Just One Perfect Weekend


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Rated NC-17 for f/f sexual situations.

No violence.

No angst.

Hayden was in such a good mood as she drove home from the shopping center that she could barely keep herself from whistling. "I don’t know what it is," she thought, "but just the thought of seeing Kelly puts me in the best mood!" "You’d think she was my lover or something! Ha, no chance of that!" "At least I think theres no chance of that" "Who are you kidding, Hayden! You wish, You wish, You wish!!" With a huge grin, she silently reminded herself that she dreams about her friend almost every night! Even though Hayden knew that EVEN IF Kelly was into women, she probably would be soooo NOT her type! "Still, I can’t stop thinking about her any chance I get!" "Uuuunnnggghhh! I must be a glutton for punishment!"

Hayden fixed herself a quick dinner before heading over to Kellys place. "Just in case I have a drink or four….I sure don’t want to get sick!!" It was Friday night and most of Hayden’s friends were heading out to the clubs. She, of course, turned down all invitations to go hang out, maybe watch a movie, with Kelly. "Maybe NOT watch a movie," thought Hayden…"Haha….a girl can dream can’t she…"

It was almost 8pm when Hayden grabbed the bottle of tequila she was bringing, and headed out. When she arrived, the first thing she noticed was the uncharacteristic SILENCE around her. She looked at Kelly with a puzzled look on her face and Kelly finally said, "OH, ummm, my EX took the kids away for the weekend."

"Aaahhh that explains it," thought Hayden as she allowed her gaze to take in the striking, tall, lanky yet muscular figure before her. She didn’t know what possessed her, but she suddenly blurted out,"Do you know you have THE most exquisite pale green eyes that I have ever seen!?" Kelly seemed a little embarrassed but smiled genuinely and kindly at Hayden. "Well, what movie did you bring?" she asked. Hayden snapped out of her lust trance long enough to say,"Ummm, an action/thriller…with Arnold Shwarzenegger I think." "Great" said Kelly, "lets go get some drinks together."

