The Rising of the Sun

For Randi:

I waited my whole life

for your warmth, your humour

your smile.

We travelled the world

exploring everything

delighting in the adventure

and being together. Forever.

And in an instant it was gone.

All of our hopes and plans.

Dreams for a lifetime

disappeared like the fog over the ocean

with the rising of the sun.

And I was left amid

the flotsam on the beach

no mooring, my anchor gone.

But the world kept turning,

the sun kept rising

although it had no right

wanting - needing - to be with you again.

I miss snuggling against you.

I miss your jokes.

I miss all of the tomorrows

I miss the large chunk of my heart

that you took with you.

And in your memory

I will live and laugh

perhaps even love.

But I will never forget.

Oct. 28/01

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