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Sex/Language/Violence: Yes, No, No. There is love making*bg* between two consenting adult women. If you are too young or this is illegal where you live, bye, so long, farewell.

This is just a little short story on how good it is to be loved, I would like to thank all of my past loves*g* for the inspiration.

You Looked At Me

By Amanda Calkins

As I sit by the fire watching you sharpen your weapons, my parchment and quill forgotten, I think of how good it is, to be sitting here with you. Your black hair falls around your face as you concentrate on making your weapons perfect. Your blue eyes glow in the soft firelight. Your hands, so strong and yet so gentle work the stone over and over again. I could be blind and I would still see you, your intensity and love shines bright than your outward appearance. I feel you before I see you always. I know you'll be here any moment because I feel how close you are and I fell the safety that you provide.

I can feel my heart rate pick up as my mind travel past friendly thoughts. My eyes trace the length of your half covered neck. I can still see its long smooth skin through your hair. I know exactly where that pulse point is, I've felt it under my fingers and lips many times. I will never forget. Your breasts practically spilling out of that small shift. I blush when I think about ripping your last one to shreds last night in my fervor to get to you, now your wearing mine, I can't really complain. It looks good on you.

I skip over your tight stomach which I can't see but can picture perfectly in my mind. I go right to your legs for days. They look so soft, with just a little fat on them, but when you flex them you know that's not fat, but rock hard muscle. I feel a shiver run through my body at the thought of those legs wrapped around my shoulders as I drink your ambrosia. My eyes travel down to your feet and I think of all the times I have laid small butterfly kisses on each tiny toe as your wriggle your foot around, I'm the only who knows that your ticklish on your feet, after all, big tough warriors aren't ticklish.

I look up at your face again and I see you looking at me, your weapons set aside. An indulgent look is on your face as you look into my eyes. You know how much I love to look at you and you never get mad at my staring. Looking into your eyes is too much for me, I jump at you and rip the shift you have on off, another to use as rags, what do I care? I attack you with the intensity of my passion. I want you, all of you so much right now. You give in to every demand as you let me lead you in this dance tonight. I can feel you shivering and quivering under me. I know what you want and I am more than happy to give it all to you.

As I take you to new heights you scream out my name over and over again and I can barely breath as I climax with you. The deep timbre of your voice is enough to take me there and this night it flung me over the cliff in an intense array of emotion. I crawl up your body and lay down on your shoulder as you hold me too you. Your strong arms unmoving around my body. I know you need this feeling of closeness, of oneness with me. I am happy to know that you need it, because I need it to, I need you too, and I will for all time.

You are my love, my life, my warrior. I get up in the morning just so I can see your face. I walk beside you around the countryside because you are there. I breath because it will keep me alive a little bit longer so I can be with you. My soul mate.

I look up into your eyes and I see the love in them. 'I love you my Xena.'

'I love you my Gabrielle. Forever and for always.'

The End

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