They paid little attention to the movie as they talked , joked around, and slammed back shots of tequila…complete with lemons and salt of course! Kelly was sitting on her couch, her long legs stretched out in front of her. Hayden sat on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. Her eyes kept sneaking back to gaze at those long legs. "Oh god," she thought to herself, "What I wouldn’t give to lose myself between those legs!" She suddenly got a belly rush and adjusted her sitting position a bit. Before Hayden could even think about what she was doing, she reached out and trailed her fingertips from Kellys kneecap to her thigh where her shorts ended. Kelly shivered slightly and Hayden saw the goosebumps rise on her flesh. "Well, thought Hayden, This could be good….should I push my luck? Oh yeah…how could I not!!" She then slid her hand along the same path but this time gently squeezing the long length of muscle. Hayden’s heartbeat sped up both from fear and excitement. As she began sliding her hand back towards Kellys knee, she felt Kelly curl her long slim fingers around her wrist, slowly pulling it back up towards her thigh. "OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!" Hayden silently screeched inside her head. She slowly got up onto her knees and turned to face Kelly. Gently squeezing her way between those beautiful long legs she shyly gazed up into sparkling green orbs. Kelly gave her a huge grin and then quickly looked away. Hayden slowly leaned in towards full luscious lips and tentatively placed her lips onto Kellys. She reached up to slide her hand behind Kellys neck and deepened the kiss. Fireworks were exploding in Haydens’ head as she lengthened the kiss…sucking in Kellys lower lip then slowly nibbling it and finally running her hot tongue across it. Kelly opened her mouth in invitation. Hayden happily slipped her tongue into the warm waiting mouth. "Aaagghhh" she thought, "I am in heaven" Their tongues slid erotically along one another, back and forth between the two anxious caverns. Hayden reached out with her free hand and caressed Kellys cheek, down her neck to the pulsing vein there. She quickly adjusted her lips and began to suck lightly on that pulse point. Her hand slid next over the pronounced collarbone and across the top of Kellys waiting breasts. Her rock hard nipples were striving to push their way through the thin cloth holding them in. Kelly gasped as Hayden squeezed a nipple and then reached to pull Kellys shirt over her head. As soon as the dusky pink nipples were free, Hayden bent her head and reached her tongue out to at last taste this beautiful womans flesh!! "My god," thought Hayden, " just thinking about touching her, kissing her, tasting her makes me sooo wet! Uuunngghhh!!" Hayden began to draw her fingernails along the underside of the aching breasts. Kelly threw her head back and arched into Haydens’ touch. Haydens nails circled Kellys breasts again and again always stopping just before reaching the nipples. Her face was still close by and she snaked her tongue out to lightly touch the very tip of a swollen pink nipple. Then she blew gently across it. With this, Kelly grasped Haydens hair and pushed her face into her breasts. With one last circle of the tongue, Hayden dove in and heatedly sucked an engorged nipple into her mouth. Kelly moaned loudly and began to move her hips in a timeless rhythm. Haydens hands now caressed along the length of Kellys ribcage down across her firm yet so soft belly. She slid her hands around the small waist and caressed the smooth naked back. She went back and forth from one swollen nipple to the other, hungrily sucking and nibbling on them as her hands wandered aimlessly. Kellys soft moans only fueled Haydens’ passion and she began to kiss her all over her belly, swirling her tongue into that sexy little belly button. Around back, she slid her hands down to the waistband of Kellys shorts and then with just a little effort, allowed her hands to dip into the shorts and gently squeeze the firm hot ass she found there. Haydens heartbeat was pounding so hard she thought surely Kelly must hear it but no, Kelly was busy feeling the same thing. Hayden pulled her lips off of the hard nub and looked into Kellys eyes, silently pleading her case. Kelly just slightly lifted her hips and Hayden slid her fingers into the sides of the waistband pulling the shorts and underwear off in one swift move. Hayden thought she couldn’t wait another second as the scent of Kellys passion rose to greet her or rather hit her like a hammer…"oh, Kelly, you smell soo good, sooo delicious," she panted as her hands began caressing hips, thighs and calves. She bent over and licked behind Kellys knee and slowly placed kisses up and down her thighs. Kelly’s heart was racing and the meetingplace of her 2 thighs was throbbing wantonly! She gasped as she felt a delicate kiss being placed onto her dark curly hairs. Her hips jumped as she felt those lips move slowly up and down and around her center. Hayden grasped the hips in front of her and snaked her tongue out to draw it slowly between moist hot lips that were engorged with excitement. "Ohhh, you taste even better than you smell" " So sweet and musky, mmmm mmmmm" Kelly couldn’t believe all she was feeling and how wet she was getting. She responded huskily, " oh Hayden, mmm , soo soo good!!" Hayden’s own clit was throbbing now and her head was swimming. Kelly was soo wet and she tasted sooo good, Hayden couldn’t get enough of it and she joyously lapped at the full length of Kelly’s sex as though she were dying of thirst! She suddenly grabbed those long strong legs and draped one over each shoulder as she pulled Kelly closer. She reached under and grasped Kellys sexy firm ass with both hands and pulled her body to her over and over again. She soon found the small opening that was delivering this heady and creamy mixture and speared her tongue inside! Kelly gasped loudly and bucked her hips. She ran her hands into Hayden’s long blonde hair and held on for dear life, all the while grinding herself onto Hayden’s waiting face. Hayden reached around with one hand and slowly, so slowly pressed two fingers into Kelly’s sopping wet hole. As she did this, she sought and found the hard little nerve bundle at the top of her sex. She delightedly sucked it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. She continued sucking as she slid her fingers in and out as Kelly gripped Hayden’s head even tighter. Kelly began to buck her hips wildly and moan louder and louder. Her legs shot out straight over Hayden’s shoulders and she exclaimed, "Ungh YES Hayden YES oh my god oh my god Uuunngghhhh, Aaaahhhhh….." Just as Hayden felt Kelly begin to climax she reached her free hand under her own chin and tapped her finger onto Kelly’s tight and highly excited anal opening. Hayden was in heaven, she was sucking and fucking this woman whom she had lusted after for months and months. Kellys whole body shook as she was slammed with the most amazing orgasm. Hayden slid her body up the length of Kelly’s tall frame, wrapped her arms tightly around her, and began to deliriously kiss her again on her lips, and nose, and chin and back to lips again. Kelly was thrilled with tasting herself on her friends lips. As the aftershocks subsided both women re-entered the land of the living and smiled wholeheartedly at one another. Kelly quietly said, " Ohh Hayden, I had no idea…." Hayden replied to that by stating the fact that they had only barely begun to scratch the surface of possibilities between them.


