Disclaimer: these girls are mine, they may look familiar and act familiar but they are all mine. Cause we know the world is chock full o’ fine looking chicks like these, right?

Language: Plenty of it and it’s not all good.

Sex: Of course there is sex, the hot and nasty kind. Depictions of consenting adults participating in same sex unions and bdsm scenarios, so if you are vanilla, be warned that this is dark chocolate, both bitter and sweet. If it ain’t your thang, then do not pass go. Do not collect $200, just hit the road now!

Violence: Oh yeah, there is!

~Black Cherry, 2003


Chapter One



“Yes! Mom…I sent the check. Yes I’m sure…Mom, you’re not listening to me!” Not that you ever do, Monica Truman thought to herself as she listened to her mother’s insanity on her cell phone for the hundredth time today.

“Mom, I gotta go—I’m in traffic. Love you, bye!” Monica clicked her phone closed and tossed it into the seat next to her and turned up the stereo to drown out the echo of her mother’s ranting voice in her head. This had been the most stressful week she had had in forever, and now her mother was nagging her for money to pay the mortgage again. Monica knew her mother and father had drunk away the mortgage money and fully expected her to support them out of her pocket. She didn’t understand why she continued to bail them out of trouble; in the end it only supported their addiction and compounded the problem.

But she couldn’t think about that now, she had to focus on rush hour traffic, and get to the bar. Her friends were waiting for her and tonight she needed to cut loose and have some fun with her old college friends. She hadn’t seen them since the summer after graduation and was eager to catch up and have a fun evening.

Finally after fighting her way through rush hour traffic she wheeled her Black Chevy Tahoe into the parking lot where the local pub was located. The lot was full; the only spaces available were in front of the Tattoo parlor. Monica chuckled to herself, imagining what kind of characters might be wondering in and out of there over the course of the evening.

Speaking of which, she thought to herself, as she pulled into the lot and spied a leather-clad figure walking a large pit bull on a chain. She looks like she is right out of the pulp fiction stories! She stepped out of her Tahoe and clicked the alarm and took a step in the direction of the pub when she heard a voice,

“Hey you can’t park there.”

“What?” she said as she turned to see the tall woman with the dog lighting up a cigarette.

“I said,” she said as she lit her smoke and pocketed her Zippo into her motorcycle jacket, “You can’t park there.”

“Why not?”

“You getting ink?” asked the tough looking woman…tough but beautiful, strikingly beautiful! Monica thought to herself. Tall, black hair, blue eyes, strong and imposing.


“You know. A tattoo. You getting a tattoo?”

“Well no…but..”

“Then you can’t park there, that space is for customers of SKIN DEEP only.”

Monica’s eyes narrowed, and she was beginning to get mad. She was late already and didn’t see the harm in her parking there, three spaces away from the pub door.

“What if I come back later and get one, I’m meeting some friends next door?” she asked, wanting to be on her way.

The woman clad in black leather began to laugh. This made Monica mad, why was she laughing?
”What’s so funny?” she asked angered.

“You! You’re funny. Little miss Vanilla. Gonna come back later for ink…you kill me!” She turned and walked into the tattoo shop.

Monica was mad and insulted, and turned to enter to pub in a huff. “Of all the nerve!” she muttered to herself as she looked for her friends. “Who does that woman think she is laughing at me? I can get a tattoo if I want one! I can!”

She saw her friends, her old roommate Sara and her boyfriend Tom and Tom’s cousin Kelley and headed for the table, momentarily forgetting the incident in the parking lot.

Inside the tattoo parlor Torrid Duncan chuckled to herself as she unhooked the lead chain from her dog’s collar.

“What’s funny?” asked Drew, she shop apprentice, noticing the strangely light humor of his boss.

“Awe nothing…some chick; she parked in front of the shop and I gave her shit over it. She got her hackles all up and said she’d be back for ink! Can you imagine? That vanilla chick getting ink?”

Drew shrugged grinning, “Well you’d be surprised. She good looking?”

“Oh yeah….why d’ya think I gave her shit?”, Torrid Chuckled. “She was a hottie, and I wouldn’t mind a piece of that vanilla angel cake, if I could turn it into devil’s food!”

Drew laughed along with his boss, enjoying to momentary lightheartedness. She had been a holy terror the past several weeks with her brother in town flipping her shit, and now that he was gone, the lighter side of his boss was showing through again.

“Hey, want I should take Lock Jaw home with me? It’s getting late.” He said, thoughtfully.

