timeless beauty

i've seen that face
it haunts my dreams
it holds me ever tight

refuses me
a wink of sleep
i toss and turn all night

and every where
i turn away
she's there to torment me

with ice cold blue
high seas of lust
and fiery storms alee

I have traversed
each silken inch
from brow to radiant smile

and found myself
without a breath
truth bared and without guile

i've been so moved
by smirk or glare
her brawn with leather bared

and revelled in
each moment filled
with one whose love she shared

but now the chime
that marks my dreams
seems oddly out of step

the song's played out
that filled my head
in noisesome death I'm left

to ponder what
shall fill this gap
the stories all twice told

when hope was new
and friendship deep
forbidden love the mould

(c) ArdentTly

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