Cool Clean Waters

I lay my head down slowly
perchance to sleep or dream
I thought I'd catch a drink
by Morpheus' stream

Oh, to dream of leather
cold steel and azure eyes
deny the waking truth
embrace Egyptian sighs

But what I found was darkness
within me and without
for 'twas the end of fantasy
- a death, there was no doubt

The ashes of the mourning
came with the rising sun
but was a cold dish eaten
bitter spoonfuls, every one

And as the sky grew darker
as day progressed to night
I knew that I'd not drink
Morpheus' sweet delight

No more the tales of honour
of giants and of kings
of beauties laced with fire
of devi's and enchanted rings

The bloodlust and redemption
the cruelty and the pain
as lessons freely given
only reruns shall remain

The time when gods asunder
every mortal in their path
is done, now and forever
what is left - the sword and staff

Their songs were sung with voices
both shrill and honeyed, too
of warrior/bards in battle
and those who sought the truth

But for one shining moment
when the cry throughout the land
was for a pair of heroes
they fought, the battle grand

(c) ArdentTly

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