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This story is about two women loving each other (yes that means a sexual relationship even if just hinted at.) if it is illegal to read where you live, either move or just look at another story.


Soft humming was coming from the shower, and the smell of coffee drifting from the kitchen and Stacey was most definitely not ready to get up for the morning. Lauren however didn't see it the same way Stacey did. Stacey saw it as a perfect day to go do who knows what. The good thing was that the shower was going so that meant no morning run. So okay, that Stacy could live with. Deciding to get up, she made her way to the bathroom, thinking maybe she could join Lauren in the shower, now that was a thought that put a smile on Stacey's face. Slipping into the bathroom though she was disappointed when the water turned off and Lauren stepped out.

"Hey, don't do that I was just about to join you." She said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"Well, sweetheart maybe next time you won't feel you need to sleep the day away." Came the reply.

"First off babe, it's Sunday, the day is meant to be slept away, and secondly if you wouldn't keep me up all night I would have been up in time." Stacey said with a tiny hint of laughter.

"Me keep you up all night?" came the response that she was waiting for, "I in no way kept you up. It was your idea to go to that stupid party. I didn't want to remember, I wanted to stay home and cuddle with my love. But NO couldn't do that could we."

"Got you Angel . . . can't you tell when I'm joking with you?" Stacey said with a smile on her face. She walked toward Lauren with the towel in her hands, intent on helping to dry her off. Lauren looked at Stacey with a tinge of red in her face, and smiled, before answering "Well honestly not all the time." 'I guess its time I learned.' She thought to herself.

"Relax baby. I'm just teasing you. You know I love you right?" Stacey asked as she pulled Lauren to her in a loving embrace. Honestly Stacey was surprised that things were going as well as they were. After the number Lauren's ex did on her, she was surprised that Lauren was willing to be in any relationship what so ever.

Stacey thought back to their first meeting. It was a year and a half ago. Lauren had just broken up with her girlfriend of two years and was in a lot of pain, and Stacey was just 'going with the flow' as her friends would say. What was wrong with not having found the right person to settle down with? Yes her friends were all in happy relationships and yeah Stacey at times was jealous of the fact that everyone seemed to have someone but her. Not that she was ready to settle down mind you, she was having fun playing the footloose and fancy-free member of the group. Until one day Val decided that enough was enough and that it was time for Stacey to see what she was missing. Val and Renee threw a small dinner party, very small, just the two of them and Lauren. She remembered how mad she was when she found out that she was being set up.


"You did what? You set me up with...with someone that probably doesn't what to be setup anymore than I do. How could you do that?" Stacey all but shouted at her friends.

"Look Stacey, can't you understand that we just want you to be as happy as we are? We didn't mean anything by this, we just think that you and Lauren would make a good couple and we want you both happy." Came Renee's answer.
"Yeah right, and what happens if she doesn't like me, or I don't like her, what then? Or god
forbid we do hit it off and then it doesn't work and one of us or both is totally hurt? God why did you have to go and do this." Stacey all but whined.

Before either Val or Renee could answer the door bell rang, and it was to late for Stacey to make any sort of get away what so ever. Val answered the door while Renee took her best friend into the kitchen to calm her down. Once Stacey realized that there was no way she was getting out of the evening, she put on her best smile, told Renee that she would indeed pay for this little stunt and joined Val and Lauren in the living room.
She didn't count on the sight that awaited her however.

When Stacey walked into the living room her first image was of a 5'6, with medium length strawberry blonde hair, and as far as she was concerned curves in all the right places. And that was just from what she saw as Lauren faced away from her. When Lauren turned, Stacey was truly struck with Lauren's beauty, and her gorgeous green eyes. The minute She looked at Lauren, she knew she was lost. Val made the introductions, and the evening was on the way. As far as Stacey was concerned, it was the only time she was ever grateful that her friends interfered in her life. Yes, it took Lauren longer to come around to Stacey's way of thinking, after all she was just coming away from a relationship in which she found out she was the only one with her heart invested in it. It took Stacey three weeks just to convince Lauren to meet her for lunch after that night, and another two weeks of calls to get her to agree to dinner with her, Val, and Renee. And that was saying a lot since Stacey wasn't one to try again after the first 'No'.

"Babe? Are you listening to me?" Lauren asked.

"I'm sorry baby, I was just thinking, what were you saying my love." Stacey answered.

"I was asking if you wanted to maybe take a drive in the country today. Maybe stop off at a nice little restaurant or maybe a nice picnic. What do you think?" Lauren replied in a soft voice, as her arms wrapped around Stacey.

Stacey was lost, and Lauren knew it, "Anything you want to do today, we do sweetheart." came Stacey's answer. "Just let me hop in the shower, and I'll be out to help you with that picnic lunch.

"Okay, but don't take to long its already going on 10:30." Lauren teased, kissing Stacey softly before she left the bathroom.

The afternoon was perfect, and the drive relaxing. How could it not be with the sun shining, and just the right amount of breeze blowing, the fall colors on the trees were beautiful. They were happy and very much in love and the day felt like it was meant for them.

The two walked into their home both relaxed and eager to spend the rest of the evening cuddling and watching a movie on TV. Stacey headed for the kitchen to get the popcorn, and Lauren took care of setting up the TV. and checked the answering machine for messages for the day. Stacey heard the machine go on, but wasn't able to hear any of the messages, so when she walked into the living room she asked who they were from.

Lauren answered trying to disguise the concern she knew was in her voice, "Hmm oh it was just a wrong number."

"Babe, are you okay?" Stacey asked as she came up behind Lauren.

"Yes, why shouldn't I be Hon?" Came the answer.

"I don't know, you just sound...I'm just making sure baby that's all." Stacey said.

"I'm fine, now come on and let's watch the movie, did you get the popcorn?" Lauren asked trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure did. Come on my love." was all Stacey could think to say at the moment. Her mind however was still working on Lauren's mood. Something was wrong, she could see that but she had no idea what it was and from the looks of it Lauren wasn't ready to talk about it. Cuddling on the couch they watched the movie, or rather Lauren watched the movie. Stacey was still trying to figure out what was bothering her mate. Well whatever it was, there wasn't anything she could do until Lauren told her what was going on. As the movie was rolling final credits, Stacey hit the off button on the remote and the two headed for bed. Setting the alarm for the morning, they shared a goodnight kiss and both fell asleep.

The week started off with both rushing off to work, since both nearly overslept. That set the tone for the day. Stacey had meetings most of the day and felt rushed, which she hated. Especially since the meetings were so important. Today she was meeting with potential ad clients. One would be a major coup if she could land him. She wasn't worried about the campaign, that was perfect as far as she was concerned, she felt she wasn't doing her best presentation and that bothered her. As the day wore on, Stacey barely had time to think, the meetings took place and much to her surprise, she did the presentations well and even landed the important client. Turns out there would be reason to celebrate tonight, that was if Lauren didn't have plans already or didn't have to work late. Given five minutes Stacey decided to chance a call to her lady and find out the plans for the night.

"Hey babe, how's your day going?" Lauren asked as soon as she picked up her phone.

