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Sex/Violence: very little violence, sex is ah... talked about, but not in too much detail. Oh and if you’re bothered by the idea of two women in love, or if you’re under the magical age of 18, you probably shouldn’t be here. And if you don’t like cats, you probably shouldn’t be here either.

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The Cat’s Meow


Life is good when you’re a cat; particularly when you’re a pampered one like myself. I’ve lived for as long as I can remember in a beautiful apartment with a great owner. She’d snuggle with me, feed me chicken that she had cooked, make me little toys that were fascinating… for about two minutes. But I appreciated the effort. She was the sweetest thing, really. She wasn’t terribly tall. I mean, to me, everyone’s huge. But in comparison to the other human specimens I had encountered, she wasn’t that big and menacing. She had long blonde hair, which she recently cut, to my dismay. I loved when she would sit upside down on her chair, and her long hair would fall down, almost touching the floor. I could play with it for hours. She had a sweet voice, and beautiful green eyes. As green as the grass on a spring morning. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s true, dammit! And I, for one, am an expert on spring grass.

Anywho, this is all background information, really. This girl, being as precious as she was, would pick some very questionable characters to come over into the apartment. It was OUR territory, and IN these humans would come, walking with dirty feet, smelling like… well, let’s just say I know what they were up to before they came over. It’s a shame that my girl didn’t have a sense of smell as keen as mine, or else she would’ve never opened the door. People with malicious intent would walk in and sit down on the couch. They were all women, and just about all of them had alternate agendas surrounding her. Some just wanted her as a bed mate, others just wanted to use her for her incredible kindness, some were just drunk, or weird… I didn’t like any of them. NONE, in the 5 years I had been alive, not one female that walked through that door was good for her. I can tell these things, you know. I’ve heard stories about people not liking cats because they felt that a cat would look right through them, and see them for who they really were. Like a "psychic sense", they called it. Whatever they wanted to name it, it was true.

Most days, I would sleep in a ball in my favorite viewing spot. It led out to the street, about four floors down, and I could see when my girl was coming into the building. She always had a happy walk, always with a grin. I’d sleep all day waiting for her to come home so she could smother me. She’d always tell me I was the only woman she loved, because I was just so damn good to her. See? All those other women had to do was rub their noses against hers, purr a lot, and then sit on her lap and wait to be pet. They had no clue! I mean, I got full privileges. THEY couldn’t very well sit on a carpet and bathe themselves (although some of them should have considered it, the way they smelled). But she would let me do anything. I guess it was just my charm.

But, once again, I digress. This is actually a story with a happy ending, and a moral. But all that comes much later on. This story is about falling in love. For all you perverts, NO, my girl didn’t end up mating with me. Sick people. All of you. I should hiss and give you the "Evil Eye", but I don’t want to waste my time. So, without further ado, here’s the tale…


It was a Thursday afternoon when I met Anna. April (my owner) had brought her home after they had spent some time in a coffee shop. It was raining outside, and they both came in giggling and soaked. I stayed away from the offending liquid that had soaked them through. I retreated underneath a table and watched curiously (Go ahead and say it, although curiosity hasn’t even scathed me yet). Anyway, I was watching them, as April went to make some hot cocoa with marsh mellows to warm them up. She got the cups ready, then ran to her room to take off her wet clothing and pick something for both her and Anna to change into. I followed her in, knowing I was safe with her, and wanting to find out who this stranger was, that, for now, seemed to have no weird intentions with my lady. April would usually talk to me in situations like these. Asking my opinion and so forth. Not that she ever listened, or paid attention when I would sit in front of her guests and growl. She would say that I wasn’t very friendly. Which was entirely untrue; I just didn’t like anyone.

Anywho, I ran into her room just before she closed the door and jumped on her bed. I walked around in a circle three times before plopping down (for all cats are obsessive-compulsive). I looked up at her, although she didn’t seem to notice me. She was rushing around throwing wet clothing to the floor and gathering up fresh ones. I decided in the meantime I was going to clean myself, and began the process.

"Sadie! I didn’t even notice you, when did you get in here, girl?" She bent down and placed a quick kiss on the top of my head, scratching me behind my ears. I closed my eyes in contentment and she smiled, continuing her mad dashes around her room.

"Well I guess you want all the juicy details about Anna, huh?" I looked at her and blinked, waiting for her to continue.

"Well, we met at the coffee shop, and we had such a great time talking we started taking a walk no where in particular. As you can see, it started pouring and my apartment was the closest one to the coffee shop, so … here we are. She’s really pretty, huh? Brown hair, hazel eyes… I think I really like her."

