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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.



The SUV pulled up to the Morning Talk studio. There was a large crowd of people yelling, standing behind metal barricades, some even waving large poster boards with Alex's name on them. Alex looked out of the window and smiled, then turned to Jamie who was sitting next to her. Sitting in front of Alex was one of the body guards, she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Luke. When I get out, have Ricky watch Jamie.” Ricky was the other bodyguard for Alex.

Luke only nodded and whispered a command into his earpiece. Jamie figured he was talking to Ricky who was in the car behind them. Jamie looked outside at the crowd then back to Alex.

“That's a huge crowd. I can't imagine how they found out so quickly that you were coming here.”

“Word of mouth I guess. My fans are usually very respectful but every once in a while you'll get a really riled up one that stands out. That's why I'm having Ricky watch you on our way in.” Alex said.

Jamie laughed, “Why me, I'm not the famous one here.”

“It can be very overwhelming, Jamie. I also want to make sure you're okay on our way in.”

There was a tap on the window as Ricky stood outside Alex's door. Max unlocked the doors as Luke stepped out of the vehicle. Luke walked around and looked inside at Alex. She jumped out of the SUV and motioned for Ricky to help Jamie out. As soon as Alex stepped out, the crowd screamed even louder. Luke guided her by the small of her back as Alex walked towards the fans who were reaching out to her and trying to get any glimpse of her that they could. Alex flashed her well-known smile at her fans as she greeted them. She signed miscellaneous items, gave some fans hugs and posed quickly for pictures.

She then walked away from the crowd, nodding her thanks as Luke led her to the studio doors. Jamie was already inside with Ricky and she stared out at the crowd through the glass doors. She couldn't believe how many people were outside. Steven came up from behind Jamie and stood next to her.

“She's always so nice to her fans. Alex really appreciates them.” Steven spoke softly.

Jamie looked up at Steven and smiled, “I see that. It's like she's trying to give a little time to each of them. But there's so many.”

“Yup, there are always plenty of fans, she's never alone.” Steven didn't know how untrue that remark was. Jamie remembered what Alex had told her at her home and looked back towards Alex who was entering the building now with Luke at her side. Alex removed her sunglasses and walked towards Steven and Jamie.

“Great crowd, huh.” Alex grinned and put her hand on Jamie's shoulder. Jamie was a little overwhelmed at the welcome they got. She nodded, still looking out the glass doors. The producer of Morning Talk walked quickly up to the group. She stopped in front of Alex and gave her hand for Alex to shake.

“Hello Alexandra, I'm Lindsey, the Producer.”

Alex smiled, and shook Lindsey's hand. “Hi, how are you, Lindsey.”

Lindsey nodded curtly and motioned to the group with Alex “Is this everyone?”

“Yes, these are my guards and these are my friends Jamie and Steven.”

“Okay, well you guys can follow me, please. Alex you're going to be interviewed by Cate Allen. She's going to be asking you a few questions about your movie. Are there any questions that are off limits?”

Alex shook her head. “No, I'm an open book Lindsey, ask away.” She laughed and followed Lindsey backstage. Jamie, Steven, Ricky and Luke followed behind. While they were all backstage someone walked up to Alex and quickly fixed her hair and patted her face with make-up. Jamie could see Cate Allen already sitting down for the interview. Cate Allen was well known for getting interviews with A-listers and asking difficult questions. She was currently sitting down getting her lipstick touched up and had her legs crossed in front of her, her blonde hair shining under the bright lights.

Lindsey took Alex's elbow when she was done with touch ups and lead her to the seat in front of Cate. Alex turned around to look at Jamie who was standing behind the cameras. She winked at Jamie and turned back around to greet Cate. Jamie Smiled and suddenly felt eyes on her. She turned and found Steven staring at her with a small grin on his face. Jamie blushed and knew he had noticed Alex wink at her.

“Everyone, cell phones on silent please!” Someone yelled out.

