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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.


Jamie pulled her bike up to the studio where Alex was shooting her scenes, and parked in the guest parking space. Clarissa jumped off the bike first, quickly taking her helmet off.

Once Jamie lifted herself off of the bike, they both walked over to the main studio entrance. There was plenty of commotion happening inside that echoed through the entrance, which caused a jolt of excitement to run through her body. Jamie enjoyed this aspect of movie making, and to her it was fun to watch. Once they were able to get through the security crew Jamie started to look for Alex. The crew didn't appear to be filming at the moment, and everyone was spread out in different areas with different departments.

“Where is she?” Clarissa asked.

“I don't know. She's in here somewhere.” Jamie replied. She continued to scan the crowd of actors and camera crew.

“Oh my God, Jamie, it's Jack Levine.” Clarissa said as she pointed to the famous actor who was sitting down getting his hair touched up.

Jamie smirked and zoned Clarissa out, who kept on naming famous celebrities she spotted on set. Finally, sitting next to a large camera she saw Alex talking to a man behind it. They looked to be in deep conversation about what they were seeing on the screen. Jamie turned to tell Clarissa, but noticed her friend was no longer standing next to her.

The blonde shook her head in disbelief and walked over to where she spotted Alex. The man next to Alex spotted Jamie first and smiled in her direction. Alex noticed and immediately saw who had distracted him.

“Jay! Hey Sweetheart.” Alex said, a large smile appearing on her face. She stood up and hugged Jamie tightly, giving Jamie a kiss on the lips and pulling her closer.

“I decided to come see you and say hi before I leave for work.” Jamie said.

“You came right on time too. We're taking a short break because some of the lights on the set don't want to behave.” Alex said, explaining the situation.

Jamie glanced around at the set, “Sounds serious.”

Alex shook her head, “Not really, it happens every once in a while but it's putting us off schedule.”

“What are you two doing here behind the camera?” Jamie curiously asked.

“Just reviewing some scenes that I did earlier. We might have to re-shoot them.”

“Amazing.” Jamie said in awe.

Alex rubbed small circles on Jamie's lower back, smiling as she watched Jamie gawk at the activity around them.

“So where are you going to be working today?” Alex asked, bringing Jamie out of her daze.

“Back at the convention center. Last time I was there I filled the room, so they want me back. Apparently I'm a money maker.” Jamie laughed.

“They like what you have to say, Jay. Not to mention that you're very nice to look at.” Alex said, a flirty smile crossing her face.

“You might be right about that.” Jamie took Alex's hands and intertwined them with her own, pulling her closer. They both laughed, enjoying each other's company. Then Alex spotted Jamie's friend Chatting and giggling like a maniac to one of her co-stars.

“Is that Clarissa?” She asked.

Jamie turned to look and could only nod, rolling her eyes at Clarissa's nervous banter.

“I've never seen a face so red before.” Alex said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“She's star struck. Or maybe she's one of those psycho fans, I'm not sure.” Jamie said, laughing.

“Speaking of psycho, Cindy paid me a visit earlier.” Alex said. She watched as Jamie's eyes turned to meet her own.

“Oh yeah? What did she want?”

“The same bull that she always throws at me, I'm beginning to think she's stalking me. Oh, and have you seen her in the crowd at your seminars?” Alex inquired.

“Why? Did she say she's been to them?” Jamie didn't enjoy the fact that Cindy was still after Alex and really didn't like to hear that she was possibly stalking her girlfriend too.

“She told me that she was at one of your seminars,” Alex continued. She didn't want to upset Jamie before work but knew she had to let her know. “Before you leave today I want you to take one of my bodyguards.” Alex finished quickly.

Jamie slowly shook her head and abruptly removed her hands from Alex's. “No, Alex. We've talked about this over and over again. I can take care of myself, and I've been doing this for years so I know how to deal with this kind of thing.”

Alex tried to take Jamie's hands again but Jamie immediately crossed them.

“Please, Jay! I don't trust Cindy, and it would only be a precaution!” Alex whispered loudly so as not to bring attention to their sudden argument.

“Why don't you just get a restraining order on her, Alex? Why haven't you done that yet?”

