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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.


  Jamie blinked her eyes a few times as the night table next to her slowly came into focus. It took her a moment to remember where she was, and once she did she couldn't help but nestle herself further into the warm and cozy bed. Jamie turned over expecting to see Alex sleeping next to her but instead a pile of pillows were scattered in her place. When she spotted the time on the clock facing her on the other table, her eyes immediately grew wide. It was noon, but you would never be able to tell because the room she was in was shrouded in darkness. Jamie quickly threw the sheets off of her body and hopped off the bed.

“Oh my God, how did this happen?” Jamie mumbled under her breath. She had a corporate event she needed to attend somewhere in downtown Los Angeles in an hour and she knew, at this point, she was going to be late. The event was a meeting with the sponsors that allowed her and others to speak at conventions around the U.S. and to be late would make her look careless and irresponsible. Truthfully, Jamie had forgotten about the meeting with all the running around she'd been doing the past few days.

Jamie slowly felt around the dark room looking for a light switch as she cursed under her breath at how ridiculous she must look at the moment. Just as she was starting to actually get annoyed at her situation, the bedroom door slowly opened and Alex walked in with what looked to be clothes folded in her arms.

“Alex! Thank goodness, are those my clothes?” Jamie asked as she walked towards Alex who turned in surprise at the voice that was not coming from the bed.

“Hey, good morning sleepyhead.” Alex said, somewhat surprised that Jamie was walking around in the dark. She handed the clothes to Jamie and noticed how quickly Jamie started to dress herself. “Okay, is everything alright, Jay?” Alex asked, quickly flicking the light switch on.

After zipping up her pants she looked up at Alex who eyed her with concern. “I have a meeting today that I need to be at and I completely forgot about it.” Jamie said.

“Oh, so when do you need to be there?” Alex asked, suddenly feeling disappointed because she had the whole day planned out for them, and now those plans looked like they weren't going to happen.

“I have to be there in an hour, but I need to go home first.” Jamie replied. She contemplated Alex's face to search for any negative reaction to her situation. Alex actually seemed understanding, which allowed Jamie to feel a little more relaxed.

Alex nodded, “Okay, sure, I'll take you home.” She said. They both headed over to the garage, which lit up automatically as soon as they walked in. Alex grabbed a set of keys off of the wall and pressed the remote-start button that hung off of the keychain. In the far corner of the large garage a metallic, silver sports car revved up as Alex led the way.

Jamie took notice of the pitch black tinted windows and the car doors that opened upward instead of outward. “Wow, Alex, is this your bat-mobile?” Jamie asked as she slipped into the elegant car.

Alex couldn't hide the grin that appeared on her face. “No, it's my chick-mobile actually.”

Jamie's eyebrow arched, as she noticed the grin on Alex's face. “Oh really? So is this how you take all of your women home?”

As Alex backed out onto her driveway she couldn't help but notice the hint of jealousy that seemed to creep into Jamie's statement, and it was very cute, especially coming from the blond. “No, this is how I take Jamie home. This is my Jay-mobile.” Alex said, smiling as she drove them out of her driveway.

Jamie laughed, playfully hitting Alex on her shoulder. “Really?” She asked.

“Really.” Alex nodded, and quickly leaned over to give Jamie a peck on her cheek.



* *


“Alright, here we are.” Alex parked the car on the curb in front of Jamie's house. It took them twenty-five minutes to reach their destination with Alex speeding as much as she could without getting pulled over. Jamie turned towards Alex after removing her seat belt and leaned in to hug her.

“Thank you so much for everything, Alex, I had so much fun,” Jamie looked down at herself. “geez, I'm such a mess right now, I need to run in and get ready.”

“You're welcome Jay, anything for you. I'm happy you were able to be there with me yesterday. When you're done with the meeting give me a call okay? I have nothing to do today, so I'm completely free.” Alex said, smiling. Jamie went to hug Alex again and softly kissed Alex's lips. They pulled apart, only their foreheads touching as Alex cupped Jamie's face with her hands.

“I'll see you later.” Jamie said, pulling away from Alex a second time.

“Okay, see you, Jay.” Alex waved just before Jamie closed the car door. Once Jamie was safely in her home, Alex drove off to her own home, and for the first time in a long time she had no clue what she would do that day.

* *


Once Jamie arrived to the meeting she immediately sat down next to one of her colleagues who was staring at her curiously. Jamie had arrived just on time and she blew out a sigh of relief. The sponsors had not started the meeting yet so she leaned back into her chair, but before she could get comfortable, a magazine was pushed across the table to her.

“Check it out, Jamie.” Wendy whispered across from her. She was also a fellow speaker that had been working with Jamie for two years.

