Family Ties

By Amanda Calkins

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Braham’s Lullaby-Celine Dion

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)-Celine Dion

Goodbye’s The Saddest Word-Celine Dion

From My First Moment-Charlotte Church

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Niall’s heard a scream as he walked in the door. It was the 25th of June and quite late in the evening. He had been out getting some things that Genevieve wanted. Her cravings were constant and without Demitria around for these past two months because she was on the road, Nialls had done all he could for the young girl. Demitria had promised to be back one week from this day because that was Genevieve’s due date, she promised to be there for the birth. Nialls ran up stairs and straight to Genevieve’s side. She was sweating profusely and crying. He could hear her mumbled words as she tried to sooth the aching in her stomach. "Not yet baby, please not yet, mama’s not here yet, please wait."

Nialls knelt down next to the woman who was laying on the floor after an obvious fall. "Miss Genevieve don’t move I will call for an ambulance. You’re gong to be ok."

"Nialls I need Demi. Please call her first, I can wait a few moments, my water hasn’t broken yet just having contractions."

"Miss I really should call an ambulance."

"Damn it I don’t care, call my wife right now! No, wait, she should be on stage right now, call Donald her manager."

"Alright Miss." He looked into the angry frightened eyes of Genevieve and knew she needed to know Demitria was on her way.

Genevieve lay on the ground trying to do the breathing she had learned but she was finding it hard to breath through the contractions that were now steadying out and were in ten minute intervals.

"Donald said Demitria is in the middle of a song but the moment she’s done she’ll know. The ambulance is on the way. Do you think we could get you down the stairs and into the den?"

"You can try, I don’t know how much help I’ll be."

"We’ll wait until after your next contraction and see if we can get you down there between them. Ok?"


Genevieve tried not to scream as another contraction ripped through her body. She was squeezing a towel, Nialls had been too afraid she would break his hands. After all this was the woman who could get Demitria to scream during an orgasm. He hadn’t ever heard Demitria scream until he stayed too long one night.

Nialls practically lifted her as he set her unsteadily on her feet. The two of them headed down stairs carefully and slowly, Nialls holding most of Genevieve’s weight, she was still light even after gaining 16 lbs with her baby. He laid her on the couch in the den and waited patiently for the ambulance to arrive.

Meanwhile in Dallas, TX Demitria was singing to a sold out crowd. She finished up with the song she was singing and put the microphone to her mouth and was about to speak to the crowd when she heard Donald’s voice in her ear phone. "Demitria, don’t freak out but Genevieve just went into labor."

"WHAT??!!" People cried out in protest for their precious ears as Demitria screamed into the mike. She stood there stock still until Donald could prod her into saying something. Stunned she stood there for three minutes before she could speak, "My wife is in labor?"

The crowd broke out in loud applause. She didn’t realize what they were applauding for until she saw the mike was at her face. Getting herself together she smiled at the cheering crowd and put her hand up. "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for the kind applause. I have just been informed that Genevieve has gone into labor, so I am going to have to cut this night short. I am very sorry. I think my wife needs me just a little bit more right now wouldn’t you say?"

The crowd cheered their agreement as Demitria ran off stage and straight into her bus. Donald intercepted the frenzied woman and put his hands on her shoulder. "Cabs on the way, plane ticket for one to Nashville is secure, you leave in an hour."

She hugged him gratefully and got a bag ready for an overnight stay at the hospital. When the cab arrived she jumped in. He had already gotten his instructions and had already been paid. He rushed her to the airport speeding the whole way. When she got there she ran through the airport checks quickly and straight to her terminal. An announcer announced that they were loading first class passengers so she got on and settled back in her seat. The ride wouldn’t be a long one.

Once she got to Nashville Nialls was standing there in her terminal waiting for her. She ran up to him giving him a hug and ran to baggage check without a word. They grabbed her bag and ran out to the limo. She slid in the front seat after being stopped by a few fans. She had excused herself from them saying she had to get to her wife who was having a baby. She had left them with good wishes and good luck for a healthy baby.

As they drove to the hospital Nialls filled Demitria in on all that had happened. "I had stepped out to get Miss Genevieve some mint ice cream, you know how she has been craving that. When I walked back in the house I heard a scream and a thunk. She fell on the floor but not to worry she is just fine. She made me call you first by the way. I called the hospital and we got her down stairs to wait for the ambulance. While we waited I called her mother who has been staying at the hotel nights since she refuses to put you out." They both gave a knowing smirk, more like she didn’t want the girls to hear her and her new love interest. "Her mother is with her now. She really wants you and as of five minutes before you got here she was seven centimeters."

"Thanks Nialls, is she mad at me."

"Yes, and well she should be, you should not have left her in these last two months. Really Demitria where is your head. You should have made them put off the tour until after the baby was born." He glanced over at the forlorn look on Demitria’s face. He smiled warmly. "She told me to scold you so she wouldn’t have to. She wants no unhappiness between you two when you go in that room."

