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It's just a short moment between two lovely ladies.


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For the First Time


Alison Brooks



God, she's gorgeous. Long, raven-black hair, captivating blue eyes which sparkle when she's excited, and a body to die for.

We met about seven months ago. I remember it as if it were yesterday. There I was sitting in the third railcar of line 2431. Like every morning, the regional train brought me from my hometown to work in forty-three minutes. My gaze was just roaming over the other passengers. And there she sat. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she wore simple silver glasses on her beautiful, straight nose.

Her eyes remained focused on the laptop in front of her, while her fingers worked on the little keyboard. Click, click, click. With her silver gray business suit and the top button on her white blouse open, she seemed to be born to turn heads. I couldn't look the other way 'cause her presence totally captivated me. When she glanced in my direction, I pretended to find my shoes very interesting. How creative.

Anyway, since that day from Monday till Friday, we're in the same railcar every morning. Well, not for two weeks in August. I guess she was on vacation. But I'm making a digression here.

Although we share the same railcar every day and sit together for three-quarters of an hour, we've never talked to each other in all this time. But I think she recognizes me. I'm sure 'cause she always smiles when she gets on the train and when I get off. A couple of times, we were even sitting across from each other. But, totally out of character for me, I never dared to talk to her.

Today she again sits down across from me. It's incredible how a brief smile can make me so nervous. Right now she puts her laptop on her thighs like every morning. She opens it and...What is she doing now? She closes it again? What the...

“Hi, I'm Kendra.”


Oh my God, she's talking to me for the first time and extends her hand in my direction.

“Uh...hi. I'm Mel, uh...I mean Melissa, but my friends call me Mel, so...usually everybody. Not that everybody's my friend, but...” Dammit, I'm babbling. Maybe if I smile now I can rescue the situation. Oh...her hand. I take it and...whoosh! Lightnings are running through my body. Incredible. That never happened to me before. Never.

She lets go of my hand and gives me a puzzled smile. Probably because of my stupid introduction. Her gaze is still on me. Maybe I should say something.

“So...Kendra. You have a pretty long commute, too?” What a stupid question. Obviously she has a long commute.

“Actually, yes. Seems we have that in common.”


I smile. What else should I do?

Today she's wearing a skirt. A knee-length one. It's black and complements her blouse perfectly. And like always her top button is open. And how her brea…oh God, I'm staring at her breasts---while she's looking at me. I have to say something. Anything. Now. And her beautiful face is definitely higher than that.

“What are you doing for a living?” Is she grinning at me? I bet she caught me. I feel a blush creeping up my neck. Can the situation become any more embarrassing for me?

“I'm a CD in a full-service agency.”

What the hell is a CD? And what is a full-service agency?

“And you, Mel?” She calls me Mel. And her voice is so damn sexy. I hope my smile is not too bright.

“I'm with the police department.”

“You're a police officer?”


“Ah, I see.”

“Kendra, what's a CD?” Now she's smiling. And how cute that looks.

“I'm a creative director. I'm responsible for commercials on TV as well as for complete campaigns. I try to get customers to buy candies or elect politicians.”

“So you also do public relations?”


She shrugs her shoulder.


God, that's so adorable.

“It happens. So, Mel, what exactly does a detective do?”

We talk the whole time, till it's time for me to get off the train.

“Kendra, it was a pleasure to meet you. See you tomorrow?”

“You bet.”


For a moment I can't move. Her smile enchants me completely. But then I remember that I really have to go. One last wave and I leave with a smile of my own. I can't wait for tomorrow.


The End


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