Jamie took out her phone and silenced it. She noticed she had three text messages from Clarissa. Two texts wondering how her time with Alex was going, and one begging her to come back already because Jamie's mother was apparently driving her crazy. Suddenly the Morning Talk music came over the speakers silencing everyone behind the cameras.

“On air in 5…4…3…” Lindsey counted down and when reaching two and one, pointed to Cate.

“Good morning everyone, I'm Cate Allen and I have a very special guest with me today. She's been in multiple award winning movies and is here to talk about her most recent movie ‘The Soldiers'. Alexandra Davenport is here with me today, how are you this morning Alexandra?” Cate turned away from the camera and smiled at Alex.

“Good morning, Cate. I'm great this morning, thank you.” Alex smiled back, her blue eyes seeming to glow under the lights. In front of the camera Alex looked at home and relaxed.

“The first question I have today is something I've been curious about for a few months now. How is life treating you at the present time?”

Alex laughed, “More like, how am I treating life.”

“Sure, yeah definitely, however you see it.” Cate slightly cocked her head waiting for Alex's answer.

Alex ran her fingers through her hair. “I'm treating life with more respect now. Before, I didn't really do that. I'm more serious about my work and I have more respect for myself.”

Cate nodded in agreement. “That's great! I think viewers can really see that in your new film, ‘The Soldiers'. It's a real life drama and you're wonderful in it. The way your character is treated just because she's a lesbian soldier is so sad. What do you say about that and her struggles?”

“I think the struggle that my character goes through in this movie is something that a lot of gay and lesbian soldiers go through today and we wanted to portray that in a realistic way. I wanted to make sure my characters story was told properly so people out there can know what these soldiers in that predicament have to go through just to fight for their country.”

Cate nodded again looking down at her set of cards she had in her lap. “Now, you have a love interest in this film and that character is played by Cindy Howard. How was it working with Cindy in this film?”

Alex internally rolled her eyes. She hated talking about Cindy but knew it was no use avoiding it because Cindy played her love interest in the movie. Alex plastered a fake smile on her face while answering the question. “Cindy was great to work with, she was very professional, came to work on time and she's a good person. The whole cast was great, they all told their stories for their characters in a truthful way and I know the audience will notice that.”

“I'm thinking Oscar here, Alexandra.” Cate laughed.

“You never know.” Alex smiled shyly.

Off camera, Steven stepped closer to Jamie who was watching the interview intently. He touched her arm lightly and spoke softly in Jamie's ear.

“She hates talking about Cindy. I could almost hear her thoughts screaming when Cate asked her that question.” Jamie looked up at Steven, curious.

“What do you mean?” Jamie whispered back.

“Well, Cindy was the one that got Alex into drugs and a whole lot of trouble back in her partying days.”

“So Cindy Howard is not a very nice person I'm guessing.” Jamie stated.

“Alex just plays for the cameras. She doesn't like any drama or Hollywood feud gossip.”

Jamie looked back towards the two women talking as the shows theme music started to play, leading out to a commercial. The interview was over and Alex gave Cate a hug, thanked her and walked towards Jamie and Steven. Alex looked at Steven. “How did I look?”

“You looked wonderful sweetie, as always.” Steven smiled.

Alex turned towards Jamie, and caressed her arm. “Was that weird for you?”

Jamie laughed and shook her head. “No, Actually I thought it was very surreal and you answered all those questions quickly and perfectly it seemed.”

“That's because those are the same questions I get asked all the time. It's almost like a broken record, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.” Alex turned to Luke and Ricky so that they could leave the Studio. Luke spoke low into his earpiece and nodded.

“Alex, Max is out front waiting.”

Alex looked confused. “Why is he in the front?”

“He says there are too many paps out back waiting for you.”

“I think you should listen to Max, Alex.” Steven said.

Alex nodded and searched for Jamie's hand. Jamie intertwined their fingers and looked up at Alex who was now talking to someone on her cell phone. Luke was in front of them and Ricky was behind them, leading them outside to their waiting ride. As soon as the front doors opened there were flashes everywhere. There were no barricades holding anyone back and it took them by surprise.

Alex put her phone away and looked around them. “What the hell?”