"Well, let's see I managed to land the Morrison account, and I didn't mess up the Spencer presentation. So all in all I'd say it's been a good day. What are your plans for the evening?" Stacey replied.                 

"Oh honey, I'm so happy for you I knew you would do great with Morrison... as for plans, well let me look. Damn it looks like I have a 4:30 meeting that promises to run late. God baby, I'm sorry. I wish I could cancel but..." Lauren answered.

Trying hard to keep the disappointment out of her voice Stacey said "Oh hey its okay, I was just thinking that a celebration would be nice. But hey meetings I understand. Guess I'll see you when you get home."

"That you will, if it gets to late don't wait up okay baby?" Lauren replied.

"Okay, be careful babe. I love you." Came the response.

"You bet. Love you too." Lauren said. 'Well that's just great, nothing like a celebration for one.' Stacey thought when she hung up the phone. 'Damn I don't want to go home to an empty apartment, hell there's always the Jacobs account I can work on.' With that she got out the file and started going over prelimary thoughts and what not. After a couple of hours of trying to concentrate and not being able to she just decided to give up and head home. Glancing at the clock as she went out the door of her office she saw that it was already 6:30. 'Damn time flies when you're having fun.' she said to herself sarcastically. 'Oh well better than sitting home alone.' The drive home didn't take long, and as Stacey walked to her door the thought of a meal alone only depressed her that much more. As she walked in she heard a noise coming from the kitchen, and what sounded like talking. "Hello
Who's in there?" She slowly walked towards the kitchen. When she hit the door way the voice she heard got louder, and she was able to recognize it. As she walked in she saw, Lauren as well as Stevie, Lauren's ex. It was all Stacy could do to keep from going ballistic.

"Well, hi you two." Stacey said as she tried to keep the anger from her voice. 'Yeah couldn't get away because of a meeting. Looks like the meeting came here.' She thought.
"Stacey" Lauren said as she turned to face her girlfriend. "I didn't hear you come in." "Yeah, Thought you were working late tonight?" was her response.

"I thought I was going to too, but as it turned out Sam cancelled the meeting." Lauren answered.

"I see, so you decided to call Stevie over for drinks??" Stacey asked.

"No actually, I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by." Stevie answered for Lauren. "And now that the lady is no longer alone, I shall be on my way."

"OH hey don't let me rush you off." Stacey shot back sarcastically.
"Stevie, thanks for stopping by, and the help with the groceries." Lauren said jumping in before Stacey could be any ruder to their company. Leading Stevie to the door she said "I'm sorry for the way Stacey is behaving, I'm not sure what her problem is."

"Hey no problem, not so sure I would deal well with coming home and finding my girlfriend with her ex either." Stevie answered.

"Well...I suppose, but still." was all Lauren could say. "What the hell was that all about?" she fumed at Stacy as she walked back into the living room, where Stacey had moved to.

"I'm sorry I guess I just lost it when I saw her standing there with you. After all she did to just...I'm sorry babe." Was all Stacey could say.

" think I'm going to just forget how you just acted? Look, she isn't high on my list of friends either but I won't be rude and . . . god you acted like we were doing something~. Don't you trust me?" Lauren asked with a combination of hurt and anger in her voice.

"YES, babe, I do trust you . . . it's her that I have my doubts about." Stacey went to Lauren and took her in her arms and held tight. "I'm sorry, I love you baby, and god knows I trust you."

"So this is where I'm supposed to kiss and make up with you?" Lauren asked quietly.

"Well, yeah that would be good." Stacey answered with a hint of a smile in her voice.

"Thinking that would make it to easy for you to make a fool of yourself again where Stevie is concerned." Lauren remarked.

"Again? That makes it sound like your planning on seeing her again." The anger was making its way back into Stacey's voice.

"No, I'm not planning on it. All I'm saying is that you never know what's going to happen. For all I know you've run into tons of your ex's and I'll bet you, not once have you ever thought how I would feel about it. I know for a fact that you're friends with a couple of them too. Do you think I like that?" With that being said Lauren walked away.

What the hell just happened, thought Stacy, one minute she is nice and calm and the next she is flying off the handle. "Christ..." muttered Stacy as she made her way to the kitchen.
Fixing herself a small salad, Stacey thought about what Lauren had said. First off, okay yeah she was still friends with some of her ex' or two, Lauren made it sound like she had millions of them, and no she didn't make it a habit of meeting them somewhere without Lauren knowing about it. 'Be fair, do you honestly believe that she likes the idea of you meeting them at all?' she heard that little voice from the back of her head ask. It's not like I meet them alone she said in answer to herself. 'Ah, but you do meet them, and how do you think she feels when you meet them and she is with you?' Again that little voice. What, she is with me; she should...damn it I'm with her not them. That should make her feel happy. 'Yeah like you were just a bit ago when Stevie was here with her. She's with YOU not Stevie.' Her voice said. "Oh shut up already" Stacey said aloud.
With her salad and her thoughts Stacey made her way next to the den, she was upset and didn't want to talk, and she really wasn't in the mood to watch TV. so might as well do some work she thought. With that, she pulled out some papers and soon was lost in work. Lauren on the other hand was pacing back and forth in their room still steaming. 'How could Stacy not trust her. What had she done to give her reason to believe that she would go running to anyone but her.' "God, she makes me so mad at times" Lauren said to herself, as she flipped on the TV. She spent the rest of the evening wondering where Stacey was, and half heartedly watching some movie that was on lifetime. Eventually she fell asleep.

Stacey finally made her way to bed sometime after midnight. As she walked into the bedroom she heard the TV. Walking into the room, she quietly turned the TV off, changed to her p js and slipped into bed making sure the alarm was set for the morning.

Once again the alarm went off and the day started, coffee brewing in the kitchen, the shower going in the bathroom, with the exception of the soft humming everything was normal. Stacey stepped into the bathroom just as the shower went off.

"Morning sweetheart, did you sleep well?" she asked.

"Just fine thanks. Oh hey, I have a meeting that will more than likely run late so don't wait dinner on me okay." was the answer Stacey received from a very stiff Lauren.


"Well, okay how about lunch, you think we could meet for that?" she asked.

"No, probably not I'll have to let you know. Got to run see you later." Lauren answered as she walked out the door to the bedroom where she finished dressing.

Well damn, thought Stacey as she stepped into the shower...she is still upset I guess.
Time slipped away as Stacey showered, lost in thought. By the time she got out of the shower she realized that she was late to work already. Grabbing a cup of coffee, she ran out the door and off to her job, trying to push her thoughts to the back of her mind. The morning went by without a word from Lauren about lunch, which didn't help Stacey's already stretched temper, a smaller account fell thru and Robinson screwed up on another account as well. So when Maggie came into her office with yet another file in her hands saying that the bosses wanted Stacey to look it over, she flew off the handle and sent her coffee flying, and a little worried and frightened Maggie out the door. Knowing that she couldn't be doing this Stacey decided to head out for some fresh air, maybe that would help.

"Maggie, I'm so sorry about what happened in there just now please forgive me. I'm going to step out for a bit, maybe that will help. No in fact I'm going to take the rest of the day off. Cancel whatever I have today and rearrange what you can for tomorrow, would you please."

"Of course, anything else?" Maggie replied.

