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Playing with fire

by Annaria

"I want to be just like you, Xena", Gabrielle sighed in admiration as she stirred the stew.

"No you don't!" came the immediate answer. Xena was mending her damaged equipment.

"Yes, I do! I think you are great! The way you handle those soldiers! I would love to do that myself. I want you to teach me everything you know." She filled two bowls.

"Gabrielle, if you practice very hard, and for a long time, maybe you could learn to fight like me, but you would not have to be like me!"

"Oh but I would love to! You are so beautiful!"

"So are you," the tall dark warrior said softly.

"And so wise."

"You have your own wisdom."

"I would still want to be just like you." Gabrielle handed one of the bowls to Xena.

"Listen Gabrielle, I could teach you all my skills and tell you everything I know, but you still wouldn't be like me".

"Now why is that?" the village girl asked.

"I have a dark side you could never have. And believe me, you don't want it!"

"What exactly is this dark side of yours?" Gabrielle enquired, between bites.

"I can be cruel and full of anger. You never could. I have this lust for power. That is not like you at all."

"No," the girl answered, unconvinced.

"And then there is the sex thing."

"What about it?"

"Well, you are pure and innocent. And I... well, ... umm... I've been around."

"You have been with many people, haven't you?"

Xena proceeded with her dinner. "Yes."

Gabrielle wanted to know more about that, but postponed that for the time being.

"You will have to teach me that too, then." she scraped her bowl.

Xena chuckled.

"Now. Let's see... that would be fighting skills in the mornings, healing in the afternoons, tactics and general knowledge over dinner and the sex thing in the evenings. That makes now time for the... sex thing." She collected Xena's empty bowl and tidied things up.

"All right, I guess I could tell you one or two things that could be of use to you."

"Right." Gabrielle sat down, ready to learn.

"First tell me what you do know."

"I know about the birds and the bees."


"And I've seen animals do it, chicken, sheep and horses."

"Hmm... "

"And I know the boys and girls at Potaedea giggle a lot and kiss before."

"Hmm... Did you ever kiss?"

"No... well yes, but I must have done something wrong, because I didn't like it at all."

"We will have to start right at the very beginning then."

"Right." The girl got up and walked over to Xena, sat down and wrapped her arms around the warrior. Xena raised her eyebrows, smiled and disentangled the arms.

"No, Gabrielle, I mean the very beginning. Sit back down at the other end."

Gabrielle did as she was told.

"Sex is all about power, always remember that."

"All about power? I thought it had to do with babies and with pleasure."

"That is only if you're lucky. First it is all about power."

"Right. Power."

"To start with, you have to get your object interested. It doesn't really matter how. Do what you do and show you notice your object."

Gabrielle nodded in understanding. "I could tell a story to a crowd and address it to you by looking at you most of the time."

"Exactly. And you could add little details of which you knew only I would understand."

"I could tell a story about you."

"No, that would be too obvious. It would only make me feel embarrassed. A story about something else, but full of details that would only mean something to you and to me. That would make me feel special, and I would look at you with curiosity."

"Right. Details, but not too obvious," Gabrielle rehearsed. It was getting real dark now. She got up and started to prepare a warm drink before bed time. While she waited for the water to boil, she rolled out the blankets.

"Xena, would putting a flower on your pillow be too obvious?" she asked.

"Yes, definitely." Xena smiled.

Gabrielle carefully chose some herbs she knew Xena liked and handed her a cup while looking at the warrior's face. When her eyes met Xena's bright blue ones, she smiled and lowered hers quickly.

"Now, that was perfect", Xena said. She felt a warm feeling for the young woman fill her heart. The girl was so unspoiled and uninhibited and well... sincere! She was going to see to it that no one would ever hurt her.

All during the next couple of days, whether they travelled, practiced the fighting skills or rested, the young woman rehearsed her new expertise in all sorts of ways. She threw meaningful looks at the warrior when she walked beside her and smiled because they shared a secret. She touched her gently while practicing healing skills. She made the older woman feel special. Though Xena was used to bootlickers, she felt flattered by the genuine admiration of the young woman. And unexpectedly, uhm ... distracted!

"So you have been with many people?" Gabrielle asked while they walked side by side.

"Yes, back in my bad old days."

"Men or women?"


"At the same time?"

"Occasionally." A slight smile played around the warrior's lips.

"How many have you been with?"

"Oh, I never counted. Many." The Warrior Princess said.

"You must be very skilled, then," Gabrielle observed.

"I have many skills," the Warrior Princess confirmed, still with an amused look.

"Why with so many?"

"For all sorts of reasons."

"Like ...?"

"Mostly strategic. Often ..."

"Strategic?" Gabrielle interrupted.

