had done her best not to get too intimate between them and remain on friendly terms. It made the attorney wonder just how long the road of friendship was really going to be between them. She wanted much more, but she was willing to wait. Getting to the baggage carousel, the tall brunette was waiting on her dressed in her usual way, in tight jeans and boots and dark blue fleece pullover. You look so sexy as usual. Erin smiled at her when she saw her and immediately came to her.

“Hey there. So glad you finally made it,” she said, putting her arms around the blonde.

Emily returned the embrace. “I know. Holiday travel is always a bear. Even though it was a direct flight, they still managed to not be on time. I hope you didn't get here early.”

Erin shook her head. “I called ahead of time. Here. Let me take your bag,” she said, lifting it from the blonde's shoulder. “I hope this isn't work in here.”

Emily nodded. “I had to bring some. That's a long flight, and there were things I needed to do.”

“Well, as of now, you are on vacation, so no more work. That's an order,” she said, wagging her index finger in the shorter woman's direction. “Come on. Let's get your other bags and get out of here.” When they arrived back at the ranch, Erin hefted the bags up onto her shoulder and then led the way inside. Up the stairs they went to the guestroom where Emily always stayed. “Your usual room,” the brunette stated, walking in first and putting the bags on the bed.

Immediately Emily saw that a dozen pink roses were on the bedside table and smiled. At least you remember that. “Thanks for carrying those and for having me here.”

“It's always a pleasure, Em. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a dinner to prepare. You just get settled and then come on down to the kitchen when you're ready, but I'm warning you. If I see you doing any work, I'm going to take it and hide it away until you go home again.”

“All right. No more work. I promise.”


When Emily was alone, she took a few minutes to unpack her bags. As she put her clothes in the dresser, she pondered what it might be like to live there at the ranch. She had never really considered leaving New York before, even with all the times she imagined she and Erin together, but being at the ranch just then, the thought occurred to her that Erin might not want to leave Texas . Her friend absolutely loved her ranch, and she might not be willing to give it up, not even for a potential relationship. The thought troubled Emily, because she knew her career would not allow her to move, and it could be a potential problem between them if they did in fact get serious. That's all I would need is to lose my heart again only to not have it work out because of the living situation. I guess only time will tell what the right thing is.

Once she had put all her clothes away, she took the present she had gotten for Erin downstairs. Instead of going into the kitchen right away, though, she detoured into the living room where she had seen the tree when they first walked into the house. Underneath it was a gift, so Emily set the one she had brought with her next to it and then went to find Erin . The older woman was in the kitchen preparing their dinner.

“Would you like some help?” the blonde asked as she slipped onto a stool at the bar.

“Sure. You can make the salad if you want. Everything is in the refrigerator.”

Heading the direction, Emily went to the refrigerator and pulled out the items to start their salad. She washed the lettuce and then chopped the vegetables to add to the leafy greens. When she had finished, she asked, “Are we going to sit in here?”

“Yeah. Sure. We can eat at the kitchen table.”

Emily went to the cabinet closest to the table and proceeded to pull out place mats and linen napkins for their dinner. Then she went to get the plates and utensils. She took her time in setting the table and even managed to find a candle to place in the center. The two women worked in companionable silence. The familiarity of it felt good to Emily. She always liked visiting Erin at the ranch, for it felt like a home away from her real home in New York . Once the table was ready, she turned back to Erin for more instruction.

“The chicken is just about ready. Why don't you grab yourself something to drink? There's plenty to choose from, or if you want some wine, there's a lot in the bar area.”

“What would you like?”

“Some white wine would be good with this dish. Why don't we go with that?”

Dinner between the two of them was filled with idle chatter. Neither wanted to speak of work, so it left them time to explore other avenues they rarely spoke about in each other's company. When the meal was complete, Emily helped with the dishes before Erin suggested they watch a movie. Since the blonde was up for anything, she agreed. Together they made their way into the living room. Erin knelt down by the fireplace to light it as Emily went to the bookcase where the movies were. Quickly they agreed on a title. Settling themselves down on the couch, they began their film. Quietness surrounded them as they sat closely together on the cuddling on the couch.

When the film was complete, Erin checked her watch. It was still a little early, so she asked, “What would you like to do now? It's not quiet bedtime yet.”

“I want you to open your gift,” the blonde answered, going over to the tree. She picked up the wrapped present and brought it to her friend.

Erin smiled as it was placed in her lap. “Oh, this is sweet of you. Thanks, Em. I actually got you something, too.” Moving to the tree, she picked up the solitary present left and brought it to the sofa. “You go first,” she said.

The attorney nodded and proceeded to slowly open her gift. When the wrapping was off, she was left with what was obviously a clothes box. She popped open the lid and smiled when she saw what was inside. It was a beautiful silk blue blouse with an accent scarf. Emily knew immediately it would become her new favorite. Looking back at Erin , she smiled and leaned to hug her. “This is beautiful, Erin . I love it. Thank you so much,” she said, pecking the brunette on the lips.

“You're welcome. I just knew it was you when I saw it. A woman can never have too many scarves,” she teased.

“Open yours now,” the blonde insisted.

Erin did as she was told. She ripped open the paper and top of the box to find a heavy navy wool sweater. “This is great. I love it,” she said pulling it from the box and holding it up.

“Try it on.” Erin pulled the sweater over her head and then turned to get approval. Emily smiled. “Very sexy,” she purred, running her hand along Erin 's arm.

“You want to try yours on?” the taller woman asked.

“All right. I'll be right back. Stay right here.”

Erin cleaned up the paper and boxes while the blonde was changing clothes. She was just kneeling down next to the fire when Emily returned to the room. Erin stood as she closed the distance between them. “You look beautiful,” she complimented.

Emily smiled as she reached to embrace the brunette. “I love it. Thank you.”

“Thank you. I can't wait to wear this sweater out somewhere,” she said, leaning down to kiss Emily on the cheek.

Holding hands and going back to the sofa, they settled themselves once again. “So, do we have a plan for tomorrow?” Emily inquired, taking a sip of her wine that had been sitting on the coffee table.

“Actually, we're going to go into Dallas to see Jared and Margaret. I offered to keep Blaine tomorrow night, so they could go to a party. You don't mind, do you?”

“Not at all. I love spending time with Blaine . Are we spending the night there?”

“No. We're going to bring her back here tomorrow evening. Margaret and Jared are going to come over for New Year's Day brunch and pick her up when they've recovered.”

Emily nodded. “Where does Blaine normally sleep when she's here?”

“Well, I'll admit I spoil her when it's just the two of us. She always wants to sleep with me. I know I need to get her to sleep in her own bed eventually, but it's kind of fun for both of us, like a big sleep over.”

“You're her aunt. You should be able to do the fun stuff.”

“That's the way I see it.”

“What do you all normally do when she's here?”

“Well, we usually are in the playroom. After all, I added that thing on just for her. It has all her favorite toys in it. Sometimes I take her to the barn to see the horses. She loves the barn.”

“I'd like to see the barn myself.”

“Then I'll show it to you tomorrow. It's a little late right now. The farmhand I'm sure has already gotten them settled for sleep.”

“You have a farmhand?”

“Yeah. I had to get one, because I'm in Dallas so much now. He takes care of the horses and makes sure the place is clean.”

“Is he around all day?”

“No. He has a full-time job at another ranch. This is just twice a day and some weekends if he has to clean the stalls. I'm out here every weekend, so I do most of it then.”

Emily nodded. “You really do love it here, don't you?” she asked after a moment of pause.

“Oh yeah. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I wouldn't go to Dallas if Blaine weren't in the picture. I wouldn't own that house up there. I'd be content right here for the rest of my life, but I know I can't just stay at the ranch forever. Life calls me away sometimes.”

“Would you ever move if you got married?”

Erin was quiet a moment before answering, “Actually, I've never really thought about it. Marriage might be the only thing that would get me to move, but I would never give up the ranch. I would hope my wife would want to make this her home as well, but I know most women live in the real world. The ranch is too far away from life. I guess my answer is that I don't know. I'd have to think about that long and hard. What about you? You're entrenched in New York . Your whole world is there. You wouldn't leave, even for love, would you?”

It was the blonde's turn to look pensive. “Leaving New York would mean leaving everything I ever worked to achieve. My career wouldn't allow a move, not a big one anyway. I have to stay in New York or quit my job. My job is my life right now.”

“I understand. It's what you've been working for all these years. You've wanted the CEO job for a long time, and you're so close to getting it. It would be a shame to walk away from that.”

Emily nodded her head in silence. She knew then there was an obstacle that stood between them that they would have to overcome if they were to ever find happiness with each other. You'd have to move to New York , Erin . It wouldn't work any other way. At least you said you'd think about something like that, but it would be a shame to take you away from your favorite place and your family. You'd have to leave Blaine behind. That would be a lot easier said than done.

The following morning Erin and Emily got up and dressed at a leisurely pace before heading out for their drive to Dallas . Erin was wearing the new sweater Emily had given her the night before, which pleased the blonde. In turn, she had at least managed to work her new scarf into her own outfit for the day.

Getting to Jared and Margaret's house, they were greeted warmly at the door by Jared, who ushered them inside. Margaret was sitting on the sofa reading while Blaine played on the floor near her. The older woman smiled at the two of them.

“Erin, Emily, it's always so good to see the two of you,” she greeted, standing to give them hugs.

“It's good to see you too, Margaret,” the attorney said with a smile as Erin went for her niece.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to watch Blaine tonight. We really owe you,” Jared said.

“It's fine. Erin and I were going to have a quiet evening at the ranch anyway. It'll be fun to have Blaine with us.”

“Well, we certainly do appreciate it. This party is quite important, and as the dean, I really needed to be there. I'm just so glad Jared will be able to go with me. My colleagues aren't sure he really exists. He usually misses out on this stuff, and I usually miss his,” she explained.

“Well, you know you have a built-in babysitter anytime you need one,” Erin said picking Blaine up.

“We know, but we don't want to take advantage of you, Erin. You have a good heart, and you should be spending time with some nice lady,” Margaret said. Changing the subject, she said, “We waited for you all to have lunch. Are you hungry?”

The group moved into the kitchen for lunch. Erin placed her niece in her chair before she and Emily helped with getting the food on the table. The four adults just talked over their meal. “It's good to see you down here again, Emily,” Jared mentioned. “I know you don't have a lot of free time these days with work and all.”

“That's true, but I love coming down to the ranch. It's the perfect getaway. Erin 's always so gracious in letting me crash with her.”

“It's good for her to have the company. We worry about her down there by herself,” Margaret said, smiling at her future sister-in-law.

“I'm just fine down there alone. Thank you very much. Besides, these days Blaine keeps me busy up here. I always knew it was going to take a special woman to get me to leave the ranch,” she teased, looking at her niece, who was busy devouring her lunch with flair.

Emily watched from across the table. Erin 's gaze at the young Mahoney was always adoring. I bet you'd look at your own kids with that much love. You really would be such a great mother, Erin. I could just picture you with our children.

“You know, I wish you would find a special woman. You've cleaned up your act and all. Why can't you find any nice girls, Erin ?” Jared asked, taking a sip of his drink.

His younger sister shrugged as her eyes met blue across the table. “I keep hoping that she's out there.”

“You need a wife and some kids to keep you company. You need your own children to dote on, so you can stop spoiling Blaine ,” he joked. “Just remember pay backs. I'm going to spoil your kids rotten.”

“I hope so,” Erin said with a grin.

After the group had lunch together, Erin and Emily took Blaine back to the ranch. The first stop upon their return was to the stable since the little girl liked it so much. As Erin held her niece up to the stall doors so she could pet the horses, the blonde took the time to watch them together. It was by far one of her favorite things to do in the company of those two. Every time they were together, it made the attorney realize the longing she had for children of her own. The threesome stayed out in the barn for several hours just enjoying the horses and playing in the hay. Finally though it was time to get dinner on the table for Blaine , and they returned to the house.

Emily offered to cook for them that night and shooed the two brunettes into the playroom. When they were alone, Erin sat her niece on the floor in the center of the room and pulled the crayons and coloring books off the shelf. Together they lounged on the floor and immersed themselves in the books. Erin watched her niece color pictures in rapid succession as she worked slower on her own creation. When the little girl grew tired of her own book, she leaned over to start coloring in her aunt's until the picture Erin had been working on was completed. The woman smiled at their work for a moment before deciding to add a dedication to their favorite blonde. “To Aunt Emily,” it read at the top of the page, and at the bottom it said, “Love, Blaine (and Erin ).” Setting the coloring aside, Erin waited to see what her niece wanted to do next.

Forty minutes later Emily went to retrieve the two for dinner. Heading back to the playroom, she found the brunettes in the middle of the floor with their backs to the door. Erin was lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows, and Blaine was sitting next to her, her little body swaying back and forth slightly at the melodic tempo of Erin 's voice as she read nursery rhymes from a book. The attorney watched for a few minutes as the older brunette was pausing long enough to point out the pictures to her niece.

“Are you two about ready for dinner?” she questioned finally.

Erin looked over her shoulder and smiled. “I'm starving. It's dinner time, Blaine .”

