Parts of Anguish

Anguish - noun
Agonizing physical or mental pain
an abstract word conjuring
empathetic feelings
but no true understanding.
until I heard your voice
filled with pain and loss
tearing at my heart
knowing that I caused it.

Helpless - adjective
Destitute of help or strength
I did that to you
the one that I love
and there's nothing I can do
no way to ease it
and no way to fix it.
If there were a reason,
but there's not.

Hauntingly - adverb
Continually recurring to the mind
I hear you cry
hearbreaking, heartbroken
If there were blame to place
or aspersions to cast
I'd take them all to set you free.
but there's not... I love you
as much today as the day before

Holding - verb
To keep from falling or moving; support
A double-edged blade
My heart and soul are yours
yours are mine
I won't ask for them
and you won't either
An impasse that might be broken

Beth Shaw 02/21/01

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