"The power thing." Xena explained. "Sometimes you can get someone to do something for you if he or she really wants to go to bed with you."

"I see."

"And often for release."


"Release of tension. You wouldn't understand." And after a short pause she added: "Yet." She smiled to the smaller woman.

"Oh," Gabrielle said, disappointed.

"And once or twice to comfort someone."

Gabrielle looked at her in astonishment. "The Destroyer of Nations?"

A pained smile shadowed over the warrior's face.

"I guess even then I had some good in me, huh?"

"I'm sure you had," Gabrielle said warmly.

"And on a rare occasion because I liked someone very much."

"Now that makes sense to me. Were there many you really liked?"

"Two or tree. That was the only good reason to be with someone. The other reasons only devaluate that one. I will never do it for those reasons anymore."

"Did you get pleasure from it?"
"Different kinds of pleasure. Mostly with the people I really liked."

"I understand." With a look sideways at the pensive warrior, she decided she would let the issue rest. For the moment.

When they came to a small village, they went to the local inn for drinks. They chose a table in the far corner of the moderately busy room. The bartender was a young man and Gabrielle decided to try her new skills on him too. She flashed him a radiant smile when he brought them their ale, that made the young man trip over his feet. Xena almost choked on her first sip and realised she did not like what happened. She could feel her mood drop and tried to figure out why. When she saw the girl smile in the general direction of the bar every now and then, she tried to control her temper and said: "Umm, Gabrielle, you are not supposed to do this with just anybody!"

"I'm practicing." the bard replied.

"You can only do it with one person at a time. It gets too confusing. You cannot make more people feel special. If you do that, special is not special anymore!" She said angrily.

"Xena, are you upset?"

"Rubbish. I just want to warn you not to get into trouble. I am going to check on Argo." She got up and knocked over a chair on her way out.

Gabrielle stared after the tall warrior and could not help but meet the eyes of the blushing young barman. Then she decided to join Xena at the stables and picked up the fallen chair on her way out.

The warrior was busy brushing Argo, fuming to her horse about the little slut that was flirting with the bartender, when said little slut entered.

"Xena," she said to the warrior's back. "I didn't want to hurt you!"

"You didn't!" Xena growled without turning around. "I just don't want you to get into trouble."

"It's just that I wanted to see if it worked."

"Trust me, Gabrielle. It works!" Xena did not want Gabrielle to see the violent blush she had on her cheeks and continued brushing Argo.

"Yes it did, didn't it?" Gabrielle giggled. "The bartender tripped over his own feet when I smiled at him!" She picked up another brush and started to work on Argo's other side.

Xena grinned half-heartedly. "He did indeed."

"I understand what you said about power the other day. So now it seems I have a little power over the barkeep! After practicing on you for a few days, I didn't know if it really worked. You are always so sturdy and stoic. You would never trip over your feet! So I had to know, you see?"

"I see. Well, it works. On me too, all right?" The warrior softened. "It is tough for me when someone has power over me. I spent most of my life avoiding it."

Gabrielle was done brushing Argo and walked around. She put her hand on Xena's shoulder. "I won't use it against you, I promise." She said softly. "Let's go back inside and finish our ale."

She walked out with obvious confidence in her step. "I like it!"

Xena was not so sure she did... Looking back, it must have been this day that the warm sympathy Xena felt for the young woman had transformed into a more exclusive interest.

Back inside, they both ignored the bartender. They sat with their heads close together and spoke softly.

"So when do we get to the kissing part?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena nearly choked on her ale again. "All in good time, missy." She chuckled. "First things first. I promise you we will get there, but you have to experience the pleasure of waiting first. You know you will get it, but you don't know when. The suspense is the best part."

"Hmm, now you have that power again. You have something I want. I think I like this game! It is exciting."

"You are a fast learner."

They were back on the road again.

"Xena, I think there is something wrong with me."

"What is it, Gabrielle?"

"I feel a heavy feeling in my stomach whenever I think of kissing you."

"Kissing me?" Xena felt a thud in her stomach too. "I was going to teach you a few things, I said nothing about actually kissing you!"

"Any good teacher could tell you that one good example is better than a thousand words. You have to show me!"

Xena swallowed hard.

"Oh, come on Xena. Am I that repulsive to you?"

"No, not at all... It's just that.... We are playing with fire here."

"Is it dangerous to kiss you?"

"Could well be!"


"It's the power thing." Xena hoped Gabrielle would leave it at that. She should have known better, but back then, she didn't know her companion all that well. They had only been travelling together for a moon or so.

"The great Warrior Princess is not afraid to kiss a village girl, now is she?"

"Are you kidding? No, I have my reputation to consider." Xena said, hoping the younger woman would grab the wrong implication. She did.