“I thought Max said the front was safe?!” Steven yelled from behind Jamie.

“Guess not.” Alex said under her breath.

The crowd was large and they were pushing against them, yelling for autographs and grabbing at Alex. Luke was busy pushing people away from Alex and yelling at them to back off when a fan in the crowd yanked roughly on Jamie's coat from the side, forcing Jamie to let go of Alex's hand. Jamie landed hard on the cold sidewalk, but the crowd barely noticed as they continued around Jamie to try and see Alex.

Alex turned around quickly as soon as she felt her arm pulled backwards and wasn't quick enough to grab Jamie as she fell. Luke was still guiding her to the car and didn't hear Alex yell for him to stop.

“Luke, God damn it! Let go of me!”

Luke turned around in question and finally saw Ricky trying to get Jamie off of the sidewalk. Alex walked back towards Jamie, shaking off the arms that still grabbed at her. Alex was now very pissed off. Ricky pushed the crowd to the side and helped Jamie back up. His arms automatically went around her to protect her from the crowd. Alex finally got to Ricky and Jamie, quickly grabbing Jamie's hand.

“You okay, Jay?” Alex asked as they were led again back to the car and were finally able to get in the SUV and past the crowd. Ricky closed the door behind them and went to the front seat.

Alex sat close to Jamie, a protective arm around her shoulders. “What happened, Jay?”

Jamie ran her hands through her hair nervously. “I don't know. One second I'm holding your hand and the next second I'm being pulled to the side.”

Steven spoke up loudly. “More like thrown. She practically flew into the crowd. One of those crazies out there grabbed her coat, hard.”

Alex noticed Jamie holding her hands close to her. “Hey, let me see, please?”

Jamie looked up at Alex, shaking her head. “It's nothing, really. Just some scrapes.”

Alex took Jamie's palms and saw that they were scratched and red. “Fuck, you could have broken your wrists. I'm so sorry, I had no clue all those people were out there.”

“It's okay, Alex. When I get back to the hotel I'll take care of them, they aren't that bad. I was a little startled, that's all.” Alex felt the frustration well up inside her. The thought of Jamie leaving back to the hotel saddened her and the fact that Jamie got hurt made her angry. As the car sped back to Alex's house, she scooted up in her seat and spoke dangerously low to Max.

“What the fuck happened back there, Max? You tell Luke and Ricky that its all clear out front and then once we get outside there are tons of people waiting for us like fucking animals!”

Max looked nervously into the rear view mirror to look at Alex. He knew the crowd was out in the front because Cindy had told him that fans liked to hang outside of the building sometimes waiting for a possible peek at a celebrity. Cindy forced Max to wait for Alex there, knowingly lying to the bodyguards.

“I'm sorry Alex. I think the paparazzi recognized the SUV and told the rest of their friends where you were getting out. I was going to call you, I swear, but it was too late.”

Alex stared at Max's eyes through the mirror. “You've been working for me for years Max. Jamie got hurt because of your slip. This better not happen again or I'll fucking fire you.” Alex seethed.

Jamie touched Alex's shoulder to try and calm her. “I'm okay, Alex. That's all that matters. Max isn't to blame. I'm sure if he had time to call you, he would have.”

Max stared back at Jamie and mentally kicked himself. Jamie getting hurt was not part of the plan.

Alex sat back and took one of Jamie's hands. “Will you come back to my place, just so we can get your hands looked at? I really want to get them cleaned.”

“Sure, that's fine. What a crazy day, huh?” Jamie smiled.

Alex caressed Jamie's face softly. “I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you.”

“Can you guys drop me off first? I have things to do as well.” Steven whined.

Alex smacked him on the arm.


“Max, lets drop off Steven first, please.”

“Yes, Alexandra.”



The vehicle stopped in front of Stevens place and he jump out waving back at Jamie.

“I'm so sad about what happened today sweet cheeks. This normally doesn't happen. I hope you feel better.” He looked at Alex, “See you later on, Alex.” Steven wiggled his eyebrows and slammed the door shut.