Both of them rose from the floor. Erin grabbed the coloring they had made earlier and presented it to the shorter woman. “We made you a little something.” Emily looked at it and smiled. She could tell Erin had actually being trying to color in the picture with precision, but Blaine had taken her colors to it with wild abandon. “It's more of an abstract piece,” the tall Texan explained with a grin.

Emily chuckled. “It's beautiful. Thank you, Blaine,” she said, leaning down to kiss the little girl on the top of the head. Leaning up to Erin, she kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you, Erin . I'll cherish this.” Leading the way to the kitchen, Emily asked, “Where does Blaine normally sit?”

“We'll put her right here next to me.” Erin grabbed the booster seat she kept for such occasions from the hall closet and put it in the chair before hoisting her niece into her assigned seat. Then she went to retrieve a drink for her while Emily got beverages for Erin and herself. Within moments the three of them were sitting down to their meal.

“Thanks for cooking. It looks great,” Erin complimented.

“You're welcome. It's not everyday I get to cook for people.”

The older woman served her niece's plate for her and then went to give herself a generous portion. “So what shall we do after dinner?”

Emily shrugged. “What do you two normally do?”

“Well, we have to clean up the dishes and then Blaine has to take her bath. She loves playing in the water, so that takes some time. After that I thought we'd give her a treat and let her watch one of her favorite films before she has to go to bed. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me. Whatever she wants is fine.”

“Then that's what we'll do. For now though, let's just watch the entertainment of her eating dinner. This is always fun.”

The two adults paid most of their attention to Blaine, who indeed provided amusement throughout the meal. Most of the food landed everywhere but her mouth, creating a mess to clean up later, but the toddler was a good eater and spirited company. When all of them had finished, Erin suggested, “It's probably best if I just drop her in the tub now and then come back for these dishes later.”

“Let me help. Do you want me to start her bath while you do these?”

“You don't mind?”

“Not at all. Let me take her. Do you normally put her in your bath?”

Erin nodded. “Her stuff is under the sink. She really likes the toys, so just throw all of them in there with her. I'll come up as soon as I'm finished.”

Emily nodded her head and then turned to Erin 's niece. “Come on, Blaine . It's bath time,” she said, extending her hand. The girl took her hand, and the two walked off toward the stairs. Emily slowly walked the staircase, waiting as necessary for Blaine to take each step on her own. Going into the master bedroom, they walked into the large bathroom attached. Immediately Blaine started to squirm out of her clothes as if she knew what was coming next. Emily just watched her in amusement, helping a little when the child was struggling with her shirt. When she was naked with her clothes in a pile on the rug, she sat on the side of the tub and waited. Emily smiled at her as she leaned over to start the water. Right away Blaine slid into the tub and started to splash the water while the blonde dug out the supplies from under the sink. Just as Erin instructed, she dumped the large bucket of toys into the water. The brightness that lit up Blaine 's face was priceless. She grabbed the toys instantly and began to play with them. Emily picked up the baby shampoo and soap from under the sink and the washcloth that had been there as well before coming to the tub. She knelt next to it. Gently wetting Blaine 's hair, she began to lather it with suds. The child didn't even seem to notice, being far too involved with her toys. After a few minutes, Emily filled the bucket the toys had been stored in and slowly poured it over Blaine 's head to rinse the dark hair until it was clean and shiny once again. Then she soaped the washcloth and started to bathe the little girl. Thankfully Blaine was docile during the entire process, letting Emily do exactly what she needed to finish the task while she simply played with her toys. Once the cleaning process was complete, the attorney just knelt beside the tub and watched her young charge play. It's no wonder your aunt is in love with you, Blaine. You are amazing. I hope some day I'll be lucky enough to have a child just like you. I bet you'd like to have a cousin to play with. Maybe some day if I can get your aunt to agree, we might be able to make that happen for you. That would be so wonderful.

When Erin finished cleaning up the kitchen, she went upstairs to check on her girls. She found them just as she had suspected. Blaine was having a grand time in the tub, and Emily was sitting in quiet content reflection. “How's it going?” she softly asked, coming and taking a seat on the commode.

“Fine. She's the perfect little girl, isn't she?” the blonde mentioned.

“She is pretty perfect,” Erin conceded. She consulted her watch. “Unfortunately it's time to take her out of the tub. You two have been up here for almost half an hour. This is the part where she can get fussy.”

“I knew there had to be a flaw somewhere,” teased Emily.

“Not to worry. I've figured out a way to get her out of the tub with the least amount of drama.”

“How's that?”

“Just pull the plug and let her sit there until the water is gone. As long as there is water in that tub, she'll want to stay in it, but when it's gone, it's much easier to take her out.”

Following the advice, Emily pulled the plug on the drain. Blaine continued to play as if she hadn't noticed, but within a few minutes there was nothing but a naked toddler and toys littering the empty tub. Blaine looked up at Emily in confusion. The blonde smiled at how adorable she looked just then. Erin handed her guest a towel. Emily took it and extended her hands to Blaine, who started to stand in the tub and crawl over the side into her awaiting towel. Embracing her closely, the attorney towel dried the toddler's hair and body before picking her up and taking her back into the bedroom. Erin followed them but said nothing as she observed the blonde and her niece.

Emily deposited Blaine on the bed before going to the overnight bag for pajamas and a new diaper. The usually unstill child was relatively good and allowed herself to be dressed once again. When pajamas were on, Emily took a moment to comb the dark wet hair with the tiny brush she had found in the bag.

“Well, what do you think?” Emily asked, presenting Blaine for inspection.

“That's my pretty girl,” Erin said with a smile and a kiss on the top of the head for her niece. Turning her gaze on the blonde, she complimented, “You certainly have the mother bit down. Now you just need little ones of your own.”

“Someday I hope. We'll see,” Emily replied quietly.

“Well, we have just enough time to watch a movie before Blaine goes down for bed. I already have it set up for her, so let's go back downstairs.”

The threesome headed back to the living room where they cuddled on the couch. Blaine took to Emily's lap and rested her head into her chest as she watched TV. All was quiet between them for the movie. When it was finished, the child had nodded off to sleep in the blonde's arms. Erin gestured for Emily to follow her upstairs, so they didn't risk waking Blaine in transfer between them. Going into the master bedroom, Erin made a makeshift bed out of pillows for her on one side of her king-sized bed, so she didn't accidentally roll out in her sleep. The two women then kissed her good night and went back downstairs.

Erin put the baby monitor on the coffee table and the consulted her watch. “Well, now it's just adult time. What do you feel like doing?”

“I'm fine just sitting in front of a fire. We don't have to do anything,” Emily replied.

The brunette nodded. “A fire sounds good. I'll start one. Why don't you get us something to drink?”

The attorney nodded in agreement before heading off to the kitchen. She stood there a moment looking into the refrigerator contemplating their options. What she really wanted wasn't going to be found there, so she headed back to the living room and to the bar. Emily pulled out the wine bottle they had started the night before and poured two glasses for them.

Both women took to the sofa once again. Erin got herself settled and raised one arm up along the back of the couch. Seeing the opening, Emily decided to take a chance and snuggled closer. Immediately the arm came around her shoulders and a head leaned on hers. Silence prevailed for a long time as they stared into the fireplace.

Finally though Erin whispered, “You are something with Blaine . You're going to be a great mother, Emily.”

“I hope so. I know you will. It's obvious with everything you do for her.”

“Have you ever thought about how many kids you'd like to have?”

“I'd feel lucky just to have one, but I always thought two would be nice, so they could have each other. I was lonely as a kid.”

“I could see that. It was kind of nice to have Jared around, even though we fought sometimes. He still was my big brother, and I knew I could count on him.”

“Do you think he and Margaret will have more children?”

“Probably but I think they want to wait until after the wedding to work on that.”

“I understand that. It's in June now, isn't it?”

“Yeah. Margaret had to have it in the summer. School is just too hectic otherwise, so they rescheduled.”

“I can hardly believe it, you know. I thought your brother would be single forever,” she joked.

“You and me both but life is funny that way. It gives you some unexpected twists. He's lucky to have found her. I know she's the only woman in the world that can put up with him,” she teased.

“And what about you, Erin?” Emily asked, deciding to see where the Texan stood on relationships at that point in time. They hadn't discussed it in a while.

“What about me?” Erin inquired.

The blonde lifted her head from Erin 's shoulder. Blue eyes connected with brown ones in a profound gaze. There was so much Emily wanted to say. Just give me some sign, Erin . I know you feel the same way, but you won't act on it. “Do you think there's a woman out there for you?” she finally inquired.

Erin nodded slowly. Moments passed without a word as they looked at each other. Erin 's left hand came up to Emily's face and caressed her cheek before tucking blonde hair behind her ear. “You really are an amazing and beautiful woman,” she confessed.

Before Emily could say anything in response, the woman was leaning toward her. Erin 's nose brushed lightly against hers as their lips hovered closely for a moment. Finally though, Erin kissed her in a way they had never kissed before. Their mouths brushed together lightly at first before the brunette pressed just slightly harder to make full contact. It wasn't sexual in nature, just purely the sweetest, most heartfelt display of affection Emily had ever felt. When it broke neither said anything for a moment. “Well,” Emily finally whispered, lacking words to express herself just then.

“Was that okay?” Erin gently asked.

“Yeah. It's more than okay,” the attorney confessed.

Eyes met again for a moment before Erin said, “I've thought about you a lot since we last saw each other, Emily. I don't think this just friends thing is going to work for us, is it?”

“No, nor do I want it to, Erin ,” she admitted.

“Then what do we do?”

“Well, we both want the same things. I guess we just figure out if we can have them together. We're too old for games.”

“I don't want to play games, especially with you.”

“Then I guess we just take our time with it. Neither one of us wants to rush anything, but I'd like to try to be with you. I've always wanted that with you,” Emily conceded.

Erin nodded her head. “I knew that in the beginning, but I just wasn't able to be that woman for you. However, I'd like to try to be her now.”

“That's all I ask of you.”

The couple went back to watching the fire quietly for awhile, but then suddenly they heard a cry from the baby monitor. “I need to go check on Blaine ,” Erin whispered, disentangling herself from the blonde's arms.

“Let me go.”

“Are you sure? That's an upset cry. It might take her a little bit to settle down again.”

“It's fine. Please let me go.”

“All right. Give it a shot, but if you need me just bring her down. I know a few tricks that might work if all else fails.”

Emily nodded and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek before heading toward the stairs. Erin just watched her go. She knew she had done the right thing. It was useless fighting against what she truly wanted. She wanted Emily, had for a long time. Even though she was scared, Margaret was right about trying again. It was worth the chance, especially if they could be together in the end. Erin had her doubts, but seeing the blonde with Blaine that day squelched her reservations. Anyone that Blaine liked was a woman worth consideration to her, and it was obvious she adored Emily.

While the blonde was gone, the Texan turned on the TV to see the typical New Year's Eve special being broadcast. Then she went to tend the fire and turn over the wood to keep the flames burning strongly. That finished she just stood in front of the TV watching until she felt arms slip around her waist and a body press into her back.

“What are you doing, Super Dyke?” Emily softly asked.

Erin turned and smiled down at the woman who held her. “I think I may have outgrown that name,” she mentioned.

“Never. You'll always be Super Dyke to me. Why do you think I gave you the name?”

Giving a confused look the taller woman said, “I thought you said someone else gave me that name, but you couldn't remember who.”

“I never said that,” protested Emily with a guilty grin.

“Oh, yes you did. I remember it distinctly. I asked you who gave it to me on our first date, because I thought it was such an amusing name, and you said you didn't know.”

Emily shrugged. “I may have misstated that one.”

“Why?” Erin inquired with a grin.

“Well, because the first time I ever called you that in front of my friends, it wasn't meant as a compliment. They found it so funny, though, that they began to use it and passed it on to others, and that's how you got the name. My one disparaging critique of you took on a life of its own.”

The brunette nodded. “I can only imagine what you might have said back then. There were so many things I could have done to earn such a name.”

“That's the ironic thing. I really don't remember what I said. The only thing I remember was that I was out with some of my friends, and you came up in conversation. I had consumed a few too many beverages by that point. However, I will say that your nickname is still accurate but with a much better connotation. Now it's more of a nod to how successful you've been and how you've juggled all those things that matter most to you. Not a lot of women can manage that.”

Erin chuckled. “You're trying to flatter me as a way of getting out of this. Not to worry. It's working.”

“That means I've forgiven then for my slight misrepresentation?”

“Misrepresentation? You attorneys with your large words for big fat lie. Yes, you are forgiven. Besides, I kind of like it when you say it.”

Both women laughed. “Well then, Super Dyke, whatever shall we do now? Blaine 's asleep again. Do you want to watch the New Year's Eve special some more?”

“Oh, I don't care about that, but we can watch it if you want to. I'm fine with whatever.”

“All right. In that case I have a better idea for a way to pass the time until midnight,” the younger woman said. She left Erin standing in the middle of the room and went to the stereo. Pulling out a CD, she placed it in the CD player and pressed play before turning back to her hostess. Erin was wearing a warm smile as the slow romantic country music filled the room. Putting arms around the taller woman's neck, Emily softly asked, “How about a dance, cowboy?”

“My pleasure,” she replied. The couple moved in methodical time to the beat as they held each other closely.