She smiled at him as they arrived at the hospital "Lovely, the media knows." Demitria got out and shoved her way through the crowd in front of the hospital and ran in. She was escorted into the room Genevieve was in. She stopped at the door. She hadn’t realized just how nervous she was right at that moment. She wanted to see Genevieve and be there for her right now but she was scared. Genevieve’s mom walked out moments later and pushed her in giving her words of comfort.

Genevieve was laying on a bed breathing hard and sweating after an extremely hard contraction. "Mmm Demitria, where are you?"

"I’m right here."

Genevieve looked up startled. "Oh god Demi you’re here. I have been so worried about you."

"I left as soon as I could, how are you doing?"

"Nine centimeters. Right on time. I’m doing good all things considering. I was so afraid you weren’t going to make it." Demitria leaned down and kissed Genevieve. She leaned over to whisper in her ear, not wanting to share their personal moment with the nurses and she started to sing.

If I had to run

If I had to crawl

If I had to swim a hundred rivers

Just to climb a thousand walls

Always know that I would find a way

To get to where you are

There’s no place that far

Genevieve smiled as a contraction hit her unexpectedly. She screamed out but got it under control after Demitria took a hold of her and started massaging her stomach. The nurse checked and called the doctor, telling the two women to prepare because Genevieve was ten centimeters. The doctor walked in moments later. Demitria had taken up position half reclining behind Genevieve. She had taken a hold of Genevieve’s hands ready to assist in any way needed. Doctor King took up position in front of Genevieve. She knew of the technique they would be using. Usually the spouse wasn’t aloud to sit behind the mother but who was going to deny Demitria and Genevieve Daniels anything?

As Genevieve’s next contraction started both Genevieve and Demitria pushed. For the next hour the two women pushed until a small baby girl decided to join them. The doctor held her up as the two crying mothers looked on. Another small push and the placenta came out. The baby was cleaned and handed to her mothers. Genevieve took the baby in her arms. Demitria wrapped her long arms around both mother and child and watched in aw as the baby started to drink her mother’s milk. Demitria whispered in her sleepy wife’s ear, "what should we name her?"

"I’ve been thinking of a name. Destiny Michaela Daniels. What do you think?"

Demitria blinked back tears. She had been thinking of the same name for the past two months but didn’t know if her wife would go for the name. "I absolutely love it." She looked down in to the face of the new born baby girl. "Hello Destiny, its nice to finally meet you." She smiled as she watched the young baby suck at her mothers breast hungrily. Unbidden thoughts came to her mind of her doing the same thing. She blushed as she realized where her thoughts had turned. She had been away from Genevieve two months and already she was finding it hard not to notice how sexy her wife was.

Genevieve fell asleep in Demitria’s arms so she held the baby as she finished her meal. She tied Genevieve’s shirt back up when a nurse came in. "I’m just going to take this little one to the nursery. She needs a check up a bath and a diaper. I’ll bring her into the recovery room in a couple of hours. Demitria watched longingly as the nurse took her baby. She hadn’t wanted to give the baby up so soon.

A couple of hours later Genevieve was sitting up in bed filling out the birth certificate with Demitria when the nurse rolled in with her baby. She finished quickly and handed the certificate over to the doctor who was standing patiently by. "Thank you Dr. King, you have been so good to us."

The doctor smiled and put her hand on Genevieve’s shoulder, "Anytime, hon. If you decide to have any more children. I would love to be your doctor. You two have been my best patients." She went over to take one last look at the baby and left.

Demitria carefully picked up the sleeping infant and sat down on the bed next to Genevieve. She looked up at Genevieve, her eyes glistening with tears. "Genevieve, look what we did, what you did, I am so proud of you." She broke down as she cradled the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. She had green eyes and a button nose like Genevieve but something neither woman had expected was the little girls black hair that matched Demitria’s. They had gotten the sperm from a friend of Genevieve’s in Texas. He was gay and had decided not to have children. He decided to give his sperm to his best friend so she could have a child of her own.

The baby started to fuss and Demitria and Genevieve both looked at each other not quite knowing what to do. Genevieve started laughing and took the baby from Demitria and putting her to her breast. The baby sucked hungrily. "Don’t be afraid Demi, we will get this right. We are gonna be good parents."

Demitria looked up at her, unsure of how to be a mother. "Are you sure?"

"I’m positive."

Demitria watched as Destiny suckled at her mothers breast. She was in total aw of the little human her and her wife had just created. Genevieve lifted the full baby to her shoulder and burped her. The baby let out a couple of small burps and looked happily at her new mothers. Genevieve’s mother walked in and watched as the two women watched their new baby’s every move.

"Ah, young mothers."

Both women looked up at Genevieve’s mother and smiled. Genevieve started to cry, "Mama, we made a baby, and she is so beautiful."

Diane came over to the side of the bed and looked down on the baby. "She is a gorgeous baby, may I hold her?"

Genevieve looked a little warily at her mother until Demitria took the baby from her and set it in her mother’s arms. She looked back at Genevieve’s forlorn look, "Honey, you can’t hold her forever. Your mother only wants to hold her grand-daughter for a moment."

"What’s her name girls?"