Alex smiled and shook her head. Jamie smiled nervously now that it was just the two of them in the back of the car.

“You have very interesting friends.”

“Oh, you mean Steven.”

“Yeah, but he's nice. Very informative.”

Alex smiled crookedly. “Informative? Did he tell you something about me?”

“He told me something.” Jamie smiled and nodded.

Alex pressed a button on the door and a black wall came up separating the front seats from the back passenger seats.

“What exactly did he tell you, Jamie?” Alex was in a playful mood, now that they were somewhat alone.

“What's up with the divider?”

Alex leaned in closer to Jamie and smelled Jamie's perfume. “I wanted to have some alone time with you.”

“At least you're being truthful.” Jamie looked into Alex's eyes and couldn't resist the pull that Alex had on her.

Jamie leaned in towards Alex's lips that were slightly open and kissed her. Alex had wanted to kiss Jamie again since the balcony that morning. Their kiss was soft and the two explored each others mouths like two teenagers kissing for the first time.

Alex moved her mouth to Jamie's neck just below her ear and bit down softly. From what Alex remembered, that used to be Jamie's spot. It was the area that turned Jamie into liquid heat. Jamie clenched Alex's blouse in her hands as Alex continued to softly nip on her neck. Alex realized that the spot still worked. She smiled against Jamie's skin and moved her lips to Jamie's ear.

“So what did Steven tell you?”

Jamie pushed back and looked into Alex's eyes and smiled, shaking her head. Jamie's eyes were still half lidded. “You're incredible, Alex.” Jamie laughed, pushing Alex away.

Alex took Jamie's hands, softly, and kissed each palm. “Be careful with these.”

Jamie nodded trying to shake the warm feeling that was quickly taking over her body.

“I'm just kidding Jamie, we're almost at my place, that's why I stopped.” Alex looked into Jamie's eyes and noticed the glazed look they had. “You want more.” Alex whispered; it was more of a statement than a question.

Jamie nodded and put her arms around Alex, whispering in Alex's ear. “I do, but I… can't.”

Jamie's voice was warm in her ear and Alex closed her eyes. She wanted Jamie, craved her.

The car stopped and Ricky opened the door for them to get out. Alex pulled away from Jamie, took her hand and kissed it again softly. “Lets take care of these.”

“Okay.” Alex helped Jamie out of the car and Ricky walked them inside of the building.

They took the elevator back up to Alex's condo and they both walked inside. It was early afternoon and Jamie knew she had to call Clarissa and let her know what she was up to.

Jamie grabbed the phone out of her coat pocket and turned to Alex who was removing her own coat.

“I need to call Clarissa really quick, she's been messaging me and I think my mother is driving her crazy.” Jamie laughed. Alex smiled and nodded while walking towards the bathroom.

“Yeah, go ahead, I'm just going to grab a few things for your hands. I'll be right back.” Alex turned the corner and was out of sight. Jamie looked down at the phone and called Clarissa. Surprisingly, Clarissa answered on the first ring.

“Hey you! Where the hell have you been and how are things going?”

“I'm still with Alex, we just got back from an interview she had to do.” Jamie walked over to the family room and sat down on one of the couches.

“You went with her to an interview? I can't believe it! Well, I'm still here with your mom and John, so please come back.” Clarissa whispered.

“I should be back in an hour or two, Clar. I just got into a little predicament with a few rowdy fans and my hands got scraped up a little.” Jamie looked down at her left hand that was starting to turn a darker shade of red.

Clarissa, now concerned, held her cell more tightly to her ear. “How the hell do hands get scraped up, what happened?”

“We were walking out to Alex's ride and I think someone grabbed me and pretty much shoved me aside. It's not as bad as it sounds, really.”

“Doesn't Alex have people to protect her from that sort of thing?” Clarissa sounded annoyed by the tone of her voice. Jamie looked up and saw Alex come around the corner with a few items in her hands. Alex saw Jamie still talking on the phone and smiled as she walked towards her, sitting next to her on the couch.

“Are you sure you're okay, Jamie?” Clarissa asked.