"No, that will be all thank you. Maggie I really am sorry." Stacey answered as she turned towards the door.

She really had no plan as she left the office building other than to clear her mind of all these unwanted thoughts. Thoughts like, was she doing something to drive Lauren back to Stevie, was there truly nothing going on between the two? No, that was the one she just couldn't shake. There were to many hushed phone conversations, and hang up's on the answering machine lately. On the other hand, other than the conversations, Lauren wasn't behaving any differently; she wasn't acting guilty of anything. "Damn it what is going on" Stacey said out loud as she reached her car.

Before she drove away from her office building she decided to stop off at Lauren's work place, just drop by see what time she expected to be home. Lauren would have something for her to snack on when she got in and they could talk. Yes, that was a good plan she decided. Making the decision she turned in the direction of Lauren's work. In less than five minutes she was walking into Lauren's office building. For the first time today she had a small smile on her face, she was even close to humming a tune as she walked to the elevators. As the elevator doors closed, she punched the number 5 and was on her way to see the love of her life.

"What do you mean she called in sick?" Stacey asked Lauren's assistant. "She left the apartment before I did this morning, said that she had a meeting late this afternoon and that it would probably run late. Now you tell me that not only is she not here but that she doesn't have any meeting scheduled at all for today?"

"I'm sorry Stacey; I don't know what to say. She called in around 8:30 this morning said she wasn't feeling well, and that she would see me tomorrow. As for meetings...I take care of setting them up and there isn't anything until Friday."

"It's not your fault Renee, I must have misunderstood her." 'Yeah right, and pigs are flying as we speak.' With that she walked out the door to her car, trying to control both her anger and confusion. She headed for home trying to not imagine the worse.

Back at the apartment, Lauren was having yet another argument with Stevie, and feeling really guilty about having lied to Stacey about the supposed meeting this afternoon. 'This isn't what I want to be doing right now damn it.' she thought as she said "Look Stevie, you're the one that screwed up, you're the one that walked out, now you can damned will live with your decision. I love Stacey and what's more I'm totally happy with her. So tell me why the hell I would leave her and go back to you?"

"Because you love me, you're just saying you love her to hurt me and I can accept that. But you know you want me, and you know I bring excitement to your life. Okay yes I screwed around and left you, but baby that was before I realized how much I love you. Now...I want you back."

"For the last time, NO_ Now please leave and don't bother coming back or calling I have nothing I want nor need to say to you."

"I'll leave for now, but I'll be back and then you'll leave with me." Stevie replied.

"Not in this lifetime." Lauren answered under her breath as she held the door open for the other woman.

Driving up to her apartment building, the last thing Stacey wanted to see or expected to see was Stevie walking out the front door. Worse yet, looking like the cat that just swallowed the canary. All she felt was her world crashing down. With her temper held in tight rein Stacey left her car with the thought of letting Lauren tell her what was going on. 'There has to be a reasonable explanation, just give her a chance to give it to you.' she thought as she walked to her door. She walked in, and upon seeing her partner there pretended to be surprised to see her. "Hey babe didn't expect to see you home. Are you okay, you usually don't come home in the middle of the afternoon especially if you have a meeting? You did have a meeting didn't you?" 'Oh good, Stacey, just tell her straight out you know she was lying to you about that one." she thought.

"Um...yeah I'm okay just the meeting was cancelled and I didn't have anything else that was pressing so I thought I would come home." Lauren answered, "How about you, you're home too,
I don't believe that's normal for you either. You okay?" she continued as she went to kiss Stacey.

"Yeah, I'm fine...just...what was Stevie doing here?" She asked, her temper slipping more as she walked away from Lauren's kiss. 'NICE now just accuse her...oh please she just lied to you again'

"What? Oh just wanted to talk." Lauren answered as she walked towards Stacey.

"No, don't...don't touch me and don't lie to me anymore. She didn't look like she had just 'talked' to you."

"Are you accusing me of something Stacey?" Lauren asked, her anger now showing.

"Like you would tell me if I were. I can't believe this, how could you do this in our HOME?"
Stacey shouted.

"DO what?" Lauren yelled back, "I haven't done anything."

"Right." Was all Stacey said as she headed to the door, not listening to anything else Lauren may have been trying to say as she slammed the door behind her.

Not knowing what to do, Stacey drove around for a long while. Trying to both cool down and decide what to do. She could go back home and try to talk to Lauren but she kept talking herself out of that. 'Why go back, she will only lie to you again. God does she think you're that big of a fool?' was what she heard every time the thought crossed her mind. She found a quiet park so she stopped and walked around and thought. Before she knew it, it was dark so she got back in her car and headed for the one place she could think of that she knew she would find a friendly shoulder to cry on. As she walked in the door she heard the sounds of music from the jukebox, another someone done someone wrong song playing, people talking and laughing. She made her way to the bar, feeling a few eyes watching her as she moved. "Hey Frankie is Kami here?"

"Yeah, she's in back should be back any minute though...want something while you wait?" She answered.

"Give me a double of Cuervo Gold." Lauren said.

"Wow a double...starting the party before everyone gets here huh." Frankie joked.

"No party and just bring me the damn drink." Stacey snapped.

"Sure, on the way." Frankie said. Coming from anyone else, in that tone, Frankie would have gotten mad as hell, and said something snide in return. But she knew Stacey well enough to know something was wrong. She made her way to where she could get Kami's attention while she poured the double for Stacey.

"Hey, boss...Stacey's here asking for you and ordering a double Cuervo." the bartender said.

"Did she say what was bothering her?" Kami asked with concern.

"Nope." was the short answer she got.

"Give me the drink and the bottle. We'll be in my office. You can handle things right?"

"You bet, Sam is on too so we got it covered. You just take care of Stacey."

Taking the drink and bottle from Frankie, Kami walked towards Stacey, as she reached her side she said "Follow me; I've got a better place to talk." Taking the drink, Stacey stood and followed.

"Okay champ what's up. You normally don't come in here and order a double. Fact you normally don't come in here without Lauren." Kami asked as she closed the door behind them.
Before she answered Stacey downed the drink, reached for the bottle and poured another. "She is...she is cheating." was all she could say.

A stunned Kami could only say "Come again?" Stacey proceeded to tell Kami everything and drink, she finally ate but only because Kami refused to let her drink anymore until she did.


"Wow. Are you sure, I mean there has to be some other explanation. She loves you and wouldn't do that to you."

"Well she is, I gave her every chance to tell me and all she did was lie to me." Came the response from Stacey, who was well on her way to a major hangover. Kami continued to try to talk her friend into talking to Lauren and telling her what she thought and keep her from getting drunk, both of which she was failing at. By the time the night crowd started leaving the bar, Kami was taking a very drunk Stacey to her house, the one she just started renting from Stacey. Once she got Stacey down it was past 1 in the morning. After getting her to bed Kami called Lauren, to let her know that Stacy was okay and to keep her from worrying. All she got was the answering machine. "What the hell, where could she Stacey right?" she said to herself.
After Stacey slammed the door a very upset Lauren paced the living room floor. "What the hell is she doing accusing me of cheating on her. Where does she get off." she said to no one. She to left the apartment, and went to the one place she knew she could talk and not feel like she was being accused of anything and be supported. She knocked on Renee's door, and proceeded to tell her best friend everything that had been happening, from the beginning of the phone calls to the slamming of the door. By the time she was through talking, the three friends had eaten dinner and it was very late so they convinced Lauren to stay the night with them. She called the apartment so that Stacey would know where she was. "Don't know why I'm even doing this, she's the one that stormed out." she said as she hung up the phone.

