The Forge

air filled with tension
eyes roving back and forth
wondering why I bother
- same old same old
the game of getting lucky
just not where I'm at

looking for something
not ever dreaming
that it's right there
hopes vibrating, dreams thrumming
- and with a shot, I'm off and running

air thick with banalities
promises, platitudes

miles to go before they're kept
and yet this one's different
not my type yet everything I need
but didn't know I wanted
singled out from the herd
am I the hunter
or is she?
with one touch, her scent, that voice

air sweet with the breath of promise
mouth stretched wide
lungs on fire
the blaze racing across skin
tingling across nerve endings
- two bodies locked in battle
in bliss
in ravenous torture
hearts bodies minds
beating in rhythm
in time
c o n n e c t e d
fingers that would settle for brass
close around gold

(c) ArdentTly

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