This is how I always dreamed it might be. I knew there had to be this side of you somewhere. I can't believe I've finally found it after all this time. I wonder if this carries over to bed, too. I wonder if you've changed that much. It was good before, but if you're like this, I bet it would be even better than I could possibly imagine. When will that chance come? And when it does will I finally be able to touch you like I always wanted? With that thought in mind, the blonde decided she would test the waters once again. Erin had always held her back from touching her too much. However, if they were ever going to get anywhere, she had to know that they would be equals . Letting her hands roam, she took in the back side of her girlfriend's frame, starting with her shoulders and slowly working down her back. Erin said nothing, but Emily knew she was paying attention by the way she held the blonde tighter. When Emily's hands got to the waist of Erin 's jeans, they paused for just a moment before finding their way over the top of the back pockets.

“What are you doing?” Erin whispered teasingly into the blonde's ear as she kissed it lightly.

“I'm just feeling out the territory,” Emily answered, looking up into dark eyes.

Erin leaned down to kiss her slowly. Emily moaned deeply at the feeling of desire she could feel pouring out of the Texan and into her. However, it was different, too. There was restraint where unbridled lust had once been.

“You know, having you do that makes me want something I can't have,” teased the older woman.

“Who said anything about not being able to have whatever you want? You can have anything. I'd give you everything,” Emily seductively whispered as their mouths met again.

Erin groaned lightly when Emily's hands continued their explorations, but she was taken by complete surprise when she felt the attorney's right hand on her belt buckle. The northerner managed to work open the large shiny silver buckle with one hand. It made Erin pull back slightly. “Wow. I am truly amazed at how you did that. It's hard enough with two hands, and you did it on your first try with one.”

Emily laughed under her breath. “I'll admit. I've been practicing. I ordered a buckle for myself.”

It was Erin 's turn to laugh. “I guess that means I'm turning you into a regular cowgirl, huh?”

With a flash of blue eyes, Emily pulled Erin 's head down toward her own again to kiss her. “Could we not talk about buckles?” she suggested.

Several moments and kisses later, the brunette pulled back once again. “You are driving me crazy,” she confessed, stilling Emily's roaming hands with her own.

“That's supposed to be a good thing.”

“Oh, it is, but I just foresee some problems.”

“What kind of problems?” hesitantly Emily inquired. She hadn't been prepared for a statement like that.

“Well, Blaine 's here asleep in my bed right now. I wouldn't want to get otherwise involved with her here. I don't feel right about it.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I can understand that. I had kind of forgotten she was here.”

“But there's something else you should know.”

“What's that?”

Erin looked deeply into blue eyes. It seemed an eternity that they just gazed at each other even though is was only a few moments. “I'm in love with you, Emily,” she confessed gently.

Oh my God. You actually said it. I can't believe I didn't have to say it first. “I'm in love with you, too, Erin . Is that a problem?”

“No. Not at all. It's just that I want the next time we make love to be for keeps. I can't do this with you unless I know it's forever this time. It hurt way too much last time. I can't do that again. I just want to wait until we're sure.”

Emily just stood in complete silence for a moment. She had no idea what to say just then. I can't believe it. You really have changed. You said make love and forever. I never thought I'd ever hear those words out of you, Erin. Finally after a few moments, the blonde nodded. “Okay. We'll wait. I've been waiting this long. What's a little longer?” she questioned.

“Are you sure you're okay with that? You're not just trying to pacify me?”

“I'm sure. Erin , you just said things I never thought I'd hear from you in my entire life . I don't want either one of us to hurt like we did last time. If this is what you need, then I'm willing to wait. It's going to be hard while I do, but I'll do it for you.” Cracking a smile grin, she teasingly added, “I happen to remember that you are well worth every moment of waiting.”

“So are you,” answered Erin .

The rest of the evening was spent dancing in the living room until midnight. Sharing their first kiss of the New Year together, they decided to head to their respective bedrooms, because Blaine would be up early. Going upstairs, they paused in front of Emily's door.

“Happy New Year's, Erin,” Emily said as they embraced for a hug and kiss.

“Happy New Year's, Emily. See you in the morning.”

The next day the threesome was up early to play. Blaine 's parents arrived around one that afternoon excited to see their little girl. Erin and Emily made brunch for the five of them while they all just chatted in the kitchen. Erin could tell her future sister-in-law knew something different was going on, but her brother seemed oblivious at first until Emily kissed the brunette for something she had done.

“Wait a minute. What was that?” he asked with a smile.

“A kiss, honey. You act like you've never seen one,” Margaret chided jokingly.

Brother and sister looked at each other. “What, Jared? Just ask. You're dying to ask,” Erin teased.

“Are you two finally together?” he questioned.

“Yes,” Emily nonchalantly replied, turning back to her chore of cutting vegetables.

“Well, it's about time,” he remarked . “You've tortured all of us long enough. We even had to resort to taking wagers you two were taking so long.”

“Who won?” the blonde asked curiously with a smile turning to her girlfriend's brother.

“Seamus. Although he did have somewhat of an advantage of being able to see you,” he said to the attorney. “He picked New Year's as the date. Now I owe the guy $100.”

Erin chuckled. “What date did you pick?”

“Our wedding so I was off by six months. Everyone else picked something in between. I just knew you were going to be hard-headed about it and resist. I thought I had it.”

“Sorry I couldn't win the bet for you. Did all the cousins participate?”

“Most. Lucky Seamus gets to pick up a couple of grand off of us.”

“Well, we're so glad we could provide amusement for you,” Erin stated with a shake of her head and a smile.

“Oh, please. It was so obvious to everyone. No one actually thought it wouldn't happen,” Margaret chimed in. “It was just a matter of when.”

“Exactly. Now do me a favor and let me know when the two of you are going to get engaged, so I can win my money back,” Jared said.

Both women flushed a little at the comment. “We're just taking things slowly right now. We're not rushing into anything.”

Margaret scoffed at the notion. “Honey, place your bet now. These two will be engaged by our wedding and married within 12 to 18 months. Mark my words.”

“No pressure or anything,” Erin mumbled, glancing at Emily. The blonde seemed unphased by the conversation.

For the rest of the time Jared and Margaret were there, the conversation stayed away from Emily and Erin. When they finally went home, Emily took Erin 's hand and looked at her. “Don't worry about what Margaret said. I'm not.”

“I love her, but sometimes she can stick it to you.”

“I kind of like that about her.”

“Most of the time I do, too, except when she's talking about me.”

“Just put it out of your head. She means well, but by no means are we on a schedule. I just want you to be comfortable. It's important for both of us to know that we want the same things, but the timing will work itself out when it's meant to be.”

“But she didn't say anything that I hadn't considered,” Erin admitted after a moment. “This time I do hope that's where it ends up.”

Emily gave a pretty smile in response. “I've thought about it, too. You aren't alone in feeling that way, but there are obstacles to overcome, and we really should see if we will be as compatible as we think we will. Thinking it and knowing it are two different things.”

Erin nodded. Leaning down to kiss Emily, she said, “I'm so glad we can talk about this stuff. For the longest time I wasn't able to talk about my feelings.”

“I know. I'm so happy that you're trying for me.”

“Well, now that they're gone, we have the rest of the afternoon and evening. What do you feel like doing?”

“Can we go horseback riding, or is it too cold?”

“You think that's a good idea now, but trust me, it's too cold. We can go see the horses, though,” she compromised.

“All right. Let's go.”

The rest of the day passed with them just enjoying their time together. They didn't talk about their relationship at all, just allowed each other to be themselves. Dinner was a low-key affair, and the evening much of the same. However, that night as they went upstairs for bed, Erin stopped the blonde from retiring into her room. “Now that Blaine 's gone, do you think we could both sleep in my room?” she asked. “I just don't want the night to end right now.”

Emily smiled. That was an unexpected offer, but she was more than willing to accept it. “I think that would be nice. I don't really want to sleep alone. Let me just get ready for bed, and then I'll be there.”

“Okay.” Erin went to her room to prepare for bed. She decided on a pair of conservative pajamas as to not give off the wrong impression before going into her bathroom. She was ready a few minutes later. Upon returning to her room, she found Emily already in the bed waiting on her. Going to her side, the brunette slid in and extinguished the lights. Both women made themselves comfortable curled up into each other. Neither said anything other than the usual night time exchange as they just lay in the dark.

This is a dream. I can't believe I'm here after all this time. I never thought it would happen, but here you are holding me like I had always dreamed you would, and it's better than anything I have ever imagined. I know I could do this forever. I do hope that is where this goes, Erin . I know we could be happy together. I suppose it's only a matter of time.


The Adventures of Super Dyke X: Surrender

by Alex Tryst

Copyright January 2007




The sweltering summer heat of Texas beat down on Emily, Erin, and Blaine as they made their way to Erin 's truck from the airport baggage claim. Emily was beginning to get used to the extreme temperature differences between New York and Texas . The last six months had helped her with that transition. She and Erin had both commuted back and forth during the six months since New Year's to see each other. Emily managed to fly down one weekend a month, while Erin usually came to New York twice a month. Even then she normally extended her visits to New York by several days at a time, allowing their relationship the opportunity to continue to flourish. When they were together, regardless of where they were, the two were inseparable except when Emily's job called her away from the arms of her beloved.

Now Emily was in Texas for Jared and Margaret's much-anticipated wedding. Even though the blonde and brunette had not discussed the direction of their relationship in the six months they had officially been dating, the comment that Margaret had made on New Year's Day about the two of them being engaged by the wedding came to Emily's mind as the threesome headed into Dallas instead of going back to the ranch. They were going to be staying at Erin 's house in the city near Jared's for the next two days to help with last minute preparations, but there was a part of Emily that wondered if there was going to be a surprise for her. Margaret was usually accurate in assessing Erin , and the times Emily had spent with Margaret alone in those six months, the dean made it clear she still felt it was on the short-term horizon.

“You're being quiet over there,” the Texan stated. “Tired from the flight?”

“Yeah. It's so long. It always takes something out of me.”

“I know. I really don't enjoy it myself, but it is a means to an end,” she said with a smile, reaching for Emily's hand.

“That alone makes it worth it,” the attorney said, squeezing Erin 's hand with her own.

“Well, if you're that tired, you can take a nap while I run errands for Margaret and Jared. He asked me to go pick up the tuxedos this afternoon and drop them by their house. I'm supposed to drop Blaine off at our parents' house after that, so I can get ready for the bachelor party, but if you're that tired, I can take you home first.”

“I'm not that tired.”

“Are you still going to Margaret's bachelorette party tonight?”

“Of course. It was either that or sit around the house while you have fun with your brother and cousins, and I'm not about to let you have all the fun.”

“Good. We have to be ready for the parties and at their house around seven tonight. There is a little cocktail party for all the guests before we break off into our separate groups. Margaret's going to the spa tomorrow morning with her bridesmaid's, and then we'll be heading to the church around four or so to get ready for the rehearsal.”

“All right. Sounds busy.”

“I don't know how many more weddings we Mahoneys could put into a year. At least none of my other cousins are getting married any time soon,” the tall woman mentioned.

Emily said nothing. Maybe Margaret's wrong this time. Erin seems to be disinclined toward weddings at the moment. I guess I'll just have to see.

The three of them went to pick up the tuxedos before dropping them off at Jared and Margaret's place. Neither of them was home, so they continued on to Erin 's parents' house. Liam was thrilled to see the three of them. He gave Emily a warm hug and smile after his granddaughter as he asked, “How's my favorite attorney?”

“I'm good, Liam. How are you?”

“Great. I'm excited to be marrying off my son after all this time. Now he can be someone else's problem,” he joked. All of them laughed. Turning his eyes on his daughter, he said, “Then it's Erin 's turn. I don't suppose you'd like to take her on as a challenge?”

“Daddy,” Erin growled with a warning scowl.

He shook his head. “Of course you wouldn't. Who wants an Irish lass with a temper like that?” he questioned with his smile firmly intact.

“You never know, Liam. I might be persuaded still. Erin has a lot of other fine qualities.”

“That's true. If anyone could handle her, I know it would be you,” he said, looping his arm through hers as they wandered into the house. Erin and Blaine followed closely behind.

“Well, she would have to ask me first, you know,” Emily stated, looking over her shoulder at her girlfriend. Erin 's face showed little emotion about the conversation at hand. Margaret's wrong this time. She's not going to ask me to marry her. It's too soon anyway. Nevertheless, Emily felt a small sense of sadness in her heart. She had hoped for it in her private thoughts from Margaret's insistence. I should have known it wasn't going to happen. Erin 's not ready.

The two women stayed for only a short time at the house visiting before they were once again off, but this time it was to Erin 's city home. Emily had only been there a few times, and the couple had never stayed the night there. Erin hefted her girlfriend's bags onto her shoulders before they went into the house. The brunette took them to the master bedroom with the blonde following closely behind.

Emily saw the pink roses that were by the bedside waiting for her. She smiled. Erin never failed to have them waiting wherever they went. Going to that side of the bed, the blonde flopped down onto it. “Do we have time for a small nap now?” she asked.

Erin nodded as she placed the bags on the floor at the foot of the bed. “Yeah. It's just the two of us now until we go to the parties. We have a couple of hours.”