Jamie sat up and leaned over to grab the magazine. It was a celebrity gossip magazine that so happened to have a large picture of her and Alex on the front cover from the night before. It was a picture of them kissing on the red carpet. Jamie couldn't believe what she was seeing and studied the front cover closely, hoping the image was a mistake. Although she wished it wasn't her, she knew it was.

Jamie looked up at Wendy who had a large smile on her face. “Where did you get this, Wendy?” Jamie asked as she flipped the magazine over so that the front cover was face down.

“I stopped by the store this morning and it was in the stands. That's not the only magazine with you on it either.” Wendy giggled.

“What?! Not the only magazine? There's more?” Jamie tried to whisper but was failing at it miserably.

At that moment her colleague next to her slid over his copy of another celebrity magazine with the same photo on the cover, but a different title. Jamie picked it up and looked at the title. “ Alexandra Davenport's new love ?” Jamie read to herself.

“You didn't tell us you knew Alexandra Davenport.” Wendy said, smirking.

Jamie was still in shock as she looked at both covers and was not paying attention to anyone that might have been speaking to her. When she finally looked up, everyone sitting at the table was now staring at her, as if they were waiting for an answer.

“I'm sorry, what?” Jamie asked, still in shock.

Just then the sponsors walked into the room, and immediately everyone's attention was diverted to them. Jamie didn't know how to take the situation because she had never been on the cover of a magazine before. How would it effect her job as a motivational speaker, and would people take her seriously anymore if she were on gossip magazines? Jamie's mind was definitely not in the meeting as a million thoughts ran through her head at once.


* * *


In the Hills, Alex was in her garage waxing one of her bikes when she heard the sound of a car pulling up in her driveway. Wanting to see who was coming up her driveway unannounced, she walked out of her garage, which was already open, letting in the California breeze. What she saw in her driveway made her smile, and she jogged up to the person who jumped out of the car.

“Bryan, what are you doing here?” Alex asked as she hugged her younger brother tightly.

“Well I wanted to see how my wonderful sister was doing and wanted to also meet your new girlfriend.” Bryan pulled away, took a folded magazine out of his back pocket and shoved it into Alex's chest.

Alex frowned, curious as to how her brother knew about Jamie. She hadn't told anyone about them and instantly got suspicious. She looked down at the magazine cover and her hand immediately went to her forehead. She turned to walk back to the garage, completely ignoring her brother, and scanned the pages trying to locate the cover story.

“What?” Bryan asked, as he walked up behind her. Alex was busy reading the article that went along with the cover and admitted to herself that she had read worse things about her life. After she was finished scanning the story, she threw the offending magazine into the garbage without any thought.

“Why do you read that stuff, Bryan?” Alex asked.

“So… she's not your girlfriend then. I should have known, you were never one to really settle down.” Bryan shook his head as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

Alex went back to waxing her bike and chose to completely ignore her brother's comment. “Hello, earth to Alex!” He said, now waving his hands in her face.

Alex looked up at Bryan, blue eyes meeting blue. “I heard you, I just choose to believe that you're smarter than gossip magazines.” Alex snapped.

“Well that's why I'm also here. I wanted to get the news straight from my big sis.” Bryan said.

Alex stayed looking at him and shook her head in annoyance. “Okay, that woman in the picture with me is Jamie. “ She continued to stare at Bryan, waiting for a reaction.

Bryan didn't understand why she was telling him the woman's name as if he knew her. He stood there with a blank stare on his face.

“Jamie Johnson, my girlfriend through out high school.” Alex clarified.

It was as if a light switch turned on as Bryan's eyes went wide in recognition.

“You're kidding me! That's her? Wow, she got even hotter, I always had a secret thing for her when you guys were together.” He said.

“Yeah, well I'm not quite sure what to call her. We're still figuring each other out and I want to take it slow so I don't scare her.” She said, continuing to wipe down her bike.

“Have you guys done the deed yet?” Bryan asked, a serious tone in his voice.

Alex nodded as she continued looking at her brother, who started to laugh. “Why are you laughing?” she asked him as she stood up.

“If you had sex with her, then it's a little too late to be worrying about taking it slow and scaring her. Especially now that she's on all sorts of magazine covers with you kissing her.” He continued to laugh at his sister as he shook his head.

“When we had sex it was sort of in the moment, and we haven't really talked about it. It just happened, I wanted her and she wanted me.” Alex stated matter-of-factly.

“Nothing just happens with you, Alex. Especially when it comes to conquests and sex.” Bryan said.

