All It Took Was You


Ali Vali

Part 11

Four months later Harry and Desi found themselves back in court to witness Byron’s sentencing. They had only attended the new trial on the days they both had to testify. To Harry, it was a moot point considering the amount of time he had gotten the first time around.

The main thing that made them feel better through the process was a call they had gotten from Garret Miller, the warden at Angola. He gave them assurances that his staff would do whatever was possible to not have a repeat of what had happened.

"Please rise." Desi looked at the man she had been married to as he struggled to get out of his chair. The arm that was now out of the cast, hung useless at his side. Oscar’s bullet had caused such extensive damage that he would probably never regain function of it again. That coupled with his reintroduction to the prison system gave him an almost ashen appearance.

"Mr. Simoneaux, I honestly did not expect to see you in my courtroom so soon. I guess you answered the question of how you would handle parole if you had gotten it, quite succinctly." Judge Carleton Reaper leaned back in his black leather chair and looked at Byron. The defendant had done them all a favor and plead guilty half way through the proceedings, understanding that there was no way in avoiding the inevitable. "Having plead guilty to the litany of charges I sentence you to thirty five years. My suggestion is that you find a way to become a more productive member of the human race with this extra time, sir."

With a wrap of the gavel it was over and Byron was led away. Before he disappeared through the door he turned and looked at the woman standing next to Harry. She was so different from the mouse he had married. Desi looked him straight on and arched her brow with a defiance that told him he would never touch her again, even if there were no bars separating them.

"Want to take a ride with me?" Harry held out her hand in invitation to Desi. Desi and Tony had been working hard on both the house and the studio to get them ready, it was time to take a day off.

"I’ll follow you anywhere, honey, you know that." Desi did just that, never looking back toward Byron. The only thing making her sad at the moment was the fact her mother and Bobbie had gone home along with Harry’s parents six weeks prior. They called often enough, but it wasn’t the same.

There was a van parked outside the courthouse waiting for them, which Desi thought was rather odd, but kept her opinion silent. After a short drive they stopped in one of the city’s housing developments. In front of one of the buildings sat a woman in a wheelchair looking as confused as Desi.

"Desi, I want you to meet Diana Lagrie. Diana, this is my partner Desi." Harry waited for the two to shake hands before releasing the brake on Diana’s chair. At least the van made more sense to Desi now.

"I’m glad to meet you at last, Diana. I feel I already know you after hearing about you from Harry. How do you feel?" Desi asked as she walked beside Diana as they made their way to the van.

"I feel wonderful, and I have Dr. Harry to thank for it. Look what I can do now." Diana moved her feet a little to show Harry her progress. "You live with a saint, I hope you realize that?" Diana asked Desi.

"She is the best thing going, I have to agree. Now I just want to know where we are going?"

"I thought we would take Diana out for a drive, get her out of the house for a little while." The face Desi was giving her told Harry her explanation was not believable.

The driver followed almost the same route to where they had started; only now he parked at the back of the courthouse. Diana’s face lit up thinking Harry had brought her to visit Tyrell who was still being housed in the New Orleans jail until his case was concluded.

Harry wheeled Diana out of the van but didn’t move her any closer to the gate. "Aren’t we going in, honey?" When the door clanked, signaling someone had unlocked it, it slid open answering Desi’s question.

Tyrell walked out wearing a new outfit Harry had provided, and came to kneel by his sister. Big hands wiped away his sister’s tears ignoring his own as the two enjoyed their reunion. Desi leaned against Harry and smiled as the siblings pulled each other into a fierce embrace.

"Did you have anything to do with this, doc?" Desi looked up to Harry and leaned in for a kiss.

"You can thank the talents of our fabulous attorney for the happy reunion you see before you. We owe him dinner for this one."

Tyrell stood up and faced the person he considered to be his benefactor. Harry didn’t let go of Desi, both waiting to hear what was on his mind.

"I don’t have words to express how grateful I am to you. The fact you were willing to look passed my mistakes, the old ones and the not so old ones, is a blessing for us." Tyrell held up his and his sister’s hand to show who he meant when he said us. Because of Harry he would be able to take care of her now. "I will work for the rest of my life to repay all that you have done for us."