“Yeah I'm sure.”

“Okay, I believe you. Oh, hey, what time does our flight leave tomorrow?”

“ It leaves at ten in the morning…”

Alex placed all of the first aid supplies on her coffee table and couldn't help but listen in on Jamie's phone conversation. Alex wondered if the time Jamie was speaking of was when she had to leave; travel back to California and her life over there.

“…Alright, I will, see you soon.” Jamie ended the call and placed her cell back in her coat pocket.

“Clarissa says hello.” Jamie laughed while taking off her coat. Alex looked at her and smiled. “ She's a good friend, right?” Alex questioned.

Jamie nodded. “My best friend actually. I love her to death.”

“That's good because good friends are really hard to find, and I like her so far.” Alex smiled and took Jamie's hands in hers, turning them over so her palms were facing up.

“This might sting a little, okay?”

Jamie nodded and braced herself for the sting. Alex then dabbed her palms with a little alcohol on both hands. Jamie hissed but kept her hands on Alex's lap. Alex looked up at her with concern on her face, “You okay?” Jamie nodded again as Alex finished cleaning her scraped and bruised palms. They were both quiet for a moment when Alex finished. Jamie knew it was time she had to go back to the hotel and get ready for an early start the next day. They looked at each other, both smiling. Jamie decided to speak first.

“Thank you for today, Alex. It was a truly wonderful experience. Including the part where I got into an argument with your trainer and even the part where I got shoved by a group of your fans, which by the way wasn't such a bad thing because now I'm here with you.” Jamie smiled shyly at Alex.

Alex was feeling a lot of mixed emotions. There was so much that she wanted to say and she knew she didn't have a lot of time to express it. Alex gently took Jamie's hands in hers again. “I'm happy that I was able to be with you today too. I'm really sorry about how the day started, with Jenna I mean. I swear that we have nothing between us anymore. I just wanted you to know that.” Alex looked down at their hands, deep in thought.

Jamie couldn't see Alex's eyes and even after so many years apart Jamie knew Alex was trying to hide her emotions. “It's really okay, Alex. I actually completely forgot about her.” Jamie laughed.

Alex looked back up and smiled slightly, then she asked the question she needed an answer to. “What time do you leave back to California?”

“I leave tomorrow morning at ten. I have a speaking gig at the convention center later tomorrow.” Alex nodded in recognition and finally lifted her head to look at Jamie.

“I understand. I only wish we could have spent more time with each other today. I just found you, Jay, and I'm afraid that if you leave… I'll never see you again.”

Hearing those words out of Alex made Jamie want to stay there with her forever. But she had a life and so did Alex and they both knew it was back to reality. They weren't teenagers anymore where they could spend everyday together. They were adults and had different responsibilities to uphold. Especially with Alex being a celebrity, Jamie knew that she would be needed all the time. She wanted this to work between her and Alex, and she wanted to get to know her all over again. She also knew that it would probably be much more difficult than before.

“ Didn't we have this conversation on that beautiful terrace out there? I want to try again with you. I still love you, Alex, and a part of me wants you badly right now, right here. But I'm also afraid of the big celebrity life. I'm nothing compared to you and what you've done. I'm just someone that knows how to speak for others, who can't. My life isn't this glamorous.”

“ I want us to try again, Jay. I don't want you to leave without you knowing that I'll be here for you. I want us to work and I know we can. I have a house over there and I also have a premiere I need to be at in a few days, so we can spend as much time as we need together.” Alex kissed Jamie's fingers.

Jamie smiled, knowing that this decision would change her life forever. Jamie lowered their hands and wrapped her arms around Alex. They held each other tightly, not wanting to separate. Alex leaned her face into Jamie's hair and softly kissed her there. Alex leaned back and looked into Jamie's bright green eyes. She slowly lowered her lips to Jamie's as they kissed. Alex caressed Jamie's face and entangled her fingers into Jamie's hair. The kiss went on, both too afraid to go any further than that. Alex wanted everything to be special for Jamie, even if it meant waiting for as long as Jamie needed.