“No. Let him stay, he likes it here in the shop. He’s an attention whore, and he just barks and pisses off your neighbors. So what do we have tonight?”

Drew shook his head and went back to work coloring his flash, “not much, really. I was gonna finish this and then cut out early” He said, not looking up from his work.

“Good…I like the slow nights.”

Monica was on her third drink by the time the subject of David had come up. She had hoped it would not come up at all, but since it did, she decided there was no sense in hiding anything.

“I left him”, she said, looking down at her drink as the table went quiet. “I didn’t feel right about going through with the wedding—we just didn’t have chemistry.”

“Oh my god….Mon, hon…did you finally come out??” Asked Kelley excitedly.

“What??” exclaimed Monica.

“Oh please honey, we all knew you liked girls—it was just a matter of time before you knew it too!”
”Waitress!” Monica shouted. I need another drink! She thought to herself.

“Yes! A toast! To Monica, who at last has joined the rainbow tribe!” exclaimed Kelley.

Monica’s eyes widened shoot me now!

Torrid began to assemble the gun she had been cleaning, and arrange her workspace the way she liked it; neat and tidy, no sloppiness in her shop. Thursdays were slow, but occasionally some drunken fool with a credit card would wander in from the pub next door and try to impress his woman with a walk on the wild side so she picked up a quick ink job here and there. However, she really did not mind the slower nights because it allowed her to work on new flash designs in the down time, and clean and stock the shop for the busy weekend rush.

“What do you mean, you all knew?” asked Monica after her fourth kamikaze.

“Oh well, you were always giving puppy dog eyes to Kimberly Kelso. You know, the girl with the big knockers?” laughed Tom.

“Oh yeah…” Monica smiled, “But now what? I am totally in a depression over this breakup and the shit with my parents, what do I do with myself?”

“Oh that’s easy—you get a manicure!” Smiled Sara

“No! No! She’s all lesbo now…she has to do something butch!” Kelley giggled.

“Oh yeah?” Monica replied wryly, “Like what, Einstein?”

“I know! I know! You can get a tattoo!” exclaimed Sara.

Monica went white, recalling the incident with the smart assed woman in the parking lot. The really hot bad ass, leather clad smart assed woman in the parking lot, who wasn’t so smart assed, now that she had time to stop and think about how hot the woman was.

“Mon?” Sara said


“what? Oh….sorry…uh…Okay!” Mon said.

“Ok what?”

“Okay…I’ll get a tattoo!”

Torrid stretched and stood up from her chair and was on her way outside to smoke a cigarette when she noticed the Tahoe still parked in the space in front of her shop. A wicked smile crossed her face as she went behind the vehicle with a pad and pen to write down the plate number.

She chuckled to herself as she went back inside and began to call the towing company that she used frequently.

“Oh she’ll fuckin’ hate me!” she laughed out loud.

“Hello—yeah it’s Torrid, I gotta Tahoe parked in front of the shop I need towed. Uh…it’s black, late model License number BR 549, what? What year?—“
”It’s a 2003”, said a voice from the other side of the counter

“Thanks, it’s a—FUCK!” Torrid gasped as she turned to see Monica standing there with her arms crossed in front of her smirking.

“You were saying?” Monica said, quite pleased with herself.

“Uh…Nick, never mind, the owner just walked in. She’s getting a tattoo. Yeah, thanks.” Said Torrid into the phone, but turning her back to Monica, really embarrassed to have gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Alright little miss Vanilla Ice—what’s your pleasure?” Torrid asked in an icy tone.

Monica’s mind began to drift over exactly what her pleasure was: Oh I don’t know, you bending me over the counter and taking me like a savage…or tying me up and dragging me into the back, maybe? Stop it Monica, you’ve been reading too much erotica on the Internet!

She chastised herself, “Um…I’ll take a tattoo,” she beamed, for now.

The look of desire in Monica’s eyes was not lost on Torrid, and she wanted to play now, so she turned to Drew, “Yo Drew—blow.”

“But I’m not finished yet, and you said—“

“I said BLOW!” she shouted, motioning for him to get out right now, “And take Lock Jaw with you, I’ll get him tomorrow”. He closed his flash binder and headed out. He knew why he was being told to leave, the Boss wanted this one all to herself. “Come-on boy,” he said collecting the dog.

Torrid closed the door behind Drew as he left and turned off the open sign. She reached behind the counter and grabbed her book to show Monica flash art.

“Here, pick yourself a tattoo.”

