Book Two

Ali Vali



Vows and Traditions


Chapter 3

The same area in the capital where the competition winner was crowned every year was again full of people from all the provinces dressed in their traditional leathers. This time most of them had flowers in their hands, but the same festive atmosphere prevailed. At the front, the royal dais had been erected and there were fire pits with food being prepared in a multitude of locations throughout the grounds.

All of the protocol had been met and the day that Annie and Bebo had been anticipating had arrived. Along with the Amazons, there were dignitaries from visiting nations on hand to witness the celebration of the joining. It had been over twenty years since the island had thrown such a large party and everyone was looking forward to what promised to be another day to remember in Amazonian history.

“I hope large crowds don’t make you nervous,” Reggie said. She was staring out the palace window of the room where Annie was getting ready.

The leathers that had been made especially for her for this day paid homage to both the provinces of Argase and Leon since that was where both sides of her family were from. The beads had bits from all four provinces to honor all of Amazonia as was custom when marrying into the royal family. The light blue leathers had bits of pale green woven through the skirt and fit her in a way that accentuated her figure in the best possible ways. It might not have been what she imagined getting married in, but after the time she’d spent on the island, it felt right.

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to get nervous,” Annie said.

“Reggie, could you get away from the window,” Dothan said. She was fixing Annie’s hair, the final thing to be done before they had to leave. She had added braids with feathers on the end and had combed out the rest. “Do you have any more questions about anything?” she asked Annie.

“I think I’ll remember everything, but just poke me if I forget anything.”

She stood up when her mother was finished and turned to face them. With the outfit and the armband with the royal crest embossed on the medallion at the center, Annie looked very much like a future ruler of the Amazons. When Reggie and Dothan, as well as all the servants in attendance bowed, she could feel the heat of the blush on her face.

“Highness, you look beautiful,” Dothan said.

“Thanks, mom. If I look halfway decent, there’s less chance of her turning me down. Right?” Everyone laughed knowing it was Annie’s way of settling the nerves she did have.

“Highness, whenever you’re ready,” Kip said, she bowed along with Rita Mockbee who would be taking over as the head of Annie’s security detail when Kip transferred back to Audrey.

Rita had been Bebo’s choice after they’d returned from their mission in the Conger. With Annie, Rita would have more time at home with her partner Jeanne and the new baby Rita had adopted in the middle of the jungle when rebels had killed the child’s mother. Both were wearing the dark blue leathers that were the custom for royal guards.

They rode in silence in a horse drawn carriage to the starting point of Annie’s walk. Once they arrived, Annie took one last deep breath before taking the hand of the captain of her royal guards stepping out into the waning light of sunset. Torches had been lit along her path and if felt as if they warmed the ground under her bare feet.

When Emelda stepped up to the dais and put up her hand, the din of conversation stopped so suddenly that it seemed surreal to Annie. Emelda’s priestess robes were so white that they glowed in the soft lighting and she smiled for her granddaughter before beginning. It was like a wish come true to marry Bebo to someone Emelda was sure would be a perfect wife. “What is your name, child?” she asked of Annie.

“I am Annie Petkus of the house of Cyr. I am daughter of Dothan, granddaughter of Emelda Petkus, and Erica and Teri Cyr, and I am a daughter of Amazonia.” Her voice was clear and was heard by everyone there it was so quiet.

“What have you to say to your sisters?”

“I wish to join with Princess Bebo of Leon, daughter of Queen Audrey and Consort Boden, with the blessings of my sisters and the goddess.”

From another spot in the crowd, Bebo started for the dais with her parents at her side. Their royal masks were in place and the crowd dropped to their knees as they passed by. It wasn’t until they reached Emelda that Annie got a good look at them. Audrey was dressed in leathers similar to Annie’s only they were all blue, but Boden and Bebo were identical.

The brown blended well with their tanned skin and the swords strapped to their backs gave them an air of authority. Vests made of braided leather fit their muscular forms in a way that could only be described as sexy, and instead of skirts they wore leather pants of the same material. Like her and her family standing behind her the royal family was barefoot.

When they reached the dais, they removed their masks and put them next to one that stood alone that Annie would soon claim as her own. Annie came close to breaking with tradition when Bebo turned around and smiled in her direction. The way Bebo’s eyes softened spoke of the love that grew between them every day.

