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Loves Pyre



The fire was blazing tonight, not even tempered by the harsh chill in the air and the fresh scent which promised morning rain. Even so Amarice absently threw on another dry twig, feeding the flames in a hungry instant. With her boot she cautiously stirred the ashes which lay upon the cold ground around the edge of the fires base, away from the intense flames.

The young amazon sat close to the fire pit, warming her body. Her discarded armour lay near her sleeping roll along with her sword and daggers which were awaiting her attention, but right now she just didn’t feel like playing the disciplined warrior. She knew the consequences would mean Xena taking it out on her hide by the morning when the warrior princess would no doubt notice the blunted weapons and dull, unpolished metal.

But not tonight, and that was all the excuse Amarice needed.

So she curled up under the fur which draped her shoulders, though it barely covered the skin that was left exposed by the halter top and leather shorts she wore. Her tousled auburn hair had fallen to cover her face as she remained intent on the burning timbre before her and now she lightly brushed the spiralled locks from her eyes.

Drawing her gaze from the flames, the girl looked up at the darkening sky with feigned interest. There was perhaps less than a candle mark of light left before dusk would finally settle and the night could take its claim. Briefly she glanced towards Gabrielle to check her accuracy, noting the bard was now beginning to pack away her quill and scrolls into one of the saddlebags.

Amarice had no chance to turn back to the fire, distracted again as Xena wandered back to the clearing from grooming and feeding Argo. Her stride was marked like a wild cat, her body moving in a rhythm of its own which complimented the night, the fire and the wilderness surrounding them.

The flames were growing high, the fire rich and hungry for the night air. 'Looks like the fire's set to last all night,' came the softly spoken murmur from opposite Amarice. She glanced briefly at the blue-green eyes of Gabrielle, a gaze to which one could easily be lost, but the young amazon broke away from it quickly.

Refocusing her attention she found herself watching Xena as she removed her armour, somehow captivated by the warrior's movements. She tried to look away as she had done with Gabrielle but couldn't draw her sight back to the flames, instead enraptured by what they illuminated.

Xena finally sat beside Gabrielle across from their young companion. The firelight cast her profile in bronze and shadow, Amarice's eyes darkening to a deep mahogany to draw in the elder woman's rich colours. These were only complemented in the fire's touch by joining the warrior in the dark and light flickers with Gabrielle’s lithe form.

The shimmering heat from the nearby flames seemed to be caressing Xena’s bronzed skin, causing it to glisten with a light sheen of sweat. The heat also seemed to coax from Amarice the unbidden thoughts of longing that her touch could do the same to the dark woman's senses.

But in neither case was it the fire. The heat in her own soul was inflamed by Xena. And the heat which embraced the warrior came only from Gabrielle, it enveloped them both with an intensity which united their hearts and souls so nothing could divide them. Certainly not the foolish emotions of a girl.

As twilight neared the elder women settled into their bed rolls, beside each other as they always had since Amarice had travelled with them. Sometimes when the chill of morning broke the girl’s sleep she would wake to find Xena and Gabrielle wrapped around each other, the bard curled into the warrior’s embrace.

Amarice remained before the fire and watched as it slowly dimmed to a pale reflection of the early evenings blaze. Finally she allowed sleep to claim her along with the evenings darkness, leaving the young amazon content to be enfolded by the thick furs and wistful dreams.

As the rising sun kissed the early hours of morning, the few remaining embers that stirred within the cold ashes seemed somehow brighter and stronger than the raging fire of the night.

The End

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