While Monica thumbed through the pages silently, she watched Torrid out of the corner of her eye. Torrid removed her jacket and hung it on the back of her chair. Monica could see all of the tattoos covering Torrid’s arms like painted sleeves, and it fascinated her. She caught herself staring, but couldn’t look away.

It was more than just the ink; it was everything—the whole package. Torrid was exotic and tough looking, but very beautiful. Her eyes were sky blue, her hair was jet black, and her skin was a woven tapestry of her own creation. She was clad in leather like some black knight from a futuristic fantasy. Monica wondered what it would be like to be wrapped up in those arms. Boy do I have whack off material for tonight! She thought to herself amused, She is my bad girl fantasy come to life!

“See anything you like?” Torrid asked, noticing Monica’s eyes moving over her.

“Oh! Uh—“ Monica looked away shyly, “I uh…am still looking, thanks!”

Torrid grinned a wicked grin and walked up behind her, reaching around her to flip the pages for her, she pressed her body against Monica’s and felt the girl trembling.

“I bet I have something you’ll like,” she whispered into Monica’s ear in a commanding tone.

“what’s that?” Monica whispered shyly.

Torrid smiled wickedly and flipped the page in the book, she pointed to a small colorful design of a phoenix.

Monica looked at the image of a bird with flames for a tail and was appreciative of the art, but the design did not grab her, “Uh…it’s beautiful! But, what is it?”

She felt Torrid’s hands on her shoulders and her lips on her neck, and she stiffened but did not move.

“Why, it’s you..” said Torrid as she kissed the back of Monica’s neck. Monica trembled but made no attempt to move away from Torrid, she was torn, she wanted the touch, craved it, but the idea of a stranger, in a tattoo parlor….oh god! She thought, what am I doing?

“What do you mean it’s me?” she asked, trying to keep her cool.

“You’re the phoenix. You need to be consumed by fire and reborn from the ash. It’s the journey you are so desperate to take I can smell it on you.” Said Torrid. Monica moved away from her quickly and took three steps toward the door, but Torrid caught her wrist and pulled her back into a hard embrace.

“Where are you going?” she asked calmly.

“I uh…don’t know.” Monica said as she ducked her head to avoid those ice crystals this woman called eyes.

“You don’t know.” Said Torrid, “But I know. I can take you there, I can take you on that journey you need so bad. Break down all those walls and let those flames burn away all that holds you back. You want it. You need it. I know you do. I can help you…”

Monica broke down, she melted into Torrid’s embrace and Torrid held her close, stroking her hair and soothing her with her voice. After a few minutes she was calmed and surprised at the compassion of this woman whose name she did not even know.

When she stopped shaking and crying, Torrid touched her chin and guided her head upward to meet her eyes…she looked deep into Monica’s eyes and knew. Oh yes, you’re mine now.

“Come.” She said wickedly smiling, guiding Monica by the wrist to the back steps that went up to a loft above the tattoo parlor. “I’ll make you some tea.”

“Tea?” Monica asked, surprised, “really?”

Torrid laughed out loud, “No….not really.”
Monica swallowed hard.

Chapter Two

Down with the sickness

Monica followed Torrid up the winding staircase to the loft above the tattoo parlor. The building was old and industrial, a mesh of stone and steel, somehow fitting for her mysterious and seductive hostess.

She watched Torrid; she liked the way she looked. It was so sexy, so dark and powerful and she was drawn in like a moth to a flame.

She wondered what awaited her up in the lair of the wolf. She was reminded of a wolf, dangerous and beautiful, and though they had exchanged an almost humorous banter, she had a sinking feeling that there would be nothing amusing at the top of the stairs.

“Ahh..Here we are,” said Torrid, her voice ripping Monica from her thoughts, causing her to tremble as though she were actually starting to be—

“Afraid?” asked Torrid wryly.

“No!” answered Monica, embarrassed by having her thoughts plucked from her head as if by magic.

“Don’t lie.” Said Torrid, commandingly.

“Alright! Okay, yes, I am a little, I guess,” answered Monica begrudgingly.

“Good,” smiled Torrid as she opened the door and gestured for Monica to enter.

Monica entered the loft, and Torrid followed behind her turning on the lights as she entered. Monica realized this was a small efficiency apartment and not an office, as she originally thought it might be. It was neatly decorated in blacks and purples with a hard edge to it, and it seemed to fit the dark tenant who dwelled there.

“Nice place, “ she said nervously, “Did you decorate it yourself?”