That said, I knew I had to check out the situation with this ‘Anna’ person A.S.A.P. April ran out of the room and I followed her, walking silently on the sofa. She handed the clothes to Anna, who went to the bathroom to change. April was fixing the hot cocoa excitedly. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t like it AT ALL. A few moments later, Anna emerged from the bathroom, wearing April’s clothes. Her scent mixed with April’s, and my feelings turned from bad to worse. She took her seat back at the kitchen table, and I rushed over and jumped on top of it. I sat directly in front of her, staring into her eyes, quietly assessing her.

"Woah, I didn’t know you had a cat." Anna said, I could tell my scrutiny was making her uncomfortable.

"Sadie is my best friend. I found her when she was about the size of my palm and raised her." April looked over to me with a loving glow in her eyes. I looked back at Anna, who was now fidgeting.

"I HATE cats." Anna looked directly at me, her intentions clear as day. For one, she didn’t like me, for two, she was planning on stealing from April because she needed money for drugs… cocaine. I could smell it; she had just snorted some when she went to the bathroom. And, as no surprise, she wanted to bed April. I didn’t like her. In fact, I hated her. Like I’ve never hated any other human, cat, dog, mouse or fish.

I arched my back and poofed up my tail, trying to make myself look bigger and more menacing. I hissed at her, and suddenly, something totally unexpected happened.

"SADIE! STOP IT!!" April picked me up and threw me, yes, THREW ME, off the table. I couldn’t believe it!!! What the hell was going on here?! Was this new WOMAN taking MY sacred place!? How could April be so foolish!? Where was her head? Who was this pod that had replaced her?!?!? I shook my head in disbelief, and walked over to April. I stood up on my hind legs and put my front paws on her thighs, waiting for her imminent apology. It never came. Instead, ANNA shooed me away and they BOTH laughed. I was furious, as you would expect. I decided to retreat to my quarters and develop a strategy. This insolent behavior was NOT going to be tolerated, and April HAD to know quickly what this woman was up to.

So off I ran into my bed. I took one last look at the two of them, and ritually walked in a circle three times and plopped down. This was pure insanity. I was so angry I couldn’t think of anything that I could do to make April realize she was making a terrible mistake. So I turned to the ancient custom of my grandmother, and her grandmother before that, and so on and so forth. I took a catnap. All would be revealed in time. I blinked my eyes twice, and resigned myself to slumber.


When I woke up, it was like I was transported to an alternate dimension. Not only were April and Anna gone from my sight, but I could hear them… IN THE BEDROOM! I couldn’t believe this terrible woman had turned April into a floozy! Luckily, I had my plan of action. As I stepped out of my basket, I notice that there was a trail of clothes strewn on the floor. I must’ve dozed off for quite a while, because apparently Anna’s clothes had already dried, and she had changed. A short while later, however, they were off again, along with April’s, and the door to April’s bedroom was, unfortunately, closed. I put Plan A into action. I walked over to April’s door, and demanded entrance. I stood there, scratching away since the door was locked. I knew they heard me, I knew April made the move to go open the door to allow me in, in which case I would’ve scratched out Anna’s eyes, taken a poo on her face, and then proceed to kick her out of here. But, Anna, (evil woman as she is), grabbed April and distracted her again. Which was fine, because I still had Plan B!!

Plan B was going to be much less satisfactory, but at least it would get Anna out. I went over and found her clothing on the floor. I know how much humans LOVE to adorn their hairless bodies with these cheap materials, so I decided I’d add a bit of flavor to her otherwise boring white t-shirt. I began to viciously roll myself on Anna’s shirt, making sure I could get as much of my fur on there as I possibly could. My fur was, by contrast, a mixture of black and gray, which highly accented her shirt. Next, I went over to her jeans, and scratched them up. I was beginning to enjoy this all too much, when suddenly, the door swung open, and two giggling women stepped out, in all their unabashed fur-less glory. I, for my part, stood like a cat in the headlights; I was caught red-pawed on top of Anna’s jeans, and both women’s smiles turned into anger. I still didn’t move. I decided I’d play it cool, and casually walked off the ripped mass of material that was once a pair of jeans. Anna fumed. April apologized. I thought that my plan had been perfectly carried out, until, unfortunately, April mentioned something about letting Anna borrow jeans, and back they went so that April could "… make it up" to her in the meantime.

What shock. What utter, incredible shock. This woman was here, and apparently had no intention on leaving, and April had no intention of listening to me. This indeed, was a sad state of affairs. I resigned myself for the second time that day to a catnap, hoping I would wake up to a better world, or at least one free of Anna.

And indeed I did. I woke up the next morning, and April was sitting by me, looking at the white tuft on my tummy. She’d laugh and tickle me there (much to my annoyance), marveling how I could have a single white patch in my tummy, when the rest of me was black and gray. I rolled over and looked at her sleepily. She was contemplative. She held a cup of coffee in her hand, which she slipped slowly.

