Georgia On My Mind

by Alex Tryst

copyright January 2003

Disclaimer: These characters are of my own creation, except for one, Isaac Mizrahi. He is a real person, and I tried to keep him as true to himself as possible. No infringement was intended. This story is about two women (big surprise there) who are doing all right in their respective lives until they meet each other, and that's when mayhem ensues. I should mention as well that some of my old favorites make an appearance, so if you are a fan of "Love in Photographs", you will enjoy seeing Torrance, Helen, and company. If you have not had the pleasure of reading "Love in Photographs", just know that this book will definitely spoil that one, so you might want to read it first. However this is not a sequel by any means and can stand by itself. I just think you'll find more pleasure in the minor players in this work if you have read that one. As far as things to look out for, there is violence such as gay bashing and racist and homophobic remarks, so please be aware. And one last thing I should note. I tried to actually write out the southern accent the best I could, so please go lightly on commentary of the speech. This is my first attempt at affecting a drawl in dialogue.

Dedication: As always to my wife, you are my fondest wish. To the inspiration for the title I credit the song "Georgia on My Mind" sung by the one and only Ray Charles. This is a perfect title given my leading southern lady. Of course in my own way I also thank my blonde muse who has been the star of several books now and more to come I'm sure. Of course I cannot forget my beta reader who has kept me motivated on more than just this book.

Now on with the show.......................................................................................................................

Part 3

The rest of the day passed in a blur to the attorney. She wasn't able to testify herself due to time constraints, so she was slated to take her turn the following day. Heading back to the farm with her family and friends, they all settled down with a large dinner. After their meal Torrance, Helen, and Blake spent the evening on the porch enjoying the stars and each others company as John slept comfortably in his blonde mother's arms while Bruce lay quietly at Blake's feet.

As the ten o'clock hour approached, Torrance and Helen excused themselves to bed since John was going to wake up sometime during the night, leaving Blake alone on the porch swing. She was just thinking about the events of the day when she saw car lights coming up her driveway. Immediately Bruce sat to attention as they both stared intently into the dark trying to make out the vehicle. Unable to do so, the attorney moved closer to the door in case she needed to retreat quickly into the house, but as the driver stepped out, she sighed with relief, because it was only Georgia.

The blonde cautiously came up the stairs. As soon as she got into the light of the porch, Blake gasped at the sight of the beautiful woman's face marred by an angry red welt across her cheek. Forgetting herself, Blake immediately reached for the small woman as she asked in concern, "What happened to you?"

"My father." she whispered leaning into the caress Blake was bestowing on her cheek. "He hit me for what I said today. He's angry 'bout what I did."

"He's mad that you testified?"

The teacher shook her head. "He's mad that I told everyone 'bout what happened between us. He's upset that I'm in love with you." she admitted with a trembling voice.


"I had to get out of there, but I didn't know where I could go after today. I'm not sure who my friends are any more."

"It's all right. You'll be safe here. No one will hurt you." Blake assured her.

"Thank you."

"We should get ice on that. Come inside." the tall woman said curving a protective arm around the teacher and leading her into the house. They walked together into the kitchen. The house was quiet since they were the only two seemingly still awake. Georgia took a seat at the table while Blake made a makeshift ice pack with some ice cubes and a towel. "Here. This should help." she said coming to the table. Instinctively she held it up to the younger woman's face herself instead of just handing it to her. Neither spoke at first, their eyes conveying the vulnerability that each was feeling at the moment. The extended silence reigned for long minutes.

When the flaming pain began to recede in her face, Georgia gently pulled Blake's hand away and held it in her own. "Thank you. It feels better now."

Giving a nod the brunette went to the sink and threw away the ice cubes before putting the damp towel over the hand rail of the stove to dry. "You should probably stay away from home tonight to give your father time to settle down a little." The teacher nodded. "You can stay here." Blake offered.

"If you're sure that's okay." tentatively Georgia accepted.

"It's fine. Come upstairs with me. I'll get you something to sleep in." Quietly Blake locked up the house before leading Georgia up the creaky old staircase and down the corridor to one of the many guestrooms in the house. Blake knew there were no more rooms available for the blonde with all the people staying at the house, but she figured she could have hers for one night, and she would take the couch. Flipping on the lights as they entered the room, she stated, "You can stay in here. Just let me get you a change of clothes."

Georgia watched as Blake went to the dresser and began to rummage through the drawers. She took in the somewhat disarrayed bed and realized that the brunette was offering her the room she normally slept in for the night. "Blake, is this your room?" she inquired.


"Well, I cain sleep somewhere else." she offered.

"It's fine. Here. Try this on. It'll probably be a little big on you still, but it's the smallest thing I have." She extended the thin white t-shirt to the blonde. "There is a bathroom right through there." Blake stated pointing to the closed door across the small room. "You're more than welcome to use any of my stuff."

"Thank you, Blake." she whispered.

"Thank you, Georgia, for what you did today. I'm sorry you got hurt for what you did on my behalf."

"I'd do it 'gain." the blonde replied softly before heading into the bathroom.

Georgia changed into the t-shirt Blake had provided her. It hung down almost to her knees but had seen better days as she could just make out her bare form underneath. Neatly folding her clothes, she splashed water on her face before using the attorney's mouth wash.

Stepping back into the room, she found the older woman standing at the dresser. Blake had changed as well, and she now wore a t-shirt herself and a pair of men's boxers as she put her clothes away for the night. "Um, did you want some bottoms to go with that?" the attorney asked quietly as she eyed the blonde's legs as the little woman shifted nervously on her bare feet.

"No. I'm all right."

"Okay." Blake mumbled as her eyes trailed up Georgia's body. She could see that the blonde was completely naked under her sleeping attire, all three of her intimate treasures outlined by the white cotton. "Good night then."

Seeing the reaction Blake was having to her form, Georgia decided to take a chance with her. Stepping over to her, the blonde reached for the muscular frame of her dreams, sliding one arm around the attorney's waist as the other went around her neck. The quick exhale assured her of Blake's desire. Blue eyes met brown. Without wasting a moment, she leaned up toward the tall woman's lips, pulling the brunette's head down to her. Blake groaned deeply as their mouths came together, and the teacher felt the hardness of Blake's cast embrace her around the back while her good hand cupped the back of her fair head. The kiss was gentle at first but quickly fanned the flames of their underlying fire for each other until they threatened to blaze out of control and only the need for air forced them apart.

Looking up into the dark eyes, Georgia breathlessly whispered, "Don't go. Stay with me tonight."

"Georgia." the brunette uttered in uncertainty.

"Please, Blake. Don't talk. Don't think. Just love me." the blonde murmured bringing her hands to the hem of Blake's t-shirt. Slowly she lifted it over the attorney's head, leaving her only in her shorts. Georgia ran her hands up the older woman's torso, her fingers taking in the toned body before meeting brown eyes again. "You're so sexy, Blake. I've wanted to touch you for so long." the little woman admitted as she kissed the slope of the tall woman's left breast just over her heart. "Come to bed with me." The attorney's only response was to capture Georgia's lips again in a steamy kiss. Her hands quickly ripped the thread bare shirt from the blonde's back. The petite woman moaned as her form became exposed to the humid night air. Stepping backwards, she pulled the tall woman with her toward the bed. The only sounds in the room as they moved ever closer to their destination were erratic breathing and Blake's leg cast as it knocked the bed frame.

Georgia lost her balance as Blake lightly pushed on her, making her fall back onto the antique brass bed. The blonde wasted no time however, leaning in to kiss the hard stomach of the woman she loved, her tongue lightly rimming her navel erotically foretelling pleasure to come. Blake groaned pressing the fair head closer. The teacher slid her hands around the brunette's body again, grabbing hold of her firm backside. She began to knead it gently as her tongue licked lower and lower teasing the older woman in the most sensual of ways. Blake whimpered. Finally when Georgia felt she had tortured her lover enough, she freed her from the confines of her boxers, leaving them both completely naked to each other's eyes.

Blake looked down into the blue eyes she adored. Georgia was utterly exposed and open to her gaze. The sight of the blonde sitting there with her thighs wide enough to accommodate the brunette's body, left Blake with the need to possess the woman of her persistent fantasies. Leaning down she scooped up the blonde's legs and laid them out on the bed, and then slid onto it next to Georgia. She didn't linger long though before rolling on top of the smaller woman, who immediately made room for her in the cradle of her thighs. Georgia arched her back up into her, pressing their bodies even closer.

Blake took a moment to gaze at her lover's face. The fingers of her good hand lightly traced over fair brows and down her cheek before leaning to kiss her mouth again. The attorney leisurely explored the blonde this time. Her mouth meticulously investigated the fair body beneath her, but remembering her desires from their last encounter, she knew there was one thing she needed to do before they got too carried away. Working her way down Georgia's body, Blake eventually found herself between the blonde's legs, her mouth inches from her longing. Sparing a look up to the teacher's face, she lowered herself to the pleasure she knew was waiting for her.

Georgia cried out at the first feel of Blake's tongue. It seared her wetness, sending sparks skittering throughout her body. The attorney groaned in approval at the taste of the blonde. It was even better than she had remembered, and she was all too happy at the chance to drown in it.

The petite woman had never felt such feelings running rampant through her. Even as much as she had enjoyed their first experience, it paled to what Blake was doing to her as the attorney's tongue slithered over every delicate crevice and curvature, seeking her entrance and filling her as far as she could. Her moans were constant as she gripped tighter to the dark hair of her lover. Georgia felt herself approaching the summit of pleasure under the ministration. She screamed her release into the night as she clutched fiercely to Blake's head, pushing her face as deep as she could.

Blake moaned as she felt Georgia spasm against her, her delicate flesh quivering from the oral assault. The tall woman was far from sated though and waited only a few moments before making her way up the blonde's body. "Are you all right?" she whispered looking to the teacher's face as her hand came to take the place that her mouth had just occupied.

"Uh huh." Georgia muttered still floating the tide. However she gave a whimper when she felt Blake enter her.

"Is that too much?" the brunette asked in concern.

"No." the blonde panted meeting her lover's eyes. Curving her arms around strong shoulders she pulled the brunette down to her, so their bodies were touching skin to skin everywhere. Their mouths met softly at first and then with increasing fervor that matched Blake's strokes. The older woman pulled her lips away from the blonde's to take in her fair neck as she continued to thrust with rising tempo until they both were writhing, desperately straining to complete what they had begun. It wasn't long before Georgia's body reached the precipice, and she called her lover's name feverishly. Knowing how close the small woman was, Blake increased her efforts, pushing the teacher over the pinnacle of pleasure a second time before collapsing onto the smaller body under hers. Georgia trembled as strong arms held her. The contractions lasted long moments, but when they had subsided, Blake began to withdraw. Georgia whimpered in protest. "No." she objected grabbing Blake by the wrist. She pushed the older woman back into her. "Stay inside me forever." she murmured. The brunette complied with the little woman's wish, remaining inside her as they both drifted to sleep.

The following morning Blake awoke to the sound of knocking on her bedroom door. Sleepily she opened her eyes to find herself alone. Wondering where Georgia was, she called out, "Who is it?"

"It's Helen."

"Just a second." she responded. She rolled out of bed, noticing that she was still naked from the night before, but her night clothes had been put away. The bathroom door was open, revealing that she was completely alone in the room. Grabbing her robe, she pulled it on. "Come on in." she said.

Her blonde friend opened the door and slowly stepped into the room. "Morning."

"Good morning. How are you? Sleep all right?"

Helen shrugged. "As well as one does with a baby around. John and I were up at about 5:00 when we ran into someone unexpected."


"What was Georgia doing here at that hour?" she asked innocently.

Blake gave a chuckle at the blonde. "Well, she came by after you and Tor went to bed last night. She needed a place to crash, because she had gotten into a bad fight with her father."

"And you were more than happy to accommodate her? How sweet of you." the blonde teased. "Seriously, Blake, what's going on with the two of you now?"

The attorney shrugged. "I don't know. Last night was incredible." she confessed. "She was everything I ever wanted a woman to be. Did she say anything to you when she left?"

"Just to tell you good bye, and she wanted me to give you this note." she stated handing it over.


"You're welcome. I'll leave you to get dressed now. Your mother has started on breakfast. She asked me to remind you that we had to leave here by 8:15."

"All right. Thanks, Helen."

Once her friend had closed the door, Blake looked down at the envelope in her hands. She had never seen Georgia's handwriting before, so she took a moment to study it, the soft, feminine nature of the curves, very much like their owner. Opening it Blake pulled out the paper and unfolded it. The letter began with the blonde thanking the attorney for giving her a place to stay the night, but then it moved on to express her sentiments of what they had shared. Blake's heart fluttered at the elegant words the little woman had chosen that were so befitting of their time together. Georgia laid bare all of her feelings that she had never been able to say, her love and devotion for the brunette. However as Blake read through it, she realized they were the words of a defeated woman as if Georgia had accepted her fate of never having a relationship with the attorney. The beauty queen thanked Blake for the opportunity to share her deepest emotions and that she would cherish their time together for the rest of her life. She closed it saying that Blake would always be in her heart and thoughts forever before signing her name. Blake gave a shaky sigh, finding it difficult to breathe. The blonde had just walked out on her with intentions of never returning. The tall woman reread the note several times, but it was even more obvious that Georgia had no aim of having a relationship with her.

