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Two halves of a whole, joined for eternity,

neither half ever truly existing without the other.


Green Eyes Meet Blue


Green eyes meet blue.

A spark;

A message, unspoken, passes between them.


One will not leave the other;

They will face the danger together.

Green eyes refuse to compromise on the matter.


Gentle hands tend to wounds.

Green eyes meet blue.


They fought together,

Were injured together,

Endured together.

One is inextricably joined to the other.


Two figures move about camp.

Green eyes meet blue.

A smile;

Each works at her task,

Moving fluidly around the actions of the other.

No words spoken;

They know this routine well.


Vivid horrors, terrible memories;


One frantically wakes the other,

Drenched in sweat.

Green eyes meet blue.

Comfort, warmth, reassurance;

Each shall gladly help shoulder the burdens of the other,

No matter the weight of the load.

Souls entwined,

They are one.


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