They pulled apart as Alex's cell phone rang. Alex looked down at the caller ID and pressed the silent button. “ Every time I'm busy I always get a call from someone that wants me to do something for them. I'm sorry.”

“It's okay, I understand. I have to start leaving soon anyway. Clarissa is going to start worrying.”

“ Sure, I'll get Max to take you back.” Alex stood up and dialed Max's number.


The ride back to the hotel was slow, Alex stayed at her home because of an appointment she had later in the evening. Jamie quietly sat in the back of the SUV watching the New York scenery pass by. Max looked at Jamie through the rearview mirror and contemplated her as she stared out of the window.

“How're your hands?” Max asked, forcefully.

Jamie slightly jumped in her seat, lost in her thoughts, and until now the ride was completely silent. Jamie unconsciously looked down at her hands that were still somewhat red.

“They're fine, Alex cleaned them up for me, thank you.” Jamie could only see Max's eyes in the mirror as he nodded.

“That's good.” Max continued to drive to the hotel and the rest of the ride was silent.

After a drive that seemed to take an eternity they finally reached the hotel.

“Thank you for the ride back, Max. I really appreciate it.” Jamie smiled as she opened her door and got out of the SUV.

“You're welcome, have a good one.” He watched her as she stepped out and closed the door. He drove away before Jamie could get inside and grabbed his cell phone dialing Cindy's number, waiting as it rang.

“What's going on, Max?” She finally answered.

“Do you realize that I almost got fired today because of your stupid vendetta you have against Alex!” Max yelled into the phone.

“Oh come on now, Max. It couldn't have been that bad. It was just a minor inconvenience I wanted Alex to be part of. She hates surprises.” Cindy laughed.

“Well your minor inconvenience got Jamie grabbed by one of those crazy fans, who then decided to knock her down. And do you know who got the brunt of Alex's anger? I did, Cindy!”

“Calm down, anger does not suit you. If Alex's little brat got hurt that's not my problem. Anyway, Max, I have to go now, call me when something important comes up.”

“Wait!” Max yelled.

Cindy rolled her eyes. “What?”

“ I just dropped Jamie off at her hotel so I think she's leaving soon. Alex is at home now and I don't have to pick her up until later this evening.”

Cindy seemed interested now and leaned more into her phone.

“So the brat isn't with her now?”


The line went dead and Max looked down at his cell phone screen. Cindy had hung up.

“Crazy bitch.”


Jamie opened her room door and walked inside. The room was empty and it looked like Clarissa and her mother had not made it back yet. “Now that I'm here Clarissa decides to stay out.”

Jamie picked up her suitcase that was next to her bed and opened it to start putting away her clothes and random odds and ends she collected on her stay in the city. She couldn't wait to get home to her own bed and her nice, quiet, neighborhood. Jamie didn't know how people could live here permanently with all of the noise and rush that everyone seemed to be in. Everyone in New York seemed to be on fast forward and she needed to slow down, especially with the type of day she had today. Jamie sat down on her bed and turned on the TV, deciding to wait for Clarissa and her mother. She flipped through the channels quickly until she saw a familiar face come up on the screen. It was the interview from this morning and Alex was talking about her new movie and co-star, Cindy. The entertainment announcer on the news channel started to dissect Alex's interview and speculate if Alex's onscreen affair with Cindy's character was also the same in real life. Jamie rolled her eyes and changed the channel. It was during a commercial that they gave the trailer to ‘The Soldiers'. She couldn't take her eyes off of the trailer as she contemplated Alex's character on the screen. Jamie couldn't believe how far Alex had come, and especially couldn't believe that less than an hour ago she was with Alex at her home.

Jamie was deep in thought about today's events, when the door to her room brought her out of her thoughts. She turned to see Clarissa walking in with a huge smile on her face.

“I am so happy you're back Jamie, I missed you!” She walked up to Jamie and sat next to her on the bed.

“You act like you haven't seen me in years, Clar. I've only been gone for half a day; and where's my mother?”