"What was with you yesterday, Sadie? I can’t believe you did what you did." She bit her lip quietly. "I can’t believe I did what I did. What was I thinking? I should’ve stopped her; I’ve never done something like that, sleeping with someone when I barely know them. I mean, as a strict rule I wait at LEAST 3 months, and by then, everyone’s gone."

She got a far away look in her eyes, she was sad, having remembered all the lost loves that had left her for… shall we say, looser women? But it was their loss. April was a fine woman; sweet, kind, beautiful, and intelligent. It suited her better that she lost those who were only interested in her for selfish reasons. And it’s a good thing I was there to help them along their merry little way.

"I feel so… weird. I really like Anna. She’s very… I don’t know. Powerful? Confident, sweet, incredibly charming…" April couldn’t help the smile that was on her face. It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps this Anna girl wasn’t all that bad. Perhaps we had gotten off on the wrong paw. Yesterday was a humid day, I always feel strange on humid days. I see more things, visit the small catnip plant April has for me on a windowsill more often. Maybe I had just visited said plant, before Anna arrived and I forgot? Perhaps I was on a flashback? Either way, I forgave her for her dire acts against me yesterday, and walked over to her lap purring loudly. She smiled and set her cup down, and took my head into her hands.


"You take care of me, girl. That was our deal, remember? I take care of you, you take care of me. I just hope I’m not too stubborn that I don’t listen." She smiled sweetly and rubbed my nose. I loved when she did that. It made me think sometimes that maybe she was more cat than she was human. She started to wrestle with me, and I hunted her as she ran around her apartment playing along with my game. Such a wonderful girl, she was. It always made me wonder what happened to her sometimes that she’d turn into such a monster when-

"Anna’s here! She’ll be up any minute. Now Sadie, you listen to me, you be GOOD! I really like this one, no more scratching or hissing or anything, be GOOD!"

April’s reproach fell on deaf ears, because as soon as the horrid name was mentioned my homicidal psycho jungle cat mode sprang into full action. I was ready to pounce as soon as the bitch came in. My tail was swinging wildly form side to side, my eyes were wide open, my ears were down, I was ready, I was a cannonball. So much so, that when Anna walked in, I made a mad dash for her ankles. She cleverly wrapped April in a fierce hug and moved out of the way so that I ran directly outside into the hallway of the apartment, and then she closed the door with her foot behind me. I turned around but it was too late. I began scratching at the door for April to let me back in, but within seconds I heard the bedroom door shut, and I was left to my own devices out in the hallway.

A miserable lot had befallen me. I sat in front of the door, staring at it, willing it to open. Unfortunately, it did not. So, I began to wander the hallways. No other doors were opening. I continued until I noticed a door, which many people walked in and out of. I decided to go and investigate this further. Little lights went off, and suddenly, the door opened before me. A large man walked out, and I walked in. The doors closed shut behind me and I was left alone. A strange feeling overtook this small corridor, and then, a few seconds later, the doors opened again. I walked out this time, noticing I was on a different level altogether, I began to wander even stranger halls than before. I looked at the unfamiliar doors, the strange smells overwhelming me. I was suddenly so overcome with grief, I did the only thing I knew how. I meowed. Loudly. Not you’re typical cat meows, these were meows of grief and panic. I was lost. My April had forgotten about me, lured by that coke-sniffing siren Anna, and I would surely die from lack of food and water and cuddles out here in this barren hallway.

When suddenly, I heard the sound of a door opening behind me. I turned to look, and there stood towering over me a beautiful woman, with long black hair, and eyes as blue as ice. She wore jeans and a light blue t-shirt, and was barefoot. Now, let it be known, that I firmly believe that April is the most beautiful woman that ever I have seen; but this woman definitely came in a very close second. She bent down to look at me, and extended her hand. Her eyes were compassionate, and she was holding a bit of chicken, so immediately I dashed over to her and took the small morsel. No bad person would offer a lost cat chicken, so I let her pet my head and coo over me, saying sweet and calming words. She picked me up and brought me inside of her apartment, which was quite similar to the one April and I shared. She put me down, and disappeared into the kitchen. Just as suddenly, appeared before me an even sweeter vision; a beautiful calico sauntered over to me, looking at me cautiously. She had green eyes that seemed to glow, and long delicate whiskers.

Hi. I’m Cake. Who are you and what are you doing here?

I was awestruck. I had never been so close to a beautiful creature of my species. I mentally stuttered, and then caught my tongue. (No pun, of course, intended)

I’m Sadie. I answered. I uhm… I got lost, sort of. And I ended up here on this floor and I was so sad that I began to cry and that’s when you’re girl opened the door.

Bodhi, is her name. She’s the best human to be with. She makes wonderful toys and feeds me chicken and she loves talking to me (although I worry that she talks TOO much to me).