"Destiny Michaela. Genevieve thought it up. To tell you the truth so did I." Genevieve looked at Demitria, she raised one eyebrow in question. "For these past two months that name has been going over and over in my head. I never told you because I didn’t know how you would like it, to tell the truth I was afraid you’d hate it." Demitria blushed.

Genevieve reached out her hand and caressed Demitria’s face lovingly, "I could never hate any idea or thought that you have. Don’t be afraid to talk to me Demi, that’s how relationships go down the drain. I’m planning on being with you for the rest of my life, so you better talk to me."

Demitria smiled as she was handed a now sleeping baby girl. "Well ladies, I have to leave. Its three am and well past visiting hours. Demitria the doctor told me to tell you, you can stay all night tonight but not tomorrow night. You can come get Miss Genevieve here day after tomorrow, in the morning."

"Why is she staying until day after tomorrow?"

"Something came up when she was giving birth, they want to make sure both her and the baby are alright, I don’t know what, doctor patient privilege you know. She told me to tell you not to worry, its not a big deal. She’ll be in to talk to you both tomorrow morning." Genevieve’s mother said her good byes and left the girls to their own devices.

The baby started to fuss as Demitria sat down in the leather chair beside the bed. Genevieve looked over at Demitria and smiled. "Why don’t you sing us both to sleep? I am really tired and I’m sure that little one is really tired too."

Lullaby and good night

In the sky stars are bright

Around your head flowers gay

Set your slumbers till day

Lullaby and good night

In the sky stars are bright

Around your head flowers gay

Set your slumbers till day

Close your eyes now and rest

May these hours be blessed

Close your eyes now and rest

May these hours be blessed

Bonne nuit cher enfant

Dans tes langes blanches

Repose joyeux en revant des cieux

Quand le jour reviendra

Tu te reveilleras

Quand le jour reviendra

Tu te reveilleras

Lullaby and good night

In the sky stars are bright

Around your head flowers gay

Set your slumbers till day

They baby slept quietly in one mother’s arms while the other slept quietly on the bed. She smiled at both and slipped the baby into her carriage so she could be taken by the nurse who had been standing by the door listening to the soft lullaby.

The nurse slipped in, small tears slipping down her face. She whispered, "That was so beautiful. I feel bad taking her. If she wakes for food I’ll bring her back but other than that the nurses will take care of her. She’ll be back when she wakes for the day in about three or four hours, try to get some rest."

Demitria smiled gratefully and slipped in the chair, a few minutes later just as Demitria was about to slip into sleep the nurse came back in with an extra blanket and pillow. Demitria didn’t move, she had just found a comfortable spot so she decided to let the nurse think she was sleeping. She figured the nurse would leave the pillow and blanket on a near by chair, but the nurse covered her in the blanket, and put the pillow beside her incase she woke. The nurse then slipped back out again.

Demitria was awoken the next morning by the soft cooing of mother and child. "Gen? What time is it?"

"It’s almost noon dear, you were a sleepy baby last night." Genevieve smiled at Demitria as she tried to fight the sleep that was more than willing to take her again, "just sleep Demi, the doctor said she will come in this afternoon to talk to you. She already talked to me."

Demitria got a worried look on her face, remembering that Genevieve had to stay all day to be monitored. "Baby sleep, I’m fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the baby and I am going to be fine."

"I can’t sleep now, I’m too worried."

"I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to worry you, really we’re fine." Genevieve smiled at Demitria’s questioning look. "Her shoulders were a bit larger than I could take and I have a small rip in my birth canal. They are just monitoring me for infection. Don’t worry honey."

Demitria crawled in bed with Genevieve and gave her a loving hug. She played with the baby with Genevieve loving the complete feeling she had. At one o’clock Dr. King came in to talk to Demitria, telling her what Genevieve had told her. At three Diane showed up with a guest no one really wanted to see, Maureen.

"Now look who I found over at your house demanding to know where the two of you were. I went over to see how Nialls was doing and to tell him about your little one. He is very happy by the way and he is coming by later to see you two and your little bundle of joy." The two girls smiled at Diane and welcomed her. Diane came over and took possession of the baby that had just gotten done feeding.

Maureen looked carefully at the baby as if sizing her up when Diane offered Destiny to her. She looked over at Genevieve and Demitria, Demitria glared but Genevieve gave her an encouraging smile. Maureen took the small baby into her arms and just stared, she was unsure of herself. "What is her name?"

"Destiny Michaela," Demitria said with an edge of warning in her voice.

Maureen looked over at her daughter and looked back down in shame. Diane had given her a long talk on the way to the hospital about her behavior towards Demitria and Genevieve. Maureen hadn’t even wanted to come, you could say she was kidnaped. Diane had let her know exactly how she felt about the treatment her daughter and daughter in-law were getting. Diane knew Maureen wouldn’t change over night but she had seen a slight change in Maureen when she was told if she didn’t shape up she may never see her new grand-daughter. "It’s nice, its really a beautiful name."

"Thank you mother," Demitria said in a tight voice.