“You know I haven't had the time, Jay. We've already talked about this.” They both stood their ground, staring at each other.

They were brought out of their stances by the directors' voice calling out for Alex.

“Please, Jay.” Alex pleaded, defeat hinted in her words.

“If I say yes, will you get the restraining order on Cindy?”

“Yes, I'll have Steven do it first thing tomorrow.”

Jamie thought for a second and nodded, “Fine, but he starts tomorrow then.”

Alex smiled and pulled Jamie in for a quick kiss.

“Thank you, and I love you.” She said as she pulled away from Jamie.

“I love you too. Now go, they're starting to stare.” Jamie said, as she noticed the looks some of the crew were giving them.

Alex chuckled and turned to walk back to the set where she was needed. Jamie stood there for a moment, not really wanting to leave. Clarissa walked up to Jamie, hugging her from behind.

“Hey lady, ready to go?” Clarissa asked.

“Yeah I'm ready.”

“You won't believe who I had a conversation with.”

“Try me.” Jamie replied, as they walked out of the studio.



* * *

Hollywood Hills

“Are you going to be there or what?” Cindy asked.

“I told you I would, so stop bugging me about the bitch.” Said the gravely voice on the other end of the line.

“Just scare her a little, nothing too serious, you know?”

“I'll do whatever I damn well please, woman.” He stated defiantly.

Cindy rolled her eyes and checked the time, only half an hour until Jamie's seminar started. She was starting to lose her patience with the man she had hired to scare Jamie. Max had quickly become unreliable to her a few months earlier so she had just moved on. She wasn't sure if it was the right choice she made but would deal with any consequences later.

“Listen to me you country hick! You'll do as I say-” Cindy said, as she raised her voice, but was interrupted by the man yelling back at her.

“No, you think your money means anything to me? That was just a bonus for me! I hate what this girl is spreadin' with these damn seminars. I've had my sights on her way before you came into the picture. She doesn't belong, and she needs to be stopped!” He yelled.

Cindy had only wanted for him to scare Jamie, maybe push her buttons a little. At this point it was no longer up to her and she didn't enjoy the lack of control she had over the current situation.

“Okay then, you do what you want to do.” Cindy whispered, trying to calm the man down.

“I will.” The man said, and the line went dead.

“Fuck!” Cindy yelled, the sound echoing in her mansion. She snapped her fingers and a young man quickly walked over to her with a small vile, placing it onto her awaiting hand. She took some of the substance onto her finger and quickly inhaled. She closed her eyes as the warm sensation started to wash through her as all of her worries started to quickly disappear.



* * *

Convention Center

Jamie and Clarissa entered the convention center together and quickly walked down the hall that led them backstage. Once backstage, Jamie was greeted by her manager, who was busy flipping through a pile of work schedules for the day.

“There you are! I was beginning to wonder where you were.” John commented at Jamie's slightly late arrival.

“Sorry to worry you, John, I got caught up in traffic.” Jamie replied.

“Did that traffic include Alex by any chance?” John asked as he looked up at Jamie.

Jamie immediately smiled, he knew her too well after so many years of working for her. Clarissa chuckled next to her and went to sit down next to John.

“How is the movie star doing nowadays?” John asked as he continued to scan the schedules in his hand. Jamie looked at him curiously and couldn't help but notice Johns perplexed look.

“She's great, very busy-uh, John, what are you doing?” Jamie asked. The look on her manager's face had started to worry her.

“It's the oddest thing.” He replied.

“What is?”

“These are the schedules for all of the speakers attending our seminars this month, but I can't seem to find your schedules. I know I printed them out, placed them with the rest of the schedules, and they've just disappeared.” John said, as he threw the stack of papers back onto the table.

“That is odd.” Clarissa agreed, looking through the papers herself.

“I'm sure they've probably just been misplaced. It's okay, we can print out more,” Jamie said, patting John on the arm, “Now, how's my audience today?” She continued.

“Filled up all of the seats, Jamie. You are good to go.” John replied.

Jamie did a quick once over of herself and then checked her cell phone for any last minute messages. There were none from Alex, so she knew Alex was still extremely busy.

