By Beth

Not flesh of my flesh
or bone of my bone
but my child just the same

Not there at
conception or birth
but you belong to me

As much mine
as if you had come from me
and I couldn't love you more
if you had.

You fill my heart
and break it equally well
You fill me with joy
and pride.

I forget that you are a boy
and still learning,
spreading your wings,
punching at your walls
to see how much they give.

Bright, funny, full of boyish bravado
I can reduce you to tears
with a look.
And you can make me helpless
with laughter.

I'm determined that you will
be a good man
Supportive and loving
taking care of your family.

And I know that I'll try and
shield you from
the harshness of life
but I hope to leave you some.

Someday a child may come
from my body but you
will forever be my first child.

Even though you're not
flesh of my flesh
you are mine just the same.

--- For Alex, with all my love


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