“Who speaks for her?” asked Emelda, not coming close to breaking the spell.

Reggie and Dothan stepped up to Annie’s side. “I, Dothan Petkus of the house of Cyr.”

“And I, Regina Petkus of the house of Cyr.”

Emelda held her hands up again and turned slowly as if looking at everyone in the crowd. “You have heard our sister Annie and her family. Does anyone find her unworthy of sharing the throne?” The silence prevailed as Audrey, Boden and Bebo stepped up to join Emelda.

“Then come forward, my child, and claim that which is yours,” Audrey said holding her hand out to Annie.

From her first step, the flowers the people had brought were thrown into the path she was walking. Half way through, Bebo descended the steps of the dais, which wasn’t part of tradition but she didn’t care. She wanted to greet her future bride on equal ground and not appear to be lording over her. When Annie was close enough, Bebo held out her hand, which was readily accepted.

“I give you my daughter’s hand,” Dothan said with a smile, her hand over their two. “Do you give me your word of your protection for her?”

“I give you my word and my vow. Your daughter as well as your family will never know harm as long as my heart beats. I will love her and strive for her happiness.”

“A mother can ask for no more in a match for her child.” She squeezed their hands before stepping back with Reggie. The crowed bowed their heads again as Bebo walked Annie up the stairs to stand before Emelda.

“In the beginning, our people were lead here by Queen Selene. She joined the nomadic tribes of the Amazons into one strong nation and with the help of the goddess Artemis Amazonia became our home. Together we have raised families, built homes and fought for right and just causes when it was necessary.” Emelda’s voice rang over the crowd. “Today we continue that walk as we welcome the next in line to lead our people.”

She took a minute before calling for quiet when a spontaneous cheer came from the crowd. “Bebo, state your intentions for Annie.”

“All my life I’ve been training and learning all I can, because like my mother Queen Audrey, I want to be a good and fair leader of my sisters. She has given me guidance when I needed it and my desire to emulate her wisdom makes me strive to never stop learning.” She bowed her head in her mother’s direction. “My mother Boden has taught me the importance of being strong with my sword when the occasion calls for it, and being steadfast with my words when a more peaceful means is necessary. But as important as all those lessons were, there is one I cherish above all else. From them I learned what it is to love unconditionally and what it means to be a good mate.”

She took Annie’s hands into hers and kissed each one before going on. “No matter what I achieve in battle, or accolades I win when it’s my time to lead, the one thing in my life I’ll hold most dear is your love.” Annie’s eyes welled with tears as Bebo dropped to one knee, pulled out her sword and laid it at her feet. “I promise to protect you, to honor you, take care of you, and love you for the rest of my life.” When she stood again, Bebo took Annie’s hands and finished her vows. “In you I entrust my heart, my life, my dreams and my hopes. I know that in doing so I will know love.”

When Bebo finished, Emelda turned to Annie. “Annie, state your intentions for Bebo.”

“Looking back now, I realize I fell in love with you the instant you walked into my life and told the story of Larissa. Only then, my heart knew what my head did not. I grew up listening to what others thought honor and strength were, but until you I had no idea what those words truly meant.” She took hold of Bebo’s left hand and accepted something from Reggie. This wasn’t Amazon tradition but it was something she wanted to do for Bebo. “I wish more than anything that I had grown up here. Then maybe I’d have a lifetime of memories of you, but that wasn’t my fate. Where I did grow up though, we have a custom I want to share with you today.”

With Bebo’s left hand firmly in her right, Annie showed her what she was talking about. The simple gold band would be the sign, just like her betrothal bracelet, that Bebo could look at everyday and know how much she was loved. “Let this ring be a sign of my love and commitment, that I will love you, honor you and take care of you for the rest of my life.” She slipped it into place then kissed Bebo’s knuckles. “I have waited for you all my life, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my days with you.”

 Emelda placed her hand on theirs and said, “I declare you joined. May the goddess look over you until you are free to walk the scared lands after long and prosperous lives.” She said softly for only them to hear then she looked up at the crowd and yelled. “Amazonia, here is your future. Embrace them well and help them carry us in peace and pride. The princesses Bebo and Annie.”

It could only be described as a roar, but Annie didn’t hear any of it as Bebo lowered her head and kissed her. There would be no more chaperones and not another sunrise would come without Bebo at her side.