"You don’t owe me anything, just take care of your family and that will be thanks enough for the both of us. You two get going, and don’t be late on Monday." Tyrell smiled at her last statement and moved closer to the two women. He hugged Harry first then looked shyly toward Desi. She didn’t hesitate in holding her arms out.

"Thank you for showing up when you did that night. Mona and I really appreciate it," said Desi as she hugged Tyrell closer. Looking back at Harry she asked, "What happens on Monday?"

"Tyrell starts his new job at the hospital as a transporter in the surgery suites at Charity," answered Harry.

"The orthopedic suites, I assume?" Desi shook her head at Harry. When her partner was grateful it could be a life changing experience for someone.

"You assume correctly, pumpkin, now let’s move out. You two be good, and congratulations, Tyrell, enjoy you hard earned freedom."

Harry and Desi watched the van pull away with two laughing people inside before they walked back to their car. Desi looked back at the prison and sighed. There was someone else in there who could use their help, but maybe this wasn’t the time to bring it up.

"Jerry said he would take him on as a client, but he wasn’t making any promises. He has his part in that night to thank for me thinking he deserves a break. Does that answer your question?" Harry squeezed the small hand in hers getting Desi to look at her.

"I didn’t ask you anything."

"But you were thinking it."

"Mike’s arrival did give Rachel the opportunity to get Jack out of there," Desi pointed out.

"That’s why we are going to help him, my love. He is the one redeeming factor of the Simoneaux family." Harry looked her watch gauging if they had enough time for lunch before Desi had to feed Jack again. The baby had started on formula and cereal as well since Desi was going to start weaning him at six months.


"The movers are on their way. You want to walk next door to give directions on that end, while I hang back here and supervise?" Tony was pushing Desi out the front door to get her to the finished house next door. It had taken over six months but everyone was pleased with the results.

"Did Harry say when the realtor was coming?"

"Tomorrow when the house is empty." Tony pointed to the door as he tapped his foot.

"I’m going, call Mona and let her know I’m on my way. That will give her a chance to stop whatever activity she is doing to spoiling my son rotten."

Desi and Tony had split their time between the house and the studio helping Stephen transform both. In another couple of weeks they would be open for business and Desi was looking forward to it. Not only would the grand opening be a chance for people to see her new pieces, but also her parents were coming down for a two-week visit. The fact the house was finished meant they would have plenty of room if Maria and Raul could make it up from Florida.

"Hey, handsome." Desi stooped and tickled Jack who was sitting at Mona’s feet in the new kitchen. His doting nanny had completely recovered and spent her days chasing the now very mobile Jack around both houses.

"You did tell the fruitcake to behave himself around all those big burly moving men, right?"

"I figured I would let him have a little fun after all the hours he put in here." Desi winked getting Mona to laugh. Their lives had gotten back to such a normal routine that Desi had all but forgotten the events of both Byron’s escapes. Any sign that Byron had invaded their home had been removed helping her erase the man from her thoughts. "Did Harry call?"

"You just missed her, but she wished us luck and said she would be home by six, or until we are finished."

Before lunch Tony locked the door of the empty house and headed next door to help Desi. When he stepped through the gates next door, he could see the movers unloading the first couple of pieces. The truck parked a couple of blocks away waited until Tony was out of sight before moving closer.

"Done?" Harry walked through the door at six, finding three tired adults and one energetic baby.

"Yes, even you underwear is in the right place." Mona stuck her tongue out at Harry as picked Jack up.

"Let me take a shower, then I’ll take you all out to dinner." Harry handed Jack to Mona and made her way upstairs. When they got back she had a surprise for Desi that would make her forget how tired she was.

When they come home from their celebratory dinner, Harry turned to Mona as the got out of the car. "Go on in, Mona, I want to take my girl out for a walk." Mona waved at them as she entered the house. Jack was happy beating on Harry’s head but Desi looked dead on her feet.

"Can’t we go tomorrow? Come on, Harry, the yard hasn’t changed all that much since we’ve been next door."