The next morning Lauren stood by the phone listening to the message left a little past 1 in the morning. When the message was done playing she grabbed her keys and headed out the door, on her way to Kami's to get the woman she loved. Once there she knocked on the door, but got no she used her key to gain entry. The sight that greeted her knocked the wind out of her. One woman standing in a robe, by the bathroom door and another one wrapped in nothing but a towel with her hand touching the others face. Both looked towards the front door startled. Lauren's emotions showing clearly on her face as the thought "OH shit ran thru her mind." Kami's thought reflected Stacey's. Before either could say a word the door slammed.
'Okay, that's the second door to be slammed in the last 24 hours. Has to be some kind of a record.' thought Stacey as she rushed to the door, shouting for Lauren to wait. "Damn that's not a good idea. Lauren wait it's not what you think." She said as pain ripped thru her head. Lauren wasn't listening. She went back to the apartment, packed a couple of bags, called first the airport, then her sister from her cell phone and headed out the door.

Stacey arrived at the apartment only to find it empty. 'It's okay she is just off somewhere blowing off steam.' She waited, paced the floor and waited some more. I'll give her some time...yeah that's what she needs.' Needless to say it was a very long afternoon, and an even longer evening. Stacey found herself asleep on the sofa the next morning when her internal clock went off. She sat up and stiffly moved to her feet, she made her way to the bedroom hoping and praying that Lauren was there, but found it empty. "Okay this isn't good." she said out loud as she walked to the kitchen for coffee. With coffee and shower out of the way and still no word from Lauren, Stacey had no choice but to head off to work and hoped she would hear from Lauren soon. At the office Stacey tried to call Lauren, but got her voice mail, she left a message and tried to do some work of her own. A few hours later she tried again, this time calling her secretary.

Kendra sat and listened to her sister spill her story. 'Good thing I made a pot of coffee.' Kendra thought. "So you're telling me that Stevie is completely out of the picture?" she asked.

"Yes, Ken she never made me feel like Stacey does. When she's in my arms I feel complete, like I'm finally I've found a part of me that's been missing and I never knew it was gone you know. When we're apart she is all I think of, and when we're together...Ken it just feels so perfect." Lauren said. Kendra sat with a smile on her face as she said, "Wow, looks like little sister finally fell in love_"

"Ken, she is amazing, she is sweet and tender, so loving; she is everything that Stevie wasn't. That's why...God I can't be that wrong about her can I?" Lauren sobbed. Kendra moved to hold her sister, "I don't think your wrong honey." she murmured as she held her little sister tightly. 'God help this woman if she is playing games with my sister.' she thought to herself.

"Does she feel the same way you do?" She asked.

"I thought she did, she said she did...hell she even acted like she did."

Kendra thought a little the asked, "Does Stevie know what you feel? Does she understand that she is no longer even in the picture?"

"I don't know, you would thing the fact that I told her to get f***ed twice and die she would get the idea, but she is Stevie, everything revolves around her wants and needs. God, why didn't I ever see that before."

"I don't know honey, but at least you see it now. Now let's see if we can figure out what you should do about Stacey. Did she try to explain anything to you?" Lauren looked down and whispered, "I guess I didn't really giver her chance to. I ran out as soon as I saw that woman. But she could have called and left a message, it's not that hard to do."

"Uh huh, like you leave messages..." Kendra threw at her, "Don't you think maybe you should at least try and call her?" 'God I hate when she's right' Lauren thought. She glanced at the clock on the night stand and was shocked to see that it was already 4:30 in the morning.

"I'll give her a call at the office in a while. I need to call and let them know where I am anyway." she said.

"Okay, just make sure you TALK to her...I have a feeling that things aren't as you thought or as the looked." Kendra remarked as she got up, "Now I'm off for a little shut eye. God knows mom will be calling soon enough. See you in a while okay sweetie?" and with that she was out the door. Stacey was at the office early Monday morning hoping to catch Lauren before her day got to busy. However as she walked towards her door she saw it was closed and no light was shining. Looking at the clock on the wall she saw that she was a little early, 'Well okay, guess I can head back to my office and do some work.' She thought. Once behind her desk she picked up a document and quickly lost track of time. Slowly the sounds of a busy office began to invade her mind, and she slowly became aware of the time. 'Damn, she is more than likely well into her meetings...maybe I can at least get to agree to lunch.' with that she called Laurens office.

"Hi Kim, is Lauren in?" she asked Lauren's receptionist.

"I'm sorry Stacey she isn't. She called earlier and had me cancel her meetings until after Thanksgiving." Kim replied.

"Oh, okay...thanks. Uh Kim did she happen to mention where she was?"

"No, I'm sorry she didn't. She said she needed to do some thinking and that was all. Hun, I've learn thru the years, when she has some really heavy things going on in her life...she always goes home. I hope that helps you." Kim answered. 'Home...well okay then guess that answers that, God did I screw up.' "Okay thanks a bunch Kim...have a Happy Thanksgiving okay." she said, lost in thought. 'So much for spending Thanksgiving with her.' she murmured to herself. Disappointed she got up and went to the break room for some coffee. After mixing her cup she made her way back to her office and her desk. As she walked in she saw her answering machine to her private line blinking. She hit the button and sat down as she listened to the message. She sat up straight when she heard Lauren's voice..."Stacey, I... I think we need to talk. I'm at my sister's house; I'll be here till after Thanksgiving. I know I should have stayed and talked to you instead of running but...I was hurt and angry and...I know that's no excuse but it's the only one I have. Look here is her number, call...please...I love you and I don't want to spend another day without you." Stacy's heart sang as she heard those words, and she quickly grabbed the phone and called Lauren. With some doing, with in a few hours Stacey was on her way to join Lauren. Thinking back over the conversation she had with Lauren she was thankful that Lauren accepted her apology for walking out on her to start with. She knew she would have her work cut out for her in convincing Lauren that nothing had happened between her and Kami, they had talked about it a little but she could tell that Lauren wasn't at all sure what to think. 'No matter, she wants me to be with her now so that's good, anything else we will deal with.' Leaning her head back Stacey closed her eyes and drifted off to dream of Lauren in her arms.

