the best man for the job

the land cried out for a hero
but herc being a family man was busy
what they got was as far from a hero
    a woman who had a dark and dirty past
filled with rage  brutality  and   death.
she wasn't what the doctor ordered   but she
fit the bill perfectly because she had no heart
no worries about getting the job done
no man too big to kill   no woman too young to pluck
she was the best man for the job

so the great powers stripped off her black cowl
played on her sense of guilt     making her somewhat
 more sympathetic   and dangled the promise that
     one day she could feel something    anything at all
 besides the dark rage that blew across her soul

while she could do the job alone she was only a woman
what could she do by herself
so they gave her a horse   and a bard to cook and clean
only the girl took it into her head to   dust
the spider webs where she thought a heart might be
adding a bit of light   a bit of joy   and total acceptance
she began weeding the bad out for the good
       there wasn't much but she had green fingers
being the daughter of farming stock

after many battles fought and won
the warrior couldn't even recognize herself
where was the blood and gore
and the nice clean kill
not to mention the battle lust

swept away with the bad leaving a hole where the
  light poked through        grew something that
bumped in the night   making her guilt grow unchecked

the little girl grew up proud and strong
blonde and hard
a perfect pupil the   yin   to the warrior's dark   yang
complimenting each other in every way
but the inborn sense of  blood
she craved it but the bard knew what she
and in that moment  the bump had a rhythm
and a melody rich with depth and breadth

and with the heart came truth   and tears
and shame   and pain   and more
how broad can her shoulders be
    that the sins of the land     could sit so   easily
and remain all but unremarked

no more the wild child who  raged  across the land
who still had an eye for the ladies
 and a sense of bushido that would shame
any samurai   or his shogun
 because she was still just a   woman
and couldn't possibly know that the right man
for the job was indeed a man

standing toe to foe with anyone
her back guarded and  heart held
the air was filled with the  beat  beat  beat
of a part tamed beast
the best man for the job
in leather and breast plate
who owned a sneer  a smirk
and a cocked brow   just an itchy trigger finger way
from making you wish you'd never been born

all dusted off and prettied up
she now had   depth of character
and what grew in dark places was ignored
for the most part only showing up as a  glint
in her titanic eyes
enjoying the job no one else would take

and then after giving her the gift of love
and making her learn how to  give it up
they marched her into legend
after cutting her head off
   cutting the bard's heart out
and proving that perhaps she wasn't
the best man for the job   after all
herc would have walked away
with smile intact

being a woman she gave   until there was
nothing left   but that beat beat beat
of the wild child
going on inside the woman
with the flaxen hair
and the hard ocean eyes
of a teacher reborn

(c)Trish Shields

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