Georgia On My Mind

by Alex Tryst

copyright January 2003

Disclaimer: These characters are of my own creation, except for one, Isaac Mizrahi. He is a real person, and I tried to keep him as true to himself as possible. No infringement was intended. This story is about two women (big surprise there) who are doing all right in their respective lives until they meet each other, and that's when mayhem ensues. I should mention as well that some of my old favorites make an appearance, so if you are a fan of "Love in Photographs", you will enjoy seeing Torrance, Helen, and company. If you have not had the pleasure of reading "Love in Photographs", just know that this book will definitely spoil that one, so you might want to read it first. However this is not a sequel by any means and can stand by itself. I just think you'll find more pleasure in the minor players in this work if you have read that one. As far as things to look out for, there is violence such as gay bashing and racist and homophobic remarks, so please be aware. And one last thing I should note. I tried to actually write out the southern accent the best I could, so please go lightly on commentary of the speech. This is my first attempt at affecting a drawl in dialogue.

Dedication: As always to my wife, you are my fondest wish. To the inspiration for the title I credit the song "Georgia on My Mind" sung by the one and only Ray Charles. This is a perfect title given my leading southern lady. Of course in my own way I also thank my blonde muse who has been the star of several books now and more to come I'm sure. Of course I cannot forget my beta reader who has kept me motivated on more than just this book.

Now on with the show.......................................................................................................................

Part 5 (Conclusion)

Blake looked across the room to see Jack talking to the flamboyant designer. Seeing the smile that graced the southerner's face, her eyes opened a little wider. She had never seem him be so attentive with anyone before. The way he was leaning toward the designer, seemingly hanging on his every word took Blake by surprise. "I've never seem him like that before. I've only known the strong, angry masculine man. I've never seen this side of him. Maybe he's just practicing the new manners I taught him about being attentive to guests." she teased.

"If you say so. Still my theory lies elsewhere." Thomas said. "Not that it matters of course."

"Well, I really should go attend to some other people, Thomas. Excuse me."

"No problem. You've done well here, Blake, with the restaurant and with Georgia. You should be proud."

"I am. Thanks, Thomas." Going about her business of meeting almost everyone that had come to the party, the attorney kept her eyes on her business partner. Now that Thomas had mentioned the way he was with Isaac, she saw something different in him. However he wasn't just that way with Isaac. Several other male designers that were there that evening seemed to capture Jack's attention and vice versa, making the tall woman curious.

Georgia and Blake didn't arrive back to their loft until extremely late that night. After they had left the party, they took Cindy back to the hotel and stayed up for hours talking. However as they settled themselves for sleep, the brunette decided to probe about Georgia's former marriage for the first time.

Sliding into bed next to the blonde, Blake wrapped her in strong arms. Immediately the little woman kissed her passionately. Georgia felt she was going to burst the entire night, because she had not been able to give the woman she loved a sufficient expression of how she was feeling about what had taken place. "Blake, you are incredible. I cain't believe all that you've done for me. I love you so much." she whispered slipping her hands under the t-shirt the older woman was wearing a quickly pulling it off her body. The cotton pajama pants were next as she began to kiss her fiancee's neck enticingly.

Blake groaned at the feeling of the small woman's weight on top of her own. Jack was temporarily forgotten as the attorney settled herself comfortably on her back and maneuvered the blonde across her hips. Eagerly Georgia took the position and sat up. The writer made a show of peeling off her long night shirt. Blake smiled as her hands went to bare hips. "Mrs. Erwin, you are so beautiful." she confessed.

Georgia smiled. "I love that name. Say it again." she demanded.

"Mrs. Erwin, I love you, and I want to make love to you tonight and show you things you've never known." she sexily murmured sitting up and letting her mouth run up the blonde's neck. She kissed the pink ear as her tongue lightly traced it's curvature. Georgia's hands slithered through her lover's dark hair, pulling her closer as the attorney continued to kiss her fair skin teasingly. "I'll give you whatever you want, Georgia. Just tell me how I can please you."

"Blake, please touch me." she pleaded.

The older woman growled in response pulling the petite frame closer and taking in the sweet mouth of her fiancee. Quickly her hands worked, sliding between the blonde's thighs. She was greeted by flooding anticipation. "You feel so good, Georgia." she whispered sensuously letting her fingers tease her lover slowly.

"Blake." Georgia called rocking her hips down against the touch.

The brunette took the unspoken direction and made their connection complete. Both of them moaned in satisfaction. "I love you, Georgia Erwin." the tall woman confessed as she led the smaller woman through their intimate dance.

"I love you too, Blake, so much." The writer replied breathlessly as held tighter to her lover. Blake never failed to touch her in just the right places to take her to the brink of pleasure in mere moments. Trembling lightly she climaxed at the tender exploration. Blake held the younger woman lovingly as she stroked the blonde's hair in affection. When Georgia had recovered enough, she gave the attorney a sexy grin as she pushed her onto her back. "Your turn, wife of mine." she said. Blake gave a little laugh as the blonde launched herself into her task. However it was only a few minutes before she was begging for the release only Georgia was able to provide.

When they had both settled, Blake pulled Georgia into her arms. They held each other and lazily caressed whatever skin was within reach. The brunette whispered her fiancee's name.

"What is it, Blake?"

"Could I ask you something personal? It's about Jack." tentatively she said.

"What do you want to know?"

"When you two were married, did he seem happy with you? I mean you were his only girlfriend, weren't you? Were you two really in love with each other when you married, or was it more out of necessity with the baby?"

"We did love each other, but it was nothin' like I feel for you, honey. The baby was the primary reason we got married. I don't know if Jack was really happy, but he did what he thought was right. Why do you ask?"

"Someone asked me tonight if Jack was gay."

"Jack gay? That's crazy." she answered. "I think he would've told me."

"Well, at first I thought it was ridiculous too, but now I'm not so sure. I saw him tonight with the gay patrons. Whether he knew it or not, he was overly friendly with them. I'm not so sure of his sexuality after tonight. I don't think he would tell us if he was though, Georgia, unless we brought it up to him."

"But we've shared everythin', a life, a marriage, a bed. I think I would know."

"The way you knew about yourself?" the attorney countered.

"But he's so masculine." the blonde defended.

"I know, but that doesn't mean anything. I think it's possible that maybe he's coming to know himself now more than he ever did. I'm not saying for sure that he is gay. I'm just saying maybe that he's opened his mind more to the possibilities."

Georgia shook her head. "I won't believe it until he tells me." she stated definitively.

"Well, I think we'd be the last to know quite frankly. When he first had problems with me, it was for being gay. I know that for a fact, so for him to admit that he was too to me would be difficult for him I think."

"I just cain't believe that, Blake. Jack likes women and only women." Georgia pressed.

"All right. I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, baby. I was just wondering what you thought, because someone had asked me. No need to get defensive, love." she said pulling Georgia onto her back. "If you say he's straight, then that's what I'll believe. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I really don't care that much. All I care about is you, Georgia Erwin, and the fact that you have hooked me for life. I'm going to do everything in my power to make you happy."

Georgia gave a soft smile. "You already have made me happy, Blake." she answered leaning up for a kiss. When it ended she inquired, "Where do you want to get married?"

"I don't really know. I've never thought about it actually. I never thought this day would come. Do you have any ideas?"

She shrugged. "When Jack and I got married, it was at city hall, and the reception was at our new house. I kinda want this one to be different."

Blake smiled. "I think I can afford to give you anything you want. This is the last time you'll be doing this after all. I might as well doing it right for you."

"I want to be married outside in the evenin'. I want large tents with soft white lights, somewhere with a lot of space. I want to invite everyone we know." excitedly she stated.

"All right. That narrows the places down considerably. I only know of a few places to put a few hundred people at once. You know there will be a big fight though of over who gets to design your dress. Are you prepared for that?" she joked.

"I already know who's gonna do that. Isaac deserves it for bein' the first designer to really give me a chance. I'm gonna ask him. You want him to do your suit as well?"

"If that's what you want, that would be fine."

"Great. He'll be thrilled. So, what places can you think of to put that many people?"

"Well, there are two places locally off the top of my head, one of which I favor more than the other."

"Well, what are they?"

"Tor and Helen's place on Long Island or Thomas and Maria's place out there. I don't mind asking either one of them actually, but I think Tor and Helen have a place more in line with our personalities."

"Oh, I love their house. I'd love to live in that neighborhood. Do you think they'd do it?"

"I have no doubt. It would serve its purpose if you are set on inviting everyone we know. Do you realize how many people I really know?"

Georgia nodded. "Yeah and I love it. I love that everyone knows my Blake."

The attorney laughed. "All right. I draw the line at exs though, Jack excluded of course. After all he is my business partner now."

"About that, I can't believe you and Jack named the restaurant 'Georgia's'. You two are just too much for words."

"Well, we both feel strongly about you, Georgia. You are the most important woman in both our lives, and we felt you deserved the recognition. The name and southern food are all in your honor. I even put peach pie on the menu for you made with peaches from the best farm in Georgia, my own."

"I thought you sold the farm already?"

"I sold off most of it to the workers, but I still own a quarter of it, and I still have the house."