“Good. Then could I convince you to join me?” she questioned, patting a place next to her on the bed. Erin smiled demurely before sliding onto the bed. Emily looked at the tall brunette lying there. Erin looked so sexy to her. “Are you going to take off your boots?”

Erin shook her head. “I only take off my boots to make love and go to bed,” she answered with a grin.

The attorney nodded. “Well, we are going to bed, at least for a nap.”

“I'm not really tired, but I'll keep you company. I like holding you while you sleep.”

The blonde nodded. “I'd like that, but I want you to take off your boots first.”

“Then go right ahead,” Erin answered, lifting her foot to signal she wanted Emily to do the honors.

Crawling down to where her girlfriend's feet were, Emily slowly pulled one brown boot off and then the other. They landed with a light thud on the floor. Emily knelt there for a moment by Erin 's feet looking up toward the brunette's face. Erin had her hands stacked behind her head, creating a pose of casual sexiness. Crawling up the Texan's legs, Emily reached her belt buckle. “This has to go, too,” she whispered, undoing the western buckle and pulling the belt from its loops.

Erin reached for the shorter woman hovering over her body. Pulling her down, their mouths met in a slow kiss. Hands slowly pulled open the button-fly jeans causing Erin to meet blue eyes. “I thought we were taking a nap.”

“We will, but I just want to make sure you're comfortable first,” Emily replied, pulling the green knit shirt her girlfriend was wearing out of her jeans by the hem. Hands began to roam along the hard body.

Erin gulped at Emily's advances. They had not made love in the six months they had been back together, even though they had become familiar with each other's bodies once again, but it was getting harder for her to keep her resolve. She wanted the blonde desperately, but she also knew to have her would mean to give of herself completely. Even though she felt she was ready, she wanted the moment to be a special one. Right then they would be rushed at best, so she put her hands on top of her girlfriend's. “I think we should go to sleep,” she suggested.

Blue eyes met brown. I can tell you want this. What's stopping you, Erin? I had hoped we would be beyond this by now. Without a word, Emily just nodded and removed her wandering hands from Erin 's body. She lied down with her head on the brunette's shoulder and an arm around her waist. Erin could tell that the blonde was displeased that she had to stop, but she didn't know what to say just then that hadn't already been discussed several times. Instead she just wrapped her strong arms around her beloved, trying to express her love with the embrace as Emily drifted off to sleep.

When they awoke from their nap several hours later, it was obvious Emily was not over what had happened right before they drifted to sleep. She was quiet and withdrawn as she prepared for Margaret's bachelorette party. Erin in turn decided silence was best just then as she also got ready for her own party. The couple drove silently to Jared and Margaret's house for cocktails with all the other guests. As soon as they walked in the door, they wandered in different directions to talk to various people.

When Margaret saw Emily headed her way, she smiled and opened her arms to embrace her. “Here's my favorite future sister-in-law. How are you?”

“Fine,” Emily answered with a smile that didn't quiet reach her usually sparkling eyes. “I can't believe this day has come. You and Jared are finally doing it.”

“I know. As soon as it's over, I'm going to have to work on Erin 's and your wedding.”

Emily shrugged. “I'm not so sure about that. She has to ask me first, and I have to say yes.”

The older woman looked at the blonde carefully. Excusing the two of them from the rest of the group of women around them, she took Emily by the hand and led her out to the back deck for privacy. “What's the matter? Did something happen?”

The blonde shook her head. “Nothing happened.”

“Then what has you upset?”

“It's nothing. We shouldn't be talking about me. This night is about you and Jared. We should be celebrating.”

Margaret shook her head. “No. I want to know what's wrong, Emily. You're family, and that's more important than anything.”

“I don't know. It's kind of silly. The last six months have been great, but I've kept thinking about what you said about Erin and me, about us being engaged by your wedding. I guess a part of me hoped that really would happen, but I know it won't. It's too soon. Erin 's not ready.”

“What makes you think Erin 's not ready?”

Emily looked through the glass door that separated them from the rest of the company as she weighed her options on what to tell Margaret. Finally she decided to go with the truth. “We haven't made love once since we got back together, and every time I try to initiate something, she holds us back. She said she wanted us to wait until we were sure. I'm sure, Margaret, but I have to assume she isn't by the way she acts.”

Margaret wrapped her arms around Emily. “Have I ever given you wrong advice when it comes to Erin ?” she asked.

“No. You've always been right about her.”

“Then I have to ask you to trust me when I say that she's ready. She loves you, and she wants to be with you. She's just waiting for the right moment. Give her a chance, Emily. Give her an opportunity to do this her way. It'll come. I promise you.”

The blonde nodded as the two women hugged. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome. Now, let's go back inside. Tonight we're going to have some fun, and you're going to forget all about Erin for awhile.”

The cocktail party only lasted for about an hour before the groups departed for their own parties. For the women, first was a lavish dinner followed by bar hopping at the most exclusive places in Dallas . Emily did her best to put Erin from her mind. She enjoyed Margaret, the female Mahoney cousins, and the rest of the dean's friends. She had often thought Erin 's female cousins were more reserved than the men, but she realized that night that it was only in comparison to their male counterparts. The Mahoney women were serious partiers as well, and when it came out what the issue was between Erin and Emily that night, the Mahoneys were as determined to nullify the blonde's pain with liquor as they were to inebriate Margaret in celebration of her big day.

As for Jared's party, they all went for more practical food at a rowdy restaurant full of scantily-clad women. Then they went to see a Texas Rangers baseball game before finishing off the night as strip clubs until the early hours of the morning.

When Jared and Erin were dropped off at his house around dawn, both of them stumbled up the pathway to the door. They were laughing as they fell all over each other in an effort to hold their balance. Getting to the door, Jared struggled to open the lock with his key, but they finally managed to make their way inside. The house was quiet as they went toward the kitchen. Jared went immediately to get some aspirin for them to take while Erin dug out water. Together they downed lots of both.

“I really should get home,” Erin mentioned. “I bet Emily's wondering where I am.”

“You can't drive right now. You should stay here and sleep it off. She wouldn't want you on the road.”

“I'll call her to come get me,” she said, reaching for the phone. Calling her house, she didn't get an answer. Deciding to try the blonde's cell phone, she heard it ring. However, another phone in the house rang simultaneously. She found that unusual, so she tried again when she got Emily's voicemail, only to have the same thing happen. Finally on the third try, she followed the ringing to the living room where she saw her girlfriend's purse on the coffee table. “Maybe she spent the night, too,” she said to Jared as she came back to the kitchen to hang up the phone. “Her purse is here.”

“Come on. We're not going to be any good later today if we don't get some sleep. You're staying for awhile.”

Together they made their way upstairs. Erin checked the first couple of guest rooms until she stumbled upon Emily asleep in bed. Going into that room, Erin pulled off her clothes and climbed into bed with the attorney. Emily didn't even stir at first. Slipping arms around her, Erin noticed that the blonde was naked under the covers. It instantly stirred her passions. Leaning down she kissed her on the neck. Emily moaned lightly in her sleep.

“ Erin ,” she mumbled sleepily, reaching for her lover.

“I'm right here, Emily,” she whispered, leaning for her lips. Their mouths connected in a powerful kiss that woke Emily. It took her a moment to realize what was happening to her. She and Erin were in bed naked together, and the brunette was kissing her in wantonness. She moaned at the feeling of need that passed from her girlfriend's body into her own. She wanted Erin desperately, but at that moment she realized the woman in her bed was more intoxicated than she had ever seen her, and it caused her to pull back enough to control her own desires.

“Easy there, Super Dyke,” she whispered, rolling them over, so Erin was on her back.

Erin 's hands ran through her girlfriend's long blonde hair to hold it back from her face as they continued to kiss. “You are so beautiful, Emily. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Erin ,” she replied, continuing to kiss the brunette while she settled her against the pillow and pulled the covers around her.

“I want to make love to you until we both pass out,” Erin whispered.

“That sounds good,” Emily answered, smiling with some amusement as her girlfriend's eyes stared to flutter closed. She could tell Erin was fighting it, but Emily did her best to facilitate the process. She stroked Erin 's dark hair and kissed over her face lightly until she felt arms that held her go slack. Erin had indeed passed out. Emily chuckled lightly. She hadn't really expected Erin to drift off so soon. Looking down at the woman underneath her, she shook her head. What am I going to do with you, Super Dyke? I guess Margaret was at least right about your desires. You do want me, but this was hardly the right time. What are you thinking, Erin ? Leaning down she kissed her girlfriend lightly on the lips. Snuggling down against a strong shoulder, Emily closed her eyes and was back asleep within a few minutes herself.

The house didn't stir much again until it was noon. All four adults looked tired and disheveled as they met in the kitchen for coffee. No one talked as they all nursed their caffeine in order to ward off their headaches. After a few cups each, Erin and Emily decided to go back to Erin 's house to nap more before the rehearsal at the church.

By the time four o'clock arrived, Jared, Margaret, Erin, and Emily all seemed fairly normal as did the rest of the group. However, it was rather subdued for a Mahoney gathering. There wasn't as much loud chatter as usual. Everyone seemed mellower as they went through their various parts of the service to practice. Once that was complete, they went to the rehearsal dinner. By the time food and drinks were served, the Mahoney clan seemed much more like itself.

Erin smiled at Emily across the table from her after dinner. They had been seated with some of the cousins and oil executives from their firm. Emily was charming as she always was, making quite an impression on the other executives of Mahoney's business. All the men were angling for dances with her, to which she obliged them, but her eyes were never far from her beloved. Finally when Erin had seen enough, she asked her girlfriend to dance to the lively western music.

“You really are doing a number on the executives, you know.”

“It's business.”

“Drumming some up business for Johnston Brown, are we?”

“I'm trying to. Although I think they are bit more intrigued that I'm with you than that I'm an EVP at Johnston Brown.”

“What makes you think that?”

“I can just tell. They're envious of you. They want what you have, and that includes me,” she teased.

“Well, what's not to want when it comes to you? You're absolutely perfect in every way. They'll take you seriously in time. Trust me. It took me a while to break through, because I was just a former beauty queen, but they came to respect me and my ideas. They'll give you the same respect, but it takes time. Right now they just see you as a flawless piece of ass, and let's face it. You do have a flawless ass,” she joked.

Emily flushed and laughed as she smacked her girlfriend in the shoulder for the remark. “Well, just in case they get any ideas, you better mark your territory now,” she suggested.

“And just how should I do that?” Erin asked, playing along in the game. She was intrigued to know what Emily might come up with. She was certain she'd like it.

“Kiss me.”

“That's it?”

She shook her head. “Kiss me in such a way that it makes everyone in this room stop and stare. Kiss me like you want to rip off my clothes and take me right now.”

“My parents are here,” Erin stated.

“So? Come on, Erin . You know you want to,” enticed Emily, running her hands up into Erin 's dark hair.

That was all it took. The tall woman stopped their dance as she swooped down to claim Emily's lips in a searing lock. The attorney moaned at the brutal assault on her mouth. It was all she could do to hold on to the strong body against her own as her lips were devoured like Erin wanted the world to know exactly to whom Emily Parker belonged, and it was only the chorus of catcalls from the rowdy Mahoney cousins that finally broke them from their embrace.

“How was that, Ms. Parker?” Erin whispered with a smile.

Emily couldn't even answer at first. She was completely overwhelmed with what she had just felt from her lover. She knew her knees would have collapsed had Erin not been holding on to her. Finally though she managed a smile. “It makes me want a lot more,” she replied.

“Me too.”

“There's no way we can sneak out of here, is there?”

Erin shook her head. “Unfortunately not. Not only am I the sister of the groom, I'm the best man. People would notice if we go missing to go make out in the coat closet.”

“How do your executives look after that?”

“I've never seen as many disenchanted cowboys in my life. I'm afraid your allure is gone.”

“I only need to be alluring to you.”

“And that you are,” she growled, leaning to kiss her once again.

That night when the couple made it home they were both tired. The lack of sleep and the hangovers from the morning had caught up with both of them. They got prepared for bed early and watched a movie in bed until they fell asleep.

On Saturday they awoke later than usual. Jared and Margaret's service wasn't until the afternoon, but Erin was needed for most of the day, and Emily was more than willing to assist her with all her last minute projects. Both of them were so busy that neither had time to dress for the service until it was closer to time, forcing them to bring their outfits to the church. They snuck into where Margaret and the rest of her bridal party were dressing to change their clothes.

Margaret smiled when she saw the two of them. “Just the ladies I wanted to see,” she said, coming over to them. Hugging them both she said, “I just want to thank the both of you for everything you've done for Jared and me the last few days. We couldn't have done it without either of you.”

“It's our pleasure. Anything for my sister-in-law,” Erin answered with a smile. “We just have to change quickly. I'm needed out there to usher.”

“No problem.”

“You look beautiful,” Erin mentioned.

“You certainly do,” Emily chimed in. “Jared is a lucky man.”