Cake smiled a cat smile, and walked over to rub her nose with mine. We began the waltz of two cats meeting, sniffing and pondering over each other. This would be a welcome change. If April was going to leave me for another woman, then damn it, so was I! Bodhi reappeared a moment later, carrying two little bowls; one with shredded chicken and the other with water. She placed them before me with an amazing smile, one to rival the smile of my beloved April, and picked up Cake and sat on the couch, watching me quite unceremoniously ravage the food she had given me.

"Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Bodhi, and this is Cake. And you are?" Bodhi raised a questioning eyebrow with a smile. I liked her. I liked her for me. I liked her for April. I knew that the chances of Bodhi being a woman’s woman were slim, but, a cat can dream, can’t she? I answered her by jumping on her lap and purring loudly, giving thanks for the food I had received.

"I suppose for now I’ll just refer to you as… Purr… or Wailer, but I personally prefer Purr." She smiled at me again. This woman would floor April.

Who’s April? Cake asked through closed eyes.

April’s my girl. Except… well, we’ve been having some issues lately.

Oh? What happened, if you don’t mind my prying?

She met this terrible woman, a horrible woman, who hates cats, and … she’s just terrible. Ever since this woman’s been around, I’ve been treated horribly. She threw me off a table when the woman was there, they BOTH shooed me away, and then, today, I went to stop this terrible creature from entering the apartment, and she managed to lock me out, and take April away before she could notice.

Cake’s eyes shot open. She looked to her Bodhi, who was quietly watching t.v. as she absently pet both of us.

That’s terrible! I’m the same way with Bodhi, very protective. But she’s never locked me out of the apartment, or any such thing.

I must’ve looked terribly sad, because as the words left Cake’s mind, (for all cats have telepathic powers) she walked over to where I was lying down and snuggled against me.

Don’t worry. You can stay with us. Bodhi likes you. I like you.

And with that said, she began to nap. I looked up at Bodhi, who looked down at the both of us and smiled.

"It’s about time I found someone to keep her company, I suppose. You rest too, Purr. I’m not planning on kicking you out anytime soon." She patted my head and then lifted herself off the couch, and went to her room. She didn’t close the door behind her, which I took as a good sign. I snuggled closely to Cake, and closed my eyes in contentment.



A day and a half had passed and I was still living with Bodhi and Cake. It was a turn of luck, I suppose. I was hurting immensely at being disregarded by April. At the same time, the change of scenery, the new, smiling faces and good treatment were a welcome change. Cake and I spent our precious time together telling stories about our girls and lounging in the sunlight of an open window. She told me that sometimes Bodhi would open up the window and let her sit on the fire escape. She said the smells and sounds of the city bustling underneath her paws were incredibly intense. I told her that April would take me out into the park in the springtime. The weather was warm, all the snow was gone from the earth, and everything was beginning to open up after the death of winter. She had me on a leash to make sure I didn’t take off and get hit by a car. But I remember lying on the grass next to her, feeling the blades under the pads of my paws, the taste of the grass, the way it smelled… those were perfect days. April had even made a sandwich for herself and brought a small can of food for me. It was the fondest memory I had of her.

"Good afternoon, ladies," Bodhi said as she stepped into her apartment. She came over to the window where we were sunbathing and patted us both on the tops of our heads. She walked over and plopped herself on a big comfy couch she had, and stared at the ceiling.

She’s been very pensive these days. And quiet, even for herself.

Why do you suppose? , I asked.

She’s lonely. There’s only so much comfort even cats can give.

I cringed mentally. I had a very recent reminder of just how much precedence human companionship takes over that of feline.

So, what does Bodhi do while she’s gone?

She teaches "Tai Chi".

What’s that?

I’m not sure, but she practices it a lot. She just moves really slowly. But it calms her down, keeps her healthy and happy.

Cake admired Bodhi, who’s arms and legs were draped over the couch in a way that looked like she had fallen from three stories up and landed there in that spot in complete disbelief. She walked over to Bodhi, her silent questions taking form in the question-mark form of her tail. She jumped quickly and landed squarely on Bodhi’s stomach, although she didn’t seem to flinch. Cake examined Bodhi for a long while, until she finally spoke, the gentle probing of her cat’s eyes finally bringing to light what was in her head.

"I know you’ve heard if before, but I’m depressed. Everyone I’ve met lately I can’t stand for more than two minutes. I thought moving out to a larger city would improve my chances of landing someone decent, ya know? But Noooooo... they just get weirder and weirder, with stranger problems, weird fetishes, and lousy attitudes. Some girl hit on me today, and can you believe she had the audacity to say she would love to have me ‘screaming into a mouth gag’ while she made me quiver? What the FUCK is that about, huh?" Bodhi fixed her tormented eyes on Cake, who merely blinked slowly in understanding. I decided it would be best to offer my support as well, so I quickly bounded over and jumped up next to Cake on Bodhi’s stomach. I was quite surprised to find said stomach to be flat and firm.