"I want to show you something that has changed since we’ve been next door." Harry pulled the whining woman toward her studio at the back of the property. Instead of continuing their walk toward the dark building, Harry head toward a tarp hanging over the brick fence. "Go on, pull it down."

Desi did as Harry asked. She had walked by it for days just thinking Stephen’s guys had forgotten it. When it was lying at her feet it revealed a gate that had been cut into the solid structure connecting their yard with the one to the house they had moved out of that morning.

"I don’t get it? Why would you want to give whoever buys the house, access to our yard? Desi looked back still holding a corner of the tarp in her hand.

"Let’s try it out, I’m thinking you might find it will come in handy."

The house was ablaze with lights making Desi frown thinking that Tony had left them all on when he had locked up earlier. Harry handed Desi her key so she could open the back door stepping back with Jack. To her surprise Desi found furniture in the house, furniture she didn’t recognize.

"Harry, you goober, let’s get out of here before we get shot." Desi backed up into the tall body behind her.

"Nah, the new owners invited us over for coffee." Harry pointed toward the den as she tried to get her hair out of Jack’s strong little hands.

Desi couldn’t help the tears that started when she saw them. June and Bobbie looked just as tired as she did from all the unpacking they had been doing all afternoon. The back rooms were still full of boxes but Bobbie had taken a break to get a tour of Charity from Harry and Kenneth.

"I hope those tears mean you are happy to see us?" June had gotten the surprise of her life when Bobbie had informed her that they were moving to New Orleans because of a deal she had struck with their daughter-in-law. Harry had offered Bobbie the house months before knowing that both Rachel and Desi wanted their parents closer than New York.

"Oh my God, I can’t believe you are here. Does this mean you are here to stay?" Desi ran to both of them and hugged them as hard as she could.

"I hope so, because I’m too old to move again," said Bobbie. Harry watched her new co-worker walk towards her thinking she was going to greet her too, when Bobbie just removed Jack from her arms. "Hey there, my boy, you are getting so big."

"Hi, Harry, ignore the rude one there." June did offer Harry a hug and a kiss hello.

"That’s ok, she did kiss me earlier when I took her for a tour of her new digs at the hospital. Kenneth is thrilled Bobbie is joining his team soon. They are always over booked at those clinics, so I’m sure they will appreciate the help."

With their son safely in the arms of his grandmothers, Desi walked over to a smug looking Harry. No words were necessary between them, Harry had made all her dreams come true and she deserved a reward for that. June and Bobbie picked up the bag Harry had brought over earlier with Jack’s things in it and left their two daughters alone. They doubted they even remembered the three of them were also in the house when Desi pulled Harry’s head down for a kiss.

"I love you, Harry, with all that I am and all that I ever hope to be."

"I love you too, baby, and I look forward to the journey."


The house was full of activity, as people got ready to drive to the studio that Desi and Tony were opening that night. They had worked hard, but it had paid off as the old building looked like the show place they hoped it would be for a long time to come.

The floors had been sanded and refurbished, along with the plumbing and wiring. New modern light fixtures accentuated all of the art now housed on the shelves and display cases, but they mixed in well with the exposed brick walls and other features of the old space they had kept. The only thing it needed now were people to respond to the invitations they had sent out.

Desi stepped out of the shower and wondered where Harry had disappeared. It had been great having coffee with her mother every morning before she got to work. When she could, Rachel would join them, and in just two short weeks they had gotten to know their mother better. Both coming to appreciate the choices the woman had made and why she had made them. Bobbie’s plans of only working part time had evaporated after a week when she saw the need for more doctors in the pediatric clinics Kenneth was responsible for. June laughed when she told her girls that it had made her partner feel like a young intern again, working along side and training the future doctors in the city.

After slipping on her black mini dress, Desi followed Harry’s voice out to the veranda. She stopped just inside the doors listening to the story she was telling Jack. The subject matter made the gift she had for Harry even more meaningful.

"Months ago on a night just like this one your mother had her first showing. Before we left I gave her a ring that was a symbol of all that she meant to me. You see, Jack, for years I had lost her to life’s little melodrama, but I waited and she came back to me like a gift from the heavens.

