Chapter Ten
My spirit, my heart, and my soulÖ

Laverne commanded the one-sided conversation she was having with Miriam and had begun doing so just after ëhello,í and for Miriam it hadnít gotten any better as the talk progressed. Miriam had been instructed to appear at Laverneís house Sunday after next at four oíclock sharp, and to come empty-handed and naked if possible. Miriam knew it was an invitation for her own birthday dinner, but Laverne argued her down when sheíd guessed at the reason for the summons. Miriam first turned her down by explaining that she had other plans, hoping to spend time with Esther on her day off, but Laverne remained forceful that any plans she had must be changed. Laverne kept insisting, and swore wholeheartedly that it was a life or death situation until Miriam finally caved in to the charade. Laverne left the conversation abruptly with "now that itís settled, and it is settled, I donít want ta hear no more about it, period." And then she'd hung up, leaving Miriam eyeballing the phone as if it had just bitten her hand.

To attempt to get to the bottom of things, she dialed Maddyís number at the Starfish. Brother D answered with his kind and gentle southern brogue, and then called Maddy to the phone. "Hello, Miriam, Iíve been thinking about you. I thought when you and Esther came up for air that I might get a call. How are yaíll doing, Kid?"

"Pretty good, Madd. Iím feeling terrific these days, well, until a few minutes ago when I got the strangest call from Verne."

"Oh, fuck her." Maddy spoke firmly as if completely put out at the mention of her name. Then regaining composure, she softly said "tell me about Esther. Tell me you two are getting plenty of bed rest." After a moment of silence, she quizzed. "So are ya?"

Maddy was a hopeless romantic. Miriam told her how things had progressed with Esther since the last time they talked. "Sheís been here pretty much every night after work, and I think sheís getting comfortable enough to sleep over pretty soon. I just wish weíd have sex again."

"Well, be patient, it sounds mighty promising, Kid." Maddy paused, then "Iím so happy for you."

"Thanks, Maddy." Miriam refocused on Laverne. "Say, do you know whatís up with Laverne? Sheís summoned me to her house next Sunday for what I figured was a surprise birthday party, but she pretended like that wasnít it." Miriam took a breather. "She insisted that it was life or death."

Miriam waited a long moment for Maddy to respond. "Hmm, no. I havenít heard a thing, but if I do Iíll let you know." Maddy paused again. "Well, Kid, itís almost lunch time and I gotta go get busy. Can I call you later?"

"Oh, Maddy. Iím sorry, I didnít realize the time." Miriam glanced at her kitchen clock, and the time read 11:50. "Iíll let you go, call me back."

Miriam didnít hear from Maddy for the rest of the week, and although she assumed that Maddy was giving her and Esther plenty of room, Miriam wished that she wouldn't. Miriam had even tried to call Maddy a couple of times, but Brother D and Jackie said that she wasnít there either time. Miriam figured that she might be tied up with the kids and decided she wouldnít try her at home just yet, thinking Maddy would surely call when she had the chance. Despite attempts to keep busy, Miriam started feeling a little lonesome toward the end of the week as her house fell silent. Esther seemed to slip through her fingers, always too busy to talk on the phone and suddenly too tired to come by to visit. Miriam knew that Esther mustíve reached the plateau that lovers often do, and had come face to face with too much of a good thing. Miriam wondered, too, if Esther hadnít gotten herself involved in a romance that she couldnít handle and didnít know how to say so. Time would tell, Miriam reasoned, and nothing she could do or say would change what Esther had decided. She tried several times to reach Sammye so that she would have a shoulder to cry on, but she, too, was out of pocket. Walt, Sonja Walters, Sammyeís companion who worked from their home, didnít answer when Miriam phoned. Giving up on Thursday evening, she tried her circle of friends one last time, except for Laverne, but couldnít reach a soul. Miriam spoke with her Higher Power and decided that it must be time that she needed for herself, whether she wanted it or not.

