I Want So Much

By Beth

I want to take your pain
and make it mine.
To let you soar free
from the bonds of earth
with nothing holding you.

I want to take back
the things I cannot change
to start again
the way we should have started
so not to pull you apart.

I want to wait
and be your friend
to sort through
sift and weigh everything
to make your decision.

I want to love you and
hold you close
To keep your soul safe
from the caring throngs
who would keep you grounded.

I want to change
so many things
but I would not change
how I feel about you
or how you have changed me.

I want to be better.
I want to care for myself
so you will care for me.
I want to be worthy.
I want to be yours.

I am yours.

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