“Yes, he is,” Margaret teased. Looking at the blonde, she smiled once again. “Emily, I was wondering if you could do something for me. I know Erin has to go, but I really need help with Blaine . I didn't want her to get dressed until the last minute in fear that she would do something to her dress. She's in the room next door watching cartoons with Jared's parents, but she is in a mood and is refusing to change. Since Erin isn't available, I was hoping you would try to get her dressed. She adores her Aunt Emily and would do it for you. I'm sure of it.”

“No problem. I'll get her dressed.”

“Wonderful. Thank you so much.”

Erin and Emily quickly changed before they went their separate ways. Emily went into the room next door to find Liam sitting there with his granddaughter. The little girl was obviously in a grumpy mood, but her eyes lit up when she saw Emily. Blaine rushed for the blonde's open arms.

“Well, Aunt Emily to the rescue,” Liam mentioned. “Thank you. I'm a little out of my league here.”

“I'll take care of it. You need to go out to see to the guests. You are the father of the groom after all.”

“Thanks. You look beautiful,” he complimented.

“Thank you.”

“You know, I look forward to doing this again some day for you and Erin. I hope it's sooner rather than later.”

“That makes two of us.”

When the blonde was alone with Erin 's niece, she just rocked her for a few minutes while they watched cartoons. It wasn't long until the child's mood began to improve, and then it became easier to put her in her new dress for the service. Combing her dark hair, she put in the two little barrettes she had found in the bag. You look just like your aunt as a little girl. You are going to grow up to be such a beauty, Blaine . I hope Erin and I have children as wonderful as you someday.

When it was time, Emily took Blaine to her mother and went to find a seat. Erin was waiting there to usher her into the sanctuary where she placed her next to Seamus and Natalie. The blonde just watched her beloved until Natalie's voice broke her concentration. “She looks so sexy like that. I've never known another woman who looked as good dressed in a tux as Erin Mahoney.”

Emily blushed at her friend's observation. “I know. She does look sexy. Although, I have to admit the tight jeans and boots are what I like best on her, my beautiful urban cowboy.”

“She's not urban yet,” Seamus said. “You have to get her to agree to move to New York before she becomes urban.”

“I know. I'm trying to figure out how to do that.”

“Ask her to marry you. That's how you do it,” Seamus said.

The attorney shook her head. “No. I'm waiting for her to ask me. That's the only way I'll know for sure that she's ready. I don't want to rush her.”

“Well, you do know that the cousins haven taken bets on when that will be,” Natalie confessed.

“Oh, I know. Margaret already told me. Out of curiosity, Seamus, what date did you choose?”

He smiled. “Seven months in. I learned to take my cues from Jared. With Margaret advising him on Erin , I figured I put my wager closer to his. She's good at betting on Erin . Jared said she called it when you two were going to get together, but he refused to listen, thinking he knew his sister better. He lost a $100 for that mistake.”

“Seven months, huh? That would leave us another month to go.”

He nodded. “I know Erin wants to ask you, but I just don't see her doing it quite yet. Of course Jared's bet is on this weekend.”

“Well, there's no ring on my finger yet,” Emily answered, waving her left hand in gesture.

“Still I'm getting a little nervous about it. Margaret is convinced it's coming before you go back to New York .”

“We'll see. It's only Saturday. She has until Tuesday morning to be right.”

“I think she's right,” Natalie chimed in.

“What makes you so sure?” Seamus inquired.

“A woman just knows these things, honey,” she said with a smile for him and a squeeze to her friend's hand. “ Erin will be a lucky woman if you say yes.”

“Of course she's going to say yes,” he stated as if it was obvious. However, when Emily didn't answer, he looked at her. “You are going to say yes, aren't you?”

She smiled. “She hasn't even asked me yet.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, none of us bet against you. No one actually thought you'd say no.”

“I wouldn't say no. Both of you know me better than that, but we're not ready. We still have things to work out between us.”

“Even so, I think it would be wonderful to have you officially in the clan. You've been a member for so long. It's about time Erin made an honest woman out of you,” Seamus quipped.

“It would be wonderful,” the blonde answered, her eyes drifting to their topic of conversation. Erin was dutifully still showing people to their seats.

When it was time for the service, the groom and his attendants all lined up at the front of the sanctuary instead of processing. Instead the parents of the bride and groom came in first followed by the bridesmaids. When Margaret's music began, all the attendees stood as was customary and turned toward the back of the sanctuary. Emily smiled when she saw Margaret wearing an elegant white dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand. In the other, she held the hand of her young daughter, and the two of them came down the aisle together. Looking toward Jared, Emily saw the obvious devotion he had for those two women as they walked toward him. Erin also gazed on in affection.

When Margaret arrived next to Jared, Erin knelt down and opened her arms to Blaine, who scampered over to her. The brunette lifted her niece with one arm and placed her against her hip, so she could see her parents taking their vows. The service didn't last long before the two were pronounced married by the minister. When it was time to process out of the sanctuary once again though, Jared turned to his sister to receive his daughter into his arms. With that the newly married couple held hands and carried their little girl down the aisle with them. Erin and Margaret's matron of honor followed closely behind with the rest of the bridal party in slow succession.

The reception was a dinner affair with an opulent buffet and bar for all the guests. Everyone had a wonderful time visiting and celebrating the long-awaited marriage of Jared and Margaret. Playing the part of Jared's best man, Erin had to propose a toast to the two of them, so just before the wedding cake was served, she hushed the audience before her. Looking out over the crowd she smiled before turning to her brother and sister-in-law.

“You know, when I was a little girl, Jared and I didn't always get along. We got in the typical sibling fights, and he generally regarded me as a pest while I regarded him as a bully. However, then something happened. I went off to college, and our relationship changed. I began to appreciate him for what he truly was. He was the older brother everyone wishes they had. He's kind and protective. He has always supported me in all aspects of my life. For the last decade, I began to wonder if he would ever settle down. He and I both have both run on the wild side, but I did always hope he would find a woman that would complement him and love him for the man that he was. And a few years ago, my wish for his perfect companion came true. Margaret came into his life, and she has had an amazing effect on my brother. She gave his life focus and purpose in a way he had never had it before, and through their love for each other, they brought a beautiful child into the world. I should have known my brother would do things backwards,” she joked, receiving a chuckle from the crowd. “Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to thank Margaret for choosing my brother for her soul mate. He's a better man for it, and even though you have been a member of the Mahoney clan for years, it's my job now to officially welcome to this rowdy brood. I know that the two of you will be blissfully happy together, and I hope that we all can learn something about love and relationships through your example. I wish you all the best for the future and may you bless me with more nieces or nephews,” she joked, raising her glass to them.

When Erin went to hug the two of them when her toast was complete, Margaret leaned to her ear and whispered, “I hope to be doing this for you and Emily soon.”

Erin just smiled at her. “Soon,” she promised.

Erin and Emily stayed at the reception late that night. The blonde was surprised when she found out Erin wasn't taking care of Blaine while Jared and Margaret went on their honeymoon. Instead Margaret's parents had taken on the duty. Emily had felt for sure Erin would have been the first choice for such a job.

When she asked her girlfriend about it on their way back to Erin's city house, Erin just smiled and replied, “I can't take care of her all the time. Others deserve to have a chance with her. Besides I wanted to spend some time alone with you.”

“Oh? Do you have big plans for us?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Tomorrow afternoon we're going down to the ranch after we finish doing family stuff in town. I'm taking you on a horseback ride and an evening picnic to one of my favorite spots on my property. We're going to relax if it kills us.”

“That sounds good. We have been rushed these past few days. I don't feel like I've gotten any rest at all.”

“Well, we get to sleep in tomorrow morning before we're expected at my parents' house for brunch with the rest of the family. After that, we have to take some people to the airport. Then it'll just be a day and a half of only the two of us.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Me too,” Erin replied, taking her girlfriend's hand as they drove home.

The following day as Erin had explained, they had family duties to deal with before they headed out to the ranch. Erin took their bags up to the master bedroom for them, and then they changed for the ride each of them was eager to take. Heading out to the barn, both women saddled their horses. Erin had taught Emily the proper way months ago when the brunette had taken her out for her first ride, but the Texan still double checked her work before they headed out of the barn.

Together they rode to Erin 's favorite spot on her ranch. It was at the far side of her property where a small grove of trees stood by a stream. The trees provided just enough shade from the late summer sun that they could spread out the blanket they had brought with them and relax. The two women dined on a light dinner fare of assorted finger foods and wine as they just looked out over the plains.

Emily looked down at her girlfriend who was semi-reclined on the blanket, propped up on one elbow. Erin was dressed as the blonde liked her best. Her feet were adorned with a pair of brown cowboy boots, and her legs encased in snug jeans. She had on the large silver belt buckle she normally wore and tight white t-shirt that was wet with perspiration in some places. On her head was one of her straw cowboy hats. Erin 's gaze was off on something in the distance, allowing Emily to just stare at her. She never tired of it.

Finally Erin raised her hand and pointed into the distance. “Check that out. A summer storm is headed this way.”

Emily looked to where the brunette had pointed. Dark ominous clouds were billowing on the horizon. “Should we go back?”

The brunette shook her head. “No, not yet. This is a real treat. You get to see a Texas lighting storm. Look at those huge thunderheads. There's going to be a big storm tonight. I bet we lose power.”

Emily just watched the storm swept across the sky. She had never taken the time to watch a storm develop, but she found it just as intriguing as Erin seemed to. Bolts of lighting could be seen splintering across the sky followed by tremendous booms of thunder. However, there was no rain at first. It was fascinating to watch. Just behind that though, she noticed the larger front that carried rain. It seemed to be moving quickly across the plains. “Are you sure we shouldn't go back?” she asked.

Erin looked at her and smiled. “Are you afraid you're going to melt?” she teased.

“No. I just would rather not get drenched is all.”

“All right. Let's go back then. The horses would be better off in the barn when the storm gets here anyway. Come on.”

Together they packed up their belongings and rode back to the barn. They just made it in before the rain began to fall against the roof. Both women took the tack off the horses and brushed them before getting them settled for the evening. However, then Erin looked out the open barn door. Rain was coming down in a cascade. She was just contemplating her options when she felt arms slide around her from behind.

“Looks like a bad one,” Emily mentioned. “Do you think it will last long?”

“Yeah. Probably all night and into tomorrow.” Erin felt hands run along the front of her torso from her chest down her stomach and over her buckle to the fly of her jeans. Emily kissed her back through her shirt.

“Whatever will we do with our time?” Emily whispered.

Erin chuckled as she turned in the embrace. “Don't you be getting any funny ideas now. I don't want to scandalize the horses,” she said with a one-sided grin.

“Oh, a little kissing never hurt those horses before,” the blonde said, lacing her fingers around the nape of her girlfriend's neck. Fingertips played with the edges of the short dark hair. They just gazed at each other fondly for a moment. “Kiss me, cowboy,” the attorney finally demanded.

Erin complied, leaning down to meet the blonde's pink lips in a gentle exchange. The tenderness didn't last long as both let their desires begin to surface. Wrapping each other more securely in the embrace, their mouths connected again, only this time with more fervency. The women moaned as hands began to roam. Erin couldn't help herself. She had refrained from sex for far too long that the feeling of Emily just then put her at the edge of privation. She needed the blonde. She needed to be reconnected with her intimately. The time had come to make their reunion complete. However, she knew she wasn't about to initiate things in the barn and pulled back enough to take a breath and calm herself long enough for them to make it back to the house.

Emily wouldn't be dissuaded just yet though, as she pulled Erin back for more. She couldn't stand it. The six months they had been back together had been torturous. She had wanted Erin so desperately, but she had been determined to wait as long as Erin needed to. However, just then it seemed like that wait was over. Erin was not holding back in any way. “Do you think we should make a run for it?” Emily inquired softly through her kissing.

“It's the only way we're going to get back to the house any time soon,” Erin mumbled in reply.

“Then let's go for it. I don't want to be stuck out here another moment.”

Nodding in agreement, Erin led the way out of the barn. Quickly she secured the door before taking her girlfriend by the hand. The two of them ran hand in hand as fast as they could back toward the house. They were completely drenched by the time they reached the patio door, but they were both laughing playfully at the predicament as they stumbled inside.

Immediately Emily went back to kissing on her girlfriend with obvious intent as they shuffled their way over to the sofa. The blonde pushed Erin back onto it and covered her long toned body with her own smaller one. Emily tossed Erin 's cowboy hat over the back of the sofa before her hands went for the belt buckle. Quickly it was opened and the t-shirt untucked. “Time for the infamous boots,” she mumbled with a flash of her blue eyes.

Erin smiled. “You know I only take those off to make love and go to bed.”

“Oh, I know, and I hope we're going to do both,” she responded, kissing her girlfriend's neck.

At the declaration, Erin gave a big sigh. Her hands went to Emily's and stilled them from their wandering. Dark eyes made contact with blue ones. “Emily, wait,” she whispered seriously.

Immediately Emily stilled herself on top of Erin 's body. Oh no. This was going so well. What went wrong? “What's the matter?”

“I just need to wait a minute here. There's just something I need to say.” Her hand left Emily's and drifted into the right front pocket of her jeans, but it returned momentarily with a small box. Erin placed it on her chest and looked into blue eyes once again.

Oh my God. This is it. Margaret was right. Instead of saying that though, she merely asked, “Are you comfortable like this? Do you want me to move?”