As the plane came in for its final approach, Stacey felt a mixture of joy, hope and apprehension. 'Small airport,' she thought, 'shouldn't have any trouble finding Lauren or my luggage.' Making her way through the terminal to the luggage claim, her eyes scanned the room for her love. She spotted Lauren making her way in 'Leave it to her to be running late.' she thought with a small smile on her face. Lauren felt Stacey's eyes on her, the minute she ran into the building. It comforted her but yet at the same time unnerved her. She looked around until her eyes locked with Stacey's and she slowly made her way to her, never once breaking contact with her girl friend. Her steps slowed as she got closer to Stacey, a feeling of uncertainty began, but was washed away as soon as she saw Stacey smile at her. Having claimed her bags, Stacy walked towards Lauren. 'Well okay there she is. Do I hug her or what? God knows I want nothing more than to feel her in my arms.' They both thought. Each woman was lost in their own thoughts as they walked towards each other, both afraid, both feeling lost, neither one knowing how to bridge the gap that was between them but both wanting the distance closed. Stacy gave a weak smile as Lauren approached her, "hey, Um thanks for inviting me to join you." she said in a low unsure voice. 'Oh God that was lame.' she thought. Lauren however smiled at those words, the first real smile she had given anyone all weekend, as she said, "I'm glad you could come. I didn't want to spend our first Thanksgiving without you." the last part said so quietly Stacey wasn't sure it had been said at all.

"Well come on. You have all your bags right?" Lauren asked.

"Uh, know me I don't need much." Stacey replied with a chuckle.

"Oh, I know a toothbrush, pair of sweats, and a change of clothes and you're happy_" Lauren joked.

"Makes for a fast departure when I don't have to search the room looking to make sure I didn't leave anything behind. Plus I figure that theses days most places have the most modern of conveniences, so I don't have to pack the kitchen sink, like someone that shall remain nameless." Stacey teased. Lauren stopped walking and teasingly punched Stacey in the arm ash she said, "I do NOT pack that much_"

"How many bags did you bring with you?" Stacey asked.


"And how long are you staying?"

"Until Sunday afternoon."

"And roughly how many changes of clothes can a suitcase hold?" Stacey continued with a twinkle in her eye.

"OKAY, I see your point. But I still do not pack THAT much_" Lauren laughed.

" keeping telling yourself that sweetheart." Stacey said causing Lauren to laugh harder. 'God I missed her laugh. Stacey thought. The two women made they're way to Kendra's S.U.V. and had slipped into a mutually accepted truce as they drove to Lauren's sisters home. Both stealing glances at the other when they weren't looking, both wanting nothing more than to touch the other, and both knowing that they need to talk yet neither one wanting to be the one to start any real conversation. As Lauren pulled into the drive she noticed that Kendra's husband was home. "Looks like you get to meet the brother in law_" she said


"Yeah, he drives truck and is never home. We weren't even sure he would be home for Thanksgiving. He's a great know the kind that's a great friend and an even better enemy. I think you two will like each other." Lauren said.

"You know, I should have asked sooner I guess... I mean we never really talked about your family, but do they know about me and you...about us?" Stacey asked.

"Kendra does, we spent all night talking...but I haven't talked to mom yet." Lauren answered.

" what am I suppose to be the friend at loose ends during the holidays or what?" Stacey asked, trying to keep the hurt and anger from forming until she heard the answer.

"What? Oh NO, NO ...I'm sorry baby; look my family knows I'm gay. Everyone is okay with it babe. Well with the exception of mom, she didn't disown me or kick me out; she just makes it known that she isn't happy with my choices. She is always telling me about some nice young man I should come and meet, so be prepared to hear her trying to set me up okay. Though the good news is from what Kendra says this year mom made it clear that I was to bring 'ANY special person' that happens to be in my life at the moment. So I'm thinking she is giving up finally." Lauren finished.

Stacey thought about it and decided to voice the thought that kept going thru her mind, "Okay, and do you plan on introducing me as that special person?"

Lauren's eyes met Stacey's and answered in a shaky voice, "Stacey, we have a few things to talk about and a few problems to get through, but yes you are that special person. You know, I've never brought anyone home to meet my family, so that will tell them everything they need to know."

"Okay." Stacey said with a sigh of relief and small smile. "I know we have a lot to talk about, maybe we could walk around and talk?" she asked in an uncertain voice.

"Sure, let go put your bags in the room and introduce you to Ken, she is already beyond curious." Lauren laughed. Looking over at Stacey she saw her looking like she was about to meet the executioner, and Lauren laughed even harder. Stacey looked at Lauren with half a smile and weakly said, "Well let's get this over with." After the introduction were made Lauren and Stacy made they're way outside again. Once outside they noticed the sky was starting to look gray, and the air was now crisp and had a little more of a chill to it and just a hint of snow.

"Does it snow a lot here?" Stacey asked.

"Just enough to make things interesting. From what I hear there hasn't been a lot of snow the last few years. Everyone is hoping for it this year. Lauren answered.

"Why is that?" Stacey asked.

"Snow means water in the spring time. Water levels have been real low and farmers need water for the crops, and ranchers need the crops for the cattle."

"I see." Stacey said. The two women continued to walk and talk now and the. Each was lost in thought when Lauren quietly spoke, "Stacey, who was the woman in the towel the other morning? Did you two...did you sleep with her? I mean she was rather comfortable for wearing nothing but a towel, and well you didn't seem all that shy around her either...and there is only one reason I can think of for that."

Stacey hadn't expected that question just yet and felt like she had just walked into a brick wall. 'Well what did you expect, she did see Kami in nothing but a towel, and you know damn well what you would think if the situation had been reversed. And you sure as hell wouldn't have calmly asked about it, you would have gone ballistic right then and there.' she thought to herself. Stopping in the middle of the road Stacey reached for Lauren's arm and gently held her in place before answering, "No, Kami and I didn't sleep together. I know that's what it looked like but no that's not what happened."

"Then tell me please, why I come to your place early in the morning, in the middle of the week and find you looking like you just got out of bed, and some woman walking around in a towel?"
'God this isn't going to be easy. Stacey thought. "Can we find somewhere to sit?" Once seated on a couple of tree stumps Lauren waited for her to continue. 'What's she so afraid to tell me?' she thought. "Well?" Lauren prompted.

"Kami is the owner of my favorite bar. You know her, I've introduced you." She started.

"I don't remember, but go on."

"After I left the other night I couldn't relax or stop thinking and I found myself there at the bar. Well you know me and tequila, from what I gather I stayed there at the bar doing doubles until the bar closed. Kami drove me back to the apt. and helped me into bed." Stacey finished.
"Right and herself right into bed with you." Lauren shot back. "Like I said NO ONE is that comfortable unless they've seen all there is to see." Stacey's temper was slipping due to the frustration she was feeling at the moment, and she fired back, "SHE HAS." Taking a deep breath and grabbing a hold of Lauren's arms before she could jump up and walk away, she continued..."Lauren, we both knew there were others in our lives before we met."

"YES I knew there were others...I just didn't realize that you still invite some to share your bed at times." Lauren spat out, as she threw off Stacey's hands and got up to walk away, not listening to Stacey as she shouted.

"Damn it Lauren... Lauren....LAUREN come on. LAUREN..." Stacey shouted. 'Well that went oh so fucking well.' she said to herself.

Lauren reached the house, wiped her eyes and opened the door and walked straight to her room without saying a word to the figures standing by the sink.

"What is that all about?" Kendra's husband asked.

"Sure you want to know? Unless I miss my guess the other one will be storming in shortly." Kendra said as she quickly filled her husband Mike in on the problem. "So which one do you want to tackle?" She asked.