"I feel like I’m at some sort of intervention. I have both of you sitting here looking through me like I’m a total nutjob." Bodhi let a lopsided grin encompass her face, and for a moment her blue eyes shined with happiness, and then they were closed again. "I’m doomed to be alone!!" She said with mock drama, throwing one long arm across her face.

She’s playing with us. She only over dramatizes things when she’s down and she wants to be goofy to get out of her bad mood.

Cake took a few steps and put her nose up to Bodhi’s nose. She began smelling along her jawline and Bodhi began to giggle.

"THAT TICKLES!!," she exploded with laughter, grabbing Cake’s little head in her large hands and shaking her a bit. Cake slapped Bodhi’s face, and they began to play; Bodhi mock wrestling Cake, and Cake being the mock jungle cat. I just sat there and watched their interaction, wishing I were with April.

Stop meowing over spilled milk! It’s no use whining over her. Just have fun!

And with that Cake landed on me, knocking me over onto Bodhi’s legs. She jumped up to the edge of the couch, and I jumped up with her. We began tearing through Bodhi’s apartment at high speed, and indeed, I did forget about my personal spilled milk. Perhaps this was for the better.


It was on my third day in Bodhi’s apartment that she came in with a large bag of groceries and a purple piece of paper in her hand. She came over to the window where Cake and I sat, and kneeled down next to me.

"I think your mommy’s lookin’ for ya, Purr." There was a hint of sadness as she unfolded the paper to reveal a photocopied picture of myself. On top it read "Lost Cat", and underneath the picture was April’s apartment number.

"I’ll give you two a few minutes to say goodbye to each other." Bodhi lifted herself up and began to put the groceries away.

I guess I’m leaving.

I guess so. I’ll miss you, Sadie.

Me too. It was nice being here with you two. I nudged my nose against Cake’s sadly.

Tell Bodhi she was a wonderful hostess. I hope I can somehow find my way back and visit.

As do I. Cake blinked her eyes slowly, showing a bit of affection towards me. I blinked back slowly to her, and then suddenly Bodhi had appeared before us.

"I hate to break up such sentimental situations, but as much as we’re going to miss you, I’m sure your mommy’s going nuts about where you are." She patted my head before she picked me up into her arms. I settled comfortably into the cradle of her arms as she walked out of her apartment and closed the door softly behind her. A few steps later we were in the strange moving room and a few seconds after that, we were walking back out of it. I could smell April suddenly, and I knew I was close to home. Bodhi stood in front of her door and stared at it, unmoving.

"I guess this is it, huh?" She looked down at me, and I meowed my agreement to her. She allowed herself a small smile, and reached out an arm from underneath me to knock on the door.

A moment or two passed, and the door opened. There was April, as beautiful as ever. Her eyes grew as wide as her smile as she exclaimed "YOU FOUND SADIE!!" Bodhi handed me over to her with a grin, and she wrapped her arms around me, snuggling my face into hers. "I’ve missed you so much Sadie, where have you been?????"

"I found her a few days ago wandering around my floor. I took her in with my cat and me. She was fed and her company was thoroughly enjoyed." Bodhi smiled down at me. It was then that the most peculiar thing happened. Being a cat, I’m able to see things that no one, not even psychics could see. As both April and Bodhi’s eyes caught each other’s glance, the world stopped. A butterfly somewhere in South America stopped the beating of its wings. Millions of drivers throughout the world suddenly were at peace; the hand that had previously been slamming into the horn fell meekly to their sides. Crying babies stopped their wailing. And most importantly, two women fell instantly and completely in love with each other.

"Uhm… I’m… I’m so sorry. Where are my manners… come in?" April asked, her gaze not leaving Bodhi’s, her arms suddenly becoming terribly hot.

Bodhi, for her part, had a blush rising through her cheeks; her mouth was slightly opened as if to say something, but nothing came out. After a few moments passed and April still stared at her, waiting for her to come inside the apartment, Bodhi finally responded.

"Uh… okay." Slowly they moved; the energy that passed between them as they grew closer and further apart was almost scorching my fur. I scrambled around a bit and finally was able to jump out of April’s furnace grip. I walked over to my favorite sleeping space and walked around in a circle three times, and curled myself into a ball. I was still, however, watching the interaction between the two women.

"I’m April. That little furball was Sadie." She smiled, extending her hand towards Bodhi, who, at taking it, jumped slightly when she felt the mixture of warmth, softness, strength, and electricity.

"I’m uh… I’m Bodhi. I live up on the 8Th. floor." She smiled tenderly at April.

"I can’t thank you enough for saving her, here…" April walked over to her purse and began to rummage through her wallet. She began to open it when Bodhi stopped her.

"Please, it was no trouble. I’m actually more pained at having to let her go. My cat, Cake, gets pretty lonely. It was good to see her so happy to have company while I’m out. It was a pleasure really."