“It's not like that, Bryan. I went looking for her and I found her. It might sound corny but she's the one I always wanted to spend my life with. Now that I have her again, I don't want to lose her. So I'm treading carefully I guess.” Alex stood her ground, making sure her brother knew she was serious.

Bryan nodded. “Okay I believe you. Does she know she's all over the press?”

Alex stopped what she was doing and stood up. “That's what I'm worried about. I'm not sure how she's going to react. If she's still anything like she was in high school she's going to be pretty freaked out.” Alex continued to walk inside her home with Bryan following her.

“That's just something she has to get used to. If she wants to be with you again she has to accept that you come with a little extra baggage. Jay should understand that, and if she doesn't, then I'm sure she'll let you know.” Bryan finished.

Alex poured herself a glass of wine and gave her brother a beer. She took a large sip of her wine as they both went to sit down at her mini bar. Alex laughed a little as she looked down into the glass. “A little extra baggage? Yeah right, I have so much baggage that sometimes I'm not sure what to do with it.” She took another sip of her wine, finishing it on the spot.

“You love her still, don't you?” Bryan asked her.

Alex nodded, “So much it hurts.”

Bryan rubbed his sisters back and pulled her closer to him. “Then you have nothing to worry about.”


* * *


A few hours later found Jamie sitting at home reading an article in another magazine she picked up on her way home. The press didn't know her name yet but had many speculations of who she could be. She looked down at her phone and noticed the many text messages from Clarissa, which meant that she probably saw the magazines too. Jamie wondered if Alex knew about the magazines so she decided to give her a call.

Alex's phone rang in her pocket while she drove down Rodeo Drive with Bryan. She answered the call through her wireless ear-piece, somewhat nervous at what Jamie was going to tell her.

“Hi, Jay.” Alex answered.

“Hey, Alex, I just called to let you know I'm home…and I also wanted to ask you if you've been to the store today.” Jamie hesitated.

“Well I haven't been to the store but I do know about the picture that's on every entertainment magazine, and I just want to say that I'm sorry about it. I have no control over what the press writes or what the paparazzi do.” Alex's words came out rushed. Bryan could tell that Alex was nervous as he looked at her with a slight smirk on his face.

Jamie could hear the nervous tone in Alex's voice and it almost seemed as if Alex was scared of her own reaction. “Alex, you don't have to apologize, I was just a little shocked when I saw it. I've never been on a cover like that before and it seems a little surreal I guess.”

Alex let out a relieved sigh, “So you're not angry?”

“No, of course not. I know that this is probably what's going to happen from now on when I'm with you. I've thought about it and I just have to accept it.” Jamie said.

“You don't have to, you can still back out of this relationship with me.” Alex replied.

“Alex, I told you I wanted to try this again. You and I have a lot to catch up on and I know what I'm getting into. I just want to be with you, and that's that.”

Alex felt as if a weight was lifted off of her shoulders at what Jamie had just told her, and she knew then that Jamie was definitely the one she wanted forever.

“Hey, um, do you want me to go and pick you up?” Alex asked.

“Sure, that sounds great.” Jamie said, smiling.

“Alright, be there in five minutes.”

“Five minutes, Alex?” Jamie asked concerned. She didn't want Alex speeding again.

“Yeah, I'm already on the road, it shouldn't take long.” Alex replied.

“Okay, see you in a few.” Jamie said as they both ended the call.

* * *


Approximately five minutes later Alex pulled up at Jamie's house. “Okay little brother, you have to go in the back seat.” Alex said as she got out of the car. Bryan opened the door and jumped into the back. Alex jogged up the small driveway and rang the doorbell. Jamie opened the door and smiled up at Alex who once again looked incredibly sexy without even trying.

“Hey.” Alex said, her blue eyes sparkling in the sun.

“Hi.” Jamie replied, shyly. Alex slowly leaned down to kiss Jamie and without hesitation Jamie pulled Alex closer to her. The kiss started slowly but soon became heated as they both enjoyed each other's mouth. Suddenly Alex's car honked behind them, automatically pulling them apart. Jamie looked over Alex's shoulder at the car, but she couldn't see inside because of the dark tinted windows, so she looked back up at Alex.

“Is Max rushing us?” Jamie asked; she couldn't help but chuckle.

Alex turned her head and gave her brother, who she knew was watching, an ice-cold glare. She then turned back to Jamie. “No, not Max, but someone else.” Alex said as she took Jamie's hand and walked to her car. Alex opened the passenger door for Jamie and then walked around to the driver side.

“Hey there, Jamie.” Bryan said as he touched Jamie's shoulder. Jamie turned around, her mouth opening in shock at Bryan sitting in the back seat. His dark hair was neatly combed upward and he was sporting a five o'clock shadow.