"Thanks Maureen," Genevieve said with a gentle smile on her face. Hey if Maureen wanted to work on being nicer, she would be more than happy to do the same, now she just needed to work on Demitria.

Maureen came over to where Demitria sat on Genevieve’s bed and handed the small bundle to her daughter. "She is such a beautiful baby. I am very proud of you, of the both of you." She gave them a tentative smile in hopes that her peace offering would be well accepted.

Demitria looked up at her mother and saw that she was trying. Over the past year and a half since Genevieve had come back in her life her mother had caused more hell than normal for both of them. Something had changed in her since the last time they talked. The little girl inside of Demitria decided that if her mother wanted to love her, she was more than willing to accept it. Demitria smiled at her mother and offered up a thanks. Genevieve did the same as she watched Demitria hold the squirming bundle. Demitria could see Genevieve eyeing the baby and realized that the mother child bond was very strong and getting this mother to part with her baby for more than five minutes was going to be a feet.

Demitria put the baby back in Genevieve’s arms and scooted behind her so she could hold both mother and child.

Diane smiled at the trio and grabbed Maureen’s hand, "Well ladies we will leave you to it. Be good, Roger and I will meet you at the house tomorrow when you get home from the hospital. He wants to see this little baby of yours." Roger was Diane’s new love interest. Genevieve’s father had been a one night stand and since getting pregnant Diane had stayed away from men, feeling abandoned and unloved. Roger had fortunately unlocked her heart, Genevieve was very grateful to him.

"Bye,"Demitria said, never looking up from the small child who was shaking her fists excitedly.

"Bye mom, Maureen."

The two mothers left and went out into the hall. "See Maureen that wasn’t so hard. I know this relationship of theirs is hard for you to accept, but your going to have to learn to accept it. They are so very much in love." Diane shot a loving glance at the closed door then looked back to Maureen, "I saw the look of a little girl wanting to be loved in Demitria. She wants her mother to love her so very desperately, I can already see her trying to forgive and forget everything, if only you treat her and Genevieve and now most importantly Destiny well."

"I don’t like their relationship, it just doesn’t seem natural. I should have learned a long time ago that it didn’t matter what I thought, I can’t make my daughter something she’s not. I shouldn’t have even tried. Maybe if I had just accepted her in the first place we would be so much closer and she wouldn’t have been so defensive." Maureen broke down crying. "I don’t want to lose her, or my grand-daughter, and to tell you the truth, I don’t want to lose Genevieve. She is so sweet, I don’t know how I thought all of those awful things about her before."

Diane put her arm around Maureen and led her back to the car. "As long as you try, you will get the relationship with your daughter that you want. Trust me."

Meanwhile, back in the room the girls were discussing the change in Maureen. "Demitria, I think my mother did this to her. My mother is very persuasive." Genevieve grinned as she remembered walking in on Diane with Demitria’s ear in her hand, telling her she better be back for the birth of her child if she wanted to live. Demitria had just told Diane she was doing a quick two month tour before the birth of the baby.

Demitria scowled and rubbed her ear, "Yeah she knows how to get your attention." They both smiled as the baby cooed at them.

The next day Nialls pulled up in the limo as Genevieve was wheeled out of the hospital with her baby in her arms and Demitria with a strong hand on her shoulder. Reporters had gathered around the parking lot. They were being held away from the limo so mothers and child could get in quickly and safely. As cameras flashed and reporters shouted questions the two women and the young child got in the car and left.

When they got back to the house Genevieve led the way up stairs to the room right next to Demitria’s and her’s. "Demi, I did a little redecorating while you were away. I made us a little nursery. Well a big nursery." Genevieve smiled as she set the car seat that still held the baby on the changing table. She lifted the baby out as Demitria came over and moved the car seat so the fussy baby could have a diaper change.

Demitria walked back up behind her wife and slid her arms around her waist, "You did an excellent job. This nursery is absolutely beautiful."

The nursery’s main color theme had been green. On the walls were painted very soft grassy knolls, the over head light had been dimmed and a sun cover had been put over it. The soft green crib lay in the middle of the room with little lambs munching on the green sheets and bar pad. Everything had soft colors in it, nothing harsh on the eyes. Genevieve set her baby in a mosses basket and tucked her in tightly so she could sleep in peace. She lifted the mosses basket and followed her wife into their own room. "I’m not ready to let her be on her own yet, even though she’s sleeping and there are baby monitors in every room in the house." The two women laughed as Genevieve put the mosses basket in a small crib at the edge of the bed with the same theme as the nursery.

"I was just thinking we might need a crib in here for when she’s sick, or her mother can’t bare to put her down for the night." Demitria smiled warmly at her wife who was snuggled in her arms in a big arm chair in their room.

"After I got the nursery done I kept going in their and coming back in here, back and forth. I couldn’t bare to leave her in there all alone, every time I went in that room and came back in here I got sadder, so I put a crib in here, just in case," she smiled up at Demitria who chuckled low in her chest so that Genevieve could feel it against her face.

Demitria snuggled her closer and her voice noticeably dropped, "How long until you and I can be together?"