Erin shook her head and smiled. “No. I think this is the perfect position, me flat on my back pinned in helpless surrender.” She took both of Emily's hands in her own again. “Emily, I love you. I have loved you for such a long time, and I couldn't imagine my life without you. I know you're what has been missing. I want to be the woman you want me to be, the woman I know I can be with you. It would be a great pleasure for me if you and I could be together always. I want to be with you every moment of every day possible, and I want to have children with you. I want to live with you raising our kids and enjoying our grandchildren when the time comes. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you if you'll have me. Please, Emily. Will you marry me?”

Emily smiled down at her beloved. Totally forgetting the ring, she grabbed Erin by the shoulders and hugged her strongly. “Oh my God, yes. Yes, I'll marry you, Erin. I love you so much. I've always hoped for this,” she exclaimed, barraging her lover with kisses.

Erin smiled as they kissed for several moments. Finally when the excitement waned and reality set in a little, she asked, “Do you want me to put your ring on you now?”

“Oh, I almost forgot about that. Of course. I'd love you to.” Emily sat back once again, revealing the ring box still sitting on Erin 's chest. The brunette slowly opened it and took out the ring. Taking the blonde's left hand, she slipped it on the appropriate finger. Emily looked down at the ring adorning her ring finger. It was a five stone diamond ring with a platinum band. “My God. It's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”

“I'm glad you like it.”

“Now I'm going to have to get you something just as nice.”

“You don't have to.”

“But I want to. Don't worry. I won't make it too girly. I just want you to have something that lets everyone know that you're mine,” Emily teased, leaning to kiss her fiancée again.

“Well, I can live with that,” answered Erin . Pausing for a moment, she softly said, “And now for the best part.”

“What's that?”

“I get to make love with you all night long,” Erin whispered sensuously.

The tone of her lover's voice sent a shiver through Emily. She had waited for this moment for such a long time, and she was more than ready to consummate the new phase of their relationship. Meeting dark eyes with her own, she whispered, “Take me to bed, Super Dyke.”

Both women sat up and eased themselves from the sofa. Leaning down, Erin grabbed Emily by the waist and hoisted her up, so they were on the same eye level. Immediately the blonde's legs wrapped themselves around Erin 's waist. They started to kiss again as they made their way over to the stairs. The tall Texan easily walked them up to the master bedroom and sat her package at the foot of the bed.

“You are so beautiful,” she whispered, running her hands through wet blonde hair. “I love you so much, Em.”

“I love you, too, Erin.” She reached her hands to her lover's drenched white t-shirt and slowly raised it by the hem. Erin allowed her to remove it. A quick flick of the clasp of her bra and it was gone as well, leaving Erin naked from the waist up. Blue eyes met brown. Emily had to focus on her breathing for a moment. She was so excited to finally be able to know her lover completely once again, but she knew a long night awaited them. She remembered that Erin would able to go all night just as she promised, and the thought made her ache all the more. Moving her hands over the naked frame in front of her, Emily just massaged the skin. She saw Erin 's pulse begin to quicken in the side of her neck as the older woman struggled to retain normal breathing as well. Emily smiled at how responsive and open Erin was, far more than she had ever seen her. Dropping her hands to her lover's waist, she bypassed the open belt and pulled open the button-fly jeans. Then with her hands she pushed the material and all she had on underneath down toned legs. The wet denim clung to Erin 's skin, forcing Emily to have to bend over slightly to push it down until it pooled at her ankles over her cowboy boots. Emily gently pushed Erin into a sitting position against the edge of the bed and knelt before her to pull off her boots. Within a few moments the brunette was completely naked just sitting in a relaxed pose.

Emily stood in front of her once again. When her fiancée's hands reached for her, she shook them off. Instead without a word, she placed a booted foot on Erin 's thigh. The tall woman took the direction and removed it and the sock that went with it before the process was repeated with the other foot. Then she just looked back into blue eyes and waited. Emily was clearly in control, and Erin wanted to oblige her lover. Erin just watched in rapt fascination as Emily slowly began to undress herself. Slowly Emily released the buttons of her cotton blouse before easing the material from her shoulders. Her jeans followed, so she stood there in merely her matching undergarments.

Erin 's patience was obviously waning as dark eyes flashed in wanton at the sight. Without asking, she raised her hands and placed them on her fiancée's hips to bring her closer. Her mouth kissed along the blonde's stomach as her fingers unclasp the bra that shielded her eyes from what she so desperately wanted to see. Then they moved back to Emily's hips to remove the final article of clothing. When Emily was naked, Erin pulled her body down on top of her own. Both of them groaned.

“You feel so good,” Emily whispered.

“So do you, Emily. My God. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, and I'm going to make you so happy.”

“You already do.”

Blue eyes flashed excitedly. “You haven't seen anything yet,” the attorney promised.

“Then show me. Take me. I'm yours,” Erin offered, gazing deeply into blue eyes.

Oh God. How I've longed for you to say those words, Erin . And now you have. Now you're mine for always. Taking on the loving challenge, Emily leaned down to kiss her lover thoroughly. Erin just hung on, allowing Emily to lead them. The blonde took her time. She wanted to enjoy this moment to its fullest. Never had she been able to be so close to Erin . The feeling of it was almost overwhelming. Kissing her way down the brunette's neck, her hands took in the landscape of Erin 's chest. Erin moaned with satisfaction at the gentle pace. “You are so sexy. You're the most attractive woman I have ever known,” Emily whispered.

“I'm nothing compared to you, love.” Emily kissed down Erin 's chest until her mouth found its mark. Erin groaned deeply as her lover explored the crest of her left breast exhaustively. She had never allowed Emily that close, but it felt so good to be able to let go with the woman she loved the most. “Don't forget the other one,” she moaned, pressing the blonde head closer.

“Never. I'm not going to forget anything. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.”

“I'm doing that. It feels incredible.”

Long minutes passed with Emily continuing in her task between her lover's breasts. Her right hand drifted lower, first taking in Erin 's left hip and then skimming across her scar from where she had been shot. Finally it came to rest in a place she had never been. Emily whimpered when she felt how warm and wet her fiancée was at her touch. It was beyond any fantasy she had ever had about feeling the strong Texan.

“ Erin ,” she whispered.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

Eyes met. “Thank you for being mine.”

“You're the only one I could ever truly belong to, Emily.”

Blue eyes studied brown as Emily made their connection complete. Erin 's eyes fluttered closed as she moaned deeply at the feeling. Emily paused to remember the moment completely. Erin 's surrender was absolute. She held nothing back from Emily. Overcome with emotions, Emily began to cry.

The sound brought Erin 's eyes open once again. “Are you all right?”

The attorney nodded. “I just always dreamed of this moment. You've made all my dreams come true.”

“Well, in that case, we'll have to start dreaming together, won't we?” Emily nodded. With a characteristic grin, Erin then requested, “Now would you please make love to me? I've been waiting all my life for this moment, for you, Emily.”

The blonde nodded and acquiesced with delight. Going back to task, she focused on Erin 's pleasure. Together they moved slowly. Erin was completely open to her lover's explorations of her body. She encouraged Emily onward as she made a methodical ascent. Emily did all the things she dreamed of, touching and tasting Erin to her heart's content. Holding her closely, she tenderly took her fiancée to the edge of oblivion and beyond, and it wasn't until Erin begged for a reprieve that they paused.

“My God. You really were worth all the waiting. I'm thrilled to know those talents belong to only me from here on out,” Erin said with a chuckle.

Emily laughed lightly. “They're yours any time you want them.”

“Oh, I'm already wanting them again, but I think it's time for me to stop just lying around on my back and return some favors,” she whispered seductively. Kissing her lover, Erin gently turned them, so Emily was on her back.

Emily moaned as she clung to the body above hers. “This is just as I always wanted it to be. You feel so good.”

“I'm glad. Now it's my turn to render you helpless.”

Erin took an orderly approach starting at the top of her lover's head. She flooded Emily with adoring kisses, leaving no inch of skin uncovered all the way down the front side of her frame. Resting her head between Emily's thighs, she took her time, rendering her talents on the blonde's body. She loved to see the blonde quiver at her touch. It was magical the first time she had ever seen it, and the sight had haunted her through the years they had been apart. However, now Emily would be hers forever. It was what she had wanted for a long time.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“Oh, Erin, I love you,” Emily cried, gripping tighter to brown hair as Erin bestowed the intimacy she had craved for so long.

Erin lingered long enough to evoke several climaxes from her fiancée before making her way back up Emily's body. She smiled at the blonde and received a smile in return. Kissing the attorney's lips gently, she sunk into the depths of bliss for both of them. She kept perfect time with the rocking of Emily's hips. The leisurely pace started to turn more frantic as time passed until they were both straining to reach that pinnacle. When it came, it rendered Emily depleted for a moment.

Neither spoke as they just lied there trying to catch their breath. Erin closed her eyes and just allowed herself to feel the body beneath hers and the hands along her back and in her hair. It was the essence of contentment. She felt she had come home after being away her entire life. Emily Parker had held the key all along, but she had finally embraced her rightful place in the arms of her beloved.

Long into the night the two reacquainted themselves with each other. It was heavenly to finally know the other and to be united in the intention of marriage. It was what both of them had wanted. Finally when exhaustion overtook them, they lied curled up together in the large bed. Emily's gaze floated out the French doors of the balcony. The light of a new day was just coming over the horizon. She sighed.

I love you, Erin. You are everything I always wanted, and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. You are my life, my love, my Super Dyke.


The Adventures of Super Dyke XI: A New Life Begins (Conclusion)

by Alex Tryst

Copyright February 2007


For all those who have been waiting for the end, I give you one last look into the lives of Erin and Emily before they go about their new life together.




Erin awoke early that morning and just looked up at the ceiling. The big weekend was upon them. Life had been crazy since she and Emily had announced their engagement. The Mahoneys were of course thrilled, and Emily's fathers seemed just as pleased with the match. However, there was a whirlwind of activities to attend to from the moment they had made things official. The first item had been their living situation.

Erin had resolved already to move to New York to be with Emily if that was what was required. She knew the inevitability of it. Her brother Jared and her sister-in-law were sad to see her go, especially since Blaine had become accustom to being with her aunt daily. That was the toughest part for Erin . Blaine was the highlight of her life until Emily reentered it, but she had to leave her beloved niece with her parents. Nevertheless, she had tried to make several trips down to Texas in the past six months to see her.

There had also been the problem of where in New York to live. Emily's place, although wonderful for one or even possibly two, held too many memories for the blonde. She did not want to share the same space with Erin that she had shared with Gillian years ago. Instead they had decided to buy a place together, which led to an exhaustive hunt of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Even though cost was not an issue, there were differences that had to be overcome in the matters of taste and size. In the end they agreed upon a larger place than was needed for the two of them in hopes of filling it in the future with their offspring.

That's where the morning found them, nestled together in bed of their new home. Emily was still asleep, being worn out from work the day before. Her duties at Johnston Brown were larger than ever as phase two of the transition was underway, and she was slowly taking over the reigns of the company's top office. Days at work often extended into nights, but Erin understood. She had once been in a similar position, and her work for her family's company kept her busy, even if it was from afar.

Slipping from bed, Erin went to the closet and pulled out her robe. Securing it around her naked frame, she looked over her shoulder at the bed. The blonde still hadn't moved, so she figured she would try to do something nice for her beloved. It was after all the start of their wedding weekend, and these moments were the last they were going to have to themselves until it was all over. The rehearsal was that afternoon and with it brought the entire Mahoney clan.

The two women had decided upon a service for only their families, with one notable exception, Chuck. Erin 's family outnumbered Emily's greatly, but it didn't matter to the blonde. She had felt so welcomed in the years past, that she felt they were already her own. Other than that, they felt it best to limit the guest list. Both of them were so well known in their respective circles of business and friends in the cities where they had lived most of their lives, so they just felt it best to make it as intimate as possible, extending invitations to their friends to join them in a celebration once they had returned from their honeymoon. It was a solution that satisfied all.

Heading downstairs, Erin wandered into the kitchen. She flipped on the lights and then opened the refrigerator door to see what her lover might like for breakfast. Emily was never one to eat a lot in the morning, usually settling for light fare, so Erin planned accordingly. She pulled out the bagels and toasted two of them. Then she started the coffee maker and poured two glasses of orange juice. When the coffee was ready, she loaded up a tray for the two of them and took it back up to the bedroom.

Her fiancée was still sleeping, her blonde hair in a tangle from the night before. When Emily had arrived home late, she hadn't allowed her weariness to deter her and pounced on her lover within moments of entering the bedroom. It had been a surprise for Erin but a pleasure as well to attend to her lover's needs, even if they were short-lived due to Emily's exhaustion.

Putting the tray on her bedside table, Erin crawled into the bed once again. Arms curved around her lover's body, which instinctively moved closer to the heat source. Kissing Emily's ear, she whispered, “Rise and shine, beautiful.”

Emily shook her head and burrowed into Erin 's body further. “Just a little longer.”

“Breakfast is ready. Are you hungry?”

One blue eye opened to look at her. “What's for breakfast?”

“Bagels, coffee, and orange juice.”

“What if I wanted Erin for breakfast instead?” she questioned with a smile.