Torrid approached her looking at her with desire and heat and held nothing back when she reached out and grabbed Monica’s wrist and pulled her into and embrace and kissed her forcefully. Monica’s first impulse was to struggle, but Torrid held her and grabbed her hair to steady her head, she couldn’t move, all she could do was accept the invasion. The kiss deepened and Monica began to submit to it, relaxing her body a bit; Torrid felt it and her hands began to roam hungrily over Monica’s body. Monica squirmed and emitted a muffled squeal of protest that was silenced by a hard probing of Torrid’s tongue.

Torrid moved Monica over to the bed, a steel posted sculpture resembling a gothic cathedral with spires that reached to the ceiling. She flopped Monica down on the bed, and she landed with a squeak.

She looked up at Torrid who was standing above her looking very much like a hungry wolf. She tried to think of something to say, anything! But she was struck dumb by the conflict of fear and desire.

“I—don’t even know your name—“ she was cut off by two fingers on her lips as Torrid leaned down and positioned herself on top of her.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—If I want to hear anything out of that pretty mouth, I will make you scream, moan and cry. Understand me?” She said gently, and Monica’s eyes widened. Her body stiffened and a wicked smile came across Torrid’s face as she saw the fear in Monica’s eyes.

“That’s it…you want to fight me, but you don’t,” said Torrid, as she ripped open Monica’s blouse sending buttons popping everywhere. Monica’s labored breathing giving away the conflict within her.

“You want to scream, or fight me off, but if I stick my hand up here—“ she said as her hand stroked Monica’s thigh and went up under her skirt to her mound; which she cupped, “Ahhh yes, you’re wet for me aren’t you baby?”
Monica burst into tears trembling.

Torrid smiled again and flipped Monica’s skirt up to reveal a garter belt, thigh highs and a thong. Torrid tore the thong off her and cupped her naked mound. She slid a finger up and down along Monica’s slit, and finally slid it gently inside, causing Monica to squirm and gasp loudly.

Oh God! Monica thought to herself, Oh my God! I can’t help it, I crave her touch!

Torrid removed her finger and placed it on Monica’s lips,”Lick it clean,” she commanded. Monica eagerly opened her mouth and sucked Torrid’s finger into her mouth feasting on the taste of her wetness on the dark woman’s hand.

“You suck really good, don’t you, baby?” Torrid asked. “So I am going to give you something else to suck on,” she added.

She took her finger out of Monica’s mouth and began to unbuckle her belt and open her pants. Monica’s eyes widened as she clued into what was about to happen, as she saw the harness. Torrid reached into the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a dildo, which she attached to her harness.

She stood up and turned, taking Monica by the hair and pulling her off the bed onto the floor in front of her,” Get on your knees baby, you’re gonna suck my cock!”

“Your what??” Monica exclaimed, “No fucking way!”

Torrid laughed, and bending over she took Monica’s cheeks in her palms and kissed her forehead. She brushed her bangs out of her eyes gently, then forced her mouth down on the offending appendage and said, “Suck it bitch!”

Torrid forced Monica’s mouth open and shoved her cock into it, nearly gagging her. She forcefully held her by the head and ground her hips into Monica’s mouth. Monica struggled for a time, then relented and finally submitted, shaking. Soon, her sobbing quieted and she gave in to the sucking rhythm and began to enjoy the feel of Torrid’s hands in her hair guiding her, and Torrid’s responses to her sucking, as though she could actually feel it. So for a long time she sucked Torrid’s cock, until she could feel the tensing of Torrid’s muscles and she knew that somehow she had made the woman cum.

She was amazed, even through all of her fear and anger at being forced; she began to feel somehow empowered.

“mmmmmmm that was good, honey. There’s hope for you yet!” Torrid laughed. She then pulled Monica up by the hair and pushed her back down on the bed. Torrid climbed onto the bed and placed herself on top of Monica; she then kissed her hard and deep. Monica struggled a little, she was so upset, and this woman kept forcing herself on her. But Torrid broke the kiss, “You want this,” she said breathlessly.

“No!” said Monica protesting.

“Don’t fucking lie to me—why did you come up here? Huh? WHY?” Torrid asked excitedly.

“I—don’t know—“
”You came up here to get fucked---didn’t you? Didn’t you!?”

“Yes!” Monica screamed and burst into tears. Torrid shushed her, and began kissing away her tears, kissing her cheeks, softly pecking her lips, making soothing cooing sounds until Monica was calm again.

Then she leaned over Monica’s ear and whispered, ”Well baby that’s just what you’re going to get I am going to fuck you, spank you, and turn you every which way but loose, my little vanilla extract! And you’re gonna love it, and beg me for more!”

