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Only You



Candles had been set around the bathhouse in small clusters that cast shimmering patches of light in the warm darkness. The waters delicate heat was rising, blending with the candle flames and fragrance to make the moist air thick. The single bath in the room's centre was hidden in shadow and light, making the water appear a strong velvet blue; it's rich darkness deepened where the liquid wrapped itself around Xena's form, her muscles playing against the gentle currents her movements created. Whisps of steam rouse from her bronzed skin that occasionally broke the surface, lightly teasing the dense air and warm waters.

Though wallowing in her contentment, Xena did not miss the slight shift in the tranquillity of her surroundings when someone entered into the bathhouse from the door at the back of the room. She tasted the vanilla perfume moving through the already sweetly scented air, and the earthy fragrance of a woman's body which the familiar scent clung to. Soft footfalls were barely perceptible as were the movements of the rest of the body, all was graceful, sleek and touching upon silence.

A smile crept across the dark woman's lips then faded just as suddenly. Her mind however continued to reel with the possibilities. Let it happen, a sensuous voice whispered inside her, let her play her little games. With her heart stirring as well as her loins it was the only thing she could do. Giving in to the power of her own seduction and rising heat Xena closed her eyes and took a shuddering breath. She opened them again slowly, sinking deeper into the bath as the other woman approached her back.

Complete darkness enveloped Xena, as dusk seemed to fall before her eyes, leaving only a gentle yet penetrating black open to her gaze. The warrior felt hands upon her face but not the touch of flesh against flesh, as a wrap of silk was tied across her features.

The other woman's hands moved gracefully to the back of Xena's head, knotting the makeshift blindfold securely in place. Delicate fingertips brushed briefly across the nape of dark woman's neck, sending a teasing jolt of arousal through her entire body.

This was a game that was not going to be played by Xena's rules and at the insistence of such a touch, the warrior was willingly submitting to the other woman… this stranger.

"Who are you?" she asked, her resonant voice wavering with a touch of the desire which was coursing through her, crying out for release. The responding voice easily penetrated the silk that half covered Xena's ears and its sound carried with it the materials soft qualities. "Who do you want me to be?"

Hot breath caressed Xena's skin with the words though she could not tell how close her heavenly tormentor was until soft lips touched the tip of her ear. A tongue then delicately caressed the sensitive skin and was followed by the teasing nip of a tame bite . These briefest touches sent the warrior's heart racing but not nearly so much as did the soft growl the hidden woman whispered to her prey.

The agonising kiss moved downwards, slowly taking in the curve of Xena's neck, stroking the dark woman's raging pulse and the dip of her throat. Small, firm hands followed the same course, soon leaving their sister kiss lingering on the defined collar bone.

The stranger's touch trailed along smooth, moist skin until claiming Xena's breasts. Though firm they yielded to the other woman's touch as did Xena's entire body, becoming as softened as the baths silky waters. As Xena followed her drowning senses to be claimed by only the play of those hands her lips were captured in a kiss which brought her gasping to the surface.

Lips pressed upon lips only briefly before giving way to exploring, hungry tongues. With mouths locked together in fierce and passionate battle, the power of lust which burned furiously within Xena was released. It was the only control she had allowed herself since the stranger had taken her into this sweet darkness. But she was losing it just as quickly, willingly giving in to the other woman, knowing how much more pleasure would come from complete surrender and that it would ultimately be the only way her hunger would be stated.

The dark woman's mind was submerged in an erotic haze. She could feel waves of warmth and wet heat surrounding her and could not be sure if it was from the water or from her. Xena was only certain that the hands continued to explore her body and touched through the damp flames to build new roiling fires of desire deep within her core. They seemed to know where to touch and tease; across the flat, toned muscles of her stomach, inside her thighs, trailing down powerful legs. The warrior responded with the same ease; muscles rippling at a feather light caress, her legs becoming weak at the touch, leaving Xena to be cradled only by the baths waters.

The sensations of Xena's body were building toward the clarity of zenith. With tender fingers now buried deep within her, Xena was aching for both fulfilment and release. The other woman was stroking the flesh, longing, rapture and devotion of the dark women with a grace and power that was stealing the breath from Xena's lips in ragged gasps. The warriors cries were uniting with the deep moans of her mistress but they were lost to Xena in the final blinding moment of sheer heat and icy ecstasy.

Depleted of all strength in both muscle and mind Xena was brought back from her carnal fulfilment by the soft grazing of fingertips brushing sweat soaked hair from her forehead; brought back only by the soothing touch of her lover.

Agile fingers worked to untie the knotted blindfold and as the silk fell away from Xena's eyes she felt a weak tremor flow through her body. With returning strength she pulled the other woman to her in an attempt to try to satisfy the hunger and need that the mere sight of this woman rose within her, knowing she never could.

All the dark warrior needed was this woman, she was all she dreamed and all she breathed.

"You," Xena whispered lightly against Gabrielle's ear in answer to all her questions. "I only ever want it to be you."



The End

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