Genevieve looked up at her uncertain of how her news would be taken, "four weeks, but before you go off on a tirade, your daughter is asleep and you remember that cut, well its harder for wounds to heal down there, so I need my time." She looked pleadingly into her wife’s eyes.

Demitria gave her a small squeeze and looked back down at Genevieve, "You take all the time you need to heal. All I need is you and Destiny right here. Making love is just a wonderfully added bonus." Demitria lowered her head and covered Genevieve’s mouth with her own. "I love you, completely and truly."

"Mmm, I love you too Demi."

Over the next couple of weeks the two new mothers got to know their little bundle of joy. They were finding that she was a joy to have with them, and though Genevieve found it hard to leave her, Demitria convinced Genevieve to leave the baby in her own room every once in a while. By the time the baby was two months old they had all settled into a very happy routine.

Demitria still toured, but she chartered her own plane so that she could be home every night, and she would only do shows two nights a week. Genevieve stayed at home with the baby, she was more than happy to spend every waking, and sleeping moment for that matter, with her young child. Demitria went back into the studio to record another CD, so she was working Monday through Thursday and did concert dates on Friday and Saturday.

One Saturday night in September Demitria came home and went straight up to her room, she expected to go straight to sleep cuddling with her wife like she had been doing for almost three months. She really didn’t mind that they didn’t make love so that Genevieve could heal, but she got so turned on by her wife at times that she couldn’t stand after one simple kiss.

Truth be told, Genevieve had been well for quite some time and could make love, but she was afraid, afraid she would get hurt, and then Demitria would feel it was her fault. Genevieve didn’t want that to happen so she had waited even longer than necessary. Demitria had been very patient, always following Genevieve’s lead, never pushing even the tiniest bit, even when Genevieve saw how aroused she was. There were times when Demitria would get up to go to the bathroom and wouldn’t be back for five to ten minutes.

When Demitria walked into her room it was completely dark. Every night she came home after a concert the baby was in the crib at the foot of the bed and Genevieve was either reading or already in bed. When she opened the door and the hall light was spread over the crib and bed, there was no one to be found. Little did Demitria know that there were two eyes watching her from the other side of the room.

Demitria closed the door softly and walked next door to the nursery. Genevieve sometimes fell asleep holding Destiny in the rocking chair, but when she opened the door and the rocking chair was illuminated there was no one there. Demitria walked over to the crib hearing some movement. It was Destiny, sound asleep and quite unaware of her mother’s distress at not being able to find her wife. Demitria leaned down and kissed the small baby before leaving to go back to her room.

When she entered her room she flipped on the light and was startled to find her wife sitting in the arm chair, clad in red and black lacy panties and bra. Her arms resting on the arms of the chair, her legs crossed. She looked deep into her wife’s eyes and raised one perfect blonde eyebrow. "Good evening Demitria."

Demitria’s mouth dropped open at the sultry deep sound of her lover’s voice. "Genevieve?"

"Last time I checked." She gave Demitria a saucy look. "Honey you are wearing way too much, why don’t you take all that off and come over and give your wife a proper welcome."

Demitria walked over to her wife as if in a trance. With each step another piece of clothing landed on the floor. By the time she was kneeling at Genevieve’s feet she was stark naked. Genevieve uncrossed her legs and spread them wide as Demitria scooted up closer to her. Genevieve took Demitria’s chin into her hand and lowered her mouth to that of her wife’s. After just one touch the animal instincts inside of both women took over. Genevieve wrapped her hands in her lover’s long black hair pulling closer while Demitria grabbed her hips and pulled them into her own.

Genevieve wrapped her legs around Demitria as she lifted her from the chair and carried her over to their bed. She crawled to the middle of the bed, Genevieve hanging on so tight her back barely touched the blankets. They never broke their steamy kiss until Genevieve was settled onto the bed and Demitria was settled on top of her.

Demitria began to lightly thrust her hips into Genevieve’s as they exchanged steamy kiss after steamy kiss. Demitria moved lower, licking and sucking at Genevieve’s sensitive neck. She bit into an extremely sensitive point and Genevieve cried out.

Demitria immediately looked up and her wife, who was having a hard time breathing. "Did I hurt you? I know you were still trying to heal, I don’t want to hurt you in any way." Demitria was on the verge of crying when Genevieve smiled at her.

"Honey don’t you know the difference between pleasure and pain? That felt extremely good. Baby don’t worry about me, if you hurt me I promise I will let you know. I am positive that nothing you could do could possibly hurt me." She smiled at Demitria’s sheepish look. "I am not fragile, hurt me baby, I want ya!" Both girls laughed, relieving the tension in the room.

Demitria looked at Genevieve through her dark lashes, "I think I ruined the moment,"she blushed feeling like a man who had just gone soft.