“Alright, John, lead the way.” Jamie said. Putting her phone in her pocket, she followed John to the room where she would be speaking.


* * *


He had been watching her when she arrived at the convention center with the same woman that interrupted them last time. It seemed like pure luck allowed him to locate her quickly in the parking lot as she rode in on her motorcycle. That was another issue that was now messing with his nerves. In his world women shouldn't have the right to drive a bike like the men, they should only be in the kitchen tending to their husbands. That's what his father had taught him and he knew that to be the truth.

His knuckles grasped his steering wheel tightly as he continued to stare at the bike through his tinted windows, his gray pickup truck easily fitting in with the environment. Snapping out of his thoughts, he grabbed a sheet of paper off of a pile on the passenger seat. He scanned the schedule, which would let him know when Jamie would be finished for the day. He had a few hours to kill and decided to lay back and close his eyes; today he was on a mission.


* * *


“And cut! That's a wrap for the day everyone.” The director yelled out to the cast and crew.

Alex blew out an exhausted breath and slowly walked off the set. Jamie had left four hours earlier and she desperately wanted to just lay with her girlfriend and relax. Just as she was about to text Jamie, Jack Levine walked up beside her, stretching out his hand.

“You want?” He asked, a charming smile slowly appearing on his face.

Alex looked down into his hand at the small baggy with powder in it.

“No thanks, Jack. You know I've been off of that for a while.” She told him knowingly.

“Well a man's got to try. What do you say we go back to my trailer and have some fun?” He tried again, this time making Alex stop in her tracks. Alex turned to face Jack and took the baggy that was still in his hand. She brought it up to her face to inspect the contents and shook her head.

“You really have to get off of this stuff, man.” Alex said, stuffing the small bag into his pants pocket.

Jack smirked, “I know what I can get off on, Alex. Come on, let's go.”

“I have a girlfriend, and you know that. Not to mention, you don't have the right package buddy.” Alex replied, smiling.

“Really, Alex? Not even for an old friend like me?” Jack asked playfully.

Alex punched his shoulder and continued to walk to her own trailer, “You're crazy, Jack, go home to your wife and kids.”

“One day, Alexandra!” He shouted as she closed her trailer door on him.

Alex grabbed the few belongings she had in her trailer and thought back on a time when she would've accepted Jack's offer of drugs.


West Hollywood

It was midnight and Alex had just walked into the most talked about club in Hollywood. You could always find celebrities hanging out in their own corners with drugs and booze, surrounded by adoring fans to give them the attention they wanted and craved.

Once Alex spotted her friends in the back VIP section, she headed that way through the crowd of gyrating bodies. Before she got to the table she was grabbed from the side and pulled towards a hot, sweaty body. Alex didn't know who the woman was, but didn't have time for introductions as the strangers lips met her own. She instantly melted into the kiss hungrily and quickly found a sensual sway to the music. Alex pulled back and took the girls hand, leading her to the VIP table.

“Alex, there you are! You brought a friend!” Steven shouted over the music.

The girl hung off of Alex, clearly already intoxicated.

“I just met her on the dance floor!” Alex shouted back at the table. Everyone at the table nodded or just ignored her, not really caring about the girl or where she came from. Alex took that as a sign to sit down and brought the girl down with her, onto her lap.

“Hey, Alex, join in.” Jack said, as he rolled up a dollar bill and immediately snorted up the powder on the table.

Alex smiled, grabbed a dollar from the middle of the table and rolled it. She offered her newfound friend some of the drugs first, which she happily took.

“Alright!” Alex yelled in excitement. It was her turn as she snatched the rolled up dollar from the girl. Alex lowered her head towards the table and quickly inhaled. Immediately her senses dulled and she sat back smiling. The girl in her lap turned around to straddle Alex as she placed her lips over Alex's lips. The noise around them was quickly zoned out, and no one bothered to interrupt the two women. The night continued like that, with sex, drugs and dancing.


* * *


Alex shook her head, trying to erase the memories of that night from her mind. She was an asshole for treating a woman the way she did that night, and only hoped that that same girl was doing something better with her time now.