Miriam felt empty and out-of-sorts as she dressed for Laverneís the following Sunday afternoon. She opted for casual khaki shorts and a tee, not too dressy but not bummed out either. She thought she needed to be prepared for anything that Laverne might throw her way. She drove her Falcon slowly into town because she was a bit early, and because she'd put the top down to enjoy the late afternoon sun. She drove by Laverneís place once and didnít see any cars to indicate a surprise party, and then she crept through downtown to see if she could spot Estherís car, but without success. She felt indigo blue as she made her way back to Laverneís, saying aloud "no party, no Esther, no luck."

For the umpteenth time, she shouted to herself well, shit! She thought that being with Laverne would just have to suffice for a good time, and at least she was away from her house and sheíd have someone to talk to for a while. Parking at the curb, she slowly put her top up and then half-heartedly made her way up the sidewalk and to the door. When she lifted her hand to knock she noticed a note attached with a tack that instructed her to go to the back. On the way around the house, Miriam guessed then that Laverne was into some landscape project as usual and had simply needed her help. Making her way to the privacy fence, Miriam jiggled the handle to gain entrance. When the handle didnít budge, she yelled "Verne, itís Miriam. Come let me in, the handleís jammed."

Thinking that Laverne had some nerve to keep her waiting so very long, she turned to leave just as Laverne swung the gate open wide. A slew of people yelled when she turned back. "Surprise!" Suddenly Miriam was thrilled. She walked through the gate and began receiving hugs and kisses from the mass. A flowered lei was placed around her neck by Maddy and then she kissed both of Miriamís cheeks. "Happy Birthday, Kid" she whispered privately. From behind, Laverne took Miriam by the shoulders and turned her slightly to the left. "Lookie yonder," she said, as she pointed through the crowd. Miriam found Sammyeís eyes, and they both started toward the other with their arms extended, embracing a long time before Walt finally joined in. After Maddy hugged her again, Laverne took her turn. Before Miriam knew it, they had all become one huddled mass of hugs. Everyone joined in with smiles and laughter. Everyone except Esther, Miriam thought, after she spied her standing alone on the lowest step of the deck. She stood beautifully, clothed in a darling delicate skirt and a white cotton tee, Miriam thought she looked perfect for the party. When the huddle began to ebb, Miriam took a lei from Maddyís hand and walked slowly toward Esther, who stepped down from the step just as Miriam stood before her, and placed the garland around her neck. Miriam swept her arms around Esther and they kissed once playfully, then again long and intimately. The crowd clapped and roared, which embarrassed them slightly, yet they hugged again in a fond embrace.

"Letís all go up on the deck and git ourselves ready for some vittles," was Laverneís battle cry.

The crowd dispersed then, and Miriam had the opportunity to talk with her friends. There were quite a few folks from Dallas that she didnít know, and then three from Dallas that she recognized as Laverneís guests from the night of the fish fry. Several teachers and students were there, and though she hardly knew them, they acted as if theyíd known Miriam all her life. Miriam felt very special. Laverne took charge of the grill and meat began to sizzle above the hot coals. Festive music played and party lanterns swayed in the breeze above their heads. Esther brought drinks and they made a toast to one another, and sealed it with a light kiss. Flashes of camera lights burst here and there, catching the guests in awkward poses and group photos. Everyone was having a ball. Sammye and Walt swayed together on the upper deck like they were still newlyweds after many years together, while a drag queen mouthed the words to the song into a fork-turned-microphone. The food began to smell delicious, and while Esther talked with Maddy, Miriam made her way up to Laverne. "Laverne, you rascal. This makes me so very happy, thank you." Miriam managed to get her arms around Laverneís neck and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. "Youíre one in a million, Verne."

"Aw, now. It ainít cause yore special er nothiní like that, itís jest any old excuse for a party." Laverne looked serious, then cracked a wide smile. "Haw! Haw! I had ya goiní fer a minute, didnít I?" Laverne broke out in laughter again. "Haw! Haw! Haw!"