“I love you,” Annie said when they broke apart. “Thank you for this day. You have fulfilled every fantasy of any fairytales I could’ve have imagined.”

“Oh, highness, I’m going to try my best to make everyday a fantasy for you. Let’s get these people interested in this party so I can carry you out of here as soon as possible.”

“Just one more thing, Bebo,” Emelda said when their heads came apart.

Bebo nodded and helped Annie on with her mask before putting hers back on. When they were in place they turned to the crowd and raised their joined hands. The same intensity of cries rose again as well as the sound of chobos being slammed together.

With the ceremony now over, everyone broke into groups making the area a sea of color as the different provinces scattered to visit old friends and family. There were platforms in varying heights loaded with cushions, drink and candles so everyone could get comfortable and spend the night if that’s what they wished. Amazonia’s population had swelled through the years, as had their love of a good time. It didn’t matter that almost everyone on the island was in attendance; there would be enough food and spirits to satisfy the over ten acres of people.

“Need any advice for tonight?” Reggie asked Bebo, taking a seat to her left. Bebo was reclined back into a pile of cushions with Annie pressed up against her side.

“Do I look like someone who would need advice for their wedding night?” Bebo raised a brow making Annie laugh.

The only thing better than having Bebo in her life, was the fact that her sister and mother loved her. After all she’d been through with Titus, having Reggie support her relationship was something she didn’t realize she really wanted, as well as needed from her sister. Not that she felt a compulsion to talk about Bebo, but if she wanted advice on something it was nice knowing she had someone to confide in whose first words wouldn’t be how much she disliked the person.

“Trust me, Reg, I’m more than sure that she’ll do great,” Annie said. She tilted her head to the side to give Bebo more room to kiss her neck since her answer had rewarded her with Bebo’s lips.

“Do you need any advice for tonight?” Bebo asked Reggie in return with a big smile. “I noticed you came without a date.”

“I had too much going on, smartass.” Reggie reclined against Bebo’s legs and stuck her tongue out at her. “I’ve been working all this time, learning all this stuff, so I haven’t had a chance to meet anyone yet.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to tease you, and thanks for all you did to help Annie out. How about if we agree that I owe you one?”

After the party had gotten started in earnest, a great bonfire was lit at the center of the space. The drums had started and there were numerous women already starting the dances that had been done for hundreds of years. Reggie watched as they moved sensually around the flames.

“Can I get a quick lesson?” she asked Bebo.

“Sure you can.” Bebo called her guard Steph up to the dais and whispered something into her ear that made her turn in Reggie’s direction before looking back at Bebo. It hadn’t escaped her notice how Steph’s eyes would linger on Reggie whenever the brunette was around. “Steph will be happy to show you some steps.”

Reggie took Steph’s hand and was about to make her way down the dais when she turned around and smiled at Bebo. “Remember how you owed me one?”

“Uh huh,” Bebo said.

“Let’s just say we’re even.”

She and Annie watched them make their way to the fire, and Annie shivered a bit when Bebo laughed softly in her ear. “Is she buff enough or do I have to keep looking?”

“Planning to leave me already?” Annie joked back.

“I was talking about for Reggie, smart girl. I do pay attention and that’s what I believe she ordered the night I came to visit. And from the way she’s eying Steph, I can see there’s a mutual attraction.”

With Steph’s hands on her hips, Reggie started to sway to the beat then followed her partner fairly well for a first timer. “I think you did rather well. At this rate, she may have a fire going all the time.”

“Highness, would you like something to eat?” asked one of the servers.

“Thank you, yes.” Annie accepted the plate and placed it on Bebo’s legs. More than a few people looked on as she fed Bebo then took a few bites herself.

Bebo held her left hand up and opened her fingers to get a better look at her new ring. “Thank you for this, I love it.”

“I know you probably won’t be able to wear it all the time but I wanted you to have it.”

“I’ll wear it always don’t worry about that.”

“Good,” Annie said as she placed a small sandwich in Bebo’s mouth. “After taking some walks around here with you, I want you to look at your finger when you see some pretty girl visually taking your clothes off. Who knew I’d be the jealous type?”

Bebo brought her hand up to the side of Annie’s face and kissed her until she felt Annie just fall into her forgetting the food, the crowd and everything else. In the distance the slamming of chobos together along with some encouraging hollers could be heard. Anyone could plainly see this wasn’t an arrangement like other royal pairings from around the world; these were two people very much in love.

