Does the sweet laughter that burbles like champagne froth
From her exquisitely shaped lips define her beauty
Or is it the sorrowful tears that fall unbidden as she
Watches the callous actions of the world around her?
Is it the delicate shape of her jaw
Or the wide expanse of her smile?
Could it be the curve of the small of her back
Or the way she holds my child safely within her arms
That defines her radiance?
Is it the harmony we achieve as I immerse myself
In the glory of her sweet body
Or is it the fine crinkles that frame her enticing eyes
As she regales me with stories of her youth?
When I reach out to her, my days far too much burden to bear,
It is the acceptance, the humour and the gentle thoughtfulness
Filling my mind with the sublime beauty that she encompasses
That make me want to hold her and never let her go.
Beauty walks with such grace and ease
And yet for all that goes unnoticed in a world preoccupied
With numbers and perfectly formed white teeth.

(c) ArdentTly

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