April sat down next to Bodhi on the couch. The air between them was buzzing with awkwardness, and I almost ran into the middle of it to try and disperse some of it, but my bed was just so cozy and after all, they were big girls.

"Can I at least offer you dinner to show my gratitude?" April’s eyes were pleading, she didn’t want Bodhi to leave, I could tell. Which was good. Great, actually, because that meant that Anna was out (or soon to be out) of the picture.

Bodhi couldn’t hide her smile at the offering, and it helped the she didn’t want to leave April either. She ducked her head down, and blushed 5 shades of red, to which April giggled.

"You can bring Cake along as well. I’ll even make something special for the two of them." April was brighter, happier… just plain BETTER than I had ever seen her before. She was a completely different person around Bodhi. She was herself, the girl I had grown up with and loved more than anything. I yawned and put my head down, listening, as the final arrangements of their proposed dinner were set. By the time Bodhi left the apartment I was asleep, but I dreamt of April and her together, living here. I dreamt of Cake and I sleeping curled up together, happily. I dreamt of Bodhi and April lying out in the spring grass, laughing, talking, kissing… promising each other an eternity of this bliss they had found. I dreamt of a time where Cake and I had each other, and a mountain of chicken strips; the most delicious we had ever tasted. I dreamt of her and I running free in grass, looking up at the sky, feeling the earth beneath our paws, and always the sound of April and Bodhi was close enough to know we were safe. Smiling, I stretched myself and rolled over onto my back, letting the sun warm my belly.


After a few hours of napping, I awoke to the smells of April’s fantastic cooking. I sauntered over to the kitchen where she was busily going from the stove to the oven and back and forth. I sat down to watch her, amazed at how agile she was for a human.

"Sadie! Bodhi and Cake will be here soon, are you ready to be a good girl at dinner?"

I looked at her and blinked slowly; by now she knew that meant I was going to be my cool, calm, and collected self. She smiled at me and began talking nonsense, something she did only when she was nervous. I noticed also that she was in a pair of jeans with one of her nicer tops on underneath the apron. She smelled of her best perfume, and her make up was done perfectly. She had never gotten so dressed up for anyone. Not even Anna! This certainly was turning out to be a great night.

"Okay, everything’s done. Now… do I want to put candles on the table? No, no… that’s a bit much. This is only a friendly dinner, right Sadie? Right. Okay, how do I look?"

She held her hands out and did a quick twirl so I could look at her. I purred in approval and she patted my head. We both retreated to the couch, where she sat staring at the television, which wasn’t on. I could hear her heart pounding incredibly fast and hard, and I began to worry that she would have a stroke before Bodhi arrived.

"Sadie, I don’t know what happened today. When I met Bodhi… I felt like time stopped. She’s just… there’s something so amazing that emanates from her, I can’t help but feel drawn to her. I mean, this is a friendly dinner. At least I’m trying to keep it that way. But I feel like I’m totally in love with her and I’ve barely even spoken to her. I’m completely infatuated; her eyes, her hair, the way she blushes when she’s embarrassed, the way she smiled… I can’t get her out of my head."

I actually felt sorry for April. I looked up into her sea-green eyes and saw that they were troubled. There was confusion and fear all through her aura, but a very prominent sensation was there as well; love.

A few moments later the doorbell rang. Both of our hearts stopped pounding and April looked down to me, all nerves and mild hysteria, and lifted me off her lap. She walked calmly over to the door and opened it. There was Bodhi, Cake in one arm, and a bottle of read wine in the other. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. The light make-up around her eyes made her blue eyes seem to shine from her face. There was a moment of awkwardness where they both stood and stared at each other, their mouths slightly agape, their hearts and stomachs mutually doing back flips, until finally Bodhi broke the silence.

"Hey… uhm… you look… amazing. Uh…"

"Thanks, so do you. Come in, please."

"This is Cake, and this is some uh… erhm… wine…" Bodhi nervously fidgeted as she entered April’s apartment.

"Thank you so much. You didn’t have to but I’m glad you did" April chuckled.

"Hey Sadie! How are ya?" Bodhi came over and put Cake down on the floor while she scratched under my chin.

They’re both incredibly nervous, do you realize?

Oh yes. I thought they were both going to pass out when they saw each other.

I agree; the last thing I want is to fall 6 feet to the ground along with Bodhi.

I jumped down from my perch on the couch and rubbed my nose with Cake’s. I gave her a quick tour of the apartment while April and Bodhi continued to escalate their nervousness and awkwardness around each other.

So, I think our two lovely ladies are a match made in kitty heaven, wouldn’t you agree?

I looked at Cake and nodded; indeed, April and Bodhi seemed to be in a perpetual state of silent admiration that seemed to be taking the form of blundering around the small kitchen table.