“It feels like I haven't seen you in years since Alexandra Davenport decided to kidnap you this morning, and your mom is with John downstairs in the restaurant eating. Apparently they are both planning to stay here in NY for a few more days.” Clarissa wiggled her eyebrows at Jamie.

“ Wait…John and my mom?” Jamie's face was in disbelief.

“ Yeah, Jay, sweetie. Your mom is a cougar.”

Jamie slapped Clarissa on the arm. “ That's just not right, Clar.”

“Who cares, how was your day with Alexandra?”

Jamie took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “It was good. Busy, but good. I felt like a fly on the wall looking in on her life. When she's at home she seems so relaxed but as soon as she's out and about, she changes into this other person. Almost like a predator on the prowl.”

“Ooh that sounds sexy.”

Jamie gave Clarissa a mischievous look then laid her head on Clarissa's shoulder.

“It was, and then when she smiles everyone goes crazy…and I melt because I remember when that smile was only for me.” Jamie whispered.

Clarissa looked down at Jamie, “Do you still love her?”

“When I look back, I think I've always had a spot reserved for her, a spot no one else could touch and when I saw her yesterday… it was like she filled that spot instantly.”

“But do you love her?” There was silence after she asked the question and Jamie thought back to what she told Alex earlier.

“Yeah…I do.”

“Wow. So what are you guys going to do, I mean, have you even told her this yet?”

“She told me first and then I told her,” Jamie looked up at Clarissa, “she wants to start over again…with me.”

Clarissa couldn't believe what she was hearing. “And all this time I thought I had a chance with you.” She whispered jokingly. Jamie laughed at the comment.

“I'm serious, Clar! I guess I should be seeing her again in a few days. She's coming back to California for her movie premiere. You won't believe some of the people that look after her. They're pretty stuck up. I kind of got into it with her personal trainer earlier. I think that if you looked up asshole in the dictionary, her face would be there.”

“And Alex saved you from this asshole?”

Jamie nodded, smiling. “Yeah, things were escalating. She thought I was the maid.”

“You're joking.” It was more of a statement.

Jamie shook her head, completely serious.

“Nope. But it's okay, like I said, Alex saved me.” She smiled.

Clarissa hugged Jamie tightly.

“Sweetie, I'm really sorry about that. Hollywood types are so into themselves sometimes that they don't see the effect they have on other people around them. Are you sure you want to get into this with Alex?”

Jamie inhaled and exhaled slowly.

“I just have to take that chance.”

“Are you sure you want to do that after what she did on your graduation? You trust her that much after all the years of no contact?”

“Yes, I do.”

Clarissa smiled and gave Jamie one last squeeze.

“Okay, then I'm here for you, Jamie.”

Jamie squeezed Clarissa back, let go, and playfully punched her on the arm.

“You're the best, Clar, thank you.” Clarissa got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. She suddenly turned around with a mischievous glare.

“Did you guys have sex?”

“Clarissa!” Jamie yelled and threw a pillow at her.

Clarissa ducked quickly, laughing, while she ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. Jamie shook her head lying back against the headboard. She felt a heaviness leave her body as her emotions finally seemed to settle down. She needed a nap, desperately.


The sound of a phone ringing woke her up. Jamie opened her eyes and turned her head towards the window. It was dark, and she realized she must have fallen asleep without realizing it. She looked at the phone next to her on the bedside table as it continued to ring. Jamie rolled across the large king size bed and also realized she still had her clothes on from the day before. Jamie picked up the phone, loosely holding it to her ear.


“This is your courtesy call. It's 7:30am, Ms. Johnson.”

Jamie turned to the digital clock on the other side of the bed. She had definitely slept through the rest of yesterday afternoon and into the next morning.

“Okay, thank you.” She hung up the phone and stretched.

Jamie got up, turned on the lights to the room and walked towards Clarissa's section of the room. She slowly walked towards the sleeping figure in the bed and gave Clarissa a few nudges on her shoulder.

“Clar, wake up, time to get ready to leave for the airport.” She nudged Clarissa a little harder this time. “Earth to Clare.” Jamie walked to the light switch, turning on the lights right above Clarissa's bed. “Get up!”