The brunette didn't know how to feel about the turn of events. She had wanted the blonde for so long, but now that she had her, she realized there was more to her desires. Georgia wasn't just an object of her lust any longer. She had somehow transformed her position in a matter of a day. The previous morning when Blake had entered the courtroom, she had still felt anger toward the teacher, but Georgia's bold declaration on the witness stand swayed the attorney's opinion, and once she had lowered her guard, the petite woman had slipped into a place in her soul without the older woman even realizing it until it was too late. Now she was left with a smarting pang of her heart leaving her.

Blake had no idea what she was going to do, but she knew she wanted to convince Georgia to give her a chance. However she knew there was no time to go to the blonde's house, because she was due to testify that day in court. Placing the note by her bed, she hurried into the bathroom to dress for the day.

The brunette expected to see Georgia at the courthouse that day, but both the blonde and her mother were missing. Nevertheless Blake went on the stand to tell of the brutal assault she had received at the hands of the defendants. It was difficult for her to describe the incident given her strong feelings about it, but she held her own with the defending attorney, not allowing him to belittle her as he had the blonde the previous day.

That evening though as court was adjourned for the day, Blake split up from her group, saying she had an errand to run and would catch up with them at the house. Climbing into her truck, she sped off in the direction of Georgia's house. The blonde's truck was in the driveway when she pulled up. The brunette went up to the door and knocked strongly. Only a moment passed before Melvin answered the door.

"What the hell do you want?" he sneered.

"I want to talk to Georgia." she stated.

"Hell no! She ain't allowed anywhere near you! I forbid it! Now get out of here!" he screamed slamming the door. However Blake wouldn't be dissuaded so easily and knocked a second time. Melvin opened the door once more. "I said get lost, Yankee! Don't make me hurt you!"

"I just want to talk to your daughter, Mr. Carmichael." she said but received a door in the face again. Knowing that Georgia was there, Blake decided to try another method. Circling the trailer to the blonde's bedroom, she noticed that the light was on but the window closed. Seeing some discarded cinder blocks lying haphazardly in the yard, the attorney carefully stacked a few of them on top of each other, and then stepped on them, so she could see into the little woman's room. Georgia was standing with her back to the window talking with her mother who was in the door way. The tall woman rapped lightly at the window. Both women quickly turned at the sound.

When Georgia saw who was at her window, her heart momentarily stopped. She had never seen such an anxious expression on her beloved's face, and she felt bad for putting it there. Moving to the window, the blonde slid it open. "What are you doin' here, Blake?" she whispered quietly.

"I came to talk to you."

"You have to leave. You cain't be here. My daddy will kill you if he finds you."

"I don't care. I need to talk to you." The attorney looked at her lover's mother. "Cindy, help me out here."

The older blonde shook her head. "I wish I could, Blake, but Georgia's right. It ain't safe for you here any more. Melvin will hurt you. You best be gettin' gone."

The brunette gave a sigh. Seeing bags on Georgia's bed, she inquired, "Where are you going, Georgia?"

However before the teacher could answer, Blake heard a cocking of a shotgun behind her as it pressed into her lower back. "Yankee, I told you to get the hell off my land!" Melvin stated. "For the last time you leave my girl 'lone! She's goin' back where she belongs! She's goin' back to her husband, and you're goin' six feet into the ground if you don't get off my property by the count of ten!" he screamed.

Looking back at the blonde, Blake asked, "Georgia, is that true? Are you going back to Jack?" she asked with obvious confusion and hurt.

"One!" Melvin yelled in warning.

"Please go, Blake. I don't want to see you get hurt." she softly said.


"Georgia, don't do this." the attorney pleaded.


"I don't have a choice, Blake. Now go please." she pressed ardently.


"Georgia, I just want a chance to talk some sense into you."


"I cain't, Blake. You don't understand. Now leave before my daddy hurts you." she whispered touching her admirer's cheek sweetly.


Sighing in resignation the tall woman gave a nod. "All right. I'll go, but know this, Georgia. You can run, but you can't hide from the truth. I know you love me."


Getting off the blocks, Blake began to walk away. As she turned the corner of the trailer, she heard Melvin reach ten just before a shot rang out and hit the tree that she had just passed. Quickly the brunette jumped into the truck in panic just as he came around the corner ready to fire a second time. His second shot came through the windshield on the passenger's side. Glass shattered around her as the attorney was backing out of the driveway.

Blake raced off, sending dust flying under her tires as she sped away for fear of her life. When she arrived back at her farmhouse and her family and friends saw the bullet hole through the glass on the truck, they immediately became concerned. "What happened to you?" Torrance inquired pulling her friend into her arms.

Blake was shaking as she replied, "She's going back to Jack."

"What? What are you talking about? I'm asking who shot at you, Blake."

"Oh. Her father because I wouldn't get off his property." she mumbled. Looking at Helen she muttered, "She's going back to Jack, Helen. How could she do this to me? Did she tell you this today when you saw her?"

Helen looked at her own wife and then Blake. Putting her arms around the attorney, she pulled her tightly against her in a consoling embrace. "I don't know why she's doing this, Blake. All I know is that sometimes people run from the ones they love, because they're scared." she said touching her beloved photographer in sympathy as she remembered what she had done to their relationship before they had given it a second chance. "If you love her, she's worth fighting for even if it means fighting her."

"I don't understand why he would take her back. He's the one that asked for their divorce. He knows she feels something for me. Why would Jack do this?"

"Maybe you don't know all the facts, Blake." Torrance proposed. "Did she give you an answer when you asked why she was going back?"

"No. Her father was counting rather quickly. I had to get out of there before he got to ten."

"Well, then maybe she will explain it to you. You can't jump to conclusions until you talk to her. You have to give her a chance to explain herself." Torrance said.

"I guess. That's just the last thing I ever expected when I went over there." Blake admitted. "I knew Melvin was going to be hostile, but I thought I'd at least be able to talk to her. Maybe I should go over to the bar and talk to Jack." she pondered aloud.

"We could do that." the photographer answered.

"No. I can't put you in jeopardy like that, Tor. You stay here. These people have guns. You've come close enough to death already in your lifetime. I wouldn't be able to live with it on my conscience if something happened to you."

"Don't worry about that, Blake. I have a much more powerful weapon than a gun. It's called a camera. Now why don't we have some dinner, and you can settle down a bit. Then we'll head over to this bar and see what we can find out. All right?"

A couple of hours later after their meal and Torrance helped Helen with John's bath, the two brunette friends prepared to go to Jack's bar. Helen stood on the porch with her son in her arms watching the two. Torrance looked at her wife in adoration as she slipped her camera around her neck. "We'll be back soon." she said.

"Come back alive, Torrance. You too, Blake." she stated in obvious concern.

"We will. I promise." the photographer answered pulling the blonde in for a hug.

"Last time you promised me something like that, I thought you were dead for a day before you found your way home. Don't do that to me again." Helen whispered.

"I won't. We'll be back in about an hour or so, just in time for John to go to bed." Torrance replied, kissing her son on the top of his dark head before kissing her wife as well for good measure.

"Man, what I would give for a kiss from a good woman right about now." Blake teased. "What do you say, Helen? One for the road just in case." she jested.

The blonde slowly pulled the attorney into her arms. "You're a crazy woman, Blake Erwin. Be careful out there. This town doesn't like you, and I don't want to see either of you get hurt."

"We'll be fine. I promise. Now do I get that kiss or not?" she joked.

With a smile, the blonde leaned up and planted a delicate kiss at the corner's of the brunette's lips. "That's a close as you'll ever get." she playfully said, her green eyes sparkling in jest. "Now go."

As the two tall brunettes made their way out to the truck, Blake stated, "You have quite a woman there, Tor."

"Don't I know it." Torrance agreed with a smile.

Quietly the women made their way over to Jack's bar. As usual the place seemed to be packed with people, so Blake hoped that meant Jack would be around. Cautiously the friends made their way to the door and slowly pulled it open, unsure of what they might find on the other side.

As expected as soon as they cleared the doorway, the music from the old jukebox went quiet as did the crowd. No one said a word for a moment as they all stared in the New Yorkers' direction. However Jack, who was standing at the pool table, came meandering over to them. "What do you want, Yankee?" he questioned taking a sip of his beer casually.

"I want to talk to you."

"Well, here I am."

Blake cast her gaze around the room noticing that everyone was still observing the interchange. "I had hoped we could do this in private." she mentioned.

"Whatever you have to say, you cain say to me here. Now what do you want?" gruffly he asked again.

"I wanted to talk to you about Georgia. I went by her parents' place and found out she's moving back in with you."

"So what? She's my wife after all. She belongs at home with me." he answered. "What business of that is yours?"

"I thought you were getting a divorce. That's what you both said."

"Well, it ain't true, Yankee. Georgia's my wife, and I aim to keep her, so you just leave her the hell alone."

"How could you do this, Jack? You know she loves me, not you."

"Listen, Yankee. I don't know what she might've told you in a moment of fuckin', but I'm gonna set the record straight right now. Georgia is movin' back in with me, because she's mine, always has been, always will be. We've had our problems, but she ain't gettin' a divorce from me. Now you better just stay the hell away from my woman, or else I'll be forced to send my brothers 'round 'gain to take care of you permanently. You lay another hand on her, and I'll make sure my Klan brothers put you in the ground next time. Are we clear on that, Yankee?"

Stunned by the declaration she had just received, Blake merely nodded at first. "We're clear, Jack." she softly answered.

"Good." Jack then grabbed her unexpectedly by the front of the shirt. "Now you and your dyke friend get the hell out of my bar!" he demanded. However under his breath so only the attorney could hear, he whispered, "I'm sorry, Blake."

Not another word was uttered as the two friends made their way back to their vehicle. Blake sat there for a moment after she had slid into the driver's seat and just stared at the bar. "That was definitely not what I expected." she mentioned.

"Me neither. Man, this town really does dislike you, Blake."

"I know, but Jack doesn't."

"What do you mean? It was quite obvious he hates you with the way he acted just now."

"He only wanted it to look that way. He whispered that he was sorry when he grabbed me. I wonder what he's up to. What is he doing? Why is he taking Georgia back? He knows she doesn't love him."

"I don't know what to tell you. We better get out of here though. I promised Helen to come back in one piece." Torrance stated.

Blake backed the truck out onto the road as she continued to think about the situation. "Did you notice the way he said his brothers? He's a member of the Klan, but then why did he save my life?"

"I have no idea. He seems to be quite the enigma. Come on. You're not going to get anywhere until you talk to Georgia I guess. We might as well just wait until she comes to you."

Going back to the house, they were greeted by anxious family and friends. Helen seemed the most relived that they had returned so quickly and safely, but Blake knew it was because of the trauma Torrance and the blonde had already gone through in their relationship. Unsure of how to feel about all the things that had transpired in the last few days, Blake retreated to the library for introspective time. She heard the rest of the house retire as the evening wore on, but around eleven that night she noticed some lights coming up the driveway. Hoping that it was Georgia, Blake quickly came to the door. However it wasn't the blonde. As Jack got out of his truck, the attorney wondered what was about to happen. Cautiously she stepped out onto the porch to greet him.

"Yankee, I need to talk to you." he said without pretense.

"What do you want, Jack?"

"I need to talk to you 'bout Georgia."

"I think you covered everything already."

"No, I didn't. You don't understand." he replied.

"What's there to understand? You're one of them. You're a member of the Klan, Jack."

"Yes, I am but so is every other man in this town. You need to listen to me, Yankee."

"How can I believe anything you say? I don't even know if you're a friend or enemy."

"I'm neither, Yankee, but I do have somethin' to tell you."

"What is that?" Blake inquired crossing her arms across her chest.

"Georgia and I are gettin' a divorce. She does love you, Yankee. I know that. You know that, and she knows that."

"Then I'm really confused. Why did she move back in with you?"

"Yankee, I do care about Georgia. We've grown apart, but that doesn't stop me from loving her still. I just know we cain't be married any more. I'm still her husband, and you once said it's a husband's job to protect his wife. Well, that's what I'm doin'. She needs it now more than ever, Yankee. If you haven't realized, Melvin is a Klan member, one of the more superior ones around here at that, and he will kill Georgia for what she's done. The only way for that not to happen was to supposedly change her ways and come back to me. He wouldn't take her out and shoot her like he would you, but he will beat her up and make her life miserable, and he wouldn't try to stop it if the Klan boys decided to teach her a lesson of her own. She's not safe there any more. She's not safe anywhere except with me, and I'm not sure that will even last long. I turned on my brothers. I testified 'gainst them just like Georgia did, and I know it's only time before they decide to come after me for betrayin' our oath of brotherhood."

"Brotherhood? It's hate, Jack. They terrorize and kill all in the name of hate." she scoffed. "Of course they would turn on you."

"I know. Georgia is only safe temporarily. I'm makin' plans to leave here, because it's only time before I'm the one hangin' from a tree for what I've done, and they'd hang Georgia right 'long with me. I don't want that to happen, Yankee. We've only got as long as this trial is in the press. Once you and your group leave here, we're both dead. I've already gotten harassin' calls 'bout it. It's only a matter of time. That's why we both have to leave this place."

