Until You Came Along

by Beth

Strong and independent
sure of my direction
Happy within my life
until you came along.

Sealed all those emotions
safe inside my own head
letting no one touch me
until you came along

When my heart discovered
That your heart spoke my name
My heart opened to you
and let you see my soul

The thought scares me to death
"I'm not worthy of you"
Awed how much I need you
To fill me up inside

Freeing my emotions
allowing me to know
The wonders of loving

You have seen me weakened,
Needing, lost and confused
I do not always have to
be strong in your presence.

Now I'm all but naked
giving you my heart free
leaving my soul open
for you to flay or soothe

I trust you with that need
with my soul and my heart
Knowing that you will keep
them safe within your arms.


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