"We'll do it with no-one around". It was final, the young woman had made up her mind. There would be no rest until she got what she wanted. And no rest after that, for that matter, but Xena had no way of knowing that either.

A nervous warrior tried to delay the inevitable, with explicit authority. "We will talk theory first. Tomorrow." She had the feeling she was loosing control. She was right.

Gabrielle was an eager student. During dinner the next day, she was already nagging Xena about it. They had a large roasted fish and some cherries for desert.

"Alright," Xena said. "You have to get the interested party notice you as a sexually attractive person. There are several ways to do that."

"Right, tell me all about them." The blonde said.

"You ask them about their sexual activity. In a subtle way." Xena dissected the fish.

"Of course."

"You could either play the part of a passionate lover. It's like advertising. Makes people curious and want to find out for themselves." She handed a large portion to the smaller woman.

"That would be your strategy, wouldn't it?" Gabrielle asked, with her mouth full. "Hmm, this is delicious!" She added.

"Why do you think so?"

"You have passion written all over you."

Xena swallowed and blushed. She actually blushed! All six gorgeous feet of leather clad warrior blushed! Trying not to show she continued with a hoarse voice: "Or you could be the shy and inexperienced girl. That appeals to their sense of protection and makes them want to help you out."

"That would be more fitting for me, don't you think?"

"Yes," the warrior admitted.

"Right," Gabrielle said. "What next?"

"Emphasize your assets." Xena finished the last of her fish.

"What are my assets?" Gabrielle asked innocently, wiping her lips.

"Hmm, lets see," Xena didn't dare look into Gabrielle's face. "Your legs, for starters. " Xena managed to let her voice sound casual. "You could shorten that red skirt to well above your knees. That would show off your beautiful legs and accentuate your firm ass at the same time. And your tight abs.... Your blue top would have to be a little more revealing. The interested party would definitively want to touch your midriff. And your cleavage could show just a little of those full breasts. Makes people curious for the rest. And then you could draw attention to your lips. Many women put on lipstick, but there are various other ways."

"I see," said Gabrielle. She looked straight at Xena without lowering her gaze and very slowly put a ripe cherry into her mouth, her tongue meeting the sweet fruit halfway. The effect was not lost onto the Warrior Princess, and that was the first time she wondered if the dainty blond village girl was consciously seducing her.

It didn't surprise her that Gabrielle, upon waking the next morning, shortened her red skirt considerably. Xena liked what she saw, and Gabrielle thought it would also definitely be more convenient during fighting lessons and for travelling.

"We should get you into leathers too." Xena said. Gabrielle liked the idea.

"Great! Could I borrow yours first, to see if like wearing it?" she asked.

"Oh, why not", the tall warrior said. She was in an uncharacteristically playful mood. And so the two women switched clothes. The leathers were fairly wide on Gabrielle, but they made the blonde feel tall and dangerous. They were soaked with Xena's smell. She liked it. The armour was somewhat heavy though, but she loved the weight of the chakram at her hip.

Gabrielle's clothes were rather tight on the warrior and the recently shortened skirt revealed a significant length of her endless legs. The blouse was filled with noticeably more bosom. The women looked at themselves and at each other and giggled.

"Xena, could I, just this once.... No, forget it." Gabrielle stopped.

"What do you want, Gabrielle?"

"I would very much like to braid your hair. But you wouldn't like it, would you?"

"As a matter of fact, I would!"

"You would? You mean I can?"

"Might as well make the transformation complete. Just for this once!" she warned quickly.

"Alright, sit down. No... wait a minute." Gabrielle was getting all excited. She ran off and returned a moment later holding something behind her back.

"Now sit down".

Xena did as she was told and Gabrielle wove little daisies into the raven hair of the warrior.

"This is so nice, Xena! I used to do this with my sister Lila, when we were young." They were both quite comfortable with being so close and touching each other, something that rather surprised the warrior.

"Do you ever get homesick?" Xena asked carefully.

"Are you kidding? I was bored stiff back at Potaedea. I belong with you. I have never been more sure of anything in my life."

Xena managed to sit still during the whole procedure. She was almost sorry when it was finished and, to be honest, she had to admit she rather liked this girlish stuff. For just this once!

When it was done, Gabrielle turned her around and was very pleased with the result: "Oh Xena, you look so... so sweet!"

Xena raised one eyebrow. "Don't push your luck, young lady!"

It was then that they both heard something or someone approach through the bush. Xena instinctively reached for her chakram, which was not at her side. She grabbed the weapon from Gabrielle's hip when a young girl emerged from the woods, not looking dangerous at all. She could not have seen more than thirteen summers.

"My name is Tina," the red haired girl panted. "I'm looking for Xena, Warrior Princess."