"Hey, good-lookiní. Whatís cookiní on the grill? It smells good." Miriam tried to peep underneath a lid, but Laverne stopped her with the swipe of a potholder.

"Everthangís good, Sugar. Ya donít have to worry ëbout that." Laverne swabbed a barbecue brush into a giant bowl of special sauce. "Itís jest gettiní started good, so go on back and enjoy yore party and I'll let you know when you can eat."

Miriam looked for Esther and found her still talking with Maddy, joined by Sammye and Walt, and they'd all obtained seats at a table and were laughing and smiling. Miriam joined them and stood behind Esther for lack of a chair, until Esther reached behind her and took Miriamís hand from her shoulder, drawing her around and standing. Miriam sat down, and then Esther sat delicately in Miriamís lap. Sammye gave a toast. "To the Birthday Girl!" she said speaking just above the din, "and to love wherever we may find it." They all said ëcheersí and drank their cups down.

A young Dykelette from the college came out of the house with trays of munchies, and more drinks were being made as the party continued. A Dallas Dyke was out in the yard lighting tiki torches that would serve as lampposts for those taking midnight strolls on Laverne's glorious lawn later on. A rather reserved looking school teacher was making her way through the crowd refilling cups from a two gallon pitcher. Esther leaned close to Miriamís ear, an act that she would commit a dozen times before the evening was over, and asked "are you having a good time?" Miriam nodded. Then Esther whispered, "Iíve missed you this week." Miriam nodded again and turned her head to caress her partnerís neck.

"Mmm. Do you taste as good as you smell?" Miriam happened to think that she hadnít tasted Estherís honey as of yet, because Esther hadnít felt comfortable enough. Baths and showers would soon yield to more intimacies, however, Miriam was sure of that now.

Esther blushed and pushed her neck harder against Miriamís mouth, then leaned down again to whisper. "Thatís for you to find out."

"Ooh, Baby. Donít tease me now." And Miriam turned away to talk with Walt, who'd been trying to get her attention by tugging at her sleeve. "Walt, are yaíll staying here tonight?"

"No, thatís just what I was about to say. We left after church this morning, but weíve gotta go back for a funeral service tomorrow. We kinda thought that you might want to go back with us." Walt finished up by patting Estherís knee. "Of course, we mean the both of ya."

"Well. Gee, Walt. A funeral does sound tempting, but Esther has to work." Miriam was holding a grin back with her teeth. "Weíll take a rain check though. What would you say, Esther?"

"Yes, sorry to avoid the funeral, but some other time sounds good to me." She was up and pulling on Miriamís hand. "Címon. Will you dance with me?"

"Gotta go, Walt. This is very important." Miriam was standing. "Itís our very first dance together-- well, that Iíll remember anyway."

"Walt, thatís odd." Sammye said most puzzled as the lovers slipped away. "Did she say it was the first that sheíd remember?"

"Iíll explain it to ya, Honey." Maddy said, as they crept away from earshot. And she and Sammye were busy talking again, becoming what looked like to be the best of friends.

Estherís hand fit perfectly in Miriamís. Ilse DeLange's "You Are the Dream" played softly, yet they paid no attention to the song, really. Miriamís right hand held Esther at the small of her back, and Estherís left hand moved gently to the back of Miriamís neck. Her hand stroked Miriamís skin and hair, and she pulled herself closer to Miriamís thighs. Miriam eased her hand from its resting-place and ventured slowly down to Estherís hips. She moved the gauze of her skirt back and forth slightly, imagining Estherís smooth skin beneath it. Then Esther released Miriamís left hand and guided it to her waist, tenderly resting her right arm around Miriamís shoulder. They swayed slowly together as if the world had gone away, looking only into each otherís eyes as k.d. lang's rendition of "The Air That I Breathe" played slowly and sweetly to guide their feet.

"Hey! Hey! You two er gonna have to break that up or weíre all gonna have to git nekkid." It was Laverne's voice and she was banging a spoon against a pot cover. "Er else weíre gonna charge admission and sell popped corn."