Monica’s eyes widened and her body stiffened. She felt Torrid’s hands moving up between her legs and she tried to struggle, but Torrid pinned her down with her weight.

“What are you doing?” she asked calmly. “You don’t move until I tell you, got it?”

Monica froze, then nodded.

“You don’t have to think. You don’t have to worry, or be responsible, or meet a deadline right now babe, all you gotta do is spread those legs wide for me and feel my cock deep inside you!”

Monica gasped, her body betrayed her and her cunt juices flowed like a fountain at the sound of Torrid’s commanding words and the powerful soothing tone of her voice. Her legs opened themselves against her will, and Torrid smiled a crooked smile. “Good girl”.  Torrid cocked herself back upon her knees and began to remove her shirt. As she did Monica watched as the multicolored skin became exposed, and she saw how beautiful and muscular the frame that held her captive was. She wondered what was in store for her next, and maybe she needed a good fucking! Hell yes she did! After the week she had, ohhhhhh yes!
Torrid laughed, and Monica realized she was uttering out loud!

“Don’t worry baby I’m going to give you a good hard fuck! Just let me get my clothes off, ok?” She shot a wicked grin at Monica’s shocked expression, and pulled her leather pants down...

Outside the pub Tom, Sara and Kelley waited for Monica to come out of the tattoo parlor. Kelley lit up his cigarette saying, “How long does it take to a fucking tattoo, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” said Tom stealing a light from Kelley, “maybe we should go check on her?”

“Yeah, I think we should, her Tahoe’s still here, but the open sign is out in the window of the tattoo parlor!”

“Shit!” exclaimed Kelley, “Let’s go!”

The trio quickly walked the dozen or so steps to the entrance of the tattoo parlor called Skin Deep. Tom stopped in his tracks, almost afraid to try the door.

“Is it open?” asked Sara excitedly.

“I don’t know!” answered Tom, adrenaline beginning to rush in his gut. He had a bad feeling about this, maybe something, maybe nothing, but something wasn’t right about this.

He gave the door a tug, unlocked.

“Well fuck, Tom, go in!” commanded Kelley.

Tom shot Kelley a dirty look, “After you!” he said mockingly.

Kelley went pale. “Fuck that, I’m a fag, I ain’t no Rambo…you’re the ex Marine…you go in!”, Kelley squeaked.

“Okay—Okay!”, Tom said, “I’m going in!”

Torrid hovered above Monica, naked, muscular, wearing her harness. She looked imposing, like a conqueror, her jet-black hair falling below her shoulder in raven tresses, her eyes sapphires. Her features hard and soft all at the same time, high cheeks, full lips, she had the look of a native, but also old world about her. Monica’s heart was beating so fast, she thought it would burst out of her chest, and she swallowed hard, her mouth dry from anticipation.

She had come up here to get fucked, she was just having trouble reconciling the fantasy with the reality, and she knew she bit off more than she could chew…or had she? She had a stubborn streak in her a mile wide, and the temper of a red head to match. She looked up at her conqueror with defiant honey eyes, and smirked.

Did she just smirk at me? Thought Torrid, in surprise. Oh ho ho, that’s going to cost you babe!

“Okay babe, roll over.” Torrid commanded calmly.

“Huh?” asked Monica.

“Over. I want your ass in the air. Do it.”

Monica slowly rolled over onto her stomach, and Torrid quickly reached down and pulled her by her sides up onto her knees forcing her ass into the air. “Ass—air! Got it babe?” she said as she smacked Monica’s ass really hard with her hand.

Monica squeaked at the sudden pop.


“Shit!” Tom said, as he turned back toward his two companions. They had entered the shop and tip toed across the floor to the stairs only to hear a loud popping noise. “What the fuck was that?” he whispered excitedly.

Sara was very uneasy, “We should get out of here…let’s go outside and call the cops!”

“No! We can’t leave…what if she’s up there getting murdered?” asked Tom

“All the more reason for us to be out of here now!” gasped Kelley. Kelley stared at Tom, who stared back. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, the threw his hands up in the air, “Oh alRIGHT! Fuck you Tom, if you get us killed—fuck your hetero ass and the bitch you rode in on!”
”Hey!” said Sara

“Shut up!” said Tom and Kelley. Kelley looked around and grabbed a walking stick from the corner that was leaning up against the wall next to the steps.

“Well, here goes nothing—lead the way GI Joe.”

