Forever Happiness

On a day when you can see forever
and your soul is at peace in the world,
when the love of your life is with you
and you can wish for nothing more -
take stock and give thanks for everything
be grateful for every moment of happiness.

I don't think I ever knew happiness
or believed in the possibility of forever
until you made your presence known and everything
became certain in my world.
I had always been searching for more
and found it all when I found you.

It was amazing the first time I talked to you;
I was filled with unutterable happiness,
but the call was short and left me wanting more.
I could have listened to your voice forever.
And right then I wanted to give you the world.
Anything you wanted, whatever you needed... everything.

I wanted to know all about your life. Everything
was a source of fascination to me. And you,
little by little, let me into your world.
You said talking to me was your happiness
and that we would be friends forever.
But I was fairly certain that it could be more.

The closer we got, I wanted more
of your time, your thoughts, your feelings. Everything
you revealed convinced me that I wanted forever:
to hold and love you, shelter and protect you.
I was convinced that I could give you happiness
and that you could give me the world.

With you, long buried emotions surfaced, worlds
of love and tenderness flowed from me for you.
Every joy I ever contemplated, every happiness
were given to me in your eyes. You are everything
to me and my life would be abysmal without you.
I will adore you and cherish you forever.

You are the world to me. Everything
I am is more what you believe me to be. To you
I want to give happiness. From you I want forever.

Beth Shaw 02/07/01

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