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Many happy returns....

by Annaria


"Hm, yes, what is it Gabrielle". As the sun set, the two women were sitting by the riverside, watching the fish jump out of the water, making the smooth surface wrinkle. It was a hot after summer evening and they were heading for Amphipolis as it was going to be a special day tomorrow. But for the night they made up their camp in the open air, so they didn't have to deal with strangers or unwanted questions. They liked their privacy, for more than one reason.

"You haven't forgotten, what day it is tomorrow, have you?" Gabrielle turned her head and looked at the warriors profile to judge Xena's reaction. The dark haired woman turned her head to look at the bards face.

"What do you mean,' what day it is tomorrow'?"

"Oh, come on Xena, you know what I mean. You haven't forgotten your own birthday, have you?" The bard looked up at Xena who was taking off her boots and clothes for what seemed like a quick dip in the water.

"Oh that! Well, I tried very hard not to remember and I almost succeeded, until now...!" The warrior gave Gabrielle a vicious look and slowly walked into the water. Gabrielle couldn't help staring at the beautiful, tall woman, who was now in her eight month of pregnancy. She had always thought the warrior princess was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, and her pregnancy made her even more beautiful. Her breasts had grown for the last four months and her belly had swollen to a soft but firm mount. For the last few weeks Gabrielle couldn't help herself thinking those strange thoughts of touching Xena and even making love to her. She had only felt those feelings before for Perdicas and right now these thoughts confused her. She and Xena knew each other for about two years now, and she had never felt any desire for the woman, only friendship. But these emotions seemed to have changed over the last few months. Sometimes in the middle of the night she would wake up, breathing heavily, embarrassed by what she was dreaming the minute before she woke. And then when she looked at the woman beside her, who was sound asleep, she sometimes wondered if Xena had those feelings too. Could it be right to love and desire a woman? She had heard stories about Amazons loving each other, but that seemed logical as the tribe didn't allow any men in their surroundings.

"Hey, Gabrielle, are you deaf ...?" Gabrielle jumped up as she felt cold water on her skin and heard Xena's voice call for what may very well have been the tenth time. "What were you thinking of: my birthday? And what you were going to give me? You might as well stop thinking, I don't want anything, 'cause I won't be celebrating my birthday. I hate it. Always did, always will..... And now will you please come in to the water with me? It is wonderful! So nice and warm, you can't resist it." 

"Okay, okay....", Gabrielle responded and began to take off her clothes while watching Xena who floated in the water, massaging the skin of her abdomen.

"I guess I can resist the water, but can I resist you?", Gabrielle murmured too soft for Xena to hear.

"What did you say ? I couldn't hear you!" Xena yelled at Gabrielle, still minding her own business.

"Oh, it's nothing, I just thought I was afraid the water might be cold!" Gabrielle responded. "But maybe it will lower my senses and take of the heat...." she thought.

As Gabrielle stepped out of her garments Xena was doing her best not to pay too much attention to Gabrielle. But from under her eyelids she saw the young woman strip off her clothes, revealing her beautiful, pale, soft skin. Her reddish hair twirled around her head as she took off her top. Gabrielle had turned into a beautiful woman since they first met, two years ago. Back then she was a lovely, innocent young girl, looking for adventure. And adventure was what she got! It even made her somehow mature. But nevertheless for Xena, Gabby would always stay that innocent, childlike girl she couldn't get rid of two years ago. However now she was glad for her companionship and she thanked the Gods for having a dear and loving friend like Gabrielle. That 'loving' was something Xena worried about the last few weeks. She already liked women before and even shared their blankets with them, but that was always for her own pleasure or when there were no men around. No, with Gabrielle, it was something completely different. The way she looked, the way she moved and, at this moment, took off her clothes, made her stomach twitch. And this time it wasn't the baby kicking his feet. With a shock she realised that she wanted Gabrielle...! She desired her, needed her...! Oh no, what was she thinking ...  Could Gabrielle have the same feelings for her as she had for Gabrielle...?

"Oh, sweet Aphrodite, why are you doing this to me...." Xena tried to figure out if this was just a hormone-thing, or if she really wanted to make love to her best friend. Oh my, and what about their friendship...? No, it was wrong to think they could really have a sexual relationship.