"Well, if that's what you have to do to stay safe, then you should do it."

"I will, but that's where Georgia comes in. I want you to take her back to New York with you."

"What?" Blake asked in surprise.

"Yeah. We'll keep up the show as long as you're here, but when you're ready to leave, we all leave the same day, and you take Georgia. She wants to go with you, Yankee. If you don't take her, she'll be killed."

"Why can't she go with you?"

"It wouldn't be right to keep her from you. She wants to be with you, Yankee, and I want her to be happy. Promise me you'll take her."

Blake pondered what Jack was asking of her for a moment. "All right. I'll take her back to New York if that'll keep her safe, but I want you to understand that this in no way says anything about my relationship with her. I can't promise her anything by doing this."

"I know, and I'll tell her that, but she has to go somewhere. The Klan will follow her anywhere up to the Mason-Dixon. North of that she's safe"

"All right." Blake stated. "Where are you going to go, Jack?"

"West. I'm heading to Texas. The Klan isn't as big out there in the big cities. Only Georgia will know exactly how to find me."

After a moment she mentioned, "You know, Jack, you are quite the paradox. I just don't know how to read you."

He shrugged. "Sometimes doin' what is right and what is expected are different. This whole town is in the Klan, Yankee. It's family tradition, but that don't make it right. You know, even most of the jury has connections to the Klan. You ain't gettin' a fair trial here. I cain promise you that."

"That doesn't matter so much to me. It's the press more than anything. Could I see Georgia? Would you let me come over to your house?"

"That probably ain't a good idea. I'll tell her to come 'round here though. I know she wants to see you. You want to tell her the plan, or do you want me to?"

"She'll probably take it better from you, Jack. When she comes by here, I'll talk to her about it."

"All right. Well, I better get goin'. She ain't really safe there at the house 'lone. I shouldn't leave her there long by herself. Just know that we've gotta act one way in public and another when it's just us. It ain't personal."

"I understand. Thank you for protecting Georgia, Jack."

"She deserves it for doin' right." he stated.

"Yes, she does, and I'll do my best to do my part."

"All right. That's all I need to hear. I'll see you 'round."

The following afternoon Blake was at the house sitting on the porch with Helen, Torrance, and John when she saw Georgia's familiar truck coming up the drive. The attorney had been discussing her conversation with Jack with them, and the three of them were trying to come up with a suitable plan for what exactly to do with the southern belle when they took her to New York.

When Georgia stepped out of her truck, she wasn't sure what to expect. The three women were looking at her expectantly, but her stomach trembled in nervousness. When Jack had gotten home the night before and explained what was going to happen, the blonde understood the reasoning for why Jack had asked for Blake's assistance, but she wasn't sure if she felt good about returning with the brunette to New York when they were on uncertain terms.

Taking the steps slowly, Georgia gave them a tentative smile. "Hey." she said.

"Hi. Come sit down. We were just talking about you." Blake stated gesturing to one of the gliders near the porch swing that Torrance and Helen occupied. When the blonde was settled, the brunette asked, "Did Jack talk to you?"

"Yeah. He told me what you two decided. That's what I came by to talk to you 'bout."

"All right."

"I don't want to go with you, Blake." she began.

"What? Why not? Jack tells me that if you stay here you're going to be lynched. Neither of us want that to happen to you. Let me tell you that you don't want to feel a noose around your neck, Georgia. It doesn't feel good. Jack's getting the hell out of this place as soon as he can, and you need to do the same. He swears to me that the Klan will come after you unless I take you north. I guess the Klan doesn't come into Yankee territory."

"Blake, you don't need to care for me. I'm a grown woman, and I've made my choices. I'll deal with this 'lone."

"Georgia, this is no time for bravery. Jack told me that your father was one of the higher ups of the Klan in this area, and you're not even safe in your parents' home any longer. You don't have many choices. You either leave with us, go with Jack, or meet a fate that no one should. You can't outrun the Klan without help."

"That doesn't mean I need yours, Blake. I know that there is nothin' for us, so I might as well just leave you 'lone. I appreciate your concern, but I'll be fine on my own. I'm gonna go now. Thanks anyway. Good bye." she said before turning around.

Blake looked at her friends helplessly. She thought for sure the teacher would want assistance, so she was floored that her offer had just been refused. "Let me try. Here. Hold John." Helen said to them passing her son to her wife. She went after Georgia, meeting up with her at her truck. Helen slid into the passenger's seat as Georgia got into the driver's side. "Georgia, wait a minute." she called.

"Helen, you've been very nice to me, but please don't get involved."

"I am involved. Listen, Blake's really concerned about your safety and with reason."

"I know, and it's real nice that she's tryin' to help me out, but I've already caused her 'nough trouble. I don't want to get in between Cara and her 'gain."

"She and Cara aren't together any more." Helen informed her. "Didn't you know that?"

"No. No one told me. Is she seein' anyone else?"

"No. The only one she wants is you, Georgia. Will you at least listen to what we've come up with before turning us down?"

"All right." the younger blonde conceded.

"Good. Now the plan so far is for you to go home with us when we head back to New York. Torrance and I offered to let you live at our loft for awhile since you're not going to have a job or anything when you get there. You can stay there for as long as it takes to get you on your feet. We already have a few job ideas, but they aren't in teaching. If you want to go back to that, you'll have to do that on your own, but we have a few prospects to keep you busy until you decide what you want and to cover some expenses. Torrance and I aren't going to charge you rent or anything, but you'll still have some living expenses like food and commuting. You'll be safe and can start over. Meanwhile you and Blake can see if there is anything to your relationship. We'll watch out for you and introduce you to our group of friends, so you won't be lonely. This will be a chance for you to make something of your life that you can't do here, especially after what has happened. If you find that you really hate New York, you're free to go at any time."

"Where are you and Torrance gonna live if I'm at your place?"

"We actually live on Long Island most of the time, so you're not even posing an inconvenience. You're actually helping us, because Torrance doesn't like the loft being empty so much."

Georgia looked up to the porch where the two dark-haired women were sitting watching the two blondes. "Why are you doin' this, Helen?"

"Because you deserve a chance at happiness and you deserve safety that you can't get here. Torrance and I know that Blake feels more for you than she ever has for any other woman, and we want to be able to see that flourish if that's meant to happen. She loves you, Georgia."

"I love her." she confessed.

"Then why don't you give this a try? It wouldn't hurt anything."

"I guess it wouldn't."

"So, does that mean you'll come with us?" Helen hopefully asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. Are you sure this is what Blake wants? I don't want to force her."

"She wants you safe, and she wants you in ways she's never wanted anyone else. Blake can be hard-headed sometimes, but she knows this is the only thing that will save you as well as the rest of us. She wants you to do this."

"Okay then. I'll do it. Thank you, Helen. I don't know what I would do without Torrance's and your kindness."

"We're glad to help. Now come on. Let's go up there and tell them the news. I know they are both anxious about what we're saying. Just look at them." teased Helen.

They both looked up at the tall women standing there looking nervously at the truck. Georgia cracked a smile. "They are quite a pair, aren't they?" she asked.

"They sure are. Come on."


Two weeks later Blake and her entourage left for New York after closing arguments in the case. As soon as the recess was called for jury deliberation, they all went back to the farmhouse to pack up the last of their things. Jack had stopped by with his truck full of his most precious belongings and his dog as his passenger. The attorney watched on from the porch as Georgia said good bye to her soon to be ex-husband and lifelong friend. It was obvious to her that the two shared deep feelings of affection for each other regardless of the fact that they no longer had a marriage. He waved to Blake and then departed.

As for Blake's group, they all drove to Atlanta and spent the night there before getting on a plane early the next day. Even though the brunette and blonde shared a hotel suite, they slept separately that night while Bruce guarded their door from their common area. Upon arriving at JFK airport, Torrance, Helen, and John parted ways with them, leaving Blake with the key to the loft and heading back to their home on Long Island.

Blake escorted Georgia to the loft to help her with her things. After it had all been brought up to the apartment, Blake hovered in the doorway with Bruce. "Well, I guess I should just let you get settled in then." she mentioned.

Georgia nodded. "Do you have plans the rest of the evenin'?" she inquired.

"I'm just going to go back to my place. I have lots of business to catch up on from being gone so long."

"Oh right. Of course." the blonde stated. "I shouldn't keep you then."

Looking around the foyer of the loft, Blake hesitated another moment. "You know, there probably isn't any food here. Maybe I should take you to dinner and then to the local store to get you some staples."

"That would be nice."

"All right. Let's leave Bruce here for now. There's this great Chinese place nearby. Do you like Chinese?"

"I've never had it." the teacher admitted.

"Well, you must try it. It's one of my favorites. Come on. I need to call ahead and make a reservation." the attorney mentioned flipping open her phone to do just that. After a moment of speaking with the restaurant, Blake ended the call. "They can take us in half an hour. That gives us plenty of time to walk there. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, sure." the blonde replied picking up her purse and the key to the loft off the foyer table.

Quietly the couple left the building and made their way leisurely to the restaurant. Neither spoke much, the main sound surrounding them were taxis and the clunk of Blake's cast against the concrete. Several minutes passed before Georgia tentatively inquired, "So where do you live, Blake?"

"Not far from the restaurant actually. I go there a lot, because I don't have much time to cook. I'll take you by after we eat. Just to prepare you though. It's nothing as grand as Tor and Helen's place."

"They do have a nice place." the small woman agreed.

"Yeah. Well, it's easy to have such fine things when you come from money." she jested.

"Is Torrance rich? She seems like it."

Blake nodded. "Torrance and Helen Whitfield are well off even though most of it is Tor's. She's made quite a career out of photography."

"How much money do you think they have?" curiously Georgia asked.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you."

"What? A million?"

Blake laughed. "A million? You've way underestimated them. The Whitfield family is one of the wealthiest families in New York. They are estimated to be worth about one hundred million."

"A hundred million dollars?" Georgia exclaimed. "Torrance is worth that much?"

"No. Tor probably only has about twenty five to thirty million herself I bet. At least that's what the papers say. Her father is a retired senator and her mother a retired actress. Her father's side of the family are mostly politicians and businessmen, all of which are very successful. Her mother's side owns a vineyard in Italy and are all mostly foreign actors, highly popular in Europe at least. Tor is an only child and stands to inherit quite an estate."

"Wow. Helen is certainly a lucky woman."

"Well, money isn't everything, Georgia."

"I know, but I've never even imagined that much money in my life."

"Pretty wild, isn't it?"

"Well, you must do pretty well yourself to live in the same neighborhood." the little woman mentioned.

"I do all right." answered Blake not divulging any financial information. She didn't want to overwhelm the woman with that until they were more serious. A few minutes later the tall woman stated, "The restaurant is on the next block."

When they arrived the host greeted the attorney warmly with the familiarity of a regular visitor before immediately showing them to a secluded table. Promptly they were waited upon and had ordered within a few minutes, leaving them alone. Georgia looked at her company. Blake looked slightly nervous. Smiling softly the blonde reached for her beloved's hand across the table. The tall woman let her enfold it in her own.

"Thank you for stickin' 'round a little while longer tonight. I'm a little anxious about bein' left 'lone."

"You'll be fine. It just takes some getting used to. New York is a fun city once you learn how to survive it. Do you know what your plan is after you've settled a little?"

"Start lookin' for a job. The school year has probably already started for the year here, so I might not get a full time teachin' job, but I cain probably sub at least."

"Have you ever thought about a career other than teaching?"

"Not really. That was always just kinda what was expected of me."

"But now you have your own life. You can do anything you want. Are there other things that interest you?"

Georgia shrugged. "I don't know. I've always been interested in writin'. When I was in high school and college I wrote for the school papers. I used to have my own columns. That was always so much fun. I'd love to be able to do that again. My professors used to tell me I was a good writer."

"I could see it now. You writing a column for the New York Times. That could be amusing. You could write about a southern belle being transplanted into Yankee land, a southern lady's view of the Big Apple. You should write some samples. I know the president of the Times. I could at least get you an interview if you're serious."

"You could?"


"Wow. Thanks, Blake. I'll work on some articles."

"No problem. I want to read them though first."

"You want to make sure I'm good enough?" the blonde teased.

"Well, it's not everyday that I ask my clients for favors. I want to make them count."

"I understand, and I appreciate it all the same."

"All right. That's the writing bit. What else do you like?"

"Well, my columns used to be 'bout fashion. I like that a lot."

"You've definitely come to the right city for that then. Tor's mother knows all the most influential designers. Tor knows quite a few herself. What about it interests you? Would you like to design yourself?"

"Maybe but I really like writin' 'bout it."

"Well, maybe the Times is the wrong place for you then. Maybe you should write for a magazine like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Tor photographs for lots of fashion magazines. I bet she has contacts. I'll ask her."

"You're bein' too kind to me, Blake. Thank you for all your help."

"You're welcome, Georgia. I want you to be happy here."

Stroking Blake's hand with her own, the blonde met the attorney's brown eyes. "I am happy just being here with you, and I'm glad that we finally have a chance to be together."