Part 2


As they disentangled themselves from each other and the couch, Kelly said, "Why don’t you step out and have a smoke while I fix us another drink?" "That sounds good, Thanks" said Hayden. "Uummm,Hayden?" "Yes?" " Why don’t you meet me in my bedroom when you come back in?" " That sounds even better!! See you in a minute…."

Hayden stopped at the bathroom when she came back in. She saw a new toothbrush sitting out so she put it to good use then headed into the bedroom. Kelly had set their drinks on the nightstand and was just putting in a Fresh Aire cd when Hayden walked in." Hey there…" "Hey yourself….lets get comfortable….. " Hayden followed Kellys lead this time and crawled onto the bed to lean up against the headboard. They each took a few sips of their drink and then set them back down. Kelly leaned over and cupped Hayden’s chin in her hand. She pulled her to her and gently kissed her. Their arms both wound around each other and again anxious hands wandered aimlessly. Kelly slowly reached towards Hayden’s breasts, and began massaging and stroking it. Hayden took in a huge breath and shivered slightly. While deepening the hot passionate kisses, Kelly decided to feel for the hard nipple in her hand and began tugging and squeezing it. Hayden began doing the same to Kelly. Before long they were both out of breath with racing heartbeats. Hayden quietly asked Kelly if she had any toys. "Toys?" puzzled Kelly. " uuggh yes, you know like vibrators or a strap on….." "oh," said Kelly…. "I’m a little slow on the draw tonight! Well, actually yes, I have a vibrator but I’ve never had use for a strap on" Hayden giggled at that, "No, I guess you wouldn’t" "Can I see your vibrator? Is it a good one?" "Well, what do you consider a good one?" Hayden answered somewhat shyly, " Not those hard plastic ones! The better ones are firm but soft" "Oh, I think I have a good one then", Kelly said as she reached into a drawer by the bed. She pulled out a bright pink 6 inch long vibrator. " That’s the ticket" said Hayden. After this somewhat odd conversation they both simultaneously leaned into each others lips again. Hayden again pulled Kellys shirt over her head and gazed lovingly at the perfect breasts with hard nipples that she found there. She laid her body out along the length of Kellys and caressed her so soft skin all over while pulling a nipple into her mouth. She moaned with joy at the exquisite taste and feel of the hard nipple in her mouth. She sucked on it for all she was worth.

Kelly started to sit up and Hayden pulled back saying "Are you ok?" "Oh yes" said Kelly," I just wanted to take your shirt off too." "Oh," said Hayden smiling and only too happy to oblige. As her shirt was pulled off, she leaned in and proceeded to devour Kelly’s neck, chin, and finally traced a tender red ear with her tongue. She pulled the fleshy lobe into her mouth and gently sucked it before moving back to those beautiful lips. Kelly’s head was beginning to swim again and she just caressed and kneaded anything she could get her hands on. Hayden reached down to push the underwear for the second time tonight down over the soft hips that held them. Kelly said, " you too this time…" Hayden quickly reached down and shoved her own underthings off and tossed them to the floor. She turned back towards Kelly and slowly slid her own hard thigh in between the impossibly long legs that she just adored. When her leg met with Kelly’s hot center they both gasped at the delicious sensation. Kelly followed and pressed her thigh to Hayden’s center. Her breath hitched when she felt the wet mound press onto her leg. Still kissing one another heatedly, Hayden slid her arms around this beautiful woman and gently grasped her ass, squeezing and kneading in time with her thigh pressing into Kelly. Kelly again followed suit and within moments they were both writhing against one another, moaning and panting into each others mouths. Hayden slowly leaned back and said to Kelly, " roll over for me sweetie?" Kelly stretched her long frame out and laid on her stomach, her head to the side so she could still watch her new lover. Hayden sat up and straddled Kellys back, then leaned over to whisper huskily in Kelly’s ear, " I want you so badly it hurts" Kelly moaned with the delicious tingle in her ear and pushed up slightly with her behind. Hayden began to massage the shoulders, arms, and back beneath her and then slowly slid her body down the length of Kelly’s and slightly off to the side. With her right hand Hayden stroked up and down Kelly’s ass and the back of her thighs. She did this for a long while, until she felt Kelly writhing beneath her. Hayden gently pressed her hand between Kelly’s thighs in order to slightly spread them. They happily followed her cue and Hayden whispered hotly about the most magnifiscent ass she was clutching. Kelly jumped when Hayden slowly reached in to draw her fingers between the legs in search of the hot wet bundle of nerves. Kelly moaned loudly and began to gyrate her hips in a slow circle. Hayden easily slipped a finger, then two deep into Kellys waiting throbbing vagina. After sliding in and out several times, all the while kneading that beautiful ass, she decided to try the toy. First she slid it back and forth between hot swollen lips to get it covered with Kellys hot juices. Then she put the tip of it into her fingers previous home. She slowly slid it in a little bit, then pulled it out and slipped it a little further. Before long Kelly’s vaginal muscles began to pull it into herself. Hayden was caressing and kissing any flesh she could and reached over to turn the vibrator onto a very slow setting. As she pumped the toy into her very wet lover, she found her throbbing clit and caressed that with her thumb. Kelly’s hips were moving faster now and she was grunting with every deep thrust Hayden made. Hayden had wrapped her own legs around the nearest thigh and began to grind her soaking wet mound into it. With every forward thrust that Hayden was making, Kelly threw her hips back, slamming into the hand that held the toy. She was moaning and groaning loudly now and Hayden couldn’t help but join her in her sensuous vocalizations! All that Kelly could think about at this point was her throbbing center and bucking hips….it all felt so fabulous, the thumb on her clit, the toy pounding into her , the tongue on her…wait, the tongue thrusting INTO her other tight hole….."OH GOD…oh ohhhh" with one final jerk backwards she felt the vibrator speed up and a million colors exploded in her brain! The powerful orgasm began at her center and shot out of control through her entire body and out her fingertips and toes! Hayden just felt the trembling begin beneath her and it was enough the send her over the edge as well…."Ungh YES YES OHHhhhhhhh……"..Both of their bodies convulsed and twitched for several minutes as the aftershocks subsided. Hayden gently pulled the toy out of her lover and turned it off. As she crawled back up Kellys quivering body she slowly rolled her back over so as to have an unobstructed view of the beautiful face and lips that she was heading for.