"You found her," both Xena and Gabrielle said.

The girl looked from the one to the other, and then decided to address Gabrielle, as she looked most like a Warrior Princess.

"I thought you'd be much taller. Anyway, I need help. I come from the village of Pirea. It is under siege. My father said only you could help us."

Xena was impressed. "Pirea is about a two days walk from here. Did you travel alone all that way?"

"Yes, I did, but it took me three days and two nights to find you." She turned to Gabrielle again. "When I grow up, I want to be just like you." It suddenly dawned on Gabrielle: the girl had her and Xena mixed up. When she looked at the tall warrior again, she understood. Xena did not look like a warrior one little bit. She giggled.

"Tina, sit down and rest. I am Gabrielle. I want to train to be like Xena too. This is Xena, Warrior Princess."

Tina looked from one to another and obviously did not buy it. "Yeah, right. Never mind, will you help my village?"

"Of course," Xena and Gabrielle said in unison. They started to break up camp.

"We can still cover a good distance today if we get started now", Xena said.

"Tina must be tired," Gabrielle said. "She should ride on Argo. When did you last eat?" she asked the girl.

"I found some berries yesterday," the girl admitted. "But I am really thirsty."

Xena threw her the waterskin, while Gabrielle split their nutbread into three portions.

After breakfast, the two women changed back into their own clothes, and Xena did her best to get all the daisies out of her hair. Tina pretended not to notice the difference. They hit the road soon after. The girl rode on Argo, so she could rest, and both Xena and Gabrielle walked, leading the warhorse in turn. In the mean time Xena tried to get to know as much as possible about the circumstances at Pirea. The girl appeared not only to be brave, but was bright too. She told the two women everything she knew. She carefully avoided calling either Xena or Gabrielle by name all day. It was obvious she still felt unconvinced, although both women often used each other's names.

When Xena walked behind the two younger women, she could not help but notice the difference between them. Though there could not be much difference in height, Tina was a child and Gabrielle was definitely a woman, graceful, well shaped, gorgeous! Especially now that Xena could see more of those legs! She rather enjoyed the sight.

When dusk fell, the threesome made a quick camp, Xena providing dinner, while Gabrielle and Tina tended to Argo, collected wood and made a fire.

Gabrielle realised with some regret there would be no lessons tonight, she had the feeling Tina was a bit underage for this kind of classes. Besides, she preferred to keep all this between her and Xena anyway.

After dinner, the blonde put out her and Xena's bedrolls next to each other as usual and wondered where to put up a place for Tina. When next she looked, she found to her astonishment that Tina had put her blankets between the two others!

Xena, who was sharpening her sword, had an amused look on her face and wondered how Gabriele was going to solve this, but pretended not to notice.

Gabrielle rearranged the bedding and said: "Umm, Tina, my place is next to Xena". Tina looked from one to the other.

"Are you two ....?" She did not finish her question.

Xena was very concentrated on her sword and Gabrielle was at a momentary loss of words.

"My place is next to Xena, that's all". She said finally.

"All right, but I want to sleep next to Xena too. How can I be sure which one of you is really Xena?"

The two other women burst out in laughter.

"I'm afraid you are going to have to do a few flips, Xena," Gabrielle said. Everybody knows only you can do that."

"Right!" Tina agreed. "My father said Xena can walk on trees and throw a round weapon and... put a pinch on someone."

"Okay, little girl," Xena said. "What would you like me to do to convince you?"

"Put the pinch on your friend, maybe? Nah, how would I know she wouldn't fake the effect?" She said. "Put the pinch on me!"

"No, Tina," Xena said. "The pinch is not something you joke around with. I won't do that. But I will cut an apple with my chakram, if you will put it on Gabrielle's head if that would prove to you that I am Xena."

"Alright." she said. "You stand there," she said to Xena, and, addressing Gabrielle: "You stand all the way over here." Tina put an apple on top of the blond head.

Gabrielle felt just the slightest bit uneasy, but it had to be said that she kept a stiff upper lip. It was both Gabrielle's faith and Xena's accuracy with the chakram that finally won Tina over. Xena launched her weapon, which cut the apple, bounced against a tree and returned to slice the apple into three parts. They each ate one, and so they could finally arrange the bedrolls in a satisfactory position. They settled down for the night.

"So are you?" Tina asked the two women when she lay down.

"Are we what?" Gabrielle tried to win more time.


"Umm... no." She said slowly, carefully looking at Xena.

"Not yet, anyway", Xena muttered almost inaudibly. Almost. But Gabrielle did hear it. It made her feel all warm and happy inside.

"Good night, Tina," Gabrielle said with a smile.