“Oh my god, Bryan! It's so great to see you! You're all grown up!” Jamie squealed excitedly while she held his hand.

“So are you! You're definitely not a teenager anymore. It's really nice to see you again, Jamie.” Bryan replied, sincerely.

“He's the one that showed me the magazine with our picture on the cover.” Alex said, while she drove out of Jamie's neighborhood.

“It's a nice picture, Alex! You look very pretty by the way.” Bryan stated towards Jamie.

“Thank you.” Jamie blushed.

Alex smiled as Jamie and Bryan caught each other up on the last few years. They laughed at the stories about their childhood and the crazy antics they would sometimes get into. For a moment it felt like they were teenagers again, with Bryan being the annoying younger brother always trying to get into their business. Unfortunately that feeling didn't last when Alex saw the swarm of paparazzi in front of her gated entrance.

“What the hell?” Alex said as she drove up slowly to the gate, trying not to hit anyone with her car.

Once the paparazzi realized it was Alex who was driving, they immediately started to take pictures, the flashes going off in rapid succession. They surrounded the car and started to also take pictures of Jamie.

“Alex, I thought these guys weren't able to get past the front gate security.” Bryan said, somewhat annoyed at their predicament.

Alex shrugged, “I'm not sure how they got here.” Once she was close enough to where she could put in the password to get in the estate, she lowered her window. The questions were being hurled one after another about the mystery woman in the car and in the photos.

“Excuse me guys, can you just step back a little so I can get in, please.” Alex said as politely as possible.

They all moved back a few inches but were still in Alex's face.

“Are you cheating on Cindy?” One yelled.

“Does she know about the new woman?” Another asked.

“Can you tell us more about her?”

The questions all seemed to come one after another and Alex pursed her lips. Why did everyone think she was with Cindy? How many times had she tried to clear that up in interviews? Once she was able to put the password in, the window rolled back up, cutting off the voices and questions. While she drove up slowly trying to make sure she didn't hit anyone, the banging started. The cameras were sliding against the car windows as they tried to get as close as possible for a last minute picture.

Jamie leaned closer to Alex when one of the men banged on her window so she could look towards his lens.

“We're almost through, the gate should close by itself.” Alex explained to Jamie.

Bryan shook his head in annoyance; he wasn't sure how his sister could deal with the attention every day of her life. He turned to see the gate completely close behind them as the paparazzi backed off.

“You're all set, Alex.” Bryan said, turning back around.

“I wasn't expecting them to be there. Sorry about that, Jay.” Alex said as she drove up to her garage. She took Jamie's hand and slowly rubbed circles on it to calm her down.

“I'm good. It just freaked me out a little with all the banging on the car.” Jamie said.

“They can be pretty aggressive like that.” Alex replied.

Jamie squeezed Alex's hand a little tighter to let her know she was ok. Once Alex parked in the garage they all got out and stretched.

“Well guys, I'd like to catch up some more but I have work to do.” Bryan said as he went to give Jamie a hug.

“You're leaving already?” Jamie asked, a frown forming on her face.

“I've been here all day with Alex, but I'll come by and visit. I live just half an hour away.” Bryan said.

Alex playfully punched her brother's arm. “You need to visit me more often since you live so close.”

Bryan hugged Alex and laughed. “Hey, I was lucky to find you here today. I'm never that lucky. We have to find a day for all of us to go out for dinner or something.” He released Alex and winked at Jamie. “I'll see you guys around.” Bryan said. He then turned to walk to his car that was still parked in the driveway.

As he was leaving, Jamie looked at Alex curiously. “What does he do nowadays?” she asked.

Alex put her arm around Jamie and watched as her brother drove away, “He's a paramedic, but he's always more busier than I am.” Alex replied.

“Wow, I would have never guessed that he would grow up to be a paramedic. That's amazing.” Jamie said in awe. She still remembered him as annoying and often obnoxious.

Alex smiled and looked down at Jamie. “I guess it's in the Davenport genes to be amazing.” She said.

Jamie looked up and couldn't help but chuckle at Alex's smug answer. “I think you're right, Alex, you are quite amazing.”

“Oh yeah?” Alex grinned.

“Yeah.” Jamie replied as they both inched closer to each other. They kissed slowly, and Alex couldn't help but run her fingers through Jamie's hair.

“I love when you do that.” Jamie whispered after she pulled back slightly.

“Good, because I want to do it all the time.” Alex replied, she then leaned down to kiss Jamie again. Jamie moaned softly when Alex pulled her tighter against her tall, lithe body. She could feel Alex's breasts against her own and feel every breath Alex was taking. It was pure bliss.