Georgia shook her head. "This is all too unbelievable. I still can't take it in. And this ring... it's just perfect." she stated holding her hand up to admire it.

"You're perfect, Georgia, and you're worth all of it." Blake stated seriously.

Cupping her fiancee's face, the blonde smiled. "I promise to give you everythin' you ever wanted, Blake. I'm gonna make you proud to have me for a wife."

"Including having a bunch of kids that all look exactly like you?" she questioned.

"As many as you want."

"Well, I always thought ten was a nice number." she teased.

Georgia laughed. "We better start now if that's the case." she replied in jest.

"Seriously I would like a few children. I've always wanted a big family."

"Me too. I have always imagined four or five kids at the least."

"That sounds about right. We'll definitely need to move out of here though." she stated.

Georgia nodded. "There's time for all that though. I'm not even pregnant yet."

"I hope to soon rectify that situation." Blake growled attacking her lover's neck with a barrage of kisses as her hand slipped between her legs. "I'm not getting any younger after all."

The writer giggled. "I wish you could get me pregnant, Blake." she said. "I would love that."

"I'm going to. Just you wait and see." promised the older woman. "I might need a little help from technology, but I'll give you a baby."

"I cain't wait." the blonde whispered before kissing her fiancee with renewed passion. Pulling the strong body down between her legs, Georgia gave herself over to more blissful love making.

The following morning Blake lingered around the loft instead of heading to work. She made breakfast for her sleeping lover while she called her best friends to tell them the news. When Torrance groggily answered the phone, Blake greeted, "Good morning, Tor. Time to get up and jump into this beautiful day."

"Blake, what time is it? Why are you calling so early?"

"It's almost nine, Tor."

"John kept Helen and me up all night. We're exhausted. What do you want?" she asked.

"Hey. That's some way to talk to your best friend who's getting married." she joked.

Instantly Torrance's voice seemed more alert. "What did you just say?"

"I said I'm getting married, Tor. I proposed to Georgia last night, and she said yes."

"Oh, congratulations, Blake! That's great!" she exclaimed. In the background the attorney heard Torrance waking Helen and telling her the news.

Hearing Helen's sleepily voice come on in the line as well, she greeted, "Morning, beautiful. Sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep."

"Oh, Blake, I'm so excited for you! I had hoped you would do this."

"Well, you can thank your wife for giving me the courage."

"How did you ask her?" Helen inquired.

"We took a carriage ride through Central Park at sunset before went to the restaurant opening. I decided it wouldn't hurt to try to be romantic."

"You old dog. I never knew you had it in you to have any romantic notions." Torrance teased.

"I'm sure Georgia loved it. We're sorry we weren't able to be there last night to share it with you. Had we known we would've tried a little harder to get John feeling well enough to stay with someone." Helen stated.

"It's all right. We didn't make an announcement or anything. Your parents know, Tor, Georgia's mother knows, and Jack knows, but that's about all. I still have to tell my parents."

"Do you have any wedding ideas yet?" the blonde asked.

"A few. Georgia wants to invite everyone we know. I don't really think she comprehends the fact that I know well over a thousand people easily. There is no way we can pull this off without downscaling. She wants something lavish, and I want to give her that, but there is a grand affair and then there is a gaudy affair. There has to be a happy medium."

"God Lord. We didn't even have that many people at our wedding. We maxed out our list at three hundred, and even then we had to make some tough choices. I have no idea where you would even be able to hold that many people in one place. Not only that you would never be able to make the rounds to talk to everyone."

"I know, and she wants it to be outside too, which poses another problem."

"Sounds like you need to sit the Mrs. down and tell her how it is, Blake." Torrance teased. "You let her run this thing, and you've lost all your voting power for the rest of your marriage."

"You're one to talk, Tor." she replied. "I know who really wears the pants over at your house." she joked.

"Yeah, well, I gladly relinquished my power for a happy bed. You know how it is." she jested. "I know you would agree with me."

Helen laughed on the line. "Don't listen to her, Blake. That's not the way to handle this. You give Georgia everything she wants. She'll remember it for the rest of her life."

"Helen, she's already given her a restaurant. The blonde can compromise on the wedding."

"Technically I haven't given her my share of the restaurant yet. She doesn't know it's hers. She's still trying to get used to the idea of it at all. I didn't want to totally overwhelm her with gifts last night."

"What's the ring look like?" Torrance inquired. "Your standard huge rock?"

"It's about four karats in all. It's three diamonds, one larger with two on either side on a platinum band. You'll see it." Just then she heard John in the background start to cry.

"Oh, John, not again." Helen mumbled.

"Do you need to go?"

"No. John's just hungry. Helen will take care of it." Torrance replied.

"Say, Tor, I've got something else to run by you. I talked to your father last night, and you'll never believe what he told me. He's thinking about running for governor."

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, did you know that he wants to consider me for a running mate?"

"You're kidding! He asked you to run with him?" she asked in surprise.

"Well, he asked if he could put me on the short list of candidates. I don't think I'll be chosen if he lets the party influence his discussion, but still he said at the very least he's like me on his staff. Talk about an opportunity of a lifetime."

"No joke. My God, Blake. You can't get much better than something like that. If he asks you to run with him, would you do it?"

"I don't know. I need to talk to Georgia about it. It would mean we would have to make some changes in our lives, but there's no sense in discussing it in detail until he decides what he wants."

"True." Torrance answered.

Hearing the bedroom door open, Blake turned to see her fiancee sleepily make her way from their room wearing only a content smile. "Look, Tor. I need to go. I was making breakfast in bed for Georgia, but she seems to have beaten me by getting up early. I'll talk to you later."

"All right. Put Georgia on for a minute. I want to congratulate her."

Blake did what her friend requested. As the blonde took the phone, the tall wrapped her arms around the writer's naked body, pulling it against her before leaning down to the back of her neck. Lightly dusting it with kisses, she just listened to the one side of conversation and patiently waited until they were finished. However after just a few minutes, Blake could tell Helen was now on the phone again too by the change in her lover's voice and topic.

"Get off the phone." Blake growled sexily as her hands moved up Georgia's bare sides to her generous femininity. The little woman's body responded to the touch by instinctively arching further toward it, but she didn't stop talking at first. Blake laughed under her breath at the obvious challenge. Deciding to play along, her fingers began to teasingly stroke the crests of both breasts. The writer's head immediately dropped back against her lover's frame, but she still continued her conversation. The tall woman lightly nipped the blonde's ear as her right hand scorched down Georgia's stomach toward it's destination. Hips thrust intuitively, but the little woman was silent as she attentively listened to Helen. "Come on, baby. Hang up." Blake insisted softly. "It's time for breakfast, and I can't wait to have you right here on the counter. I can't wait to make you scream as I let my tongue bring you all the way to climax over and over again."

Georgia couldn't withhold her moan that time as she suddenly found it hard to breathe normally. "Helen, I have to go now." she panted.

"Sounds that way. We'll talk more later. Congratulations again. I'm so happy for the both of you."

"Thanks." the writer managed to reply as her lover entered her naughtily before withdrawing teasingly. "Bye." Before she even heard Helen answer her, she clicked off the phone and dropped it. The plastic casing broke against the stone floor, but neither of them noticed as they hungrily claimed each other's mouths.

After several minutes of ravaging each other's lips, Blake lightened the intensity and began to pull away. "So, what's our plan for today?" she inquired. "I'm not going into work today, because I thought we'd want to visit with your mother. We also have to call my parents and let them know the big news."

"That's fine, but there's somethin' you're supposed to be doin' now." Georgia whined. "You promised to have me for breakfast."

The tall woman laughed. "All right. A promise is a promise I guess. I think we have enough time for that." she joked lifting the blonde up onto the counter.

Later that morning after they had dressed for the day, Blake went into her office to call her parents while Georgia quickly finished the column she was working on for her newest assignment. Of course the attorney's parents were thrilled to hear the news and had to talk to the little woman who had won their daughter's heart for a long time as well. Finally though they were able to go to the hotel to see Cindy.

When they arrived the older blonde was just simply reading and waiting on them. "Well, the two of you don't look like you're very well rested." she teased. "Not enough sleep last night?"

Georgia flushed slightly, but Blake laughed lightly. "Well, there was a lot going on, Cindy."

She nodded. "There certainly was. Have you two managed to talk at all about the wedding?"

"A little. We've decided on something outside, so that narrows the time of year quite a bit. Spring or fall is best with the weather around here." Blake said.

Cindy nodded. "Fall sounds wonderful. Are you gonna try for this one or wait until next?"

"The sooner I can get a ring on her finger the better. I don't want her changin' her mind now." the writer replied.

"Well, I guess that answers that question." Blake said. "This fall it is. We have a lot to do before then."

"We're gonna need a weddin' planner. Who did Helen and Torrance use?"

"I don't remember. I'll have to ask. Their wedding was beautiful though, very elegant. I'm sure whoever did theirs would do ours well too."

"Then I'll ask Helen. Oh, this is so excitin'." the small woman stated hugging her betrothed.

Cindy looked at Blake. Both women knew that Cindy had something serious to discuss with them, because she had talked to the attorney about it before she had even come to New York, but she didn't want to damper her daughter's spirits. Nevertheless she knew the longer she put it off, the harder it was going to be to tell her why she was really in New York. "Georgia, I hate to burst your bubble here, but I need to talk to you about somethin' important." she tentatively began.