"Ooh I get my pick! Oh boy this is going to be fun! " he joked. "I'll take the newbie. I know what it's like to be the lamb coming into the McCord fold." he answered with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Oh I knew I loved you for a reason!" Kendra replied as she kissed him and headed up stairs to check on her sister. Stacey walked in the door about five minutes later, and headed straight for the stairs intent on talking to Lauren.

"Hey there Speedy... Word of advice, I wouldn't go up there just yet."

"No...But I would. I have to talk to her."

"Yeah, that did come across. But trust me, one angry McCord is bad, two walking into a lions dens at feeding time. And it's my bet right about now there are two upstairs plotting on the best way to remove your head from your body. Now if you don't mind my saying so, I think you head looks damn good attached to you." Mike teased, and broke into a deep rumbling laugh as he watched Stacey look from him to the stairs and back to him as the pink crept up her to her cheeks.

"Let me buy you a drink, and maybe you can fill me in on what's going on. I know you don't know me, but sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than it is someone close." Looking back at the staircase, Stacey thought maybe he was right...she liked her head attached as well.

"So what's your poison?" he asked.

"Anything but tequila." Stacey said.

"Okay, how about some JD?"

"Sounds great." After a couple of swallows the amber liquid, Stacey began to relax. Soon Mike's easy attitude began to ease Stacy's mood and she soon told him everything including the conversation from earlier.

"Wow...Stacey you sure do know how to do things up right don't you." Was all Mike could say, when she had finished.
"Yeah I guess you can say that. All I know is that there is no way I would ever sleep with anyone while Lauren is a part of my life."

"You're sure about that?"

"YES, I'm positive about that. Lauren is...God she is so special to me, she is everything I've ever wanted, and I'm not stupid enough to throw that way. I've never felt so comfortable or complete with anyone before, and when we are together, that's what I feel complete. I didn't even realize I was missing anything until she walked into my's everything." Stacey finished. Mike had been watching her as she spoke, and when he saw the tears in her eyes, he knew she was being honest.

"Well then, looks like we better find a way to fix this. You do know that right now all she is seeing is history repeating itself right?"

"Yes I know...I know made my share of mistakes here, but I resent like hell the fact that I have to pay for what Stevie did to her too."

"Understand that, but that's how it is. You either love her enough to handle it or you don't it's that easy." Mike replied. Mean while upstairs Kendra was talking to Lauren, and having as much fun as Mike was.

"Okay so what happened? Did you find out what you wanted to know?" She asked her sister.

"Hm, she says that she didn't sleep with Kami, at least not that night...oh and that I've supposedly met her before."

"What do you mean...I'm lost."

"According to Stacey they do have a history."

"Well okay."

"NO not okay...why the first time we have a major fight do I find her hung over and with a former playmate?"

" BOTH have former loves. I know for a fact your still friends with one or two of yours. And I know you get together with them for lunch or whatever and talk."

"Major difference though, mine don't go around my house parading in a towel."

"Okay, I think you have to decide whether or not you trust her. Has she ever lied to you before, has she ever given you reason to mistrust there anything that would lead you to believe she has betrayed you before? I know you were burned by Stevie, but if you think about it Stacey is NOT Stevie. If it bothers you so much and you're not sure you can trust Stacey, contact this Kami, and confront her about your suspicions. But tell Stacey don't do it behind her back. Give her a chance to come clean if there is anything to come clean about."

"Okay." Was all Lauren could say. Leaving her sister to think Kendra made her way back downstairs. Finding Mike and Stacey in the den she looked directly at Stacey and said to Mike, "Please leave us for a little bit. I have a few things I want to say." Stacey swallowed hard and Mike gave her a reassuring smile...leaned into her and whispered. "Just tell her what you told me, she is fair." With that Mike left the two women alone.

"Okay, I know one fact in everything here... and that is that my sister is hurting, and I don't like that. And make no mistake about it I will find every way I can to make your life hell if you continue to hurt her. I have heard her side of things, now I want to hear your side. Tell me why she is hurting." Kendra stated clearly.

So once again Stacey told her side of the story. After listening carefully and studying Stacey, Kendra's face softened and she gently pulled Stacey into a strong hug. As soon as Stacey felt Kendra's arms around her she broke into tears. As Kendra held Stacey, she thought about what she had said. "Okay then, I suppose we had better see about getting all this straightened out, because I see how happy she is when she is talking about you. Gee you all must think I'm Wonder Woman, first straighten out this mess then do the entire Thanksgiving dinner all in one week. Good thing I'm up to the challenge." She said, and Stacey burst out in a laugh.

Lauren paced the floor and thought...'am I really not listening to reason? What can't really believe the "we didn't sleep together" line can you? Fine believe it and soon you'll find yourself right back in the same situation you were in with Stevie. It starts with "we're just old friends babe,' and ends with 'I'm leaving I haven't been happy in a long time.'...NO Lauren said fighting with herself, Stacey wouldn't do that...would she?"

That evening they all sat at the dinner table avoiding the events of earlier in the day. Lauren and Stacey tried to talk but found themselves at a loss as to what to say. Mike and Kendra did their best to get the other two to talk. Eventually they had Stacey talking about her younger brothers and laughing as she told stories about her childhood. Lauren sat fascinated; she loved listening to Stacey talk about her brothers. She loved how her eyes would light up and the love in her eyes shine bright as she talked. Lauren could almost imagine how Stacey was as a teenager. God how she loved this woman sitting in front of her. Stacey looked over and caught Lauren watching her, and a look of total adoration filled her eyes, as her smile grew even larger. The look was not lost on Kendra or Mike, Lauren however didn't notice since she was busy giving Stacey her look of devotion. The night went on like this with stories being told by all and laughter, and soon all were surprised when they saw how late it was. Saying their good nights all retired to their bedrooms. It was then that it occurred to the two women that Stacey's bags were in Lauren's room and none of the other rooms were made up for guests.

"Well, I can take the floor I guess." Stacey said as she grabbed a pillow and blanket off the bed.

"Oh stop it. It's not like we aren't two grown women or haven't shared a bed before." Lauren snapped as she walked into the bathroom, leaving Stacey standing there with a puzzled look on her face. 'What the hell was that about? Under the circumstances I wouldn't think she'd want to share a bed with I wrong?' she thought as she got ready for bed. She was already in bed with her eyes closed when Lauren came back into the room. As soon as she felt Lauren crawl into bed, her eyes flew open and her senses were assaulted by the fragrance of Lauren's shampoo and lotion... 'Oh god she smells so good.' Stacey thought to herself as a feeling of pure desire shot through her. The scent, the warmth of the woman beside her, and the images in her head were creating havoc in Stacey's mind and body. Thoughts of how soft and gently Lauren's hands and body are, of how perfectly the two fit together, how they moved in perfect time with each other flashed in her head. Images of Lauren above her appeared in her minds eye. She could see the perfect shape of Lauren's breasts as they floated over her. The nipples hard, begging to be taken into her mouth. She saw the perfect shape of her neck, her head thrown back and the long silky hair flowing down over her shoulder. She heard in her mind Lauren encouraging her, whispering how good her hands felt, begging for more. These images combined with the scent were creating a fire deep within Stacey. Despite everything she could think of the flame only increased, and want, desire, and need spread through Stacey.

