by Beth

This one is for me.
This is mine
and no one can take it away.

I'm being selfish
for once in my adult life
And I have made the conscious decision
that this is mine alone.

It does not belong
to my son, or daughter,
my mother, father or friend.

And I'm holding on to it
Come hell or high water
hurricane, tornado or earthquake.

It is my anchor, my harbour, my solace
Where I can discuss anything, feel anything
and not have it ridiculed or torn apart.

Nothing I say is wrong
and even if I can't figure out what I mean
you put it into perspective.

Here I am valued and honoured
cherished and loved
supported and validated.

There's nothing like it in this world.
And like a two year old, it is mine
and I won't give it up.
You can't make me.

Jul 7/00

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