I Want To Know

You are my life. You are my soul
You are my source of pow'r
You are my friend. You are my love
You are my shelt'ring bower

I want to know why you aren't here
or why I am not there
I want to know why there's this space
oh, god, I should be there

This was our time, supposed to be,
to meet and kiss and coo
I want to know why it can't be
I want to be with you.

If I could ask for just one wish
You know what that would be
To wake this morn, your face to see,
to have you here with me.

But I must be content, I guess,
With talking on the phone.
It hurts me, though, to sleep the night
and wake up all alone.

I miss you, sweet, when you're not here
I miss your kiss, your touch
I miss when you just hold me tight
I miss you, god, so much.

Beth Shaw 01/18/01

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