Unbelievable Need
by Beth

I told you how I felt
and you said you felt the same
My heart is full
my head unbelieving
That you could
return the depth of my love.

You are the first
who understood what I needed
and how I felt.
You knew that behind the tears
of sorrow for my friend
were tears for what might happen
between you and I.
and how scared I was
that I would never feel it for myself.

You said we had time.
And we do.
But there is never enough time
to say how much I love you
want you, need you.

Need your strength,
your understanding, your sympathy.
Your love and belief in me.

My need for you exhilerates me.
and scares me.
It's overpowering
leaving me helpless, weak
and naked before you.
I've never been so vulnerable
Potential fatal wounds
with a word
You could destroy me.


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