I'm a mocha type, and that's okay

I drink my Pepsi, too.

I eat chocolate now and then

and mainline Java brew.

Yes, she's a bard who's very naughty, too she lives her leather wear.

She likes channelling Bill the Cat

and going on a tear!

She doesn't need no booze

and drugs give her a chill

she'd rather write erotica

and hang with dear old Bill

She smokes cigars and says they're okay

they give her such a rush!

Driven mad by all her 'gimme' kids

until her mind is mush!

Yes, she's demented, that is so true

just wacko to the core!

She's given sanity a try, so there,

and found it such a bore!

She only uses booze

and drugs give her no thrill

she'd rather live erotica

and sling poems with dear old Bill!


April 15, 2000

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