Hayden curled her body around and over the tall heap of satiated woman next to her. Kelly slowly caressed her back and wondered at her still throbbing body. She said quietly, "Now I know what people mean when they say they had their brains fucked out! My brain is mush!" Hayden felt a satisfied blush color her face. Kelly continued, " Hayden, I have never felt so FILLED in my life!" "You know it was my pleasure," Hayden cooed. "I want to learn how to make you feel as good as I do now." "MMMmmmmmm," replied Hayden, "Now that is music to my ears but how about we take a little nap first? It is only 4 am" "Yeah, I am beat" said Kelly as she wrapped her arms around Hayden’s soft warm body and quickly drifted off to sleep. Hayden laid her head just above a perfect breast and slid her arm across the smooth, taut belly part way beneath her. Her mind was swirling and spinning with total disbelief of this night! Her last thought before drifting off to sleep herself was the hope that she wouldn’t suddenly waken to find it had all been a dream!

A few hours passed quietly with the sunlight finally making an appearance and blanketing the two naked lovers in it’s warmth. Kelly woke up first and lay there thinking and gazing at her new lover. She let her fingertips graze over the soft arm draped across her belly. She trailed them up the arm, over the shoulder, and down the smooth soft back. Her body was still humming! She had let the idea of being with a woman cross her mind before, but had never thought seriously about it. Feeling soft, smooth, silky skin all over her own naked flesh was such a difference to the feeling of course hair scratching her all over! What amazed her really was the pleasure that Hayden had gotten from making love to her. She had not done anything to Hayden, (yet) but still she had an orgasm. It must be a feeling of power that is so good. "Well, now," thought Kelly, " I want to feel that too, I want to OWN her body as she owned mine a short while ago." "Oh my god, I am getting so wet again just thinking about it!" She gently pushed Hayden back a little so she could shift and get her mouth near the beautiful breasts she could see softly rising and falling with Hayden’s deep sleeping breaths. She delicately reached her tongue out to touch the tip of a nipple and grinned widely when she saw it jump to attention immediately. Hayden was still asleep but as Kelly wrapped her warm lips around the now hard nipple, her breathing very obviously increased. Kelly heard a little whimper and glanced up still sucking lovingly. Pale green met sparkling dark green and those hot lips disengaged themselves and headed for Hayden’s lips instead. In between passionate kisses, Hayden gasped, "mmmm, what a wonderful way to wake up!" Kelly just smiled warmly and then asked, "So, are you hungry this morning?" "Mmmm, only for you," Hayden smiled. Kelly dove back down to Hayden’s breasts, sucking, licking, kissing them both all over. She felt Hayden’s hips start to move involuntarily. She felt herself getting drunk with the power she seemed to wield over this woman’s body!! "Mmmm, That feels sooo good," Hayden said, "but listen, Kelly,…I want you to know that I wouldn’t want you to do something you weren’t comfortable with…it isn’t necessary for me" "Ahhh, but it is for me Hayden,, I want you…NOW" " I might just need some guidance" she said with a smirk. Hayden responded quickly, " it seems to me that you’re a very quick study!"