Instead of responding directly to the statement, Blake inquired, "What's going on with the divorce proceedings between you and Jack now? Where are you in the process?"

"We filed right after you left Stillwater the first time, but we had to stop it, because we had used a Klan member attorney that we knew, and when the case came up, we thought is best to go somewhere else. We need to find another attorney that's not associated with the Klan to help us out. We both figured you might know of someone." she hopefully suggested.

Blake nodded. "I know several people, and they could make it quick and painless if that's what you two want."

"I want it over as soon as possible."

"Fine. I'll have one of my associates take care of it."

"We don't have a lot of money though." hesitantly Georgia added. "Jack and I cain't afford a fancy lawyer like you."

"First of all, I'm not drawing up your divorce even though I could. I think it's a conflict of interest. One of my associates will handle it. Don't worry about the cost. I'll take care of that."

"You cain't pay for my divorce, Blake."

"I'm not going to. I'll work it out with Jeff some other way. He won't mind. I'll make him an offer he can't refuse. Don't worry about it."

"There you again, bein' too good to me."

Once their meal was over, Georgia reminded the brunette of her promise to show her where she lived, so the attorney reluctantly escorted the small woman back to her place. "Remember now that this is nothing like where you're staying." she stated as she opened the door to her one story open loft. Georgia cautiously stepped inside as Blake flipped on the lights to illuminate the space. The spacious loft had a modern, industrial look about it with the exposed steel beams across the ceiling and sporadically placed columns of steel seemingly holding the structure together. Blake's kitchen was a galley style facing into her casual living area and was full of stainless steel appliances further accenting the loft's natural style. The brunette's furniture matched as well with its contemporary lines and colors. "Through here is my office and den. I spend most of my time in there." Blake said gesturing to the first doorway off the kitchen. Georgia peeked into the space that was only separated by a solid partition. The large office held a substantial desk and entertainment center with leather furniture. "This next room is my guestroom, not that people really stay over." she noted. "It has its own bathroom, and then this last room is the master bedroom."

The petite woman walked into Blake's bedroom. One wall was all windows that faced Central Park. Across from the doorway was a king-sized bed flanked by matching night stands and lamps. Walking further into the room, the younger woman noticed the small dressing area off the room that led into the bathroom. Curiously she walked through the open closet that held all Blake's suits and business attire into the bath area. It shared many of the same elements as the kitchen with its stainless steel fixtures, but Georgia was struck in awe at the large glass double shower. Against the back wall of it was a waterfall cascading down the pane of glass down into small stones that created the soft sound of babbling water.

"This is the most beautiful bathroom I've ever seen." Georgia mentioned.

"I like it a lot too. That's why I actually bought the place. Otherwise it's not really my style, but that waterfall is so calming to me after a long day. Just relaxing in the tub and listening to it relives stress so well for me."

"You have a neat place, Blake. Yes, it's different from Torrance and Helen's, but I like this a lot. There is something nice about all the openness. Their place has so much furniture in it."

Blake checked her watch after a moment. "Perhaps we should go the store quickly. It's beginning to get late, and I'm sure you want to do some unpacking."

"Yeah. It is gettin' late." agreed Georgia looking at her own watch.

Leading the way down to the local store, Blake bought the blonde some food for the loft before taking her home. Together they put it all away while Bruce merely looked on. However once that task was complete, the brunette asked, "Would you like some help taking your stuff upstairs?"

"Cain you make it up the stairs with your cast?" Georgia inquired in concern. "I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I'll be fine." Picking up two bags, Blake started up the spiral staircase. "Where are you staying? The master bedroom right?"

"I don't know if I should."

"Of course you should. That's a great room. I would love to live here." Blake said taking the blonde's things in there and putting them down on the bed.

Georgia followed suit before going to the closet and opening the door. Flipping on the light, she noticed that it was mostly full of Helen and Torrance's things, but she managed to squeeze enough space out of their clothes to make room for her own. As she began to put her own away, she noticed a stunning black dress. Curiously she pulled it out to look at it. "Wow. Look at this dress, Blake."

"It's beautiful." the attorney replied seeing Georgia hold it up. "I bet you'd look fabulous in that."

"I probably wouldn't be able to fit into it. Helen's smaller than I am."

"I don't know about that. Try it on."

"No. I shouldn't. It wouldn't be right." the blonde stated.

"She wouldn't mind you trying it on. Go ahead." pressed the tall woman.

Knowing that she really wanted to, the small woman slipped the dress off the hanger and took it into the bathroom. A few minutes later the door opened. "Well, the size is okay, but she's much taller than me, so it's too long." the teacher mentioned stepping from the bathroom.

Blake's breath caught as she saw the little woman in the elegant evening dress. The blonde was holding her hair up, exposing her bare shoulders. Even though the black sequins pooled around her feet in extra material, the sensuous slit up the side showed off her leg up to her thigh. "You look so amazing." the tall woman confessed softly. "That dress is beautiful on you."

Georgia blushed at the compliment and the way the attorney was looking at her. "Thanks but I should take it off. This is a real Isaac Mizrahi. This dress costs more than I've made in my whole life. Would you unzip me? I had a hard time gettin' the zipper up." she asked turning her back to the older woman.

Blake stepped toward her to assist with the zipper. However as she gently lowered it, she was drawn to the blonde's soft bare shoulders and upper back. Delicately she kissed along the contours as her hands fumbled with the zipper. Blake's lips followed its path, placing gentle kisses down the blonde's spine as she easily peeled the dress off her lover's body. As it pooled onto the floor, the brunette remained kneeling and touched the blonde's hips, turning her around slowly. She looked up the petite frame she adored, clad only in blue silk undergarments that perfectly matched Georgia's eyes. The blonde threaded her hands through the attorney's dark hair and just awaited her next move. The tall woman leaned in and kissed her lover's hips a moment with tenderness.

Georgia could feel the fire begin within her at the feelings of Blake's mouth on her. She knew exactly how to stir the blonde's passions. However the little woman pulled her lover's head away and tilted it back, so she could see into dark eyes. "I thought you said you had work to do at home." she mentioned softly.

Blake groaned as she leaned her forehead into Georgia's flat stomach. "I do, but it's just so much nicer being with you. I'd much rather stay here."

The blonde nodded. "I know, but you should go. It's gettin' late, and I'm gonna worry 'bout you gettin' home."

"I can't have that now. Maybe I should just stay here to put your mind at ease." Blake suggested rising to her feet as her mouth trailed up the blonde's torso, lingering at the teacher's neck as her hands massaged Georgia's lower back. Her fingers lightly ran up the blonde's back to the clasp of the silk and lace bra. It was only moments before it was open and the attorney's hands were full of soft femininity.

Georgia whimpered as her body responded to the touch, her back arcing toward the caress. "If you stay then I won't be able to unpack." she feebly stated. "And you'll be even further behind in work. I couldn't have that on my conscience."

Slowly pulling back the tall woman looked down at the blonde. "Are you trying to get rid of me, Georgia?"

The blonde shrugged. "It's just gettin' late, and we both have lots to do that's not gonna get done if you stay. We both know that."

"I don't care." confessed Blake trying to wrap her arms tighter around the blonde, but the small woman held her at bay.

"You have to get Bruce home, Blake."

Getting the distinct feeling that her attention was unwanted at the moment, the attorney sighed. "All right. I know when to take a hint. I'll leave you alone. I do have things to do before work tomorrow anyway." she said pulling away completely. She adverted her eyes as Georgia refastened her bra and made a quick retreat into the bathroom. The petite woman hadn't refused her before, so Blake wondered if something was wrong, but she decided not to ask at the moment, figuring maybe Georgia just needed time to adjust to her new environment.

The following morning Georgia was up unpacking when there was a knock at the door. Since she wasn't expecting anyone, she cautiously went to answer it. However Helen's friendly smile greeted her. "Good morning. I'm sorry to just drop by without calling first, but we were in the neighborhood, and I remembered that I hadn't cleaned out the closest for you." she explained.

"That's all right. It's your place. Come on in." the smaller blonde stated.

Gesturing to the stunning exotic woman next to her Helen introduced, "Georgia, this is Torrance's mother, Maria Whitfield. Maria, this is a friend of ours that is staying here for awhile, Georgia Carmichael."

The older woman extended her hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Georgia."

"You too, Mrs. Whitfield."

"Oh, it's Maria. Mrs. Whitfield makes me sound old." she said as she switched her grandson from one hip to the other.

As the three women came into the house, Helen inquired in interest, "So where is Blake this morning?"

Georgia shrugged. "I don't actually know. I assume she's at work. I haven't seen her since last night."

"Really? I would've have thought she would have stayed here on your first night at least." the tall blonde mentioned.

The shorter one shrugged uncomfortably. "It just wasn't a good idea. She had Bruce, and she said she had work to do. I knew it wouldn't get done if she had stayed."

"Oh, are you seeing Blake Erwin?"

"I don't know if I could really say that or not." Georgia confessed. "It's a complicated story."

"Blake is in love with Georgia. I can assure you of that." Helen declared.

Maria smiled. "Blake is such a darling. She and Torrance have been friends since college. She's always been such a caring person. She deserves to be happy, and I'm glad to see that she has apparently found someone. She had been dating one of Torrance's ex-girlfriends, but I could see there wasn't chemistry between them, and then she had quite a problem with a woman she had met in Georgia I believe it was. I'm glad to see she's back to her old ways. Enough about how wonderful she is though. I'm sure you already know that. Where are you from, Georgia? How long are you planning on staying in town?"

"I'm from Georgia, and as far as how long I'm stayin', I guess that depends on Blake."

"Maria, Georgia is the woman from Georgia, but thank goodness she and Blake have made amends."

"Well, that certainly is good news." the dark-haired woman stated with a smile. "I want Blake to be happy, and if it is with you, Georgia, I'm pleased."

"I should get upstairs to the closet." Helen mentioned.

"All right. John and I are just going to stay here and play in the living room. Care to join us, Georgia?"

"Sure. Could I get either of you a drink?"

As Georgia and Maria moved into the living room, Helen made her way upstairs. The older woman took a seat on the couch and looked down at her sleeping grandson in obvious affection. "Isn't he just perfect?" she questioned.

The blonde nodded as she took a seat in a nearby chair. "He certainly is. Torrance and Helen are lucky. I hope someday that I cain have children too."

"I'm sure you will, Georgia. Blake wants children, so if you stay together, there is a good chance you'll have an opportunity."

"I'm not sure if Blake and I are meant to be. It's still early in our relationship."

"You moved all the way from Georgia to New York for her, did you not?"

"Well, it's more complicated that than. I do care about her very much, but there are other things that forced me out of my home."

"Parents that didn't accept you?" Maria guessed.

"In a way but it was more like my whole town."

"Well, some times people have a hard time with things that are different. I'm pleased that you've decided to pursue Blake anyway. It's always best to be true to your feelings regardless of what others think."

A little while later Helen came downstairs again. "Well, I put most of our clothes in John's closet, so you'll have more room, Georgia."

"Okay. That's fine."

"What is your plan for the day? Would you like to join us? We're going to go shopping and then out to lunch. We're both looking for new dresses for Torrance's and my anniversary party."

"Your anniversary is coming up? How long have you two been married?" the small blonde asked.

"This will be our first anniversary." Helen replied with a glowing smile. "We're having a party at our house with all our friends. You're invited of course. I have your invitation in my purse. I hope that you will be able to make it."

"When is it?"

"This coming Friday night. So, would you like to join us for shopping?"

"Sure. I don't really have anything else to do right now. Just let me get ready."

"Great. I'll call the restaurant and let them know that one more will be joining us. You'll get a chance to meet my friend Vera Wang." Maria stated pulling out her cell phone from her purse. "She's lovely."

"Vera Wang?" Georgia questioned quietly in Helen's direction. "The Vera Wang?"

"Don't worry. You'll get used to it." Helen answered. "Go on. Get ready. We have to visit Isaac Mizrahi before lunch."

"Oh goodness. What am I gettin' into?"

Helen smiled. "Don't worry, Georgia. They'll love you. With Isaac's help we're going to make you over into a princess that Blake will be helpless to resist."

That day Georgia accompanied Helen and Maria on their shopping trip. Their first stop was to see their friend Isaac Mizrahi, and the moment he laid his eyes on Georgia, he was smitten with her. He showered her with all kinds of attention and made her try on all his favorite dresses. Georgia played along even though she knew she would never be able to afford any of the clothes. However in an unexpected twist, Maria convinced the designer to at least loan Georgia the dress for the anniversary party. Georgia was dumbfounded that he immediately agreed to the idea and stated he couldn't wait to see it on her there.

As the three women and John left to meet Vera Wang for lunch, the southern belle mentioned, "I think I've died and gone to heaven. I've never had so much fun shoppin' before. This dress is amazin'."

"Yes, it really looks beautiful on you, Georgia. Blake is going to love it. I assure you she will not be able to keep her eyes or hands off you all evening wearing that." Maria teased lightly.

"It does look great on you, Georgia. Now we just need to get your hair done and make you over, and you'll be the belle of the ball." Helen mentioned. "What do you think about cutting your hair shorter?"

