Words Enough To Say

Sometimes I find myself in a place
were words won't help.  In fact the words
are too many, too overwhelming, and much too personal
as they swamp me with emotions.
How do you sort through them and find something
comprehensible - to those who need to say them
and to others who might not realize their need to hear them?

Sometimes the emotions are such that I feel caught,
unable to process what I'm feeling, and certain that
no matter how I try that my efforts will fall short.
How do you thank strangers for being in your life,
albeit distantly and cyberly?

Every day I look at my partner, every post I receive
that touches my heart, and the sweet photos that are
exchanged, makes me realize just how very important
my life beyond these four walls yet contained within a box, are.
How do you express gratitude that diminishes you by every word
and every thought you wish to share?

Every moment of every day cements the fact that my family,
those who live beyond my sight in every corner of the world,
and others I was born to, each reside within my heart.
How can I not tell you how important you are and that
something as mundane and intangible as a television show
has brought me more joy, more entertainment, and more love
than I ever thought I'd have in this lifetime?

How can I not?

(c)Trish Shields

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