Kelly began tracing goosebumped flesh from breast to hip, to thigh and back again all the while still languishing attention on two very rigid and pebbled nipples. Hayden began moaning in earnest…she couldn’t help herself….this woman was driving her to distraction! As her hips continued to rock slowly, Kelly caressed her soft belly and suddenly said, "Oooh, I forgot about your belly ring!" She slid her body down until her chin rested on Hayden’s stomach. She reached her tongue out and pushed it into the silver circle. Hayden whimpered, then moaned loudly as Kelly then tugged at it with her tongue. "Oooh, so that feels good, huh?" asked Kelly. "Mmmm Hmmmm," moaned a writhing Hayden, absolutely mad with passion at this point. Kelly slid her body back up towards Hayden’s waiting hot tongue, but at the same time she gingerly slid a hand down to cover light brown curls damp with passion. "Oh YES," Hayden gasped, "touch me, Please"

Kelly, never one to refuse a friend with good manners, did just that. Tentatively at first, she slid one finger into the wet folds and slowly stroked back and forth….staying away from both the hard bundle of nerves and the sopping wet opening….for now. "Uunngghhh,Kelly, YES," cried Hayden and Kelly decided to torture her a bit longer before slowly sliding her long finger into the hot wet entrance. They both moaned loudly at the sensation. Hayden threw her head back and her hips forward. Kelly was mesmerized by the hot soft walls clutching at her finger as she began to slide it in and out. While the tip of her finger was almost outside of it’s steamy home, she slid in another and drove the two long digits deep into her new lover. Hayden’s hips were bucking now and she dug her feet into the sheets for a better grip. She moaned and groaned with each thrust of Kelly’s hand. When Kelly positioned her thumb over the engorged clit and pressed on it gently, Hayden wailed, "OHH YES Ooooooohhhhh YESSsssss O my god Kelly, YES I’m gonna come aaaggghhhh" Hayden’s fists were gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles were white and her head was rolling from side to side while grinding down onto her friends agile fingers! She threw her knee up so her strong thigh would connect with Kelly’s dripping center. Kelly was wild by this time…all thoughts left her head except how good it felt to be FUCKING this woman and hearing those moans of ecstasy..all because of her! She started to yell out with Hayden…"Oh yes baby, come for me…ohh, ooohh baby YES.." Suddenly Hayden’s body froze , arched in mid air, and then her body shook and trembled as she grasped tightly to Kelly. Kelly felt herself start to go, she ground down one last time onto Hayden’s well placed thigh and then began shuddering as well.

The aftershocks lasted for several minutes as Kelly tenderly stroked Hayden all over and planted light kisses all over her face and neck. She felt a tear drip down from Hayden’s eye and she was pretty sure they were happy tears!

part 4


After several minutes of letting their racing hearts calm and caressing one another tenderly, the women both decided it was time for showers. By the time they were both showered and dressed it was already 3 in the afternoon. They had mutually decided that Hayden would stay the rest of the weekend. She would head out the next evening, before Kelly’s ex, Adam, brought their kids home.

Kelly was finding herself wanting to get right back in bed with Hayden, but thought perhaps that they should go out for a bite to eat. She asked Hayden for her opinion on where to go. "Well, said Hayden, there’s a great restaurant downtown that is kind of a gay/straight mix and the food is always fabulous." "Ok", Kelly responded, "that ought to be fun, lets go." Less than an hour later the women were walking into a small darkened restaurant in the city. There were quite a few tables for such a small place. Still, the downstairs dining area was the epitome of romantic. Kelly glanced around and saw that Hayden was right about it being a mixed crowd. There seemed to be as many lesbian and gay couples as there were straight couples. Everyone looked comfortable and at ease. "Nice," she thought. The women chatted amiably while waiting for their dinner, each one occasionally finding a smile on their face that they didn’t consciously put there.