“I’d much rather be somewhere that affords us the opportunity for you to actually take my clothes off,” Bebo said when their lips came apart.

“If you want to do that now, you’re going to have to carry me out of here, because I don’t think I could walk.”

“Your wish is my command, highness.” Bebo put the plate of food aside and got to her knees. With no difficulty she scooped Annie into her arms and stood up. The move really brought a response from the crowd prompting her to kiss Annie again. “Unless you’d like to stay longer, there’s a room in the palace that’s waiting for us.”

“Do you think people would mind if we left early?”

“I think they’re shocked we’ve stayed this long.” Bebo carried her to the waiting car close by winking to her mothers before she joined Annie inside.


The room Annie had been using in the palace had candles burning inside as well as a spread of food from the reception. As they made their way to the door, Bebo stopped well short of it and looked at all the guards one at a time. Rita was there as Annie’s security and Max was there with her guards.

“If anyone thinks of disturbing us tonight, I promise their spleen will be hanging on the gate by morning so this is as far as you go.” Bebo put Annie down to give the order, hearing her laugh from behind her as she finished.

“As you wish,” Max said.

“Just in case give it another twenty feet or so,” Bebo said before picking Annie up again. She didn’t put her down again until they were behind the closed door and finally alone.

“I want to say something before we start our night,” Annie said. It was almost as if a collage had started in her mind, the pictures of her life clicked through her head.

Growing up on army bases around the world, she didn’t have many close friends, really only Reggie counted in that category, and so she turned to books to fill any void. She could remember vividly sitting in quiet places reading about heroes who fought for right, and the noble lives they led. When she’d met Titus none of the feelings those books conjured up for her ever became a reality. But then she’d met Bebo and she felt like someone had handed her the best novel ever written.

An Amazon princess who was tall, strong and had a good heart was the best lead character for any book anyone had ever thought to write. The fact Bebo wasn’t fictional and she loved her as fiercely as she did only made her want to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next. It was a feeling she thought would take several lifetimes to squelch if ever.

“Thank you for accepting the assignment your mother gave you that brought you into my life. Until you, I never thought it possible to love someone so much. I promise you that I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of you and to love you in return so that your heart never has reason to feel pain. I know that sounds corny, but I never did think that someone like you really existed. I’m standing here and it just all feels like a dream.”

“Thank you for saying that, but you have nothing to prove to me or anyone else. I know exactly how you feel about me every time your eyes meet mine. They can see right into my heart, which now belongs to you.” She kissed Annie’s forehead and went through her own memories. “Your grandmother Emelda always told me in our time together that I would find what I was looking for if I only had faith in what I knew. When I met you, I realized two things.”

“What’s that, my love?”

“That what I thought I knew didn’t amount to a whole lot, and I would never be happy without you. Like I told you when we said our vows, I thought I knew what love was by watching my mothers, but I was wrong. What we have together is something that is ours alone.”

“Thanks for indulging my sappy side, honey.” Annie then reached up and undid the buckle that held Bebo’s sword to her back, lowering it carefully to the floor. Then she loosened the ties of the leather vest until it hung open showing a naked chest. She pressed her hands flat on Bebo’s stomach before sliding them out just far enough so that when she moved them up she was able to push the garment off to join the weapon on the floor.

“I could come just standing here looking at you in those leather pants with nothing else on,” she said when she stepped back and just stood there admiring her handy work.

“But you’re not going to.” Bebo reached and took out the pin that held the top she was wearing together. When it came apart, she smiled as she was greeted by two very alert pink nipples. “Tonight I’m going to touch you,” moving behind her, Bebo took off the top and tossed it behind her. “I’m going to love you,” she pulled Annie to her and cupped her breasts. “Until you beg me to stop.” With a quick pull the skirt dropped to Annie’s feet leaving her in white silk underwear.

“Beg you to stop?” She turned around and pulled Bebo to the bed by the waistband of her pants. They didn’t come off until Annie was seated on the bed with Bebo standing in front of her. Her eyes made a slow journey from Bebo’s eyes down to her feet; the lazy smile the sign of just how pleasant that trip had been. “I think not.”

