A Bard's Fury

by Bardbaric



Disclaimer: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle do not belong to me. I just borrowed them for a moment and then returned them.

Warning: This story contains some violence and a graphic love scene between two woman. If this illegal where you are or if you are under age, please read something else.


" Hold on Bri."

"By the Gods, Xena. I can't wait any longer. Please Xe."

"Just a little longer, love."

"Now Xena. Come with me now."

"Okay, I'll come with you. Just tell me why you can't use the chamber pot here."

Gabrielle quickly pulled Xena out of the rancid tavern and toward the center of town.

"Xena, did you not with all your many skills senses see, hear, or smell what went into or came out of that chamber pot."

"Gabrielle, I did notice something but was distracted by the staff dancing girls. With all the squirming you were doing and all that

stew you ate earlier, I just assumed it was coming from you."

Turning to hide her smirk from Gabrielle, Xena mumbled "That thing inside you can sometimes be heard by all of Greece."

"Not funny warrior princess. I did have 3 mugs of honeyed goat's milk. I sat there suffering that long so you could drool over mostly

naked dancers?"

"Gabrielle, I'll have you know that I was learning some new moves with the staff."

"Really Xena. Just how are those moves going to help you fight off warlords. That is why we were in there isn't it?"

"Warlords? Who said anything about warlords. I was learning some new staff techniques to teach you. Might come in handy someday.

Besides, the warlord wanna be that we came to confront was passed out in the corner with his merry band of idiots. No fun in kicking

the tartarus out of someone that is already unconcious.

"You are not working for the greater good here Xena. You ARE working towards spending a night in the horse stall. I can't believe you made me sit there that long for a cheap thrill. I'll show you some moves with a staff."

"Gabrielle relax. I wasn't really watching the girls."

"Relax? We'll need a boat suitable for sailing to see Cleopatra in Egypt if I relax now. Where the hades is that public chamber pot?"

"Thank the Gods. There it is. I thought I saw one when we passed through this row of shops."

"Wait out here, Xena."

"No need to tell me twice. I'll just go look for some supplies, Xena said as her amused look turned to dismay when she took in the row

of garment stalls. "Where the hades are the weapons stalls?"

Xena was almost done with her second look through of the stalls and sneering at any stall owners who dared to entertain the idea of

approaching her for a sale, when Gabrielle finally emerged into the daylight.

Walking over to Gabrielle, Xena gave her a quick inspection for signs of illness.

"Are you well Gabrielle? You were in there a long time."

"I'm fine Xe. Sort of. While I was sitting there, I noticed someone had written a lost love story on the wall. It was so sad. After reading it, I guess I got lost in thoughts of that happening to us."

Cupping a hand under the bard's chin, Xena brought her face up until their eyes met. "Gabrielle, don't worry. Even in death, I will never leave you. I will find a way back to you always."

"Thank you Xe. I know you will."

Straightening up to her full warrior height Xena said, "Now let's go find a row of stalls with some useful supplies." With that she

took off in search of a weapons stall.

Gabrielle looked up to see she was already many strides behind the warrior. The warrior chuckled as she knew Gabrielle would just about need to run to catch up with her long strides. Payback for making her wait at the garment stalls .


Gabrielle blew out a winded breath as she tried to quickly yet nonchalantly catch up with the warrior. It was a losing battle against

those long powerful legs. The strength and beauty of those legs. How the long thigh muscle flexed power with each stride. How that

same muscle twitched under her touch and kisses. How those same muscles clamped around her when "THUD".

She was shaken from her musings of thighs by the sharp pain in her arm where it once again smacked into that obtrusive hook that held

Xena's chakram. That was quickly forgotten as the sight of ample bronzed cleavage and the scent of leather filled her senses. Memories of how many times she had kissed that cleavage flashed through her mind. She licked her lips and hummed at how she would like to do that very thing right now.


Speaking in a low voice trying to give the appearance of being stoic and aloof Xena asked, "Gabrielle. Could you please remove your

face from my bossom? The villagers are beginning to stare and I have a reputation to maintain. Can't have all the peasant girls

thinking I am easy."

"Oh but you are my supple warrior." Capturing Xena's eyes with the passion from her own Gabrielle continued, "All I would have to do

is flick my talented tongue across one nipple and your knees would fail you." Never losing Xena's gaze, Gabrielle leaned forward and

placed a feather light kiss on said bossom. Gabrielle saw Xena's eyes respond to desire and felt Xena's resolve quiver. She knew she

had achieved the desired effect.

A low growl eminated from within Xena. Gabrielle knew she was playing with fire. She knew Xena's undergarbs were feeling a bit tight

at that moment.

Xena leaned forward and spoke sensually into her ear, "Drop to your knees, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle almost did drop to her knees from the sheer sultriness of Xena's voice.

"We really should go back to our inn room for that Xe."

"Now Gabrielle!" Xena commanded as she grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down on her knees.

Gabrielle looked up to further protest and saw that Xena held an arrow pointed at her chest and was letting her chakram fly.

"Oh, guess I'll be giving you a hand of a different sort."

"Yes Gabrielle, now would be the time to show off some of those staff moves you were boasting of earlier."

Gabrielle heard the footsteps approaching from behind. Angrily she picked up her staff and turned her torso in time to bring her staff

up into the lower regions of her attacker. Using her momentum to bring her feet up under her, she spun completely around. Before the

man even had a chance to grab the remains of his manhood, she cracked him in the jaw and sent him into unconciousness.