Gabrielle was now fully naked and stepped into the water. "Aahh, I thought you said it was nice and warm ...?!" 

"Oh, come on you hero, don't exaggerate. Tomorrow I will get you a hot bath when we get to my mothers inn",  Xena said while she swam towards Gabrielle.

Suddenly she stopped, smiled and turned to Gabrielle: "Oh, Gab come over here and feel my tummy. The baby is kicking...!" . Gabrielle put her hand on Xena's belly and in spite of the fresh water, she could feel the warm, soft skin under her fingers. It made her a bit light-headed and she felt her fingers tremble.

"Yes, I can feel the baby kicking, he or she already has the skills of its mother....". With a sigh she looked across the river and said she hoped to experience the same thing one day.

Xena knew how she always wanted to become a mother and answered: "As soon as we arrive in Amphipolis, we'll  go and find you a man....! "

"Oh, Xena I don't want a husband. As a matter a fact, I don't want a man at all...!" Gabrielle called out. Xena frowned and looked at the pretty face in front of her. It always hurt to see her best friend upset.

"Oh, you don't want a man at all...? How on earth do you ever expect to get a baby without the 'help' of a man." Xena questioned.

"I really don't know yet. Let's focus on your baby first. We'll get enough work with one child. First things first. And that brings us back to the subject we were talking about just now. Your birthday?!" Gabrielle said. Xena walked to the riverbank and started to dry off.

"Don't you walk away from me. I would like to give you something special", Gabrielle spoke to Xena's back.

"Dear Gabby, you were the one who wanted to talk about my birthday. It's nothing special to me. Just a year older". Xena answered. "But if it is so important to you, we'll celebrate. I'll do anything to make you happy, you know that," Xena said with a warm, dark voice to Gabrielle who just came out of the water and also started to dry off. The sensuous tone in Xena's voice made Gabrielle shiver and Xena who noticed instantly, poked up the fire and put another log on it.

"Come, sit by the fire while I make us some dinner", Xena said, putting a blanket over Gabby's shoulders. Gabrielle snuckled up by the fire and watched Xena prepare the food.

"Xena, can I ask you a personal question?" Gabrielle asked.

"Well that depends, but you can always give it a try", Xena said with a twinkle in her crystal blue eyes.

"Well, it's about....uh...about sex", Gabrielle said, carefully avoiding Xena's eyes. "Oh..., it's about sex?!  I don't think I'm the expert I used to be over two years ago", Xena chuckled, "But before then I never got any complaints....As a matter of fact..... Oh, sorry what were you going to ask me Gabrielle?". She looked at the red blonde woman who'd got a blush on her cheeks.

"Oh never mind. When we get to Poteidea I'll ask my sister Lila".

"Oh come on Gab, I didn't want to laugh at you. It's just something we've never discussed, but as good friends I think we could talk about it without any feelings of shame or restraint",  Xena spoke, while gazing into the divine green eyes of her friend.

"Okay then. I know you slept with lots of men, but did you ever sleep with a woman...?"  

It took a few moments before Xena answered the question.

"I suppose you don't mean slept as in 'sleep' but slept as in 'made love'.....?" Xena answered,  a soft smile curving her lips.

"You know what I mean, Xena and it's hard enough for me to ask without your humorous looks. So give me a break..! "

"Nope"  Xena answered and turned away to serve out the food on the wooden plates.

"What do you mean by 'nope'. You never slept with a woman or ......"

"Look Gabrielle", Xena interrupted, "I have slept with several women and then I mean, had sex with, but I never made love to one of them, okay.... It was purely physical, like eating a hot meal because you're hungry. Just to satisfy your appetite. You know what I mean?"

"Oh yes..., I certainly understand what you mean", Gabrielle said while gazing in the distance. "I always have that same feeling with food, once I smell or see it, I just want it. Just want to be satisfied".

"Yea, we know that.....", Xena said with a smirk on her face handing over the plate to Gabrielle.

"Oh you're so funny, Xena", Gabrielle said with a grumpy face.