"Mmmmm, you were right Hayden," said Kelly, "this food is fantastic!" "I’m glad you’re pleased," said Hayden in a husky voice that she didn’t really intend. Kelly felt a charge run up and down her spine with the words. Hayden just couldn’t seem to stop gazing into those beautiful pale green eyes! Suddenly, Hayden seemed to snap to attention and spoke up, " I need to use the restroom, will you be okay if I disappear for a few minutes?" "Oh, of course, go ahead," replied Kelly. Once Hayden was behind the locked door of the small private restroom, she shivered a bit and decided to relax for a few minutes. Just as she was splashing some cold water onto her face, she heard a faint knock on the door. "Yes…occupied," she called out softly. On the other side of the heavy wooden door she heard a very quiet voice saying," It’s me…can I come in?" Hayden pulled the door open, looked quickly around the area surrounding the restroom, and jumped back inside pulling Kelly with her. Hayden barely had the door locked when Kelly pulled her into a searing kiss. Both of Kelly’s hands went up to hold Hayden’s face and she slid her tongue in between slightly parted lips. "Oooh," said Hayden when she was able to…."I like your kind of dessert!" Kelly gasped out, "I just couldn’t wait a minute longer….I’ve been thinking about those lips all through dinner!" Hayden moaned into the waiting mouth before her. Before Hayden’s head would spin right off, she reached behind Kelly and found purchase on a hot little ass. She grasped it and pulled Kelly toward her until her moist center was pressing into Hayden’s firm thigh. Hayden began to slowly unbutton Kelly’s blouse. Once done, she pushed the offending bra up above the most perfect breasts she’d ever seen. Hayden quickly latched on to a rigid nipple with her burning hot lips. Kelly threw her head back and moaned as quietly as she could. Hayden reached down to the button on Kellys skirt while her tongue continued to circle that delicious nipple. The skirt fell to the floor, leaving a pair of silk stockings as her only barrier to heaven. Hayden slid her hands around Kelly’s hips, hooking her fingers into Kelly’s stockings and gently pulling them down to her knees. Hayden slid down Kelly’s body, licking and nipping any exposed skin she encountered until she was kneeling before her. Kelly threaded her fingers into Hayden’s hair as Hayden leaned forward to kiss Kelly’s mound. Her scent of arousal was making Hayden’s head spin so with one hand she reached forward and held Kelly’s lower lips open as she thrust her tongue into her hot wet folds. Hayden’s free hand just ran up and down the length of Kelly’s body while she let her tongue follow the signs coming from Kelly. She slid it all the length of her sex and circled the hard throbbing nub a few times. As her free hand gripped Kellys glorious ass, she drove her tongue deeply inside as far as she could. Feeling Kellys inner muscles clutching and squeezing her tongue almost sent Hayden over the edge herself! Kelly was admirably keeping her moans and groans very quiet for the most part. She whimpered in disappointment when she felt Hayden’s long hot tongue leave her body, until she felt it again circling her clit and felt two fingers slide easily into her depths. She threw her head back and held tightly to Hayden’s hair as she felt the orgasm building from deep within herself. Hayden took the hard clit into her mouth and sucked on it relentlessly while her fingers pounded into Kelly’s center. It was only seconds later then, that Kelly exploded in orgasm and took every ounce of control she had not to scream to the heavens! Hayden slowly pulled her fingers free and licked them clean while staring into Kelly’s beautiful green eyes. Kelly wanted to reverse positions and return the favor but Hayden insisted there would be no way in hell she could keep quiet enough…that would wait until after dinner and they were back home to Kelly’s empty house.