The younger woman instinctively touched her golden tresses that went past her mid back. "Cut my hair?"

"Yeah. I bet you'll look older and more sophisticated with a shorter do. What do you think? Blake likes those kinds of women, and I know you have it in you to be one if you wanted. I mean you do want to win her affections once and for all, don't you?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Then take the chance. I'll make an appointment for you at my stylist for Friday, and she can do your hair and make up for the party. My treat and then you can surprise Blake."

"Okay. Thanks, Helen."

The blonde smiled at her friend, wrapping an arm around the smaller woman's shoulders. "When we get through with you, Blake won't know what hit her. Before you know it, you won't have to be borrowing these clothes. You'll have the most influential female attorney in New York to buy them for you." she teased.

"Blake cain afford clothes like these?" Georgia asked in interest.

"Without a second thought. She's quite successful, Georgia. Did you not realize that?"

She shrugged. "I'll admit when I saw her place I thought maybe she had money, but I hadn't really thought 'bout it too much."

"The woman has money and no one to share it with. It might as well be you. You have taken her off the most eligible lesbian list. She used to rank up there with Torrance when she was single as far as influence in the city. Now Blake holds that first spot. Ask her about it. She'll tell you. The local gay paper did an article about six months ago about her as the most available woman in the city."

"Really? I'd love to see that article."

"Well, I think Torrance has that stashed somewhere at the loft, but it just basically says how wonderful she is. It gives all sorts of personal information."

"Like what?"

"Her education background. Her professional experience. How much she makes. Her hobbies. The type of woman she wants. It's probably hiding in Torrance's dark room at the loft. That's where she stashes stuff like that."

"It says how much she makes?" asked Georgia.

"Yeah. It said she actually brings in over two million a year in income. She doesn't do poorly by any standard. She's a top notch attorney, and she has the respect of this city."

"Wow. That's incredible."

"She's looking for a woman like you, Georgia. You just have to know how to play your cards to snag her, and Torrance and I are going to help you."

Over the next week Blake and Georgia saw each other most evenings for dinner, but the attorney seemed incredibly busy trying to catch up on work, leaving the blonde alone after merely an hour or two of company. During that time neither of them pressed the other for anything physical, making Georgia wonder if Blake had lost interest in her, because she hardly even got a kiss at the end of the night.

On Friday evening Blake showed up to Torrance and Helen's majestic estate alone. When she had invited Georgia to accompany her, the blonde had declined, saying she had other plans. The tall woman tried to not let it get to her, but she wondered in slight jealousy what plans would be so important as to keep them apart on an momentous night. Stepping out of her black BMW, she greeted the valet politely before heading up to the house. She straightened out her suit jacket and ran her hands through her dark hair before making her entrance. Since she knew the majority of people that were supposed to attend, she greeted all the familiar faces as she looked for Helen and Torrance. She found them after a few minutes speaking with members of both their families. Coming up to them, she slid an arm around Helen's waist and planted a kiss on the blonde's cheek. "Good evening, gorgeous. Hi, Torrance." she joked patting her friend on the shoulder. "Congratulations on making it a year."

"Glad you could make it. It wouldn't be a party without you, Blake. It's too bad Georgia didn't come with you." Torrance mentioned with a smile as her son gave the attorney an excited coo at her appearance.

"I know. She said she had another engagement, but I don't know what it is. It kind of irritates me actually." she admitted. "And how is my favorite man?" she questioned taking John from Torrance. She tossed him playfully in the air making him laugh. Just as she was about to do it a second time something caught her attention.

Across the room speaking to Morgan, a close friend of Torrance's, was a stunning blonde in a royal blue sequined dress. Blake could only see the back of her from where she was, but her body responded to the sight of the slight woman with the shoulder length hair, the golden skin of her back exposed by the low cut of the dress. The formalwear accentuated the woman's petite form and the gentle curves of her hips.

"Is that Morgan's date?" she asked. "She's learned how to pick them, hasn't she? That woman is incredible."

Helen smiled at her. "She is pretty, isn't she?"

"Who is she?"

"A friend of ours. Why don't you go introduce yourself? She's just your type."

"She didn't come with Morgan?"

"No. I think she came alone, but that doesn't mean she has to leave alone, Blake." Helen fibbed, trying to get the attorney to go introduce herself.

The tall woman gave a small smile. "I wish I could take her home, but I have someone else to think about now. However there is nothing wrong with enjoying the view. Excuse me. I want to meet her."

Making her way over to Morgan, Blake smiled brightly. "Morgan, it's been awhile." she greeted politely.

"Blake, hey. How are you these days?"

"I'm good. I just came over to see how you were and ask you to introduce me to this beautiful woman you seem to be monopolizing." she teased turning to look at the blonde for the first time. Meeting familiar blue eyes, she felt her breath leave her. "Georgia?" she whispered.

The blonde smiled pleasantly at Blake. "Good evenin', Blake."

"Looks like you already know each other, Blake." Morgan joked taking John from the attorney.

"I thought you said you had other plans."

"I did. I already had been asked by someone else. I never said I wasn't comin' at all."

"I see. What did you do to your hair? It's gone!" she exclaimed reaching for the blonde's back to where her hair once was. Her fingers grazed bare skin though instead of gold tresses. Both of them shivered slightly at the contact.

"Do you not like it?" Georgia tentatively inquired.

"No, I love it. It's just such a shock. And this dress! Where in the world did you get this? It's absolutely beautiful."

The small woman blushed modestly. "Thank you. Actually Isaac let me borrow it from his collection."

"Well, it's perfect. Where's your date? I'd like to meet them."

Georgia looked around the room a moment. "He's over there." she pointed.

"He?" Blake questioned in alarm trying to figure out who Georgia was referring to across the room.

"Isaac Mizrahi. Have you never met him?"

"Isaac Mizrahi is your date tonight? You do know that is about the gayest man in New York?"

"So? He's a gentleman, and I like his company. He was nice enough to loan me this dress in exchange for an escort. I thought it was more than a fair trade. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to him. He wanted to introduce me to some people. Nice meetin' you, Morgan." she said with a smile. "Bye, Blake."

As the brunette watched her glide across the room, she sighed. Georgia was more beautiful than she had ever seen her, and it made her ache with want. However the dismissive attitude the blonde was showing her made her jealous streak appear. She wanted Georgia to be hers alone and not accepting dates from others, regardless of who they were or whether or not they were serious.

"She's some woman." Morgan mentioned. "An ex of yours?"

"Not if I have anything to do with it. I'm not letting this one go without a fight." she replied, her eyes following the blonde.

Later that evening as everyone was seated for the lavish formal dinner, Blake noticed that she was seated at the same table, albeit not next to, Georgia. Instead the blonde and her date sat directly across from her, giving the attorney an unobstructed view of the small woman. Georgia beamed under all Isaac's attention as he introduced her to people, but when he had the audacity to present the blonde to Blake as if they were mere strangers, he was greeted with a terse response before the tall woman excused herself from the table for a moment. She stalked over to the bar to get herself a scotch. Torrance's father and mother were standing there getting beverages as well when she approached.

"Blake, it's so good to see you, darling." Maria said with a smile leaning to kiss the taller woman on both cheeks.

"Maria." she replied responding in kind before turning to the retired senator. "Thomas, it's good to see you too."

"Good to see you as well, Blake. How have you been?" he inquired placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm doing better. As you can see I'm almost fully recovered. My casts come off next week, and it will all be a faint nightmare."

Maria cupped the attorney's cheek in affection. "Oh, Blake. I'm terribly sorry for what has happened, but I suppose some good may have come from this. You've met yourself an incredible lady. What is that saying about women from Georgia?"

Smirking as she took a sip of her drink, Blake replied, "Sweet as a Georgia peach."

"Yes, that's the one. She truly is, Blake."

"I take it you two have met then. Should I assume you are responsible for introducing her to Isaac?"

The older woman nodded. "She went shopping with Helen and me last week. Isaac took a real shine to her."

"So I see." the younger woman mumbled.

"Darling, you aren't jealous that she's making friends, are you?"

"No. It's just that she won't give me the time of day. She won't even look at me."

"Then you might just need to find a way to gain her attention, Blake. If you are interested in this lady, you should make it known. I know for a fact that she's unsure of your intentions."

"Did she say that to you?"

"She made it clear that she doesn't know where she stands. You can't blame her for deciding to have a life without you. I know you're used to women waiting for you, but this one is different. I think she's stronger than the women you are used to, Blake. If you don't jump on her, I know lots of Torrance's and your friends that will. You don't want that to happen, do you?"

Blake shrugged looking at the table where the blonde was seated. "Maria, I don't know why I even try. It's because of her that I've been through such hell these last few months. However as much as I try to resist, I can't stay away from her."

"It's because you're in love, Blake. Don't let it slip away now that you found it. Hold onto it with all you have." Maria stated.

Blake grinned. "Well, please excuse me. I think I should go supervise Isaac. I know he only likes men, but with Georgia around that may change." she teased. "Save me a dance for later, Maria?"

"With pleasure." her friend's mother answered.

"What about you, Thomas?" she jested.

"Only if we can agree on who's going to lead first." he teased in reply.

"I think I can acquiesce this once and let you lead."

"Then it would be a pleasure. We'll make the best looking couple in suits." he quipped. "Go on back to your lady love now before Isaac puts his manicured nails into her any further."

Moving back to the table, Blake looked at Georgia. The blonde gave her a pretty smile but didn't keep eye contact long. The attorney decided that she could play the dismissive game as well, and immediately turned to the company beside her to strike up conversation.

After dinner the dance floor was opened and mingling commenced again. Instead of asking the blonde to dance at first though, Blake made her way over to Maria to collect the older woman for her promised dance. Several songs passed before Blake moved on, seeking out several women and taking turns with each other them. She spent almost the entire rest of the evening dancing with all the available women, but finally she got Helen away from Torrance long enough for a dance as well.

Enfolding the beautiful woman in her arms, Blake smiled down at green eyes. "Helen, you and Maria have created quite a problem for me. Did you realize this when you introduced Georgia to Isaac?"

"Blake, it's harmless. He's gay."

"He hasn't let her go two feet from him the entire night." she grumbled.

"He's enamored with her. It's hard not to be. Just look at her. She's beautiful, and not only that, she's a sweet, intelligent woman."

"I'm looking, and I don't like what I'm seeing." she stated.

"You mean you don't like the way she looks tonight?" innocently Helen inquired.

"You know that's not what I mean. I can't get her alone. Everyone is hovering around my girlfriend vying for her attention, but she won't even give me a moment. I don't like it, Helen."

"Well, get used to it, Blake. She's the latest thing in our circle, and you haven't made it clear that she's yours. You haven't staked that claim. Since when do you consider her your girlfriend anyway? She would like to be with you, Blake, but she's not pining away for you. She's not like Cara that way. It isn't her every wish to be yours and yours alone. She's a realist. Georgia's accepted the fact that you won't commit, so why should she?"

"You mean to tell me that she's been dating since she's been here?"

"No, not that I know of, but that doesn't mean she won't be in the near future. I've already had many women approach me tonight asking about her. It's only a matter of time until one of them has enough courage to ask her out, and why should she decline? These high society women can offer her the world as well as you can. What does she have to stop her from enjoying their attention?"

"Helen, you know how I feel about her. She can't just go around dating my friends."

"I know how you feel, but does she? Have you told her, Blake? As far as she knows, you only see her as a convenient lay. That's all you've shown her so far. If you feel more, you need to let her know. What are you afraid of?"

Blake looked across the dance floor where Torrance led Georgia around the floor. She knew she was afraid of being hurt by the younger woman and more than just physically. The hellish torture she had endured for the blonde's affection had almost killed her the first time and yet that wasn't what kept the brunette away. In fact Blake hardly even thought of the nightmare she had lived during her time in Stillwater, and when she did all it would take was one smile from the little woman to erase the horror from her mind to be replaced with loving thoughts of the one who had transformed her entire life.

It wasn't the suffering Georgia had caused that frightened her. It was the potential pain the little woman had the ability to inflict on her vulnerable heart that made the attorney unable to commit herself. She felt incapable of giving Georgia everything she might want, and yet she couldn't let her go to give her the chance to find happiness on her own. Blake wanted to be the one to provide for the small woman but only from afar at an emotionally safe distance.

Several songs passed before Torrance asked to cut in and dance with her wife again, leaving Georgia and Blake standing together on the dance floor. "Would you like to dance?" the attorney inquired extending her hand. The blonde accepted the hand and moved closer to the tall woman as she began to lead them around the floor. "This has been quite a night, hasn't it?" the brunette mentioned.

"Yes. It certainly has. I'm havin' such a great time with Isaac. He's introduced me to so many amazin' people."

"That's good. I'm glad you are making friends."

"There are so many cute women here too. It's so strange. A year ago I never would've even thought about a woman in a way other than friendly, but now that my eyes have been opened, I cain see why they are so wonderful. I know I'll never go back to men."

Idly Blake nodded in agreement. "Women are wonderful." she conceded.

"I'll tell you. I never knew you and Torrance had such powerful friends. Helen told me that some of these women are New York's most eligible."