Xena heard the crack of bone and looked over to see the incapacitated man hit the ground. "Gabrielle, that was kind of harsh.", a shocked Xena called over as she held her 3 attackers at bay.

Xena's words fell upon deaf ears as Gabrielle rushed forward to meet her next two attackers. A frenzy of staff hits rained down on the

men as Gabrielle started yelling at them. "I am so tired "WHAM" of you son's of a bacchaes "SMACK" always interrupting "CRACK" the

most "SMACK" beautiful moments "CRACK" between Xe and I "SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK". The men were curled into balls on the ground to protect what was left of themselves from the blonde fury.

Xena made quick work of her attackers and rushed over to calm Gabrielle before she killed one of them. Snatching hold of the infuriated womans's staff Xena talked quietly to her, "Gabrielle, they're done. You can stop now."

"Xena, I am so tired of this. All I want is one uninterrupted moment with you. I am going back to our room and I recommend you

follow me." With that she stormed off.

Turning to a group of villagers, Xena instructed them to take care of the unconcious men. She then ran to catch up with the bard.

She caught up with the blonde fury a few shops before the inn. "Gabrielle love.." Xena wasn't sure what to say to calm the bard.

"Xena, I do not want to talk right now."

Now Xena was really worried. Her bard not want to talk? Did tartarus freeze over? It's too soon for that time of the month. Is she

THAT upset about the staff dancing girls? Maybe she IS ill.

Xena quietly followed her up the stairs to their inn room. Gabrielle burst through the door and started to quickly pace back and

forth. Xena quietly shut the door behind her and hesitantly took a step toward the bard. Gabrielle stopped her pacing and turned her

back to Xena. She then let out a growl of frustration as she took a step toward the room's table and shoved it contents off onto the

floor. The energy coming off Gabrielle was intense. Xena could see she was shaking.

Xena closed the distance between them and put a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Please love, tell me what is wrong."

Gabrielle grabbed Xena's hand and brought it down from her shoulder. In the same motion she pulled Xena forward into her. Guiding the warriors hand down her breast to pause at her stomach Gabrielle said, "Xena, I need you to touch me." With that she guided the strong fingers into her skirt until they found purchase with her aching center. The intensity of that first contact caused the young

woman to let out a long aching moan. This time her knees did fail her. Xena quickly reached around, catching the bard's descent and

pulled the blonde against her body for support. Bri held Xena's hand hard against her as she began to slowly grind herself against

the warriors fingers, simultaneously moving them up and down her nub in rhythm to the grinding. Soft moans escaped her lips with each

thrust. After several moments it was not enough. "More Xe, more."

The sound that poured from Gabrielle's throat and the bolt of lightening that shot through her at that first contact, lit a fury in

Xena's own center. As Gabrielle began to slip down Xena reached around to catch her. She pulled the bard back and brought her own

needing core into contact with the bard's beautiful backside. Sliding her fingers up and down over the bard's swollen bud, she began

to thrust herself into the blonde's rear. Then Gabrielle needed more.

Xena moved her forward to the table and bent her over it.

Using one arm for support and the table to hold Xena's hand in place, Gabrielle reached back and began a frantic need to pull her long

skirt up for the warrior. "Please Xena please" she begged.

"I got it Gabrielle." Xena pushed the skirt up to expose the toned thighs and magnificent backside of the bard. Using her one free hand she reached down to pull a dagger from her boot and used it to remove the final barrier.

Xena paused a moment to take in this beautiful offering. She

ran her hand down until it came to the wet entrance of Gabrielle's opening. This started the bard's hips moving again. Xena teased

at the opening before pulling her hand back up to move one of the smaller woman's legs up onto the table, fully opening her to Xena's pleasure. Xena then spread herself open and press fully onto the bard. Slipping her hand back down between them, she entered the bard slowly and fully.

Gabrielle held still until Xena was fully within her. She then leaned up on her forearms to support them. Xena lay over top of her and began thrusting and grinding herself into the bard. She used one of the fingers trapped under them to rub the bard's clit.

Gabrielle was rocking back and forth to meet Xena's grind. She turned her hands under her to begin squeezing own her nipples to

heighten her pleasure. They spent long moments lost in the pleasure of their movements and the sounds they brought of each other. The

movements became more rapid as they climbed the heights of ectasy. Xena's breath was ragged and her body went rigid as she tetered on the edge. Gabrielle turned and spoke in her ear, "Come on me Xena." With those words and one final thrust a spasm racked Xena's body into ectasy. Her thrusts and passion poured forth onto Gabrielle's backside as she cried out, "I love you Gabrielle. By the Gods, I love you Gabrielle." Gabrielle pinched her nipples hard and thrust back one more time causing her own body to explode to the sound of Xena's passionate admission. Finally they both collapsed on the table.

When Xena's breath had normalized and she regained control of her muscles, she lifted them both off the table. Scooping the beautiful

woman into her arms, she kissed her forehead and carried her over to the bed. Still holding the bard she pulled back the covers and

laid her onto the sheets. Xena stretched along side her, pulling the covers over them both. She rolled so she was protectively

laying partly over the bard. Gabrielle snuggled against her. "I love you Xe." "I love you Gabrielle." One last kiss to her head and they both fell asleep.

The End


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