Lauren laid there listening to the sound of Stacey's breathing, she heard the change in it, felt the heat emanating from her body, she felt Stacey with every fiber of her being, and god help her she wanted Stacey. Images of them together floated through her mind, creating the same desire and need in her that was raging in Stacey. 'Just reach out to her...' her mind screamed. Lauren ignored it. Stacey was tossing on her side of the bed, unable to get comfortable, unable to quiet the thoughts in her head or the ache deep in her heart, not to mention the one between her thighs.
Finally with a growl Stacey hurdled out of bed, grabbed her pillow and blanket and mumbling to herself laid down on the floor, putting as much distance between her and the bed as she could. Lauren, hoping that Stacey wouldn't fight her desire fought back hot angry tears when she felt Stacey move off the bed. It was almost two hours later that they both finally fell into a restless sleep.

It was six thirty in the morning when Stacey finally decided she could no longer stand it...her senses were still filled with Lauren's scent and the floor and distance had not helped her last night. With quiet, angry motions she slipped into her sweats and quietly let herself out of the room and house. 'Maybe a nice LONG hard run will help' she thought as she went through her warm up routine. When Lauren awoke, she knew immediately that she was alone in the room. 'Well guess she didn't have as much trouble sleeping as I did.' she thought to herself irritated. She got up, dressed and went down for a cup of coffee, hoping to find Stacey there as well.

"Good morning_" Kendra greeted as Lauren walked into the kitchen.

"What's so good about it?" snapped Lauren.

"Okay...sorry." 'Someone is cranky this morning. Kendra thought.

"Um...will Stacey be down for breakfast soon?"

"She wasn't upstairs so I wouldn't know what she'll be doing. Damn it...Ken I'm sorry. It was just a very bad night. I just couldn't get to sleep." Lauren said apologetic. "I'm going for a walk, maybe some fresh air will help." she finished.

"Sweetheart, look out the window. I don't think you want to go for a walk in that." Kendra replied.

"Oh wow__ We're finally getting some snow_" Lauren smiled, before realizing something...

"Ken...You haven't seen Stacey have you... she isn't in the house somewhere is she?"

"I haven't seen her; I thought she was with you or in the bathroom." Kendra answered.

"Was it coming down like this when you got up?"

"No, it's let up some, why?"

"Stacey wasn't with me when I woke up and she isn't in the bathroom... Kendra when something is bothering her she runs. She's out in this. Lauren said in a scared voice.
With the snow starting to come down as it was Stacey's run was cut short. Soon she found herself heading back in the direction she had just come. 'So much for getting rid of this tension.' she thought. Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice that Mike had joined her.

"Hey there Speedy, what's up?" He asked as he kept pace with her.

"Well looks like you got in more of a run than I did. The weather has decided to ruin my plans for a nice long run." Stacey answered with a smile forming.

"Ah so you're a fellow runner!" Mike said.

"I usually try to run at least three times a week, maybe more if something is bothering me. It's a great way to get the brain to kick in don't you think?" Stacey commented.

"Sure is, and today your reason for running would be?"

"A very long night Mike." she answered grimily.

"Didn't sleep well huh, may have a cure for you." he said with a sly grin as his eye brows wiggled up and down.

"What might that be?" Stacey asked, with a wicked grin of her own. "Please keep in mind that Lauren is still very, very upset with me."

"Ever do any weight lifting?" he answered.

"Sure, why?"

"Follow me." And with that Mike led Stacey a building off to the side of the house. As they walked in, he hit the light switch and the room was flooded with light. Stacey's eyes lit up as she took in a fully loaded weight room.

"Wow!" was all she could say.

"So what do you think? I've slowly added equipment whenever I can and well..."

"It's GREAT Mike!" Stacey said.

"Thanks, I don't get to use it much with me being gone on the road so much but it does come in handy at times. You're welcome to use anytime you're here. Just help yourself. Especially since you have so much energy to burn today." he said laughingly.
Soon the two were laugh and talking like old friends as they worked out, neither one aware of the snow falling or the two in the house worried about them.

Lauren paced in front of the window as she watched the snow fall faster, her fear and anger mounting by the minute. "Where the hell is she?" she asked no one in particular.

"Hun, she is fine." Kendra said. "Have some coffee and please stop pacing your starting to worry me!"

"Hmm like you wouldn't be worried if Mike was out in this? Ken it's really coming down and she doesn't know her way around. With this much snow she could get turned around and get really lost." Lauren argued. "Where is Mike anyway?" she added as an after thought.

"He went out for his run earlier...I ... he isn't back yet either."

"Oh great so now we have two idiots out in this." Lauren voiced her anger now making its appearance. She headed for the front closet where her coat was hanging.

"NO...Lauren you can't be stupid and go out traipsing around in this. Neither one of them is stupid. Stacey would have found shelter by now..." as she said that they heard the back door fly open and both rushed to the kitchen. In stepped two laughing people covered in snow. Mike was the first to see the look on his wife's face and he quickly lost his smile. Stacey's only warning was the woman flying into her, and arms being wrapped tightly around her. Her arms instinctively wrapped around Lauren and she pulled her closer to her. Her eyes closed as she simply enjoyed the feel of Lauren in her arms. Her joy was short lived as she soon felt herself being pushed away and the sting of Lauren's hand across her face.

Anger and shock replaced joy as her hand reached her cheek and rubbed. "What the hell was that for?" she shouted as she watched Lauren turn and run up the stairs. Kendra just stood there glaring at both her and Mike. In a voice calmer than she felt she stated. "That was for the two of you worrying us by being out there in this storm, and then walking in here like nothing was wrong." Both Mike and Stacey had the good graces to realize their mistake.

"God I'm sorry Kendra. I went out for a run, when the snow started coming down I headed back and ran into Mike, we've been in his weight room. I guess I had a lot of tension to work off." Stacey said as she looked both miserable, and sheepish. Kendra looked at Mike, and saw his nod.

"Stacey, tell Lauren not me." Kendra softly said. Taking her coat off, Stacey headed for the staircase and made her way up the stairs.

Stacey knocked at the bedroom door softly before she entered. Once she entered the room she slowly walked to Lauren who was standing at the window crying. When she stood directly behind Lauren, her arms wrapped around her as she whispered in Lauren's ear how sorry she was that she had worried her. Lauren turned in Stacey's arms and her arms wrapped around Stacey as she continued to cry. They stood there holding each other until Lauren's tears stopped. Both refusing to let the other go they made their way to the edge if the bed, where they sat. Stacey started to talk. "I didn't mean to worry you; I just went for a run. When the snow started to fall I came back. I ran into Mike who kindly showed me his weight room. I guess we... I need to work off some tension, and I lost track of time. It didn't occur to me that you would worry about me."

"WHY wouldn't I worry?" Lauren asked with growing anger again.

"No...I mean I didn't think...that's it sweetheart, I didn't think." Stacey answered. "Lauren you know I haven't had anyone to worry about me or what I did for a very long time. You of all people should know that I know how to take care of myself. But Lauren...thank you for caring. I was a little afraid that this last weekend had changed that. I know I did a lot of stupid and childish things, but none of it was ever meant to hurt you like it did. I swear to God I didn't do anything with Kami and I never meant...damn it I should have trusted you to start with and NONE of this would have happened." Stacey finished.