"Good night, Gabrielle, good night, Xena," Tina said.

"Sleep well."

Of course Xena took care of the Pirean problem in a very satisfactory manner. You did not expect it to be any other way, did you? The women surprised the besieging warlord from behind and Xena badly hurt, scared and scattered his men. Gabrielle even got the chance of showing off some of her newly acquired fighting skills, while Tina stayed out of trouble. The town gates, that had miraculously held until they came to rescue, opened wide for them to welcome the heroes. Xena and Gabrielle were escorted to the town's finest Inn.

One man in particular was very pleased with them. It was Tina's father. He was the town mayor. He locked his daughter in his arms and strode over to Xena and Gabrielle.

"I want to thank you for two things," he said with a deep voice. "Thank you for bringing my little girl back to me, and thank you for saving Pirea."

"It was a pleasure," Xena said. "And Tina has got great potential! You can be very proud of her".

"I am, believe me," the man said, hugging his daughter.

"I want to be just like Xena when I grow up, Dad," Tina said.

The grownups smiled, and Gabrielle and Xena shared a meaningful look.

They were offered drinks by everybody and all the townsfolk sang their praise. Gabrielle told and retold the story of their rescue of Pirea, embellishing Tina's part somewhat, and leaving out embarrassing details about herself and Xena (which earned her another thankful smile from the warrior).

The evening was very animated and there was singing, even some dancing, lots of storytelling and a great deal of drinking. Gabrielle thoroughly enjoyed herself. Xena could see her dance and savour the attention of many young men. And she looked reeeally good.

"If I don't teach the girl to kiss soon, somebody else will, I'm afraid," she mused, and

the thought didn't make her happy, to say the least. It must have been close to midnight when she decided to cut in with her friend.

"I'm going upstairs, Gabrielle, I'm tired," she said.

"Go right ahead, I'll join you in a heartbeat," the younger woman said. Xena felt a thud of disappointment in her stomach. "Yeah, right!" she thought.

She slowly climbed the stairs with a burning candle and was just busy removing her armour, when she heard Gabrielle's footfall at the door. The relief she felt shouldn't have surprised her.

"I got us something," Gabrielle said upon entering the candle lit room. "Grapes! And another nightcap, complements of the mayor." She put down two mugs of port and the bowl of grapes on the table near the bed.

"Here, let me help you. Now that I have worn your armour, I know how heavy it is. Why didn't you take it off earlier?"

"Oh, well, I am used to it. And people like to see me in it."

"Yes, you do look very good in it. But then again, you look very good without it too..." Gabrielle sighed, putting down the back plate.

Xena turned around quickly, but Gabrielle did not look up.

They freshened up with the water in the washing bowl in silence and both bounced on the comfortable bed, enjoying the fresh linen. It was a heavy silence. Neither knew what to say until Xena started: "How about..." while Gabrielle said: "Could you..." at the same time. They both giggled nervously, but the tension was gone.

"Maybe now would be a good time for the kissing lesson," Xena said.

"I thought you'd never say that," Gabrielle replied. "Any more theory I need to know about?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, there is. The first thing you have to ask yourself is: do you really want to kiss."

"And if that is very much the case?" Gabrielle asked breathlessly.

"Tease the other party into wanting it too."

"This is where the grapes come in," Gabrielle understood, took one in her hand and held it out to her warrior friend. The tall woman opened her mouth to receive the fruit, but Gabrielle slowly diverted it to her own.

"You are getting way too good at this," Xena smiled.

"So it is wanting, teasing and ..." Gabrielle asked.

"Pleasing, in that order," Xena completed, while taking Gabrielle into her arms and softly lowering her lips onto those of the young blonde. Gabrielle sharply inhaled. Their lips had barely touched, when Xena retreated a few inches.

"This still classifies as teasing," she said with a deep voice and a seductive smile. "It is meant to make you want more."

"It works," Gabrielle said eagerly, pulling Xena's lips onto hers. Their mouths explored each other, tasted, smelled and inhaled each other. Xena slowly and very carefully let her tongue brush Gabrielle's lips. The blonde reacted greedily and sucked Xena's bottom lip into her mouth. She tried the same on the warrior, who reacted similarly. She got bolder and more passionate, taking full possession of the warrior's mouth.

"How do I know if I do it right?" she finally panted.

"You will know. Your body will tell you." Xena said reassuringly against the young woman's lips before ravishing them completely. Neither said anything for some time.

"Xena, I think I got the signal," Gabrielle said with a hoarse voice. "I am getting all swollen between my legs."

Xena smiled tenderly. "I think you've got it right then.

"Okay, let's practice some more."

"Gabrielle," Xena said, feeling suddenly very uncertain. "If you kiss me again right now, I'm afraid I will... fall in love with you... I think... I should go and check on Argo." She started to get up.