Alex decided to drive to her house after work and sent Jamie a text, letting her know where she'd be. She was exhausted and just wanted to relax at home, no paparazzi, no journalists and definitely no stalker ex lovers. Once past the gates that led to her driveway, she automatically relaxed. Alex parked her car in the garage and suddenly remembered she had to call Steven.

Her long strides took her quickly into the main hall of her home as the phone rang, waiting for Steven to pick up.

“Hey,” Steven answered.

“Hey, I need you to do me a favor.” Alex said while kicking off her shoes in the living room.

“What do you need, love?” He asked Alex.

“I need for you to place one of my bodyguards with Jamie starting tomorrow.” Alex sat back on the couch, turning on the television.

“Why, what's going on?” Steven asked, suddenly concerned at the request.

“Can you just call one of them and have them meet me at my home tomorrow afternoon?” Alex said. She didn't feel like getting into the conversation about the incident that happened earlier.

Steven sighed impatiently, “So you're not going to tell me what changed recently.” He stated.

“Can we talk about it later because I'm exhausted.” Alex closed her eyes, rubbing her forehead. She could feel a headache coming on and wasn't currently in the mood to talk to anyone about anything.

“Ok fine, I'll get it done. But we're going to talk later about this.” Stevens' no nonsense tone caused a tiny smile to appear on Alex's face.

“Yes, we will. I'm hanging up now.” Alex said quickly and pressed the ‘end call' button. During the call she hadn't noticed Sofia bring her a glass of wine, placing it on the table next to her. Once she spotted the glass, she took a slow sip and sat back again. She was fully relaxed and decided to check her phone for any messages. Disappointed that there were no messages from Jamie she decided to watch TV until she arrived.


* * *


Once the seminar ended, Jamie stopped to speak with a few people for a couple of minutes. When she felt it was ready to leave and she had spoken to everyone she could, Jamie went to look for Clarissa.

She spotted Clarissa speaking to John and walked towards both her friends.

“Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but I'm ready go.” Jamie said.

“So soon?” John asked.

Jamie only nodded, a tiny smile appearing on her face. Clarissa took that as a sign of her friend being tired so she quickly jumped in.

“Okay, I'll go and grab our helmets. Be right back.” Clarissa said; patting Johns' shoulder as she walked passed him.

“Alright, Jamie, I'll give you a call when the next seminar is coming up.” John said.

“Sounds good to me, and don't forget to start putting the schedules in your blackberry. There was a reason why those things were invented.” Jamie replied. Her tone was soft, but she was still serious.

John nodded and unconsciously started to play with his phone in his pocket. “I'll do that, Jamie, if you go and get some rest. You look tired.”

“It's been a long day.” Jamie looked down at her phone and saw the message that she had received from Alex. When she looked back up she saw Clarissa walking towards them with both helmets in her arms.

“Ladies, I'll see you later.” John said once Clarissa had walked up to them.

“Later, John.” Clarissa replied.

Jamie gave him a quick hug before he walked off; then grabbed her helmet from Clarissa.

“I'm going to drop you off at my house, I'll be heading to Alex's tonight.” Jamie said as they both walked out of the convention center.

Clarissa's brows rose, “ Planning something special tonight?” She asked.

“No, I'm just tired and I feel like I haven't seen Alex in a very long time.” Jamie sighed.

“You just saw her this morning.” Clarissa muttered under her breath.

“I heard that.” Jamie replied as she gave Clarissa a side-glance.

Clarissa just shrugged and started to look for Jamie's bike once they made it outside. She saw Jamie's bike in the same parking spot surrounded by many other cars that had obviously not left the convention center yet.

A couple of spots down the line sat the white pick up truck, it was in perfect view of the motorcycle and once the two women made it to their vehicle, he could clearly hear them talking. With his windows rolled down he quickly opened his eyes and spotted his obsession. Jamie had already put on her helmet and sat down, revving the engine as Clarissa made herself comfortable behind her.