"That's true." Blake affirmed.

"And they've been so nice to me. Here I thought all New Yorkers were rude."

"They're being nice to you, because they want to sleep with you, Georgia. I hope you know that." Blake snipped.

The younger woman shrugged slightly. She could hear the jealousy in the taller woman's voice, making her wonder if all the attention she was receiving was bothering the woman she loved. "That's okay. I don't mind. It's nice to be obviously desired. No one's ever been that way toward me." she stated hoping that her statement would be enough incentive to get a declaration of longing from the brunette.

"I guess it is." Blake replied quietly, unsure of how to respond. Deciding to change the subject, she asked, "So what do you think of this house?"

"It's the biggest one I've ever seen. I couldn't even imagine livin' here. I wish I could get a tour."

"Well, I'll take you on one. Tor and Helen won't mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Come on. I'll show you all the hot spots." the older woman joked taking Georgia's hand. She had wanted to get the blonde alone the entire night, and now that an opportunity had presented itself, she wasn't about to let it go. Leaving the party Blake took Georgia around the first floor before taking the private back staircase up to the second and then third levels. As they came to Torrance and Helen's bedroom, they stepped cautiously inside. The room had been decorated intimately, making it obvious that their hostesses had other plans once they party was over for the night.

"We shouldn't be in here." Georgia mentioned hesitantly as Blake pulled her further into the room.

"It's fine. Don't worry. Come here. Look at this view."

Moving over to the double doors that led to the balcony, Georgia looked out at the dark ocean. The pathway leading down to the water was illuminated with small lamps. "It's beautiful." the blonde stated quietly. Just then she felt arms encircle her waist from behind as the heat of the body behind her enveloped her. Feeling the firmness of the attorney press into her back, the blonde's heart jumped in anticipation.

"It certainly is." the brunette mumbled as her lips found the blonde's neck. "You're beautiful, Georgia."

The southern belle whimpered as the hypnotic mouth kissed her and possessive hands found their way between the two high slits on either side of the dress to her bare thighs. Blake was surprised when her hands met skin instead of hosiery, but as she pressed closer to her desire, she realized there was only a thin piece of silk that kept her from her destination.

Georgia knew if she allowed Blake to continue that she would not be able to stop the older woman from taking what she wanted, because her own soul yearned for the caress Blake was seeking to give. Nevertheless she gave a weak protest. "Blake, stop." she half-heartedly requested placing her hand on top of the attorney's from the outside of her dress.

"Why?" the tall woman whispered, not heading the direction.

"Because...we...shouldn't be in here." breathlessly the petite woman managed to reply. Instinctively her right hand found its way up to the back of the dark head and cradled it closer as her left reached for the door handle for balance.

"No one will ever know." huskily Blake responded as she pushed her way through to her goal. She found the younger woman was more than ready for her, but she lingered on the outside for a few moments in case Georgia really wanted her to stop.

The blonde couldn't even protest again. Instead her breathing became more labored and she whimpered in need as her body trembled in wanton fervor. "Blake." she whined.

"Yes, beloved?" the brunette uttered quietly, unaware that she had even used such an endearment, as she gently stroked the length of her lover's heat.

"Please." Georgia begged in surrender. Immediately she was rewarded with the exquisite feeling of Blake possessing her.

No words were spoken as their bodies moved against each other in urgency. The glass balcony doors rattled with each of Blake's thrusts as Georgia held on to them tightly. It was only a few minutes before scorching heat enveloped the blonde's whole body and the tide of her climax crashed over her. Her legs gave way, but strong arms held her close, keeping her on her feet. All was silent for a moment as Blake simply lingered inside her until the contractions began to subside.

However just as she was about to pull out a knock on the open bedroom door broke their reverie. Both of them jumped, startled by the intrusion and quickly turned toward the noise to find Torrance standing there wearing a playful smirk with two police officers just behind her. "You could've used the bed you know." she teased. "Then maybe you wouldn't have set off the alarm on those doors." Turning to the officers, she stated, "Sorry about this. Everything is fine."

"We're just doing our duty, Ms. Whitfield. However there is the matter of the fine for a false alarm."

"It's my fault. I'll pay it." Blake stated stepping toward them. "Give me the ticket."

"It's no big deal, Blake. I'll just pay it. Helen and I have set off the alarm on accident more times than I can count. I pay these fines all the time."

"Then let me pick up this one. After all I'm the one who set it off." she argued as one of the officers wrote Torrance a ticket for the alarm. When it was finished, they merely extended it between the both of them, and Blake snatched it before Torrance could.

"All right. Let me walk you two gentlemen out. Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience." Torrance apologized as they turned to leave. Looking at Blake she gestured back toward the doors where Georgia still was.

Georgia was looking out at the dark night as she listened to the conversation taking place. Now that she had a few minutes to recover her wits, she wondered why she had allowed Blake to persuade her to be intimate again. As much as she longed to feel the attorney that way, she was determined not to let Blake use her that way any more without a commitment from her, and she had failed herself miserably. All it had taken was one touch, and Georgia was too weak to resist. Her longing for the brunette was just too overwhelming to ignore, but she knew she wanted everything from the woman who held her heart, not just frenzied passion whenever Blake felt the need. When she felt arms embrace her, Georgia shrugged out of them and turned toward the tall woman.

Seeing the perplexed countenance on the small woman, Blake inquired softly, "What's wrong, Georgia?"

"I need to get back downstairs to Isaac." she stated unable to met the dark eyes.

Knowing the blonde's statement was a lie, the attorney wanted to know why the blonde was being so distant, but it was obvious she didn't want to talk about what was bothering her. "All right. Could I take you home tonight?"

"I shouldn't. After all I came with Isaac. I should let him take me home."

Blake nodded. "Well, would you like it if I came over tonight?" she inquired gently, trying not to sound desperate even though one touch of the blonde had made her so as she longed to take her time in loving the little woman.

Georgia risked a look up into the tall woman's eyes. "I don't think that's a good idea. Now excuse me."

Blake watched as Georgia made her way from the room without even looking back. The brunette was confused as to what had just taken place. They had been so close only a few minutes before, but now the blonde was acting cold to her again. Lingering in the bedroom a few minutes, she contemplated what she would have to do to get Georgia's attention for more than fleeting moments. She had no idea what she could do though to have the little woman from Stillwater on her own terms.


Fall came and went in the city of New York and with the change of the seasons came a transformation in Georgia as well. Ever since Helen and Torrance's anniversary party, she had kept her contact with Blake to a minimum and almost always public. It was difficult for her at first, because her heart was so enamored with the stunning attorney, but she knew it was best not to try to force Blake into a relationship if she didn't want one. She had seen what had happened when Cara had tried to do so, and she was determined not to meet the same fate. However she still longed for the tall woman in the emptiness of her new one bedroom apartment.

Over the course of the past few months, Helen and Torrance had taken the small blonde under their wings, and it was only a matter of time before she had settled into her own place with a writing position at Vanity Fair magazine. She had the exciting pleasure of attending all the fashion shows in New York, and with the help from Torrance's mother, the designers had embraced the little blonde as one of their own. Her new life seemed ideal in every aspect with the exception of her lonely heart.

She missed the intimacy she had with Blake desperately, but she knew she would rather be without a girlfriend than only be half of one. Ironically she found herself missing Jack as well. Her husband and best friend for so long had all but disappeared from her life. She often looked out of her kitchen window and idly thought about what he was doing, if he was safe, and if he had met someone else that could make him happy. Since their departure from Stillwater they had spoken a handful of times on the phone, so she only could imagine that he had found happiness in his new home.

As Georgia dressed that winter day, she wondered what might happen that afternoon. She had agreed to lunch with Blake and was supposed to be meeting her down at her office. She had an article to finish before then though, so after getting ready, she moved to her kitchen table that often doubled as her desk and opened her laptop to complete her latest project.

Blake was diligently at work that day trying to wrap up some preparation for upcoming cases, so she hardly had time to think of the illusive blonde. Her concentration was broken though by the receptionist buzzing her. "Blake, you have a call on one." Glenda announced.

"Who is it?"

"He said his name was Detective Johnson. He was actually looking for Jeff, but he's in court right now. The detective asked if there was someone else he could speak to."

"Yeah, okay. I'll take it. Thanks, Glenda." Once the receptionist had hung up, Blake took a moment to clear her throat before picking up the line. "Blake Erwin." she announced.

"Miz Erwin, this is Detective Matt Johnson with the Dallas Police Department. I was actually lookin' for Jeffrey Delgatto, but I was told he's unavailable. I hope you might be able to help me." a man with a thick southern drawl stated.

"I hope so too. What can I do for you, Detective Johnson?" she questioned, her stomach suddenly churning uneasily, because there was only one person she knew who lived in Dallas, Texas.

"Miz Erwin, I'm currently investigatin' an attempted murder case here in Dallas, and it seems as if the victim is a client of your firm."

"Jack Smith." Blake uttered.

"Yes, ma'am, Jack Smith. Do you know Mr. Smith?"

"We're acquaintances."

"Well, I'm sorry to be the one to inform you then that Mr. Smith is in critical condition and in Parkland Hospital here in Dallas. He had been shot in his apartment this mornin'. While investigatin' the crime scene, we came 'ross some divorce papers from your firm. We're tryin' to locate his wife and wondered if you might be of assistance."

"Well, Detective Johnson, I do know the whereabouts of Mrs. Smith, but I'm not at liberty to disclose that at this time. Mr. Smith made it clear to me that under no circumstances was I to release his wife's location to anyone for any reason."

"Why is that, Miz Erwin?"

"Jack had reason to fear for his wife's life as well as his own, so he made me promise to hide her. I can pass a message to her if you'd like."

"Did he tell you why?"

"It's a long story, Detective Johnson, but it had to do with the fact that he and Georgia both testified against the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia not too far back. They swore to come after them both, and I believe they will. Now if you'd like to tell me what room he's in at the hospital, I'll give the information to Georgia, so she can check on him."

"Well, he's in room 220. Tell Miz Smith that we'd like to question her about her whereabouts and give her my number." He rattled off the phone number before asking, "Miz Erwin, do you know the names of those members of the Klan by chance? We'd like to question them too."

Blake told the detective and then the call ended shortly there after. However as she put the phone back in its cradle, something didn't sit well with her. Picking it up again, she called information. "Dallas, Texas, please. Parkland Hospital." she announced when the operator asked what number she wanted. When she was connected, she asked for Jack Smith's room but was told there wasn't a patient there by that name. After having the receptionist double check, she decided to call another place. Going back to directory assistance, she asked for the number to the Dallas Police Department where she had them check for an officer by the name of Matt Johnson. She wasn't surprised when they couldn't a record of one. Immediately she realized whom she had just spoken to and quickly called Jack.

He answered sleepily as if she had gotten him out of bed. "Jack, this is Blake. You've got to get out of Dallas. They know you're there. They've been in your place." she quickly said.

"What are you talkin' about? No one knows I'm here."

"They know, Jack. I don't know how, but they do. They just called here pretending to be the police and were asking all sorts of questions about Georgia. Somehow they found out you two are getting a divorce. I'm telling you, Jack. They are coming after you. You have to leave."

"Yankee, you're overreactin'." Just then there was a strong knock on the front door of the apartment. "Hold on. Someone's at my door."

"Jack, don't answer it!" she implored, but she was ignored. She heard him put down the phone and move to the door. Blake heard Jack say his visitor's name in surprise, confirming that is one a Klansman before a shot rang out. As much as Bake wanted to scream, she was deathly silent, not wanting to alert the intruder to her presence on the phone. Instead she merely put her end of the phone on mute and continued to listen as Jack's place was trashed. On her cell phone she called the Dallas Police again and informed them of what was happening. Then she stayed on the line until she heard the police and emergency crew reach Jack.

Satisfied that he was being taken care of, she buzzed Glenda at the front desk. "Glenda, get me on the earliest flight to Dallas that you can." she stated. "And call Georgia for me and tell her I can't make it for lunch. I'm going back to my apartment to pack a few things. Call me on my cell when you have a flight."

"Sure, Blake. Is everything all right?"

"No but I'm going to make it right. Also when Jeff gets back tell him to make an announcement to the whole office not to give out any information to anyone about Georgia. I don't care who they are, police or not. No information is given out about her."

"Of course. I'll cancel all your appointments too."

"Thank you, Glenda, and when you talk to Georgia, don't tell her I went to Dallas."

"All right."

That evening Blake rushed straight to the hospital when she reached Dallas. When she arrived the police were with Jack, questioning him about the incident. He gave the tall woman a weak smile when he saw her walk in. Everyone turned toward her as she made her entrance. "Who are you?" one of the officers inquired gruffly.

"She's all right. She's my attorney and friend." Jack answered for her.

"That's right. I'm Blake Erwin. I was on the phone with Jack when the shooter came to the door."

"I thought you said that woman was in New York, Mr. Smith?" the officer asked.

"I was. I came down as soon as I could. I have to protect my client."

"Well, we'll want to talk to you too."

"Of course. I figured you would." she replied.

A few hours passed before they were left alone. Looking down at him, she sighed in relief that he was still alive. "That was too close, Jack." she mentioned.

