Life With My Xena
*Filking to The Eagles 'Life in the Fast Lane'

She was a cold blooded lass
she was brutally handsome
I was terribly naive
She held me up, her emotions were random
and my heart was on my sleeve

She had a nasty reputation as an ex-warlord
They said she was ruthless, and ardently chored
We had one thing in common,
We were well matched when met
I'd say, 'Xena,'re turning my head.'

Life with my Xena
Surely make you lose your mind,
Are you with me so far?

Eager for action and boot for the game
The coming attraction, the drop of her name
She knew all the wrong people,
she had all the right skills

She had outrageous battles, oh those heavenly kills.
There was blood on the chakram, blood on her hands
I pretended not to notice
She was caught up in the dance

But every evening, while it was still light
She was too taut to make it
I was too tired to fight about it

Life with my Xena
Surely make you lose your mind
Life with my Xena,
Never had us no time
Life in the trenches, uh huh
Fightin' and burnin', blinded by pain
I helped her see the Stop Sign
I helped with restraint.

She said, "Listen, baby.  Can't you leave me alone
I've been up and down this pathway
And I gotta atone."

I said, "I'm your answer.  I think we're gonna last!
The Fates say we're eternal
in the future and in the past."
You keep cruisin' for atonement
messed around and got lost
You'd already paid that high cost
Life in the fast lane
Oh yeah.

(c) Trish Shields

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