"What is it, Mama?"

Cindy glanced at the brunette and received a reassuring nod. "Sugar, come here. Sit down." she suggested gesturing to the sitting area.

All three of them took seats. "Mama, what's wrong?" Georgia asked in concern.

The older woman looked around the room nervously for a moment before focusing on her child again. "Georgia, I love you. You're my only child, and I've missed you terribly. However I've had to make a choice between you and your father. Originally you and Blake made it for me, by cuttin' me out of your life. As much as that hurt, I know that you had to do it for your safety, but Blake has been gracious enough to invite me back into it. If I take her up on that offer, I have to leave your father for good, and if I stay with him, I have to turn my back on my baby. I've talked at length with Blake 'bout it, and I've made up my mind as to what I need to do." She paused a moment. "Georgia, I ain't goin' back. When I left to come up here, I didn't even tell Melvin where I was goin'. I just left after he went to work without a note or nothin'. There's no way I can ever return."

"Oh, Mama." the younger blonde stated moving to hug her mother. "I'll take care of you, Mama. Don't worry."

Cindy sighed. "I'm not worried, sugar. You have the most wonderful fiancee in the world that has already helped me get here."

"Everything's already been arranged, Georgia. Jack and I have made plans for your mother to own part of the restaurant and work there. She is after all an expert in our style cuisine. I'm looking for an appropriate apartment for her as we speak as well."

"Oh, Blake. You are too good to me." Georgia exclaimed going back to her fiancee and kissing her thoroughly. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Georgia. I couldn't leave your mother behind, especially after all she's done for me."

"Blake's helped me find an attorney to file for divorce. Soon Stillwater will be only a faint memory for us all." Cindy said caressing her daughter's hair in affection.

"I'm glad for that. Thank you, Blake." the writer whispered as tears came to her eyes. She didn't know how to express how she was feeling at the moment. The woman she loved had done more for her in days than anyone else had in her entire life. She had fulfilled her dreams and even managed to give her the one thing she thought she would never have again, a relationship with her mother.

"You're welcome, Georgia." Blake replied, knowing further words weren't necessary.

It took several minutes before the younger woman was composed again. "I guess this means Isaac has another dress to design, huh?" she joked trying to lighten the mood.

"You have to decide who you want for bridesmaids as well." Blake mentioned.

"I think that's an easy one too. Helen will be my matron of honor of course."

"Well, I was thinking that Torrance would be one of the participants as well, and of course we can't forget Jack. I think it would only be right to include him somewhere."

The blonde nodded in agreement. "Those three are the only ones that stand out in my mind though. I mean I could think of more, but I don't need any more than that. Do you want anyone else?"

"Not necessarily."

"Well, that makes an imbalance though. We'd have to figure out where to actually put Jack."

"He can escort your mother. Both my parents will be there. Let him walk in with her, and that will leave only Torrance and Helen up there with us. That's a perfect balance. You two beautiful, petite towheads on one side and us tall, dark devils on the other." she teased.

Georgia laughed at the description. "You two are devils. It's hard to imagine how much trouble the two of you got into in college." she mentioned off-handedly.

"There are loads of stories that don't need to be retold." Blake said.


The wedding was scheduled for mid-September of that year. Given the short period, both Georgia and Blake were swamped with their regular work as well as planning their big day. More often than not it was Georgia and her mother that made most of the decisions due to Blake's extended work hours trying to prepare for her long expected absence during their honeymoon. However between the three of them, things ran smoothly, even with the major discussions about the guest list. In the end the attorney had finally convinced her bride-to-be that the scaled back approach would be better in terms of how many people should be invited, and of course Torrance and Helen were more than thrilled to provide their home for the location of the special day.

Two weeks before the wedding Blake and Georgia were having a rare quiet evening at home. When the brunette had arrived after a stressful day of work, the little woman was there with a candle light dinner for just the two of them. As they sat at their tiny kitchen table enjoying the meal and each other, they talked about the last minute preparations that needed to take place.

"I have to go over to Isaac's tomorrow morning to pick up my suit. He has finished the alterations finally but is too busy to swing by the office. I swear that man can be so frustrating sometimes. Instead of finding time to come to me, he's making me go all the way to his house at eight in the morning to pick it up." Blake complained taking a sip of her wine. "He said this was the only time I could come get it, because he's not even going to be in his office the rest of the week."

"I'm sorry, baby, but if it's any consolation, I'm sure it's beautiful. He hasn't let me see it yet, sayin' he wanted to surprise both of us."

"Well, it is great. I'll give him that much. Even the first time I put it on when it was too large, I could still tell how wonderful it truly was. You'll like it."

"What color is it? He wouldn't even tell me that much. Your basic black?"

"Most of it but there is some off-white, cream color to it as well on the jacket. I asked him about that, because I don't think that goes with a white dress at all, but he just said trust him."

Georgia smiled. "Well, I'll let you in on a little secret to make you feel better. My dress isn't white."

"What do you mean? All brides wear white."

"I know, but this is the second time I'm a bride. Virginal white is hardly befittin'. This cream, off-white color on your suit matches my dress, and besides this color will look better with my skin tone. Pure white washes me out, because my hair is so light, and this color will look good with my newly acquired tan."

"Tan? What tan? You aren't tan."

"I know, but I will be. Isaac thinks I should use a tanning lotion to improve the evenness of my skin tone, and that way I look like I've been tanning without it bringing out the freckles on my nose." she mentioned.

Blake grinned. "But I like the freckles on your nose." she stated dropping a kiss on the body part in discussion. "They're cute."

"Yes, well, maybe to you but not when I'm gettin' married and havin' photos taken."

Blake nodded in understanding. "How are you going to wear your hair?" she inquired.

"I'm not tellin' you. It's all supposed to be a surprise. Remember?"

"I know, but I'm curious. Please tell me." the older woman playfully whined.

"No. You'll just have to wait and see."

"Fine. Will you at least tell me about Helen's dress?"

"It's blue. I wanted her to be in green, because she looks so good in the pale greens, but you can't do that color green in the fall. It's just not fashionable. We found a blue dark enough to be seasonal and yet light enough to match her skin tone too. We're a lot a like in that way. We look better in the pastel colors, but they aren't always right given the season that we're in. And of course I couldn't put her in black, because that's just a big fashion no-no at a wedding even if it is evening. Bridal parties shouldn't wear black."

"Well, you are the fashion expert. I'm sure you know what you are doing."

"What about Torrance's suit? What did you two decide upon?"

"Oh, she's already has this black Armani that looks great on her, and we thought it looked good with mine, so she's going to wear that. Isaac gave us the approval, so we know that it's okay."

"Good. As long as Isaac said okay then I feel better." the blonde teased.

Blake consulted her watch. It was close to ten already. "I really should be getting ready for bed. I have so much to do tomorrow, and we both have our respective parties to go to. I have no idea what Tor has in store for me for my bachelorette party. If it's anything like the one I helped Morgan plan for hers, then I'm scared." she joked. "What goes around comes around, and based on what we did to her, I'm sure she is going to take it out on me."

"What did you and Morgan do?"

"Oh, we hired a couple of strippers, one of which took too much of a liking to Tor. We actually got her into a lot of trouble with Helen. I only found out how much way after the fact."

"How much trouble?"

Blake shrugged. "Too much." she stated vaguely.

"Well, what do you mean too much? They didn't break up because of it, did they?"

"Almost. They got in a big fight, and Tor told me that when she had stormed out of the room after it, she wasn't sure if there was even going to be a wedding. That's why I say too much."

"Well, Jack's gonna be there, so I'm not too worried. It's hard to be bad when your future wife's best friend and ex-husband is around."

The attorney laughed. "That much is true. What is Helen doing for you?"

"I don't know really. With her being pregnant and all, she doesn't want to go drinkin' at bars or anythin'. That's not really our style anyway."

"What?" the brunette quickly inquired. "Helen's pregnant? When did you find that out? Tor didn't tell me that."

"Well, let me rephrase that. She thinks she is but doesn't know for sure. She's supposed to find out tomorrow actually when she goes to the doctor."

"Oh, my. Well, I guess I knew they always wanted more, but I didn't think it would happen so soon. John's not even two."

"They know what they want I guess. Speakin' of which, I was wonderin' if we could talk 'bout that."

"About what?"

"Us, you know, gettin' pregnant. I said I didn't want to do it before the weddin', but I never said I was opposed to it right after."

"You want to get pregnant right away?"

She shrugged. "You're the one who said you weren't gettin' any younger, Blake. I have lots of time, but I want our children to know you. For me waitin' five or ten years isn't that big of a deal, but it means a lot to you. You're almost forty."

The attorney rolled her eyes and groaned playfully. "Don't remind me. I still have a year and a half before then remember."

"My point is that I think it would be best to start as soon as we can while you still have the ability to spilt time between them and your work. The older you get, the harder that is gonna be. Torrance is younger than you and on her second. I think it's time to start."