"You were right, Yankee."

"I know, but don't worry. I'm not leaving you here. I'm taking you back to New York. That's the only place you'll be safe. As soon as you can get out of here, we're grabbing your things and getting the hell out of the south."

He nodded slightly. "Thanks for comin', Yankee. Does Georgia know 'bout this?"

"No. I didn't even tell her I was coming down here. I didn't want her to worry or try to come herself. It's too dangerous. They know you're here, and they probably know that I'm here now if they've been lurking around the hospital. I couldn't risk having Georgia here as well."

"Good thinkin'." he whispered as he winced in pain. "Where's my dog? Where's Bear?"

"The police gave him to your neighbors. Don't worry about him. He's fine. Rest now, Jack. I'll stay with you."

Two days of vigil over her beloved's husband later, Jack was well enough to be discharged from the hospital. Blake immediately took him to a hotel where he could keep a low profile and arranged for his belongings to be packed and shipped to her place in New York. Then she went to collect his dog. For safety reasons she opted to share a room with him at the hotel for a night before they traveled back to New York City. As the two of them sat in relative silence on the couch watching television and eating room service, he looked over at her and softly said, "I really appreciate you comin', Yankee."

"Jack, you once saved my life even though you were upset with me at the time, and you are still the husband of the woman I love. Georgia still cares for you as a friend, so how could I not come?" she questioned quietly patting his hound dog on the head.

"Do you think they'll come to New York?" he asked.

"You'd know better than I would. You said they don't go north of the Mason-Dixon. If that's true, they won't come to New York City, but I think they know that all three of us are going to be there. Fortunately that city is large enough that you and Georgia can go undetected without a lot of effort."

"What 'bout you?"

She shrugged. "They know the name of my firm, because they called me today. They know where I work. All they would have to do is follow me home to know where I live, but there is tight security at my building and at work, so I'm not too concerned."

"Where am I gonna stay, once we get there? Don't you think we should have a plan?"

"Well, I figured you could just stay with me for awhile. I have the space, and we'll make a plan from there. That is if you don't mind." she mentioned.

He shook his head. "I don't mind. That's nice of you. Are you gonna tell Georgia I'm there?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I think she should know."

"Well then after we get you settled in I'll tell her. You should probably try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

He nodded in agreement. "All right. Sleep well, Yankee. See you in the mornin'."

"Good night, Jack."

The next evening as they got back to Blake's the attorney helped Jack settle into the guest room with his things. "You have a nice place here." he mentioned in obvious awe.

"It's all right. This is going to be your room. There's a bathroom for you too. My housekeeper should have stocked it for you with whatever amenities you might need, but if you're missing anything let me know, and the concierge will get it for you."

"All right. Thanks." he replied as Bruce came to investigate the two new arrivals.

The dogs eyed each other cautiously for a few minutes. Both Jack and Blake laughed at the antics. "Is that what we did when we met?" Blake joked.

"I think so." he answered.

"Well, hopefully they'll learn to get along in this place. It's not big enough for two big dogs who don't like each other."

"They'll be fine once they've worked out their differences." Jack stated with a smirk.

"I suppose they will." the brunette added with a smile of her own. "Well, let's get your clothes put away at least. The rest of your belongings should be arriving in a few days." Together they moved into the guest room. Seeing that Jack was struggling with his belongings in his weak condition, the attorney gently brushed him aside. "I'll do it. You just sit down. You need rest." He conceded with a nod and made his way over to the beside chair. Silence filled the room as Blake quickly put his clothes into the dresser. When she had finished, she stowed his bags in the closet. "Well, I guess I should go take the dogs on a walk in the park. I know Bear had quite a ride today and could use the exercise."

"I'll go with you." he suggested.

"Why don't you stay here? You've had enough excitement for the day. You can call Georgia and tell her you're here."

"Okay." he replied. As Blake moved to leave he said, "Blake."

"Yeah?" she asked looking back. It was the first time he had ever used her real name, and it took her by surprise.

"You're all right, Blake. Not everyone would come to the rescue of the husband of their lover. I cain see why she loves you."

"Georgia and I aren't lovers, only friends."

"But she loves you and you love her." he stated.

"I know, but we still aren't together. I'm going to get going. I don't want to be out there after dark. Central Park isn't the safest place in the world at night. I'll be back in a bit."

Georgia was just lounging on her couch after a quiet dinner at home. She had been thinking about Blake ever since the older woman had canceled on her a few days ago. The blonde feared that something was wrong, because Blake hadn't even called herself, but the receptionist didn't divulge any information, only saying that the attorney was called out of town on urgent business. She had left several messages that went unreturned on all of the brunette's phones, so she resolved herself not to call again until Blake did. Idly flipping the channels on her tv, she wondered if that call would ever come.

She had just turned the tv off to start on her next article for work when the phone rang. Looking at the caller id and seeing Blake's home number, she composed herself a moment before answering softly, "Hi, Blake."

The line was silent a moment before a male voice said, "Georgia?"

"Jack?" she questioned looking at the id again. It was Blake's number.

"Yeah, hi. How are you?"

"Jack, what are you doin' at Blake's? Why are you in town? Is somethin' wrong?" quickly she inquired.

"Well, somethin' unexpected happened. Cain you come over? This would be easier in person."

"I'll be there in twenty minutes." she replied hanging up the phone without even saying good bye. Georgia raced around her apartment to dress in winter clothes. Figuring it would be faster, she hailed a cab. Half an hour later she ran into Blake's building. Not even bothering to wait on the elevator, she took the stairs to her apartment and knocked frantically.

Within moments Jack answered the door. Georgia could immediately sense something was wrong by the way he winced as she hugged him. "It's good to see you, Georgia." he stated.

"What happened, Jack? How did you get here?"

"Come in. Sit down."

"Where's Blake?"

"She went to walk the dogs. Come sit. There's somethin' I need to tell you." he suggested a second time gesturing to the couch. They both moved across the room and took tentative seats. He reached for her hand and held it for a moment in his. "You know, I've missed you. It's been hard not seein' you."

"I've missed you too, Jack. Now what's goin' on?"

"A few days ago the Georgia Klan came to my place in Dallas. Somehow they found me, and they shot me, Georgia."

"Oh my God! Where?"

"In the chest." he answered opening his shirt enough to show her the bandage.

"How in the world did you survive?"

"Yankee saved my life. Somehow she knew they were comin' and called to warn me. I was on the phone with her when they got there. She called the police and an ambulance. Then she flew down to brin' me back here."

"She did? Why?"

He shrugged. "She said it was because she loved you and that I had saved her life. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her, Georgia." he said softly.

"Oh, Jack." she whispered in tears as she went to embrace him. He wrapped her tightly within his arms and held her as she cried. "What's gonna happen now?"

"I don't know. I cain't go back. Yankee wants me to stay here."

"You should. You'll be safe here, Jack. You can stay with me if you want."

He shook his head. "I don't think that's a good idea. I respect Blake, so I don't want to make it seem like I'm takin' advantage of her kindness by movin' in with you. The divorce isn't final yet, and I don't want her to think we're reconcilin'. It would hurt her, and I don't want to do that after what she's done for me. I'm gonna stay with her for awhile. Bear and I'll be fine here."

"Are you sure? You know Blake and I ain't together."

"I know that. She told me. Why though? You love her, and she told me that she loved you."

"She really said that?"


"She's never told me that." Georgia mumbled.

"Well, she does. Why else would she go all the way down to Texas and drag me back here? We ain't that good of friends. She did it for you, Georgia. Don't you see that?"

"Whatever the reason I'm just glad you're all right." she stated snuggling back into his shoulder in relief.

When Blake returned to her loft, she was surprised to find Jack and Georgia cuddled together on the couch. Apparently neither of them heard her, because they didn't move. Going over to the sofa, the attorney noticed that both of them were asleep, wrapped up in each other's arms. She stood there a moment just taking in the situation as her heart pounded in jealousy at the sight of them content together. It pained her that Jack had an intimacy with the beauty queen that she didn't. Not bothering to even announce her presence, she made her way to her office with Bruce and Bear following her. Settling down at her desk, she dove into work she had left behind that she needed to complete.

When Georgia opened her eyes, it took her a moment to remember where she was. After a moment though, she realized that she and Jack were still on the couch and an hour had passed. Wondering if the brunette was home yet, she looked over the couch to see a light on in the office. Gently she shook Jack by the shoulder to wake him. He mumbled in his sleep.

"Jack, come on. Let me help you to bed." she whispered. Helping him to his feet, they slowly made their way to his room.

As the blonde eased him down onto the bed, he looked up at her with sleepy eyes. "Georgia." he murmured.

"What, Jack?"

"Stay here tonight." he suggested.

The little woman's heart froze for a moment at the idea. "Jack, I cain't." she answered trying to let him down gently.

"No, not with me. Stay here tonight with Blake." he clarified. "She loves you, Georgia, but maybe you just have to say it first. The thank you she deserves is somethin' only you cain provide. She risked her life 'gain to save mine, and she did it all for you."

"I know, but I swore I wouldn't be intimate with her unless she committed."

"Then just be with her. She's committed to you. It doesn't take words to know that."

Ending the discussion the blonde said, "Good night, Jack. Sleep well."

"Good night, Georgia."

Blake heard Jack's door close from her office. Knowing that Georgia was with him made her blindly envious, but she remained in her seat. However she looked up when she saw the petite woman standing in her office doorway. "Georgia." she mumbled.

"Hi, Blake. May I come in?"

"Yeah, sure."

"What are you doin'?"

"Just catching up on work. Here. These are for you." she stated tossing a set of papers onto the nearby sofa.

Georgia moved to see what they were. "The divorce papers." she muttered. She noticed that Jack had already signed them in the appropriate places.

"Jack gave them to me yesterday. All you have to do is sign them, and it'll be over." she stated unemotionally not making eye contact.

The writer looked down at the papers and then over at the woman who held her heart. It was obvious that something was bothering the tall woman. "Blake, are you okay?" she questioned.

"I'm fine. Why do you ask?" she asked shortly.

"You just don't seem like yourself is all." The brunette only shrugged in response, not wanting to admit what was bothering her. She had her doubts that Georgia would be eager to sign the papers after the earlier display. "Will you give me a pen?" the blonde requested.

Slowly Blake reached into her desk and pulled a few from her drawer. Laying them out in front of the younger woman, she waited to see what Georgia would do. The blonde placed the papers on the desk and picked up a pen. Without a word to each other, she signed her marriage to her first love away and then extended the packet back to her current one. The attorney took them, stowing them in her briefcase. "I'll give these to Jeff tomorrow, and he'll file them. You'll be officially divorced then."

The small woman nodded. After an awkward pause, she said, "Blake, you'll never know what it means to me that you did this for Jack. I still consider him to be my best friend."

"I know you still care about him." she mentioned.

"Blake, may I ask why you did this?"

"Because I owed him. He saved my life, and I had a chance to do the same."

"Is that the only reason?" she questioned coming around the desk and taking a seat on top of it next to the tall woman.

Blake shrugged uncomfortably. "I wanted to spare you the pain of something happening to him."

Georgia nodded, knowing that those words were as close as Blake was going to come to confessing feelings for her. "Well, thank you for what you did."

"You're welcome, Georgia." she answered looking down into the book that she had been reading when the younger woman had come in.

A moment passed quietly. "You know, it's gettin' kinda late. Would you mind if I stayed here tonight?"

"Suit yourself. This is Jack's place now too. You don't have to ask me to stay the night with him. I'll give you some pajamas if you want."

"Blake, why would I want to stay with Jack? I just divorced him."

"Well, I don't know. You could've meant as a friend." the attorney defended curtly, unable to express her displeasure at the idea of them being so close.

"True he's my friend, but he's my ex-husband and a man. I don't want to share a bed with him."

"Well, I didn't know. You can stay in my room. I'll take the couch." she stated burrowing deeper into her reading.

Georgia reached for the book and took it out of her lover's hands. Tossing it on the desk, she then gently removed Blake's reading glasses and placed them delicately down on top of it. The attorney just stared at her quizzically. "That's not quite what I had in mind." she stated. Taking a deep breath to gather her courage, Georgia confessed, "Blake, I love you, and furthermore whether you say the words or not, I know you love me. It couldn't be more obvious with what you've done." Seeing the surprise and anxiousness on her beloved's face, she quickly assured, "Now I don't say this to scare you or force you into somethin'. I thought you didn't want to commit, because you didn't love me, but now I know differently. It's okay to be scared, Blake. I'm scared." Slowly Georgia moved off the desk and into Blake's lap. "We'll take it as slowly as you need if you just tell me that you're willin' to try."

Looking into the blue eyes she adored, Blake sighed. Georgia was asking for a commitment from her, but for the first time in her life, she didn't think she had the strength to run away from the prospect. "I've never done this." the brunette admitted. "I don't know how."

"Neither do I but we'll learn together. I just want to be close to you, Blake. What do you say?" she whispered leaning toward the tall woman's lips. She lingered there momentarily, hovering dangerously close to her goal.

"Okay." Blake answered, crumbling to the blonde's allure.

"Good. I think you'll be happy with that decision. Now could I ask somethin' of you?"