Realizing what was being said, they almost stopped dancing. Esther and Miriam both felt embarrassed, and giggled to one another. And it went from bad to worse when the crowd began to cheer and throw wolf whistles their way when Miriam finally snapped out of it. She noticed that Stevie Nicks was almost finished singing ëLandslideí before they could collect themselves. "Sorry folks, we lost all track of time." Miriam led Esther down to the main level of the deck, and Miriam spoke to the crowd humorously. "Whew! All that danciní made me thirsty." And the crowd cast jeers and laughter at the couple.

"Hungry, too, I hope. Supperís ready and thereís plenty of it." Laverne was in control of the festivities. "Now yonder, see, is the plates and all that. Up here on the table we got tater salad and baked beans and the like. I couldn't find no Poke Sallet Ö" she began, and the crowd clapped and cheered. Giving a disappointed look to the crowd, Laverne pointed with her tongs as if she were conducting a guided tour. "Fine. Over here is the meat. We got baby back ribs, shrimp kabobs, chicken and steak. Whatever you want, just help yore selves." Laverne moved away from the grill and filled her cup with iced tea. Then she finished, saying "now everbody fix yore plates and find yer seats, but hold up a minute ëfore ya go diggin' in."

The group didnít hesitate to follow orders, and it didnít take long before everyone had their plates fixed and got settled here and there around the multileveled deck. "I hope by now everbody knows who Walt is." Laverne pointed, and then continued. "Sheís that handsome woman settiní there beside her purty girlfriend and Maddy Gail." Everyone glanced at Walt and she timidly waved her hand. "Now, Iíd like to ask Walt here to give us a word a thanks to the Good Lord fer bringiní us all together tonight, and ask for us all to have a safe journey home."

The crowd grew silent and Walt stood and began effortlessly, "Our Great Higher Power, God of all Gods. Laverne has expressed all our thoughts very well by thanking you for this gathering of hearts and souls. We ask that you watch over us in our travels whether great or small, and lead us with kindness of spirit along the way. We ask for a special blessing for our sister in faith, Miriam. Begging that she find wisdom to carry her through the coming year, and possess the ability to find gratitude for a yearís passing. Bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies and grant us love for the nourishment of our souls. Amen." A moment of silence followed the eloquent prayer, and then people once again began to mingle and to eat. Miriam went to where Walt and Sammye sat, and spoke personally. "Thank you for the kind words, Walt. I wish you well."

Then the music resumed to make an otherwise solemn moment livelier. As the crowd ate under the dusky sky, laughter and harmony filled the air. "This is great, Verne." Miriam called across the patio. "A good time."

Laverne raised her glass of tea to Miriam and they shared a silent toast. When the supper started winding down, Maddy slipped away and returned with a giant cake illuminated with candles. "I think there could be one or two extra ones on there, Kid, ëcause it sure looks bright." She was assisted with sitting the cake down, and continued "but I really think youíre just getting old." The crowd laughed. Maddy, ever the waitress, started putting lids on things and straightening up tables. "Whenever youíre ready."

Miriam was applauded as she went to the table beside Maddy. "Címon yaíll, gather ëround." Miriam motioned to the crowd to join her. "Hell, Iím not the fire department. Iím gonna need you guys to help put this thing out." When most were joined around her, she reached for Estherís hand and started to blow. "On three you guys, help"

"Wait!" Laverne yelled. "Donít forgit yer wish."

"I wonít, Verne. I promise." Miriam assumed the position. "Now, once again on"

"Wait!" It was Laverne again. "And donít go awishiní fer somethiní ya already got neither." She pointed with her thumb toward Esther and winked.