Alex pulled back slowly and led them into the house.

“Jay, are you hungry?” She asked.

“It depends what you mean.” Jamie replied. There was a sly grin on her face and Alex picked up on what she meant, quickly. Alex walked slowly up to Jamie and whispered, “What do you want it to mean, Jay?” she asked.

Jamie inhaled quickly when she saw the predatory look on Alex's face. She wanted Alex, badly.

“Uh, I really enjoyed making love to you the other day.” Jamie blurted out. She didn't realize what she had said until she saw Alex's face change into a large grin.

“Crap! I didn't mean to say that. I can't believe I said that out loud.” Jamie panicked and put her hands over her face.

Alex removed Jamie's hands and tilted her head up by her chin. “Are you embarrassed, Jay?” Alex grinned at the red flush on Jamie's cheeks.

“Yes, I am actually. I didn't mean for that to come out…and it did.” Jamie whispered.

“I'm actually glad you said something because we haven't spoken about that day, really. Now that you said you enjoyed it, makes me want to tell you the same thing. I enjoyed it very much and I know we've just found each other again, but I feel like we never went our separate ways. I feel so natural around you, Jay, and I hope that you feel that way with me too.” Alex spoke softly wanting to make Jamie feel comfortable again.

Jamie nodded, “I do feel that way around you. I've had so much fun the last few days and it's been even better with you.”

Alex let out a relieved sigh and kissed Jamie's forehead.

“I love you, Jay, so much.” Alex whispered.

“I love you too.” Jamie hugged Alex, “I am pretty hungry, for food though. If I don't eat I might go crazy.” Jamie admitted.

Alex laughed, “Okay, I'll make you something to eat.”

Jamie looked at Alex with surprise written all over her face.

“Hey, no judging. I can cook if I need to.” Alex said, reacting to Jamie's expression.

Jamie nodded, “Okay, well show me what you've got, superstar.”


* * *


Alex and Jamie had been dating for six months and everything seemed to be going very well in their lives. Alex was working on another film that she was the lead in, and was more in the studio than in her own home lately. Jamie traveled around Los Angeles with Clarissa at different seminars for the LGBT community but could not stop the paparazzi from traveling with her too. They loved to follow her wherever she went and Jamie knew it was something she couldn't control, so she dealt with it. A Month after the photo from the premiere was published all over every gossip magazine; Alex did an interview where she admitted to the press that she was seeing someone. From that day on the paparazzi were constantly at her side, whether she was with Alex or not. Alex had been adamant with Jamie to take a few of her bodyguards whenever she went out, but Jamie didn't want to seem untouchable. Jamie wanted to stay humble and be reachable to the people she was speaking out for.

Needless to say, Alex was not happy with the decision. She knew Jamie was her own person and knew how to make her own decisions, but she just wanted to be cautious.


It was six o'clock in the evening and Jamie was currently finishing up signing autographs for the group that came out to see her speak that day. The crowds had been larger than normal ever since the public found out she was in a relationship with Alex, but she didn't mind at all. As long as everyone got the message she was trying to give, then she was perfectly happy.

Once Jamie signed her last autograph she decided she needed to stop by the ladies room first before leaving for the day. Suddenly, as she was walking down the main hall, her wrist was grabbed from behind her. It caused Jamie to immediately turn around to look at the person still holding on to her. She came face to face with a man who was gripping her wrist tightly and who also looked awkward for the setting they were in. He was wearing a camo jacket over a white shirt, with camo pants and high-top boots that were tightly tied up. His blond hair was down to his shoulders in oily strands that surrounded an equally oily face.

“Can I help you? “ Jamie asked as she looked down at his hand still around her wrist. He grinned at her, his eyes staring directly into her own.

“I think you're a pervert for doing what you do.” He said through gritted teeth.

Jamie forcefully pulled her arm back to release his hold. She was shocked that someone who didn't even know her would approach her like this.

“I'm sorry you feel that way.” Jamie replied quickly and turned to walk away. Before she could go any further he stopped her again by stepping in front of her.

“Don't walk away from me. You know, I've been going to all of your conferences and listening to what you have to say and the way you live is disgusting. You and that actress together in sin; you will pay for your sins.” He said. His teeth clenched tightly together.

Before Jamie could react to what the man had just said, Clarissa walked up to them.

“Hey, Jamie, ready to go?” Clarissa turned to look at the man, “Hello.” She told him. The man didn't respond to Clarissa and only stared both of them down before turning and walking away down the hall. Clarissa turned back to Jamie and slightly chuckled.

“Okay. That was weird.” Clarissa muttered, looking at her friend. Jamie had not said anything yet and was just watching the man as he walked down the hall and turned the corner. “Hey are you okay?” Clarissa asked.