He started his car, rolled up his tinted windows and waited until Jamie backed out of her spot. He knew what he wanted at that moment so he decided to follow her wherever she went. As Jamie exited the parking lot, so did the white pickup truck behind them. Jamie wasn't going very fast so he was able to keep up with them in the Los Angeles traffic. The sweat beaded on his forehead, not because of the temperature, but because of his excitement. The adrenaline was rushing through him at such a quick speed, he would finally find out where Jamie lived.

About twenty minutes later, Jamie pulled up into her driveway and the white truck stopped about a house down on the curb of the road. He was sure that she hadn't spotted him yet, he was very careful with that aspect. Now he knew where Jamie lived and that was all that mattered to him. He watched as her friend got off of the motorcycle, with Jamie staying on it.

“What the hell?” The man spat.

Clarissa got into her own car, backed out of the driveway and drove off. Jamie on the other hand stayed on her motorcycle and backed out as well. She was now facing the white truck as he started his car again. The bike revved passed him, and he cursed as he needed to make a u-turn to follow her.

“Where the hell are you going, bitch?”

Jamie hadn't noticed anything suspicious going on behind her as she drove to Alex's house. Then again, she wasn't looking for a car that could possibly be following her. As she turned into the gated community, the white truck slowly drove by, knowing he wouldn't be able to get in that evening.

He continued to drive with a grin plastered on his face because he now knew where she lived, and he had great plans for her.


* * *


Jamie parked her bike in the garage next to Alex's motorcycle and quickly let herself into the main house. Everything seemed to be very calm and quiet, except for the low volume of the television coming from the family room. Jamie placed her keys on the kitchen counter and walked quietly to where the noise was coming from. There, lay Alex, completely knocked out next to an empty glass of what looked to be wine. She smiled at this and turned off the TV that was clearly not being watched.

Slowly leaning over Alex, she placed a soft kiss on her lips and stopped to admire her girlfriend. Sometimes Jamie still couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that they were together again. There were old habits that Alex still had, and new ones that she'd never seen before, but Jamie was willing to learn them all over again.

“I love you.” Jamie whispered.

“I love you too.” Alex whispered back as she opened her eyes.

“Were you up that whole time?” Jamie asked, looking into sleepy blue eyes.

Alex smiled and stretched her arms out, pulling Jamie onto her lap.

“I might have been.” Alex replied.

Jamie laid her head on Alex's shoulder and kissed her exposed neck. “I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. I never get quality time with you like this.” Jamie said, laying her head back down.

Alex ran her fingers through Jamie's hair, “I know, and I'm sorry, Jay.”

“I know you have to work and make everyone happy, but I miss you, that's all.”

“We're together now. Let's go and do something about that.” Alex grinned widely.

“Oh yeah?” Jamie asked with an equally wide smile.

“I'm never too tired for that you know.” Alex whispered as she leaned into Jamie's mouth. They kissed tenderly, taking their time with each other's mouths. Alex had wanted Jamie all day, whether it was physically or mentally, she wanted her.

She never got tired of Jamie's touch or her body's reaction to her own. Everything about Jamie amazed her and she wanted so badly to show her.

“Let's take this to the room.” Alex hotly whispered against Jamie's lips.

Jamie nodded, “Okay, lead the way.”

Once they entered the large room, they took no time with removing their clothes. They quickly tossed them aside, and they lay forgotten. Alex crawled onto the bed after Jamie and laid her body down fully on top of her. The sensation of skin against skin caused goose bumps to appear all over her own skin as she shivered with excitement.

“Are you okay, Alex?” Jamie asked. She felt a change in Alex and wanted to make sure everything was fine.

Alex nodded, her eyes half lidded as she went back in for another taste of Jamie's lips. Their hands intertwined while the friction between them became even more intense and heated.

Jamie groaned at the contact and hissed in pleasure as Alex sharply nipped at her neck.

“You like that, sweetheart?” Alex whispered. She knew Jamie loved it, but her admitting it made it even sexier.

“Yeah.” Jamie nodded, biting her own lower lip.

Alex gave her the most sexiest smile right before she continued what she was doing to her body. If anyone were in the house at that moment and for the next two hours, they would have run out of the house blushing. The many moans and groans of their passion echoed through the large mansion, but they didn't care one bit.


To be continued in Part 10

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