If Bebo had thought to make a comeback to that, the possibility fled as Annie opened her up and sucked her in sending her brain into preservation mode just to keep her on her feet. Bebo felt like she was on overload. The only explanation she could come up with for the land speed record breaking orgasm was the long days of chaste kisses and handholding.

Her eyes opened and she looked down at her hand, her fingers buried in Annie’s hair. “I believe that’s what’s called a frontal assault.”

“I had to, baby, it felt like you were about to rattle apart if I didn’t let loose some of that steam.” She laughed when her underwear was torn off and thrown across the room.

They went from laughing to sighing when Bebo joined her on the bed and lay completely on top of her, holding her weight off by her elbows. It had been too long for both of them since they were together like this.

Bebo looked at her and ran her finger over her pale brows. “I don’t think there has ever been a more beautiful bride in this room.” She kissed her in a way that was slow but meant to start a fire in Annie. Their tongues met but there was no fight for dominance. “I love you, Annie of Leon.”

“Then show me.”

It was a whisper but Bebo took it as a direct order. She bent her head down and took Annie’s right nipple into her mouth and sucked it to a hard point before moving to the other one and giving it the same treatment. Persistent hands held her head in place as Annie spread her legs for her giving her plenty of room.

“Show me, baby,” she said again, sounding so breathy it seemed as if she’d run a marathon.

There was so much wetness that Bebo’s fingers went in easily until they were buried deep inside her making Annie gasp at how good it felt. She was glad that for a long moment Bebo didn’t move as if enjoying it as much as she was.

“Make me yours,” Annie said, as she looked deep into Bebo’s eyes. It was all the encouragement Bebo needed. She took her all in, the way Annie’s hips were moving coming up to meet her fingers, how the heels of her feet felt pressed up against her back, and how much love she found in those brilliant green eyes. They stayed open until Annie couldn’t hold back anymore and arched into her taking all that Bebo was giving her.

When it was over, Bebo moved off of her and took Annie in her arms. She ran her hand along Annie’s back until she reached the curve of her backside then turned and went back up. “You know this night it’s tradition for us to stay in here, but we don’t have to spend our entire honeymoon here. Is there someplace else you’d like to go? With all that we had to do to get here I didn’t get the opportunity to ask.”

Annie looked up from her human pillow and smiled. “It should take about three days before I’m willing to let you out of this room, but there is one place I’d like to go.”

“Name it and we’re there.”

One of the things she and Audrey had talked about was the small house the royal family owned on a very long stretch of deserted beach. It wasn’t very fancy and had been left mostly the way it was when it was built by one of the royals way back when. The Queen had shared one special memory with her that even Bebo didn’t know. The place on the beach with no electricity and just the bare essentials, one of them being a big bed, was where Bebo had been conceived.

“Ah, you’ve been talking to my mother haven’t you?” asked Bebo when she voiced her request.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because it’s the only place on the island, that unless an attack comes from the water, we can station the guards about a mile away.”

Annie lifted herself up and straddled Bebo’s waist. “Me alone with you someplace where the world has to wait until I’m done with you. That does sound like a hardship your mother shouldn’t have told me about.”

“Done with me huh? We do have responsibilities so Queen Audrey might come looking for you before that happens.” Bebo pulled her down and kissed her. “At least I’m hoping we don’t ever get to the point where you’re done with me.”

“Not on your life, warrior mine. We have nights to share, babies to make and a life to live happily ever after.”


For the next week that is exactly what they embarked upon. Their time was spent telling themselves stories of their childhoods wanting to know everything about each other they didn’t already, and making love wherever the mood struck them. In the evenings they sat together on the beach watching the sun dip into the water leaving them with only the fire behind them for light.

Annie, who usually needed a hard shove to wake up, found new wonder in the dawn. In Bebo’s arms it was the first time she could remember waking up way before the sun every morning just to watch her partner sleep. In the lines of Bebo’s face she had found the meaning of happiness, and in her arms she’d found salvation for her heart.

She had what most people searched all their lives for and very few actually found. Bebo was loving as well as playful and tried to bring that out in Annie. For someone who’d spent most of her time trying to keep Reggie and herself out of trouble, this was a welcomed change since Bebo more than encouraged her mischievous side out to play.

“Want to go for a swim?” Bebo asked.

“I left my suit back at the house,” Annie had her head in Bebo’s lap and gazed teasingly up at her.