Miriam laughed, "I wonít, Verne. I know." Miriam hesitated for Laverne once again, and then counted "two and a half...three!" And Miriam and the crowd blew out the flames. All applauded and sang ëFor Sheís A Jolly Good Fellow,í way too loud and way, way off key. They called for a speech as fresh drinks were passed among them. "Okay, speech." Miriam was searching for words, and said "I donít have a speech really," which made the crowd break into applause. "I just have a few words to say regarding this festive little party celebrating the occasion of my birth. I feel honour and privilege to be included among such a good gathering of people, regardless of reason. Though I donít know you all by name I feel there are no strangers here. Tonight we have imitated the most powerful force in nature, that thing called family." The crowd gave more applause. "I owe a special thanks to several of you here, for you have been my spirit, my heart, and my soul for many years. So, to wrap this up, I would just like to extend a welcome to my new family and give a very special thanks to my cherished family. Thank you all for coming." Miriam held up her glass and toasted the crowd. "Cheers." Esther squeezed her tight around her waist. Miriam felt fit at forty.

After Miriam cut the first piece, Maddy took over and distributed the plates. "Somebody start bringing out the gifts."

Miriam raised her voice in protest. "No, now. No gifts. This party is gift enough." Miriam was shaking her head as Sammye and Esther went off to retrieve the packages.

Laverne spoke loudly to Miriam. "Aw, shut up, Spicy Girl. Ya cainít have no party without gifts. Where ya been? Ya oughta know betterín that." Laverne moved a chair center stage and relocated Miriam from her seat. "Now. Eat yer cake and enjoy yer presents."

Miriam, feeling quite overwhelmed by the number of packages being laid at her feet and in her lap, laughed nervously. "This is too much, you guys, you shouldnít have."

She was encouraged to go on with the presents, and Miriam found a bounty of things that she could use in her garden and her house. There were wind chimes from Sammye and Walt, with beautiful pewter flowers and a brass hummingbird on top. Knee pads and a garden tool set came from Maddy, a ëhow toí gardening book from the teachers and a new age music CD from a student. The Dallas Dykes and the drag queen gave a gift certificate for a night at a hotel located just off Cedar Springs. "Tiffany," a blow-up doll with correct anatomy, was given from the entire group as the gag gift. Laverne hosted the party, but also gave Miriam a distinctive journal and writing pen, and explained "'cause when I read yer pome that day it was purty good." Fuzzy dice for her Falcon and other little trinkets and gifts came from this one and the next, but Miriam couldnít help but notice the obvious lack of a present from Esther. Miriam was nonetheless tickled and had begun to thank everyone for their offerings when Esther stood.

"Wait, Miriam. Thereís one more to open." She handed Miriam two small packages, one wrapped in silver and the other in gold. "Open the silver now and leave the gold for later." These words naturally got a ëwooí from the over-zealous crowd.

Miriam stood with Esther, and said humbly "you shouldnít have. Just you being here is gift enough," which brought on another big ëwooí and a wolf-whistle from the group. Miriam tucked the smaller package wrapped in gold inside her pants pocket and began to unwrap the silver package. Underneath the ribbon and paper was a white box, containing a blue velvet box, an unmistakable sign of a jeweler. Miriam again said "you shouldnít have," but at this, the crowd was silenced. When Miriam cracked it open, she found a beautiful diamond studded heart dangling from a golden chain. "Itís beautiful." She flashed the applauding crowd and hugged Esther tight. Privately she spoke the words "thank you, Esther. You shouldnít have." The crowd whispered "ah," and Miriam asked Esther if she would put it around her neck. When the task was done, she hugged Esther again, then pulled away so that she could admire her gift. "Isnít it beautiful?" Miriam asked the crowd. "Thank you all very much for the wonderful birthday." After she gave obligatory hugs to every person in attendance, the party began again.

The festivities continued into the night, and the party lanterns and tiki torches cast their sensual glow upon the assembly as the folks continued to dance and mingle with one another. Miriam danced with both Sammye and Maddy, as talk and music filled the air. The group dwindled as the teachers and students went home to prepare for the coming class day, and Sammye and Walt departed for the big city just before eleven. Miriam wanted some time alone with Esther knowing that she, too, would go early to the coffee shop, so she made a decision to leave with her friend before midnight struck.