Cake and I sat in amused silence as we watched April and Bodhi nearly trip over each other, careful not to touch each other, lest they be forced to give in to their instincts and have each other for dinner. Bodhi was busy attempting to open the bottle of wine she bought, and April was watching her struggle and giggling.

Moments later, April cried out for the both of us to join them. She had set two little bowls filled with some very delicious smelling chicken on a couple of kitty place mats. The two bowls were next to the table where she and Bodhi sat. Cake and I didn’t eat at first, on account of our mutual interest in seeing them kick-start this pseudo romantic evening. Bodhi poured out two glasses of red wine, and lifted her glass in a toast.

"To finding Sadie.", she smiled, and April smiled back at her, her green eyes twinkling.

"… And to new friendships."

"Here, here!"

They clinked their glasses and drank, their eyes never leaving each other.

Well, I’d say after Bodhi downs her second cup, she should be spewing forth sonnets to April., Cake said.

Good. April loves a literary mind.

So, should we toast?

Indeed we should! To uh… to new romantic relationships!

To new romantic relationships… Cake looked at me and blinked slowly, her love shining through her eyes. I nuzzled my nose against hers and dug in to our food.

The evening, I would say, was going beautifully. April and Bodhi had both relaxed considerably, and had begun the flirtation ritual. They both winked at each other, smiled at each other, gazed for so long it could be considered staring… Bodhi complimented April profusely on the delicious dinner (which, if the food April had prepared for Cake and myself was anything like their food, than indeed it was a marvelous dinner). They both joked and talked about life, and played a bit as they cleaned up the dinner.

It looks like they’ve been together for ages, doesn’t it?

Yeah it does, I agreed. It’s like they complete each other. They’re just natural together.

April had taken out the desert she made and spoon fed Bodhi her first piece. Bodhi, not to be outdone, spoon fed April back. An amiable and sexually tensed silence fell over the apartment. It was so strange; it felt electrical or magical. I looked to Cake and noticed her hair was standing on end.

Something’s fishy here.

No, she cooked chicken, Cake.

No, not the food. Something’s wrong… something’s very wrong…

And then it happened. As the thoughts left Cake’s mind, there was a knock at the door. We both looked at each other and ran over to a better viewing spot on top of the sofa. April look frustrated and apologized to Bodhi. She started making her way to the door, and suddenly a thought struck me!



It’s Anna. She’s here. Unexpectedly, apparently.

This can’t be good.

April opened the door and there she was, damn bitch. She hugged April, who looked very, VERY guilty of doing something that Anna shouldn’t have been aware of.

"Um… Anna. What a surprise. I though you were working tonight?"

"Yeah uhm... something came up. You look awful pretty tonight, having a date without me?"

Anna forced herself into the apartment, and spotted Bodhi, who, for her part, looked enraged, betrayed, and very sad.

"Who are you?" Anna pointed one of her bitchy fingers towards Bodhi accusingly.

"This is my friend, Bodhi. She found Sadie and I told her I’d make her and her cat dinner for keeping Sadie safe." April walked over to where Bodhi was sitting and put her hand on her shoulder. Bodhi seemed to ease her tension a bit, but kept her gaze locked on Anna.

They aren’t together, are they?

Only in the loosest sense of the word. We have to do something about her, pronto! Bodhi’s going to think that April just played her for a fool!!

Cake looked at me suddenly, a bit of anger in her usually soft eyes. Did she??

NO! I know April, she’s totally in love with Bodhi, I can feel it in her aura. Can’t you ??

Well, we can, but humans have a stubborn streak to them, Bodhi in particular. And I can assure you she’s been buzzing with love ever since she met April.

Well, good. I jumped down from the sofa and ran over to the kitchen table where Bodhi was. I sat defensively at her feet and Cake joined me.

"Wonderful, the fur ball is back. Well, looks like you two had a LOVELY dinner, didn’t you, you fucking bitch?" Anna’s eyes were ablaze; she was definitely coked up. "Well don’t you fucking worry April, I was done with you anyway!" She grabbed April by the waist and held up a knife against her throat. April’s eyes went wide with fear as Anna continued.

"I just came by to collect some money. Particularly, all of yours."

"WHAT?!? What the hell do you want all my money for?"

"Because all the money I got from all that crap of yours that I stole and pawned off, I used."

"For what?!"

"THAT is NOT any of your fucking business, NOR is it your biggest concern."

I couldn’t believe what was going on, Cake and I had already begun hissing violently and were poofed up as large as we could be. Anna wasn’t really paying attention and Bodhi was… actually, since Anna had pulled out the knife I hadn’t seen where Bodhi was.