"Sure. What?" the older woman asked trying to kiss the pink lips she desired, but Georgia kept her at bay for a moment.

"Take me to bed." she demanded.

Blake looked at the little woman's blue eyes. The entreaty was so simple and open that she knew she wanted nothing more than to comply with her lover's wishes. Leaning to kiss her lips gently, the attorney whispered, "With pleasure." Effortlessly she stood with the blonde within her arms and took them back to the master bedroom. She sat Georgia down softly at the foot of the bed and the leisurely began to undress her with the tenderness that she had always wanted to show her.

The small woman responded in kind, beginning to methodically undo the tall woman's shirt. Neither said a word for several moments as they both focused on the task at hand. They weren't hurried in the revelation of each other's bodies, instead seeming almost bashful like a first encounter with the gentle nature of the exploration.

Georgia took a deep calming breath as her lover's body came into full view. Although she had seen it before, she knew this time was going to be different, because she was determined to render adoration upon the frame she had known truly only in her dreams. The few times they had been intimate Blake had not allowed the petite woman the opportunity to investigate her body to its fullest. In fact she often shied away from more aggressive touches, but the writer had come to realize that it was truly due to the attorney's fear of emotion that could be attached with such contact. She had figured out that as long as Blake could keep their sex only physical, the tall woman felt safe, but Georgia was resolved to make this time different. When Blake touched her after they were completely bare to each other, the little woman reached back actively, taking the older woman by surprise.

"Georgia." she stated as the blonde's hands ran up her torso and lingered on her breasts.

"What?" sweetly she inquired, not heading the unspoken request that she stop even though Blake's voice clearly displayed her anxiety.

"I thought you wanted me to..." she stuttered as Georgia's mouth joined the action. Instinctively the tall woman's hands threaded through golden hair to keep her balance.

The younger woman moaned lightly at the reaction she was getting. As much as Blake was fighting it with her words, her body was responding as her breathing began to become more shallow. "Oh, I do want you to, Blake." she murmured. "But after I'm finished with you. I've wanted this chance for such a long time. Please, Blake. Please let me satisfy you. I want to brin' you as much pleasure as I know you're gonna brin' me. Let me appease you. I want to give you a thank you like you've never known." she requested all the while keeping her hands moving enticingly over the strong body in front of her.

Blake could hardly think with the way small hands mapped her form, stroking, squeezing, and kneading the firm muscles. The blonde's mouth continued it's assault, slowly moving up her chest over one shoulder before taking in her neck. "Georgia." she muttered, unable to complete any other words.

The little woman smiled in her success. It appeared as if Blake was on the edge of surrender. Settled to have her way, she maneuvered the tall woman down onto the bed. Blake's body began to tense, and she started to protest, but the blonde only smiled. She reached down between their frames and gathered her own wetness on her fingers before holding it to the older woman's lips. Eagerly Blake took the offering. "I'll tell you what, Blake. You be a good girl now, and you cain have as much of this as you want later." she promised as the older woman ardently sucked the petite manicured fingers clean.

Brown eyes met blue. In a moment Blake knew her decision would forever effect their relationship, because she saw the need in the writer's eyes. It was the same need she had to truly be one with her but doing that required total submission. Georgia already had her heart, but now she wanted the rest. The fleeting moments seemed an eternity to both of them. Swallowing her nerves, the attorney stated softly, "You can have whatever you want, Georgia. All that I have is yours."

The simple sentiment almost brought tears to the blonde's eyes. She hadn't expected Blake to give in so gracefully. The great predator had willingly succumbed to her prey, and it elated the small woman that the brunette was so willing to risk for the sake of their relationship. In that moment she felt closer to the attorney than she ever had. "I promise you won't be disappointed." Georgia stated confidently, knowing what ever she lacked in experience could easily be overcome in fervor.

As soon as the blonde's fair head dipped down into her neck, Blake closed her eyes. It wasn't often that she had allowed women to treat her this way, but she was determined to do it for Georgia if it meant bringing them closer together. Trying to relax she let the blonde set the pace, and it was clear the writer wanted to move slowly and enjoy every inch of her frame. At first it made her anxious, but as the moments faded one to another, a strange tide of emotion overtook her. She had never lowered her guard this much, so she had no idea what lay on the other side of intimacy. The younger woman's touch was bewitching. Blake could feel every light caress and yet they began to blend into one swell of emotion. It didn't take long until she felt on fire. What had begun as a gesture to placate the petite woman had turned into a burning need, a need like she had never known in her entire life. She knew that she was approaching the climatic edge, and she felt as if she had to be possessed right then by the enchantress in her bed. Without even realizing her actions, she began to beg for the imminent pinnacle.

Georgia paused for only a moment when she heard the demanding pleas spilling out of her lover's mouth. She had never known the woman to be this way, but she was pleased that she was able to render the older woman just as helpless with her touch as the brunette often did to her. Inspired even more by the urgency in her lover's voice, Georgia made every effort to bring Blake to the summit as quickly as she wanted.

Both of them jolted in surprise at the intensity that struck Blake. Her eyes opened as she let out a piercing scream of relief. Her body trembled ferociously as she grabbed the small woman tightly. In fact it took several minutes before the brunette could even breath normally again, and when she was finally able to process what had just happened, she had no words for the first time in her life. Nothing she could possibly say would be a prefect summation what had just taken place, because she had no experiences that had ever even come close to what the little woman had just done for her.

Not knowing what else to do, she merely muttered the first thing that came to her mind. "Thank you, Georgia." she sighed with a raw voice.

"You're welcome, love." Georgia replied feeling safe to use such an endearment after what had just transpired.

Silence prevailed for several minutes as Georgia laid curled up on top of Blake. The tall woman lazily ran her hands through the golden hair of her lover as she tried to collect herself. She knew once she had regained her strength, she wanted to reciprocate the wonderful feeling Georgia had bestowed upon her more than she had ever wanted to do anything. For the first time the passion that possessed her to have the smaller woman was not based on her sheer need to feel the power of taking the blonde to physical release, but rather give her something that had more depth of emotion than she had ever accorded anyone.

After several minutes the intensity of the older woman's caress began to change. Her fingers began to press harder, digging into the blonde's muscles and eliciting a satisfied moan at the motion. Methodically they took in the small woman's frame, running the length of her back and over the two mounds of tight flesh which she squeezed firmly. Georgia squirmed against the touch as the strong hands continued down further still and slipped between her slightly staggered legs. Long fingers traced over her wetness, but the older woman was just out of reach of her entrance from the position in which they were lying. Nevertheless she persisted in her slow fondle of the apex of the blonde's thighs. Georgia moved against the body under hers as the leisurely tease began to stoke her passion again. Unable to resist, the writer inched her own body up Blake's making it easier for the brunette to access the place they both wanted most, but the brunette didn't. Instead the attorney kept her pace, stroking up and down in an unhurried fashion, every once in awhile circling the center of the blonde's pleasure teasingly. Only when Georgia's breathing hitched did Blake make any move toward slipping inside, and then it was for a mere moment.

"Blake." she grumbled in urgency. "What are you tryin' to do? Kill me?"

The form under hers erupted in a deep chuckle. "It's my turn." she replied. "You promised."

Georgia lifted her head off her girlfriend's shoulder to meet dark eyes. They were shining with mirth and something more than the little woman had never seen. There was an open adoration in lover's gaze that struck a chord deep within her. Knowing whatever Blake had in mind would be wonderful, she just gave a small smile as she leaned to kiss the lips that she craved.

Blake responded as the blonde's tongue pierced passed her lips. Bringing her left hand up to the back of the fair head, the attorney pressed harder, letting their tongues duel lightly. She moaned as the petite woman slowly circled the tip of her tongue with her own before taking as much of it as she could back into her own mouth. Wild ideas flooded Blake's mind of the possibilities of what her lover's mouth could do that she had yet to even know as Georgia continued to display her talents.

Knowing that she had quite a few of her own though, the older woman began to take charge of the situation again, thrusting into the snug heat that was anxious for her and effectively breaking their kiss as Georgia pulled away to emit a moan of rising need. After a couple of plunges, each deeper in tensity, she pulled out again torturously. When Georgia groaned again anxiously, the older woman decided to take pity on her, and pushed the smaller frame off her own down onto the mattress. She propped up on her arm and just looked at Georgia for a moment. She had never had the opportunity to really see the woman she loved, but now in the soft glow of the bedside lamp, all was laid bare. The blonde's golden skin glistened with light perspiration. The rapid cadence of her pulse pounded in her neck, clearly displaying the escalated fervor that matched her breathing. Lightly Blake reached for her neck, her fingers lightly tracing over the elegant counter before descending to her chest. The pale rose-colored peaks had grown taut in the anticipation of her touch. Gently she circled each one in turn enjoying the response it had on her lover as Georgia's back arched against her exploring. She lingered only a few minutes before moving south again over the blonde's bare abdomen. She felt the quivering of the younger woman's stomach as she traced around her navel teasingly before proceeding to her right hip.

The southern belle differed from the other women Blake had dated in this physical aspect. Where as she was used to slim, slight ladies in the hips, the writer possessed the curves of a real woman as they flared in the most alluring of ways. Her fingers traced over the contours for several moments taking in the feel of the soft skin over such a sexy curve. As much as she wanted to dawdle on what she considered the most fetching attribute the blonde exhibited, she knew she had other exciting places to explore, and her right hand skimmed over the little woman's right thigh before coming back up the left and settling on top blonde curls.

Without even thinking about how it might sound, Blake whispered, "You really are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Georgia couldn't even respond to the statement. It overwhelmed her so completely that she barely could hold back tears at such emotion from the attorney. Instead she just met and held her lover's gaze for a long moment speaking words of their hearts that had yet to be vocalized. "You know, I've always wanted to see you like this, Georgia. From almost the first moment we touched, I've wanted to know what it was like to have you laid out this way, completely open to my eyes, but even in my wildest fantasies did I ever imagine you looking this way. I just can't stop staring. You're spellbinding." The writer wasn't able to hold back her emotions when the tall woman continued her words. Tears slipped from her blue eyes and trailed over her cheeks. Seeing the reaction the blonde had to her words, Blake reached up to her angel's face, cupping it lightly, so she could gaze deeply in the eyes that had captured her soul. Leaning in she delicately kissed each trail of tears before meeting Georgia's lips.

The small woman pulled her lover in closer and moaned as she felt Blake inside her again. Her hips rocked instinctively with the rhythm of Blake's ministrations. Slowly but surely the older woman sunk deeper into the depths of her beloved, reveling in the closeness they were sharing. Words were unnecessary then, their bodies speaking for them as they clung to each other in need. As Georgia climbed higher, Blake held her even closer, wrapping her left arm around the little woman's back and pulling her more firmly against her with each plunge. The blonde responded to the small action with a rising moan each time the brunette did it until they had moved beyond murmurs to cries. Attaching on to the younger woman's neck, the attorney added her mouth to the experience. As much as she loved the idea of watching Georgia move to climax, she knew it would bring her lover more pleasure to use all her resources. Adjusting her position, Blake slid her entire body between the blonde's legs. Eagerly the writer's thighs strained against the older woman's hips with each stroke.

The moment was nothing like either of them had ever experienced. For Georgia, whose history only included her ex-husband and a few stolen moments with the attorney, she had never known love making to be so gentle. She felt bound to the brunette in a way that she had never felt with anyone else. As Blake moved her whole body in time with Georgia's, she felt in perfect unison with her lover. She hadn't ever had this pleasure before, even with the little blonde, and she didn't want the moment to end. She wanted the slow deep pace to continue indefinitely, so she could see the glint of blue eyes as they gazed at her in such longing.

However the delight they both felt couldn't be sustained. All at once Georgia felt herself at the precipice, and as much as she wanted the moment to endure, her body would not allow it. She gave a strangled cry as her body began to contract around Blake. It was heaven to be this close to the attorney, and she pulled the form on top of hers as close as she could as she rode wave after wave. The spasms seemed never ending as she trembled in the embrace of the woman she loved.

Blake held Georgia as close as she could without hurting the younger woman, but it didn't seem to be close enough. She couldn't be close enough if she had crawled all the way inside her and stayed forever. Unable to break the contact, the brunette stayed where she was, relishing the feeling of her beloved under her body. Within a few minutes all had grown quiet. The blonde's body had stopped tensing sporadically, leaving Blake resting inside a snug heat that molded to her perfectly. She felt the writer playing with her dark hair idly.

Wanting to make sure Georgia was all right, the older woman looked up to her face. Blue eyes were dilated but content. "Are you okay?" Blake asked softly.

Georgia gave a lazy nod. "More than okay." she mumbled.

"I didn't hurt you then? You are just so small." she inquired in obvious concern. "I'm always afraid I'm being too rough on you."

"You didn't hurt me." she answered cupping her lover's face lightly with one hand.

Ignoring the statement, Blake stated with a soft grin, "Because if I did, I know of a sure method to kiss away the aches."

Knowing to what the brunette was referring to, the writer gave a smile of her own. "Maybe you'd like to show me just for future reference." she suggested.

Blake chuckled. "I'd be glad to." she answered.

Continued in Part 4.
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