Genevieve smiled and put her hands behind Demitria’s neck and pulled her down within inches of her face. "Let me help you with that, I bet we could recapture it," she said in a lusty whisper before pulling Demitria down for a long kiss. Their tongues teeth and lips battled for power as the kiss progressed. Finally Genevieve won flipping Demitria on to her back and ending the kiss with an audible pop. Talk about sucking face, she thought before Demitria took hold of her breasts. She moaned as the woman expertly fondled both nipples to a hard erection through the bra. Demitria slid her hands behind Genevieve’s back and undid the clasp on her bra, looking deeply into dark green eyes glazed over with lust. Genevieve sat up on Demitria’s stomach as Demitria flung her bra to the other side of the room and filled her hands with two large round breasts.

"Oh god baby, don’t stop," Genevieve panted out. Her voice strained with passion. Demitria grabbed her under her arms and pulled her down into a mind blowing kiss rolling them back into the middle of the bed.

"I think you, my adorable wife, are the one who is now wearing too much." Demitria kissed her lips as her hands moved down to Genevieve’s hips, lets remedy that."

Genevieve lifted her hips as her wife slid down to take her panties off. As the panties landed across the room Demitria crawled back up her wife’s body but only far enough to take a perfect nipple into her mouth. Genevieve arched up thrusting her breast into her wife’s mouth. Genevieve’s hands ran through Demitria’s hair putting a little pressure on her head. She loved it when Demitria tried to take her whole breast into her steamy mouth.

Demitria’s hands began wandering lower until she found two very widespread thighs. Genevieve moaned as she gave a mighty thrust upwards trying to get Demitria’s hands to between them, instead of caressing them. While that felt extremely good, she needed more. Instead of just giving hints she decided Demitria was being a little too thick right now. "Demitria, I need you baby, fuck me."

"Such a mouth with the baby in the next room."

"God baby just do it." She felt soft fingers caressing her lips and dipping into her white hot heat. Both women sucked in a breath as Demitria came in contact to a very hot slippery liquid and velvet skin. Demitria’s fingers circled Genevieve’s clit before running over it once. Genevieve cried out thrusting herself into Demitria’s hand. One of Demitria’s fingers circled her entrance before thrusting into her. "Oh god Demitria you feel so good." Demetria thrust into her time after time adding pressure to Genevieve’s clit with her thumb. Genevieve kept running her hands through Demitria’s hair as the two of them looked deeply into each other’s eyes while they made love.

"Please baby more," Genevieve said pulling Demitria’s head up to meet her own in a fiery kiss. Demitria thrust into her with another finger and then third. She watched her wife for a bad reaction but saw only bliss on her face. She thrust faster as her wife’s panting got faster, they locked eyes one last time before Genevieve fell over the edge of ecstacy. She screamed out Demitria’s name along with a lot of "I love you’s" and dirty words that had Demitria dripping with anticipation.

Genevieve lay in Demitria’s arms kissing, trying to regain her strength after her mind blowing orgasm. She hadn’t felt anything like that in almost half a year. After all the two women had been apart for two months before the birth of their daughter and then the three months Genevieve took to heal.

She flipped Demitria on her back as that thought hit her, "We’ve got five months to make up for, and we haven’t even started. Get ready baby, tonight you are mine until that little one wakes up. She sleeps six hours at night, and she has only been sleeping one so far." Genevieve gave Demitria an evil grin before attacking her. The two women made love all night long and lay just kissing in the light of the dawn when they heard the first stirring of their little one.

They lay in bed a little while longer and listened to her coo at herself, they didn’t get up until the coos turned into whimpers. Genevieve sighed contentedly and got up. Demitria right behind her. They put on their robes and went into get their little one.

Destiny stopped whimpering as soon as her door opened. Demitria smiled as she flailed her arms to be picked up. Demitria picked her up and put her back down on her changing table and changed her dirty diaper. She handed her over to Genevieve who was already sitting in the rocking chair, having let her robe fall open so she could nurse her little one. "Its hard to believe I have to stop doing this soon. I feel like she is really part of me, and like she really needs me when we do this."

"You don’t have to stop for a while yet, there is no rule against it. I think you will both move away from it when you are ready."

"Yeah but I don’t want to be one of those weird mothers who is still breast feeding when her child is five."

"You won’t be baby, you’ll know when its time to quit."

Later that day the two women were sitting in the den playing with a very bouncy giggling baby. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, which turned into a constant banging. Demitria got up and closed the door and went out to see who it was, she put herself in between her family and whoever was at the door, Nialls had weekends off and so it was left to Demitria to answer the door. She looked fearfully through the peep hole and saw Diane standing on the other side. She quickly opened the door and ushered the woman in.

Diane fell into Demitria’s arms crying. "Oh Demi, I am so glad you are here, sorry I didn’t call before I came. I had to come over right away. Is Genevieve here?"

"Yes, Diane calm down, what is wrong?"

"Oh god, I’ll tell both of you at the same time, I can’t do it twice."

They both walked into the den, Genevieve had the baby in her arms and was standing in a dark corner of the room when her mother and Demitria walked in. When she saw Diane she smiled and walked back into the center of the room. She handed Destiny over to Demitria when she saw her mother crying. She took her mother into her arms and led her over to the couch.

"Mama? What’s wrong? What has happened?"