"But what's the reason for asking me? Are you on to someone or something? Did I miss anything....?" Xena asked. The words came out more quietly than she felt inside. She couldn't bare the thought of Gabrielle touching someone, or even worse, some person touching Gabrielle....! She suddenly felt nauseous and a sting of jealousy run through her body.

"No Xena, nothing is going on, but as a bard you always must keep an open mind so you can write unprejudiced", Gabrielle answered. But she hadn't overlooked the glance of sadness? that appeared on Xena's suddenly pale face, the moment Xena questioned her. Was she sad about the fact she had no one to love at this moment? Or could she be sad her baby would have no father...?

"Xena are you feeling alright? You don't look too well." Gabrielle asked in concern. "I'm such a selfish fool. Letting you prepare dinner, after we travelled all day and it's almost your time...", Gabrielle said anxiously. "Come on, finish your meal and lie down on your bedroll. I'll help you undress". Xena smiled when she saw the worried look on Gabrielle's face and made no effort to protest her words. Gods, how she loved this woman. Her naivety almost drove her insane. Perhaps the only thing she could do to keep their friendship undefiled, was to leave Gabrielle and go her own way. But deep in her heart she knew that was no option. She would survive for sure, but Gabrielle would never understand why she would have left her and would blame her for the rest of her life.... No, the only thing to do was to get herself and her hormones in control and take a cold bath now and then. And perhaps she'd run in to an okay-looking guy to satisfy her needs in the way she never could expect Gabrielle to do. Damn, life was difficult, when you loved someone who couldn't love you the way you wanted......

In the meanwhile Gabrielle cleaned the dishes and tended the fire so it wouldn't go out in the night. After that she lay down beside her friend staring in to the darkest eyes she ever saw.

"How are you feeling Xena?, I made you some peppermint tea to ease your stomach". Xena sat straight and looked in the eyes of the woman she deeply loved. "Gabrielle," she said, "Listen very carefully, because I have to tell you something very important." Gabrielle looked up in a bit of fear and was afraid of what was coming. Xena never looked this seriously at her and kept those looks only for the warlords she tried to impress.

"Gabrielle, I want you to know you're the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. You're so precious to me that I wouldn't know what to do if I somehow or someway I would lose you."

"But Xena, I'm not going anywhere and have no intentions to do so anywhere in the future," Gabrielle answered. "Xena you're frightening me. Why are you saying these things? Are you planning on leaving me...??" As Gabrielle spoke the words, tears began to roll down her cheeks, dripping into the top, she wore against the evening cold. Xena took Gabrielle's head in her hands and kissed her on the forehead.

"Shh, my sweet Gabby, I am not going anywhere without you. I just wanted to let you know you're the most magnificent thing that ever happened to me and that no one can stand  between us. Not even the baby, I promise. Now, stop crying and come lie beside me, you're feeling cold".

As they laid down and watched the stars for a while Gabrielle turned over to her side resting on her elbow and watched the profile of the woman she never wanted to let go.


"Uhhu...," Xena answered with a deep, sleepy voice.

"Tomorrow I am going to give you a present you'll never forget for as long as you'll live".

"I can hardly wait," Xena said with a yawn and turned to her side to go to sleep. "Goodnight Gabrielle".

"Sweet dreams Xena, and beware of tomorrows surprise."


"Yes, Xena......?"

"You damn well know I hate surprises.....!"

"No, you're kidding, Xena...," Gabrielle chuckled. "Goodnight.."


The next morning


Xena had the most fantastic dream in a long time. She was dreaming someone was kissing her softly and warmly on her mouth and it felt wonderful. When she opened her eyes she realised it was no dream at all.....

 "Gabrielle, I know you like me a lot and I like you a lot, but isn't this going a bit to far...?"  Xena murmured, not wide awake yet.

"Shht, sleepy head, congratulations on your birthday", Gabrielle whispered in Xena's ear. "Are you ready for your surprise?"

A shiver run through Xena's body and ended up between her legs and gave her a feeling she hadn't experienced there in a very long time.

"Gabrielle, what on earth are you doing to me", Xena spoke hoarsely.