"What do you mean trust me?" Lauren asked

"With Stevie, I know she wants you back. I know she has been calling you. And when you wouldn't tell me who it was every time she called, well I guess I just saw it as you were actually thinking of taking her back or something." Stacey answered dejectedly.

Lauren reached for Stacey's face and gently lifted it so that she could look in to her eyes. "Yes, you should have trusted me. Stevie has no place in my life or my heart. I found the one I want and need, my soul mate. I found her in you, and I can only hope and pray that you feel the same way. You weren't the only one that should have trusted though. I did my share of not trusting when I saw Kami in your apt. I'm sorry."

"Sweetheart you have no reason to worry about Kami, she isn't you. She is my friend and only my friend. are my present and my future." Stacey said as she slowly leaned into tenderly kiss Lauren again. "I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year but there is one thing that would make me even more thankful..." Lauren looked at Stacey with a puzzled look...Stacey dropped to one knee and as she looked up into Lauren's eyes she continued
"earlier, I told you that you are everything I could ever want and need, I can't think of a life without you in it, but I want more...Lauren I want everyone to know how I feel about you, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

With tears in her eyes Lauren just nodded and pulled Stacey to her feet, then whispered in her ear, "yes" before kissing her again.

"Maybe we should go tell your family the fireworks are over."

"Oh honey, the fireworks haven't even started you have lots of making up to do from last night." Lauren answered as she led her love out the bedroom door.

As they went downstairs they heard the radio playing and talking. Kendra was the first to see the two as they walked into the living room.

"Cool I am Wonder Woman!" she joked. Both Mike and Lauren looked at her and then each other wondering what she was talking about.

"Well I guess in a way you are. Thank you for... Um all you're help." Stacey said to Kendra.

"You're welcome. I take it everything is worked out, and I won't have to remove your head?" Kendra said as she smiled at Stacey.

"Her head is just fine where it is thank you very much, and yes we worked things out." Lauren answered for Stacey, as she walked to her sister and hugged her. As they all talked and laughed they noticed it was past lunch time and they were hungry so they made their way to the kitchen where all took up a task so they could eat. Kendra heated up soup, Mike made sandwiches, Lauren set the table and Stacey made coffee. Soon all were seated and eating. The conversation turned to Thanksgiving dinner and who would be there.

"Mom will be in tomorrow afternoon, and Shane, Tiffany and the kids, tomorrow evening." Kendra told the group. "You don't mind helping get the extra rooms ready do you Lauren?"

"No, not at all. Are the kids going to camp out on the floor in the living room?" Lauren asked.

"Well of course, what it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if that didn't happen?" Mike answered.

"Oh yeah, and guess who will be right there in the middle acting like a kid himself." Kendra laughed.

"This is true." Lauren laughed as well.

"Okay so, let me get this straight. Shane is your other sister right? And Tiffany is her partner." Stacey asked.

"Yes." Kendra answered.

"So, why doesn't your mom have a problem with her being a lesbian but she does you?" she asked Lauren.

"Guess it all boils down to the fact that I'm the baby of the family. I don't know for sure." was her answer.

"I see." Stacey said quietly as she thought about the answer she got. As they finished lunch, Stacey listened to the conversation but stayed quiet. Mike was the only one to really notice, so as soon as lunch was over he pulled her aside, "Hey speedy, what's up? You were awful quiet over lunch."

"I was just thinking. I really don't want to be the reason for any uneasy feelings with Lauren's mom, and the rest of the family." Stacey said.

"I see." Mike said, "I think you are worried over nothing. Look fact is Lauren is crazy about you, and if Sylvia can't see that then she is nuts. Sylvia any parent, she wants her baby happy and has definite ideas about how things should be where Lauren is concerned. Lauren however is her own person and has her own ideas and at times, most times, the two clash and do battle. Lauren has finally found someone she cares enough for to bring to meet the family, that I think has Sylvia both relieved and lost."

"Why lost?" Stacey asked.

"Well who is she going to worry about now that Lauren has someone to take care of her?"

"I would think she would be relieved, not lost."

"Being a parent is complicated. In a lot of ways it's like a double edged sword, they want someone else to worry about their child but yet no one is better than they are and when someone else steps into the picture mom or dad's place if being taken over."

"I suppose that makes sense, but still...I'm worried. I don't want to cause Lauren any more problems with her family especially her mom."

"I don't think you will, you just have to decide if Lauren is worth fighting for and the effort it will take to convince her mom that you are good for her."

"Oh already know the answer to that one. That's a big yes." Stacey said.

"Well then you don't have anything to worry about. Why don't we head back to the house, I bet we could talk the girls into making us some hot chocolate."

"Oh your on, I'll even race you to the house." Stacey said as she took off in a run. Once at the house the two walked in laughing, and were greeted by two unsmiling faces.

"What's wrong?" Mike was the first to ask as he looked at Kendra.

"Well, someone needs to go to the airport and pick mom up. Seems she decided to fly in early and not tell anyone until she got here. She just called. Said she didn't want to take a chance on the storm hitting tomorrow and grounding her flight. Why the woman couldn't have called before she left is beyond me. God she makes me so mad at times."

"Well Speedy, looks like you're going to have to face your issues sooner than later." Mike said.

"Yeah looks that way." Stacey said quietly. Taking her arm, Lauren looked at Stacey and asked,

"What issues? What's he talking about Stacey?"

"Well, um..." Stacey started "can we go upstairs?"

"Yeah, sure. Kendra...I'll see you when you get back with mom. I'll start dinner too."

"Okay sounds great, there's a roast in the fridge that I was going to cook, we shouldn't be gone to long, but with mom you can never tell." With that said Kendra grabbed her coat and she and Mike were out the door. Stacey headed for the staircase, "Since they are gone, we can talk down here don't you think." Lauren stated, as she walked to the sofa.

"Want to tell me what 'issues' you have?"

Stacey took a deep breath as she thought 'Okay now she is on the defensive and this is going to be fun..' "I know you're thinking its something bad but really it isn' least I don't think it is. It's just that I'm afraid of meeting your mom and causing trouble for you. She expects one thing from you and my being here is telling her that what she wants isn't going to be. That is going to cause problems."

"Maybe, but don't you think we should face it and deal with it together? Stacey, mom will come around you have to trust me."

"I do trust you, its just..."

"Just what? Maybe it won't be easy, but it will be worth it don't you think?" Stacey looked deep into Laurens eyes knew what she was saying was true. No matter what Lauren's mom said or thought, she loved her and Stacey knew without a doubt that Lauren would fight for their love. It was only right that she fight too, so she swallowed her fears and said to the woman in front of her, "Okay, I'm going to meet your mom, and she is going to love me and if she doesn't who cares right. As long as you love me that's all that matters, right."

"Exactly, so please stop worrying about my mom. She smells fear and thrives on it." Lauren said as she laughed. Stacey threw her arms around Lauren and marveled at just how much she love the woman, and everything about her.


THE END (for now)?

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