They both returned to their romantic table for two and enjoyed the rest of the meal together. On the drive back, Hayden was lost in her own thoughts. She was having a fabulous weekend….hell, this was her dream weekend, but she did wonder just a bit about what would happen between the two friends when the weekend was over. She was pretty sure her friend was just having some fun…as was she…but would continue to look for a man as a mate. She silently wondered about how she would feel about that when the time came! "I suppose I should just enjoy the time I do have with her and not worry so much," she thought. The problem for her was, she was pretty sure she had fallen in love with her friend! She would never discuss it with Kelly though….feeling that she’d rather not risk the friendship they had built up over the years. Before long they were back at Kelly’s empty house and Kelly was chomping at the bit to get back into the bedroom with Hayden. As soon as they were inside, Kelly slammed the heavy front door shut and pushed Hayden up against it…..completely surprising Hayden and causing a tingle to run up and down her spine. Kelly pressed her body into Hayden’s and devoured the lips in front of her. Tongues were sliding back and forth and circling each other. When Kelly pulled back out of the need for oxygen she pressed her lips to Hayden’s ear and whispered hotly, "I’m going to fuck you with that toy tonight!" Hayden just whimpered and nodded her head in agreement. Kelly pulled a dumbstruck Hayden behind her into the bedroom and directed her to lay on the bed & get comfortable. While Hayden was enjoying her brain exploding, Kelly grabbed the strap on that they picked up at Hayden’s on the way home, and began to slowly undress. Hayden’s mouth went dry as she watched Kelly don the strap on and begin crawling up the bed towards her. She looked like a panther…sleek and predatory. Hayden’s heart was beating like a drum at this point. Kelly laid her long body out on top of Hayden and nudged Hayden’s legs apart so she could lie between them. As she began to nibble and kiss swollen lips, her hands slid down over Hayden’s body, caressing and massaging every inch of skin she encountered. She wanted to feel for herself to be sure that Hayden was ready for the toy. She was drenched and now moaning and moving sensually beneath Kelly. Kelly pulled herself back a bit to position the toy directly at Hayden’s opening. As she slowly pressed forward, Hayden threw her head back and moaned, "Oh God, Yessss" She lifted her legs to wrap around Kelly’s waist and slowly they began moving together in a rhythm as old as time. Hayden’s hands were trailing up and down Kelly’s back and finally she grabbed onto Kelly’s ass and pulled her into herself fully. After several minutes of Hayden’s ultimate pleasure, Kelly asked her to roll over as she slid the toy out. Hayden groaned at the loss but quickly flipped over. Kelly held onto Hayden’s hips, pulling them higher into the air, and slid the toy back home again. Hayden moaned loudly and fell forward so that her face was on the bed. Kelly continued to pound into her from behind, holding her hips with one hand, and snaking the other hand around front where she could pay attention to Hayden’s rock hard clit. Hayden’s head was spinning in delerium at this point. She gasped and moaned and threw her hips back to meet Kelly thrust for thrust. "Oh my god….mmmmmm baby…that is sooo goood" panted Hayden. Kelly was in a trance at this point just pounding away behind Hayden and feeling the other end of the toy hit her clit every time she thrust into Hayden. She began moaning in earnest as well. Hayden’s hands were clutching the sheets as she felt her impending orgasm gathering strength. "Ohhh baby, don’t stop, don’t stop…." Kelly just grunted behind her and did not stop until they were both screaming out and writhing in ecstasy! After several minutes of aftershocks for them both, Kelly slid out of Hayden and they both fell asleep right as they were.


Part 5

Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful, draping the entwined bodies in sunlight. Kelly was laying on her side with her long leg draped over Hayden, who was still sound asleep on her stomach. She reached over and with long slim fingers brushed some hair back off of Hayden’s forehead. Hayden began to stir and stretch out like a cat while rolling over to face Kelly. "Good morning," supplied Kelly with a smile on her face. Hayden returned with, "Good morning beautiful!" She reached up to brush her lips gently over Kelly’s. "This has been the best weekend," Hayden exclaimed with heartfelt sincerity. Kelly smiled wider and said," Mmmm, for me too Hayden!" She leaned in to kiss Hayden again and caressed her lower lip with her tongue, gently asking for entrance. Hayden of course granted this small wish and could not hold in the moan as Kelly filled her mouth with that hot wet muscle. Suddenly Hayden recalled their lovemaking from the night before and grinned slyly at Kelly. "What?" Kelly asked with a laugh. Hayden thought for a moment and then said, "After last night you can NOT convince me that you’d never worn and used a strap on before!!!" Kelly actually blushed as Hayden continued, "Baby you were a PRO with that thing….you could not have simply had beginners luck!!" "Well," Kelly began slowly with her head tilted down a bit, "I have never been with a woman before you…..but it is true that I have used a strap-on before." She quickly found her own feet very interesting. Hayden absorbed this information and just smiled at Kelly before claiming her lips again. The ladies decided to shower and have some breakfast before enjoying their last few hours alone together. "I’m going to hate leaving here this evening," said Hayden quietly while they cleaned up after breakfast. "So am I" responded Kelly as she slid her arms around Hayden’s waist. Hayden continued, "Do you think you might want to have a weekend like this again sometime?" Kelly bent down to Hayden’s ear and said, "Oh yeah, I think I do!" Hayden smiled fully while inside her heart simply soared! She knew that this could end at anytime & didn’t know how she would handle that but for now she would be happy to take what she could get.