Jamie nodded, “He just freaked me out a little bit. He was one of those religious nut jobs, that's all.” Jamie said, trying to brush off what had just happened.

“He looked like a nut job.” Clarissa replied.

At that point Jamie just wanted to leave, and she completely forgot about needing to use the ladies room.

“Are you going to tell Alex about that guy?” Clarissa asked.

“No, of course not. Not with the way she's been trying to force her bodyguards on me.” Jamie replied while crossing her arms.

“I mean, are you sure? It'll be worse if she finds out from someone else.”

Jamie gave Clarissa a stern look.

“Clar, please don't tell Alex about this.”

“Maybe having bodyguards isn't so bad, Jay.” Clarissa said.

Jamie rolled her eyes, “Clarissa! No, just drop it. I just want to go home and relax at this point.”

Clarissa nodded; nothing else was said about the strange man as Clarissa drove Jamie to her house.

Once Jamie had settled in and gotten comfortable she decided to text Alex. The film Alex was working on rarely gave the two women time to spend with each other. Alex's schedule constantly kept her on set and working.

Jamie sent a quick text to Alex, and about five minutes later her phone started to ring. A large smile appeared on her face when she saw who the caller was.

“Hey you.” Jamie answered.

“Hi beautiful, how was your day?” Alex asked. She was taking a break from an action sequence they were currently shooting and she was now in her trailer relaxing on the couch.

“It was tiring.” Jamie sighed.

“Are you alright, Jay?”

“Yeah I'm fine. I just miss you.”

“I miss you too sweetheart. I should be done with this scene in an hour or so, if it goes as planned.” Alex said. She was also tired from filming all day and wanted to be with Jamie badly.

Jamie rubbed her tired eyes and tried to stretch out the stress that was currently building up in her shoulders. “Is the production on time today?” Jamie asked.

“So far we ‘re on time, and once I'm done here I'll go to your place so we can have some one on one time. Do you want me to pick anything up for you on my way over?” Alex asked.

“No I'm fine, Alex. Just bring yourself, that's all I need.” Jamie sighed.

“Okay sweetheart, I'm going to let you go now so I can go back on set to finish this scene.”

“Alright see you soon.”

Once off the phone, Jamie walked over to her kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She grabbed a yogurt off of the top shelf and closed the refrigerator door. When she did, that's when Jamie noticed her wrist. There was a light bruising that wrapped around the pale skin, which caused Jamie to drop her yogurt.

“Oh crap!” Jamie shouted as the yogurt splattered around her feet. She couldn't stop staring at her wrist, which again reminded her of the creepy man that had a firm grip on it earlier that day. Jamie didn't realize that his hold was tight enough to cause a bruise, or if she just bruised easily. She wasn't sure which one it was, but she did know that Alex would probably notice and she would be forced to tell her what happened. She wasn't scared of Alex's reaction, but was more worried about the argument that she knew would follow afterwards, and taking bodyguards with her everywhere she went.

About forty-five minutes later Jamie had cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and was able to relax somewhat before Alex came by. Checking the time again, she decided that she would have enough time to take a shower and freshen up for her girlfriend. Jamie picked up the remote and turned on her stereo that already had Adele playing, her melodic voice coming through the sound system soothingly.

Satisfied with what was playing, Jamie freed herself of her clothes, not caring where they landed as she made her way to the bathroom. Once inside of the shower, she slid the glass partition closed and let the hot water roll down her hair and over her shoulders. She closed her eyes and tried to let the days events slowly wash away, but it wasn't happening. Behind her closed eyes she could see the man's face looking at her with so much hate and she could feel his grip on her wrist. She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the glass shower door open and then close softly.

Jamie jumped slightly when she felt arms wrap around her waist, she immediately turned around to find a very naked Alex in the shower with her.

Alex leaned down to kiss Jamie, her hands caressing up and down Jamie's slick back. The kiss had a hint of need behind it and Jamie responded back with just as much need. Pulling back but not letting go of Jamie, Alex smiled, and ran her fingers through Jamie's wet hair.

“I missed you.” Alex said and leaned down to place another kiss on Jamie's lips.

Jamie's eyes were half lidded as she looked up at Alex, the water now cascading over Alex's shoulders and down her breasts.

“I've missed you too.” Jamie whispered back. She let her own arms roam down Alex's lithe body as they continued to kiss. Alex moaned into Jamie's mouth when Jamie's hands moved to her inner thigh, which caused her to open herself up and unconsciously push Jamie against the tiled wall. Jamie inhaled quickly as her back hit the cold tile, but it was soon forgotten when Alex's mouth landed on her neck and then started to lick her way down. Just as Alex was getting to where Jamie needed her most, Alex slowly licked her way back up and held Jamie's hands above her head, resting on the tile.