Parting from Laverne was easy enough because the Dallas folks had come to stay the night and would keep her entertained until the wee hours of the morning without a doubt. Miriam walked with Esther in silence around the block to where her car had been concealed for the surprise, and then Esther returned her safely to her Falcon. Before she stepped out of the Mustang, she turned to Esther, and asked a simple question with deeper meaning. "Would you come home with me, Esther?"

"No," Esther said quickly and flatly, causing Miriam to look away. To Miriamís surprise, she spoke softly "I want you to come with me. I want us to share the loft tonight." Miriam knew Esther was searching for words that she couldnít find, as she added "I donít want to be without you."

"Then, Iíll come with you." Miriam eased back inside Estherís car and they drove through the empty streets of Cool Lake toward the coffee shop. Esther pulled around to the back and parked in a slot marked professionally ëMANAGEMENT PARKING ONLY.í Then they crept cautiously through the patio furniture and entered the building through the side door. After leading Miriam by the hand, they followed a path through the dimly lit shop that brought them directly to the staircase and up they went slowly yet without hesitation. Just outside a newly fashioned doorway, Esther stopped and flicked on a dim overhead light.

"Now itís time for you to open your second present, Birthday Girl." She spoke the words soft and low.

"Here?" Miriam felt of her pocket to make sure it was still there. "Wonít it wait until we get inside?"

"No, Miriam." Esther spoke with the patience of a Saint. "It wonít wait. Open the box now, please."

Miriam retrieved the box from her pocket, pulled the string of ribbon and unfolded the pretty paper wrapped around it. She removed the lid slowly and found two keys on a beautiful, shiny key ring. "I donít get it. What are these?"

"Theyíre the keys to my world, Miriam." Separating one from another, she said "this is the main door key. And this one unlocks my door."

Miriam took a final step up to where Esther stood at the wooden door. "Are you sure you want me to have these?" Miriam stood motionless waiting for an answer that was never born. When she unlocked the door to Estherís loft, Esther drew her inside.

As Miriam closed the door gently behind her and latched the lock, Esther pressed her against the wall and they fell into a passionate embrace. When Miriamís hand began to explore underneath Estherís petticoat, Esther pulled away teasingly and led them into the newly decorated parlour where chilled wine patiently awaited their arrival. "Will you pour the wine and then join me?" Miriam uncorked the bottle and poured the wine as Esther drew the water for their bath. Miriam followed the familiar hum that had first attracted her to Esther months ago, and found her immersed in bubbles and candlelight. ëM'mm' was the only sound muttered before they made love quickly and passionately beneath the warm soapy water. When their lovemaking was done, Miriam took Esther to the bed. She found it feathery soft beneath her as she inched her way above Estherís smooth skin, and pressed her weight against Esther to feel her warm body writhe beneath her. Miriam ran her fingers through Estherís soft hair and across her outstretched arms, then down her cheek and to her neck where Estherís beating pulse raced. Miriam felt Esther relax more and more under Miriamís gentle touch until she was at last comfortable enough to rest her hand on Miriamís back. ëM'mm,í Esther moaned low as Miriam kissed her firm breast and squeezed it lightly before moving to suckle the next. "You are so beautiful, Esther." Miriam uttered these words softly, as she parted from her breast and caressed Estherís smooth skin with her tongue's firmness. Esther ran her fingers through Miriamís hair and across her shoulders in response to Miriamís hand upon her thigh. Miriam stroked her smooth legs and inner thighs while she worked her tongue through Estherís fur. Esther raised herself toward Miriam as if suddenly feeling tense or embarrassed by what lay in store for her. Miriam met her frightened kisses with a patient tongue, knowing that only time and Estherís comfort would allow her to taste the special honey for the first time.

As Esther relaxed, Miriam led her once again to her resting-place on the pillows. "I wonít hurt you, Esther. Iíd never hurt you." Miriam kissed her mouth long and sweetly. "I want to make love with you. I need to make love with you."

Suddenly, in a moment of truth, Estherís hand guided Miriamís to her muff. "I want you to make love with me, Miriam. But Iíve never been here before, not like this. Please, be patient."