There was a moan and the sheets flew off of the bed.

“Remind me again why we had to book the early flight.” Clarissa sat up with one eye open. Jamie smiled and shook her head, leaving the room to get ready.

An hour later they were both ready to leave New York and go back to California. Jamie was on the phone talking to her mother who had decided to stay in New York a little longer with her manager John.

“Yes mother, I had a great time with Alex. I'll tell you about everything later when I get back home. Have a good time with John and don't do anything I wouldn't do!” Jamie laughed as she hung up. She looked at Clarissa who was smiling at her.

“What?” Jamie asked.

“I think your mother and John are seriously-” Clarissa couldn't finish what she was going to say because Jamie quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

“Don't say it, Clar.” Jamie slowly removed her hand from Clarissa's mouth.

“Okay, okay, I'm sorry.”

They both left the room with all of their belongings and took the elevator downstairs. Clarissa finished checking them out of the hotel at the front desk and walked to Jamie who was already outside, waiting for her. Jamie hailed a cab and once everything was in the trunk they were both on their way to the airport. There was a chirping sound coming from Jamie's hands. She looked down at her cell phone as it rang. It was Alex.

“Hello?” Jamie asked with a smile on her face.

“Hey there, Jay. I just wanted to tell you to have a safe trip back.” Alex sounded shy, her voice softer than normal.

“Thank you. I'm just dreading the long flight back.” Jamie glanced at Clarissa who was smiling while staring out of her window. She knew Clarissa was listening in on her conversation.

“Yeah I completely understand. Driving through time zones can be hectic on the body.”

Alex wanted to talk to her for hours if she could have, but she knew she had a busy day ahead of her. Alex had multiple meetings and promotions she needed to attend for her movie and she knew she would be swamped with work.

“It is pretty hard. I know you're used to it though. You travel all over the world, Alex. How do you do it?”

Alex smiled, unconsciously rubbing the back of her neck.

“I try to get as many massages that I can.”

Jamie's thoughts slightly took a turn as she imagined Alex's skin underneath her own fingers. When they were in High School, Alex would always ask her to massage her shoulders for her. But that was a long time ago. Her thoughts were broken by Alex's voice.

“You still there, Jay?”

Jamie cleared her throat. “Um…yeah, sorry. I don't get any massages, something about a stranger touching me makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“Well, I can give you one when we see each other again, if you want.” Alex's voice sounded nervous but cautious. Jamie smiled and nodded slightly.

“I want.”

On the other line Alex combed her fingers through her hair with a sense of giddiness. But it felt good and was definitely welcome. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this way. She bit her lip lightly and was about to say something but she could hear Clarissa in the background talking to Jamie.

Jamie looked out of her window and saw that they had made it to the airport. The taxi driver parked in front of their departure zone, then stepped out of the car.

“Hey, Alex, we're here at the airport now so I'm going to have to give you a call back when we land in California.” Jamie continued to step out of the Taxi and grabbed her bags that the driver gave her.

“Okay, that's fine. I'll talk to you later then?” Alex asked.

Jamie smiled. “Of course.”

They both hung up and both felt as light as a feather. Whenever Alex talked to Jamie, she felt at ease and ready for anything.

Clarissa took care of the taxi expenses and walked with Jamie into the airport.



“I'm glad Alex found you. You look really happy.” Clarissa smiled and put her arm around Jamie's shoulders as they walked to their gate with their rolling suitcases behind them. Jamie nodded as she put her own arm around Clarissa's waist.

“I am happy, Clar.”


Clarissa pulled away. They were both tired. One from lack of sleep, the other from sleeping too much.

“I wonder who Alex is going with to the movie premiere.” Clarissa said, looking at Jamie.

Jamie looked puzzled.

“She needs a date to go to one of those things?” She asked, curious.

Clarissa nodded. “Usually celebs go with someone else.”

“Interesting. I'm sure it'll be Steven. He's her best friend.”

They nodded silently as they finally reached their gate number. It was time to finally head home.


To be continued in Part Five

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