"You make me sound ancient." the brunette stated in jest. "I'm just not sure yet, Georgia. I mean if I work with Thomas like we discussed, it's not going to be conducive to young children. It's not a good idea for me to be Lieutenant Governor and have a baby. I just don't see how's going to fit."

"I know, Blake. That's why I think we need to make a decision 'bout what we really want. Whether it be to campaign with Thomas and maybe winning, and therefore havin' to move to Albany, or stayin' here in New York where we already have lives and careers and start our family." she stated. "Both of our careers are on the table, Blake. Both of our lives are gonna be influenced by this."

Blake nodded. "I know, but this is a real opportunity, Georgia, that just doesn't come everyday. This is a once in a lifetime chance, and I need to be sure before accepting or refusing it."

The blonde nodded in agreement. "I know that, Blake, but you also need to think about the fact that this decision will have a great impact on the rest of our lives. Doin' this will have definite consequences, and we need to decide if we can handle them." she stressed, her voice growing in intensity.

"That's why I'm taking my time with it, Georgia! I don't want to make the wrong choice!" she snapped shortly at her fiancée. Even though the blonde had never directly said it, she gathered from their previous conversations that the younger woman was against the idea of running with Thomas while she was leaning towards it.

The small woman shook her head and sighed. "You know, let's just stop talkin' 'bout it for now. I don't want to fight with you, Blake. We have time before this decision has to be made. We'll talk 'bout more after the weddin'. Okay, honey?"

"All right, Georgia. Come on. Let's get these dishes put away and go to bed where I can prove to you that my mouth is better suited for things other than fighting." she seductively suggested kissing her lover's neck as they rose from the table.

Georgia giggled. "I think I like the sound of that."

The next morning Blake left before Georgia even arose. She had a lot on her agenda that day for work, but her first stop was Isaac's to pick up her suit. She had never been to the designer's place before, so she had no idea what to expect when she arrived. Fifteen minutes before eight her cab pulled up in front of his building. Taking the elevator up to his floor, she made her way down to his door. When she got close to it though, she saw that it was already open, and the designer was thoroughly involved in kissing and gratuitously groping a half dressed blonde in the doorway. Arriving at the door, she realized that the blonde was someone she knew.

Trying to not startle them, the attorney softly greeted, "Good morning, Isaac, Jack."

Instantly Jack pulled away in panic. Quickly he began to button his dress shirt as he said gruffly, "I thought you said she would be by after eight."

"She's early, honey."

"I'm sorry, Jack. I didn't know you'd be here." Blake tried to apologize to her friend. She could see how distressed he was by being caught in such a position. There was no denying by his disheveled hair and day old stubble that he had stayed the night with the designer.

"Well, you're here now. Come on in." Isaac instructed. Turning to Jack he demanded, "Don't leave yet, honey. I'm not finished with you."

Jack huffed but followed Blake into the apartment. Isaac went to retrieve the attorney's suit, leaving the two of them alone. "Why didn't you tell me, Jack? It's not that big of a deal."

"It's nothin', Blake. Okay? There is nothin' goin' on between Isaac and me."

"I beg to differ. I just saw the two of you kissing."

"So? Cain't I get laid without it meanin' anythin'?"

"Well, of course but even if you just were in it for a fuck, Jack, you still slept with Isaac. In case you've already forgotten, he's a man even if he doesn't act like one. You can't tell me that you are that desperate after all the people we've introduced you to that you would have sex with Isaac unless you wanted to. Just admit that you're gay, Jack. It doesn't matter to me or Georgia."

Grabbing her by the lapels of her jacket, he growled, "I'm not a fag, Yankee, like..."

She cut him off quickly before he could even finish his statement. "Like who, Jack? Like me and Isaac or Georgia and Helen and Torrance. We're all fags, Jack, and we're not ashamed of it. It doesn't make you any less of a man."

"Just shut up, Yankee! You don't know what you're talkin' 'bout! I fucked him! Okay? That's it! That's all it was, and it's over! And if you ever tell Georgia 'bout this, I swear I'll break your face!" he threatened shaking her for emphasis

Anger getting the better of her, Blake pushed back, shoving him off of her and back several steps. "Let me tell you something, Jack! Georgia is my wife, not yours! If I want to tell her, I'm going to, because it's my right as her spouse! Just because you're upset that I caught you getting a hand job from Isaac in the doorway, doesn't give you the right to be mad at me! You should be a man about this, Jack, not a coward!"

Without warning the blonde took a swing at her in his anger. Blake didn't see it coming and therefore wasn't able to deflect it in time as it connected squarely with her jaw and knocked her back a step. In reaction she threw a punch herself without even thinking about the consequences. It landed right in his nose. Blood squirted everywhere as it cracked under the pressure. Suddenly fists were flying from both of them until Isaac's screaming broke them apart.

"What is going on here?" he asked indignantly placing his hands on his hips. "You two are supposed to be friends and business partners, not enemies."

They looked at each other in silence. Blake dabbed at the blood dripping from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand as she looked at the damage she had inflicted on her friend's face. One of Jack's eyes was swollen along with his nose, and blood was seeping out of it. She could feel the smarting pain in her jaw and stomach where he had landed several of his blows. Neither said anything for a moment.

When Isaac reached for Jack, the blonde yanked back. "Don't touch me." he grumbled.

"You feel more manly now, Jack? Did beating me up make you feel better?" Blake inquired angrily. "Have you reaffirmed your manhood?"

"Fuck you, Blake!" he yelled starting for the door.

"Honey." Isaac called after him as he followed.

"Don't honey me! I don't like it! Now leave me alone! Both of you just leave me the hell alone!" he screamed slamming the door behind him.

Coming back to the attorney, Isaac said, "I didn't realize he hadn't told you and Georgia about us. We had talked about how to tell you before, so I thought he had done it."

"It's okay. How long has this been going on?"

"Since May when we met at the restaurant opening."

"So this is not just a sex thing? You two are in a relationship?"

"I would like to think so even though he doesn't." the designer answered quietly.

"Well I'm sorry that I screwed things up between you. I hope I haven't done permanent damage."

"It's not your fault. Come on. Let's see what this suit looks like on you." he said changing the subject.

That evening when Blake returned home from work, Georgia was there preparing to leave. She took one look at her lover and saw the distress in her eyes. "What's wrong, honey?" the blonde inquired coming to embrace her fiancée.

"Nothing. I just had a bad day." Blake answered.

"What happened to your jaw? It looks swollen."

"It's nothing" she mumbled.

"It doesn't look like nothin'."

"Georgia, I don't want to discuss it with you."

"Why not? What are you hidin' from me, Blake Erwin? Tell me." she demanded staring at the tall woman sternly.

Seeing blue eyes expectantly waiting for an answer, the attorney broke down and answered, "I got in a fight."

"With who?"

"Jack." she replied quietly.

"What? How could that happen? You two were gettin' so close. How could you end up in a fight?" the blonde asked in confusion.

Blake shrugged. "It's between Jack and me, Georgia. I respect him enough not to tell you. It's our problem. You're his best friend and my wife. Neither of us wants you involved, because we don't want you to have to choose sides. We'll get over it. I promise. It's just going to take time."

"What does he look like, Blake? As bad as you?"

"I broke his nose I think." she admitted.

"This close to the weddin'? Blake, how could you do that?" the little woman questioned. "He's gonna look terrible for the pictures."

"I'm sorry. I lost my temper. He hit me first, Georgia. Hopefully the swelling will go down by then. It didn't look crooked when he left."

"Left? Left where? Where did this happen?"

Blake stalled in her answer. She didn't want to admit to her fiancée that she had seen Jack at Isaac's. "It doesn't matter where I saw him. The only thing that matters is that we got into a fight."

"'Bout what, Blake?"

"I can't tell you, Georgia. I wish I could, but it wouldn't be right coming from me. If Jack wants to tell you, then he will." Just then there was a knock on the door. "I'll get that." Blake stated.

Going to their door, she opened to see Helen standing there. "Hi, Blake. Is Georgia ready to go?"

"Yeah. She just was finishing. You look nice tonight. You're glowing."

"Yeah, well, being pregnant has a way of doing that to me." she said with a smile.

"Oh, congratulations! That's wonderful." the brunette stated hugging her friend. "Tor is thrilled I bet."

"Of course." Looking at her friend more closely, she inquired, "What happened to you? You look like someone hit you in the jaw."

"I got in a fight. It's nothing."

"With who?"

"Jack. It's no big deal. So, what are your big plans for the night?"

"There's too much to tell. Georgia will just have to fill you in tomorrow. Right now there is a limo full of women downstairs waiting to give her the party of her life."

"Well, do you know what Tor has planned for me?"

The blonde smiled. "Yes but I'm not telling. She should be by a little later to get you."

Just then Georgia appeared from the bedroom. "Take care of yourself, Blake. Don't get into too much trouble." she teased.

"I won't. You ladies have a good time. See you tomorrow morning."

Half an hour later another knock on the door alerted Blake to Torrance's arrival. Heading out the door with her friend, they went downstairs to the waiting limousine filled full of their mutual friends. However there was one person notably absent from the group. "Where's Jack?" the attorney inquired curiously.

"Oh, he called me earlier today and said he couldn't make it. Something apparently had come up at the restaurant or something. He didn't really give me any details."