“Then I think Erin would oblige,” she replied, referring to herself in the third person.

“Then I think Erin needs to take off her robe again.” The blonde's hands went to the tie and loosened it. The taller woman eased the material from her shoulders. Embracing her lover, she kissed her lips lightly as she turned Emily onto her back and pulled herself on top of her. The attorney moaned with satisfaction. “There's nothing I like more than to feel you on top of me, the weight of your body pressing down against mine.”

“I didn't know that. Why?”

“Because you're so much stronger than me. It makes me feel feminine and delicate. All day at work I have to walk around and be this strong powerhouse in order to maintain people's respect. I feel like everyone there can be so gender-blind, which is a good thing in the workplace, but being with you makes me feel like a woman. Being with you like this makes me feel beautiful. Seeing how much you desire me makes me feel special.”

“You are beautiful and special. Nothing can ever change that. I'm lucky to have you, and when the time comes, our children will be lucky to have you as well.”

“I hope so. I want so badly to be a good mother. I already know you will be.”

“You will be, too. I know that for a fact.” The couple smiled at each other for a moment before Erin asked, “Now do you really want this for breakfast, or would you prefer to eat what I actually made? Either is fine with me, but we need to get going on our day. We have a lot to do, and my family will be here soon.”

“I know. I know we should be responsible and get out of bed, but that's really the last thing I want to do right now.”

“Even at the expense of your own wedding?”

Emily chuckled. “Well, when you put it like that I guess there's no way we can just stay here all morning. As much as I want you to make love to me right now, I'd rather be prepared to marry you tomorrow instead.”

“Oh, I see how it is. I'm going to be shafted for wedding plans.”

The attorney nodded. “Afraid so. So you better get off of me before I change my mind.”

With that Erin rolled off of her fiancée. Turning to the table, she picked up the tray of food. “Here's our consolation prize. Eat this. I'm going to take a shower,” she said, taking a sip of coffee and leaving their bed.

An hour later the couple was dressed for the day. It was just in time, because their bell rang signaling company. It was some of Erin 's family, and they were there to help with the last minute preparations. With their arrival, Erin and Emily knew a long day of craziness, most of which would be spent apart, awaited them.

It wasn't until that afternoon when they were having their rehearsal that they saw each other again. Since neither woman was extremely religious, they had problems at first figuring out who was the most appropriate person to officiate their ceremony. Erin hadn't been able to think of anyone other than Seamus and Natalie's priest, and Emily had been at a lost for awhile as well until her fathers stepped in and offered assistance. They had a friend who was a priest and who had known Emily most of her life, even though the blonde had never really known what the man had done for a living. After conversations between the five of them, the two women decided it was an amiable solution. With that they decided to have the ceremony at his modest church in the Soho .

Standing in the sanctuary, Erin looked around at their small congregation. All her family was there, and Emily's fathers were there. It was time to begin. Looking at her bride-to-be, she smiled. She knew Emily was still painfully tired from her long week, but the blonde didn't let it show. Instead she seemed full of energy as she conversed with the guests.

“Honey, we're ready to start,” Erin mentioned, taking the blonde by the elbow and stopping her in mid-sentence.

“Oh, right. If we must,” she teased, taking Erin by the arm.

They stepped to the front of the sanctuary to where the priest was waiting. He gave them a warm smile. Shaking his head, he said, “I really can't believe you're all grown up, Emily.”

She nodded. “I know. I remember all those times when you would spend the afternoons at our house playing with me as a kid. I'm glad you agreed to do this for us, Charles.”

“I'm glad to. I never had kids of my own, so you are one of the closest things to that. It's a pleasure.” Looking around them at the gathering of people, he said, “If we could all find a seat that would be great.” The group did as they were told. Looking back at the couple, he said, “All right. Let's figure out how you want to do this. Where are your attendants?”

“We don't have any. We couldn't decide who to pick, so we decided to go without,” Erin explained.

“Oh. All right. Then how do you foresee this going?”

“Well, we were thinking that Erin and I would come in together,” Emily said.

“You want to process at the same time? That's highly unusual.”

“We know, but that's what we want,” Erin said.

“All right. Let's give that a try then, shall we? Both of you to the back of the sanctuary.” He followed them back. “We'll keep the doors closed to keep the element of surprise for your guests. Both of you stand together, Erin to the right of Emily. Good,” he said, placing them just so. “Now you're going to wait until the music starts, and then you will slowly make your way down the aisle toward me. Let's try that.”

The two women stood there as they waited for the priest to return to his place at the front of the sanctuary. When the music began, they took their slow walk down the aisle. “This is surreal,” Erin mentioned as they made their way toward the front.

The blonde nodded. “It certainly is.” Reaching the front, they stopped as they were supposed to and awaited further instruction.

“Perfect. That was just right. Now once we're down here we're going to begin with a prayer and then go right into it. Who is going to have the rings?”

“I'll have them in my pocket.”

“All right. At the appropriate time I'll ask for them. You all have given me the vows that you wrote, so we'll go through those and then do the ring exchange. A little more pomp and circumstance, a kiss, and that will be that. I'll pronounce you married, and you'll turn and walk at a leisurely pace from the sanctuary.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Erin said.

Charles smiled. “Easier said than done I'm afraid. You'd be surprised how many people forget what they're supposed to be doing, because they are so nervous. Let's try it once more just to make sure you both have it.”

The two women did as they were told. Once the second practice was complete, they all went to the rehearsal dinner with their families. Over the course of cocktails before dinner, Erin approached Emily's fathers. “Steve, Bob, thank for putting together this dinner for us,” she said. “We really appreciate it.”

“It's our pleasure, Erin . We're just so happy that you and Emily have finally decided to do this,” Steve Parker replied, curving an arm around her.

“You make it sound as if we've been together forever, and we were holding out.”

“Well, I think we all know Emily's been in love with you long before you ever officially began dating. You've been the one in her heart for years,” Bob confessed. “I'm just so happy it's finally worked out for the two of you.”

“Me too. It took me long enough to get here, but I'm glad we were finally able to get to this place.”

“You make our daughter happier than we've ever seen in her entire life. We could only condone her marriage to someone that made her complete,” Steve mentioned.

Bob chimed in, “I do hope that grandchildren will be on the horizon soon. You two will have beautiful children.”

Erin laughed. “It's on the agenda. Don't worry, but that's going to be up to Emily's schedule.”

“She works far too hard. I wish she would relax a bit and enjoy herself more.”

“I'm hoping to get her to do just that, but I do understand the pressures of her job. It's what she's always wanted, and I support her fully.”

“Just don't wait too long. She's already 34.”

Erin smiled. “Don't worry. We'll do the best we can. I promise.”

Just then Emily joined the conversation. “What are you three talking about over here?”

“Grandchildren,” her father answered. “Bob's harassing Erin about when you're going to start your family.”

The blonde laughed as she wrapped Erin in her arms. “Of course he is. Don't worry. I'm sure Erin will do her best to have me pregnant as soon as possible, or at least have fun trying.”

The three Parkers laughed while Erin just smiled demurely at the joke being at her expense. “Yes, I will do my best,” she promised. “For now though, let's concentrate on getting down the aisle.”

Dinner that night lasted late into the evening. As usual the Mahoneys celebrated loudly, and the Parkers joined right in the festivities. By the time it was time to call it a night, it was into the early morning hours. Erin and Emily took a cab back to their place. However, instead of both going inside, they stood on the sidewalk while the cab waited for Erin .

“Well, this is it,” the brunette whispered, bringing Emily into a close embrace.

The attorney nodded. “I can't believe you agreed to this silly idea of being apart tonight. Such an old-fashioned notion.”

“I'm not going to take any chances with fate. I will miss you tonight, though.”

“I'll miss you, too, a great deal,” she whispered, pulling her fiancée's head down for a thorough kiss.

“You're going to make it impossible for me to leave, aren't you?”

“Well, I am trying to make it a challenge at the very least. Doesn't it seem more appealing to come upstairs with me than to go to Seamus and Natalie's?”

“Of course it does. You know I want to be with you, but we both need our rest. You've been without good sleep for days now, and tomorrow is the big day.”

Emily gave a playful sigh. “All right. But just know you will be missing out. This is the last time you could have sex with me as a single woman, for tomorrow I'll be your ball and chain.”

“I hardly consider you that. Now go on. I want to make sure you get in safely before I leave,” she said, kissing her bride one last time before nudging her toward the door to their building.

“Good night, Super Dyke.”

“Good night, Em.”

When Emily was inside, Erin got back into the cab and continued to her cousin's place. Both Seamus and Natalie were still awake when she arrived. The three talked for several minutes before deciding it would be a good idea to get some sleep for the big events to come. As Erin lied in bed looking up at the ceiling, she thought about her lover, curled up in their bed sound asleep. She smiled at the thought of her and Emily finally being together after the years of longing.

When Emily awoke, it was already noon. She hadn't meant to sleep that long, but she knew she had needed it. That week had been crazy at work, especially with her taking off that Friday for the wedding and then the subsequent two weeks for the honeymoon. She was in a rush to complete projects, but her boss, Chuck, had finally forced her out the door.

He was the one person for which Emily and Erin had made an exception to their wedding. Even though he wasn't officially family because of his ties to Emily and Erin 's family, they had agreed to invite Chuck and his long-time partner to the event, and he was absolutely thrilled when Emily had told him of the engagement. He had often said he thought of the blonde as another granddaughter and had hosted an engagement party in their honor upon hearing the news.

Slowly rising from bed, she thought about Erin and what she might be doing. You're probably sitting around Seamus and Natalie's apartment in your boxers and a t-shirt and having a good time with that infamous cousin of yours. She smiled as her thoughts focused on what Erin might be wearing. Whatever it is, I know you look sexy in it. Geez, I'm not going to make it down the aisle before ripping your clothes off, am I? She laughed to herself as she headed into their bathroom. She took a leisurely shower and then wrapped herself in her fiancée's robe. She had absolutely nothing to do for the next several hours, which was a rarity for her. She was not needed anywhere until that afternoon when her fathers would arrive to escort her to the church to get ready.

Heading downstairs she ate breakfast and then plopped down on the sofa to read. She was so lost in her book that she was startled when the phone rang. She smiled when she saw the number. “Hello, sexy,” she purred into the receiver.

“Good afternoon, gorgeous. I hope I'm not disturbing you. I just missed you.”

“I miss you. It was so lonely last night without you. The bed was too big and too cold. Not to mention you left me completely turned on without giving me any relief before you left,” she whispered.

Erin laughed. “I know, and I'm sorry for that. Trust me. I really didn't want to leave. I would have much rather gone to bed with you than alone. I had a hard time sleeping.”

“Me too. So turned on and no lover to satisfy me. I had to take matters into my own hands,” she mumbled.

“Really? And just how did you do that?” Erin asked in interest.

Emily chuckled. “Wouldn't you like to know?”

“Yes, so please, do tell. What did you do?” she asked with a soft, seductive voice.

Emily sighed as she thought about whether or not to tease her lover. Deciding to forge ahead she replied, “Well, first I slowly took off all my clothes and then put on your robe, but I didn't tie it. Then I pulled down the covers and got into your side of the bed. I clutched your pillow to me and pretended it was you. With my eyes closed, it was almost like you were there. I could smell you.”

“And then?” prompted Erin , giving a shaky exhale.

“And then I did what any woman desperate for their lover would do.”

“Give me more than that,” she whined playfully.

The blonde laughed. “Oh, very well. I fantasized about you making love to me while I did the rest.”

“I'm not going to get the play by play?”

“Nope. You had every chance to be apart of the play by play, but you refused. Something about being chivalrous got in your way.”

Erin groaned. “Well, I guess there is one small consolation about this.”

“What's that?”

“You got to enjoy one last night with yourself, because after today you're never going to need to do that again. I will always be there any time you need some attention.”

“You think you're really up to that challenge, huh?”

“I know I am. Trust me. I'm your woman.”

“You sure are,” the blonde whispered. The lovers talked for several more minutes before Erin decided to let her fiancée have the free time to herself once again. As they were hanging up, Emily said, “The next time I see you we'll be walking down the aisle together.”

“We sure will. I can't believe it's really happening.”

“You're not going to back out on me now, are you?” the attorney joked.

“Never. I could never get any better than you. I know that. So I better get you to that church before you change your mind,” she teased.

“That could never happen.”

“Well, I guess I'll see you soon. I'll be there with my tux on,” promised Erin .

“I can't wait to see that.”

“And I can't wait to see the dress Natalie made for you. I know whatever the two of you designed will be beautiful.”

“I know you'll like it.”

“I better let you go. I know your fathers will be coming over soon to take you to the church. Enjoy your last free few hours of being a single gal.”

“You too, Super Dyke. See you in a few hours.”

When Emily's fathers came to get her, the blonde was more than ready to head to the church. All her belongings were packed for the trip by limo where she would dress and prepare for the event. Both her fathers were already dressed in their tuxedos and smiling brightly at their only child. Together the three rode to the church where they helped her with her things. The first item on the agenda upon arrival was Emily's hair and makeup. The professional they had hired was already waiting on her, so they went straight to task.