"Oh, Baby. Iím patient." Miriam raked tresses away from Estherís worried face. "We can stop..."

"No, donít stop." Esther quickly raised a bit and kissed Miriam as if trying to explain with her mouth. "I do want you here with me just take your time, okay?"

Miriam understood Estherís apprehension from her own personal experience, and once again inched down the path to find Estherís fire at a speed that Esther seemed more comfortable with. Miriam eventually kissed around her mound and down across her moist lily, until Esther squirmed with anticipation and pulled Miriamís hand toward her mouth, kissing and sucking at Miriamís fingers. Miriamís tongue began to lick the tender lips containing Estherís juices then, separating them greedily yet smoothly with the strength of her tongue. Then as if time stood still, Miriam introduced her tongue into the wetness and stroked and danced to Estherís increasing rhythm. Esther tasted good, healthy and sweet. Miriam was in heaven and waited for Esther to slow down a little by gliding in and out of her honey pot and sucking softly at her clit. When the moment was just right, Miriam suckled Estherís back door, and slipped her fingers gently inside Estherís muff. Moving in and out ever so gently, Miriam searched for the O through a barrage of moisture. She heard Esther moan lustfully when she delicately added more pressure with her tongue at Estherís forbidden zone and then pressed her finger gently against the door again.

Just as Miriam began to circle the O, she eased a finger from her free hand into Estherís bottom. Then moving her mouth up to Estherís panic button, she sucked and waited for Esther to find her own tempo, patiently following Estherís lead. In a moment she heard Estherís quiet voice whisper, "Iím going to cum." And Miriam knew that she was reaching that peak for everything between them seemed right and steady. She increased her pressure ever so slightly, slipping in and out Estherís wet, hot bottom with gentle strokes until Esther elevated herself onto her elbows and picked up her pace. Miriamís fingers pressed harder and faster around the cul-de-sac as Esther began to rock against Miriamís fingers inside her ass and muff. Esther repeated the warning, "Miriam, Iím going to cum." And cum she did, hard and fast. Estherís juices flowed generously through Miriamís fingers and into her thirsty mouth.

"Please donít move," Esther said breathlessly when the excitement ebbed, crashing into her pillows and laying very still.

Miriam smiled wide, grinning really, and promised "I wonít move."

"Oh! Thank you. Please, donít move a muscle." Esther pleaded sounding well spent, making a series of ooh's and ahh's.

Miriam waited motionless for a bit longer, enjoying the feeling of Estherís body quaking inside and out. "Esther. Iím going to move now. I want you to relax." Miriam enjoyed her fingers being housed snugly inside of her loverís warmth, but the time had come to let Esther off the hook. Miriam knew what to do to release herself and she knew Esther had to relax just a tad to make it possible, so she began to lick softly at the edges of Estherís flower, nursing the sensitive area gently. With each flicker, she pulled back from Estherís bottom slightly until the threshold of her ass turned loose, which relieved the pressure of her loverís vulva just enough so that Miriam could free herself. "Are you okay?"

"Baby, come here." Esther patted her tummy lazily and confessed, "Iím more okay than youíll ever know."

Miriam joined Esther where she lay and snuggled down on her shoulder to rest. "You taste good, my friend. Like nectar from a peach." From years of tasty Lesbian encounters, Miriam offered "Here. Kiss me and taste your own sweetness."

At first, Esther didnít regard the offer and Miriam feared that sheíd repulsed Esther by the profound request. But in a moment, Esther came face to face with Miriam and looked tenderly into her eyes while framing Miriamís face with her hands. "I love you, Miriam." Esther said the words as if she truly meant them, then kissed her own juices from Miriamís soiled face slowly and gingerly.

As Miriam received Estherís deep and meaningful kiss, peace and happiness slowly crept into her being, having been absent for what seemed to be a thousand years. And for the very first time in her life, she felt the warmth of joyous tears trickle down her cheeks.

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