“Did you? Want me to run and get it for you?” With practiced fingers, Bebo pulled on the tie of the sarong Annie had on. She peeled it open ask if she was unwrapping a gift she’d waited all year for.

“That would mean you’d have to leave me here all alone. I don’t think that’s a very good idea since you did promise Rita that you’d keep an eye on me the whole time.”

“It’d take me a minute tops.” Bebo gently put Annie’s head on the blanket and stood up. She appeared like any other beach vacationer in the world with her shorts and t-shirt. “Or,” she brought her hand to her jaw and rubbed it. “I could just,” she reached down and pulled Annie to her feet. When she did the cover fell away leaving her naked. “I could keep my promises.”

With ease she hoisted a squealing Annie over her shoulder and ran for the water. The teasing soon turned more interesting when Annie wrapped her legs around Bebo’s waist and trusted her to keep them afloat. They had made love like this more than once since their arrival and it felt just as nice when Bebo initiated another round.

“I want you to promise me something,” Annie said. They were so close that Bebo felt her lips moving against hers when Annie spoke.


“I want your vow that when you’re ready to start our family we come back here to do it.”


“Honey, you really need to keep that stream of conversation of yours to a minimum,” Annie joked.

“Come on tell me.”

“Because I want most of all the things your mothers have found in this world, especially Audrey.”

Bebo stopped to kiss her, finding those lips too tempting to pass on. “I’m almost afraid to ask, but what are you talking about?”

“Your mother found a warrior, pure of heart, true to her convictions, fierce in her fidelity and loving of her family. A combination like that makes for a happy life, but it makes for an even better thing to strive for in children. She combined the best of Boden and the best in herself, and because she did, she gave me you.”

“I am all yours just incase you were wondering.”

“I’m not, because like Boden is with your mother, you’re fierce in your fidelity to me. You wouldn’t have said those vows to me if you weren’t mine.” She cupped Bebo’s face in her hands and just looked at her. “Being here with you has been the best time in my life so far, and it’s taught me so much.”

“Tell me,” Bebo pulled her impossibly closer.

“You were raised wrapped in tradition. That sometimes isn’t a good thing, but it’s made you the wonderful person you are. Sharing this time with you has taught me that it’s our responsibility that those traditions live on for all the Amazons who will come after us.”

They kissed again and Annie smiled against Bebo’s lips when she felt the strong legs carrying her out of the water and most probably to bed. “Just so you know you’ll never have to do anything alone. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

She bit Bebo’s earlobe before continuing, enjoying the shiver it caused. “I know that too, and I’m looking forward to the years that are stretched out before us like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with a multitude of happy memories. I just want to create new life here so that if I’m lucky, I’ll be blessed with strong, beautiful girls who’ll grow up to be just like the one who stole my heart.”

“If I get my wish, those girls will be beautiful all right, just like their mother who will show them the strength that comes from giving in when they are found.” Bebo laid her gently down on the bed and dropped to her knees. “I give you my word that when you’re ready, we’ll come back here and start our family just like my mothers did.”

“You knew? But your mom said she never told you.” Annie appeared shocked at the disclosure.

“She didn’t, the big romantic mush pile she married did. I remember the tears that fell down her face when she told it too.” She took Annie’s hand into hers and kissed each palm. “Mama often forgets that mom loves to tell stories just as much as she does. Although, I’ve only known her to do it with me.”

“That’s because she was teaching you how to be a good spouse.”

“Maybe, but I think that it’s because she feels just as deeply and is just as sentimental as her Queen. There are days you remember forever she said and that was definitely one of them.”

“What else did she teach you about being a good spouse?” Annie asked with a sexy smile on her lips.

“I’m on my knees aren’t I, highness. Your wish will be my pleasure to carry out.”

“My wish is you,” Annie said, her eyes suddenly filling with tears for no reason she could imagine.

“As you are mine,” Bebo said softly, her eyes watering just as quickly. She slid in next to Annie and just held her until the overload of emotions passed and they drifted off to sleep.

Outside the waves came in with the rolling tide. They were one of the two constant and never changing things on the island. The other was love. It had been shared by many others before them just as deep and heartfelt as Annie and Bebo, but because they had found their true other half, it assured that it was one Amazonian tradition that would be kept alive for another generation.

The End


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