"I don’t remember asking your opinion!"

"Yeah well, that’s what you get for thinking you can do this without me honey."

"You don’t say...."

"I just did, B!"

"Can I get on with this now please, Branwyn?"


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Setting: "My imagination." "Ahum, you mean Ours."

Welcome in, Enjoy.


by B-Bard

Rope burns

"Where are you going with all that... stuff, Rhi?" Xena asked her old friend when the woman walked by with her horse almost completely covered under coils of thick rope.

The Red head blushed as the Warrior came closer to examine the goods. She looked away to think of an answer that would not raise any kind of suspicion and rubbed her sore rope chafed arms.

"Oh, making Ephiny a surprise. You’ll see... later." The green eyed Celt replied, deciding that hiding in plain view, as metaphors go, was the best thing to do where her cunning friend was concerned.

"Oh." The Warrior let out with a breath of air. "Things to do, see you tonight... sweets." Xena grinned at Rhiannon and strode off towards the food hut.

Rhiannon led her horse down a beaten sand path out of Amazonia central and headed towards the forest. She hummed a native tune to herself and patted the horses fat locks lovingly.

"Good girl Deirah, you know the way by now, done this trail before hey. Can’t wait to get my love out here! This surprise will knock her boots off." The red head communicated to her four legged friend by thought and took a left turn, straight to the apofylite caves, in the middle of a thicker part of the forest.

Gem cuts

Rhiannon had discovered various caves during her extensive explorations of Amazon territory over the past few moons. One of them in particular was wrapped round an apofylite vein. A green gem that grows in ancient, dead volcanos.

With a bit of luck and her knowledge of the elements, the Celt was surprised with her discovery and measured out it’s possibilities. This time round she was back to realise her vision. All she needed was at hand and time was of no consequence.

"That ridge will hold one strand. If memory serves me well, this apofyfff, eh stones, will effect the healing of wounds in a good way. Eilan used it to heal any wounds her priestesses sustained during the wilder rituals. Other ways, they make great climbing and stuff. The Celt’s thoughts redirected themselves after a sharp pain announced its self. Auw, shit...blood." Rhiannon was balancing on a thin ridge half way up the cave wall and grabbed her thigh, that had just grazed along a sharp point on the rock face.

Her expression changed from annoyed to amazed when the woman saw the small gash closed and sealed by a delicate scar within the blink of an eye.

"Huh, powerful ‘s that is, damned strong them gems ay Elfling!" The Celt voiced under her breath and resumed the climb to her destiny. One strand of rope was already hanging in place. Securing the metal strips for safety and the second strand proved to be a bigger challenge. The rock face was steeper and sharper.

Great minds think a lot

"I’ll get that ‘little freak’ when she comes down from what ever she’s doing up there. I wonder if she knows this is MY secret cave? Mine, Mine, Mine. Oh Tartarus and Bacchai ‘s breath. I’ll stomp her pointy little ears all colors of the rainbow if she doesn’t keep this to herself." Gabrielle sunk down hard on a pile of discarded rope and sulked. Can’t surprise Xe now. You ‘piece of Regents bait’...but...but... that looks oooh. The Bard focused on what Rhiannon was actually doing and her eyes grew wider and wider. "Now that is what I call a good idea! Just imagine what I could get Xena to d... I can’t believe what I’m thinking..." * The bard giggled and studied the contraption, now hanging from the caves largest ledges with more interest. "You genius woman you... can’t wait to hug you Rhi and try that ting out. How do I get on it? I can’t fly or climb. A ladder would be usef...... eh,... is she thinking what I’m thinking?"* Gabrielle tried to stop her imagination running away with every coherent thought and started playing with the rope shards. The grin on her face stayed where it was.

"Epona’s balls! Miss Queenie just had to know ‘bout this place, didn’t she! The descending Celt looked down between her body and the cave wall to find that Gabrielle was sitting at the bottom of it. "Dauh... like I’d be the first to find the cave. These sisters have been here as long as Fairies have had wings. OKay. Climb down first. This balancing trick is getting dangerous and all the healing gems in the world can’t mend a broken neck. Steady she goes. I’d give my right arm for a full moon right now, if I didn’t need the damned thing so much. Flying is the better option here. Yeah, can see this baby pleasing my Amazon immensely. What a ride." Rhiannon’s face turned all feral as she was nearly down far enough to jump the rest of the way.

Wouw, back up a thought girl, if I’m thinking what I’m thinking...what must Gabrielle be thinking... and what will she think of me when she thinks of what I’m thinking... Oh shit?"* The Celt closed her eyes for a moment to steady herself and get rid of the grin on her face.

Rhiannon pushed herself off the rock wall hard, flipped backwards and landed arms length from where the absent minded Amazon Queen was sitting.

Swing Sister

"Yep, bedroom eyes. This deal is in the bag... on libido wave length too Gabbie!"

Rhiannon giggled to herself and took a step closer to the young Queen

"Hello Rhiannon, seems we share a secret." The Bard said to the Celt and looked up at her with a solemn expression.

"What a brilliant idea. Wonder what the others will say when they see this thing?"

A hint of mischief round her smile, Gabrielle continued. "What a truly inspired gift for all the Nation to enjoy. Every Amazon remembers having a swing as a child. It is like an adults return ticket down memory lane." Gabrielle grabbed hold of her stomach and folded over, laughing loud.

"She had you there for a while girl." Conned to be exact!" Rhiannon stood there, hands dug into her hips, jaw dropped to her chest and kicked the shards of rope at her feet. "Can you forgive a... romantic fool?" She lowered her head and kicked at imaginary stones, waiting for the Queen to catch her breath and react.

Keeping a firm hold of her stitching side the Bard looked up at Rhiannon and smiled at her from behind teary, emerald eyes. "Yes Rhi, I forgive you for being you. I Like the way your mind works though, girlfriend. Your secret’s safe with me, as long as you let me show the cave to Xena. I was going to anyway."

Now it was Gabrielle’s turn to gawk in amazement.

"You are right my Queen. I was being selfish. This will be the perfect gift to my spiritual sisters... haven’t thanked them for making me feel welcome properly yet. I gladly offer it to their Queen. You can officially reveal it to your subjects, Highness. I would also like to mention the healing properties of the apofylite, the gems you see covering the cave walls. They heal open wounds when used correctly." Rhiannon ended, knelt down on one knee and bowed her head humbly.

Gabrielle stepped closer to the red head and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I’m moved by this gesture Elfling." The Bard started to help the woman before her up to her feet. She jumped and was startled when Rhiannon spoke again.

"You’ll move all right!" The Celt grabbed the Bards slender sides and tickled her relentlessly. "And your fellow Amazons will eventually swing to the ancient pulse of life and feel the earth move too, ya pretty thing." As she pushed the Bard over her knee to start spanking her friend’s firm behind. "You mean to tell me we are the first to know about this place?"

Gabrielle tried to turn and pointed a telling off finger in the Celt’s direction and giggled while she spoke. "Not for long I imagine and don’t encourage any of that British swing rage on the sisters that can’t handle their green eyed monster without someone getting hurt! You big clit on legs." And she surrendered to Rhiannon’s playful attack, laughing and lunging her limbs all over the place.

If you want to find out what happens to Rhiannon’s contraption; can Gabby keep a secret?... patience is the skill you’re wanting here. The swing will find it’s place in the Xenaverse very soon. If you are up to the offered challenge(see foot notes). Word to the B-Bard._ @

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"Yep, I’ll handle it B!"

"Is that all we get, Bran?"

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