Demitria set the baby in her play pen and went to sit on the other side of Genevieve. "Diane, are you alright?"

"No girls, I’m not alright. I was just called into the doctors office, I had found three new lumps on my breasts, I hadn’t checked in quite a few years. Well he did some tests and when I went in today he told me I have breast cancer and its quite far along. He pretty much said I don’t have much chance of living, he’s given me six months. I don’t think I can do this." She broke down in her daughter’s arms. Demitria wrapped her long arms around both women as much as possible. They sat crying as Diane told them her options and pretty much how the rest of her life was going to be lived out.

After a couple of minutes of getting themselves back together Demitria decided to make an executive decision. "Diane, why don’t you move here to Nashville, you can stay in a guest room in the house, you don’t even have to be any where near us, you can be on the other side of the house. I think it would be best if you stayed with us. You can spend as much time as possible with your daughter and grand daughter, you don’t have any other family."

"I would love to but what about Roger? He doesn’t know yet, oh this is going to be so hard for him."

Genevieve looked back at her wife’s open expression before making her own decision, "He can stay here too if he wants to. You two don’t even have to share the same room. Mom I really want you here with me. Not alone in that small house of yours."

"Alright, I’ll move in. As long as you two promise it will be no bother."

"We promise," they both said in unison.

Over the next two weeks Diane moved in and convinced Roger that both girls wanted him there as well. As soon as Diane had told him she was sick, instead of turning tail and running he got closer to her.

On Christmas day the whole family was sitting around the Christmas tree. Genevieve, Demitria, Destiny, Maureen, Diane, Roger, Kitty, and Nialls were all there. Nialls, Kitty and Roger had no family so they had all been invited with open arms.

They had all opened presents and were now singing carols. Destiny was in Genevieve’s arms, half asleep, Genevieve was in Demitria’s arms, Roger and Diane were snuggled against each other and Maureen, Nialls and Kitty were all leaning against the couch. Their voices were quite and sweet as they went from song to song, someone calling out a new one as another ended.

"Happy Christmas, War Is Over," Genevieve suggested as they finished The First Noelle.

So this is Christmas

And what have you done

Another year over

A new one just begun

And so this is Christmas

I hope you have fun

The near and the dear ones

The old and the young

A very merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Lets hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

And so this is Christmas

For weak and for strong

The rich and the poor ones

The war is so long

And so happy Christmas

For black and for white

For yellow and red ones

Lets stop all the fights

A very merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Lets hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

And so this is Christmas

And what have we done

Another year over

A new one just begun

And so happy Christmas

We hope you have fun

The near and the dear ones

The old and the young

A very merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Lets hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

And so this is Christmas

And what have we done

Another year over

A new one just begun

"That was beautiful," Maureen said, "I don’t know about you all but I am so tired. I am going to go up to bed."

Everyone agreed and said their good nights. Everyone climbed the stair to find their own rooms. Genevieve went and put her now sleeping baby in her crib. Everyone had agreed to stay at the house that night, so there was a full house.

When Genevieve went in her own room she got undressed and slid naked into bed beside her wife. "Mmm, she is out like a light."

Demitria wrapped her arms around Genevieve and pulled close placing a loving kiss on her lips. "Honey, I’m worried about your mother."

"I know, so am I."

"You know Roger proposed marriage, but she is afraid of leaving him and refuses to marry him only to die on him."

"I know, she wants to marry him so much, she is so in love with him. I wish she would. She is fading so fast. The doctors give her a month, tops. She looks so frail and so very pail. Roger has to help her every where. He is always carrying her or he has his arms around her supporting her. She can barely move. I am so scared Demitria." Genevieve broke down and started sobbing.

"Sh, sh sweetheart, you and I are going to get through this. Why don’t you talk to your mother about it tomorrow. I know she would love to marry that man. It would give her such a happy closer in her life. She needs this. He needs this. He is practically her husband, he loves her so much." Demitria looked down at her fragile wife, she saw the child inside Genevieve that didn’t want to lose her mother. She saw the scared little face she hadn’t seen since that horrible night when Genevieve was raped. She shivered as she tried to forget. "I’ll tell you what, we will both talk to her tomorrow."

Genevieve nodded and reached up to kiss Demitria. They fell asleep clinging to each other as if there wasn’t a breath between them.

The next day the two girls had sat Diane down and had convinced her to follow her heart and to marry Roger. They planned the ceremony quickly, it was on Saturday, January 12th. The whole bunch of them that had been there for Christmas were there. Diane had to be wheeled down the aisle in a wheelchair but Roger was heard saying that he hadn’t seen a more beautiful bride. Genevieve and Demitria gave Diane away to her first and only husband.

The next morning Genevieve, Demitria and Destiny were playing on the floor of the nursery when Nialls walked looking grave, "Phone for you Gen." Using a nick name he only used during a personal time he handed the phone to Genevieve who was immediately engulfed in a hug from her wife.


"Genevieve this is Roger, your mom, she passed away last night in her sleep. I am so sorry kiddo. I just want you to know that her last moments were very happy."