After breakfast they put on some music and headed back into the bedroom with their coffees and waters. Hayden slid off her boxers and t-shirt and motioned for Kelly to join her on the bed. Kelly stretched her full length out and Hayden cosied up onto her right away. As Kelly slowly caressed the strong back, Hayden began kissing and nibbling on her neck. Kelly stretched her neck out and moaned, " Mmmmmmmm Hayden, that feels so good." Her heart sped up as Hayden moved up to have better access and began sucking on the pulse point beating fast on Kelly’s neck. She nibbled her way across a collarbone and sucked on a muscular shoulder. Concurrently the thumb and forefinger of her left hand were twirling a hard nipple between them. Hayden’s hungry lips left the shoulder and made a beeline to the neglected nipple. While her hot tongue slowly circled it her fingers began pulling and tugging on the other one. Kelly rolled her head back and forth saying, "Oh yes baby, that feels so good, yes yes……" Kelly’s hands found themselves in Hayden’s hair, running the silky blonde tresses through her fingers. Hayden licked and sucked her way up and down Kelly’s torso until Kelly was arching her back and begging Hayden to touch her. Hayden slid her fingers in between Kelly’s wet silky lower lips and smoothly entered her lover as far as she could. Kelly threw her head back and just moaned so loud. Hayden observed, "Oh baby you are so wet." "Oh yes baby all for you" was Kelly’s breathless response. Hayden repositioned herself so that her throbbing center was directly above Kelly’s. She reached down to separate both of their lips and lowered herself onto her lover. When Kelly felt Hayden’s hard wet clit smashing into her own she almost came right then and there. "oh god baby Ohhh YES Hayden, harder baby oh yessss" They moved together as if their bodies were made for one another. Kelly clutched Hayden’s firm ass and pulled her harder into her. Suddenly they both felt their stomachs tightening at once and they grabbed on and grinded a few last times into each other before they both exploded in full body orgasms.

The women both knew they had only a few hours left and so they stayed in bed just lounging and kissing most of the time. When Hayden glanced at the clock and saw that Kelly’s kids would be back in two hours she began caressing Kelly’s body with obvious intent. As she moved to straddle Kelly’s waist she ran both of her hands up Kelly’s torso to her perfect breasts. She massaged them and pushed them together diving forward to take both nipples into her mouth at once. As Hayden voraciously made love to Kelly’s breasts she reached over to where she had put the strap on and toy. She held it up so Kelly could see it and raised her eyebrows up and down comically. Kelly chucked and just slowly nodded her head. Hayden pushed herself back and up from her lover and quickly slipped into the strap on. From there she decided to pay a good bit of attention to Kelly’s beautiful long, long, long legs. She massaged her way up and down each one, then kissed licked and nibbled her way over the same course. Kelly was writhing and moaning all the while as her clit began to pound steadily. Hayden slowly got up onto her knees and gently lifted Kelly’s right leg up until it was straight up in the air. She did the same with the left leg and then hooked Kelly’s calves over her shoulders while she remained kneeling tall. With one hand she directed the toy to Kelly’s soaked center while her other hand reached around to tug and roll the hard nipple she found. Kelly was amazed at the access that Hayden was able to get this way and Hayden began to thrust fully into her lover while nibbling on the backs of her calves. After a short while they both teetered on the edge since every thrust sent a part of the toy against Haydens hard clit as well. When Kelly sounded as though she was about to go over Hayden reached around and slid her fingers over Kellys dripping wet clit until Kelly began to shudder and screamed out her orgasm. Hayden went over the edge right behind her. As they caught their breath Hayden slowly lowered Kelly’s trembling legs down to the bed. They spent several minutes kissing and basking in the afterglow until they had no choice but to get up and prepare for the children to come home. Hayden drove home with a mile wide smile on her face after Kelly asked her to join her again in two weeks. They would meet for coffee and dinner before then.

The end


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