"Oh. I see." Blake replied. She knew the real reason he wasn't there. He wasn't over their earlier fight, and it saddened her that she had messed up her relationship with him. They had started to really trust each other and enjoy the other's company. However she had alienated him by being so harsh with her words. "So, where are we going?" she asked.

Torrance just smiled. "You'll see. Just relax and enjoy." she said handing the attorney a bottle of scotch from the bar.

The first stop on the agenda was dinner. Torrance had arranged a table for them at one of the nicest places in the city, and Blake tried to forget about her fight with Jack and savor the night, but she couldn't help but wonder about him. Even as much fun as others were having around her, she couldn't shake the thought of him being angry with her still.

After dinner the party moved on. Just as Blake suspected, strippers became a part of the night as they went to a strip club. However as they walked in, the attorney noticed the predominantly female audience. The place was packed with women, some at tables others hovered around a stage ogling the dancer of the moment. Quickly the photographer shuffled them all over to a large table just off the side of the stage. Blake was given the best seat that had a perfect view of everything that was going on. Within in a few minutes a waitress came over, dressed in such a way her twin assets were on perfect display and near Blake's face as she leaned in to take drink orders over the music.

Unable to resist the temptation, the tall brunette eyed the waitress in interest. She looked completely delectable even though she could tell the woman's breasts were fake by the way the sat. Nevertheless the attorney could feel herself responding to the visual stimulus. She was so preoccupied by the studying her that she missed the fact that the waitress had asked what the special occasion was.

"Oh, Blake's getting married two weeks from tomorrow." Torrance replied.

"Well, are congratulations are condolences in order, gorgeous?" the woman inquired teasingly as she let her nails trail lightly over the attorney's shoulder and behind her neck.

"Congratulations." Blake managed to squeak.

The waitress leaned in so her mouth was hovered close to Blake's ear. Of course that pressed her body even nearer to her as well. "Too bad for me then. Wish I had met you sooner." she whispered.

"What's your name?" Blake asked curiously.

"Everybody calls me Red." she answered.


"Because of my hair." nonchalantly she stated. Blake looked up at the woman in confusion. She was obviously a dark brunette in the light. "You're looking too far north there, honey. Not that hair." she teased. Instinctively Blake's eyes dropped to the place they were speaking of that was covered by only a microscopic skirt. "You want to see for yourself?" she inquired seductively.

"Um, thank you but I believe you." the attorney answered.

"Maybe later then." the waitress said with a smile and wink before retreating over to the bar. Several minutes passed before she returned with their drinks. Placing Blake's down on the table, she gave another grin. "This one is on me, sexy."

The attorney smiled graciously in return. "Thanks, Red." she answered.

"You're welcome. You just let me know whatever you might need. I'll take care of you."

Blake watched her turn to go to another table. The brunette sashayed her hips lightly as she walked away. The attorney kept her eyes on her though as she waited on other customers. The waitress met her eyes again and winked seductively.

"I think you have an admirer." Torrance joked hitting her friend in the arm. "She's hot."

"Yeah, she is." Blake conceded.

"Maybe I need to arrange for a little private dance for you. I think she would like to get a little closer to you than you are letting her." the photographer threatened teasingly.

Blake shook her head. "That's all right. It's not necessary."

"I think it is." Torrance answered getting up from the table. Blake watched as her friend went over to the waitress and begin talking to her. She knew that Torrance would indeed get the woman to agree to whatever she wanted, even though she really didn't want to be alone with the attractive waitress. A few minutes later Torrance returned to the table with a smug grin on her face.

"What did you do?" Blake inquired.

"You'll see in time. Don't worry. You'll enjoy it."

The rowdy group watched the show for awhile. Most of their party was thoroughly enjoying the girls, but Blake could tell Torrance's mind was elsewhere. Leaning over to her, she asked, "What are you thinking about?"


Blake smiled. "Let me guess. Thinking about the new baby?"

"Yeah. Did she tell you?"

"Yes. I think that's great, Tor."

"Me too. You know you and Georgia should have some kids soon. I want our children to be able to grow up together."

The attorney laughed. "You sound like her. She wants to get pregnant right away. I just don't know if that's a good idea given what your dad has offered me. I don't think I'm cut out to be Lieutenant Governor and a mother at the same time."

"Did my father make you an offer, or this still just a discussion?"

"It's still a discussion. He hasn't asked me officially or anything, but we've been talking about it depth. I want to have decided by the time return from our honeymoon, because I know he has other people he's considering as well. It's only fair to give him an answer as soon as I can, so he can make plans."

"True. What does Georgia think about all this?"

"To be truthful, I don't think she's thrilled with the idea. She hasn't said that, but she's giving me the impression that she'd rather I not run with him. She wants to stay in New York and have babies."

The photographer laughed lightly. "Sounds like another woman I know. Are we sure Helen and Georgia aren't related?" she joked taking a sip of her drink.

Before their conversation could go any further, the music and lights changed signaling a new dancer. Blake looked over toward the stage and her eyes grew more interested as she saw their waitress slinking into the lights dressed in a nurse's uniform. Blake's eyes never left the stage, drawn into the sultry moves of the slowly disrobing dancer. When their waitress was only down to a thong and heels, she made eye contact with the attorney and stalked her way over to the table. Without an invitation she unceremoniously straddled the brunette's legs and began an agonizing grind into her. As Blake felt her breasts rubbing enticingly into her chest, she had to look down at them. As soon as she dropped her gaze though, she was surprised that the dancer grabbed her by the back of the neck, cramming her head into her femininity. The attorney groaned against her better judgement. The waitress smelled incredible, like sweat, sex, and roses. Instinctively her arms found their way around the gyrating body. The dancer had other ideas though as she moved Blake's hands down to her bare posterior. Blake moaned at the combination of stimuli. Every inch of the dancer was meeting her own frame. Just when the attorney thought she couldn't take it any more, the woman leaned down to her ear.

"You make me so hot, Blake." she groaned. "I want you to fuck me. Make me come all over you."

Instantly Blake yanked her head back from the mounds that had captivated her up to wild dilated eyes. They said more than words could at the moment. Quickly the dancer swooped in a harshly claimed the attorney's mouth in a fiery kiss. Dumbfounded Blake just allowed the brunette to do as she pleased for a moment before slowly pulling back. After a second of just looking at each other, the dancer dismounted and moved on to her next victim, leaving a thoroughly aroused and frustrated attorney behind.

When the song ended and she had vanished behind the curtain again, Blake gave a shaky sigh. She looked over at her friend and saw Torrance laughing in amusement. "You think that's funny?" she questioned.

Torrance nodded. "Man, she was good. What did she say to you?"


"Liar. She said something that made you jump." she pushed. Blake just shrugged. "All right. Fine. Don't tell me. Come on. There's somewhere you are supposed to be."

"Where are we going?" the attorney inquired as they both took to their feet.

"You'll see. Follow me." They moved back to a private area of the club to a marked door. "Here. Have fun." Torrance stated handing her a wad of bills.

"I'm not going in there." Blake stated.

"Oh yes you are. She's waiting for you. Now go." Torrance insisted pushing her friend through the door.

Blake took a deep breath for a moment, wondering if she should turn around, but she knew Torrance would notice that she had not stayed where she was supposed to. Knowing that her friend expected her to enjoy herself, she made her way over to the velvet couch in the center of the darkened room. Taking a seat she wondered what was about to happen. She had an inclination of who was coming in there, but Blake wasn't sure what the dancer was going to do. The minutes passed slowly as the attorney just sat in the darkness. However when the sultry music began, she took a calming breath. She heard a door open behind her, but she didn't turn, instead focusing on the door from which she came. After a moment hands touched her shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

An hour later Blake left the private room and headed back to her table. Torrance was sitting there looking at her expectantly. "Well, you were gone long enough. I thought I only paid for half an hour of torture." she teased.

"Yeah, well..." the attorney mumbled. "I need a drink."

Looking at her friend closely, she noticed that Blake was shifting uncomfortably as she took her seat. "Are you all right, Blake? You know that was only supposed to be a joke at your expense." she said.

"Yeah, I know." she answered. "And I guess I deserved it for doing it to you."

"Then what's the problem?"


"I don't believe you."

"Well, tough." she grumbled. Just then their waitress came back to the table. Everyone in the party had realized by her hour long absence that she and the attorney had been together in privacy, but Blake was now acting strangely. The dancer gently placed a beverage down in front of the attorney and planted a soft kiss to her cheek before turning to go. Blake watched her leave as she sighed.

"Blake, did something happen in there?" Torrance inquired. "You didn't do something with her, did you?"

"What do you think?" she inquired.

Torrance looked at her contemplatively. "I think you did. Did you have sex with her?"

"Tor, I'm getting married. Do you think I would actually cheat on Georgia two weeks before our wedding?"

"Prove it then. Let me see your hands." she insisted grabbing for them.

"No." Blake resisted.

Nevertheless Torrance seized them both. Blake hadn't bothered to clean up at all after her little rendezvous in the back room, so she knew Torrance would be able to tell something had indeed happened. "Looks like something happened to me."

"I didn't lay a hand on her." the attorney stressed. "I wouldn't do that to Georgia."