When I saw her again after all that time, it was like she had never gone away. She was beautiful and loving just like I had remembered her. And you know what?"

Jack looked up at his mother and grinned. "Doccy."

"That’s me, buddy, Doccy. Back to my story, after all that time she still loved me. Now that you are here, it makes this little kingdom of ours just perfect." Harry kissed Jack on the top of his head and pushed the swing gently into motion.

"Is this a private party, or can I come and join the two of you?" Desi stepped out and got a wolf whistle out of Harry and two little hands waving her forward.


"See, what did I tell you, beautiful," said Harry. She patted the seat next to here looking at the box in Desi’s hands. "What you got there, pretty lady?"

"I seem to remember when I asked you for help in opening a studio, that you all you asked in return was for me to name a bowl after you. After weeks of trying to come up with an original design and having them all collapse on me, I decided on a different approach." Desi held the box running her finger along the ribbon holding it closed, but didn’t make a move to hand it to Harry.

"You didn’t have to go to all that trouble, my love."

"Yes I did. You are my world, Harry, you and Jack. I will never feel lacking again, when I do, I try to see myself through your eyes and it makes me feel like I can conquer the world. There is so much I love to wake up to now, because the first thing I see every morning is you." Desi leaned over and kissed Harry then Jack when the baby let out another cry for his mama.

Desi handed Harry the box in exchange for Jack. She watched as the long fingers untied the ribbon and lifted the top. Inside rested a square ceramic bowl with a top. Similar to the one that Harry kept in her office, the top had a handprint pressed into the clay. Desi’s first creation as a child had been a gift for Harry, this time the small handprint belonged to Jack. Under the hand Desi had carved out ‘To Our Doccy.’ The small potter had found it amusing that the baby had picked up on one of her pet names for Harry and expanded on it. He had heard his mama call his favorite playmate doc on more than one occasion, and he had simply adopted it as his name for Harry.

"Thank you, sweetheart, it’s beautiful." Harry held the blue glazed piece up to the light smiling at the fact she could now keep a little of Jack’s baby years forever.

"It’s a special bowl, just for you." Harry looked at her wondering what Desi meant. "Take the lid off."

When Harry did she laughed at Desi’s sentimentality. Inside was the home pregnancy stick she had given Harry as an anniversary present when they found out about Jack.

"Thanks, I don’t know that I needed a special bowl for this, but I love it just the same. You see this, Jack, this is how I first found out about you." Harry held the white plastic piece just out of his reach and smiled.

"Actually this is the pregnancy stick I gave you for that, honey." Desi pulled another one identical to the one in Harry’s hand out of the bottom of the box. This one had Jack’s name and birth date written on it.

"You didn’t tell me you took two of these. You wanted to be sure?"

"No, just the one for Jack." Desi waited for her meaning to sink in. It was the reason that she had taken Jack out of Harry’s arms.

"But, why are there two of them then?" Harry’s brows came together not getting the meaning of the thing in her hand.

"This one is for Jack, honey," Desi held up the one in her hand. "And that one was the one I used this morning after you left to run errands."


"Yes we are." The rest of the adults in the house stopped what they were doing when they heard the loud yell come from the last bedroom down the hall. Even Bobbie and June stopped as they walked through the gate from next door.

A short time later, Harry herded her family toward the waiting cars outside. In the kitchen she stopped and listened to the anchorman read the teaser for the ten o’clock news. "Coming up at ten. Can flossing save you from impotency? Stay tuned and find out."

"That’s news I can live with." She walked out and helped Desi into the front seat, leaning in to kiss her before heading to the driver’s side.

"Hey, you have the rest of your lives for that, let’s getting going." Bobbie voice did not break them apart getting June to laugh and lean in for her own kiss from her family doctor.

"Truer words were never spoken, grandma," Harry answered Bobbie then turned back to Desi. "I love you."

"Thank you, it is the reason I believe in forever."


The End.


Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you. I want to thank my beta readers again; they did a great job to get us to this point.

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