Meanwhile Erin arrived at the church with Seamus and Natalie and was placed in a separate room. Natalie had agreed to help Emily get dressed, so she went off to assist with that process, leaving the two cousins alone. Seamus looked at his favorite cousin and smiled. “You are really doing this,” he said.

“I know. It seems crazy. My dream is coming true. She's all I've ever really wanted, Seamus.”

“I know. I've always known that. She's perfect for you. I know you'll be happy together.”

Erin nodded in agreement. Gesturing to the hanging bag she had brought with her, she said, “I guess I better put on this monkey suit, huh?”

“I guess you better. I'll see you at the service,” he said, coming to give her a hug.

“See you then,” she answered, hugging him tightly before sending him on his way. When she was alone, she thought about how far she and Emily had come in the years they had known each other, from friends with benefits, to ex-lovers, then on to tentative friends, and then where they finally were that day, a couple of unwavering devotion. It had been a long harrowing road for the both of them, but they ended up in the one place both had secretly desired for so long. It was nothing short of a miracle that they were able to come together once again after all they had been through together. It made Erin surer that their relationship would endure the tests of their future together.

Putting on her tuxedo and black cowboy boots, Erin just waited in the room by herself until the hair and makeup person came to see her. Back in the days during beauty pageants she was used to others primping her for big occasions, but it had been a long time since she had been treated to what she considered torture. Nevertheless, she had agreed to do it for Emily, knowing the pictures of their day would only turn out better for it. A little while later, the torturer arrived to commence her activities. Through the whole thing Erin remained perfectly still as she had been trained from an early age, but she was more than ready to get on with things. Sitting idle was starting to make her nervous. Finally she was ready, and the priest came to escort her to her place.

He smiled at her. “You stay here. I'm going to go get Emily, and then we're going to begin,” he instructed, standing her just in front of the closed sanctuary doors.

Erin did as she was told. A moment later she saw the priest return and slip through the doors alone. She felt a presence slid up next to her and take her by the hand. Erin turned and felt her breath leave her. There was Emily looking incredibly beautiful. Her long blonde hair had been curled into long cascading ringlets with half of it pinned up to hold a traditional long veil. Her blue eyes sparkled brilliantly, and her smile was dazzling. At first Erin couldn't even gaze beyond her lover's face, but after a moment, her eyes slowly moved on to take in the rest of her. The dress was traditional white and sat just off her shoulders. The sleeves were long befitting the time of year. The satin torso was form fitting and embroidered with a delicate lace pattern that accentuated Emily's toned physique, and the long skirt flowed easily, creating an overall picture of feminine elegance. It left Erin without words for a moment.

Finally though she managed to whisper, “You look beautiful, Emily, so stunning.”

“You look pretty sexy yourself, cowboy,” she said with a smile, tugging on one of Erin 's lapels.

Erin couldn't help herself. She leaned down to her lover and snuck a kiss onto her cheek. “I'd love to do more than this right now,” she whispered.

“Me too,” Emily replied, leaning to lightly kiss her lover's mouth.

“Suppose we could sneak away?”

“Oh no. You are going down this aisle with me first,” Emily replied with a grin as they continued to exchange delicate kisses. They were so into each other they didn't even realize the church attendants had opened the doors, allowing their families to see them having their intimate moment. However, they were slightly surprised to hear the music start and to look up to find everyone staring at them in amusement.

“Whoops. I guess we're busted,” Erin teased.

“Looks like it. We better get in there and do this.”

Erin smiled and nodded at Emily. With that they both turned toward the front of the church and dutifully made their way up the aisle. Both of them focused on the priest instead of their families for fear someone would make a joke at what had just occurred.

When they reached the front, Charles said nothing of the display, only smiled as he began the official service. “Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord. We give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. We have come together in the presence of God to uphold Erin and Emily as they make their vows of marriage. We celebrate with them the love they have discovered in each other, and we support their decision to commit themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. Erin , do you here in the presence of God and these witnesses declare your commitment to Emily and choose her as the one with whom you wish to spend your life? Do you pledge to forsake all others and to endure all difficulties which life may offer, even as you look forward to sharing the joys to be experienced together?”

Erin looked at her beloved standing next to her and smiled. “I do.”

Charles continued on. “Emily, do you here in the presence of God and these witnesses declare your commitment to Erin and choose her as the one with whom you wish to spend your life? Do you pledge to forsake all others and to endure all difficulties which life may offer, even as you look forward to sharing the joys to be experienced together?”

“I do,” Emily answered with a smile for the woman standing next to her.

With that Charles opened his Bible and said, “Emily and Erin have chosen a particular passage they wish me to read. It is from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. ‘Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.'” He paused long enough to close the Bible and then look at the two of them. “If you two would face each other and hold hands, you will recite the vows you have written,” he instructed. The women followed the directions. “ Erin , please go first and recite your vows to Emily.”

Erin looked at him and then her bride. She had practiced these many times over just so she could say them without assistance. However, she was excited and nervous, and for a moment, she merely stood there collecting her thoughts. Finally though, the words came to her. “In the name of God, I, Erin, take you, Emily, to be my wife, my lover, and my friend. I will be yours in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and sorrow, in times of failure and triumph. I promise to cherish, respect, and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, from this day forward without end. This is my solemn vow.”

“Now, Emily, please recite your vows to Erin .”

“In the name of God, I, Emily, take you, Erin , to be my wife, my lover, and my friend. I will be yours in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and sorrow, in times of failure and triumph. I promise to cherish, respect, and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, from this day forward without end. This is my solemn vow.”

Charles looked at Erin and asked, “May I have the rings please?” Nodding her head, Erin broke hands with Emily long enough to retrieve the rings from her pocket. Taking them in his hand, Charles said, “May these rings be a symbol of the vows which you have made this day. Erin , take this ring and place it on Emily's finger while repeating after me. Emily, this ring I give you as a token of my faithfulness and love, and as pledge to honor you, and to share with you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be.”

Erin slipped the ring onto her lover's finger as she declared in a strong voice, “Emily, this ring I give you as a token of my faithfulness and love, and as pledge to honor you, and to share with you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be.”

“Emily, take this ring and place it on Erin 's finger while repeating after me. Erin , this ring I give you as a token of my faithfulness and love, and as pledge to honor you, and to share with you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be.”

Emily gently eased the ring onto Erin's hand and smiled as she repeated, “ Erin , this ring I give you as a token of my faithfulness and love, and as pledge to honor you, and to share with you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be.”

When they were finished, Charles took their joined hands and raised them saying, “Now that Erin and Emily have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and with the exchanging of rings, I pronounce they are married, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” He smiled at them once again as he stated with a chuckle, “Now you may know seal your vows with a kiss.” After an extended exchange between them, they broke enough to smile at one another. Charles turned them around toward their audience. “And now I present to you the happily married couple, Erin Mahoney and Emily Parker-Mahoney.”

When the music began for them once again, the couple slowly made their way down the aisle to the back of the church. Their families followed suit, and everyone stopped to congratulate them as they made their preparations to depart for their reception. The reception ended up being in the same place Seamus and Natalie had theirs, because it had gone so well previously.

There was a pre-dinner cocktail hour followed by a lavish dinner after which point everyone decided to party in traditional Mahoney fashion. The group became rowdy and loud but had a wonderful time doing so. As for Erin and Emily, they delved into the fun of it, having as grand a time as the rest of their guests. The music and dancing went well into the night before it was time for them to say their good byes. They were given a loud send off before a limousine took them back to their place where they would spend the night before getting on a flight in the morning for the Virgin Islands .

They cuddled in silence together on the ride home. Neither felt the need to say anything, allowing the day to sink in with both of them. They had done it. They were officially married. When the driver pulled up to their building and opened the door, they went into the lobby. The lobby attendants greeted them with smiles and warm wishes of congratulations as they made their way over to the elevator.

Stepping onto it, Emily cuddled into Erin 's chest as they rode to their floor. “I am so tired,” she yawned.

“It's been quite a busy day. You just need to get some sleep. Tomorrow we'll be on our way to a glorious ten day vacation. Nothing but sand, sun, and relaxing.”

“And lots of sex,” the blonde whispered, kissing her wife on the side of the neck.

Erin gave an unsteady exhale. “As much as you want,” she promised. The bell chimed signaling their floor. Making their way hand in hand down to their door, quietness consumed them once again. Erin dug out her keys and unlocked the door for them. Pushing it open, she turned to the attorney. “May I have the honor?”

Emily smiled and then leapt into her lover's arms to be carried inside. Erin managed to kick the door closed behind them and precariously held her wife while locking it before she proceeded to take her upstairs to their bedroom. Upon arrival, she placed her gently down at the foot of the bed. “Thanks for the ride,” she said with a smile.

“You're welcome. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to do that. I am not getting any younger. I know you aren't getting any heavier, so it must be my back starting to go,” she joked.

They stood there another moment just looking into each other's eyes. “So should we go to bed?” Emily asked, slowly beginning to undress her wife. Erin 's jacket fell to the floor, and then her tie was removed.

The buttons of her shirt were starting to fall open when the brunette said, “I thought you said you were tired.”

“I'm never too tired for this,” she whispered. “The prospect of making love with you is worth the sleep I'm going to miss tonight partaking in my favorite activity,” she murmured, kissing Erin along the jaw as her hands continued with the tall woman's clothes.

Erin moaned softly as her fingers felt for the buttons of Emily's dress. They were small with intricate closures, making it more difficult than she expected to open. However, with patience and skill she managed the task. Emily's wedding dress came slithering off, leaving Erin with a pleasant surprise. “Oh my,” she moaned as her eyes surveyed what her wife was wearing under the dress.

“Do you like it?”

“Very much. You look incredible,” she admitted, her eyes taking in the white lace and satin corset and undergarments. She also had on a blue garter just above where her thigh high hosiery stopped. “I just wish I had known about this surprise. I would have tried to do something for you, too.”

“Not to worry. You are going to look perfect in just a few seconds,” she answered, releasing Erin 's trousers, so they fell around her ankles. Both of them worked on the brunette's attire, and soon she was naked. “That's so much better. This is how I like you best.”

“And this is how I like you best,” Erin said, gently pushing her wife down onto the bed and covering her body with her own.

The two women kissed slowly, taking in the feeling of each other with gentle caresses. Erin could tell her wife truly was tired but was determined to do what was asked of her if that was what Emily wanted. She slowly began to work open the corset until it came free, leaving pale breasts on display. Reverently she mapped the curvature, wanting to remember the moment between them. In return she felt hands along her sides, gripping her waist in eager anticipation as she ducked her head down to taste what was on visual offer.

Emily moaned at the feeling of Erin 's mouth and tongue along her chest. It always made her more ardent for what was to follow. As much as wanted their night to linger, she knew exhaustion was not far off, so their foreplay had to go at a quicker pace than normal. With that in mind, she gave her wife some subtle non-verbal direction, pushing downward on her shoulders.

Erin picked up on it immediately and continued her path. She worked off the rest of the remaining clothes until the blonde was as naked as she. Then she crawled upward once again, so they were face to face. Erin brought her hand slowly up between her lover's thighs where she loitered for a moment, just tracing the silky skin with the tips of her fingers. “Are you ready for me?” she whispered, gazing deeply into blue eyes.

Emily just looked into the dark eyes. She could sense why Erin had paused. This moment was different. It would be their first time together married. It made her heart palpitate harder knowing Erin saw it as a moment to be cherished between them. She gave a gentle smile as she reached out to caress her wife's cheek. “I've waited my whole life for you. Make me yours all over again.”

Erin did as what was requested. Leaning down to kiss her wife's lips sweetly, she slipped into that hallowed place that was reserved just for her. Even though it felt exactly the same as it had a few days previously, emotionally it was completely different. It was overwhelming to recognize this was the woman she had chosen to be with for the rest of her life, and this woman had chosen her in return. There would be no others between them. Her days of philandering, although technically over years ago, had officially ceased. She took great comfort in the feeling and felt fortunate that Emily had selected her when she could have had anyone. Feeling the need to express that sentiment, she whispered, “I love you, Emily. Thank you for marrying me.”

Emily smiled brightly. “I love you, too, Erin. Thank you for marrying me and making me so happy.” She slipped her right hand between their forms. “And now I'm going to make you happy,” she promised, sliding inside of her wife.

Together they found the pace that suited them. It was methodical and light at first but grew in intensity and fervor as the moments passed. Both women were not far from the edge after being with each other the entire afternoon without much chance to exchange more than a few kisses. It didn't take long until each found the release they craved at each other's hands.

When both of them had settled from it, they cuddled naked on top of their bed for a few minutes. Neither said anything, but Erin made a move to pull down the comforter and sheets, so they could crawl into their bed. Once under the weight of the blanket and in the warm of each other's arms, sleep was not far off. Emily was just lying with her eyes closed enjoying the moment when she felt Erin's body go slack, signaling she had fallen asleep.

The blonde turned in the arms that held her to look upon the face of the woman she loved, the woman to whom she had given her heart and her life. I have always loved you, Erin. From the moment I first saw you, you touched a place in me I never knew existed. The first time you touched me, I knew there truly wasn't any other woman that could ever make me feel they way you do. You are the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, and now you are my wife, my Super Dyke.


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