"All right. I believe you." the photographer answered, but Blake could tell she really didn't.

"Torrance Whitfield, I didn't have sex with her." she stated.

"Fine, Blake. If you say that's the truth, then it is."

"I'll prove it to you." she stated. Signaling their waitress over, she said, "Red, my friend wants to know if I had sex with you. Tell her the truth. She won't believe me."

The dancer smiled. Looking at Torrance she said, "She was incredible." Blake gasped in shock. However the waitress then laughed. "Incredibly faithful that is." she teased cupping the attorney's face in her hand. "A perfect gem. Kept her hands to herself the whole time."

"Thank you, Red." Blake said with a satisfied smile.

"You're welcome, honey. That wife of yours is lucky."

"Now do you believe me?" the attorney questioned when the waitress left their table again.

"I don't get it. You had sex with someone back there. She was the only person with you. If not her, then who?"

"She wasn't the only one in that room, Tor. I was there." Blake smirked as she saw her friend's mind at work.

"You dirty dog." Tor quipped. "Get those hands away from me." she joked when she realized the only person the attorney had touched was herself.

Blake laughed. "It's your fault for sending me back there you know."

Torrance laughed as well. "I guess I deserved that for torturing you."

The following morning Georgia arrived back at the loft early. She could smell smoke as she entered, making her wonder where the attorney had gone the night before. Moving toward the bedroom, she opened the door to see her fiancée passed out on top of the bed sideways and still in her clothes. The blonde smiled at the scene. She had never seen Blake so out of sorts. Going over to the bed, the small woman slipped onto it, letting her hand trail up her lover's back to her hair to wake her gently. Blake moaned in her sleep and rolled over.

"Morin', sexy." Georgia whispered.

"Morning." the brunette replied cracking her eyes open slightly. The sun coming in their window was wreaking havoc on her head.

The fair-headed angel gave a soft grin as she began to unbutton her lover's shirt. "You smell terrible, like alcohol and cigarettes."

"You look beautiful." Blake stated raising her hand to her fiancée's cheek. "I love you, Georgia."

The little woman giggled. "I love you too, drunk woman." she replied smelling the alcohol coating her lover.

"I've wanted you all night." Blake whispered pulling the petite frame up onto her own.

"Well, here I am." Georgia said sitting up. She kept eye contact with her fiancée as she slowly removed her own blue blouse. As the older woman's arms slipped around her back, she inquired, "So what did you do last night?"

"Thought about making love to you." Blake murmured in Georgia's ear as her hands began to freely roam. "What did you do?"

"Same thing." she answered shakily. "I missed you. Torrance and Helen's guest bed was way too big and cold without you."

"I missed you too."

Later that morning after the two of them had taken a nap, Blake said she had to run by the restaurant on some business, saying she would meet up with Georgia and the wedding planner later to discuss last minute details. Heading down to Georgia's, she unlocked the restaurant with her keys and went inside. She knew Jack was supposed to be there, so she wandered back toward his office. Sure enough she heard the sounds of music alerting her to his presence.

Getting to the open door, she gave a soft knock. He looked up immediately. "I thought I heard the alarm." he said gruffly. "Thought you were Cindy though."

"I wanted to talk to you, Jack. I feel terrible about yesterday." she began coming into the office. She took a seat across from him at the desk. "I missed you at the party last night. It was a good one." He only nodded but didn't comment. "Look, Jack. I'm sorry that I called you a coward. It wasn't right of me. It's truly not any of my business who you sleep with or how you define your sexuality. I never should have been so insensitive. Coming to know yourself sexually can be hard, and I only made it worse by not supporting you. For that I apologize. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't tell Georgia, and I won't unless you want me to."

"Thank you." he answered. "I'm sorry I hit you, Blake. I lost my temper."

"I lost mine too. I'm sorry I broke your nose."

After a pause he said, "I just wasn't ready for you and Georgia to know 'bout this. I've never done anythin' like this before, so it has been difficult for me. Isaac and I met at the restaurant openin', and we seemed to hit it off real well. He's very funny and attentive. He started comin' in the restaurant almost every day, and we sort of began a friendship. I knew he was gay. I mean who doesn't know Isaac Mizrahi is gay. I just wanted to broaden my horizon by havin' a gay friend. I've never had one, so we started bein' friends, but then it changed. He had taken me to this gay club, and men were lookin' at me the way women do, and it was strange and yet excitin' at the same time I guess. I danced with a man for the first time in my life that night, and I also danced with Isaac. There was just somethin' 'bout the way we touched when we danced. I got… you know."

"Aroused." Blake supplied.

"Yeah." he stuttered. "I guess Isaac could tell, because next thing I knew, his hand was down there gropin' me. It was so weird and yet I couldn't stop him for some reason. It just felt so good but different than with a woman. Everythin' 'bout it was different. He kissed me on the dance floor. It was bizarre, the strength of him versus a woman, but I guess my body just overrode my brain. He took me into the bathroom and finished what he'd started. It's never been that good with a woman." he admitted. "I had no idea anyone could do what he did with his tongue. I went home with him that night. All it took was that one blow job, and I was insatiable to know everythin' else he could do. I had to know what he was like. I wanted to fuck him, and I did."

"And you're continuing to do so?" He nodded. "So, is this just a physical thing, or do you have feelings for him?"

"It started as only physical, but now he's more than a good lay. I don't know what's gonna happen though."

"Do you think you're gay, Jack?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I still like women, but Isaac is just so much better at everythin' than any woman I've ever been with in and out of bed. I care for him, Yankee, in a way I've never cared for another man. I don't know what that means though."

The attorney shrugged. "It doesn't have to mean anything unless you want it to. It's your life, Jack, and you don't have to answer to anyone."

"I'm scared of the label, Blake." he confessed. "Where I come from we hate fags. You of all people should know that. We humiliate and beat them. They are almost as bad as blacks in Stillwater. It's just the way I was raised even if it is wrong."

"But you were so supportive of Georgia."

"I know. I don't believe in what that community teaches, Yankee. I really don't, but when you live with it your entire life, it affects the way you think 'bout the world. It's hard for me to stand up 'gainst my heritage."

"But you're in New York now, Jack. This isn't Stillwater, Georgia. You're never going to go back there. You should embrace your true self if you want, whatever it might be. There are people here that will support you. Georgia and I will always be behind you, Jack, regardless."

"I know, but it's so hard to imagine tellin' Georgia that I'm gay, Blake. I married her. We were supposed to be together forever, and had you not come along, we'd still be married. We'd be miserable, but we'd be married. It's hard for me to tell her that it was all a sham."

"It wasn't a sham, Jack. When you two got married, you cared about each other. You loved each other. Maybe not the way husbands and wives traditionally do, but you loved her enough to marry her when she was pregnant with your baby. That's commitment, so there's no way you can say that was a farce. You planned to be with her for the rest of your life, and it was only me that made you two divorce. There's no way that was a sham. You were committed to each other in your own way. She just wants you to be happy, Jack. She really does, and I think if this is what makes you so, she would be happy for you."

"I'm just not ready to tell her. I will someday but not soon. Promise me you still won't say anythin'?"

"I won't tell her, Jack. It's your story to tell, not mine. I'll keep your confidence."


Blake gave him a smile. Standing up she rounded the desk as she inquired, "So, can we stop being mad at each other now and make up?" He stood and nodded as they embraced in a hug. "All right. I have to get going now. I'm supposed to meet Georgia in a bit. I'm glad we got this squared away. I didn't want things to be awkward at the wedding."

"Me neither. Thanks for understandin', Yankee."

For the rehearsal dinner Blake and Georgia had decided upon only having their families and those people involved in the wedding in attendance making it a much smaller affair than the wedding itself. Nevertheless the intimate gathering proved to be just right for them as Blake's parents got a real chance to visit with Cindy for the first time since their initial meetings in Stillwater. However when the dinner was over, Helen insisted that Georgia return home with she and Torrance out of the tradition of not being able to see the bride before the wedding. Even though Blake didn't like the idea, she reluctantly agreed to let her fiancée spend the night with them, leaving her alone at the loft with her parents.

It was late by the time Blake and her parents arrived back at her place, but even after they had retired for the night, the attorney was up just thinking about what was to take place the following evening. She stood at her bedroom window looking out over the park in silent contemplation of how her world would be changing when she took Georgia's hand. Just then the phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hi." her lover's voice greeted.

"Hey. Missing me already?" Blake asked lightly.

"Yeah. I don't like sleepin' without you, honey."

"Well, the feeling is mutual."

"What are you doin' right now?" the writer inquired.

"Just looking out over Central Park and thinking about tomorrow."

"Haven't changed your mind, have you?" the blonde teased.

"Not at all. I was just thinking about how many changes were going to take place after tomorrow. We'll be married, Georgia, and starting a family soon. It's kind of overwhelming all of a sudden, but I love the idea of being with you forever."

"Oh, Blake. You're so sweet. I thought we had agreed to wait on the children decision though until we decided about Thomas's offer."

"Well, I've made up my mind, Georgia. I know we weren't supposed to talk about this until after the wedding, but I've decided what I want."

"What's that?" she asked hesitantly.

"I have to turn him down."

