The Haunting of Amphipolis

It's beginning to look a lot like Amphipolis With green eyes aglow

Take a look at the ruined inn

abandoned once again

With evil chants and dead people we know!

It's beginning to look like possession

with Gabby stuck in the floor

With Evie being a pain

And 'Stopheles' reign

In Xe's backyard!

A quick shower for the bard

Oops, her body's crimson marred

Then Mephistopheles inside

Naked bard on the roof who talks like a spook Is a mixed blessing for Xena.

The warrior can hardly wait

Til Gabby's back again!

It's beginning to look like Mom is lost

So the demons say

And the thing that will make them leave

Is something that'll make you grieve

Evie's gotta bleed!

Mephistopheles is in our realm now

He's in her backyard

It's a fight til the end

And to Hell will our Xe descend

Til the next ep we won't know!

(c) ArdentTly


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