"Thank you Roger, hurry home." Genevieve hung up the phone and just started shaking. She couldn’t even cry. She just sat there rocking in Demitria’s arms. She watched her daughter coo and play on the baby blanket laid out for her to sit on. "She’s gone." Those words were all she needed and the dam broke. She broke down and sobbed in Demitria’s arms. She felt a wetness on the top of her head and looked up to see tears running silently down Demtiria’s face. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Demitria. They were both on their knees squeezing each other until they couldn’t breath. "I can’t believe she’s gone, I new this was going to happen, but I was never ready."

"There was no way for either of us to be ready."

The two women spent the rest of the day together with Destiny, never leaving each other’s side. Everything that was to happen that week was cancelled as a funeral was planned for Tuesday. On Tuesday everyone was once again gathered in a little church mourning for the loss of such a beautiful woman.

During the ceremony Genevieve went up to the front to sing a song that she had written, with some help from Demitria, for her mother after they had found out she had cancer.

Mama, you gave life to me

Turned a baby into a lady

And mama, all you had to offer

Was a promise of a life time of love

Now I know there is no other

Love like a mother’s love for her child

Genevieve stopped singing and just looked at Demitria with a forlorn look on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks. Demitria got up and helped her finish the song.

And I know a love so complete

Someday must leave must say good bye

Goodbye’s the saddest word I’ll ever hear

Goodbye’s the last time I will hold you near

Someday you’ll say that word and I will cry

It’ll break my heart to hear you say goodbye

Mama, you gave love to me

Turned a young one into a woman

And mama, all I ever needed

Was a guarantee of you loving me

I cause I know there is no other

Love like a mother’s love for her child

And it hurts so that something so strong

Someday will be gone must say goodbye

Goodbye’s the saddest word I’ll ever hear

Goodbye’s the last time I will hold you near

Someday you’ll say that word and I will cry

It’ll break my heart to hear you say goodbye

All the love you give will always be there

You’ll always be there every time I call

You are to me the greatest love of all

You take my weakness and you make me strong

And I will always love you until forever’s gone

And when you need me I’ll be there for you always

I’ll be there your whole life through

I’ll be there this I promise you mama

I’ll be your beacon through the darkest night

I’ll be the wings that guide your broken flight

I’ll be your shelter through the raging storm

And I will love you till forever comes

Goodbye’s the saddest word I’ll ever hear

Goodbye’s the last time I will hold you near

Someday you’ll say the that word and I will cry

It’ll break my heart to hear you say goodbye

Till we meet again until then goodbye

After the funeral was over everyone headed over to Demitria and Genevieve’s house for a small get together. Everyone had stories to tell about Diane. Maureen even told the story of her kidnaping the day Destiny was born. How Diane had forced her to see the light. She had been very thankful to Diane for that. Diane had touched each of them in turn. The only one not talking was Genevieve. She went to put Destiny to bed when she started to fuss and didn’t come back down. After about half an hour Demitria went upstairs to find her wife. She walked in the nursery but the baby was all alone sleeping peacefully.

Demitria walked over to the infant and ran the back of her hand lightly over a rosy cheek, "I wish you could have known your grandmother your whole life through. She loved you so much." Demitria walked back out of the room and into her own where she found Genevieve sitting in the window seat with the curtains drawn so she was out of sight. Demitria wouldn’t have known she was there if it wasn’t for the light sniffling and the soft song she was singing.

From my first moment you gave me wings Let me fly and believed in my dreams From that first moment you cherished me so The journey through life would be hard with out you You gave me all I have and all I know From my first moment you would be there In your arms lay the strength I now bear From that first moment each day I have you As seasons they change but your heart stays the same You gave me all I have and all I know From my first moment as time goes by Witness endlessly through open skies The journey though life would be hard with out you You gave me all I have and all I know

Demitria crawled into the window seat with her and just held her hand.

The next five months were hard on everyone. One plus was that Genevieve had started writing music and had put out an album of her own. She also had three duets with her wife that were on both her album and her wife’s new one. Her first song, Goodbye, which she had written for her mother, had debuted at number one and stayed there for three weeks. It had debuted in the last week of April and was still in the top ten. Demitria and Genevieve had packed up, bought a bigger bus and hit the road doing a soul mates tour. They had just started touring in the beginning of June.

Today was their daughter’s first birthday and they were celebrating it with shared memories of the past year. The good and bad, they cried a little and laughed a little. All in all it was a good day. Destiny had finally decided to utter her first word, long awaited from her frustrated parents.

The two women were trying to do a sound check for a concert they had that night. They had walked away only for a second leaving their daughter under the ever watchful eye of Maureen. She traveled with them as a sort of baby sitter. The baby had held out her arms to her retreating parents and screamed so the whole auditorium of stage crew could hear, "MAMA!"

Both women had turned around and raced back to there daughter scooping her up and hugging and kissing her fiercely until she squealed in discomfort. She bounced up and down in Demitria’s arms screaming "MAMA!" at the top of her lungs until everyone was laughing at their little diva. All in all life was pretty good for this little family.

The End

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