Gabrielle took Xena's head into both her hands and lovingly looked into her bright blue eyes. "Let's go and check on Argo together, she should be the first to know anyway," she said and kissed the beautiful woman until both were out of breath.

"No, Gabrielle," Xena tore herself loose from the embrace. "I want you to think this over really careful. I will go down to Argo alone and if you're not here when I return, I will understand."

"Go. I'll be right here when you come back, Xena."

Xena took one last look at her young friend and ran out of the door, down the stairs and right to the stables. She buried her face in Argo's mane and whispered to the horse: "I love her, Argo! I was afraid I might fall in love with her, and I did. And she loves me right back, I think." Argo snorted. Xena felt overpowered and completely out of control. And afraid. Terrified! Not only for herself, but for the innocent village girl too. "What am I thinking? What am I doing to her?" she panicked. She untied Argo and mounted her, not caring that she was unsaddled. Argo took off into the night in a wild gallop, carrying Xena fast and far away from the scariest thing she had ever faced: someone who really loved her.

Gabrielle heard Argo take off, but there was no doubt in her mind and no fear in her heart that Xena would return. She felt confident of her own feelings and those of the tall warrior. It would take Xena time and patience to get used to being loved. But she would. Gabrielle felt the familiar feeling in her stomach when she thought of the kiss they had just shared... She changed into her nightgown, ate some grapes and drank some port. And waited.

Argo slowed down to a regular canter, when Xena regained some of her senses. "What am I doing, Argo," she said out loud. "What am I to do? What do I really want?"

And suddenly it dawned on her. "I want Gabrielle! I want to make her happy for the rest of our lives. If she'll have me."

The warrior had not been paying attention to where she was going. But Argo had. She found herself quite near Pirea and quickly headed back for the inn.

After she stabled her horse, she went back upstairs, her heart pounding in her throat. Would Gabrielle still be there? She had been gone for quite a while. She stood in front of the closed door for a long moment hesitating, not daring to go in, afraid of what she would or would not find... When she finally opened the door, Gabrielle was standing in the middle of the room, her arms extended to the shy warrior, a warm inviting smile on her lovely face.

"Gabrielle, I need to know if you are really sure," Xena said with a pained voice.

"I am, Xena. I am so very much in love with you. Ever since we first met." Xena crawled into the welcoming arms and hid her face in the long blond tresses.

"Gabrielle, I have never been more scared in my life," she mumbled into Gabrielle's hair.

"I thought you might be." Gabrielle stroked the dark head lovingly.

"I nearly ran out on you." Xena confessed.

"I thought you might." She lifted Xena's head. "I am so glad you didn't." They shared a long and tender kiss.

"Tell me one thing," Xena murmured against Gabrielle's lips. "Did you plan all this?"

"Umm, well, I did not exactly plan it all."

"You seduced me!" Xena said in shocked awe. It took her a minute to let it sink in.

"Now, that is a definite yes," Gabrielle admitted with an embarrassed smile.

"Then you are in for it!" Xena said mischievously, took her young love in her arms and put her on the bed carefully.

"In for it?" Gabrielle enquired, smiling. Xena undressed slowly and watched Gabrielle's eyes as more and more of beautiful tanned warrior was revealed. She stretched her tall form against her lover.

"I was going to argue with you about how you are too good for me and how I don't deserve you." She kissed Gabrielle intensely. "But you do deserve me!"

"I hope so." Gabrielle said with a smile. She pulled Xena in for another kiss.

"And the kissing lessons?" Xena enquired.

"I really didn't have any experience," Gabrielle giggled. "But how else was I going to get your attention?"

"Oh, you did have my attention!" Xena warned. "Now I am going to teach you some more..."

"What took you so long, my teacher?" was smothered in a searing kiss, in which Xena didn't hold back any of her feelings for the small blonde.

"The next question," Xena talked with a low voice between kisses, as though nothing had happened since the first question was asked, "Is where you want to be kissed." She started to give some examples. "Here?" she kissed Gabrielle just next to her mouth, causing her to turn her head that way. "Or here?" Xena directed her kisses further towards the younger woman's ear and neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"Or maybe more this way?" she let her lips brush a sensitive shoulder and armpit and the soft skin of Gabrielle's upper arms. The young woman relished Xena's every touch. She inhaled sharply when the warrior kissed her inner elbow and descended towards her wrist. When the older woman reached her hand she discovered that her palms and fingers were erogenous spots too... Xena tenderly kissed each fingertip and then sucked on the middle finger in a very exciting way. When Gabrielle felt the warm, soft and wet inside of Xena's mouth, she felt a definite reaction of her own soft warm and wet insides. Xena licked between two fingers towards the base, Gabrielle could feel a very distinct connection with her legs! She involuntarily pushed her hand into Xena's face, moaning and wanting "More!"