It was at that moment that Bodhi made herself known. A plate came whirling out of nowhere and crashed across the back of Anna’s head. April elbowed her in the ribs and that’s when Cake and I launched our attack! April scrambled out from underneath Anna, who was bent over clutching her head and ribs. Cake jumped on her back and clawed at her, while I came in from underneath and bit her hand and sent a beautiful, if I might say so myself, left-extended-claw-hook across her face, marring it. I hadn’t counted on Anna slashing at me with the knife she still held, and in my frozen moment of glory, came a frozen moment of incredible pain. I fell to the floor and scrambled away, not really sure just yet of what was hurting. Cake bounded off of Anna’s back, and Bodhi appeared in front of Anna as she stood up; her face was bleeding from where I had slashed her. Bodhi took one wicked grin and Anna slashed at her midsection, cutting open a portion of her shirt and cutting a bit of her stomach. Bodhi took the chance and punched her square in the nose, as her face was unguarded. Anna reared her head back, not registering the pain because she was still messed up on the cocaine. She slashed at Bodhi again but missed entirely. Bodhi grabbed her wrist easily and the knife fell to the floor. Anna had a shocked look on her face and Bodhi mercilessly slammed her against the wall with a kick to her midsection. Anna doubled over and Bodhi kicked her again. This time the bitch fell defeated to the floor with Bodhi towering over her.

"OH MY GOD, BODHI!!!" April rushed to her side and threw her arms around her, and Bodhi’s wicked grin was replaced by a sweet smile.

"Are you okay? Oh my God, I am so sorry. Shit, she cut your stomach!" April touched the affected area on Bodhi, and became deathly frightened as her hand came back covered in blood.

"I’m fine, don’t worry. I think Sadie got a nasty cut, though…"

And indeed I did! Anna had sliced at my tail and had sliced off the last 3 inches of it!!! Well, not entirely, but part of my lovely tail was hanging by a thread and I was in so much shock I didn’t really notice. I was cuddled next to Cake who was licking my head trying to comfort me.

"Okay, first thing’s first, call 911, get the cops over here to get that bitch arrested immediately. Then we’ll take Sadie to the animal hospital, it’s only a few minutes away from here and I’m friends with one of the doctors."

"What about your stomach?" April’s green eyes were pleading with Bodhi, she was very overwhelmed by the whole situation, as anyone would be.

"Hey…" Bodhi smiled that gorgeous smile of hers, "… I’ll be fine. It’s just a scratch. C’mon, lets hurry up."

April walked over and immediately called the cops, and Bodhi retrieved some ice and lots of towels and wrapped me up in them, and put the end of my tail (ugh, I shutter just remembering) on the ice. It was only a few minutes before a cop arrived, and took the evil bitch from hell Anna away. We went to the hospital, and while the doctors examined what was left of my tail, I smiled, despite the pain, because I noticed that April and Bodhi were holding hands. Bodhi cuddled April and held her close, telling her I was going to be fine, and in the end, I knew we all would.



And now, here we all are, a whole year later. I did indeed lose the last 3 inches of my beautiful tail, but I’m all healed, now. The vets just wrapped up the end of my tail and gave April some salve to put on it while it healed, and thanks to her gentle nurturing, it looks as good as new. Just shorter.

Anna was locked away on account of drug possession, trafficking, and assault. It was a tough time for April, having to go to court and all, but she got through it quite well because Bodhi was always with her. Oh, and Bodhi’s "scratch" ended up needing 15 stitches.

There was a bit of weirdness at first between Bodhi and April, because April decided to tell her all the details of her 3 or 4 day long relationship with Anna. In the end, these two just couldn’t help their mutual love for each other and they ended up together. It started off as a friendship. A very sexually tense friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. They controlled their libidos marvelously, for about 1 week. I remember that day fondly, actually. Cake and I were napping together (since April always brought me along when she went to Bodhi’s apartment, and vice verca) and suddenly we were awakened by moaning. Loud moaning. We decided to investigate, and walked into Bodhi’s bedroom. There they were, happily giving themselves completely to each other, loving each other like I’m sure no humans ever would or could. We sat and stared, because… well, you know, we were curious. All the lovely energy surrounding them was just astounding, and we knew that everything between the two of them would be fine. April managed, between moans, to tell Bodhi that she loved her completely, like no other, and Bodhi told her the same. Cake had motioned to me that perhaps it was best if we left them alone, and we did. Everything was going to be all right.

We all moved in together a few months ago, out of logical convenience. Cake and I are just as happy as April and Bodhi, and today we’re all going out to the park. It’s spring time already, and-

Wait, you didn’t tell them the moral!

Uhm… the moral? Didn’t I say the moral, Cake?

It was implied, I think.

So it wasn’t too clear?

Mmm… not really.

Okay, well, the moral of the story is…

Cats Know Best.

Yes, absolutely. Thanks Cakey-Wakey.

You’re very welcome, Sadie-Wadie.

Right, so, listen to your cats, people. It will save you SO MUCH time and heartache. Anywho, we’re off to the park! The grass has never looked so green.


The End.

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