"Turn him down? You're gonna say no?"

"Yeah. I'm going to say no, Georgia, because it's not conducive to the life that you want, and I want to give you everything you want. I want to give you children, baby, and I can't do that as the Lieutenant Governor. I'd hardly be home. Not only that you already have career that means a lot to you here in New York and moving to Albany would take that from you. I know you love your job, and I want you to continue to be happy with it, but you would have to stay here for that to happen. There's no way that I want us living apart either. I won't stand for being away from you for business like that, not when I have enough work here in New York to keep me busy from now until forever. Thomas offered me something rare, but I'd rather be with you, living here in New York, making babies, and enjoying our life together as newlyweds. It was a chance that was unexpected, but I didn't have aspirations of being a political figure. I'm enough of one already with my social work, and that's enough for me. I can help the party in other ways. I'd much rather just stay here with you."

"Oh, Blake, thank you. I had hoped you would feel that way, but I didn't want to stifle you if it's what you really wanted."

"You're what I really want, baby, and tomorrow I'm going to make that official. You're what I need, Georgia, more than anything else, and I want us to start having kids as soon as we can. I know that's what you want, and I can't wait to have some children that look just like you, beautiful."

"I love you, Blake. You know that? You are too good to me."

"I love you too, Georgia Erwin." Consulting her watch, she noted the late hour. "It's getting late. I should probably let you get your beauty sleep. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I just know you're going to look like such an angel."

The blonde giggled. "I hope to for you. I cain't believe this day is already here, honey. This is the moment I've dreamed of for so long. Good night, Blake."

"Good night, Miss Carmichael. See you tomorrow. I'll be the one down front anxiously awaiting you."

"I cain't wait. See you then."

Hanging up the phone, Georgia sighed in contentment. The woman she loved truly had given her everything she had ever wanted, and the next day all her dreams were going to come true. She looked at herself in the mirror as she changed for bed. In only a few hours, she would cease to be Miss Georgia Carmichael. She would Mrs. Georgia Erwin, the wife of the most powerful, influential female attorney in New York. The little woman smiled. She had completed the mission that had begun a year and a half ago, the first time she had felt Blake's touch. She knew then in her heart that the tall woman was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and tomorrow they would link themselves to each other forever. She would have all she ever wanted and more. Her adolescent dreams of marrying wealthy and living life like royalty were surprisingly coming to fruition, but somewhere in the midst of truly falling in love, those superficial ideals had fallen to the wayside. She knew she would have loved Blake whether she be who she was or a poor farmer from her home town. There was just something in the older woman that called to her, and she knew there was no way she could ever deny her soul's longing for the tall woman who held mysterious power over her.

The next day Blake and her parents hung around the loft most of the day. The attorney slept in later than usual, knowing that she had to be her best for not only the wedding and reception but the private party she and Georgia would be having afterwards. She expected Jack to be coming by and riding with them out to the service, so the three of them just relaxed. However when the time came, the attorney began to leisurely dress for the big occasion, because she knew they had to leave at five to get there on time. Around four thirty there was a knock on the door. Anticipating it to be Jack, Blake casually strolled to open it as she played with the cuff links.

However she was taken off guard when two hands grabbed her by the shirt forcefully as soon as she opened the door. "Where the hell are they, Yankee?" Melvin screamed pushing her roughly into the loft.

"Melvin, what a surprise. You are the last person I expected to see in my house."

"Yankee, I've had 'bout 'nough of this shit! First my daughter! Now my wife! I want them both back now!" he yelled grabbing her again.

"Hey! What is going on? Take your hands off my daughter!" her father insisted coming out of the guest room. Seeing his daughter being threatened, he tried to step in, only to be pushed aside by an angry bulk of a man.

"Where are they? You tell me now!" Melvin demanded.

"I'll do no such thing, Melvin. They aren't your concern any longer. Now get out of my house." she stated taking her own push at the large man.

He retaliated with a shove of his own before whipping a pistol out from behind his back. "I've had it with you, damn Yankee! You've caused 'nough trouble. You took Georgia! You took Cindy! And you even saved that scum Jack from the fate he deserved! You all deserve to be hangin' from the trees for what you've done, but no one can seem to do the job right! Now it's my turn to finish this! Now you tell me where they are or die!"

"Blake, just tell him what he wants to know." her mother stated.

"No. If he kills me, he won't accomplish what he came here to do. He can't kill me, because I'm the only one who knows exactly where Georgia and Cindy are." she stated with more confidence than she felt. She knew for a fact that Melvin was not afraid to pull the trigger against her, having experienced his fire once before.

"Maybe you're right, Yankee. But that won't stop me from takin' out other people in this room." he mentioned moving his aim from the attorney to her mother. "Now tell me!"

Seeing the situation was starting to get out of her control, she contemplated her options a moment. "Wait, Melvin. This is between you and me. There is no need to get my parents involved in this. I'll tell you where they are."


"They're on Long Island getting ready for a wedding."

"Take me to them!"


A shot rang out suddenly, and a bullet drilled through her hard wood floor near her foot. "Take me to them, Yankee! You know I ain't 'fraid to put the next one in your head!"

"Fine. I'll take you to them. Just a second. Let me get my keys." Disappearing into her room, she grabbed her jacket, wallet, and car keys. Coming back into the room, she moved to her mother to hug her. Leaning down to her ear, she whispered, "Call Tor's house and have them get the police there right away. I'm going to take care of this once and for all." Then she moved to hug her father as well. When she was finished, she looked at Melvin. "Let's go."

Blake took the longest route she knew of to get to Torrance and Helen's house. The whole ride was quiet between them, but talk wasn't necessary. The only thing that mattered was the barrel of a gun was pointed at her through the entire ride. An hour later they pulled into the estate driveway. Cars were already being valet parked for guests, so nonchalantly Blake handed over her own keys and motioned for Melvin to follow her into the house.

Torrance was there to greet them at the front door. The two friends exchanged stares, so Blake knew the police had arrived, and the photographer knew what was going on. "If you'll come with me, Mr. Carmichael, Cindy and Georgia are in the library." Torrance said.

The two brunette women walked ahead of him slowly making their way down the hall to the room where Torrance had said the two blondes were. However when she opened the door, only Cindy was there flanked by two police officers. Both Torrance and Blake moved near the officers as well, leaving him alone on one side of the room.

"Melvin, what are you doin' here?" Cindy inquired as evenly as possible. They all knew he had a gun even though it was hidden at the moment.

"I came to talk some sense into you! Now where's Georgia?"

"Oh, um, I guess she's still upstairs getting ready for the wedding. She'll be down in a moment." Torrance answered.

"Wedding? She's gettin' married? To who?"

"To me." Blake replied stepping in front of her future mother-in-law to shield her from harm.

"Why you damn Yankee! I'm gonna kill you!" Melvin screamed.

Blake saw the flash of his gun as he whipped out from behind his back. Instinctively she closed her eyes and waited for the pain to pierce her body as a shot filled the air, but it never came. Instead she heard a loud thud and opened her eyes. Melvin's body lay on the ground, blood pooling around him. She could tell that he was still alive but having difficulty breathing. Behind her Cindy was screaming. Turning around she saw that both officers had their side arms drawn, one covering Melvin as the other called for the EMTs that were backing them up on the radio. It was only a moment before the emergency crew rushed to the man lying there.

Blake put her arms around the older version of her fiancée. Cindy was hysterical as she watched the crew anxiously working to revive her husband. As they rushed him from the room on a stretcher, she asked in a trembling voice, "He's not dead, is he?"

"No, he's not. He just received a wound to the chest. They are taking him to the hospital to stabilize him. I'm sorry, but I had to do it. He was going to shoot." one of the officers stated. "Now we're going to need statements from you."

"Of course." Blake replied. "But we're having a wedding here that's supposed to take place in under an hour. Can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"I supposed you all could do this tomorrow. Let me just get everyone's information, and we can contact you then." they agreed.

When they were gone, Torrance went to check to make sure no one had heard the commotion inside, leaving Cindy and Blake alone for a minute. "Are you all right, Cindy?"

"They shot him, Blake. They shot Melvin." she stated.

"I know, and I'm sorry. That's not what I meant to happen. I just want them to arrest him, but he was going to shoot. They had no choice."

"I know. I just wish he had left us alone."

"I think he will after this. I don't foresee Melvin ever coming back. You don't have to worry. It's over now."

"I'm sorry that he tried to shoot you, Blake." she said.

"It's all right. I knew he was going to, but I had hoped for a better resolution. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I just wanted him to leave all of us alone for good. Nevertheless he won't come back now." The older woman nodded. With a smile Blake said, "Now it's time for me to go marry your daughter. Are you going to be all right?"

Cindy gave a tentative nod. "I'll be fine. I just need a moment."

"All right. You take your time. I need to go make sure my parents know I'm okay too. I'll see you out there. I love you, Cindy." she said gently.

"I love you too, Blake, as if you were my own. Go on now." Georgia's mother said patting Blake's cheek in affection. "It's time."

Several minutes later the wedding procession was about to begin. Blake anxiously hovered around the living room and looked outside at the large gathering in her friends' back yard. The sun was just starting to wane casting a lovely glow across the water in the distance.