Xena claimed her lips again. She started stroking Gabrielle's breasts, her belly and her legs through the thin fabric of her shift until she reached the hem and then worked her way under it, feeling the soft skin of Gabrielle's thighs, her hips, her belly, her abdomen and finally reaching her full breasts. She teased around the hard nipples for a while, before she softly took one between thumb and forefinger. Gabrielle inhaled sharply, moaned and pulled Xena close to her and thoroughly loved it.

"This is called foreplay," Xena said finally, out of breath. "What you feel is desire!"

"Hmm... let me practice this, I want to learn it just right." Gabrielle said and moved Xena on her back. Xena stretched her arms over her head and willingly surrendered so her young lover had free access and could caress the tall, stunning body she had admired for so long. It felt soft and tempting and Xena responded to her touch just the way Gabrielle had to hers. She had expected to feel shy, but there was no trace of it. She stroked, kissed and caressed every part of Xena's beautiful form. When she reached one erect nipple, she could not resist, but took it into her warm mouth and suckled. Xena arched towards her, moaning... The other nipple just begged for the same treatment, and Gabrielle was more than happy to comply. Xena pulled the smaller woman on top of her and pulled up one leg between Gabrielle's thighs. The blonde moaned in surprise and pushed her wet centre against Xena, gliding up and down her thigh, all the while kissing her hungrily.

Suddenly, she slid off the tall woman and stroked her, feeling between her legs.

"I want to know if you are as wet as me." She was not disappointed. Her fingers slipped between the intimate folds of her lover, who gasped in surprise.

"Why are we so wet?" she asked the older woman.

"That means our bodies get aroused and your wetness makes it easier to welcome me in. That is, if you really, really want me to."

"Do you?" Gabrielle asked, not entirely sure what it meant.

"By the Gods I do!" Xena chuckled. "All this is really new to you, isn't it?"

"Yes." Gabrielle admitted.

"Didn't you ever pleasure yourself?"

"No. Xena, do you think there is something wrong with me?" Gabrielle was concerned.

"No, not at all. You are such an innocent. Are you sure you want to change that?"

"If that involves making love to you, I do. I'll do anything with you, Xena."

"Oh Gabrielle, I love you. I love you so much! I'll be gentle with you." She promised. The idea of being the very first person to make love to this lovely young woman turned her on incredibly. She wanted to spoil her so much that she would never want to make love with anyone else in her life!

They kissed tenderly, but soon the kiss changed, became more intense and claiming.

Xena held her young lover close, while one hand descended towards and past the damp curls of the virgin blonde. She stroked the wet folds, while Gabrielle spread her legs and gasped for air.

"This ... oh Xena, this feels great!" she exclaimed.

"Just you wait, little one," said the older woman. She got hold of the little nub at the apex of the folds and massaged it between her thumb and forefinger, which compelled Gabrielle to moan and wildly buck her hips. In the mean time she was planting soft kisses all over the lovely young body from her sensitive neck down towards her belly.

Gabrielle completely surrendered to this ... bliss, sighing "Oh!" and "Ah!" and "Oh Xena!" which aroused Xena even more.

The older woman wanted to taste her lover before she reached her peak, so she got up on her knees and continued kissing her way down. She spread the swollen folds and let her tongue take over what her fingers had been doing. Hmm, this was delicious!

Gabrielle gasped again in astonishment. "Oh Gods.... Xena! What are you doing to me?"

"I am making love to you, Gabrielle. Do you want me to stop?" she asked.

"Stop?! No!! Please go on!"

"I take it you like this lovemaking?" Xena teased tenderly, before she set back to her task.

"I absolutely love it," Gabrielle sighed in ecstasy.

Xena took Gabrielle's clit into her mouth and started suckling it. Gabrielle didn't know what was happening to her. She just knew she loved this and wanted, needed... She grabbed Xena's head and pressed it to her sex when she exploded into her orgasm with wild spasms, screaming "Oh Xena!! OH yes! XENA!" The dark woman held on to her lover's hips and sucked every last drop of pleasure out of her, until she felt Gabrielle relax. Then she stretched alongside, took the blonde into her arms and held her tight. Both women were silent. Impressed by the enormity of their feeling and what just happened.

"This was your first orgasm," Xena finally said.

"Umm... could you run that by me once more, I didn't quite get it." Gabrielle said groggily. Both giggled. "It was so good! Thank you, Xena. I think it makes me love you even more," she said softly.

"Thank you! I feel so very privileged, " Xena said. "And I love you more too. I think making love does that to people." She reached for some grapes and a mug of port.