"I am giving you your birthday present. You know, the surprise you didn't want to get". Gabrielle spoke, while gazing into the bright blue eyes of the woman who soon would  become her lover. That is, if she would accept the gift she had in mind....

"Oh by Tartarus, Gabrielle, stop here for a moment before I am going to loose my mind and do something I will regret later." Xena tried to say it firmly, but her voice trembled with excitement.

"Hmm.. why should I stop, its my birthday present to you. I am giving you myself.... Didn't your mother ever teach you, never to look a given horse in the mouth.....?" Gabrielle spoke harshly, while she kissed one earlobe and trailed down Xena's neck with warm, wet kisses.

"Gabrielle, oh Gabrielle please...", Xena sighed, "If you are going to continue, I won't be able to control myself...."

"Oh my, that would probably be the worst thing that could happen to a warrior princess, I guess..." Gabrielle grinned and continued her kisses downwards to the left breast of the trembling woman beneath her and carefully started sucking the soft brown nipple. That had a serious effect on the warrior princess, who started to groan, arching her back and squeezed Gabrielle's head even more tightly to her breast.

"Oh, Gabrielle I love you, I really, really love you. That's what I was trying to say, to explain to you last night. But I couldn't find the right words, so they all came out wrong and I made you cry. I am so sorry, so sorry....., " Xena said with a gasp.

"Xena promise me one thing, don't ever become a bard; however in your lovemaking you are pretty eloquent! I don't hear you stutter or stumble this time.  Let's do something about that.....! And about last night, I heard you say those words, although they weren't exactly the same as you said a few moments ago. Bards know these things by instinct. They can read between the lines.... And you know something, my sweet princess? I love you too. Always did, but I was afraid to admit it to myself and  to you. So now can I continue what I was doing or are we going to talk some more...?", Gabrielle asked, with a smile on her face.

"Oh, no please go on", Xena replied, kissing the woman she so deeply loved on her lips, feeling the soft humidity on the inside, making her dizzy. Gabrielle touched  Xena's right breast and took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing it gently. The effect on Xena, moaning, made her stomach ache and her blood flow to the spot between her thighs, making her all soft and wet down there.

She shivered as she touched Xena's belly, fondling and following the curves of the soft skin of Xena's pregnancy.

"Gods, you are so beautiful" Gabrielle sighed. "I love every part of your body." It was a whole new experience for Xena, to be made love to by a woman she intensely loved. With Gabrielle there were no restrictions. Nothing to be afraid of. She could just let go. And she did....

As Gabrielle started her search for the most intimate spot between her lovers legs, Xena opened her eyes and looked at Gabrielle. For one moment she was afraid this was all going to be a dream after all, and she would soon wake up. But Gabrielle's fingers touching the moist folds of her wetness, made her cry out and there was no doubt about it, this was really happening to her. Gabrielle spread her swollen labia and heard Xena's breath stop for a moment, to continue on a higher speed when she entered the warriors moist centre.

"Gabrielle, oh Gabrielle please...." The words were spoken with encouragement and Gabrielle almost couldn't resist a giggle, but managed not to do so and entered two fingers deep in to the woman's wetness. A hoarse moan escaped the warrior as she grabbed on to Gabrielle as if she was afraid to fall.

"Oh, Xena. You are so wet....." Gabby responded and she slowly lowered her head to the warriors most secret place. When the bard's lips touched the little nub, Xena thought she was going to cry and not be able to stop crying until the next day. But instead, she held her breath and waited....., and waited..... She felt her body vibrate her breasts quiver and the only thing she could do was to feel what kind of magic her young lover was doing with her tongue.

"Oh, my god Gabrielle, I can't hold it much longer. Please go on, go on, caress me harder, deeper....., yes deeper,. Oh, Gabrielle yes, yes suck me please, I'm gonna come.. Gab....., Gabri ooooooooohhhhhhhh."

Gabrielle continued licking and throbbing with her fingers until she felt that the warrior woman could take no more. Then she slowly eased her fingers out of the swollen place and stretched out beside her lover.

"Congratulations on your birthday, my lover, and many happy returns.........."

The end

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