Torrid wanted to spank that creamy ass so badly, but first she wanted to take the girl from behind. She had been thinking about that very thing all evening, and now she was getting her wish. I love it when a plan comes together, she thought to herself with a wicked smile.

She slid her hand between Monica’s legs, and along her soaking wet slit and was pleased with what she discovered there.

“Oh you’ve been a very good girl!” she said as she took her soaking wet hand and lubed her dildo with it. She leaned over Monica’s ass, reaching under to guide the head of her cock into Monica’s slit, and as she did so, Monica moaned loudly.

Oh my god! Thought Monica, Oh my god! I can’t believe I am doing this, but I soooooo need this!

“I know you do babe—“ said Torrid, answering her thoughts. Monica’s gasped; Torrid shoved her cock hard and deep into Monica’s hungry cunt. Monica screamed with surprise and lust.

“Oh fuck yeah!” said Torrid, “You’re a screamer aren’t you?” She began to fuck Monica hard and deep, fucking her from behind, slamming her pelvis into Monica’s ass harder and harder.

She leaned over and pulled Monica’s head back by her hair and whispered wicked things in her ear while she fucked her. Monica trembled, moaned and cried. It was so overwhelming, like being torn apart and reformed all at once. She felt this woman could read her thoughts, could tell her what she was feeling before she herself knew it.

Torrid reached with her free hand and pulled a slapper off the wrack of implements suspended above the bed.

“Oh babe, I wanna hear you cry and scream some more! So I’m going to spank your sweet ass while I fuck you!”

Before Monica could react to those imposing words she felt the leather slapper come crashing down on her ass over and over. She screamed!

“Oh my god! They’re killing her! Go! Go! Go! Go!” Said Tom as he pushed Kelley up the stairs to the loft above. They stopped at the loft door listening to the sounds of popping and screaming. They looked at each other and counted down on their fingers…three….two…

Torrid was so close to cumming, she fucked Monica harder and harder forcing Monica to reach climax hard and fast, her screams and moans driving Torrid closer and closer to the edge…she could feel the convulsions rising in her clit and release was seconds away…three…two…


“NOBODY MOVE!” said Tom as he burst into the room, Kelley behind him brandishing the walking stick.

“What the fuck!?” exclaimed Torrid

Tom and Kelley froze. They were dumbfounded at the sight of their friend face down on the bed getting porked from behind by a painted Amazon.

“oh shit…” muttered Kelley, “Uh..heh heh..Hi Mon…we were kind of worried..”

Monica buried her face in the pillows muttering to herself, “Oh mygodohmygodohmygod…”

Torrid just looked the two up and down. She reached over to her pants and pulled out her cigarettes. She put a smoke in her mouth and looked at Tom, “Hey nut job…you want a tattoo?”

“Huh?? Uh..no..”

“You got a light?”

”Then take miss Mary and get the fuck out of my house!”

She then pulled her cock out of Monica and sat on the side of the bed, removing her harness, her back to all of them. She put her pants and A shirt on, and walked to the bathroom muttering to herself, “Jesus fucking Christ..”

Monica was mortified…white as the sheet she quickly wrapped herself up in. “GOD TOM! KELLEY! HOW COULD YOU?!?” she shrieked at them, sobbing and furious. She wrapped the sheet around herself like a toga and began to pick her clothing up off the floor….”great!” she said realizing her blouse was ripped to shreds.

The guys just stood, tails between their legs, silent. They followed Monica as she exited the loft, and they all regrouped outside with Sara constantly asking, “What happened?”

Monica glared at the guys, “Ask them” she said as she climbed into her Tahoe and locked the door. She rested her forehead on the steering wheel and just sobbed.

Tom and Kelley told Sara what happened, and she slumped her shoulders and motioned for them all to leave Monica alone.

“I’ll call her tomorrow, but we should leave her alone. That’s awful! How fucking embarrassing!”

Monica didn’t know how much time had passed after her friends left her sitting slumped over the wheel of her Tahoe in the parking lot, but she was grateful they had the sense to leave. She was startled from her thoughts by a tapping on the window and she looked up to see Torrid standing there.

“Open the window”, she said.

“Go away!” sobbed Monica.

“Open the fucking window!” Torrid demanded.

Monica cracked it a little. “What to you want?”

“I got what I wanted,” Torrid grinned sheepishly, “the question is…what do you want?”

“What do you mean what do I want?” Monica snapped

“Well, you came in for a tattoo…” Torrid smiled, her voice trailing off.

Monica slowly smiled, and opened the door. She got out and followed Torrid back into the shop.

Torrid pulled the shades, and locked the door.


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