"Are you all right?" Torrance inquired putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just anxious for this to start. How does Georgia look? Have you seen her?"

"She's gorgeous, Blake. You're going to be impressed. Both our women do us proud today." she teased. "Are you and Bruce ready to go down that aisle?"

Blake looked down at her dog, who was seated next to her. His dark groomed coat was set off by a doggie bowtie. "We're ready."

"Well, Georgia and I will see you down there then." Torrance replied patting her friend on the shoulder and then leaving to retrieve the writer.

As planned Blake's parents processed first followed by Jack escorting Cindy. However after the four of them were seated, she and Bruce took their turn. The attorney smiled brightly at all the friends she passed as her dog kept pace with her perfectly down the aisle. When she got to the end, she turned to look back, and Bruce obediently sat by her side. Helen was the next to come in. She looked stunning as she glided down the aisle to take her place. She and Blake exchanged smiles before both of them awaited the big moment. There was a dramatic pause in the music before the bride's cued to life via the orchestra. When the doors opened and Georgia stepped out on Torrance's arm, Blake felt herself growing weak. She had never seen the little woman look as amazing as she did floating slowly down the aisle. Her dress was satin and off-white. Mentally the attorney noted that Isaac had been right in choosing the color, because it simply looked radiant on the little woman, illuminating her completely. It was conservatively cut on top but fit the woman impeccably, exhibiting all her assets in a modest elegance. Over the course of the spring and summer, the writer had grown out her hair again and was wearing it in loose curls, part of it swept back and up making a perfect perch for the classic vale. Her blues eyes sparkled as she stared at Blake the whole time.

Georgia was mesmerized by the sight of the attorney standing proudly waiting on her. The tall brunette had on a pressed shirt the same color as her dress. Her jacket was black that went all the way down to her knees accentuating her height and strong build, and black pants rounded out the outfit. The blonde thought she looked stunning.

As they arrived at the end of the aisle, Torrance smiled at her friend as she presented her bride to her. Blake eagerly took Georgia's hand. The photographer sneaked a peck onto the little woman's cheek before moving to the side and taking Bruce's leash from Blake.

"You're beautiful." Blake whispered.

"So are you." Georgia answered with a nervous smile.

"Shall we?" The blonde nodded, so Blake stepped them forward to the female minister in charge of the service.

She smiled at the couple before looking toward the audience. "Who gives these women to be joined today?" she inquired. As agreed Cindy and both Blake's parents answered the question. The couple smiled in nervous happiness at each other as their parents spoke on their behalf.

Once that formality had been taken care of, the minister turned her attention solely to them. "Georgia and Blake, you two have come together to make a commitment to each other in front of your friends and family. I know that each of you has prepared your own vows for this moment, so Georgia, please if you would, tell Blake what you wish."

The blonde turned fully to the woman she loved to take both of her hands and looked up at her with adoring eyes. "Blake Erwin, from the moment you entered my life, you have stirred somethin' in me that no one else ever has. You opened my eyes to a new world and a new life with new opportunities. I thank you so much for givin' me the chance to love you. I promise to forever hold you close in my heart. I will love you and be there for you through the best and worst days. You will always have me as your comforter and supporter. I look forward to spendin' the rest of my days wakin' next to you and raisin' children with you. I am forever yours, Blake, my life, my love, my savior. I will make you proud to call me your wife. I love you." she stated as evenly as she could even though her voice began to crack seeing tears in her lover's eyes. She had never seen the attorney cry before, so the tears moved her more than she ever thought possible.

"Blake, now if you would like to recite your vow to Georgia."

The tall woman took a deep breath trying to regain her composure. Breaking their hands, she opted to slide her arms completely around the blonde's waist and brought her closer. "Georgia, I love and adore you. The day I met you I knew my life would forever be changed. The day you came calling on my porch, I immediately sensed something special in you. From that moment you have captivated me, and I know that feeling will never change. Through all we've been through, one thing has always remained. Your hold on my heart is enduring and ever-lasting. I promise to forever hold you close and protect you. I am eternally your shoulder, your strength, your rock. I will take care of you until the end of our time, and I will lovingly raise our children with you. You are my life, Georgia, and I will strive everyday to make you proud to have chosen me as your partner for life."

The petite woman wept openly at her lover's words. "I love you, Blake." she whispered.

"I love you too, Georgia. I always will." she replied softly.

"Blake, now that you have made your vow to Georgia, take this ring and place it on her finger as a symbol of your relationship. Then repeat after me." Blake took the ring from the minister and took the writer's left hand. "Georgia, with this ring I thee wed. I promise to love, comfort, and protect you for better or worse, through sickness and health to the end of our days."

With trembling hands and voice, Blake repeated, "Georgia, with this ring I thee wed. I promise to love, comfort, and protect you for better or worse, through sickness and health to the end of our days."

"Now Georgia, please take this ring and place it on Blake's hand as symbol of your relationship. Then repeat after me. Blake, with this ring I thee wed. I promise to love, comfort, and protect you for better or worse, through sickness and health to the end of our days."

The blonde did as she was told taking the ring and slipping it on the large hand of her lover. Both of them were shaking lightly, but Georgia found strange comfort in Blake's emotions. Confidently she looked up at the dark eyes and stated, "Blake, with this ring I thee wed. I promise to love, comfort, and protect you for better or worse, through sickness and health to the end of our days."

"Now that the two of you have made this commitment here today, these rings will forever be a sign of your relationship, and may you be known by all as life partners. You may kiss." the minister announced. Both women smiled brightly at each other as they embraced. Leaning to each other they kissed gently. When they were finished, the minister turned them toward the congregation. "May I present Blake and Georgia Erwin."



Fifteen months later Blake and Georgia sat around a large table at Georgia's having dinner with family and friends. Torrance and Helen sat to their left with John and their newest family addition, a towheaded little girl named Marta. Across from them was Cindy and an empty chair that they were expecting Jack to fill at any moment when he had a chance to take a break from talking to restaurant guests.

However when Jack came over, he happily stated, "The governor-elect is here. We need more chairs."

Thomas and Maria Whitfield waved from the doorway and made their way toward the table. "Well, if it isn't our favorite children." Thomas said with a smile.

"Nonna, Nonno." John stated excitedly rushing for his grandparents. Maria swept him up into her arms. She kissed him on the cheeks before he reached for his grandfather.

"How are you, little John?"

"John, come sit back down in your chair now and eat something." Helen softly instructed as she rocked Marta. He scampered back to his seat obediently earning a ruffle of the hair from Torrance.

"How are you holding up, Helen?" Maria inquired as she and her husband both came to look upon their sleeping granddaughter in her mother's arms. Both of them kissed her lightly on the head.

"I'm fine."

"And what about our newest additions?" Thomas asked moving to stand between Georgia and Blake. "How are prince and princess Erwin this evening?" he asked in jest looking at the twins, one of which was being held by each parent.

"You and Georgia looked tired, Blake." Maria said reaching for the little boy Blake was holding.

"No one ever said being a parent was going to be this hard." the attorney joked as Thomas took the little girl from Georgia.

"It's so amazing how each one of them looks so much like one each one of you." Maria commented. "Luke, aren't you just the most handsome thing? With that blonde hair and those blue eyes, you are going to be a heartbreaker. I just know it." she said, cooing at him lightly.

"And you, Miss Lana, men will find heaven in those dark eyes some day." Thomas mentioned rubbing her brown hair lightly. "Of course, maybe women will find heaven too. You just never know with this crew." he joked earning laughs from the table.

"Thomas, Maria, would you care to join us for dinner?" Blake asked.

"It would be a pleasure if you don't mind." she answered.

"Not at all. I think Jack went to get some more chairs. That man needs to sit down and enjoy his own meal though. Oh, here he is now. Jack, take a seat. We came to have dinner with you, not watch you run around the whole time." the attorney said.

"All right. All right. Just let me get the waiter over here to get everyone's orders, and we'll be set." he said signaling someone over. Thomas and Maria took their seats, still holding the Erwin twins as they decided on their meal.

"So, Jack, I hear that you're back with Isaac." Georgia mentioned with a smile. "Is that just a rumor?"

"No, it's not a rumor. I gave up on the boy of the month club." he replied teasingly.

"I'm glad that you seemed to have found someone, Jack. We've all be hopin' you would." the writer said with a supportive smile.

"Me too."

"Glad the election is over, Thomas?" Blake inquired once they had all gotten their beverages.

"Yes. It was a dog fight. You were much better off staying out of it, Blake. I think you made the right choice." he answered looking down at the baby in his arms. "It's hard to beat pleasure like a family."

"I know that now." she answered with a smile, looking fondly in her wife's direction.

Seeing that everyone had a drink, Blake raised her glass. "I'd like to make a toast. To my wife, Georgia, who has graciously put up with me for the last fifteen months and given me the two most beautiful children in the world. And to my friends, whom I would have never gotten this far without."

"To family and friends." Thomas seconded.

Torrance chimed in, "To family and friends."

Meeting glasses in the middle of the table, they all toasted their good fortune and future. "I love you all." Blake stated. "And I especially love you." she whispered dropping a kiss on her wife's nose.

"I love you too, Blake, always."

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