They stood that way for a few seconds, staring into each other's eyes. Alex had a complete view of Jamie's body while she held her against the wall. Alex leaned into Jamie again, their arms still up and over their bodies while she softly nipped on Jamie's lower lip. Jamie took that as a sign and opened her mouth for Alex, letting her in completely. Their mouths battled for dominance but eventually found equal footing. Their bodies sensually rubbed against one another while soft moans were exchanged between the two.

Alex couldn't take it anymore and released one of Jamie's hands, allowing her to slide her free hand down Jamie's stomach. Jamie wrapped her own free hand around Alex's neck as they continued to kiss. Once Alex's fingers reached their destination, Jamie removed herself from Alex's mouth and leaned her forehead against Alex's own. Jamie lifted one leg and tightly wrapped it around Alex's waist, giving her total control of their position. Alex's fingers softly, yet quickly caressed Jamie as she felt her getting wetter around her fingers.

“Does it feel good, what I'm doing to you?” Alex asked, her breathing coming in quick pants.

Jamie nodded, her eyes closed as she pulled Alex closer to her. She could feel Alex's own body heating up against her own and knew Alex was enjoying watching her writhe under her touch.

Alex moved to rest her forehead on Jamie's shoulder while she continued to move her fingers in and out and over Jamie's clit. Nearing her release, Jamie bit down on Alex's neck, causing Alex to give out a soft grunt that further helped Jamie's release along. Alex latched onto Jamie's lips again, she knew Jamie was close and wanted to see her girlfriend come. She could feel Jamie's walls start to close around her fingers until they completely clenched around them. Jamie let out a loud moan into Alex's mouth, her fingers still inside Jamie, slowly bringing her down. Alex could feel Jamie's legs trying to give out, but she held her up, not wanting to miss a second of Jamie's climax.

Jamie leaned her head against the tile and opened her eyes to see a small grin on Alex's face. Alex removed her fingers, making Jamie jerk a little at the action.

“I love you, Alex.” Jamie said. Her voice was a little shaky from the powerful orgasm that ripped through her body.

“I love you more.” Alex replied, giving Jamie another passionate kiss as they held each other tightly.

Once they were finished cuddling and actually showering, they both headed to the master bedroom to relax. Alex kept a lot of her clothes at Jamie's house so she didn't have to worry about what to wear when she spent her time there. They changed into comfortable pajamas and laid back onto the bed. Alex held onto Jamie under the sheets and couldn't help a yawn from escaping her mouth.

“Did I tire you out?” Jamie asked, followed by a giggle.

Alex laughed and pulled Jamie tighter against her. “My day tired me out. You should have seen how many times I had to jump off of a building and onto a giant inflatable cushion.”

“Why don't you use stunt doubles, babe?” Jamie interjected.

Alex shrugged, “I don't like to use them. I want the audience to know it's me and to just see me on screen.”

“That's why you're the best out there. You really care about your work. That's also why I love you so much.” Jamie said as she stole a kiss from Alex.

“Tell me about your day, Jay.”

Jamie knew the subject of her day would come up and she really didn't want to talk about it, especially after the nice shower moment they just had.

“Anything new happen?” Alex continued.

“No, you know, same thing as always.” Jamie responded quickly.

Alex looked at Jamie with a surprised expression on her face.

“Really? That's all? You always seem so excited after a conference.” Alex said, sitting up in the bed.

“I am excited, it's just—today wasn't a very good day for me, I didn't feel well.” Jamie said, trying to avoid the subject.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked.

Jamie quickly nodded. “Yeah, I'm fine. There was just something…” Jamie stopped, trying to find a way to tell Alex what happened.

“Something what?” Alex tried to push Jamie along.

Jamie sat up in bed too, so that she was sitting opposite Alex, facing her directly.

“There was this weird man that approached me and he was just odd. I've never had anyone come up to me the way he did.” Jamie said.

“So did he say anything?” Alex could feel herself getting upset at the thought of someone making Jamie feel uncomfortable.

Jamie was about to tell her the whole incident but at the last minute decided against it. “No, nothing. Clarissa came up to me before he could actually say something, and then we left.”

“So he just looked weird?”

Jamie nodded.

“I get weird fans sometimes too, it happens.” Alex said as she slowly rubbed Jamie's arms.

Jamie smiled, but inwardly she felt guilty for lying to Alex. She would eventually tell her but tonight was not the time that she wanted to go into it.