"Could I do the same to you?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yes, if you like," the warrior answered.

"I like!" the blonde exclaimed and started to devour the tall woman. "Tell me how to pleasure you."

"I feel much the same as you, so..." Gabrielle needed no more encouragement. She

ravished Xena's lips and started to explore all of the six feet of beautiful Princess with her hands, her lips and her tongue. Xena moaned softly. She opened her thighs willingly for Gabrielle's small hand to touch her. The curious blonde turned so she could see what her hands were touching. She saw a little swollen bud, two very swollen labia and a very wet entrance. She wanted to taste her lover too and carefully licked Xena's slippery labia, provoking a loud gasp from the older woman. Interesting. Obviously Xena liked what she was doing. Getting a little bolder, she took her clit into her mouth and suckled softly, causing more gasping and moaning. Xena's hips started to buck and Gabrielle did her best to hold on.

"Oh, this is so good!... " Xena gasped. "Gabrielle, please come inside me. I want to feel you in me." Gabrielle slid a finger into the moist entrance and felt it was practically sucked in.

"More," Xena pleaded, her voice thick with lust. Gabrielle let a second finger join the first.

"More please!" Xena begged. Gabrielle inserted a third finger and moved them carefully in and out the slippery centre, in sync with the thrusts of Xena's hips.

"Oh yes!" Xena panted. "This is sooo good! Don't worry about hurting me."

Gabrielle was glad to hear that, she got more audacious now and thrust her fingers deep inside her lover's core. The reaction she got encouraged her even more. When her lips and tongue touched the swollen clit again, Xena almost instantly went over the edge.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Gabrielle, OH YES!!!" she groaned and Gabrielle felt the same hurricane rage through her lover, that had ravished her a short time before. She held on tight and rode the storm with Xena, until she felt her relax. When she stretched next to her spent lover and kissed her, she smelled and tasted a strangely familiar, very intimate fragrance on her lips. Hmmm, this lovemaking was awesome!

Xena put one arm around her and pulled her close.

"Did I do all right?" Gabrielle asked. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

"You did, oh Gods, it was sooo very good! It has never been this good for me," Xena said with a husky voice. "You must have had a terrific teacher!"

Both laughed.

"I did," Gabrielle giggled. "I learned from the best."

"Alright, now lets rehearse this once more," Xena kidded and started kissing her lover again. She could not get enough of Gabrielle's beautiful and hungry body. "There is another thing I want you to experience now. Let me show you. And be sure to let me know if I go too fast for you."

Gabrielle completely trusted Xena and relaxed to her touch. Relaxed, that is until she felt arousal grow inside her core again. The warrior was igniting a fire deep within her, of which she had not been aware until now.

"Oh Xena, I could do this all day every day, it is so good!" she moaned between kisses.

"I don't think so," the older woman replied whispering to her neck and breasts. "I've been easy on you until now, but after this, you will be completely exhausted."

"Hmmm," was all Gabrielle could utter. Xena set her whole body on fire with her tongue and her hands. Gabrielle felt she lost al sense of modesty and shame. She pushed her sex into Xena's face for need of release. But this time Xena did not suck her clit right away. She fooled around at Gabrielle's entrance until the younger woman begged her to please come inside.

"Oh Xena, I need, I want, oh please fill me. I want to be yours completely."

Xena knew better than to ask if she was sure. She entered the narrow slippery centre ever so carefully with one soaked finger and slowly pulled it out again.

"Oh yes," moaned Gabrielle. "Give me more, Xena, please!"

Xena did as she was told and gently introduced another finger.

"Yes, oh, this is good. I can feel you inside, oh Gods, I love you Xena!" Gabrielle swayed her hips up and down and Xena met her every thrust, pushing her fingers in as often and as deep as the young greedy woman wanted. In the meantime she looked at her lovely face. Gabrielle's eyes were shut in ecstasy. Xena felt her heart flow over. She was driving the young woman insane with desire and she knew it.

"Xena, I am going crazy here! Have mercy on me!" Gabrielle pleaded.

Finally Xena took her clit into her mouth and suckled softly, never stopping the ministrations of her fingers. Gabrielle came with a force of an earthquake that lasted for several minutes, and with multiple aftershocks. When Xena finally pulled her fingers out of her young lover and wrapped her into her strong arms, the blonde was utterly spent and totally satisfied.

"Now this, my lover, is afterplay," Xena whispered into her ear, caressing her long blond hair and kissing her eyes. "And don't you go practicing all this with anybody else, okay?"

"Hmmmm, I am going to need all the practice I can get!"

"Are you kidding? You are a natural!"

"I will just have to practice on you, then. C'mere."

The end

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