Jamie lifted herself up and onto Alex, straddling her hips. She wanted to change the subject to something that was a lot more fun. Alex rested her hands on Jamie's waist and looked up at her expectantly.

“I want you writhing beneath me, Alex.” Jamie whispered.

“Oh yeah?” Alex's eyes instantly became shaded with desire.

Jamie nodded, “You're all mine tonight.” And with that said, Jamie proceeded to give Alex anything she wanted, and in turn enjoyed the gasps, moans, and whimpers that came out of the actress' mouth.


* * *

“You have to be fucking kidding me.” Alex said to herself as she saw Cindy walking towards her. It was early morning the next day and Alex had left early from Jamie's house thirty minutes before. She was in the studio with make-up, preparing for the first shot of the day.

“Hi honey.” Cindy said, stopping next to Alex.

“What do you want, Cindy? Alex asked, rolling her eyes.

“You know what I want. I've always wanted you, completely, and I know deep down you want me too. How about we go back to your trailer and get each other off.” Cindy whispered.

“You disgust me. Don't you have somewhere to be? Isn't someone's house supposed to be dropped on you?” Alex seethed.

Cindy stood there quietly after Alex's last remark. Her face turned serious as she took a step towards Alex.

“How dare you patronize me, and look down on me, Alex. If you continue with this, you are seriously going to regret it.” Cindy spit out.

“Are you threatening me?” Alex asked.

“Of course not. I'm just giving you a heads up.” Cindy replied.

Alex turned to walk away but was stopped when Cindy started to speak again.

“Your girlfriend, Jamie, is smart. I saw one of her conferences recently. She and her friend seem pretty close, don't you think? How well do you know your girlfriend, Alex?”

Alex's icy stare bore into Cindy, but neither woman backed down. The director calling for Alex was the only thing that stopped her from seriously hurting Cindy. Alex knew she was just trying to catch a rise out of her and if she gave into it, it would only give Cindy what she wanted.


Clarissa and Jamie were best friends, and that was all they were. Clarissa knew their history and would never do anything to jeopardize Jamie's happiness. Alex trusted Clarissa and knew she had nothing to worry about. One thing that did bother Alex was the fact that Cindy mentioned she saw Jamie at one of her conferences. Jamie hadn't mentioned anything about seeing Cindy, but then maybe that's why Jamie had been stressed out yesterday.

Cindy stood and watched as Alex walked off towards the set, completely ignoring her now. She needed to find a way to get Alex's attention again, somehow. Cindy grabbed her cell phone and continued to call a few numbers that she knew would get her somewhere.


* * *


“So did you tell her?” Clarissa asked.

“I almost told her, but then I sort of chickened out.” Jamie replied.

Clarissa looked at her friend in disbelief. She couldn't understand Jamie's rationality on the situation.

“Look at your wrist, Jamie. How did she not notice that?”

“We were a little busy and she didn't notice.” Jamie said, as she stared at her hands.

“Busy, Jamie?”

Jamie looked up and saw the disbelief in Clarissa's face.

“We hardly ever see each other now and sometimes things just happen. She's my girlfriend, I'm allowed to have sex with—“ Jamie said but was cut short by Clarissa putting her hands over her ears.

“I don't want to hear that! Yuck!” Clarissa yelled.

Jamie shrugged and stood up from the couch, “Come on, lets go.”

“Where are we going?”

“I'd like to see Alex, so we're going to pay her a visit.” Jamie said as she grabbed two helmets off of her dining table.

“Wait, I'm not riding on that bike of yours. I still resent Alex for actually teaching you how to ride one.” Clarissa stood with her arms crossed.

“Well then follow me in your car.”

They both stood there staring at each other. Clarissa was deep in thought and then quickly grabbed the extra helmet from Jamie's hand. Jamie laughed as they both walked out of her house.

“Why do I have to wear Alex's helmet?” Clarissa whined.

“Deal with it, Clar. Now, hold onto me or you're going to fall off.” Jamie replied as she revved up the bike. The silver crotch rocket was a gift from Alex three months ago and Jamie loved riding it through LA. Alex taught her everything she needed to know about riding and especially spent time on safety. When she went to get her license, she passed the first time and loved riding ever since.

Clarissa held onto Jamie, wrapping her arms around Jamie's waist tightly. She hated motorcycles but enjoyed being able to be so close to Jamie without feeling awkward.

“Ready?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah.” Clarissa replied. Jamie pulled out of her driveway and drove down through her neighborhood, excited to be able to see Alex at work. Her next conference was later in the evening so she had time to spare. Spending it with the one person she loved the most was on her priority list.


To be continued in Part 9

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